Appeals Chamber Concludes Oral Hearings in Charles Taylor’s Appeal

Oral hearings in the Charles Taylor appeals case continued into a second day on Wednesday, January 23, as both prosecution and defense lawyers responded to each other’s submissions made one day earlier.

On the previous Tuesday, January 22, prosecution and defense lawyers made submissions to a panel of five Appeals Chamber judges, making emphasis mainly on the limits of criminal liability for aiding and abetting a crime based on the findings of Trial Chamber judges. Nearly one year ago, Trial Chamber judges found the former Liberian president guilty of aiding and abetting the commission of serious crimes by Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in neighboring Sierra Leone. The crimes that Taylor was found guilty of aiding and abetting include murder, rape and other forms of sexual violence, terrorizing of the civilian population of Sierra Leone, and the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict. Mr. Taylor was also found guilty of helping to plan specific rebel attacks in Sierra Leone, including those on the diamond rich town of Kono and the country’s capital Freetown in late 1998 to early 1999. Mr. Taylor has since appealed the Trial Chamber’s verdict.

As the parties responded to questions from the judges on the second day of the oral appeal hearings, prosecutors told judges that Taylor’s defense lawyers were wrong to assert that causation and substantial contribution towards the crimes committed were necessary for an accused to be guilty of aiding and abetting. Prosecutors referenced case law in which the simple supply of food was deemed sufficient to amount to aiding and abetting. They argued that case law supports the position that contribution need not be direct, nor tangible in some cases.

Prosecutors emphasized to the judges that in the case of Sierra Leone, if it were not for Taylor’s involvement, thousands of people would not have been killed during the conflict.

Taylor was aware of the situation that obtained in Sierra Leone – that the operational strategy of the rebels was to terrorize the civilians – prosecutors argued on Wednesday. They told judges that Taylor knew about the crimes committed by rebels, that he supplied materials, provided moral support and logistical advice to the rebels, and that his supplies were indispensable and critical to enabling the operation of the rebels in Sierra Leone. They relied on Taylor’s support, prosecutors said.

Defense lawyers on their part argued about the need to be “practically certain,” have full knowledge and intention to support the commission of a crime before one can be convicted for aiding and abetting. The standard applied by the Trial Chamber, defense lawyers said, was wrong. The Trial Chamber judges, according to defense lawyers, based their finding on possibility and not on a virtual certainty to meet the mens rea standard of aiding and abetting.

Defense lawyers further argued that the Trial Chamber relied on uncorroborated hearsay and not eye-witness evidence. This, they argued, was wrong for a case of this magnitude. To meet the mens rea element of aiding and abetting, there has to be a virtual certainty, not one of probability, Mr. Taylor’s defense argued.

After asking several questions and putting on record the responses of prosecution and defense lawyers, the judges adjourned the proceedings. They will now commence their deliberations and as noted in a press release issued by the court afterwards, the Appeals Chamber judges will deliver their judgment before the end of the year. They have the option to either uphold or overturn the Trial Chamber’s findings, or reverse, reduce, uphold, or increase Mr. Taylor’s sentence of 50 years.



  1. Deliberations again. We pray that all of the judges be present during these deliberations. Thanks to the excellent defense team. God willing, President Taylor will be a free man once again.

  2. Alpha,
    When wil the transcripts of the appeal proceeding just concluded be available on the Special Court’s website ?

  3. “Defense lawyers further argued that the Trial Chamber relied on uncorroborated hearsay and not eye-witness evidence. This, they argued, was wrong for a case of this magnitude. To meet the mens rea element of aiding and abetting, there has to be a virtual certainty, not one of probability, Mr. Taylor’s defense argued.” – Alpha Sesay.
    The defence does not have to “argue” this fact as they are merely stating the obvious. Only Joseph Marzah and no other witness claimed he personally took diamonds to Mr Taylor. No evidence of communications except from the incredulous satellite phone hearsay stories. The trial chamber was more like a Market story joint where everyone heard something from someone, saw helicopters landing in diamond mines, idiots were tagged experts, etc.
    I really do pity Sierra Leone ’cause where I’m from, they’ve been tagged a nation of LIARS.

