Taylor Did Not Order The RUF To Attack Guinea

Charles Taylor today denied prosecution allegations that he ordered Sierra Leonean rebels to attack Guinea in 2000 to oust its then president, Lansana Conte, whom Mr. Taylor accused of supporting fighters to attack his own government in Liberia.

“No I did not, no I did not,” the accused former Liberian president kept repeating as he answered questions about whether he sent Sierra Leonean rebel forces to attack Guinea.  “We were being attacked by LURD [Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy] from Guinea but I was equally busy with other issues that were not war-like.”

“It was in my best interest to attack Guinea but why not use Liberians for that?” Mr. Taylor asked.

Among other things, Mr. Taylor is charged with failing to prevent or punish crimes committed by Sierra Leonean rebel forces alleged to be under his control during the country’s 11-year conflict, as well as aiding and abetting the crimes they committed. Today, Mr. Taylor was responding to the evidence of two prosecution witnesses, Mohamed Marvin Mansaray and Abu Keita, who both had given evidence to the Special Court for Sierra Leone about Mr. Taylor’s alleged control of Sierra Leonean rebel forces and the assistance he provided to the rebels in their attacks.

In his March 2008 testimony, Witness Mansaray testified that sometime in July 2000, Revolutionary United Front (RUF) commander Issa Sesay told RUF fighters that Mr. Taylor had given an order for them to attack Guinea. The witness said that Mr. Taylor provided arms and ammunition, including bombs, for the operation.

Witness Mansaray’s testimony reinforced an earlier witness’s testimony, Abu Keita, who in his January 2008 testimony told the Special Court for Sierra Leone that after the release of UN peacekeepers who were held hostage by RUF rebels in 2000, Mr. Taylor gave orders to the RUF to attack Guinea. The attack, Witness Keita said, was led by an RUF commander called Short Bai Bureh. The witness said that Mr. Taylor gave RUF commander Mr. Sesay a satellite phone and 50 boxes of ammunition. Mr.  Taylor today told the judges in his testimony that this never happened.

“Never happened. Oh my dear, it is just too much. It is a blatant lie. There is no such thing as anybody getting even one box of ammunition from me,” he said.

Mr. Taylor also dismissed as “lies” Witness Keita’s testimony that sometime in August 1999, he (Taylor) gave orders to the RUF to join the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and Mr. Taylor’s Anti Terrorist Unit (ATU) fighters to fight against LURD rebels in Lofa County, Liberia.

Mr. Taylor also denied allegations by both Witnesses Mansaray and Keita that the former Liberian president supplied weapons to RUF rebels, which they said were used to launch attacks against the government and people of Sierra Leone.

Witness Mansaray in his March 2008 testimony said that sometime in April 1999, Mr. Taylor supplied the RUF with weapons, including an anti aircraft twin barrel gun. The weapons, the witness said, were presented at a muster parade in Magburaka, northern Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor today denied supplying the RUF with any such weapon.

“No I did not. To have had a weapon of that sort means we did not disarm. A twin barrel anti aircraft gun is not a little piece of equipment. It takes two operators to fire that weapon and it is manned by a squad of ten men. Its not a little toy. It’s a blatant, blatant lie,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor had the same response for Witness Keita’s evidence that Mr. Taylor had provided weapons for use by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor further dismissed Witness Keita’s allegations that together with RUF Commander Sam Bockarie and Mr. Taylor’s Special Security Unit (SSU) commander Benjamin Yeaten, he (Keita)  had visited Mr. Taylor’s White Flower residence in October 1998. Mr. Taylor today said that he has never even met Witness Keita in person.

“I didn’t know the gentleman, never met him,” Mr. Taylor said.

“We are talking about October 1998. I was not living in White Flower at this time. I moved there on my birthday in January 1999,” he added.

Witness Keita testified in January 2008 that he was recruited by Benjamin Yeaten, on Mr. Taylor’s orders, to join the RUF in Sierra Leone and establish a unit there called the Scorpion Unit. Witness Keita said that the letter authorizing his appointment was signed by Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor denied the witness’s testimony. Mr. Taylor accused Witness Keita of having joined another rebel faction leader, Roosevelt Johnson, to fight against his (Taylor’s) forces.

