Appeals Hearing in Taylor Case Postponed

Today, judges at the Special Court for Sierra Leone postponed the appeals hearing in the case of former Liberian president Charles Taylor. The hearing was originally scheduled to take place tomorrow and Friday of this week. The Appeals Chamber has now set a date of January 22, 2013 for the hearing to commence.

On April 26, 2012 the trial chamber convicted Taylor of aiding and abetting the commission of serious crimes including rape, murder, and destruction of civilian property by Revolutionary United Front and Armed Forces Revolutionary Council forces in Sierra Leone from November 30, 1996 to January 18, 2002. The judges also found that Taylor helped to plan attacks on three towns, including the diamond rich town of Kono and the country’s capital Freetown, in late 1998 to early 1999. On May 30, 2012, the judges sentenced Taylor to a jail term of 50 years for his role in the Sierra Leonean conflict.

Both prosecution and defense teams have appealed the judgment on several grounds, which they will present in court during the January hearing. In those appeals, filed in July, prosecutors raised four issues, including the judge’s failure to find Taylor liable for ordering and instigating the commission of crimes and the 50 year jail sentence. Among the 45 grounds of appeal that the defense raised are the findings of the judges that Taylor was involved in planning attacks on Kono, Makeni, and Freetown in late 1998 to early 1999 and that there were irregularities in the trial proceedings based on the statement made by the Alternate Judge El-Hadj Malick Sow, who alleged that there had been no deliberations among the judges.



  1. What is the(ir) excuse now?
    I think Pres. Taylor’s Lawyers should file for human rights violations for keeping their client in detention without proven guilty verdict, and constant postponements. You can’t keep a person this long a cell. No proof, let go the man and stop this political lynching of Africa heads (Taylor and Gbagbo for the matter) in foreign prisons. Europeans would not let one of their leaders get taken by Africans and thrown in jail this way. US won’t let any of it citizens get treated like this. Are the Africans any lesser of a human, that they deserve no rights to enjoy under international laws?

    We know that the elephant will never get tired carrying its trunks, just as chicken will always be guilty in the court of the fox. We pray against this injustice against one race of a people that has always been killed by the same party. We’re one, should be treated with the same human rights respect!


    1. Dear Tomas,

      For clarification, the postponement is due to a defense request. Below is the official statement from the Special Court:

      “The Appeals Chamber has upheld a Defence motion to re-schedule the oral hearings of the Charles Taylor appeals, previously scheduled for 6 and 7 December 2012.

      The Chamber orders that oral hearing of the appeals will commence at 10:00am on 22 January 2013 at The Hague.

      It further declares that all other matters pertaining to questions from the bench, the parties’ submissions on issues and timing during the oral hearing as contained in the previous order remain the same.”

    2. Dear Tomas,

      Below you will find the link to the defense motion titled; Scheduling Order For Written Submissions Regarding Public with Annex A Charles Ghankay Taylor’s Motion for Disqualification of Justice Shireen Avis Fisher from Deciding the Defence Motion to Present Additional Evidence Pursuant to Rule 115

      See link:

      If you would like to view documents dating from 06/03/2003 to present; Click on this link:

      Keep in mind it is not always possible to open all of the links on any given day.

      Take care,


      1. Merry xmas rabbi! you are very interesting supporteer of african unity. I highly commend you and history will evaluate your stance here..merry christmas..patriot fellow ..reality will kick in one of these days for you..hellow!

      2. Good afternoon, Stevenson and Sekou!
        Thanks for the links and clarifications you’ve provided.
        This case has been the longest for any observant of international trial.
        It helps having characters like you behind the net!

        Keep on the noble work!


        1. the reason why this case is the longest of all international trial is all becauce charles taylor is not Guilty! they try to turn the page around but it is not a easy job for them, it is very easy to tell the truth, but it is not easy to tell lies.

    3. Tomas;

      You should be aware that – unless or until the Appeals Chamber overtuns the Trial Judgement – Charles Taylor is, for all intents and purposes, a guilty man, as he was found guilty by the Trial Chamber. He cannot thus be released, as he is a convicted criminal, who has been convicted for aiding and abetting monstrous crimes. Unless the Appeals Chamber modifies his sentence, or quashes the entirety of the Trial Chamber’s Judgement, Charles Taylor will serve 44 years’ imprisonment in the United Kingdom once the appeals process is over (expected in September 2013)

    4. tomas
      US didn’t sign the Rome Statute, e.g. the ICC. I’m quite shure you do know why. Because they don’t want to get convinced of the crimes, the ICC tracks.
      International criminal law is a good thing.
      African leader should comply with that law just as all others should do. Ask why only africans get caught? because there is among other things Rare Earth (computers, cellulars, sunpanels aso) and every warlord wants his piece of the cake. If they acted like grown-ups, they would stick together and make the world-community pay for the goods they so desperately need (you might call it capitalism).
      But don’t you and all africans and all people of the world ever forget: the leader are not to work in their own pockets!
      They are to *ç”+ç% serve the people. One is likely to say: Build schools, roads, transportation-systems, agriculture, the rule of law aso.
      THAT means PEACE

    5. Tomas, how about the West staying out of the ‘business’ of africa entirely;let the war of Sudan continues; north killing southern blacks; somalia rebels continue havoc in the Horn of africa unchecked; mugabe strangulations of zimbabweans, joseph korney recruitment and rape of future kids of africa; mali rebels given go ahead to have their will in Mali; apathied re-introduced in south africa and Mendala tried for mendling into the affiars of dutch South african affairs; and finally the interference of the BOKO Haram movemenbt of Great Nigeria? You see, people of your types are acting out of reality of mordern times and have forgotten what the West had stood for you! You have no ideas, it seems , of changes in Human lives that have occured in the world and Africa in particular. Do me a favour; ask your elders, if you have problems reading History, for oral traditions; history handed down from people who lived it and not such as i hear on the site, full of garbage, and signifying nothing but ignorance! Merry christmas, and Happy New Year to you and charlieboy!