  4. We pray that all of the judges be present during these deliberations, as in the past. Thanks to the excellent prosecution team. God willing, CT will serve 50 years or more in jail. i hope he will be brought to an african cell (where they even today in the year 2013 still torture), where nobody gets three meals a day and nobody can watch tv in a nice and cosy warm cell and the residence is not paid by taxpayers from all over the world.

    1. Thanks Swizz for keeping these ‘blind’ brothers on their toes! first of all; taylor and his defense team know that the court is in possession of transcripts, videos, and photos of the testimonies from Mazda to Naomi cambell, taylor flanboyant visit to South Africa,.. and many more. There is evidence of logistics, assistance, and RUF rag-tag gansters calling taylor ‘papy’ and taylor refering to these rapists as ‘son’ and much more. What more proof do we need of collaboration between taylor and RUF? Tell me? And to crown it; taylor is shamelessly asking the impoverish Liberia, he robbed, to pay his pentions! He taylor must be ingnorant too, just like his followers appear to be! Swizz, thanks for coming to join this fight. Our ignorant brothers need people like you to save their souls from lack of schoolings!

      1. 🙂 Insult, assume, say whatever you may. Until you can prove your claims, back them up with material substance (evident), the department of justice cannot grant you your wish. This is the court of law. It’s been may better since the last witch trial ended, gentlemen Fallah and “Swizz”!
        Your frustraton with Taylor, for whatever reason(s), cannot turn the clock of just 3 0r 4 centuries back. It’s 2013, opinions can’t win in the court of law! 🙂

        1. tomas
          you better back your statements with real arguments.
          the last few links you provided us with backfired on you.
          i’m still waiting for your answers on presstv and laurant louis!
          or are you now taking sides with racists, female hasslers and nuke-fanatics?
          well, i wouldn’t be surprised. someone who backs already rapists, murderers and amputators does not fulfill high moral standards.

      2. The proof we need is been outlined alredy: was the support enough warrant a conviction of a crime of aiding and albelting? This is a question of fact entirely left for the judges to determine. I am pleased with the defense submission on the legal issue so far.

  5. Ignorance is indeed blissful for the “genuinely blind” team of father & son. Never have I come across people who pen down so much but have actually said nothing tangible. Site users have not on 1 occasion commended you for any factual or constructive information before. Don’t you think this is SAD ? I hate to be sent to prison based on Ruf calling me papay. We all know “papay” is worth less than a dollar in your country. Flip-flopping b/w being aggrieved on your personal issues in Liberia and the Sierra Leonean case must really be a roller-coaster for you. Final advice: seek knowledge and see beyond your nose(s) and drop hate.
    P.S: When either of you is ready for grown debate, holla me.

    1. Rgk007, fallah or swizz are not campaigning for public office on this site, nor are we interested in ‘opinion polls’ takers. We care less who agrees with what we stand for , nor does it matter to us. We are here to stand against ‘evil’ and all who perpetuate it through support to taylor, who, as clearly found by the court, raped, murdered, and gave material and moral support to group that murdered 120,000 human being in Sierra Leone, in addition to 250,000 in Liberia! That is what we will make sure taylor rots in prison! Anyone else? We are ‘everready battery’ commom on dudes!

      1. In as much as I share more or less the same objective orientation with certain esteem “independent individuals”(note the terminology) on this site, I can not speak for them on this medium as they are their own persons. You speak of your boy because you are the same people and he has certainly adopted your short-sighted view of Africa in particular and the larger world in general. “The Taylorbans are blah blah blah!!” Who else is docile enough to jump on a rickety bandwagon towards the end of this sham trial? Nobody knew your side-kick prior to this point and he has since then “strangely” championed your cause of unexplainable hate (for an individual) without any given facts and evidence to “outrageous claims”, except for some incoherent and confused rants. I suppose part of your 250,00 Liberian dead are the 20,000 solely killed by your “General” Butt-Naked. This leaves 230,000 for maybe 30 other NPFL-Only rebels in Liberia as the LPC; Black-Beret; ULIMO (j & K); AFL; LDF ; ECOMOG etc. were just going about picnicking and trying to prevent deaths according your SENSIBLE and always factual view. You had better heed Tomas’s earlier advice and seek wider knowledge for you and your 1 assistant so as not to drown in ignorance. “Duracell Battery” I’m surprised you have not mentioned your claimed farm in a while. The two countries combined i.e yours and Sierra Leone are not bigger than 1 (one) state in the Nigerian federation so you can see that your farm is just one poor man’s backyard where I originate from.
        P.S.: My country is worse in corruption – which is the bane of all ills – and we (Nigeria) is worse off for it but we try not to be any so-called super powers boy. Imbibe that culture and Africa will be better- off.