“I would be stupid, very stupid to do that. Keita, who I know had demonstrated his disloyalty as an enemy combatant, to recruit him among thousands, I Charles Taylor, will never do that,” he said.

Mr. Taylor dismissed all of Witness Keita’s testimony as a “fabrication.”

“Abu Keita’s evidence is a blatant and intentional fabrication. I think he designed this,” he said.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. How could Charles Taylor have been in Whiteflower in 1998? would he have been living in an uncompleted house? the prosecution witnesses should think of better lies to tell than these.

    1. False witnesses and programmed prosecution against Taylor will show the world the injustice from the western powers of British and U.S affiliation. If good goverment is interested in stopping injustices for mankind, this case is not good sign for criminals and terrorist around the world. I can not tell my son to stop stealing if I am a thief. Simple

  2. Indeed Keita’s testimony is nothing, but a batch of fabrication as Mr. Taylor said. Let me point out some of the lies he has told. Keita make us to believe that there was a security unit in Liberia called Special Security Unit (SSU), which was commander by Benjamin Yeaten. This statement is far from the truth as there has never been such security unit in Liberia. What we heard about between 1998-1999, was a unit called Special Safety Unity (SSU), commanded by one Leo Jarbo. That unit lasted for one year and later emerged with the ATU to provide security for the Executive Mansion. That he said arms were given to him from White Flower any time in October 1998, is another WHITE LIE. I lived in Congo by then and that compound was under construction making it impossible to store such amount of arms as clamed by Keita. Above all, who is this Keita that a president has to authorize an appointment letter for him to join a rebel group? If President Taylor brought himself down that low, did Keita present his letter of appointment to this court? I’m sure Alpha and Tracey would help us on this. I’m sure most of these lies were gathered by so-called witnesses against Mr. Taylor with the intension of getting money not justice.


    Harris K Johnson

    1. This may be a stupid question, please forgive me but I have to ask. the name Benjamin Yeaten has been mentioned many times. It seems that he is a very important connection. With other key connection now deceased ( Foday Sankoh, Moskito and his whole family wiped out) it is interesting to know:
      1. Where is Benjamin Yeaten?
      2. Is he in the custody of the Special Court?
      3. Is he at large?
      4. Is he also dead?


      1. George,
        Benjamin Yeaten lives in Togo under the protection of the Togolese government. The Special Court once tried kidnapping him from there but were stopped by the Togolese security forces.

      2. George,
        Benjamin Yeaten is alive and well. however because of the witch hunt he is currently experiencing in Liberia under the Johnson Sirleaf regime, he has gone underground. Last time I heard he was in Ivory Coast.

  3. I am really sick now with all this Musa says Bokarie says that Taylor gave him orders to do this or that. Where is the direct evidence or direct witness. Any body can say anything to anybody that Taylor said this or that . it does not make it true. Everybody knew that Mr. Taylor had the strongest fighting forces in Liberia and anyone who wanted to do their own thing could use Taylor’s name to gain recognition and authority.

    The same thing has happened in some instances since Ellen Johnson took over the Liberian presidency, there are reports that some people in her government have used her name saying “By directive of the president” to do things that they were not told to do.

    Any Liberian who lived during the Liberian war knew about what was called “GI moral” in which soldier went about doing things in the name of high command from their top commanders. So I am really sick of these they say, he say, without any direct testimony. I just cannot imagine how these judges will convict Mr. Taylor on such testimonies. gosh!!!

  4. Can someone please help me, in one of my President’s (Taylor) statements he said that he moved in White Flower in Jan. 1998 and here he is saying he moved in 1999 Jan. Is it that the one who typed this information made an error

  5. DC,

    I’m not sure that Mr. Taylor ever said that he moved into White Flower in 1998. What he has told this court is the that, there was no where called White flower in Liberia before 1998. I stand corrected on this.


    Harris K Johnson

    1. Harris,

      Let me add to your coments. The issue of when Whiteflower came into being is not in contest. So if Mr. Taylor misspoke on the date, it is of little consequence.

      The grave issue is that whiteflower was not there before 1998. So receiving ammunition from whiteflower in 1996 and 1997 is the contest.

    2. DC and Harris,
      The statement about Taylor moving into White Flower in 1998 was my mistake and i take responsibility for it. It was a typographical error. Here is Mr. Taylor’s exact statement on September 15 2009.
      “And I moved into that building in January of 1999.”

