International Justice Monitor Closing its Kenya Trial Monitoring

Dear Readers,

International Justice Monitor, a project of Open Society Justice Initiative, will no longer be monitoring or providing updates on International Criminal Court (ICC) proceedings relating to the post-election violence that occurred in Kenya in 2007 and 2008. We are also discontinuing monitoring further developments in domestic court cases relating to crimes that occurred during the same violent period. On December 10, 2020, the Kenyan High Court awarded four survivors of sexual violence four million Kenyan shillings because the government had failed its obligation to investigate and prosecute those crimes. (More commentary on the sexual violence trial is available here.) There will be appeals in the case. The ICC cases against high-ranking government officials have been terminated.

Our reports on both the ICC and domestic court proceedings, which date back to the initial appearance of the original suspects of the ICC investigation in April 2011, will be archived on the website for future reference, along with our extensive background information on key actors and timeline. The ICC is currently still investigating offenses committed against the administration of justice in the Kenya situation, and updates on ongoing cases can be found on the ICC website. Additional information about the domestic court cases on police shootings and sexual violence are available on the Justice Initiative website, and Kenyan media outlets can be expected to cover new developments.

This page will also be closed to comments. We thank all of our readers who submitted comments about the trials and contributed to the success of our trial monitoring project over the years.