        1. My personal wealth has nothing to do with my hatred for anyone that is so “destructive” as taylor did to my country. You are a Nigerian and which follows that the total lost we received from taylor was not experienced by you. So I would advise you shut up and and don’t return to distract our debate. You Nigerians always have ‘Bigger’ things than other africans..but that’s not the point Thanks for the try..jfallahmenjor..kissi warrior!

        2. I see the warrior with the “big” farm and plenty (non)sense has been rattled by my cousin. PanAfrican1 is a relative of mine who got so pissed at the concept of a vile old man who knows no solution for his country’s predicament but sits in America chatting rubbish. By the way, you did not answer any of the lad’s questions. Were Messrs Kromah , Sawyerr , Boley and Doe’s men drinking hatai during your conflict? Yes, we Nigerians have bigger than you other little Africans but we could also be magnanimous in deeds. The point here is you are confused between President Taylor’s alleged deeds in S/L and your personal and defeatist vendetta in small Liberia. Mind you, Nigeria had a civil war – of secession – in 1966 with several Caucasian and African nations siding the break-away forces but we declared a “No Victor No Vanquished end to our war so that we can move on. Your major problem seems to be that President Taylor is a bigger man than you (even while in prison). Deal with it.
          Lastly, a man stands by his kinsman like i have done with my cousin. Do the same for your hair-brained side-kick . And just like my cuz told you, your “personal wealth” is chicken change. Be a real man – instead of a laughing stock – and engage in logical debate .

    2. rocket grenade

      you ask to drop hate. May I remind you on this occasion on some postings of yours from last week?

      Here we go (posting of rpg007 from January 28, 2013 at 7:10 am):
      “Thick people don’t remember Chief. Sure you’ve come across the few pests on this site. Advice: Ignore their vindictive,uneducated and childish rants. You can’t engage such “things” in constructive debate(s).

      You talk of Thick People – i guess you mean SICK people – am i lie?
      you talk of pests on this site, not for the first time.
      you talk of vindictive, uneducated and childish rants – i guess you mean people with a different opinion.
      you talk of things and mean people – which is without any respect for human people.

      I would call this rising of hate – and not to drop hate. It reminds me actually on a hate-speech.
      But in the end, what you reep is what you sow. In the end it rises hate against yourself, poor devil.
      Furthermore i do not understand why speeches like that are not barred.

      On January 29, 2013 at 12:23 am, Rgk007 said:
      “I really can’t believe anyone however behind-the-screen they may be, could be ye thick. My sensible comments are not in vain as I stand behind common sense – even though it’s plainly not widely common – and rational thinking as do a host of other African brothers here. This is why I write my piece whenever I am chanced and not use the computer to make a grown-up pest of myself.”

      Once again you talk of pest (and thick by meaning SICK) – i guess you mean myself swizz.
      In the same posting you talk of yourself as someone with common sense and rational thinking?

      On January 30, 2013 at 11:15 am, Rgk007 said:
      “I really do pity Sierra Leone ’cause where I’m from, they’ve been tagged a nation of LIARS.”

      There you offend the whole nation of Sierra Leone.
      where i come from, a statement like this leads up to 5 years in jail.
      Once again – i do not understand why statements like this are not barred from this site, because it is hate-speech and leads to aggression.

      After all i showed you:
      This person tells us to drop hate? someone like RPG007 speaks of constructive debates?
      Nobody with clear mind will take you serious, as nobody takes someone serious who laugs at victims.

      1. Good Swizz, you did a good job bringing to their attention what they are and what they stand for all along! As for Rgk007 coming to a rescue of cousin, Pan African1; I will let readers decide for themselves. I could come nasty but their ‘brags’ speak for themselves; these are individuals who have history of being ‘liars’ and has damaged the good reputations of other africans, and etc all over the world. These handful of Nigerians are the ones who talk about ‘greatness’ yet they do not live home, but travel the world as ‘princes’ and sons of kings! But again Swizz I do not want to get drag into this rubbish before I offend othe great Nigerian brothers that truely represent the Nation Of Nigeria! These two cousins belong to BOKO Haram, it seems!

