ECOMOG Peacekeepers Trained Liberians To Fight In Sierra Leone

Liberians who fought in Sierra Leone were trained and sent to fight by West African peacekeepers in Liberia, Charles Taylor told judges of the Special Court for Sierra Leone today.

Peacekeepers of the Economic Community of West Africa States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG), who were based in Liberia, trained over 1000 Liberians and sent them to fight in Sierra Leone, Mr. Taylor told the court in The Hague today.  Many of these Liberians were disarmed combatants who were paid and made to fight alongside the Kamajors, a Sierra Leonean civil militia that fought against rebels forces on behalf of the Sierra Leonean government.

“Some of these disarmed ex-combatants were trained and made to fight alongside the Kamajors. Even some of these Liberians are officers in the Sierra Leone army today,” Mr. Taylor said.

He said that ECOMOG used two locations for training and transportation of the Liberian fighters to Sierra Leone.

“Some of these combatants are being flown out of Roberts International Airport [Liberia’s main airport in Monrovia]  by ECOMOG on ECOMOG military plane straight into Lungi Airport [Sierra Leone’s main airport in Freetown] and joining the combat. So they had two entry points, one from Roberts Field, they are Liberians who are being flown in to fight, and the second was from Ricks Institute, driven to the Bo Waterside. This is no secret,” Mr. Taylor said.

The prosecution has alleged that Mr. Taylor trained and sent Liberian fighters to Sierra Leone to fight alongside the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels who waged a war against the country (Sierra Leone) for 11 years. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations.

Mr. Taylor said that he was wrongly accused and made to take responsibility for the Liberian fighters in Sierra Leone. He said that when these allegations came up, he asked the United Nations to conduct an independent investigation to prove whether he had anything to do with the presence of Liberian fighters in Sierra Leone.

“I wanted a formal investigation to know who these Liberian fighters in Sierra Leone were, because I know I did not send them,” Mr. Taylor said. “I tried to force an international investigation but it did not take place.”

Mr. Taylor said he called for the deployment of United Nations observers as well as Sierra Leonean and Liberian personnel to monitor the Sierra Leone-Liberian border. He asked the government of Sierra Leone to send undercover officers to Liberia to investigate whether he was sending Liberians to Sierra Leone to fight, Mr. Taylor said.

When the allegations against Mr. Taylor continued during the war, he said that he threatened to quit the ECOWAS Committee of Five–a committee set up by West African leaders to facilitate a peaceful end to the conflict in Sierra Leone.

“I  am doing my best, there are no Liberians that I have sent to Sierra Leone, but the allegations abound,” Mr. Taylor said.  “So I am going to step out of the Committee of Five. We were just frustrated, we were tired, we were doing our best but nothing was changing.”

Other West African leaders prevailed on him not to quit the Committee of Five, he said.

Mr. Taylor told the judges that on December 20 1998, he closed the Liberian border with Sierra Leone in order to prevent the movement of people between both countries for military purposes.

Mr. Taylor has also been accused of helping RUF rebels plan the January 1999 attack on Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. Mr. Taylor told judges that he “heard that the attack on Freetown was launched with the assistance of Liberian fighters.” Upon hearing this, Mr. Taylor said he immediately wrote a letter to the United Nations Secretary General to inform him that Liberia was not involved in the attack.

Mr. Taylor expressed anger at these allegations againts him, calling them “unfounded.”

“Even now, I am hurt, I am angry even today,” Mr. Taylor said about the allegations against him.

There will be no trial session on Fridays for the duration of Mr. Taylor’s testimony. Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues on Monday.


  1. What does the US and the West specifically have against Mr. Taylor? Give the man a fair and transparent hearing! It seems Mr. Taylor have given excellent accounts of defense against charges and allegations against him.

  2. So what was the UN up to in this whole process that they refused to send investigator to carry out an indepth verification before making accusations? Where is the evidence? This is the same fabricated evidence, lies and assumptions they are using to keep innocent people on the travel ban and asset freeze without trial. Where is the justice in that. If you have evidence to justification abusing the rights of these individuals why do you not let them have their day in court where they can face the evidence and answwer to the charges.?

