2.00 p.m. – Day 32 of the Trial: Court resumes open sessions

Protected measures were lifted so Crimebase Witness TF1-330 is now testifying in Court in open session. At 1.15 p.m., shortly before the lunch  break, Prosecutor Alain Werner presented the Witness, who was sworn in on the Quran. The Witness’ name is Aruna Gbona, born in 1952 in Talia, Kailahun District, Chieftum Luawa in Sierra Leone, a rice farmer. In 1996 Gbona was forced to do farming work for the rebels. His direct Commander was Marri Feika, a G5. G5’s were soldiers in charge of civilians. A Commander called Prince Taylor was head of all the junior and senior G5’s. In his testimony Gbona identified Mosquito and Issa Sesay as highest in command.