      This was made prior to his testimony of September 22 where he reiterated that he moved to White Flower in 1999.

      His statement of the 15 can be found in the September 15 transcript, page 28857, line 19. Link to transcript is http://www.sc-sl.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=pn8MCoPEshE%3d&tabid=160.
      Sorry guys for the misunderstanding.


      1. Thanks, Alpha,

        Its okay, we all are humans and are in errors. Have a nice day. Please wave a smile to my President, Mr. Taylor on my behalf the next time you see him.

        Harris K Johnson

  6. I think this is simple thing Keita has to do. To give weight to this case according he was give a letter sign by Taylor. Now can he come with said with the signature fixed on it. Simple, there no need push and pull on his part. Another thing is that I asked myself over and over again, why is it Taylor have all of these documents to prove his case and the persecutor witnesses don’t always have nothing to show at all as factual documentation. The defence team is displaying documents days in and days out to proof their case rather than someone just talking from a third or fourth parties.We are waiting for the cross anyway.Thanks to all for the contributions.

  7. Now guys let’s get this straight here about taylor’s blantant denial of ever providing such types of weapons like anti air craft twin barrel gun that required ten men to operate as hypothetically true; then what other types of weapons did these witnesses use that taylor thinks, were supplied to RUF rebels by him, to fight his enemy, LURD forces that he taylor, has admitted, were attacking Lofa County, the only routes to transport arms to RUF and the diamond fields in Sierra Leone? Even if what weapons used were only RPGs, they established leankage to his, taylor, mendling in the internal affairs of The Republic of Sierra Leone! Besides,it doesn’t matter whether taylor moved into his white flower home in 1998 or 1999 on his birthday, What matters here is activities that took place from white flower mansion owned by gankay taylor! As I always say to some of you on this site; it is understandable that taylor, of course, is not going to admit to anything here because for him to do so will change his only point of defense! Therfore all we need to do here is to note each denial down,analyze it and establish whether or not taylor is connected or not! It is this simple Ladies and Gentlemen!

    1. Fallah,

      In response to you above comments, I wanted to put Taylor’s contention into perspective. Taylor claim is he did associate with the RUF and did render them military assistance. But the timeframe of their collaboration fall outside of the period that the prosecutions witnesses are referring to. Mr. Taylor says after May 1992 he did not assist RUf. These witnesses are saying that he assisted RUF up to the avent of his presidency and beyond.

      Second point, Fallah is that LURD came into being after Taylor was elected. So Taylor is saying he did not supply arms to RUF at that time nor as RUF to attack LURD.

      But my draw on this situation is that Taylor is a war hero, and there is no argument about that. He took on ECOMOG and we all know the story. What is little LURD for Taylor NPFL. We know that Taylor is sitting over there because he never had ammunition to counteract LURD’S advances. Had Taylor had ammunition, he would have driven LURD back to Guinea and set up security corridors in Guinea like he did before.

      So this whole story of arms and ammunition flowing to RUF while Taylor is being attacked and he cannot defend himself is preposterous.

    2. Fallah,

      Mr. Taylor at no point in time ever said that he supplied weapons to RUF in order to fight LURD. What Taylor has said in this court is that in 1992 he supplied weapons to RUF to help fight ULIMO forces that were attacking his position in greater Liberia. Please get this stight before you jump the gun.


      Harris K. Johnson

    3. J Fallah Menjor,
      Charles Taylor has not denied everything as you state. He admitted arming the RUF between 1991-1992. He also explained why this relationship was terminated. No where in his testimony has he said that he gave arms to the RUF to fight LURD as you state in your post. Fallah you have to accept that Mr. Taylor’s Defense has provided far more documentary evidence of his non involvement in Sierra Leone then you thought they would have.

  8. What is Mr. Taylor trying to say here
    Mr. Taylor today said that he has never even met Witness Keita in person.

    “I didn’t know the gentleman, never met him,” Mr. Taylor said.

    Mr. Taylor accused Witness Keita of having joined another rebel faction leader, Roosevelt Johnson, to fight against his (Taylor’s) forces.