    But no you are silent because the evidence just doesn’t exist just as the evidence against Mr. Taylor doesn’t exist. SHAME ON YOU INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY!!!!

    1. Helen, they were setting him up for failure. It is that plain and simple. Cut and dry.

  3. How can a man plead himself out of LIES when the ones accusing him are the very ones he must turn to???

    1. Noko4 it’s me. Jose Rodriguez. Sometimes you and Noko5 sound alike. Just kidding. But on a serious note, these people are still considering black people as 3/5 of a human being as evidence of what we are watching . They don’t think that Black African can produce a smarter man like President Taylor. To those of you who had not had the chance to watch the trial live, if you can, make it possible. History is in the making.

  4. Yes, it is an open secret that ECOMOG soldiers trained and armed Liberian fighters to fight against Mr. Taylor NPFL forces. They trained, armed ULIMO and LPC and backed them in combat against Mr Taylor with the aim of destorting Mr. Taylor and the NPFL completely. We all knew at the time that this was just a dream, because Mr. Taylor and his men were ready to die for the change that we Liberians enjoy today. ECOMOG soldiers operating in Liberia and SL were not just soldiers, but business men. ECOMOG soldiers sold weapons to all factions in Liberia including NPFL. Nigerian soldiers with the knowledge of the government of SL, trained and sent Liberians to fight in SL in exchange for diamonds. These soldiers, turned business men were the meain suppliers of weapons to SL not Mr. Taylory as preceived by westen powers.

    1. I remember CGT when he said “Gbanga fell and now i’m back i’ll weak it up.” Anybody remember when he made this statement ????

      1. Yes, the saying was, “if Gbanga fell when I get back I will lift it up”. It happened after he was attacked by LDF, LPC, CPC and ULIMOs.

  5. Claim that ECOMOG trained fighters and sent to Sierra Leone is a news in the trial of Mr. Taylor. A breaking news!

    1. Musa
      This claim is not news if you ever lived in Sirerra Leone or Liberia during ECOMOG so called peace opeartions in the two countries. We were here by then, and we are stay here. We followed those developements closely and know the truth unlike the UN and their westen supporters who sit in far distance offices and make up stories.Mr.Taylor will say what he has to say,when he has to say it. I will advice that you listen as he uncovere the real picture of the Sierra Leone conflict without fear.

  6. Bravo Mr. Taylor, thanks be to God Almighty for giving you high level of retentive memory to expose these witch-hunt white men deals in black Afrian, and brava to brother Alpha for reporting the trial as issues are unfounding without adding or subtracting, no wonder why you are call Alpha, you are the beginning of truth reporting in an important trial like this, unlike Hon. Tom Kamara who will just write what he feels about Mr. Taylor. I’m praying for you to be promoted at your wish and will.

    1. Big Daddy, isn’t that amazing? For President Taylor to not be reading from any script or paper. He calls date, time, place name, and organization. This man retention level is just phenomenally awesome, especially for his age and all he had gone through.

      Good observation Big Daddy. No wonder why you are called Big Daddy. Will you mind if I call you Big Big Big Big and Big Daddy?

  7. President Taylor, keep your head on the swivel and still motivated. This a special shout out to you and the entire defense team. HOORAY!!!!!

  8. The only change for the better in Liberia was the one brought about by Lurd ushering out the tyrannical government of Taylor. It’s one thing to rule your country bad , but to destablize a sub region, trying to get wealth . Do you know HOW MANY times the RUF mentioned Taylor in their trial, if you don’t know you need to read the RUF transcripts.

    1. Joe,
      You must be ashame of yourself to give glory to LURD. LURD, like any other fighting group did not served any good to Liberians. All that they did was to kill, rape, loot and destory what Mr. Taylor tried to rebuild after being elected as president by the Liberian people with total vote of 75% among 16 political parties including Ellen’s Unity Party at 7% of the total vote. Now you see clearly that LURD war on the people of Liberia was a total mess brother.