        1. Nigerians : We have the worst corruption record as I had earlier alluded to so you don’t bring new information. The fact still remains that my cuz put you and your bag-boy in your holes. Indeed we travel the world as Princes because we move with our heads held up high. You said it yourself : “Other Great Nigerians”. The ones who guided and controlled the sister countries of Sierra Leone & Liberia during their times of self-inflicted madness(es). So, Old boy living in America, your time wasting is up. Boko Haram? You do not even have any informed clue of what you’re harking about – even with you 7 fake degrees. Maybe you bought those fabled certificates from Big brother Nigerians. Readers, watch the oldie and bag-boy answer this question “sensibly” . How many documentary evidences showed the court Jungle’s connection to Mr Taylor ? We’re waiting .

      2. They have been tagged as such due to the outrageous evidence given by their compatriots during the SCSL charade. People lying for peanuts as little as a thousand dollars. Every witness heard rebels speaking in Liberian language and also those supposedly being told they’ve been sent by Papay from Monrovia. Everyone of them (liars) conveniently had a radio to hear the “bitterness of war” declaration. This famous recording that even the BBC cannot dig out.
        Boy! I don’t really have issues to join with you as I would further be trading shallow talk with you. You’re however catching up fast when it comes to identifying you and your boss. English lesson: Thick means bereft of ideas. Another example of childish rants can be seen in your bugging of Noko 4 (the man clearly hasn’t got your time).

        1. On February 6, 2013 at 7:48 pm, Rgk007 said: Nigerians : We have the worst corruption record as I had earlier alluded to so you don’t bring new information. The fact still remains that my cuz put you and your bag-boy in your holes. Indeed we travel the world as Princes because we move with our heads held up high. You said it yourself : “Other Great Nigerians”. The ones who guided and controlled the sister countries of Sierra Leone & Liberia during …..”
          Well, brother this speaks for itself. I am not going there with you. I have great Nigerian friends, including my Primary Health Care Doctor. He is as Great as other African Medical Doctors in America. You are not true or patriotic Nigerian; therefore you would care less how we trash you! No more topic on this with you; and I advice others leave you in your ignorance and low schooling!

  6. Remember
    Taylor in his own testimony said he provided food, money and satellite phones to Sam Bockarie and his boys during one of their visit to monrovia, and the money was mainly use to buy jeans and tennis shoes. If this was not aiding the notorious RUF in their bloody carnage against the innocent people of SL than what is it? Taylor will continue to be guilty as long as his testimonies remain on the records. QUILTY IT IS….

  7. Mr Fallah,
    Can you please post the video link evidence they gave against Taylor that you know of so we can see since you have already seeing them.can you also post the photos,and the transcripts that they showed in court against Taylor in the entire trial since you saw them.what did Naomi Campbell said in court that support prosecutions case?
    I will be really happy if you can showed those documents and videos recording etc to us on this site because i followed this trial from the beginning to today date and there were nothing proven beyond reasonable doubts and their own inner judge confessed that at the end of the trial.
    For your information,Every president in the world have the right to his benefit no matter whether he be rich or pool.
    waiting for your evidence.Please use common sense when making statements.

    1. kkkd
      fallah is not a witness and he does not work in the court.
      The job you ask for is done by well-renowned international judges who found taylor beyond all doubts guilty.
      what is it you do not understand?

      1. Swizz,
        you are just one of those who shoot first, before asking question, or jump first, before looking. However though, Fallah made a self negating and inextricably pronouncement on the video evidence and or, documentary evidence that was shown in court. He was asked by kkkd to at least show the video link or the transcript that was produced in court so that we can all see the evidence being used for conviction. Swizz, the only live video evidence that we witnessed in the court room was when Super Model Naomi Campbell testified which was by the way, damaging to the prosecution who even denied her as their own witness. The whole entire case is an unmistakable scheme.

        1. yeah sure jose
          he will post you some photos and stuff.
          maybe kkd should express more clearly, so that everybody can easily understand.

  8. Ziggy,
    That is not aiding and abetting war crimes.You need to read more about war crimes charges.
    If that be aiding and abetting according to your understanding then every leader in this world are guilty of war crimes.let me ask you something,Did France aided and abetted war crimes when they were dropping light weapons for the Libya opposition? They never aided and abetted war crime .So do Taylor aided and abetted war crime by giving phone to RUF? check your understanding of law well.

