Witness Tells ICC Judges PNU Members Gave Evidence Against Ruto

A witness told the International Criminal Court (ICC) that most of the witnesses whose statements were relied on to confirm charges against Deputy President William Samoei Ruto and former journalist Joshua arap Sang were members of the Party National Unity (PNU) that Ruto campaigned against in 2007.

Witness 743 said this on Monday in response to a question from Shyamala Alagendra, Ruto’s lawyer. Alagendra asked the witness not to name the other witnesses in court, and the rest of her questions to Witness 743 took place in private session.

Ruto and Sang have been charged with three counts of crimes against humanity for their alleged roles in the violence that erupted after the December 2007 presidential election. During that election Ruto was a key leader of the Orange Democratic Movement party that was challenging the PNU of the then incumbent President Mwai Kibaki.

At the beginning of Monday’s proceedings, Presiding Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji said Trial Chamber V(a) directed Alagendra to complete her questioning of Witness 743 by Thursday. The judge also said Alagendra should leave enough time on Thursday for the prosecution to complete any re-examination they may wish to conduct.

Witness 743 testified in private session the whole day, except the chamber’s directive and Alagendra’s one question. This was also the case on Friday.

Witness 743 will continue testifying on Tuesday.


  1. Remeber, Moreno said: ” Three from PNU and Three from ODM.” Me thinks he had planned for a fifty, fifty distribution of blame. where do we go from there?

  2. Regardless of what the witnesses says,the truth will finds its way one day.ICC must re-examine this cases and start a fresh investigation if they want to keep their reputation right.I wonder why Bensouda is still pursuing this cases when the MAD MAN can see lies in the eyes of the witnesses?

  3. Wanakulia hapo, so they cannot sweep the food on the table. The longer the cases take, judges are assured of paycheque at month end. So till all false witnessing is exhausted and if Bensuda can cook up more, they’ll delay judgement for cash.

  4. There was rape,murder,and displacements but the prosecution was not interested in culprits and justice for victims. Prosecution was only interested in nailing Ruto and Uhuru to eliminate them from contesting the elections so as to clear way for Raila Ondinga.

  5. Joe, we’ve heard this Raila Odinga angle since these cases begun. Why have you not called him to testify? Petty propaganda as usual. Time is running out get something better for 2017.

  6. oh God!!!!!!! may mighty God see the what happen to kenya in 2007.
    so let them suffer with the case

    i pray very had so that they be arrested.

    1. I can see some of us are heavily laden with tribal hate. Suppose he RUTO WAS in odm such would be holding him in a very high esteem . No problem, if wishes were horses begers could ride. And if that is the case then the entire ODM brigade let by Amolo should go to the bench. Let us think beyond our noses.But let the truth prevail not a political fight to pave way for unpopular perennial losers. No way ,Hague or no Hague.

  7. i thought Raila was part of 2007.remember the slogan no raila no peace.
    we are now conscious of the use and dump type of politics and let the judges do their work .your prayers are wishful thinking

    1. Enough evidence is there,but the cases will collapse so that the world and cord can confess there is God in heaven

  8. #joe n skychev, i wonder where both of u were when things were happening in 2007. #john c chumba, who said dont be vague lets go to hague when Raila n Kibaki were struggling to hv these cases done in kenya? Wake up men!!

    1. Megg, hague, Arusha, Nairobi or God knows where, is not the issue. The question of vague and Hague does not arise since possibly there were reasons for commencement of the cases.

      The issue therefore is…was the case manipulated in order to suit political preferences?

      Was it then possible to entice the wakqi commision with a Wakkko-type job payback to lase the investigations?

      Methinks anything could have been possible here.

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