Change in live-blogging format

Court resumes in closed session Monday morning.  Direct examination of the following prosecution witness in open session is expected to begin sometime Monday or Tuesday.  When it does, we will be continuing our live-blog of testimony, but with less detail.  A few times each day, we will provide a summary of what has been happening in the preceding hours.  We will also continue to post end-of-day summaries.


  1. You guys have been doing this just the perfect way. I don’t think the change is necessary.

  2. The only way we bloggers can decide on whether Mr. Taylor is guilty or not is to read the court proceedings ourselves. I do not think this website should change the format by giving only opinions and summaries. We know the vast majority of the media and institutions have already convicted Mr. Taylor. Let us be able to decide for ourselves.

  3. I fully concur with you Aki. We prefer to see things as they develop and not summaries. We want to come to our own conclusions as a result of the individual statements, questions and responses.
    Please continue as you were.
    This is an amazing site. Keep up the good work.

  4. This is a fantastic site because of the detailed transcriptions. It’s very important that people are able to read exactly what the witnesses are saying and how they respond under cross examination. It would be a real loss if you only summarised from now on.

  5. Make no mistakes about this. Most people believe that the trial of former president Charles Taylor is politically motivated and not on the bases of justice. The illegal process that was used to even indict and arrest Taylor will hunt the rest of the international community forever. Their action has far reaching and irreversible consequencies. They denied the Africa people the opportunity to witness and participate in the ongoing trial by taking the trial to Europe. They promised and guaranteed the people that the trial will be assessible in its entirety through technological means; even though 3/4 of the people are illiterate and don’t have access to computer and other electronic device. The last hope of the people depends on this website to report the news as they should and not make it as it is apparent now. Let’s judge for ourselves by reading the direct transcripts of the witnesses, prosecutors, defense lawyers,judges and people of vital importance to the trial. and not some individuals embellshing, contriving, and putting a spin on it thereby, shifting the judiaciary and political trajectory of the case in his or her favor. Let us read the raw transcription that will enable us make a sound and rational judgement.

  6. I agree with many of the above — your detailed descriptions are critical to get a ‘feel’ for how the trial plays out. You lose that nuance with summaries.

  7. It is more transparent and interesting in the present format. Summaries will raise a lot of eyebrows (we may have to cross-examine the summarizers).
    You guys are doing a magnificant job.

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