    2. Joe, you should have been a prosecution witness, were you?You lucky tracey talk to me yesterday. I was going to shut you up too.

    3. Joe,
      Are you for real??? What you and LURD did will considered what??? A PEACE MISSION??? You lived in the US but raged a war in Liberia…….now we got the US going around the world to clean out TERRORISTS at the same time promoting her share against others…..OH WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.

      Stay tune…….LURD, Guinea and the US will be expose in the coming weeks.

    4. Joe Wylie Jr., where is LURD rebel leader right now? Is he still in jail in Guinea on treason charges? What you and the Liberian government doing to secure his release? By the way, the guinean Government is saying that it has all jurisdictions over him because he is a citizen of Guinea. If this is true, than he is a mercenary and a rebel leader in Liberia.

    5. Is this the mercenary Joe Wylie who have always been involved in warfare in West Africa? If this is that Joe Wylie, then you are aware about the dubious nature of this trial and the socalled justice it is seeking because it was your forces under your command that committed some of the worst atrocities against the people of Liberia but you can walk around free visiting in and out the United States.

      It is guys like you that give ordinary people support to Charles Taylor because of the total disregard by the West towards the suffering of ordinary people. Joe Wylie was a commander of one of the most wicked warring factions that destroyed Liberia, Joe Wylie was one of those Liberian that fought in SL and lead Liberian militia in SL, Joe Wylie’s LURD forces was supported and sponsored by Guinea to wage war aganist Liberia and Joe Wylie’s troops committed some of the worst atrocities including the eating of humans.

      Yet, no charges has been brought against Joe Wylie and any of his LURD cannibals, yet no charges have been brought against Guinea for supporting the cannibal acts of LURD. But it is Charles Taylor on trial. This shows that Western government are only opposed to Charles Taylor because Taylor would not agree to sell Liberia natural resources for pennies. The prosecution of Charles Taylor is simply based on the exploitation of our natural resources and nothing else. Otherwise if Taylor prosectuion was really in the interest of human rights, a Joe Wylie would not be a free man walking around.

      See some of LURD barbarism that Human Right Groups has ignore:
      (Note: This video is very GROSS , if you do not have the STOMACH do not watch it. The Lurd socalled General in this video is one Varmuyan Sherrif who also use to fight for ULIMO-K)

    6. Joe Wylie, if you are the real Joe Wylie or mayber it’s your dad. You should be on trial for all the destruction you caused Liberia since the Quiwonpa invasion. If you all had planned that correctly there would have been no need for Taylor’s revolution in 1990. You are a failed Charles Taylor wannabie.

  9. Joe,

    WOW! WOW! WOW! You tempt me to let you be. How is the world can you or anyone think that LURD or any rebel group was a good thing. Your comments are depressing. How can a logical thinking individual praise blood thirsty, heart eating, havoc breeding factions (note, I used factions, NPFL included) for as you put it “ushering out” tyrants. In hindsight, Taylor was not the solution to Doe. LPC, INFPL, LDF, LURD, MODEL, ULIMO (J and K), CRC and any unnamed group that contributed to over 250,000 lives lost was not the answer for CT. Do you understand that each bullet that kills a child in Liberia deminishes her future economically and militarily. Each lost of life is precious. Some of those killed if they had lived could have been leaders tomorow, teachers, business owners and members of the national security of Liberia. We are depleting our intellectual capital with each conflict. It bothers me that some of us still thinks violence solves problems. Your statements shows that Liberia is not out of the wood yet. I so can’t wait for the day that the leaders of all the factions are answerable to Liberia; including your redeeming grace, “LURD”. OMG! Most comments I try to leave emotions out of it, but your statement disgusting, angering, I protest with outrage. Joe, sorry, but I will never see out of the prism that you are looking through and I sure hope you and those of your “school of thought” are in the minority.

    You pose an interesting question though, so how many times was CT name mentioned in RUP transcript? I would hope you have an answer to add to the debate.

    Thanks Joe

    1. banker, you see, people like joe wylie should not even be walkig the streets of monrovia or liberia freely. this fool is actually supposed to be in jail . But thank god for the good hearts of liberians. I know this guy. he drinks alot. Also a big womaniz. I believe he was not to himself when he made this regretable statement against the good people of liberia.

