Appeals Chamber Upholds Taylor’s Jail Sentence

Today, the five-judge panel of the Appeals Chamber at the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) upheld the conviction and sentencing of former Liberian president Charles Taylor. In April 2012, Taylor was convicted on 11 charges of aiding and abetting the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels, including rape, murder, and pillage. The Trial Chamber also convicted the former president of planning, with former RUF commander Sam Bockarie, the attacks on Kono, Makeni, and Freetown, which took place in late 1998 and early 1999. He was later sentenced to a 50 year jail term.

Taylor will serve his jail term in a British prison, as provided for in a previous agreement between the United Kingdom and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.


  1. Good news for all the victims of the bloody war.
    It is sad seeing this war criminal expensively having a cool time behind bars.
    The death penalty could have been the real verdict.
    May the souls and the surviving spirits of all victims find solace and peace at last.
    We hope a good hunt will be put in place for the arresting of the weapon barons that are still at large.

  2. Yes! This is a “welcome” news! I feel very delighted and pray for the victims to remember that there are ‘those’ who know the truth and have upheld that truth to the end game by taylor’s wicked and manipulative con-artist shamless appeal! Taylor can now mape peace with his god, if he really believes there is one. His name will go down in History as one of most notorious leaders that ever walked the planet! Bravo taylor you shall rot in prison for killing my cousins, brothers, and sisters in Liberia and Sierra Leone!

  3. Well I think Africa and We African are the cause of our own problem and disgrace, the fact is that our leaders love power too much that they don’t even give chance to other in position to do their work and finish it.And even those that are in higher position don’t want to leave when their tern is over due to like of power that cause war, and this war bring pain to us not to the people that support and give the means causing those problems.take a look at Liberia, Ivory coast, Libya, Egypt and Mali e.t.c In order for this to stop Africa should come together as one; Is it too lake? I may say yes or no.first let us take a look at formal Liberian President (Charles Taylor) case we all know that he’s innocent, so all African leaders let us put hands around him and forgive the past and bring him home.

    1. You know what, Prince Sucre Harris? you are lucky that taylor got only 50 years, when his son got 99! This means taylor will be back in Liberia before chuckie! this is good news for you supporters who might be in your 90s when taylor gets back home..and probably so rehabilitated at that time that you wouldn’t recognize Gangay taylor! When is all this silliness going to go away?

  4. At long last this long standing political trial has come to an end. We hope the people of Sierra Leone, especially the victims of the war will receive benefit for the pain they suffered.

  5. This is a lesson to all the supporters of Mr. Taylor and those who believe in doing wickedness.
    Evil does not pay. It may seem like it does, but in the end, good will triumph over evil. Mr. Taylor is being put exactly where he belongs. He has so much money, women, houses, worldly fame, false friends and he will not enjoy any of these, except his false friends. He will always have those.
    Those who have some of his ill gotten wealth in safe keeping just got good news. He is not coming out to get his money or other assets, and as he was good at doing, no records were kept. This is a good day to teach our children that evil work will get you into big trouble.
    Since bir brother has been safely put away, it is now time for us in Liberia to put into place our war crimes court for the other warlords who are masquerading in Liberia as honorable men.

  6. Now that this political farce has come to an end. I hope the amputees and other victims of the war will be able to claim compensation. The compensation should firstly come from the Sierra Leone government for it’s failure to protect their own citizens and also from Liberia since Charles Taylor was the president when he allegedly aided and abetted the rebels.

    1. No Aki, I disagree with you! Taylor’s wealth will be located and taken to pay amputees! His whiteflower mansion in Monrovia will be sold firstly..there we test support group if they still got juice! secondly his farms will get taken and then we get after all those who have anything to do with this coward! I hope you take time and not insult amputees, or use any sacarstic remark against them. Take your frustrations to man like Jfallahmenjor who has been a pest and kept you sleepless! I am ready for all of you guys now that the cat is put away. Most of you are not worth anything, anyway..because we have followed you closely unknown to you!

  7. I heard that the so call Taylor lawyers in Liberia are asking the government there to pay Taylor’s retairment/pension benefit now. My hope is if there is any consideration by government to grant such an entitlement; It should be rewarded to his victims and families in Sierra Leone. My heart to all his victims and prayed that this monster will leave jail in a body bag.. What a happy day in mother Africa!

  8. Mr taylor will surely face the judgement of allah
    and i am appealing to the government of sierra leone and liberia to onboard the war victims in the development process

  9. Justice is finally here for the victims of the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone. Let this ruling go as a deterrence to warlords on the continent. They too will face justice, now or later.

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