Charles Taylor’s Former Investigator Sentenced to Two and Half years in Jail

A judge of the Special Court for Sierra Leone has sentenced Prince Taylor, an investigator for former Liberian President Charles Taylor, to two and the half years in jail after convicting him on five counts of contempt of court.

Prince Taylor was convicted by Justice Teresa Doherty on January 25, 2013, and his sentence was announced on February 8.

Prince Taylor was charged and convicted for interfering with witnesses who testified against Charles Taylor by attempting to induce them to recant their testimony against the former Liberian President. Prince Taylor, according to the court, attempted to do this through Eric Koi Senessie, a former member of Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF), the rebel group which Charles Taylor himself was convicted for providing support to.

On April 26, 2012, Special Court  judges found Charles Taylor guilty of aiding and abetting the commission of serious crimes by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone and helping to plan some of the rebel attacks in various locations throughout the country, including the capital Freetown. He was subsequently sentenced to a jail term of 50 years. The former Liberian president has since appealed his conviction and sentence. An appeals judgment is expected before the end of 2013.

In a press release issued by the Special Court, the court noted that its rules provide for Prince Taylor to be sentenced to a maximum term of seven years or a fine of two million Leones (Sierra Leonean currency) or both sentence and fine. The judge, however, considered several mitigating factors including “Prince Taylor’s previous good record, his service to justice during his seven years as a Special Court investigator, and his father’s plea on his behalf at Thursday’s sentencing hearing.”

Prince Taylor previously served as an investigator in the case against leaders of the Civil Defense Forces at the Special Court for Sierra Leone.



  1. Interesting!!!!! I strongly believe he knew some of those testimonies were LIES since he once worked for the Court……Hope next time he’ll be TRUTHFUL to myself also.

  2. Question to Ms Stevenson : Was Prince Taylor personally hired by President Charles Taylor or by the special court? Please clarify. Cheers.

    1. Dear Rgk007,

      Prince Taylor was recruited and hired by Charles Taylor’s defense team in conjunction with the defense office of the Special Court’s Registry. He was not a personal investigator for Taylor, but rather worked with the defense team on his case.

      Please see more information on the defense office of the Special Court here:

      “The Registrar is committed to supporting the Court process and creating a fair and impartial system. The Registrar is directed by the Rules of Procedure and Evidence to establish a Defence Office, which is responsible for appointing counsel and supporting their work. The Defence Office, while officially part of the Registry, acts as an independent office in the interests of justice.”

      1. Taegin,
        Please help me understand the game been played….he worked for both parties?? This looks like the Court or some elements knew the workings of Mr. Prince Taylor and kept an eagle eye on him this time around. They knew when he supplied witnesses, they had problems with the testimonies of those witnesses but since it was all about get Mr. Charles Taylor, WE DON’T CARE JUST BRING US BODIES TO TESTIFY.

        So those very BODIES are the same ones he went to tell THE TRUTH aka THE REAL STORIES but the Court wasn’t going to allow that DRAMA…..Truly SAD TIMES for JUSTICE. You promised to get back to us on Judge Sow’s saga….why wasn’t he NOT allowed to testify for the defense or what is the story?

        I know you and your team have REFUSED to comment on this case for some reasons or the other but if you were not of the WRITERS’ team, what will be you thinking… to us who see the INJUSTICE; do we have reasons to doubt this Court?? Put on your HUMAN HAT just few seconds…..THANKS

        1. Dear Noko4,

          Perhaps this document will answer your question concerning Justice Sow’s testimony.

          In particular, see 14

          The Motion also fails to establish that the proposed evidence and fair trial issues could not have been raised before the Trial Chamber. In the case relied on by the Defence in its Reply, the ICTY Appeals Chamber noted that the appellant’s fair trial contentions could have been but were not raised before the Trial Chamber, holding that “the requirement that the issue must have been raised during the proceedings is not simply an application of a formal doctrine of waiver, but a matter indispensable to the grant of fair and appropriate relief. Likewise, the Defence avers that it seeks to call Justice Sow to testify but fails to either indicate the proposed witness’s willingness to testify or to support the request with a statement of the proposed evidence to be elicited from the witness.

          It appears this decision was filed January 18, 2013.

          See link:

          Take care,


        2. noko1to10
          where was your human hat when you were laughing at victims?
          But since nobody takes you serious…

  3. Can they also discharge, imprison and fine any judge found bribed or pressured to deliver a verdict without proven evidence beyond doubt? Can the court also arrest anyone suspected of foul play for, from or on behalf of the prosecutors?

  4. here we go.
    but taylobans can still argue about the money witnesses got from the prosecution. how wrong they are!

  5. The judge, considered mitigating factors including his father’s plea on his behalf at Thursday’s sentencing hearing.”

    This is a joke, am I lie? What judge takes into consideration, what a godfather of murderer says?
    Does Mr. Alpha Sesay mean the court, when he speaks of THE Judge? Or does Mr. Alpha Sesay mean a single judge?
    cause i really can’t imagine some international crimininal judge to deliver a judgement on grounds of a father’s and torturer’s plea!

  6. Dear Rgk007,

    We all should be used to Alpha Sesay’s Headlines by now. He writes as a Sierra Leonean with the name Charles Taylor in his mind as the worse nightmare he has ever seen.

    1. harris
      ct IS the worst nightmare lots of people have ever seen. in recent history is no other record about human-eaters.

    2. Wow! what do you mean by “he writes like a sierra leonean?” How would you like me to say to you ; you write like a bassaman? You guys are so sectionalistic, that tribalism, sounds better, at times! We are all africans first, all other garbage should be reserved to ourselves! This is my piece on that subject..will not revisit or explain further!

  7. I wonder what the ‘nay sayers’ would have thought had this been from the ‘prosecution’ side! Two years is okay, as long as this was exposed, and a plus in decision making for taylor’s appeal process.

    1. Fallah,
      It did happened on the prosecutors’ side…..that was why we saw the DIFFERENT mix ups in their WRITTEN words and what some actual said on the stand….but yet still, the judges CLOSED THEIR EYES and we are down to this kind of justice.

      1. noko1to10

        the judges opened their eyes on injustice, although you are not aware.
        what you want is that international criminal justice closes their eyes so that every little war-lord can do what he likes, kill innocent people and ransack the country.
        but not as long as some honourable men are around.

        and since nobody takes you serious…

  8. Any place smoke comes from, there must be fire. By this I mean that every charge that has been convicted against him may be true. But we just pray that you positively reconsider your decision as a court and reduce his years of imprisonment.

    1. loveton
      hopefully to one year, so that he’s straight back to ransack the country once again.

    1. Thanks NOKO5 for the ‘compliment’ you also thought that jfallahmenjor was “Late Tom Kamara!” I told you that I was Not, but you never believed. I might be at your funeral some day NOKO1to 9! Let’s talk about charles taylor who has no chance of being free!

  9. Taylor is just a political prisoner. Everything is like a modern experiment of keeping a political prisoner under fake accusations of crimes to justify injustice. I have the feelings he might get out of there after Ellen Johnson is done with her years in office and runs to the US where she’ll feel secure.

    1. Tomas, I have no clue on what you mean by: ” have the feelings he might get out of there after Ellen Johnson is done with her years in office and runs to the US where she’ll feel secure.” Are you saying that charles taylor, definitely, has no chance of being a free man while Ellen is in office? secondly, why will Ellen run to the U.S to feel secure? And your crazy conclusion that taylor is a political prisoner is not only silly, but a clear demonstration of ignorance, to say the least. Let me say this Tomas; taylor is not a political prisoner, otherwise Human Rights Organizations worldwide would have condemed his incaseratio, don’t you think so? Taylor was found guilty of crimes against humanity, including rapes, Tomas. Witnesses testified of other behaviors such as cannibalism, and sexual slavery of captured young teen agers. Every time you come back with this stupid argument, we will detail taylor’s sick behaviors that got him where he is! If you love taylor please save him the embarassment by stopping all your crazy thoughts and silly conclusions.

  10. I started posting on this site years ago. My views have changed about a lot of things in the world. But it’s still wonderful to see justice served in this case. Charles Taylor deserved every single day he spend behind bars. It’s interesting to come back years later and see the same Taylor supporters fervently supporting him, yall are some passionate people, I wouldn’t mind having supporters like you on my side, very loyal group of people. Taylor belongs in jail but there are so many other people in Liberia up to the highest office that deserve their day in court for crimes committed in Liberia. Nevertheless it is a great feeling to see Taylor in jail. I love Liberia/Liberians, Manos, Gios, Krahns, Mandingos, Vai, Kissi, Kpelle, Kru, etc….United we stand divided we fall. Thanks to all the moderators for the wonderful work you do everyday. Mr. Sesay, keep up the wonderful work.