      1. You see, Noki5, people of such low moral character have every right to toot their horns and boast of the hideous atrocities committed against the Liberian people, why? Simple, because they crime goes “unpunished”—WE NEED WAR CRIMES FOR LIBERIA!

  10. been a liberian dose not mean you has to agree to Taylor nonsense or lie, if you wants to know true about Taylor ask people, farmer and marketwomen who live in greater liberia during the war form 1990 to 2007. Taylor just tell people Sierra Leone you sorry

    1. my brother you are out touch. I think you should back to bed. CUZ you sound like you just wokeup, walkby somekind of internet cafe and decided to type anything that came to your mind.

  11. My suspicion is growing each day I read comments made each time this Website posts article on the on going trial of Mr. Taylor. The commentaries are inundated with conspiracy theories and praises for Mr. Taylor. What I see on your website was exactly the same scenario in Liberia when Mr. Taylor ruled this country with iron fist. Paid agents of the regime used to call on talk shows to either praise or defend worse things happening to the Liberian people. For example, the flogging of students on the main campus of the University of Liberia on March 21, 2001.

    The conspiracy theories are baseless and unfounded. who can say that no serious wrong against humanity happened to thousands of innocent people in Sierra Leone. These people deserve justice, they deserve to see their perpetrators punish for the atrocities meted out to them. Who can deny that no serious wrong ever occurred in Sierra Leone?

    These same agents are crying wolves in Liberia against the War Crime Court sitting. It will surely come nor matter how long it takes.

    Simple, no white man versus black man theories will hold water in these allegations.

    1. Musa,
      We are looking at FACTS and not HEARSAYS……Mr. Tayor has shown us DOCUMENTS to prove he’s not GUILTY of any of the charges. On the other hand, the prosecutors have told us HEARSAYS.

      How can one defend a HEARSAY??? John told Mary, Mary told Jack, Jack told Sally….Sally tells the court but guess what, JOHN, MARY and JACK are dead.

      1. Noko4, I just can’t stop laughing when ever I read this comment from you. “John told Mary, Mary told Jack, Jack told Sally…. Sally tells the court but guess what, JOHN, MARY, AND JACK are dead.”

        1. Jose,
          Really how can this be in a court of this statue?? Hearsays!!!!! And that’s what Mr. Taylor is dealing with to save himself from spending the rest of his life in jail.

    2. Look Musa, your conspiracy theories ignore the really that is being discussed here. No human being with the right mind can hide from physical realities that occured in both Lib and SL. But if you was really interesting in justice then you would be advocating for prosecution of the many murderers that led various warring factions in Liberia. Your statement that Taylor has large following in Liberia has to do with the fact that ordinary people in Liberia are not STUPID. We can clearly see the international injustice against Taylor. Yes we know this case is not specifically about Liberia but we know it is connected to Liberia, and this is why Taylor was arrested on a false charge by the Liberian government that he was meddling in their affairs while in exile in Nigeria.

      In Liberia, we have many other warlords and political leaders that abused common people and nobody came to our rescue because those political leaders were in full agreement with westerners to exploit our natural resources without any benefits to the people. Imagine Samuel Doe was murdering civillians yet the United States government provided him more military aid. This duplicity on the part of the international community to ignore the sufferings of ordinary people while pretending that it is against Taylor is depressing and insulting.

      We saw in the Liberian war that all of the warring faction leaders personally shot and killed people. We know for a fact that the only rebel leader that never personally killed anybody was Charles Taylor, we know that Taylor had court systems in Gbarnga that was used to tried accused soldiers and prosecuted them.

      For some of us who was in Liberia during those terrible times , we are fully aware of what happened. Prince Johnson personally shot and killed both civillian and soilders in the presence of civillians without due process, Alhaji Kromah personally killed people, George Boley personally killed people, Joe Wylie , we know he started killing since 1985 but the international community ignore all those people to only demonize Charles Taylor. What did you expect, for those other warlords and political leaders to continue abusing Liberians with the full backing of powerful governments? Somebody had to take the side of the people and Charles Taylor volunteer , and that was why the Liberia people knowing the facts and living those experiences ignore the demonization of Charles Taylor and voted for him more than 75%. I am sure you heard the famous song “you killed my ma , you killed my pa but I will vote for you.”