      1. Let the west keep their bombs, racism and wars to themselves and leave African kids in peace. Will they stand a chance of survival? No, my brother. They hunt like cowardly beasts, regardless of international laws. Bush and Blair were convicted of War crime and crimes against peace and humanity for millions of lives lost in the middle east. It was as a result of making up lies to get rich. You would not dare an Africa leader invading another country with lies that takes about two millions people’s lives within a shorter time than the Liberian and S. Leoneans wars lasted. Are they in jail for their fouls against the law? Yet, the very same people have power to drag another head of state over this period of time on their false accusations? Get a life!

        Anyone who has done his/her homework, knows this neo-colonial political trial has no place in the court of justice. Reason why Judge Sow said what he said – let the old man go home because there’s no reason dragging this fraud on!

        Speaking of ignorance! The guilt is not at the feet of him who looks at the root of the problems you’ve listed above, Fallah. His interest is not speaking out of the garbage from the gate-keeper [propaganda one-sided news powerhouse]. To be informed without bias, he connects the dots to see the bigger picture without making a victim himself out of pure assumptions .

        I don’t always know everything. But the man who is yet to discover the war in Sudan was born to divide and conquer Sudenese oil in the new nation’s territories has a longer way to go.
        Nelson Mandela, you said! Oh, I remember he was a terrorist less than 5yrs ago on the USG and the British intel. community listed him a criminal for bring apathied, which both countries supported to keep blacks in their inferior position, to an end. Now what does it say about these same agents working to bring justice? lol
        Uganda rebels, and mali, Mugabe, do you have any idea what these countries are dealing with and why, Fallah?
        Politics is a big boys ball game. Give a closer look for your own good, before jumping on a topic. Just stay on the Taylor lynching wagon for now!

        Thanks for the holidays wish. Enjoy them likewise, Fallah!


        1. Thanks Tomas. No further comments from fallah. You don’t get it! Have a happy holidays as i am, in the great united states! this is time to enjoy family and friends and forget about taylor fiasco for a moment. Hope taylor health is fine as he awaits appeal. you will hear from me after christmas, Tomas.

  2. Hello Folks,
    Merry XMAS; My forgiveness for been gone too and so long….other maters of importance kept me away.

    Like most of us have said from the start of this trial, a POLITICAL GAME. I am reading Judge Sow’s Q & A in the New African Magazine( ) and he is proving what we all knew from the get go.

    Regardless of what evidence was put forth by the defence, it was just a WASTE OF TIME…..The verdict was made and it was up to Mr. Taylor to turn it around.

    Let’s pray the REAL JUSTICE will be done this time around…

  3. THIS IS TELLING…..Judge Sow is telling us the SUMMARY of the case…..PERIOD!!!!

    “Most importantly, the accused came with very official papers, with witnesses who were at the frontline, witnesses who were main actors of this whole conflict. How can you compare these witnesses with those people who didn’t get even closed to the scene? The prosecution’s case by itself is so insufficient, so unreliable. It’s about people contradicting themselves, people denying what they had said in previous statements.”

    1. Noko4, Judge Sow said everything the watching world has been observing. But, it might not make a difference. You understand how these people operate with international laws. As we say in Cote D’Ivoire, ‘they produce, they distribute. What can we do?’
      If they push you to the wall and you scream, they declare you a noise maker and shoot you Manny/Assange style to keep the river of inhumanity running! They get Nobel Prizes for absolute madness, but that’s another trick to show what they’re doing is worth rewarding.

      I would bet my life (If I haven’t done that just by posting here) that they have no room for laws or justice. For if they did, Taylor should have been substituted with those who sold guns and bought diamonds from S. Leone, and the manufacturers of those weapons!
      But “war is full of profit!”, at least that’s their theories. And whoever stands in the way of such bloody profit is “dangerous to the region they want to bring chaos to. In this case, that region is West Africa now, but the whole of Africa later (according to African Faith and Justice Network) post on Africom and Ellen a few years back.
      Ivory Coast, Mali has fallen through rebels/terrorists, just like in Libya. God alone knows which country is next in line.
      If you remember, sometimes ago I said AFRICOM had to come in to make this project work for the elitists. And the likes of Taylor is a non-conformist, which makes Ellen the right agent to carry on the task. We’re in it for a long nightmare, trust me. God help us all to overcome…!!

  4. Please note:
    you can blame the west all day and night long.
    as long as the africans do not stick together an sell their treasures for a reasonable price and
    as along as african leaders do not spread the wealth to all people
    – blaming anybody but them leaders is quite useless.

  5. Guilty it is
    Remember all parties in this trial has the right to an appeal, and the initial verdict is guilty. Juge Sow will not be enough to over this verdict Charles Taylor will pay for his crimes against huminaty. Long live the mano river union!

  6. Folks, it has been a while since I was on but I would love share this information coming from the UN on Liberia! Foreign nationals has taking over illegal diamond mining in Liberia! Namely, Ivorians, Guineans, Nigerians and Sierra Leoneans. The Sierra Leoneans in the thousands carrying on Illegal diamond mining in Liberia. causing Liberia about 3-4millions dollars a month! Isn’t Mr. Taylor in jail today because of diamonds the prosecution said he was getting from Sierra Leone illegally? Since it has been reported by the UN that thousands of Sierra Leoneans are involved in illegal mining and smuggling diamonds from Liberia, can we say it is the Sierra Leonean government or president who is sending them to do such? Is it not possible that the procees from such activities can be used to create another conflict in the region?

    1. Happy New year, Jacone…long time..but welcome back! I share your concerns except that you did not provide any links to back up your allegations. It sounds like your information is entirely based on ‘rumors’ or ‘here say’ usually common in low function communication culture. Just because taylor was accused, found guilty for blood diamonds does not mean Ivorians, Sierra leoneans, and Nigerians living in Liberia, or naturalized, should not be part of the work force mining diamonds in diamonds fields in Liberia. Ar least they are not being forced or raped in the process as did in charles taylor days! Stop this blame’s over.. taylor will never see freedom you are wishing him…Bravo. jfallahmenjor is back for active participation again!