    1. Ms Teage, my hat off to you! Welcome back. We kept the fort up and strong. You have us as your supporters. Swizz will agree with your return as all others who love justice on this site. support group for taylor remains bitter and hateful toward others like repulicans against first black leader of america! It’s insane to have characters like those in any society, but it’s a reality and we only need to fight back any time they re-surface on this site! That is why I give them ‘no sleep!’

    2. @ms teage
      Wow! Years later and you still don’t see the ignorance in referencing people by tribes. smh!

      1. Cen,
        SMH………”The ignorance in referencing people by tribe” You you kidding me Cen, I specifically named tribes to say I love ALL Liberians! You know absolutely nothing about me, and it is a bit ridiculous to try to make me seem like I’m a separatist. I am a mixer of all types of tribes/Americo-Liberian, I am the last person that would be for separation of tribes, or naming by tribes, go back and read my post to get the gist of what I was saying.

  11. Fallah, no trial takes this long. It’s just a time buying nonsense. This could’ve been done in a year and over with. Not everyone is that stupid to conclude this trial has any relationship with the ideals of law and justice. It never was from the start, say whatever you may. 🙂

    1. tomas
      watch what i posted below for you and your collaborateurs.
      if that doesn’t cry for justice, what will?
      just beside: every trial takes its time. even a simple murder-case on first instance without any crossborder-scenario, not to mention cannibalism, sexual-slavery, amputations and rape, needs more than a year.
      but maybe you can do quicker, once you finished your history- and/or media-studies. in case: i’m still awaiting your answer to that belgian demagogue laurent-louis you alleged to back your weak arguments.

    1. Many thanks for the ‘reality videos’ that clearly give contrast between lovers of ‘chaos’ vs ‘peace!’ I always knew Swizz knew all along the truth about this “mosnster called taylor gankey charles, the alqadae of africa! It’s great that skeptics on this site will fight with their own conscious and think twice whenever they post about the their ‘liberator, taylor which reflects how they think and who they are! Nothing further until i get more garbage from support group on this clear ‘proof of what happened in Liberia under taylor and what is now happening under the watch of Ellen.

      1. yes fallah
        it’s quite calm since that posting of mine.
        tomas has almost shut down too, since i revealed his sources as racist.
        i’m just wondering why noko1to10 is still giving some boring comments, although nobody takes him serious. maybe he found out that he was wrong when laughing at victims.
        An excuse? never in his life. Just as ct himself. an excuse? well he did nothing wrong, except that he killed thousands, left several wounded on body and soul and liberia broken.

        1. you are absolutely right Swizz. They think they are playing with amatuers on this site! we will reveal everything this guy did in liberia if it comes to that Swizz. I have a surprise for them if they continue their stupidity on this site! They fail to remember we are dealing with “mass Muderer” and one whos name is in ‘lower’ case! Why do you think i have no respect for taylor?

  12. Swizz, you and Fallah are fun to deal with. I can’t believe you actually think you’ve made or are making progress spinning around in one circle. 🙂
    Do you really think you shut anyone down? lol

    And you feel I made a racist comment of post? Damned, bro!

    No, seriously, we’ve been watching because it’s been really boring on here. We just need something new from the court to start barking about. 🙂 It’s been long predicting the anti-taylorists, like Fallah and you, Swizz boy. We know your thoughts and position on this unfair case. But we still enjoy reading your posts. Keep going, it keeps this page alive.

    Page like this don’t post on itself!

    Tomas 🙂

  13. tomas my dear
    you did not make a racist comment yourself, but you quoted a racist. funny you don’t know yourself.
    so you backed a murderer with a racist, and still think you’re on the right side.
    if it weren’t sad and the topic not so tragic and if i were unconscious like you and your brothers in arms, i would maybe be laughing too.
    how come you know that i’m a boy? maybe i’m a girl. but i don’t expect people like you to be gender-conscious, just as i don’t expect you to be for equal rights, since you quote laurent-louis.

    1. You are great Swizz. It seems you hacked into their minds and have mentally drained them! It seems like most of the visitors on this site who blindly support taylor are ex-fighters, trying to fit back in civilized society. The last videos you posted, showed human eaters, and taylor boasting like a silly mad man talking to rebels he had total command over. It was sickening to see this guy doing nothing about people under his leadership, going around and hacking opponents hearts out of them to eat with fufu!

  14. Swizz, if u were a girl I would not have responded you to maybe at all. I had the feelings u weren’t, based on some of your posts. Anyways, keep going sista! You and fallah are doing really well in a way.

    One love and respect,

    Tomas 🙂

    1. Tomas, back to the topic;”A judge of the Special Court for Sierra Leone has sentenced Prince Taylor, an investigator for former Liberian President Charles Taylor, to two and the half years in jail after convicting him on five counts of contempt of court.” this is what we should be discussing! Not gender of others. we know most of taylor fighters were ‘swingers’ they had sex appitite for boys and girls, just like the man himself! Do not come here Tomas, I beg, because we will expose the chief in full details from documentary of the war!

  15. Fallah, if you wana go talk about anything besides this case, enjoy having a ball. I know propaganda from facts. I know demonizing an enemy to gain public support of things things we want, even if they’re moral twisted. That’s said, it is your right to believe whatever, from whomsoever you like aboutPres. Taylor.
    On gender side-show talks, it’s your boy/girl Swizz who went off topic to reach that land.

    As you said, and right; let’s stay on topic about Pres. Taylor’s case here.

    In that spirit, I’d like to share the latest news regarding the only living president of Liberia – Charles G. Taylor.


  16. tomas

    Living President of Liberia?
    much more
    Jailed residence in Luxuria!

    Thanks for your post, tomas.
    Gonna Cost you a lot, brotha.

  17. Check this out, everyone!

    “Corruption Under Ellen Is A Divine Curse”
    The former Defense Spokesman of the defunct rebel National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) of Charles Taylor has once again opened up, rapping on critical national issues and unleashing yet another barrage of scathing verbal attacks on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, his longtime political pal. After a long telephone conversation with this paper, Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu, spoke from the United States recently in an exclusive interview with Public Agenda. What does he think about the Sirleaf Administration and the future of Liberia? Editor-In-Chief, J. Lyndon Ponnie captured the exiled politician and militarist’s views.
    Public Agenda: Welcome to this interview, Mr. Thomas Woewiyu.
    Woewiyu: Thank you Mr. Editor
    Public Agenda: We have learnt that you have been invited by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to testify before it to say what you know about the Liberian crisis. Is this information correct?
    Woewiyu: That is correct.
    So, when will you return home to tell the TRC about what you know about the crisis in Liberia?
    I received the TRC’s invitation sometime late last year. At the time, I could not travel due to some personal health reasons. Sometime early 2009, I informed the Commission through its Executive Director, Honorable Nathaniel Kwabo that I could make it to Liberia sometime in February. In my last communication to the Commission, I stated that I could be in Liberia on the weekend of February 12 to present my testimony on or about February 15 if all arrangements were consummated by the TRC. I have not heard from them since then. Let it be known that my testimony is completed. With or without the TRC it will be published in due course.
    Recently the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appeared at the TRC and testified. During her testimony, she denied ever being a part of the NPFL, contradicting your open letter written in 2005. What is you comment?
    As I stated in my 2005 open letter to Madam Sirleaf, she played a very important role in the first version of the NPFL led by the late General Thomas Quiwonkpa during his failed coupe in 1985. I said, she asked me to see Quiwonkpa in order to give him my blessing for the mission which he was about to embark upon. I told her that I did not want to have anything to do with Quiwonkpa and such a mission. She sent him anyway. Read the open letter again. I also said in the open letter that she also played the leading and sponsoring role in the organization and launching of the second NPFL adventure led by Charles Taylor. Without her support and approval, that whole adventure would never have gotten off the ground. I cited a 1987 conversation between Madam Sirleaf, Dr. Baron Tarr and me at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Estrada Bernard. The conversation had to do with her accepting responsibility for the political phase and Charles Taylor being responsible for the military phase of what eventually became the 1989 uprising against the Samuel Doe Regime. The disagreement between her and Dr. Tarr during that discussion was mentioned in the open letter. Dr. Tarr is an honorable man and should be in the position to recall the discussion.
    If she had been part of the inner circle of the former rebel group as your open letter states, to what extend was she involved?
    Tom Woewiyu