      The people of Liberia saw Charles Taylor as their hero and this is why even today, Charles Taylor is still very popular in Liberia. So I will continue to insist that if the international community is serious about making social progress in Africa since they wish to continue the exploitation of our natural resources. Then they must address the impunty that other wicked and evil leaders continue to enjoy while Taylor is being prosecuted. They do not have to support criminal elements that will abuse our people, they can still get those natural resources by supporting Africans that believe in the rule of law. Taylor is not an enemy of the West but westerners do not like black people that tell them the truth, they love hypocrites and sychopants.

      1. Old King Gray, why are you so fired up, motivated stimulated, dedicate, and also being a fighting machine today? More power my son. You hit the ball of the park.

      2. King,
        I need not comment further….you articulated this so well….People need to leave their personal biases behind and look at FACTS AND EVIDENCE!

        Thanks King…nice posting

      3. King Gray, Jose Rodriguez,

        Let me say this in no uncertain terms that I 100% support efforts by any individual or group to make sure the former warlords in Liberia do account for their actions of serious abuses against common people. Unfortunately, you seem not understand the basis of my argument earlier advanced on this site:

        1. I am not holding this site responsible for any misrepresentation, misconception and/or conspiracy theories about the Special Court for Sierra Leone. My point goes clearly to state that many of you readers don’t appreciate the fact that Africa is turnig a new page on the rule of law and human rights. I welcome efforts made by the Special Court for Sierra Leone to have Mr. Taylor answered to charges leveled agaisnt him. I don’t see anything humiliating about Mr. Taylor having his day in Court. I appreciate the effort of the this site to keep us informed on every thing that happens in the Hague.

        2. I don’t agree with you that the Special Court for Sierra Leone was set up by the West to see Mr. Taylor drowning in the flood of humiliation as you attempt to make. What I am saying is that serious abuses were meted out against innocent poor people in Sierra Leone and that whosoever accused must be made to answer or prove his or her innocence against those charges no matter what status you hold.

        3. You say Tejan Kabba? If the prosecutors of the Special Court for Sierra Leone have compeling reasons to indict him, I say why not? If you have preponderance of evidence against Mr. Kabba, why can’t you help the prosecutors with these evidences and stop crying foul?

        4. I talked about paid agents. Yes, I witnessed that in Liberia and I gave you example. You guys take every thing Mr. Taylor say in his defense as gospel when his testimony is not being cross examined.

        I strongly urge you guys to come to term with the realities in the world today: the rule of law, human rights and the pursuit of happiness.

        1. A note to readers – we have received some comments which make personal attacks on other readers. That is against our website’s terms and conditions for use, and as a result we have not approved them. We encourage readers to resubmit comments focusing on the issues they raised and removing the personal attacks.

          This is a great discussion forum where readers are making excellent contributions each day. But please, dear readers, let’s debate the issues vigorously but be respectful and civil to each other.



        2. Musa, first of all, I really appreciate the retractions of your previous statement in this modified version of the newest one, even though you are doing it subliminally. But clearly, the first version you insinuated or at least suggested, that this website was in support of comments made on behalf of President Taylor. You even expressed your suspicion of the posting commentaries. At one point in time, you even drew a parallel comparison of President Taylor alleged paid talk show calling agents to this disoriented, uncoordinated and disorganized comments favoring President Taylor. Now let’s discuss on your second version. There is no misunderstanding within my opinion that we ever discuss our position about the establishment of a War Crimes Court in liberia. You don’t even know Where I stand on this issue. Besides, I’m not following all of your writings. I’m only responding to that identical piece above. Where are you coming from with that misleading statement? You talked about many readers don’t appreciate the facts that Africa is turning the page on the rule of law and human rights. Musa, why can’t I read and understand the page before turning the page? Why do I have to just turn the page? What page are you talking about in the first place? Are you aware of the recent military take over of the Government in Guinea? Are you also aware of the trouble all over Africa in terms of war, good governance, poverty, corruption and etc. If turning the page for you means selective justice and cherry picking, to me, it is not justice.
          Now, let’s focus back on this trial. Musa, I may agree with your second point. However, President Taylor is not your guy. This man went above and beyond the call of duty to bring peace to Sierra Leone. He even wrote the President of the Security Council on January 6, 1999 that his government was not in any way, shape or form supporting the AFRC/RUR. He therefore, requested the U.N to investigate by verifying these false accusitions. However, his request was down played. Citizens of the World, President Taylor was and still a peacemaker.