      1. Dear iFallahmenjor,
        In peace I come! My mission is not to prove you wrong, or to rescue Jacone from your insults on the matter of his “baseless allegations.”

        This link: [ ] is evidence that his “information is (NOT) entirely based on ‘rumors’ or ‘here say’ usually common in low function communication culture.”
        Who has the truth, and who is working with pretence and groundless information; that’s for you to answer!
        Just remember that we will all not be turned into slave and souls traders just to pay the bills.
        This life is way too short to sell one’s chances, when there’s a longer journey awaiting us. Please be careful who you side with, and what you labor for, Fallah!

        No one is beyond redemption.
        A NEW YEAR GIFT: Luke 15:11-32!


        1. Tomas,

          Did you actually “I”Fallamenjor??? For the word IDIOT??? Just gussing…LMAO..Ha ha ha ha…

          You are a SMART MAN Brother…

        2. Tomas; The Holy Koran,also preaches;’an eye for an eye’ and that ‘whosover lies, his tounge should be cut off.’ just think about all the lies taylor told and the shamelessness some of you continue to tell to the world!

      2. What is the proof that u have, that Charles Taylor rape, murder or sexual slavery anyone? all your information are base on they – say.. is that what your will keep running with around here that your having case against Mr. Taylor? come on African stands for your right stop sleeping or selling your brothers for little of nothing. Mr. Taylor should be free by all cause he is not guilty. All the big hands that are behind the life time sentencing of Mr. Taylor, will be put to shame and they will pay for it judgement day.

        Happy new year

        1. hopefully all rapist, murders and stuff like ct will be put to shame and pay for it before judgement day, hombre!

    2. Jocone,
      Hello ya….this case just EXPOSED the bias of this court……how can one TRUST and BELIEVE justice is what she wanted….SAD.

  7. so where is the prove for the aiding and abetting, total injustice. you cant prove the mean case but convict him of aiding and abetting

    1. Forky, the proof is the”aiding and abetting!” to break it down for you..’ participation in a crime, knowingly, pretending to be a negotiator, while giving assistance in committing that crime’ just as the law clearly found taylor doing! i really don’t understand why some of you brothers have difficulties understanding this concept! This is why some should consider self-education that taylor deprived most of you from acquiring in Liberia! You do not need to be a rocket scientist!

      1. jfallahmenjor,

        What makes you think that you are the only educated one that really understand the concept of this upside down judgement? You must be of another planet. Happy New Year to all.

        1. Harry, I speak in the native tongue as a Liberian and know just how to express my points to the level of your understanding. This has worked for me getting across to most of you in the past. What about now? I definitely believe there are highly educated people on this site such as SWIZZ, ZIGGY SALIS, and others, but I have doubts about some like Harris,Tomas, whose arguments sound like illiterate individuals!

      2. Mr. FallahMenjor, cease your distraction. It’s abysmal for your age!
        Whomever is not an observing fool, or blind spectator of this matter; does not have to be any less educated than you are. You gave me the feelings long time ago, you’re just here to insult and distract readers from the facts of this trial. This strategy is old, my brother. Man, as old as you once said of yourself should pick a moral profession, than engaging in cyber warfare. We have no time for political diversion in the court of law. If it was a simple matter of justice, we’d work with evidence to convict the accused. As we all know, this is not the case. Which led the other judges to twist the foundamental principles of justice back a few centuries to convict without evidence, as if this was a 16c witch trial in Europe or Salem Mass.

        I’ve only provided you with a link to see that Mr. Jacone knew what he was talking about. After you have insulted his level of comprehension, you should’ve manned up and say sorry to the lad -Jacone! It would reflect that you saw what the link was about, and make you a better person. But again, to show the evidence of your position, you ignored all the facts and picked up the Qu’ran. This is exactly what we mean, when we say you guys are not interested in justice for anyone. Lynch Taylor if you want. But it is unacceptable to use Sierra Leoneans as your reason to commit injustice for your own economic interest… Just know that the wounded victims of the SLCW don’t deserve any more sorrow and pains than they have already had.

        Peace, Fallah!

        1. Tomas, this is the best piece i’ve heard in the long-run! I respect your fight back because you sound rational and balanced. this is how we should explain our positional stance, as hash as they may stand! But listen to this, Tomas; we are not after taylor to lynch him! He is a Brother, and we know this; but a Brother who comes, or returns, with the pretense to save their oppressived situation from a tyrant, should not become a tyrant in the process! Taylor, clearly, betrayed that trust! Besides, he went further into creating havoc in another fragile neighboring nation, creating, un imaginable misearies! This is why i stand as a full general**** for this fight! But continue to be rational; then I will continue to respect and discuss with you in future.

  8. Happy New Year to everyone who has kept this trial alive, and this website running!
    May God bless you all and give you more strength and wisdom in the new year.
    Better health, less bills, more income, many friends, and a constant inner peace of heart and mind!