    “I would be stupid, very stupid to do that. Keita, who I know had demonstrated his disloyalty as an enemy combatant, to recruit him among thousands, I Charles Taylor, will never do that,” he said.

    1. IveIe,
      When the transcript for where you quote Charles Taylor as having made those statements are available. Please let us know the date of the testimony and time so we can read it. You can access the transcripts at. http://www.sc-sl.org

  9. IveIE
    This kind of thing does not call for an Albert Einstien to explain. You can know about the activities of somebody without ever knowing or ever meeting that person. I am sure you have never ever met Barack Obama but you know of his activities.

    So please do not be alarm at common sense.

    1. King Gray,

      I had wanted to wait for the transcript of yesterday’s testimony in order to determine from a global view, the context within which the statement was made. Becaue we know Taylor is calculative. These little errand boys do not know our president. That is why the west has got them saying all these foolish thing like eating human beings and moving ammunition through ecomog and using U N helicopter to transport ammunitions. They just must be out of their minds and have this case appearing like a circus.

  10. Whoa, hold up there Fallah, anti aircraft gun doesn’t require ten men to operate, not even a M1 Tank requires ten men. Most AAG requires two men at most, one to load and hold the cathrage steady and one to shoot

    1. Who is this John Thompson correcting J Fallah Menjor post of “ten men operating anti aircraft gun”? Is it the same John Thompson that wants to see President Taylor guilty in this trial eventhough, according to him, the trial is not about Sierra Leone? No matter what, the truths will always triumph over lies. Always John, fight for the truth and not falsehood and hatred.

  11. Thanks guys for understanding ourselves! RUF should be held for attrocities the committed against countries and individuals and not Mr.Taylor. How many Liberians were amputated during our civil war? Why thousands of sierra leoneans got amputated by their own countrymen? Why wasn’t the Guinean government questioned for the support for lure rebels against the Republic of Liberia? If we can’t prosecute all those involved, please send Ghankay back home to cast his vote in the upcoming election.

  12. Fallah you make boast of your education and your American citizenship. you always sending others to the classroom. Why are you not getting this whole thing. I don’t think this require lot of education to understand common sense. Did Taylor say he never support the RUF? He did from the early days of his revolution, and this man said. Again the time in question that these witnesses talking about is far from the time he Taylor was in contact with the RUF. Don’t ask me how I got to know, because documents in court show it.As for John thompson Taylor did not say you need ten men to shoot an anti air craft gun. I know you need one man to shoot very well. The ten men Taylor mentioned there are there to protect the heavy weapon just in case of an attack.

  13. By the way who is this Keita so much that Taylor will gave him a letter to join the NPFL fighting force at that time. Can someone please help me here on this Keita.

  14. Leoroy I was refering to Fallah claim that it requires ten men to operate an anti-aircraft gun. Fallah, I think Leoroy has a point, you need to respect everyone’s decision regardless of where they are or education. Are you one of those Liberians in Menesota, Philly, etc. who just got to America couple of years ago and think they know everyhing or are better than the people back home? I hope not. Well a lot of us have live in the U.S. including myself for over 17 years and are very well educated with something like a Masters in Industrial Engineering so lets leave that one alone, Leoroy I understand. But back to the issue at hand, does anyone really know when this White Flower house of Taylor was build or when he moved in, I found some info on it but I don’t think the sources are credible. I would also like to know as the been any poll conducted in Liberia as to if Liberians think Taylor is guilty or innocent, because it seems most of the forums are in support or Taylor and when someone say something against Taylor there’s been a static response.

    1. Hi,

      As we have noticed, most of the comments coming from Liberians are in support of Taylor. This is understandabl as this group may have been the same people who enjoyed Taylor’s gravy during his NPFL days and when he was president. As typical Liberians would normally say. “We leave everything to GOD”. Not all Liberians support Taylor but most Liberians would like to see justice take its course in this case.


  15. John Thompson, I do not live in Minnesota. I live in the Wild Wild West of America and I came to the United States in 1984 on scholarship! I have two Masters. Does this satisfy you? Let’s move on to the main point of taylor’s crime against the citizens of Sierra Leone and his continious lies of not knowing about all the charges! That is what this trial is all about, Thompson.