    I stated that her effort in raising funds for the NPFL amounted to about half of million dollars. She has admitted giving US$10,000.00 to start the war. She has admitted to flying from the United States to meet with Charles Taylor in Paris to plan the war. She has admitted and apologized for issuing the NPFL her genocidal order to level Monrovia and she would rebuild it. What she has not done is, apologize for the death and destruction caused by such a reckless order. As I said in my open letter, Madam Sirleaf spoke at the time as the Commander-in-Chief of the NPFL. She wanted the public to know that she was involved at the top level of the uprising. Read the open Letter again.
    Throughout the President’s testimony at the TRC, she made reference to you regarding all information she received from the NPFL at the time. What has been the relationship between you and Madam Sirleaf?
    Thank God. Madam Sirleaf has vindicated me by confirming in her testimony that I was reporting to her. If she was not part of the NPFL, what was I doing reporting to her? Why did I not report to Dr. Amos Sawyer or Dr. Baron Tarr?
    In 2005, you warned of electing Madam Sirleaf as President, now that she has been elected, how do you see Liberia today and what do you think it will be in the next years?
    When I met with Madam Sirleaf in the Mansion regarding her five million dollar lawsuit against me for defamation of character, I asked her as to who she trying to impress with her suit? I told her Liberians have never listened about the characters of those they put in power. I said to her, Ellen, if my intention was to stop you from being elected, which it was, it did not work. You were elected anyway. So, what did you lose? I asked. I reminded Madam Sirleaf in that conversation that it was my open letter to Samuel Doe back in 1984 telling him to stay out of the 1985 election that she and the late Jackson Doe used as their campaign document. I also reminded her that it was my written position and public pronouncements against our mutual friend, Charles Taylor that she used in the 1997 election as issues while Taylor should not become President. I also asked Madam Sirleaf in the Mansion as to what she did not understand about me after all these years of political affiliation. I told Madam Sirleaf that in the same manner that I tried to warn the Liberian people that Doe and Taylor were not the right people to lead Liberia, in my open letter to her I warned the Liberian People that she, Madam Sirleaf did not possess the qualities to be President of Liberia. Her Administration of the nation with corruption being three times higher than the three previous regimes combined, has indeed confirmed my warning.
    Mr. Taylor was arrested as a result of Madam Sirleaf’s request to Nigeria to have him turned over to the Special Court to answer to allegations of his involvement in Sierra Leone. Do you think that was in the right direction?
    As I said in my open letter, Charles Taylor was a foot soldier for Madam Sirleaf and our exiled leaders. He was sent on a mission which was accomplished. Clearly, the ills of the mission caused a devastation of the total infrastructure of the nation and snuffed the lives out of 300,000 Liberians. By Madam Sirleaf sending Mr. Taylor to the Sierra Leonean Court, is she implying that the lives lost in that country are worth more than the ones lost in Liberia where Taylor was directly responsible first as a rebel leader and second as President of the Nation? I think Madam Sirleaf naively believes that her part in our national tragedy will remain hidden by focusing the spot light on Taylor in that international conspiracy. The saying goes in Liberia that “the same rope that hang monkey could hang baboon”.
    It is being rumored in Liberia that you are one of the witnesses for Mr. Taylor in The Hague, how true is this information?
    No one has asked me to do so.
    There is so much news of corruption in Liberia under the leadership of President Sirleaf; do you think Madam Sirleaf is the right person to fight this virus?
    Corruption under Madam Sirleaf is not a virus. Virus can be cured by the proper medical remedy. Corruption in the Republic of Liberia under Madam Sirleaf is part of a “divine curse”, it has no cure. I am saying this to my fellow Liberians; let us pray with all of our hearts and ask God to forgive us for not understanding his will and acting accordingly. 2 Chronicles 7:14: “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land”. It was the realization of the power of this verse of the Holy Bible the people of God in Liberia held the three day prayer vigil entitled, “Liberia for Jesus”. President Taylor dressed in white swear-in suit prostrated on the platform and said “Lord I am not the President of your People, You are, may your will be done”. Did the Lord’s will get done? Yes. He abdicated the seat of the Presidency and went into exile. Here is another verse of the Bible that Liberians must think of as we pick our leaders: Proverbs 28:12.When the righteous triumph, there is great elation; but when the wicked rise to power, men go into hiding.
    I said corruption under Madam Sirleaf’s Administration is part of a divine curse because I see how God is showing Madam Sirleaf that no sin and absolutely no sin go on punished. Just as it was with Pharaoh in Egypt thousands of years ago, when God told him “let my People go”, God is telling Madam Sirleaf to either do the right thing or quit the leadership of Liberia while she can. God has shown her signs that he is not happy with her. He has allowed the devil to drop a few plagues on Liberia as a way of making his point. For instance:
    Tom Jucontee Woewiyu recounted four plagues that be said have befallen the Sirleaf administration. Read our Part 2 of the series for more on the plagues and other critical national issues expounded on by the interviewee in our next edition.”

    1. That interview is rich with so many truths about this trial. Hope the Defense team and prosecutors as well as the judges take note from it. This trial is a pay back, nothing about justice. Now that they have questioned Taylor and could not find any fault in him regarding what happened in Sierra Leone, they should let him go.

  18. The qoute,”Corruption Under Ellen Is A Divine Curse’, seems to be similar to a newspaper headlines, intended to get readers attention and not really a truth, as Tomas makes it appear. Secondly, taking such explanations from one who never offered any solutions to issues of his country, but finger-pointing, is the lowest litracy search to say the least. If Thomas Woewiyu is patriotic as his claims are; he needs not show such bitterness toward Ellen, regardless of what ellen has accomplished. He should be pragmatic! I will come back to this topic after i research on thomas woewiyu, whom I knew back in the 80s! I will tell you exactly what I know about this man!

    1. “As I said in my open letter, Charles Taylor was a foot soldier for Madam Sirleaf and our exiled leaders. He was sent on a mission which was accomplished. Clearly, the ills of the mission caused a devastation of the total infrastructure of the nation and snuffed the lives out of 300,000 Liberians. By Madam Sirleaf sending Mr. Taylor to the Sierra Leonean Court, is she implying that the lives lost in that country are worth more than the ones lost in Liberia where Taylor was directly responsible first as a rebel leader and second as President of the Nation? I think Madam Sirleaf naively believes that her part in our national tragedy will remain hidden by focusing the spot light on Taylor in that international conspiracy. The saying goes in Liberia that “the same rope that hang monkey could hang baboon”.
      It is being rumored in Liberia that you are one of the witnesses for Mr. Taylor in The Hague, how true is this information?
      No one has asked me to do so.” Thomas

        1. Young ”swizz”, the above post is as clear as one can see.
          “It is being rumored in Liberia that you are one of the witnesses for Mr. Taylor in The Hague, how true is this information?” is obviously a question put to Thomas. The rest are his own words. You should know who said what, if u read the entire interview via the link I provided. It’s no rocket science, ami(e), just click the link and maybe you’ll find it less “confusing”! 🙂

  19. “Mr. Taylor was arrested as a result of Madam Sirleaf’s request to Nigeria to have him turned over to the Special Court to answer to allegations of his involvement in Sierra Leone. Do you think that was in the right direction?” Thomas Woewiyu

    Stop talking about corruption and what you know about this Thomas Woewiyu guy, Fallah.
    Your undying distractions will not earn you that cyber pay check you’re working overnight for.
    We want justice for Liberians and Sierra Leoneans. Not colonial injustice as usual.
    Keeping taylor here is in the interest of Ellen and her colonial masters to whom she has sold Liberians after stealing the nation’s wealth. We want her brought to justice and everyone who gave her a dollar to kill our people for wealth brought to book as well!

    Keeping Taylor here, and prolonging a simple trial will not get us justice where it is needed most. So quit this nonsense and let Taylor go. It’s an insult to the nation of sierra leone to sit here and pretend this is about the lost of lives the same people sponsored as usual, for economy interests.

    1. Thanks Tomas, maybe I am on your paycheck since you sound so confused. go and protest taylor’s conviction at the Hague, Tomas. it is that simple, and leave Ellen along! Who cares if taylor was foot soldier or terorist? taylor has been convicted, appealed, and waiting to hear from court. what other nonsence from your types, makes no difference in this case. You are entitled to your opinions just Le Pacifist, above. I feel sad that you never realized your ignorance in how you present your arguments on this site, and how it make you look in the inter-lectual word!

      1. Fallah, I think what Tomas wants is justice for Liberia. He’s had part of his share of LOST during the war, and he wants Taylor returned and prosecuted for the crimes committed against Liberia and Liberians like himself. Which part of his stance isn’t clear enough on this?
        And please try to be civil when going person on other poster!