  9. Folks, I’m not worried about Jfallahmenjor insulting me because he has always done it to many of us here and continuing to do so, therefore, it won’t stop me from posting the falsehood behind this case! I didn’t post the link to this UN report on purpose because I knew very well that Jfallahmenjor was going to come out swinging with a volley of insults like a chicken with the head cut off! We have been down this route he and myself before. In 2009, I wrote a post in which I stated that the poro society wasn’t a society of Cannibals as stated by some of the prosecution witnesses. When I said that, Mr. Jfallahmenjor insisted that the witnesses were correct. Therefore, I late mentioned to him that the poro society dose belongs to members of the Gola, Kpelle, Loma, mano, Vai, Gbandi, Belleh, the Menda which are also in Sierra Leone, the Kissi tribes which he is a member of. I asked him if he and members of his tribe were cannibals since the Kissi people practice the poro society but he failed to answer that question up to this day. I also wrote a post on the death of Sam Boukarea and that a cousin of my mine called Sundayboy Davis who was involved with the orders from Mr. Taylor to have Sam Boukarea arrested at the Ivoran- Liberian border because he had a large quality of weapons he was taking to Sierra Leone. As Sundayboy told me…he said when they got there to disarm Boukarea and his men, he refused to be disarmed, instead he opened fired on those who have gone to have him stopped from crossing through Liberia with weapons for Sierra Leone. Sundayboy got shot by Boukarea himself because he had gone to talk to him to order his men to disarm since he Sundayboy was a full COL in-charged of some of the groups that when to arrest him. He said, Boukarea died in a gun battle….in fact he did kill his own wife for trying to talk to him. I wrote this post before Mr. Taylor could take the witness stand to testify in his case. Mr. Jfallahmenjor once called me names…from being a rebel to Mr. Taylor being my father and all that. When Mr. Taylor took the stand to testify, he said just what Sundayboy had told me earlier on and I posted. When I mention it to Jfallahmenjor about Mr. Taylor testimony on the death of Boukarea and what I wrote, he shy away and didn’t say a word about it. Now Tomas posted the link so Jfallahmenjor can read the reports for himself and I hope he does….hopefully he can tell us what he thinks and even apologize for the disrespect….!!!

  10. what has the besaid report to do with the verdict over taylor?
    these miners are only sad workers looking for a living and not leaders of a country like deadfather taylor. they do not spread horror over the land.

    the appeal of warlord taylor cost us a shamy lot of money, folks.
    it was better spent on people who need it.

    even if it is all true that taylobans argue – why did warlord taylor not build schools, roads and stuff? even if he was an innocent man in the case before the criminal court, he put the money he got out of liberia in his own pockets. already for this, he should stay in jail for more than 50 years.
    But people like taylobans will never come to that conclusion. why – because they missed the education taylor and co. should have given them.
    most people know: to keep people down, keep them away from education.

    by the way – the most mean insulters on this site are the one laughing at victims, just like noko 1-10, (who nobody takes serious!) who backs taylor. this says already everything. everyone symphatisizing with noko1-10 should think about the matter very carefully.

    it is not the education that makes a statement believable, it is the argument.

    1. Everything, Mr. Swizz, everything!
      Take for example, and look at the current state of Liberia and what is happening around Africa; especially in North-“western Africa”. All the crisis affecting the region has everythng to do with the trial. If we had leaders, real and fearless leaders like Taylor and Gadhafi (in the North-east), or Pres. Laurent Gbagbo (next door) standing against exploitation, our countries will not have been exploited by the economy elite -“international community” class trying to lynch Taylor now, and Gbagbo later.

      It is to get their wishes, that they have continuously assassinated the best of those who actually represented the interests of the African people courageously and bravely. In resent times, they demonize & gnore our constitutions. Then they steal election results to position foolish traitors, to line up their pockets. We’re forbiden to decide our own fate as a continent. Why?
      Because what we keep for ourselves, is something they cannot take for themselves. So they have no interest or respect for what we want for ourselves as nations. It’s a simply law for greed – one man’s lost is another man’s gain! All that matters is what they want – the wealth of Africa. And they get everything through the hands of kleptocratic regimes they set up against our popular wills, economic sanctions and wars.
      And as long we sit here looking for justice, we will never know what this show is about until it’s time for them to say ‘sorry we did this’ like in the case of tragic slave trade and abuse of human rights. By then, they will have stolen enough for their children to carry on being the elite financial class of future generations. These are basic sociology and economic philosophy theories.

      For me, no room for hate. Just here to witness history unfold before my own eye.
      This is all about money – economic interest in Africa. The battle is for the Africans to pay the price, the Chinese to loose ground, and their competitors to win over resources via military and legal powers. You’re a “terrorist” if you refuse this New World Order! “You’re against us, or with us”, George Bush once said! Ellen is with them so she does what they want, and they protect and rewards her with wealth. Taylor for being the opposite, as was Gadhafi, Gbagbo and those who were before them, they must pay the price. It’s simple as that!

      Oh! Hey, you, Mr. Fallah! Please, do not forget to say sorry to Mr. Jacone! Lol

      1. Thanks Swizz. i like the way you put it! what is missing in our in house argument has always been the disagreements over how we, as people, want to treat each other before blaming how others see us! I, personally, feel that when we accept the fact that we are our own enemies if we participate in killing each other, and that we think it’s okay, but that outsiders should not interfear with how we treat each other, then we are not being part of the international community! as long we continue to allow others to tell how barbaric it is to killand cosume opponents, we are up for a long struggle! We are simply setting ourselves for more exploitations, because we are not together. I get upset when these individuals think it is better to save one man at the expense of millions, and that his rights matter more than others! This is all I have to say for now..Swizz..again, I’m with you and do understand we have similar objectives for africa and our peoples!

      2. tomas
        and rewards her with wealth – is what you said.
        it is there where we have to take a close look. if she spread the wealth to liberians by building infrastructure, she is a good leader. if she only spread it in her own family, she is a corrupt leader, which we have too many of. it’s quite simple, don’t you think?
        i do not know what she actually does. but for shure it is a better living now in liberia than it was with the terror-regime of ct.
        where the wealth comes from – the west, chinese, india – is in the end not really what matters. what matters is, how the wealth is levelled. for example in line with human rights.
        take a look at nigeria: it is a oil-rich country. but the people living in the area (Niger-Delta) get nothing out of it but spoiled environment, diseases and poverty. It’s the west investing, that’s true. but it’s the government who is obliged to spread the wealth out of the good money they get. but what are these stupid africans – and not the west – doing? they prefer to drive big cars and live a western lifestile, instead of building houses, roads, schools etc.
        you can blame the west all day long…
        and tomas
        i really doubt the best interests of the African people of ct very much, and i’m sure i’m not the only one. just look at what devasting country ct left behind, man.
        but for once, tomas, you sounded quite reasonable and i will come back to you on another day.

  11. Guns can’t kill people.. people kills people how to you want good schools, roads, hospitals if the International Community is fighting against the man on confused crime?