    3. Musa,

      I think we are all on the same channel. We are all saying that there is nothing wrong with having the war crimes charges and court procedures. We don’t think, let rephrase that. In fact, we believe the people of SL needs to put their nightmare to bed. I am sure as everyone else is in agreement with this fact, right? The argument is not justice, the discussion is whether the prosecution is providing facts that could substantiate their charges and claims. Has the SC-SL turn over every rock and pebble to find evidence? I am certain, you will agree that they have not. There were outlandish statements made by the prosecution. Some of which frankly is only possible in cartoons, not in real world.

      So, my friend, all of us deserve justice. We all have lost love ones during the war. The people of SL request justice. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I empathize with the people of SL, I think those who committed these animal-like acts have been prosecuted, but CT is not (based evidence and testimonies) your guy…I know that, you know and sadly even the prosecution knows, but someone is trying to cash a big pay check at the end of the day.

  12. Musa, you can think and say all that you want about this website. We can careless. Complaining will not cut it. Let me ask you. At anytime, have you ever written anything with the intent to post it on this website and you were rejected or denied? Can you prove the conspiracy theories of this website support for President Taylor? I’m warning you. Stop making false accusation against this website. People like me who post on this website are not in any way, shape, or form,coordinated, organized or paid by anyone or group to write for President Taylor. Your accusation is a reminiscence of this fake trial in the Hague. Trial based on hearsay, they say, third party, telephone conversation and etc. If you can not independently think or do things for youself wittout being supervised, that’s your problem. For some of us, we are independent thinker. I said it before and I’m saying it again on this website. If President Taylor was not in the custody of the Internation Community, they would have said, he’s meddling in Liberia affairs. Even though, he is a citizen of Liberia and a former President. International Community, there is no more hide and seek. We know where you are.

  13. as LURD fought to Liberate Liberia in Foya was Nothing but RUF. There was So So RUF in FOYA. That’s why the RUF mentioned Taylor in a incriminating manner numerous times in their Trials. Please people go and read the trial transcript from SCSL vs RUF , before you start talking irrationaly.

    1. Joe…..and I know you well well. Who supported you in your LIBERATED drive?? Let’s come clean since you want to be a spokeperson.

    2. People!

      Why don’t you all understand that “Joe” is a pen-name. Do you think a vampire like the true Joe will come out and say these non-sense?

      It’s apparent that this person crave attention.

      My solution:
      Ignore whatever he says, he has either lost it (which I sure hope so) or his IQ is really really low. So until Joe can comment on something at makes “small kine kine sense”, he and his thoughts are “IMMATERIAL”.

  14. JOe Wylie,

    Just shut up! If the RUF had mentioned connections with Charles Taylor don’t you think the prosecution would have referred to their testimony. One question Have you retired now from fighting on all sides for anyone who wants to attack Liberia?

  15. The cheif Prosecutor of the SCSL which teaches at Syracuse University Law school , Mr.David Crane , said already that the RUF mentioned Taylor in their Trial , and I read the transcript myself. Instead of arguing with me , why don’t you just go and read the transcript yourselves , then we don’t have to argue.

    1. And what did Col. Crane said RUF said??? Okay which day and who amongst the RUF testimony was this……direct us to the SPECIFIC text please.

  16. David Crane is not credible. Why will I want to take him any seriously? Find someone more credible but not false David Crane.