        1. harmony
          what r u talking about?
          if tomas speaks of a free man and means ct, he wants him back in liberia. i don’t know what for he wants him back there. it is something only he knows. one explanation could be, that tomas is only then able to lick honey.

        2. Harmony, i really do not understand what you mean by ‘civil’ because i used the word ‘ignorance’, I assume. It simply means being ‘unawared’ of certain information that is clear, and therefore an intelligent individual should not have problems understanding such. Besides, you need to read others posting from the taylor side to be fair in passing judgement. Thanks and welcome on board, Harmony.

  20. Reporting from


    Former President Charles Taylor has been commenting on the death of Moses Blah, the man who succeeded him after he stepped down and sought refuge in Nigeria, but later testified against him at The Hague saying, he had long forgiven Blah.

    “Blah was a victim of international conspiracy,” Mr. Taylor told the New Dawn through his aide on Tuesday.

    “He (Taylor) says I should tell you that he told Blah family that he has long forgiven him.” The aide said after several attempts to quiz Taylor on Blah’s death. “He said Blah was a victim of international conspiracy.” Taylor’s aide added on Tuesday.

    Blah, 65, served in various capacities under Taylor before becoming his vice president. He died in Monrovia at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital on Monday (April 1, 2013) following a protracted illness.

    As a key witness in the war crime trial of Taylor, a move many Taylor loyalists saw as a betrayal, Blah testified on May 14, 2008, after he announced on April 7, the same year that he had been subpoenaed to testify, describing child soldiers and the relationship between Taylor and Foday Sankoh.

    “To a great extent, Moses [Blah] told the court the truth,” Mr. Taylor said months later on November 3, 2009, when asked by his defense counsel to give his view on his former vice president’s testimony. “There were three areas where unfortunately, he was wrong but 90-95 percent of what he said is true.”

    Mr. Taylor’s analysis of Mr. Blah’s testimony came as part of his effort at the time to respond to evidence provided by several prosecution witnesses, disputing their claims that he provided support for the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone after November 1996.

    In his May 2008, testimony, Blah, who testified for the prosecution against Taylor, began his testimony with his relationship with Mr. Taylor. His testimony covered Taylor’s activities from the late 1980s when the two were together in Libya and planning to invade Liberia, up to 2003 when Mr. Taylor handed the presidency of Liberia to him (Blah) and sought asylum in Nigeria.

    Mr. Taylor going through some aspects of Mr. Blah’s testimony at the time agreed with him that as vice president, he had no knowledge that arms and ammunition were transported from Liberia to Sierra Leone for use by RUF rebels.

    Speaking to the New Dawn through his closed aide, Mr. Taylor indicated that he had still maintain contact with the late Blah since his testimony in The Hague.

    “When he (Blah) was sick, he used to send messages to him through others. Blah is his in-law,” the aide added, saying Taylor’s extreme wife Tupee Taylor is from Toweh’s Town, the home town of Blah.

    Speaking further Taylor blamed the government, saying it failed to give Blah his deserving honor as a former president leaving him to live like a pauper.

    He said the situation of the late Blah is a clear demonstration of the Sirleaf’s regime failure to treat past officials with honor. Taylor is also seeking benefits from the government.

    Taylor said the government failed to help Blah at the time he needed its help the most amidst speculation that the former president (Blah) could not even afford money for his last series of injections.

    Taylor recounted how he once helped ex-government officials to seek medical attention abroad during his administration. He named the late Roosevelt Johnson and Oscar Quioh as those he helped during his administration and wonder why the Sirleaf government was not doing same for past officials.

    Taylor also took the time to appeal to the citizens of Nimba, Blah’s native compatriots, to put their differences aside and come together. Blah is the first citizen of Nimba to become vice President and later President for two months.

    Born 18 April, 1947 in Toweh Town, Nimba County, close to the border with the Ivory Coast, Blah joined Charles Taylor to launch his rebel invasion here in 1989 because of a shared hatred of the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe, who had killed Blah’s wife along with hundreds of others in an ethnic-related massacre.

    He was one of Taylor’s 150 Special Forces Commandos, trained in a Libyan guerrilla camp to depose the Doe regime.

    The late President Blah also served Ambassador to Libya and Tunisia during the Taylor regime and subsequently became Vice President in July 2000 after the death of Rev. Enoch Dogolea, another Special Forces Commando of Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia rebels, who was rumored to have been poisoned.

  21. what poor journalism
    does anybody know who said what while reading?
    and tomas
    longer posts doesn’t make them more true.
    it is really annoying to read such terrible journalism.

    1. Swizz, I copied n pasted the story. As u can see (considering u had any interest), there’s a link above the post, which if u click on will lead u just to the same note below it. Reason I copy and posted that is because it’ll be easy to read without going privately to do so and come up with anything to attack. Sadly, u still found something to trash about, anyways! lol

      Hope u have a nice day,


      1. tomas
        of course did i see the link. and of course i understood it wasn’t you writing.
        but it doesn’t change a thing. it was and it is an will alway be poor journalism if you read a text and you don’t know who said what at any given time.
        only happy that international judges do a better work and put an aggressor to jail.

      2. Tomas,

        You are a very intelligent man; GOD BLESS YOU…look at the way you dealt with that “GANGSTER”…so cool, calm and nice…thank you brother…

        Sincerely Yours,

        NOKO5 ” The Great”

  22. Failure To Administer Justice Properly Will Only Destroy The Reputation Of This Court.

    By Now, Most Nations Are Waking Up. And Even More Better, They Are Speaking Out Against The Philosophy Of ICC Bias Nature When It Comes To Justice And International Crimes. Here, We See That A Few Hands And Their Puppet States Are The Only Ones At Odd With The Rest Of The International Community Which Is Part Of The Rome Statute. More Interestingly, These Nations Who Refuses To Join The ICC, Find It Necessary To Boss Around The Functions Of The ICC Itself. There’s No Sense Whatsover, That A Man Who Refuses To Be Part Of A House Should Be Given Any Seat To Have A Saying In Its Internal Affairs. Be Part Of The ICC/Rome Statute, Or Forever, Stay Away From Its Judicial matters Entirely.


    1. Wow, ‘taylor better than ellen!’ based on …””President Taylor regime registered the largest growth rate in the history of Liberia, growing at 106.28% in December 1997. From 1997 when Taylor assumed power to December 2002, which was his last full year in office, Taylor’s economy grew on average of 39.76%, beating all Liberian Presidents,” LIPI said. you see, my friend, this is like tayking a ‘report’ from FOX news USA, on Donald Trump questioning and asking Obama for birth certificate, and some one crying out.’ obama is not US citizen!” All the authors and players in your ‘research’ on productivity during taylor and Ellen seem to be not only disgruntled ex official, who left in disgraced or supporters of opposition party, Congress of democratic change. This is not only baise, but none credible report, to sat the least, Aki. I will not waste time on this, my friend!

      1. Fallah and Swizz, you two are comedians.
        This is not Pres. Taylor’s officials making up fake economic report to look smart for their own good. These are world statistics comparing a democratically elected man’s presidential job performance with that of the lady who killed and later store power. If Taylor could do better and well in time of war, and still dominate Ellen by a hundred margin (106.28 – 7) in time of peace and bunch of billions USD; what does that say about the two leaders?
        I think one was leading in his troubled times, and the other is stealing in hers.
        Put so much together that Taylor had to endure – endlessly funded terrorists, sanctions and international conspiracies.

        Ellen has all these millions of money and billions of funds and still does poorly? lol

        Fallah and Swizz, please don’t defend this; i beg?

        Doing so will not only show further elaboration on the fact that you two deeply hate Pres. Taylor, but it’ll portray you as ignorant haters. All the news in Monrovia are under Ellen. If anything, I expect them to say good things about her. Not give out presidential performance stats between Ex and current leader. However, doing so really shows Taylor was doing the Liberian family business they elected him for, and Ellen is doing what she was taken to power for – serve herself and her masters elsewhere.

  23. Charles Taylor could boost of producing the highest GDP growth, forgetting to indicate that he too left a corrupt and failed state!
    How can one measure reliable economic growth of one single month in wartime?
    economists always pretend to know it all – till they get surprised by reality. Just remember the actual crisis, which began with financial products nobody ever understood, not even the ones who invented them.
    economists are capitalists. they do not care about people but money.
    i reckon i explain here something, you all know.

  24. growth only helps when it is sustainable.
    i hardly doubt that the growth of ct was sustainable. at least no one saw any of that growth. or do you?