  12. Please note again:
    you can blame the west all day and night long.
    as long as the africans do not stick together an sell their treasures for a reasonable price
    as along as african leaders do not spread the wealth they got out of the land to all people
    – blaming anybody but them leaders is quite useless.
    The west only can take what africans let them take, fellows.
    Instead of blaming the west on this site, you better look after your own leaders.
    ct, gadaffi, gbabo and co. all were not interested in getting africa or their country and the people who live there further. it was only the own profit they were interested in.

  13. tomas
    back to your statement:
    you said: And as long we sit here looking for justice, we will never know what this show is about.
    exactly the opposite is true. one purpose of the international criminal justice is to seek the truth (see criminal courts for yugoslavia and ruanda). although it might not please everyone – especially not the criminals like taylor and co.
    one probable reason for the pressure of the US to issue an international warrant (by the scsl) to getting hold of ct, was that ct preferred the chinese with oil-contracts. it is really a shame, that only when business is involved, they take action. but for once it served for the good, namely to seize the leader of a corrupt terrorregime.

    furthermore you said: If we had leaders, real and fearless leaders like Taylor and Gadhafi (in the North-east), or Pres. Laurent Gbagbo (next door) standing against exploitation, our countries will not have been exploited by the economy elite -”international community” class trying to lynch Taylor now, and Gbagbo later.
    there you go and name it, hombre. but ct was not a fearless leader, but a fearful leader. that is what not only international criminal justice showed us but every liberian and leonean can and does tell you. and they do not lynch anybody. on no, he got a fair trail. even if some won’t see that. and do not forget: he is in a warm, dry and cosy shelter, with three meals a day and surely tv – things a lot of africans still dream of.

    you go on with the tragic slave trade
    a lot of western countries got their wealth out of that horrible trade, e.g. UK. This is were we should blame and shame the west. but not the international criminal law when the west (or in the case of the scsl Sierra Leone itself) is trying to seek the truth.

    please forgive me the length of my posting. i usually keep it short to not bore the readers.

  14. Tomas
    you say: It is to get their wishes, that they have continuously assassinated the best of those who actually represented the interests of the African people courageously and bravely.
    nobody executed nelson mandela (RSA). and he REALLY did represent the interests of south african people. How you explain that?
    But nowadays we have the same problem there again. With a leader like Zuma (an assumed rapist with four wifes), RSA will never get further. It has nothing to do with interference from abroad in general and the west in special.
    it has to do with money, corruption and egoism.

    a little repetition to make it clear:
    We should blame and shame the west
    for the slave trade,
    for closure of borders, who keep african goods away from the rich markets,
    for the exploitation through MNE’s (Multinational Enterprises – e.g. Nestlé, Shell, BP, Coke).
    This is were we should blame them. But not the international criminal law when the west (or in the case of the scsl Sierra Leone itself) is for once trying to seek the truth. Blaming them when they are doing the right thing once in a lifetime is a real stupid thing to do!

    i hope i can stay quiet for a while now. cheers

    1. Mr. Swizz, when we say “West”, it’s easy to assume that everyone in the global centre aka West is part of the problems of injustice and exploitation. This is why it’s wise to use the terminology “The Elite” so we can deal or discuss properly without involving those that are also hurt by these same economic vampires who knows no reason to respect human rights.

      Now, before you go on to dispute a statement about why African and other world leaders can barely resist the powers and influence of these folks at the top of the pyramid, do a little research on power structures so you have a bigger view of what it is we’re dealing with here. Maybe you should take a class on Sociology, economy and the philosophy of power and class.
      Remember, I once thought as you and fallah until I took endless days and night digging into why with so many orgs and political/economy blocs, our problems remain the same. After eight years of research and studies, I am a born-again man. No punt intended, but this is why when I read some of the posts on here, I find myself cracking a smile at the volume of illusion being presented. 🙂

      It isn’t my job to convince anyone what the true color of this fake trial’s about. Around me i’ve seen many strange things happen since I began following and posting here about the status of this trial. But it doesn’t bother me at all.
      Just do your homework and stop agreeing with the men who said Nelson Mandela was a criminal and a terrorist. Imagine, if Mandela was a terrorist, like Dr. King was, as Gandhi was also; who isn’t fit to be a criminal/terrorist? And what difference does it make if Taylor is reduced to the same level as these great men? Was Christ not a terrorist, too? Lol

      1. Thanks for your recoomendations, Tomas, that swizz and I need to take sociology and the philosophy of power and class. These are great books and it’s nice that you’er aware of this. However, I do not see brothers applying these vast knowledge available to them, and use same for betterment and fair play in their own situations in Africa. the problems with taylor trial are complex in nature, but the truth remains the same. Taylor should have not gotten so low as a leader, in carrying out what he did, and thus, found guilty. All along you guys talk about fairness and all that, without adressing what taylor should have done for the betterment of not only africa, but mankind. I want to hear one of you take this stance, and then we can talk about fairness of the trial. look around the world and tell me what other leaders have wiped out whole generation of youth, or created such destructions among their own kind, and yet hailed as ‘hero?’ taylor is no hero and he has the lowest ratings in the history of africa, now and for ever! this is a fact and not my opinion nor Swizz!

        1. yes fallah
          you name it.
          where are the schools and roads and infrastructure for liberians? please taylobans answer that very simple question!
          if you can’t it is about time to think over your position.
          if you can’t i assume you still profit from the ct-terrorregime.

      2. tomas
        i did not say mandela was a terrorist. I say mandela is a saint (except to the fact that he neglected the aids-tragedy).
        taylor is reduced to the same level as Martin Luther King and Mandela?
        You got something completly wrong and your years of studies where all for nothing if you put a slaugtherer like ct on the same stand as King and Mandela.

  15. US had Nelson Mandela on Terrorist List:

    DO you need more links to prove MLK Jr, and Gandhi were also tagged by the same forces who told you Taylor was a terrorist? These are open information. All u need to do to is read for yourself good.And follow all the links you can. Stop making noise, Mr. Swizz., and add the dots to see the picture.