    1. Simple 101 lesson for fallah and his boys. They don’t really know what is war crime, and so they gulp everything one the name Taylor is mentioned.

    2. kkkkd
      if the dropping of weapons lead to the killing of innocent civilian, it might well be a crime, hombre.
      ct is not accused of leading a war, he is accused of assaults with murder and so on pointed on innocent civilians.
      pls use common sense while posting.

    3. Is ku klax klan kid writing in past or present? I can’t get a clue of this “jabberwocky” a poem by Lewis Carroll(1832-1898), nonsenensical speech or writing that appears to make sense, but not!

    4. 4kd,
      Why are you wasting your TIME….we saw during the trial NOTHING to show ANYTHING….just so sad that we see this Court that should be a STANDOUT has narrowed herself to MURMUR.

      1. noko1to10
        you are wasting your time, since nobody takes you serious.
        laughing at victims is not yet a crime, but it is most immoral.

        1. Swizz,
          If you were taking me SERIOUSLY, why bother responding when it wasn’t address to you?? I understand you doing your best TO BE but your BEST isn’t good enough. Wish you LUCK…Happy New Year.

        2. noko1to10
          year has changed a long time ago. but since you don’t seem to get it anyway…
          why i respond?
          cause dangerous things can’t be ignored (at least not from me).
          cause i consider this site as a place to share different opinion and not as a place to increase hate (by laughing at victims).
          if you don’t like my comments, you’re free to leave.

  9. thank you kkkkd and other good guys on this site for acknowledging those empty head so call educated guys to understand a bit of the law when it come to aiding and abetting war crimes, but i dont think they will ever get it because of their made up evil mind against president charles taylor i pray this time around God willing the right thing will happen and president Charles Taylor will be home very soon as a free man.

    1. james

      good guys?
      is backing a convicted murderer a good thing?
      is downsizing and taunting persons with a different opinion normal for you?
      Is laughing at victims something we all should do?

      If you really think so, stick to your taylobans, cause that is what’s their favored hobby on this site.

      ct will hopefully not go home. he will stay where he is or maybe transmitted to an african cell, where he doesn’t get three meals a day for free on our expenses.

  10. Praise to Allah, The Magnificent! Timbuctu is taken from ignorant rebels that stand for nothing relevant. French forces will soon hand back responsibility to african Union Forces, which Liberia is part of! I am proud and would like to hear from the taylor camp if they believe this is a good news; ‘West coming to the aid of Africa?’ You see, we should give to Ceazer what is ceazer’s instead of garbage talks that I hear from taylor camp, that seems to glorify violence and hands off policy from the west they depends on, anyway!

    1. Fallah,

      you spewed out more violence, vitriol, and invective on this site than I can possibly imagine. Are you serious to accuse others of “glorifying violence”? Unbelievable. This is just another blatant display of illegal and immoral hypocrisy I have ever seen. Fallah, you even threatened the stability of Liberia during this past election if Ellen loses and you are on records.

      1. Good to see you’re doing alright Jose. You need you know that you can’t teach an old and ignorant dog new tricks. These noisemakers are indeed the problem of your darling Liberia. They do not have any idea of what “beyond reasonable doubt” means. I am glad people of objectivity like yourself, Noko, Aki, Sekou, Tomas, etc are available to sweep recalcitrant pests and their incoherent vile under the carpet. People who term rubbish tales of things like Joseph Marzah as crucial evidence. Anyway, I am not at all surprised since even the TRC of Liberia accommodated unsavory individuals such as John Stewart who’s preoccupation was asking non-intelligent and biased questions all in the name of sour grapes. Also, these pests can’t know the meaning and importance of deliberations in law since this is all about presenting Sierra Leone with a scape-goat and independence gift . Nice to have you back .

  11. kkkkk
    lets keep this discussion on the point, not every world leaders or France are on trial here. It is Charles Taylor and based on his personals testimones which spread over a 6 months plus period on the stand have resulted to digging holes that he would never get out of. The question continue to be was this early move by Taylor and his defense team to permit the accused Charles Taylor to testified for self was infacts uncalculated? Right now notting looks good for CT and QUILTY it is!