  25. Fallah if this report is not credible then which report will be credible?Can you produce a credible report for us to read?
    comparing Taylor to Ellen,Taylor goverment was in wars and he was able to maintain such a great report but Ellen is in 100% PEACE with such a poor report.If she was to be like Taylor who was in PIECES,she could have done worse than this.
    If Taylor was to be in peace like Ellen,he could have done extremly better than Ellen.There is no political issue associated with this report.

    1. My friend, jfallahmenjor does not read all types of crap junk news to search for a national GDP or productivity, in the first place. secondly,you got Liberian Ministry of information and Ministry of Planning and economics Affairs to research country’s statistics, and not from a syndicate ex-official report! This is all I am saying. If this is that difficult to understand, then we will translate in simple Liberian English next guys are ready for some more from SWIZZ And Fallah, I bet!

    2. Okay gentlemen, since we are now on ‘statistics’ how many deaths occured per year during taylors time in office, and how many were ‘wrongful’ or delibrate? How many children were raped and how many recruited by NDPL to fight at the war front? How many banks were operated at whteflower residence? How many children did taylor take with him to Nigeria when self imposed exile occured, and how many are living today? Please anwer these questions or else I will keep coming back to disgrace your chief!

    3. there you name it zizi
      taylor was in war.
      ellen is in peace.
      so you want war or peace?
      do you want killed people, raped woman and a destroyed state, a failed state? if you like all this, go on and defend your warlord ct.

  26. J fallah Menjor,
    What does your ranting post of May 1st have to do with the report that statistically shows that Taylor’s govt. performed better then Ellen’s govt. has ? Where is Swizz? I guess he is so shocked he could only post once.

    1. Aki, my post is not a rant. I simply say things as I feel at time of writing regardless of who reads it. I am frank and care less who supports taylor or who threaten my life as result. Taylor is a disgrace to my homeland and created needless distructions to human lives and deserves no respect from any decent person! I will get even with taylor at any given opportunity!

  27. Aki,
    U stole my punches. 🙂
    Just didn’t think it was worth the effort, but I had to say it.
    Swizz and Fallah, won’t u reply? 🙂

  28. Here is something worth reading; REPORT ON “LIBERIA GDP DROPS” New Democrat; Liberia, April 05,2013,”.-More News
    Top HeadlineOther Headlines
    The Checago Bright Foundation, a non-profit NGO has come to the rescue of Yelekula town, inhabited by some 2500 Town in a remote jungle for over 50 years without save drinking water, a clinic and…

    Read More… As Liberian journalists move with enthusiasm to join their colleagues worldwide in celebrating World Press Freedom Day tomorrow, their quest for soul-searching about how to mitigate problems besetting…

    Read More…
    President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has conceded to the latest United States Human Rights report accusing authorities of courts of not observing the rights of defendants to public trials. In the recent…

    Read More…
    The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) says it “will not hesitate to take appropriate actions against a staff member” implicated in a drug trafficking syndicate once the police have conducted…

    Read More… Villagers Saved From Unhygienic Condition
    Liberian Media On Soul-Searching In Buchanan
    Ellen Concedes US Report: On Defendants’ Trial
    UNMIL Staff Risks Stern ActionLiberia’s GDP Drops
    The Gross Domestic Product of Liberia has been reduced from 8.3% last year to 7.5% this year according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) team that visited Liberia recently .

    The mission,led by Mr. Cathrine McAuliffe met with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and held discussions with Acting Minister of Finance Sebastian Muah, Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Executive Governor Joseph Mills Jones, other senior officials, legislators, representatives of the private sector, civil society organizations, and development partners.

    The mission also conducted a one-day high level seminar on natural resource revenue management and an outreach event for University of Liberia students.

    At the end of the mission, Ms. McAuliffe issued the following statement in Monrovia:

    “Liberia’s economic growth is on an upward trajectory and economic prospects over the medium term remain favorable. Real gross domestic product growth is estimated at about 8.3 percent in 2012 and 7.5 percent in 2013, driven by continued strong growth in the mining sector, with some slowing in non-mining activity.” Unquote; what are taylor followers take on this report?

    1. Fallah,
      If Taylor is a ”disgrace,” what then is Ellen Johnson who took him out of Jail and used certain agencies and black money to fund him prior to bringing him “to your country”?

      Mind you, he came to your country and the same person who brought him fought him him for defeating her and refusing to bow down to her colonial interest! And he still did well economically as a president why she funded other terrorist groups who killed our people. And she worse off as a president. lol

  29. to all ignorants
    not even the best european country or china or the us ever had a growth of more than 10 %. and every first class schooler knows: more than 100% is anyway impossible.
    but since most of you missed school while taylor got rich instead of building them, it is no wonder you believe biased stuff like that.

  30. Swizz,
    Lack of class is not lack of self- respect, you know?

    Posting here is a matter of opinion, no matter how stupid one sounds.

    Life is balanced with informed and uninformed exchanges.

    And although I (honestly) don’t think you and Fallah’s position are uninformed, rather, it is of hateful and intentionally nature in an effort to corrupt real conversation and discourse of the matter at hand; I don’t see those who have disagreed with you two, calling names and insulting you for your natural opposition to real justice.

    All the nasty names and insult you post should not be posted in the first place. Either you stop, or any post will eventually removed into the trash.

    Respecting others, is respecting oneself.

    Grow up, or grow out with your “all ignorant” frustration!!


    1. Well. Tomas, great that you are asking for a tone down in the debate! SWIZZ learned the rhetorics from your camp, just as jfallahmenjor did from the crazies who thought the more noise they made, the quicker justice would get intimidated, and thus, taylor freed by ‘popular demand.’ It is now realized that just two can make a difference. SWIZZ and FALLAH will out live most of you on this site. Taylor will regret for what he did to the people! Justice is all we care about, and we see it coming in the horizon, and we know how you support group fear that day! The dooms day for taylor, the warlord, is at psalm 109… as I do daily to course the day taylor was born!

    2. tomas
      my post is intentional? you’re right, hombre.
      i don’t hide it beyond a so called neutrality, just like you did, when starting on this site, tomas.
      your quote: “Not everyone is that stupid to conclude this trial has any relationship with the ideals of law and justice.” – this is really intentional, but go on and say the opposite.
      you blame others of beeing intentional, but yourself are just the same. you blame others of using hateful speech, but you use the word idiot? you’re getting ridiculous!
      about hate: since you back antifeminists (Laurant Louis) and you do not like to talk to woman, i suppose you hate all of them, hm?
      let me tell you one thing straigt: yes i hate supporters of ct. simply because he left a failed state, thousands of dead and wounded, raped woman, amputated children and some even believe, that he’s a human eater.
      what about the hate of yours? it seems to me, that you hate justice to be done.
      pls stop talkin of class. what i’ve been calling on this site from taylobans goes from pest to bag to…
      but as i said, lot’s of liberians unluckily missed school, because you’re beloved leader was trying to get rich, instead of building schools, infrastructure and the like – even with a wonder-growth of more than 100% (which any school-kid knows is impossible). So i don’t blame it on them, if they do not know better, but i blame ct and his followers.
      to quote 50% (the rapper): get rich or die trying. ct tryied, but was to coward to die.
      here is my question which leads back to the topic:
      What happend to the money out of the wonder-growth?
      tell me someone of the followers of ct: didn’t the money disappear in ct’s pockets? should he not have build roads and schools and hospitals instead? pls don’t tell me he had to fight a war during all his poor presidency.

      1. Great ‘response’ SWIZZ! You hit the points clearly, but as usual; they won’t get it! They are very disappointed that the chief is in trouble and no where to hide. He has run out of lies. no more whichcraft magic nor human blood to bathe in! The cell, called home has cameras to watch him.. no chanting to evoke Lucifer! Man, this man was demonic and calls self God Fearing..rubbish, to say the least!

  31. Richard Day,
    If u want President Taylor dead so bad, why don’t you join forces with one of those groups that are best known for uncivilized behaviors to do your worst?

    But, before taking another soul, we urge you provide enough reason (even though there’s never such thing as enough reason to justify killing), just so we may know why he Taylor should be killed.

    We Liberians want Taylor returned to his native home – Liberia. There we need a real court set up for the true war criminals who take this bogus trial as a cover to buy time and hide from their misdeeds. Using Taylor as a scapegoat will not help some in the longer time.

    God willing, we will bring all the actors who made, and continue to make profit from destroying us. They’ll eventually answer to why they sponsored killing our families who had nothing to do with Liberia puppet-master politics of the biggest ganster takes all good for nothing power struggle. They will answer for the policies they designed for Liberians. We’re humans just like any other human. We, as a nation, deserved not what they did and continue to do to us politically, socially and economically. Let’s pray their time comes sooner than later.