    You asked where are the development Taylor brought in? It seems you’re very irrational, expecting development during wartime! Can you build a tent in the middle of fire? Smh

    1. tomas
      not all the time taylor was in charge it was wartime in liberia. he had a lot of time to do good. what you deliver is just a cheap excuse.

      1. Swizz,
        Be for real ! From day one the international community decided to punish us Liberians for voting for Mr. Taylor with their punishing sanctions and support for a rebel insurrection. Could you have developed Liberia with those conditions ?

        1. yes tomas
          i could have. at least liberia has some wealth – timber and so on. it is easy to build schools, you only need some bricks and some teachers.

  16. Liberia is rich with sources, as you can see now. If Taylor was given peace to govern and fulfill his mandate as a democratically elected head of state by and for the Liberian people, he’d develop that nation. But because he’d have to fund those projects we all dream of with the resources that are now being given to foreign private individuals by the current agents in charge, they also made no error to give him a chance. With all these fact before your eyes, you and fallah still don’t understand who actually killed our people and what for. Keep blaming Taylor! I am not saying he is a saint. And Swizz, I never said you accused MLK or Mandela of terrorism. Read my post again.

    Make no mistakes! When Taylor was in power and the war in Liberia was being fought, I was an orphan/separated child. Among other things, I was feeding pigs and shining people shoes to fund my own education after the last member of the family who rescued and cross me into Ivory Coast passed.
    With all I’ve seen and suffered, I have more reasons to hate Taylor than probably some of you. But, above everything else, one must give room to logic. If you see what has happened to Liberia in the past eight years, you must understand Taylor is less guilty of crimes during Liberia civil war. (which has little to do with this fake trial) compare to those who fought him to be where they are today. Jacone states that diamonds and other resources are being stolen as we speak. At the same time, Liberia is in more danger than ever. If you both had the eye of a wise man, to make a sound debate, your own examination of the affairs of West Africa should conclude that Taylor is being kept away as a way to silence the fact that he’d point out reasons and hopefully prevent the horrible things that has happened since 2005 to now. You don’t need a book to know why Ellen and the international community fought against him, just look and see what is happening now. Let’s go for a trial for Liberia civil war. We will find Taylor guilty for one or two things. But the Intl Comm and Ellen Johnson will have more sorry to say to us than Mr. Taylor. To prevent and protect their shames, they put Taylor here so they can push the agenda they’ve been pushing for the past 8yrs. It’s all about taking over African resources and leaving us powerless. Taylor wanted the opposite, and that’s why he was being fought against!

    1. Are you then saying “weah” would be a better leader for Liberia after taylor, or who would you rather rule this time? I will come back when I get your answer, Tomas.

      1. Fallah, I know enough to say yes. I believe at least 6/10 Weah would’ve done better to Ellen’s -10/10. Without Ellen the blood that will flood in Africa, and the blood that has already began pouring wouldn’t be spilled. This alone would have been a big victory for the world.
        This be said, I also reserve my own opinion from facts that every president, if refuses to do what the same elite want, either they get killed, or force from power. Which means, if Weah was allowed to sit as elected by the Liberian people, his power would be limited to doing as much as he probably need, to push a full agenda for development in Liberia. But, at least he had and still has the liberty of clean hands and conscience to retain a degree of power to do right by and for the Liberian people as their leader.
        On the other hand, as you can see, Ellen cannot say no to any demands made by those who brought her into power. Because they will leave and expose her as the terrorist who killed and than made efforts to blame Taylor for the tragedy that happened in Liberia, after helping funding his from jail to Liberia. To clean up for her and her bosses. All of this is about the NWO. All of this is commonsense known to anyone who can add the dots. All it takes is observation, research and knowledge of the media powerhouse. One cannot however, conclude without knowing where this experiment has be done before, and why they’re trying to do all this. Like I said to Swiz, it is a complex journey to follow. You must want to understand how the world is designed and works. You must want to learn without hating. You must above all keep an open eye and a positive mood to get enough energies to keep up..
        You will get nowhere without ancient wisdom and prophecies these people are trying to fulfilled in their own ways. They have money. They just want to be the Gods with all the powers one can think of. They are just going about in the wrong and dangerous way!

        Take care

        1. Tomas, this is where I have problems with why such hatred for Ellen that you know vs Weah that you don’t know! I am sure you would agree that Ellen has International credibility vs Weah, who was associate of alleged law breakers in U.S, and has shown little or no knowledge of governance in his handling of two elections in Liberia. Whether you like Ellen or not is not relevant in the debate of Why taylor is behind bars. Period. Let’s talk about other things, and not Weah. Vote for him in next elections as you have done in two others. It won’t change my opinion, Tomas nor He becoming president of Liberia!

    2. your opinion is queer to all i know and all i learnt. sure, we can only see what we are told by the media. but who tells you, that what you’ve learnt is the truth?
      to be rational – what the international criminal law shows is the truth. every other thinking is conspiracy-theory. you can read them all over, e.g. 9/11. but most people on this earth think it is not true.

  17. Again, I have no hate for anyone. Not Ellen, or the Intl Community. I have glorious reasons to thank them all. Even if they find reasons to think otherwise. 🙂
    I just think they can take over the world with more prudence and become powerful (even more wealthy), without causing themselves more wounds and hatred from a lot of people. We can build a new world order, if we apply commonsense and strategic approach in doing things. People can worship us without hurting anyone or ourselves in the process.

    Bring me on board and I’ll show you a new wiser path to the New Jerusalem! No blood, no hates, and absolutely no sorrow or wars necessary. Just happy faces and more wealth than they’ll ever make using these current obsolete and ineffective strategies. Both the military industrial complex, insurance and security communities will gain in a much longer run. What they all need to know is the “HOW?” I believe I have the much needed answers they’re all missing. Either they can see me to elaborate on the missing links (the grand vision) willingly, or they can keep doing what they’re doing and fail miserably. One can pay all the best bureaucrats to do great work of composition. But with all honesty, no one can buy a real tree-like vision from anyone. The HOW is and can be priceless. But it is best explained by the true architect, like any other idea.