  17. One of the key deficiency or intentional HATRED against Mr. Taylor by the prosecution is the character of witnesses that the prosecution have paraded in this court. All of the prosecution witnesses except Moses Blah and Zigzag Marzar are all Taylor worst enemies. How can the prosecution bring in enemies to testify against a defendant and claimed that their testimonies are fair, objective and truthful? But those two did not provide any evidence linking Mr. Taylor to the issue of SL. Blah said that he was not aware and lying Zigzag admitted to his cannibal behavior but tried to implicate Mr. Taylor, something which no sane person in Liberia would believe.

    The enemy witnesses that have been trying to murder Mr. Taylor for years and for the prosectuion to bring them to testify against Charles Taylor, especially when they are paid agents would simply satisfy these enemy witnesses long held desires to see Mr. Taylor go down. Moreover, majority of the prosecution enemy witnesses are mainly from the Mandingo ethic group , which exposes a very dangerous mindset of the prosecution, to use TRIBALISM in this case. Why choose to bring majority of a tribal people who were bitter against Mr. Taylor? Mandingoes have fought against Mr. Taylor for years under their ULIMO-K rebel group and failed. Now the prosecution give them the opportunity to testify against Mr. Taylor, especially so that they are being paid. What do you expect them to do? LIE!!

    These are some of the problems with this case, it is base purely on personal vendatta and loses all ingredients of justice. No serious justice system would behave in the manner that the prosecution has acted. But again, one could hold a view that such behavior by the prosection border on the mindset that Africans have no sense of understanding complexities . The prosecution has given an impression about this court which could be characterize in a kangaro showcase while ignoring all the real sufferings of the people.

  18. Hi Joe Wylie,

    I am very sad to read the kind of comments you wrote on this page as a warlord who helped brought Liberia back to the stone age era.

    You fought in every civil wars and rebel incursions in Liberia since 1985, by this act, do you think as a sound and just minded person are you supposed to be a freedman walking the streets of Monrovia and even flying in and out of the USA openly?

    You killed innocent and peaceful People with no respect for humanity yet you are posting your unregratful actions on the page of this forum.

    This lead me to ask you this question: Are you not thinking of retiring now after the killing of Liberians barbarically, Mr. Joe Wylie?

    You are a shame to humanhood!

    1. R.E.W. Yancy,

      Thank you for your post and I understand your distress, and those of other commenters on the site, if the Joe Wiley who is posting here is the same person whom you think he is. But alas, we will never know for sure. People’s screen names are not always their real names. Some people pose as others. And on the internet, we have absolutely no way of working it out in cases like this one.

      This is partly why as a matter of policy I ask all readers to focus on the issues and the substance of the postings and comments on this site, and not the personalities who make the postings. As a technical matter of moderating the site, we also reserve the right not to post comments which do not meet our terms and conditions for using the site.

      Thanks again for contributing and I hope you will continue to post your thoughts on the trial,


  19. Yancy, just excuse this Joe Wylie poster and understand the point that Tracey has made. I want to believe this person is intentionally provoking controversy since s/he is aware about the cannibalism that Joe Wylie’s forces demonstrated in the Liberian war. This is one of the reasons that either members of these international human right groups does not understand why a Charles Ghankay Taylor will still have followers in Liberia. Because , we have known human rights abusers, known mass murderers, and people who victims actually saw killed their families, and those killers are hailed by the international community as RESPECTED CITIZENS and at the same time prosecuting Charles Taylor.

    These are some of the behavior on the part of the international community that tells me that they have no concern for the abuses and sufferings of ordinary people, and that this whole prosecution of Charles Taylor is simply due to Taylor refusal to grant concession contracts to Haliburton Company and many of the other multi-national companies for pennies on the dollar. I remember quite well in 1990 after Taylor’s NPFL Forces capture Firestone Rubber Plantation. Taylor spoke on the radio and demanded that Firestone must pay Liberian workers according to U.S. dollar value because Firestone had been exploiting Liberian workers for a long time. Problem ensued and Taylor began dealing with a Japanese company. These activities were publicly done in Liberia at the time.