    A war crime court will be set up for Liberia. And there will be no more covers to hide.

    The greatest symbol of justice is light. This darkness may drag on slowly, but like every other day, light (justice) will prevail.

    Look at Laurent Gbagbo. Just like Taylor, he was taken into prison cell for crimes he did not commit.

    They can’t even charge because they have no proofs either. But he’s taken aways from home after stealing power and to buy more time to make use of that power through another puppet – ADO. Where will this one end, kill Gbagbo too, Richard??

    1. tomas
      ignorance is bliss.
      the international court sentenced ct to several decades of prison. not because he is innocent, but because he is slaughterer.
      you still don’t get it, do you?
      why do you still talk of a court in liberia, although you say he did not commit a crime? why do you cover your intentions all the time? everybody here knows that you think ct is innocent. this is rather ridiculous.
      but i support your suggestion of a liberian court. it could only do good. but for ct it is too late, i’m afraid, mon cher.
      and don’t forget. international criminal justice comes only to play, if the own state is unwilling or unable to charge their criminals.
      sadly, it is african states unwilling or unable to charge – see kenya and stuff.

    2. Yes we are also hearing the ‘whinings’ from some ‘ignorant’ african leaders who think ICC is on a witch hunt for ‘selective’ target on leaders of africa only! Rubbish! Why do you always think this way? Why not accept some facts that african leaders are ‘notorious’ when it comes to Human Rights abuses, and not to mention curruption? Look @ history from Idi Amin of Uganda to Gaddafi of Libya, and charles taylor of Liberia, who abused their citizenry and redused them to state of desperation and near extinction! How many leaders of the West, including Adolf Hitler, that killed their own kind and consumed body parts as usually the case of Africa Leaders? Idi amin fed his citizens to crocodiles and the Hutus massed murdered sutus with aid and abeting from african leadership at times. then all of a sudden this silly cry of african leaders being singled out! Rubbish and I say to those african leadership that cry foul, shut up because you will be next if you choose to be the same! Have a nice weekend!

  32. African Leaders barely have any original policies of their own, as they’re puppets to them that make/break and prosecute the law.
    An example:

    In reference to Rwanda, the French right-winger, Jacques Myard, has claimed that France ‘can and should be proud of the role she played in this unfortunate country’. To what extent is this an accurate assessment of France’s role in Rwanda before, during and after the 1994 genocide?


    How come they walk free like nothing’s wrong Fallah and Swizz?

    Iraq, Libya, and other countries around the world, why are these people eager to prosecute Africans are not taking responsibility for the financial and weaponry involvement in other countries war’s?

    Justice at the ICC is an international unilateral affair now?
    Thought it was not about racially abusing Africans even in the court of justice! We can do business without war and hatred man, just trade and exchange currencies.

    1. Give me a break Tomas! Is it the ‘left behind’ policies, according to your insinuation, that african leadership continues to use on its peoples? What a silly excuse to bring in this debate? Colonial masters did not teach them canibalism at least, nor cruel mistreatment of its citizens, and genocide! stop this silly excuses, for God sake!

    1. Dear Sekou,

      We have no information on when the appeals decision in the Taylor trial may be reached. However, I will follow-up on your question on the significance behind this recent ruling.

      Kind regards,


        1. Hi Sekou,

          Here is some context behind the authorization from the President of the SCSL on June 4, which you earlier wrote about. The Appeals Chamber by an earlier order had relocated to The Hague for purposes of the Taylor case. The judges have been here for several months now during which they have heard appeals submissions and have been busy with deliberations. From June 5 to August 9 however, the judges want to work away from The Hague – they want to be in their respective countries and conduct business, when it becomes necessary, remotely. For this to happen, the President had to issue an order in this regard and that is what the June 4 decision is all about. The judges should be back in The Hague after August 9 in order to conclude their work and then deliver judgment. However, once again, there has been no scheduling order as to a date.

          I hope this is helpful.


        2. Dear Taegin Stevenson,

          Yes this information is helpful and thanks for your prompt response.

          Take care,


  33. Liberia is getting back to participation in ‘civilized’ world body due to credibility in Ellen’s government positive performance, it seems. Charles taylor government would only dream of such invitation, nor offer, being saddled with murders, and blood diamonds scandals from day one! All liberians should welcome this move regardless of being a tayloban, or against civilized ideals! Leadership is not turning the army aginst your own citizens, or eating pregnant women, to evoke your satanic powers, an ancient primitive belief, people like taylor still thinks works!

  34. Please read this breaking news about one of taylor’s Doctor Death who trained in Libya with taylor and later worked for taylor at Buchannan, Liberia, “death camp’ where many, such as jackson F. Doe, Dr. Stephene Yekeson, met their death! This ‘dog’ had every support from taylor to eliminate prominent citizens of Liberia! This is why i look at taylor as an ‘idiot’.
    Friday, 28 June 2013 12:39 How The Wicked End: Taylor’s Feared ‘Soweto’ Death Squad Commander Dies Stateless
    Written by ND Staff
    font size decrease font size increase font size Print Email Be the first to comment!
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    Ever since Senegalese paratroopers quelled a coup attempt against Gambian President David Dawda Jarawa in 1981, its ringleader, Kukoi Samba Sanyang, who was declared wanted and charged with high treason in his native Gambia, remained a stateless fugitive until his death last week in Mali.

    Malian authorities repatriated his body to Dakar from Bamako, where he died more a week ago from an unspecified illness.

    The repatriation was done under the notion that the dissident briefly exiled in Dakar following his failure to overthrow President Jawara who was then attending the birth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II.

    Gambian dissident Kukoi Samba Sanyang aka Dr. Manning was one of Charles Taylor’s most feared ‘generals’ commanding the NFPL’s so-called ‘Soweto’ death camp in Buchanan, Grand Buchanan County where LAP’s standard-bearer Jackson F. Doe, Sr. was believed killed.

    Mr Jackson F. Doe appeared in Kakata in 1990 believing in the axiom “the enemy of an enemy is a friend”. But Taylor discarded the adage as fallacy and ordered Jackson F. Doe—also a political rival of Samuel Doe’s, just like Taylor—removed (to where the ultimate occurred).

    Thousands of men from Ecowas nations that contributed troops to Ecomog were separated from their wives and female relatives and reportedly massacred under the command of ‘Dr. Manning’ who usually wore a white safari suit and wielded a pistol having a silver handle. These bereaved females lingered for months in school buildings in Kakata.

    Thousands of male Liberians were similarly separated and killed at ‘Soweto’ in Buchanan.

    But Kukoi Samba Sanyang who commanded Taylor’s ‘Soweto’ death camp died barely two months after the Senegalese government expelled and sponsored his repatriation from that country.

    The remains of the stateless dissident are preserved in a mortuary in Dakar awaiting a decision by his relatives for a place of burial.

    Some family members want Kukoi’s remains to be buried in his home village of Wassadung in Foni, Gambia, but others fear Gambian authorities may not grant such permission since he died as a wanted fugitive.

    Kukoi Samba Sanyang fled Gambia during the heat of his botched coup attempt in tiny English-speaking Gambia jutting inside Francophone Senegal. Gambia had no army but police to enforce law and order when Kukoi attempted his coup.

    While in hiding, the dissident reportedly trained in Libya’s Mataba military camp with Taylor and others like Sierra Leonean dissident Corporal Foday Sankoh, who both were commanders in the Liberian war, hoping to some day return and rule Gambia if Taylor’s design of West African conquest materialized.

    But that Machiavellian design for political aggrandizement and plunder of natural resources with impunity failed with the forced resignation of their principal—Charles Taylor—just like the French axiom says: “Man proposes (and) God deposes.”

  35. Is there any material support, vis-à-vis, that supports this claim?

    E.i) Photographs of both men working together, business documents with both Taylor and this guy’s signatures, transactions documents, etc?

    1. Yes,T,there are documented accounts on this subject. Go back and re-read witnesses accounts of the trial, and you shall find passages that state who trained in Libya with taylor and what plans they all seemed to have in mind when they returned to their various countries! No, you wont’t find photos of taylor kissing kukoi samba ‘doctor death’ or documents such as checks signed by taylor to cash at National bank of Liberia that many believed was operated at Whiteflower!It would be silly for taylor to leave such documents behind knowing he was going into exile! Hope this makes sense to your inquiry, Mr. ‘T’.