    1. Ziggy Salis,

      in response to your post addressed to KKKK, you are yet again in the midst of another blatant display of deception concerning the gifts that President Taylor gave Boakari. However, documents were presented in this court that President Taylor was appointed as the “point man” on the Committee of 5 and later became 6 to bring peace to S.L. There were RUF delegation who came to Liberia under the auspices and supervisions of Ecowas. It is customary that the host gives gifts to your visiting guests. It was against this backdrop that President Taylor gave the RUF delegation gifts. In fact, what President Taylor did was not unprecedented. Similar gesture and hospitality was given to the same RUF in Ivory Coast when Laurant Gbagbor was appointed as the “point man” on the Committee of 6. He provided housing facility like Taylor to the RUF.

    1. noko1to10
      true justice is the masterplan, although some will never get it.
      especially not people who give a d… about others.

  12. Noko4,

    what’s up pekin? Don’t give up. somebody somewhere will one day add more meaning to their life by standing up to these self-absorbed narcissistic individuals who only want to show their masculinity and superiority. DO you remember when the first prosecutor of this inherently flawed court in person of David Crane said that he wants to bring Taylor to his knees in front of his fellow peers? Well, he had succeeded.

  13. Teagin,
    Why hasn’t the transcript of the appeals hearing been put on the Special Court’s website as yet? Could you inquire as to when we could expect for it to be posted ?”


    1. Dear Aki,

      We are following up with the court on this. Hopefully, the transcripts will be available soon.


  14. Big B, is retired and enjoying every moment of it. It’s a waste of time to deal with individuals who have allowed their emotions to blind their legal judgments for reasons best known to them.

    Justice Sow and Counselor Griffiths, AKA (Perry Mason) are my heroes. Justice Sabutinde was once my hero, but she felled prey to the west.

    To my Comrades continue the fight even though the deck is neatly arranged one on top of another in favor of the persecution. In short, nobody expects to fight City Hall and win.

  15. Congratulations to my Burkinabe brothers. This is what a unified country achieves. All the best in the finals.

    1. Rgk007, are you having ‘identity crisis’? Or are you attempting to find identity? One moment you are this, or that..and failing to realize you are african first! In america people do not Identify as great for coming from california, and less for hailing from vermont state! Nigeria is not any better than sierra leone, just like libya is no more important than Ivory coast. Hope you understand the concept i am trying to teach you!

      1. What I am putting across to you is that you’re belittling your country with your lack of decorum and low sense of history. We don’t let America or other “friend-for-something countries” to “overtly” dictate to us on anything not to talk of helping arrest our President (whatever the case) , direct our “fake reconciliation” process (ask Sheikh Kafumba & Mrs Bull) and let some hungry and non-patriotic gang usurp a golden chance , having citizens (like you and your loyal boy) spy on the nation via the embassy (Wikileaks have told you which one) e.g Bility,; Verdier; Stewart; etc. Listen up, if you bypass your respect you meet up with disgrace. Simple! You and your side-kick have never in your computer lives answered any question objectively but digress by chatting what we all know as Zero. I am a bigger person by recognizing my African Brothers who will face my “Republic” (You obviously know nothing about the meaning of the word) in the African Nations Cup ongoing in South Africa. This is part of what ignorance causes. I an proudly Nigerian ! Order your little one not to quit. He only needs civil communication skills and reciprocation will follow. Again, it is a True fact that both country’s security was in our hands out of Benevolence and Brotherliness but those stuck in the past – knock knock – do not realize the strength in UNITY.
        P.S: A word is enough for the wise (even-though this word might be directed at the wrong(est) person at present and I will be to busy to attend to ? heads after this post (pure wastage of positive energy).

    2. Dear all
      Don’t forget: nigerians have the biggest.
      this is what this site is coming to.
      Hate-speeches and offending several nations.
      Maybe it is really time to say good-bye.

      1. Little One/ Side-kick/Copy-Cat, You don’t have to go about crying wolf (even you can see through yourself). Whatever I boast about – with regards to my nation NIGERIA – are indisputable facts and I make no apologies for that. The question is: are our efforts towards assisting your nations appreciated ? , Have you become better people? My African Brothers on this site know I LOVE AFRICA and only frown at you and your “8million Hectre Farm” Boss’s dull-talk. Talk substance! Debate reasonably! Don’t be a pest and put your arguments across constructively. These may seem difficult tasks for you but “one step at a time”. Anyway, Big brother would inform you that my time for U & your Uncle’s negative energy(s) is UP .