  18. tomas
    no, let me be king of the world – i know best.
    serious – there are a lot of things we do not know, and we will never know. Conspiracy-theories are hard to explain. it is all in the dark.
    if the west, and as you put it, the big money, once is doing a good thing, let them do it.

  19. Swizz,
    You can drag a horse to a fountain, or a river, at anytime. But, if the horse doesn’t want to drink, it’s a waste of time making the trip. Wisdom is for he who wants her. The price to finding her is a long journey to finding infinite knowledge. One cannot comprehend the current universe without ancient texts. Believe what you may about anything. What you’re seeing today is just man play God over the average mind. This as far as i can go…

    Your time is appreciated! And for that, I am leaving you with this gift:

    Hope you watch it and pay close attention to every word!!!
    Conspiracy for the king of the world… smh

    1. all conspiracy-theories
      and know what? most of them are right-wing people. right-wing stands for money. right-wing stands for faschism and worse.


    3 September 2012
    The Hague, Netherland

    The Honorable President Pro-Tempore
    The Leadership and Hon. Members of the Liberian Senate (In Session)
    Capital Building
    Monrovia, Liberia

    Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I present my compliments and, in consideration of our mutual duty as Liberians to pursue a common and permanent solution to the problems besetting the necessarily essential peace and reconciliation between and amongst our people, hasten to cease this opportunity to extend my warmest felicitations and best wishes to all. We must remain mindful of the framework of which inter alia obliges in the principal and substance to be our brother’s keeper and cooperate in mutual interest of each other.

    Nine years after much painful soul searching and prayerful consideration, I made the historic selfless decision to resign the office of the presidency of the Republic of Liberia as the 21st President in order that our people would live, and that the state would be saved. We took the Honorable and patriotic course, a course of distinctively ensured that the motto of our Government: “ABOVE ALL ELSE, THE PEOPLE”. With the historic Borden upon my shoulders, being guarded by Almighty God and cognizant of the consideration of the Republic and our people, we acted as men of courage and did what was right.

    On 6 August 2003, I addressed a letter to a joint session of the 51st Liberian Legislature (In Session) at Capitol Hill informing that Honorable Body of my decision to resign the office of the Presidency of Liberia as the 21st President, and oversee a peaceful transfer of power on 11 August 2003 honoring the sacred heritage of our forebears.

    In fulfillment of that solemn promise, on August 2003 at the precise hour of 10:59AM Liberian Standard Time during an official Ceremony of state, I resigned the office of the Presidency of the Republic, witnessed by the 51st Liberian Legislature, Members of The Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia, Members my Cabinet, The People of Liberia, along with visiting foreign dignitaries.

    I then witnessed the peaceful transfer of power when the 51st Liberian National Legislature convened an extraordinary Session for the purpose of inducting the 22nd President of our Republic into office in accordance with Article 63(beer) of our constitution.

    The Honorable: The Liberian Legislature in accordance with Article 34 (3) and (1) of the constitution of the Republic of Liberia which states that The Legislature shall have the power:

    A. Article (3)k) to enact laws providing pension scheme for various categories of government officials and employees in accordance with age and tenure of service and
    B. Article 34 (3)1) to make all other laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers vested by the constitution in the Government of the Republic, ordinary department or officer thereof.
    In Legislature Assembly, it was enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Republic of Liberia the following acts: “An act to amend and act providing for retirement pension of The President and Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, The Speaker and Deputy Speaker, The Pro-Tempore, The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia”. Section 1.4 of the New Executive Law, Section 1.4 of the New Legislative Law and Sub-Section 13.4 of the New Judiciary Law were amended to read as follows;

    1. FOR FORMER PRESIDENT. A former President of the Republic who shall honorably retired to private life and who is not in any other way gainfully employed by Government, shall receive from Government pension equal to the (50%) percent of the salary of the incumbent President. In addition, a former President shall be provided personal staff and facilities for the remainder of his/her life, the amount of allowed for this shall not be less than twenty five thousand United States Dollars ($25, 000, 00) per annum.

    Sadly, I am without notice as to why Finance Minister of the Republic of Liberia has failed and/ or refused to comply with the law of the land as regards my annuities. The fact is that I have not received my entitlement as set out under the law as a former President of Liberia since I resigned the office on 11 August 2003. A reasonable observer, properly informed, would reasonably apprehend bias because there is evidence that some individuals that are covered under this Act, are receiving their annuities.
    Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen, I posit that there is the sacred and overriding principal that: justice must not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done. Ultimately, the actions take so far be government whether an oversight or contrived, I suggest, reflect on the INTERGRITY and STANDING as regards the appreciation for the RULE of LAW and FAIR CONDUCT of Government. The practice of selected application of any Law of the Republic is in itself a violation of the Law.

    May I, with respect, request in this formal manner the intervention of this august body in bringing an end to this mammoth injustice, and cause my lawful annuities to be made available to me. I also pray that the same be done for any other personality who may be a victim of what appears to be a blatant disregard for the laws of the land.

    Additionally, as a citizen of Liberia, I am entitled to having access to Consul and Diplomatic Services here in Europe; but have been denied that right. I would like to have that right observed. I seek other privileges customarily giving to former members of first families, such as Diplomatic Passports for the wife and children but cancelled for my family. This is a tradition reserved and respected over the years and I hope can be honored without prejudice.

    My wife Mrs. Victoria Taylor along with our three young beautiful daughters and other close members of my family continue to live at our residence. Villa, Yassa, Zoe in Congo Town, Montserrado County. Liberia is, and will always remain our home. I have asked her to meet the leadership and personally present this letter and avail herself to this Honorable Body and that of the Executive Branch for any further discussions and/ or inquiries should the need arise.

    Let me leave you Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen with words from the Lord God Almighty….. He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God (2nd Samuel 32:3). Please accept this letter with sentiments of my highest esteem.