    I can also recall the issue with Buchannan Hydro-Carbon Company, this was one of the areas that Haliburton was interested in doing renewable energy and other actitivies but wanted to pay peanuts. Taylor refused and the demonization began. So let Joe Wylie keep posting, let Joe Wylie enjoy freedom , and let Joe Wylie keep laughing at our sufferings due to the wicked and inhuman abuses that all of their forces treated Liberians. I am talking about AFL, LPC, ULIMO-J, ULIMO-K, LDF, LURD, MODEL, and BLACK BERETS. All these groups were one and the same people, they kept changing from one name to the other once their inhumane destruction were rejected by the Liberian people.

    This does not mean that NPFL forces under Charles Taylor command did not abused civillians or committed henious crimes. Most of us are witnesses to some of the serious human right abuses by NPFL militia but we are aware that most of those abuses were either personal vendatta committed mainly by people from Nimba county against government officials, members of Krahn or Mandingo tribes, and government security personels. Sometimes they got the wrong people. These acts were terrible and terrifying if you was ever in such situation before. We need justice and not fake outrage against human rights abuses.

    After the American Revolution , the competing parties settled their differences and today America is a great nation, the same happened with the Frenchs, Russians and many other European nations. We need peace in Africa and not REVENGE JUSTICE. Let the SL make peace among themselves and let Liberians make peace among themselves. This court should simply leave Mr. Taylor and let him return to his homeland.

    1. King,

      I might have to differ with you about the “black Beret” being the same as the other groups and just changed their names. The black beret though formed during the war, was a project of the interim government (under Dr. Sawyer). The constitutionality of the formation of this unit is still hanging in the balance. It is true that some of its members were former elements of factional groups (mainly NPFL, AFL, INPFL and the national police). They fought along side ECOMOG.

      I hope that clarifies any misunderstanding that is out there.

      We tend to deviate from the trial…sorry

  20. Tracey and Alpha,

    Hey, what am I hearing about this JCE situation with the commanders of Kono who resided in Freetown. I learned that the court (in SL) threw out those charges because they were not physically present in Kono when the crimes were committed? If so, this could be a seismic shift in this case? Please help me out here. If this is true, the defense has a window.


    1. Dear Bnker,

      Sorry in my delay in responding to you on this. We plan to do a larger piece on JCE more generally which we will post sometime down the line. Can you give us some time to develop it and get back to you on this site?


      1. Thanks Tracey…and thank you for trying to keep the insults level low. I know it must be difficult. This an emotionally charged trail. Good job!


  21. … this is really getting interesting! I have not been following the trial of Taylor in a holistic manner but each time I do, I learn new things about MR. TAYLOR. Today, I have also learned that he is a very brilliant student. His professor told him to deny everything and he is doing just that!!! keep it up Taylor, maybe this could save your head but if it backfires, …

    1. huh! I am lost. Or maybe, I have a low IQ, but Yaya, what are you saying? Am I the only lost puppy here?

  22. Joe Wiley don’t you know that not a single member of the RUF/AFRC leadership ever mentioned Charles Taylor directly? Please check the facts. Witneses testifying in the RUF/AFRC cases are the ones who mentioned Charles Taylor, but none of the leader ever mentioned Charles Taylor as being sponsor/supporter/leader or financier of the RUF/AFRC. Even the evidences presented in court in the Taylor’s case by the prosecution have never shown any direct communication between Taylor and Sankor. One of the prosecution letters presented in court states that Sankor wrote his friend in the Ivory coast complaining about the delay by Burkina Faso president to send the Arms shipment. The letter never had any mentioned of Charles Taylor. The prosecution is on record for saying that their evidence depends heavily or the insider witnesses (Taylor’s Former Associates). So if Joe Wiley thinks that the RUF/AFRC leadership ever mentioned Charles Taylor directly in their testimony then i say he is lying and the prosecution wouldn’t be saying they depends on the insider witnesses. i strongly doubts whether Joe Wiley ever read the RUF?AFRC trial transcripts. He is only quoting what lyer David Craine said.

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