  36. Where are the support group; Harris K. Johnson, Noko #1 to 10, and others? You should resurface dudes! We are ready for the debate of whether charles taylor did well for our country, or put our country 100 years behind others. Tell us if all the acusations, such as cannibalism were false! Tell me and boast, as usual, about taylor doing good in his prison cell with visits from his wife # 8, and ectra. When is the verdict, can you enlighten us as you are in touch with the chief? Has taylor run out of money and not paying his ‘praise-singers?” Come on gentlemen we are ‘hot’ for some new revelations I have in store for the chief! Come on!

  37. Fellah,
    Again, if this case was about Liberia, I DO NOT believe you will have many to go against….I won’t be DEFENDING Mr. Taylor in said fashion. Liberia was where he should be standing trial.

    As per your quest that we DEBATE or DISSCUSS his role played and how far back he send or put Liberia?? I don’t know if we can put ALL BLAMES on him. Look at the Doe’s years where he got over 500 million US dollars…..really what was there to show?? Pres. Tolbert was behind the 8 ball and did his BEST and if I was pick the GREATEST President since 1944, I will give it to Pres. Tolbert. Let’s look at Pres. Tubman, 27 years and what did Liberia TRULY benefited from or got…..on the scale 1 – 10….I say THREE. And this was the time when our resources were HIGH IN DEMAND….rubber and iron ore. The current administration is still NOT getting it……CORRUPTION as high as the sky….Really, I don’t know who is running this gov’t or if this gov’t is been run on PRINCIPLES. I said GOV’T….meaning ALL THREE BRANCHES.

  38. liberia was where taylor was to be tried, NOKO4? Are you kidding me? Sierra Leone turned taylor over to Hague because of the risks, and you are back to square #1; that taylor should be tried in Liberia? This is where I sometimes question your ‘rational thoughts” and ability to be fair in judgememt! No, buddy, taylor is in the right place, a nutral ground. As for who did what in Liberia; I agree with you in lots of things you mentioned, but taylor crowned it all; taylor did not only exploit the natural resources, but destroyed the manpower, lives, and the infrastructure of Liberia, and not to mention the trauma of hundreds of thousands, who are still being exploited worldwhile today as we speak, because of taylor’s greed for power and wealth! So I would say taylor rendered our country 100 yeqr behind!

    1. Fallah,
      Maybe you’re getting or understanding me……What we got in the Hague in terms of EVIDENCES, were HEARSAY!!!! He was NEVER EVER in SL as compare to Liberia. Look at the charges and tell me REALLY which one did he ORDER?? NONE but if you were to try him for his role in Liberia, HE WAS A LEADER OF ONE OF THE GROUPS…..linking him to her action. And plz DO NOT tell me about RUF…..all indications showed that relationship ended in May ’91 including the RUF’s manefesto of ’94 telling us who her LEADERS were.

      I hope I clear it up.

    1. The New Dawn Truly Independent (news margazine publish July 18,2013) thYou are here: Home News Politics S/L Court to Be Remembered for Taylor Trial
      S/L Court to Be Remembered for Taylor Trial
      Thursday, 18 July 2013 00:25 ND Reporter . TRANSLATE

      english french
      S/L Court to Be Remembered for Taylor Trial
      The UN backed Special Court for Sierra Leone says it will be remembered for the trial and conviction of the first sitting president in the person of ex-President Charles Taylor since the Nuremberg trial. The court’s mandate is expected to be completed in few months.

      Taylor was sentenced to 50-years imprisonment after he was convicted of aiding and abetting the commission of serious crimes in Sierra Leone. He was also convicted of planning attacks on various towns including the diamond rich town of Kono. He is currently appealing his conviction.

      In a speech marking the observance of the International Criminal Justice Day, the Sierra Leone Special Court President Justice George Gelaga King said he had no doubt that the court will be remembered for its jurisprudence on such important issues as head of state immunity, on the enlistment, recruitment and use of child soldiers, and on forced marriage as a crime against humanity.

      “We will certainly be remembered as the first international tribunal to try and convict those responsible for abducting children and forcing them to fight in war; for abducting women and girls and forcing them to be “wives” of rebel combatants; and for attacks directed against United Nations peacekeepers,” he said.

      “We will also be remembered as the first international court since Nuremberg to indict and to try a sitting head of state, former Liberian President Charles Taylor, who is currently appealing his conviction and sentence,” Justice King added.

      “Soon – very soon in fact – we will be remembered as the first modern tribunal to achieve its mandate and to transition to the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone,” he continued.

      However he said what is more important on an International Criminal Justice Day, is to remember those for whom these courts were established – referring to the victims.

      “We should recall the thousands of men, women and children who were murdered during a decade of conflict in Sierra Leone, who were deprived of their families, or their homes or their villages. We should not forget the thousands of children who were taken forcibly from their families and forced to fight. We must not forget the thousands of women subjected to rape, sexual slavery and forced marriage.

      It is my hope for International Criminal Justice Day that we will look back to what we have accomplished and feel honoured to have been a part of it; that we will look forward to what remains to be done and be determined to do even better, and that we will continue to build a consensus aimed at the ending of impunity for international crimes and in bringing about of a more just world.”

      The UN backed Special Court for Sierra Leone was established in 2002. It is an independent tribunal established jointly by the United Nations and the Government of Sierra Leone. It is mandated to bring to justice those who bear the greatest responsibility for atrocities committed in Sierra Leone after 30 November 1996.

      e following;….

  39. jfallahmanjor, interesting piece, but where is the link. Putting such information out without a link to the New Dawn is misleading and should not be tolerated.

  40. :// To read
    up-to-date coverage of politics, business, sport and
    entertainment news throughout Africa, visit:
    “press release

    Photo: RNW

    Former president of Chad, Hissene Habre. December 1990 – President Hissène Habré of Chad is overthrown and arrives in Senegal.

    May 1992 – The national Commission of Inquiry into the crimes and misappropriations committed by ex-President Habré, his accomplices and/or accessories, created in 1990 in Chad, publishes its report.

    The Commission drew up a list of 3 806 individuals – including 26 foreigners – who had either died in detention or had been illegally executed between 1982 and 1990, and made an estimate that the final number could amount to 40 000 dead. It recorded a total number of 54 000 prisoners (including both dead and alive) during the same period.

    The Commission’s estimate was that the task it had carried out only dealt with 10% of the violations and crimes committed under Habré.

    26 January 2000 – Seven Chadian victims file a criminal complaint against Habré in Dakar.

    3 February 2000 – A Senegalese judge, Demba Kandji, indicts Habré as an accomplice to torture, barbarous acts and crimes against humanity.

    18 February 2000 – Habré’s lawyers ask the Dakar Appeals Court to dismiss the case.

    30 June 2000 – The Supreme Council of Magistracy, chaired by President Abdoulaye Wade, transfers Judge Kandji, removing him from the Habré investigation, and gives the president of the Dakar Appeals Court a promotion.

    4 July 2000 – The Dakar Appeals Court rules that Senegalese courts cannot pursue the charges because the crimes were not committed in Senegal. The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on the independence of judges and lawyers and on torture criticize the decision and the circumstances under which it was issued. The victims appeal.

    30 November 2000 – Chadian victims living in Belgium file charges in Brussels against Habré.

    20 March 2001 – Senegal’s highest court rules that Habré cannot stand trial because his alleged crimes were not committed in Senegal.

    7 April 2001 – President Wade asks Habré to leave Senegal.

    23 April 2001 – The United Nations Committee against Torture (CAT) calls on Senegal not to allow Habré to leave the country.

    May 2001 – Thousands of documents archived by Hissène Habré’s sinister political police were discovered in the buildings of the former Direction de la Documentation et de la Sécurité (DDS) in N’Djaména.

    The Chadian Government allowed the Association of victims of crimes and political repression in Chad (AVCRP), with the support of FIDH and Human Rights Watch (HRW), to consult these documents and use them freely.

    27 September 2001 – President Wade agrees to hold Habré in Senegal pending an extradition request. “If a country that can organize a fair trial wants him – they speak of Belgium – I wouldn’t see any obstacle.”