    Dahkpannah Dr. Charles Ghankay Taylor
    21st President, Republic of Liberia

    1. This is total distractions, NOKN4! Who cares about a liar’s diary? I did not read the rest of this garbage after scodding to see writer. That’s how disgusting bringing such in the debate is! What is the resignation letter got to do with appeal of taylor? Are you saying he was so nice in handling power that we should forget the mesireals commited to our peoples? Garbage, and serious distractions!

  21. tomas
    gbagbo was not elected in the last vote for presidency in cote d’ivoire. but he refused to step down. then the french tore him out of the palace, which was only right, because his refusing led to over 3000 deads. The people of ivoire voted for Ouattara. you can say now that the intl. com. (or in this case the french) has nothing to say there, which is maybe true. i prefer the french looking for equity. it is still better than nobody is looking for it. and just leave somebody rule a country who has not the backing of the people is not a good idea.
    to see a saviour in gbagbo is far from the reality.

    now in Mali, there are some stonetemple islamists on the run. should we just let them kill people because they think listen to music, dance and freed woman is devils-stuff? you might say, let them do their thing.

    i don’t think so. as long as the intl. community serves people, it is a good thing. i really wouldn’t live in northern mali with islamists in charge. Do you?

      1. Yes, gentlemen, alqadae just want to have its North african leaders wipped out like we did in other parts of the world. remember I took oath to bear arms for my country. We will be over to put stop to these brothers nonesense! You guys want to see unrest and you seem to glorify people who carry out havoc on your own peoples! Why are you guys sounding happy to see mali situation? You brothers should work with the West, that stands for no nonesense instead of with people that have no interests in your well being. Taylor is example of the group that keeps africa down and steal the national wealth in the process! Have a nice weekend!

      2. tomas my dear

        you either leave mali to africans, what means we just leave mali alone (because ecowas do not have the money and the weapons to fight the rebels) and look how a stone age islam seizes power. seizes power not only in mali but all over northern africa and in the end over the whole of africa. (islam is on the advance anyway in africa – what is a pity, because it eats african tradition.)

        or we do something about the stone age islam and ask for help – because woman want to live free
        because we want to dance and listen to music
        because we found the way out of our self-endepted dependence (Emmanuel Kant – a philosopher you probably know) and
        because we don’t want to pray five times a day.
        to only mention some.

        1. tomas
          this guy just doesn’t want to spend any money on something he thinks it doesn’t hit him. it is true, that in libya, tunisie islamists came to power. but nobody knew that in the beginning. i don’t really think, the west or the elite wants to install sharia – it is against their own interests.
          in mali, the elite or the west is not fighting for financial interests, simply because there is nothing to gain. or do you know what resources there are in the desert, the northern part of Mali?
          they are fighting against stone age islamists, who could spread terror over europe. not to mention that these godfighters kill africans who listen to music and like to dance.
          and it is still a difference if the invaders are americans seeking for oil, or if it is the french, which i consider a little friendlier – liberté, fraternité, egalité.
          the talker of your little movie speaks of moderate powers – saddam used chemical weapons against people, the former statesman of the mentioned countries where all corrupt and let their people starve. you call that moderate?
          will come back to that topic.

        2. Tomas
          check this speak (out of Wikipedia) of MP Laurent Louis:
          “Ces gens occupent des terrains illégalement, ne travaillent pas, n’ont aucune ressource financière et on voudrait nous faire croire qu’ils vivent d’amour et d’eau fraîche. Il est évident qu’ils doivent voler ou faire du trafic pour subsister. » Ses propos (lesquels de Laurant Louis), sont qualifiés de racistes par la RTBF4 et par le Centre pour l’Égalité des Chances.
          In this quote he speaks about immigrants, i suppose africans.
          So your speaker is a racist, mon bon homme.

          1. Dear swizz,

            I have approved your comment, however, can you please provide the link to where you found this quotation?

            Thank you.

        3. Dear Ms. Stevenson

          If you mean my latest post, it is:

          Please post the following also, out of the same page:

          Laurent Louis is also accused of harrassing females in the belgian parliament. and he’s accused of hate-speeches against people who think different. (also out of wikipedia.)
          Tomas, your source you opened here is quite fertile: this man is a sexist and someone who spreads hate over population.
          Your not serving your matters by citing such sources, cabron.

      3. tomas
        check this about your (and the following excerpt is from their homesite –

        About PressTV
        Press TV takes steps as the first Iranian international news network, on a round-the-clock basis.

        so what we all should read after your recommendation is an iranian news-channel. how impartial, mon bon homme. don’t even try to be independent (otherwise they would say it on a prominent place). since we know the regime of ahmadinejad, who desperatly looks for nukes and neglects the gasing of jews in WWII, it is no wonder he and with him the presstv is against an invasion in mali.

        1. Did the video state the gentleman was Iranian from Presstv? Since when did Iranian PMs started speaking french, Swizz? 🙂

    1. amax
      what are we (or you) waiting for? and what are we (or you) going to see?
      and who the … is we?

  22. There goes the final whistle for Charles Taylor’s trial. On the 29 of July 2009, I wrote my first comment and told my Liberian’s brothers and sisters that Charles Taylor will go to rest for 99 years for his involment in Sierra Leone rebel war but, all his supporters denied my prediction. Mr. What and orders who knew me personally strongly stood against me, telling me I am not a Liberian and some Charles Taylor’s Supporters went on insulting me but, I knew what I said was a true fact because I knew Charles Taylor from the sixties when he was in-love with my Aunt’s daughter from Bomi Hills.
    Today, I am kindly appealing to all Charles Taylor’s, relatives, supporters, anti-Taylors like myself for what he did to some of our family members to totally forget and come together to build our country back. Let the bye-gone be bye-gone. It has happy, we were not expecting such behavoir from him. We all welcome him, but he never used his five senses. This was why I said in my comments that if late president Doe comes back to Liberia, then Charles Taylor will also come back after keenly studying their output towards Liberian people.
    I am hereby extending all my best wishes to all those who took part in posting comments on this website with disregard to pro and anty Taylor. Special wishes to far-seighted writers, Jfallahmenjor and Swiss. We should all now keep praying to God not to send us such a leader again.

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