        1. Mr. with the biggest AH, Western-Killer James Bond

          I’m so happy with you that you got the biggest, that it is a undisputable fact and that everybody knows it.
          What I (and I guess several compadres with me) do not understand is the following out of your sensible and high-sophisticated post: are our efforts towards assisting your nations appreciated?
          your efforts? what efforts? I can’t see any, homes.
          your nations? mine? – which is mine? you only seem to have the biggest organ below belly, but from there on upwards it is getting smaller to nothing: yours?
          what you mean, hombre?
          every so called educated man should express himself in a way, that everybody can easily understand him.
          or is it just wannabe educated?

          Don’t be a pest and put your arguments across constructively – this is what you say.
          I say: remind yourself of your words from last week – put down hate. if you were man enough (and not just believing) to answer serious questions I asked so many times here, you would refrain from insulting others.
          this seems rather difficult for a wannabe-educated movie-star, i know. if you can’t keep up with writing, you can take up arms – it is actually the thing i expect from someone who collaborates with CT. it is actually the thing i expect from somebody who starts writing things nobody understands anymore and gets outraged by a little (bag) boy and his boss.
          But this are hopefully my last words for 007. I will keep the words of fallah in my mind. it just takes time and leads to nothing.
          so 007, if you wanna go on, you have to think about something more than just offending.

  16. As
    RocketPropelledGrenade James Blonde aka 007
    suggested (but can’t keep, cause too frustrated):

    let’s drop hate and let’s talk about the trial and sourroundings and not about who’s got the biggest (or at least thinks so).

    1. Swizz, rpg007 is rattled, do you see the “incoherence” in his rebukes lately? No more strike on the wounded brother,please! I also accept your ‘advice’ to move on to better topics. ‘No’ more responses to Rgk007, the ‘biggest’.

  17. Dear Reader:

    Please answer my question – who feels the negative effects of Charles Taylor trial? In the name of justice tax payers resources meant for infrastructural development had been misdirected to please the conspired attitudes of the minority. They told us that they would preach justice for Liberia, Justice for Sierra Leone, justice for Africa and the World; yet they hold share in companies that are exploiting the resources of Africa, leaving the land polluted without development.

    Yes, and yet; we believe that those Guys are indeed preaching justice. What form of justice is this, when the African raw materials are extracted to build factories in the West worlds, what is wrong with us, how many times can one be deceived?

    Can we find justice in the path of the unjust, those who kill the innocent and drink the blood of men? If Taylor is guilty or Not, would Sierra Leone & Liberia be developed? Don’t put these two countries batter at each other in the name of justice. They cause the people to fight against each other, manipulated them, established divide and rule methods, confused the organization of AU and other strong African Powers in the name of justice and democracy, which are not found in them.

    Billion dollars justice, when children are dying from malnutritions across the world is an unfair practice, yes, it’s indeed dark evil justice, when huger is killing millions every year. Those judging under the influence of bribes and cheating will be judged.

    Everyone will be judged by the Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Those who protect themselves under the presence of authority, wealth, power, fames and demons with false pretends to subdue others in the name of world man justice will be kept in hell fire. You need to repent, you power owners, you need to confess about your massacred in the name of justice and power. Who can hide from the Lord? NO ONE! You stop Blah, Blah, Blah, and Blah, stop deceiving yourselves, do you have justice? you blood thirsty men and women, do you know justice, you demons worshipers, do you believe in justice, when you even seize justice from the faces of your children, wives, husband, and family? Stop and turn to God. Stop blaspheming the world with that evil words of yours, “JUSTICE,” “DEMOCRACY,” WORLD CRIME COURT,” and all the sorts. What’s about the crimes you have committed. You leave that timber sins and woe on the spark of evils in the eyes of your neighbors. Who told you that you can be saved by lying on others. Those who made up the fire in the West field are known by God, yet they are pretending, lying, conceiving the truth, alleging others. If you love Sierra Leone, stop mining the minerals and give them free billions as you are doing in Taylor trail. You exchange blood for money, where will money carry you? Besides, death, dust, guilts, hell.

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