  41. Day of Reckoning, Recalling Horror That Swallowed Liberia
    Published: April 26, 2012 69 Comments
    WASHINGTON — When I heard the news Thursday that Charles G. Taylor, the former president of Liberia, had been found guilty of war crimes in Sierra Leone, I immediately telephoned one of the people whose life had been ripped apart by his soldiers: my sister Eunice, back home in Liberia.
    thoughts on this article.
    • Read All Comments (69) »
    Before Mr. Taylor unleashed the tsunami of rape, murder, torture and dismemberment that would engulf Sierra Leone, killing more than 50,000 people and causing hundreds of thousands to flee, there was Liberia.
    It was in Liberia that Mr. Taylor’s rebels arrived in June 1990 at the Firestone rubber plantation (they still called it “plantation”) outside Monrovia, where Eunice was working. The fighters were intent on the revenge killings that would claim hundreds of thousands of civilians from Liberia’s rival ethnic groups. Eunice, then 27, ran outside in time to see about 20 men grabbing her co-worker Harris Brown and dragging him outside.
    Why? He happened to be Krahn, the same ethnic group as that of the country’s hated president at the time, Mr. Taylor’s predecessor.
    With the civil war raging and Mr. Taylor’s gunmen roaming the country wearing the wedding gowns, blond wigs and Halloween masks that some believed would make them bulletproof, many Liberians did not allow their children to stray far from their side. Mr. Brown had taken his son to work with him, so the 10-year-old boy was there to witness what came next.
    First, the soldiers stripped Mr. Brown to his underwear and sat him on the ground. They shot him from behind, then stabbed him in the stomach. Then they dragged the knife up through his chest. And when they were done, the man who wielded the knife that killed Mr. Brown walked up to his son, patted him on the head, and said, “Don’t cry.”
    Eunice watched all this, then fled upcountry, joining the legions of African women doing what they do when their world falls apart: making cassava bread to sell on the side of the road. And every day that she strained the cassava to drain the juice to make the flour to bake the bread, she thought about her own son, Ishmael.
    She had taken steps to make sure that what had happened to Mr. Brown’s son, what had happened to all of those other Liberian sons and daughters who were kidnapped by Mr. Taylor’s troops and forced to become child soldiers, did not happen to her Ishmael. She had sent him away, at the age of 5. She had sent him all the way to Gambia, to live with his father and his father’s people.
    With Liberia’s rapidly vanishing infrastructure, battered economy, nonexistent mail service and about-to-be-destroyed telephone lines, the distance would eviscerate the relationship between mother and son. But Eunice, like so many African women then, made that choice to save her son’s life.
    Because of Charles Taylor, she would not see him again for 21 years.
    It was in Liberia that Mr. Taylor’s forces kidnapped another of my sisters, Janice, along with her husband, Yao, and their 1-year-old son, Logosou, from the Monrovia suburbs where they were living with a handful of orphans and refugees. As the Taylor rebels fired rocket-propelled grenades and artillery rounds, Janice crouched beside a bathroom wall with her baby. Logosou had become so used to the fighting in Liberia that he had acquired the habit of putting his hands up in the air whenever he saw soldiers, saying: “See, Mama? Hands up.”
    Janice didn’t let him put his hands up this day, though; she crawled on top of him to shield him from the shelling. Ten Taylor fighters stormed the house, shooting wildly. They killed a 9-year-old orphan who had been injured during the siege, killed a man who happened upon the group, and took everyone else hostage, marching them 10 miles to their barracks. As my sister walked under the blistering sun, she held her son close, reciting the “Hail Mary” into his cheek.
    A female soldier walked up to Janice and admired Logosou. “Oh, what a fine baby!” she cooed. “I’ve killed two like him today.”
    At the barracks, the rebels locked Janice, Yao and Logosou in a cell with nine others. They took three older men who had been staying at Janice’s house and shot them outside the cell. The next day, the fighters inexplicably let Janice and her family go, and they made their way — on foot, by bus, hitchhiking — to the Ivory Coast border. It took 15 days.
    It was in Liberia that Mr. Taylor campaigned for president using the slogan “He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I will vote for him anyway,” in a telling acknowledgment of the psychological damage a pointless war can inflict on a country. It is in Liberia that, almost a decade after Mr. Taylor was driven from the country, men and women today are trying to turn former child soldiers into functional people.
    There are dizzyingly complex reasons Mr. Taylor was tried for what he did in Sierra Leone, instead of Liberia, many of them involving the effort to keep the hard-won peace that now exists between factions in Liberia. I know this. I just hope that when history books recount this first head of state to be convicted by an international court since Nuremberg, they remember Liberia.
    I called two members of my family Thursday morning. My nephew Logosou, now working on his architecture degree at Howard University, sounded shaken. “He’s been this boogeyman enigma my entire life,” he said. “At least he’s being punished for something.”
    Then I called Eunice. The time difference meant she was on her way home from work at Firestone. “How is Ishmael doing?” I asked. In 2010, she reconnected with her son, now living in London. Their relationship is fledgling, punctuated by hard-to-hear phone calls and visits so weighted by distance and emotion that it is hard to just be. But at least there is now a relationship.
    “Who can tell?” she snorted. “You know that guy doesn’t go into any detail. I ask him, ‘How’s everything,’ and he says, ‘Everything’s O.K.’ That’s all I get.”
    She sounded like an exasperated mom, one who could afford to be irritated. For the first time, I couldn’t hear grief in her voice when she talked about Ishmael.
    A version of this article appeared in print on April 27, 2012, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: On Day of Reckoning, Recalling Horror That Swallowed Liberia.

  42. we don’t need to wait any longer to see a slaughterer rot in jail.
    it will only take a few more days.

  43. J FallahMenjor,

    The Sierra Leone government has allowed Ibrahim Bah to escape justice by letting him leave the country.
    WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT? At last something that you can not blame Charles Taylor for.

    1. Aki, I have nothing to say about Ibrahim Bah escape from Sierra Leon authorities. But one thing that I know is that authorities are weary and do not want to place a ‘big fish’ like Bah behind bars…due to security, and cost, plus currupt officers who would sell their souls for a bribe! We already got taylor, the ‘catfish’ and he will get punished for their sins..jfallahmenjor is satisfied with that! Yes, I blame taylor..because he hired Ibrahim to work for him!

  44. The TRUTH is coming out SLOWLY…..

    MONROVIA (AFP) – The former leader of one of Liberia’s main rebel groups which fought a bloody civil war that claimed thousands of lives said Tuesday he had been backed by neighbouring Guinea.

    Launched from Guinea in late 1999 and led by Sekou Damateh Conneh, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) sought to oust then president Charles Taylor and eventually forced him into exile in 2003, but the insurgents were accused of atrocities.

    “I was fully supported by the Guinean government, I can say that. I got the support of Guinea because the Guinean borders were under constant threat from Charles Taylor’s forces,” Conneh said.

    In the first confirmation by the former warlord of the widely held suspicion that his group had been aided by Guinea, Conneh said the support was “financial and logistical”, but gave no details of the extent of the backing.

    “The international community and the regional leaders wanted Taylor out of Liberia and I played a major role in doing just that,” he told journalists at an event in the capital Monrovia marking 10 years of peace in the conflict-scarred west African nation.

    Guinea remained relatively stable in the 1990s while Liberia was ripped apart by 14 years of successive civil wars until 2003, resulting in 270,000 deaths, with many civilians displaced and several thousand becoming victims of atrocities, according to the United Nations.

    Numerous rebel factions raped, maimed and killed, some making use of drugged-up child soldiers, and deep ethnic rivalries and bitterness remain across the country of four million people.

    In June 2003, LURD laid siege to the capital Monrovia during several bloody battles and was accused of firing mortar shells into civilian areas, killing dozens.

    Two months later, Taylor bowed to pressure to go into exile and headed for Nigeria. He was finally arrested and transferred to face charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in The Hague in March 2006.

    Ten years after the war, Taylor remains the only Liberian to stand trial, and that was for his role in neighbouring Sierra Leone’s civil conflict, not that in his own country.

    The former leader is appealing a 50-year prison sentence handed down in May last year for supporting rebels in Sierra Leone in exchange for blood diamonds during a civil war that claimed 120,000 lives between 1991 and 2001.

    Read more:

  45. A long back breaking case is coming to an end next month.


    Whatever your take, or understanding of this trial, I wish you all good luck.

    Advise: No matter the outcome, please don’t get a heart-attack!

    The rest will be history when this chapter is sealed.

    Peace & love…

  46. There is no need for heart breaking. I am not saying Mr. Taylor is a saint, but this man was found guilty by what so ever reason or reasons some powerful nations had before he was arrested. My only prayer is that Liberia should move forward for the betterment of the present and the next generation to come, because Liberia is greater than any one person. Liberia is the only heritage we have, and I hope other Liberians should have that at the back of their minds and governed themselves accordingly . I think the generation to come will really know what actually cause the anarchy that unfolded in our beloved country then the present generation because at that time the thinking of instability will be completely considered as nonsense. All what will be needed at that time is what was the real cause of the senseless conflict that claimed the lives of about 250,000 Liberians including my mother, my father, and my wife.

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