  16. Leoroy, Dennis,
    Don’t even wast your time asking that question of Keita, even emett Ross who was a Captain in the US Army didn’t required a letter before Joining the NPFL. How about this so-called prosecutor shame! It’s easy think about telling lies but to keep the lies connected is the most difficult part to do….. Anyway good Job Keita, you have earned yourself the best lie ever there is. What next do you have to say, Mr. Taylor killed you pa and ma?

  17. charles taylors former rebels on this site. We all know now. I am dissappointed that the prosecution didn’t do their homework well enough. we should also remember that charles taylor is one of the most intelligent leaders out of Africa. He was smart enough to cover his tracks as he did his evil deeds. Now in court he presents evidences to make himself look like a saint, while he destroyed all the evidences that would’ve been used to convict him, but if he is exonerated which i doubt, he’ll face the man upstairs on judgement day.

    1. Madman,
      I think you should go for psychiatric treatment first. when you are well and able to think as a reasonable human, then you would be able to critically analyse the prosecution case and compare it to what the defence is doing now. you will then find out that any rational human will easily see that Mr Taylor is NOT guilty or at least the prosecution has done a shoddy job.

    2. Ok, crazyman,
      I am happy that the information was successfully drilled into you . Even though it took some men hours and hard work, but it was done. Most important!!.. The rest of your statement seem as though you might need some rehabs. For that, I will talk to Fallah ,I am sure his recommendations will be sactisfying, cuz he has been there. Thank you!!

      1. Dear readers,
        A reminder to keep it civil with each other and focus on the trial. Good conversations are happening here about the issues – let’s not get distracted from them.

    3. Madman.
      Are you saying that eventhough you don’t think the prosecution has proven it’s case but that Taylor should still be found guilty?

  18. No madman charles taylor is not clever. Infact I think he is very stupid. He just happens to get away with things in past because he had guns. Blaise Campoare was clever, he pull out in time to dump Taylor right in it.

    Anway, I wish all the best, Cus he is goning to need it.

    1. Eagle-eye,
      where sre Charles Taylor’s guns? I tell you If he had guns in 2001-2003, LURD and MODEL would have been history just like ULIMO K and J, Coalition Forces, Moskito Spray, INPFL, LPC, AFL and others that dared to confront Charles Taylor when he was armed.

    2. Eagle-eye, What big guns Talor had that made him get away with so many things in the past? Between President Taylor and Ecomog, which one had the biggest guns including Alfa Jet Bombers, Cluster bombs, War Tanks, Full Battle router, CBR suits, Helicopter Gunships, etc? Ecomog. Between Taylor and the Coalition Forces, who had the biggest guns? Coalition Forces. Between LURD and Taylor, who had the “Big” gun? LURD. Amongst LURD, MODEL and Taylor, who the UN made sure the arm embargo was inforced on? Taylor. Who side America and Great Britain was on during the conflct? Anybody, but Taylor. Stop misrepresenting the facts in order to advance your hidden agenda Eagle-eye. Taylor dominated simply because of his growing exponential popularity in and out of Liberia. Just imagin, this Innocent man is in the custody of the court and yet he is still dominating Liberia politics, this website and regional politics. Stop lying on the guns. Look at this website; it speaks volume in itself. Where is the gun that making him to dominate this website and others?

  19. Madman,

    Please do not make open statement here by referring to people on this site as Taylor rebels, and at the same time acknowledge that the prosecution has failed to directly link Mr. Taylor to crimes committed in SL. We have from time to time said that the prosecution has failed to present evidence against Mr. Taylor in this court as prescribe by law. If you agree as you have stated, then you are also one of the many voices that say Mr. Taylor must be set free for the good of justice for all. There is no rebels on this site please Mr. Madman.

    Harris K Johnson

    1. Harris,

      I want to take a different approach to this rebel on site issue that keeps propping up. We know that Mr. Taylor was the top rebel of the NPFL. There were other top rebels, like Ellen Sirleaf, current president of liberia, Tom Wewoyou.Alhaji Kroman, the late Roosevelt Johnson, etc. My question is there anything disdainful about being a rebel. What if we were rebels, so what. What is the big deal. Being a rebel does not forfeit us the right to engage in meaningful dialogue. I want to see one rebel who condemns his revolutionary activities. So please find other lines of disputes and desist from this childish point of someone being a rebel. There is no disgrace in being a rebel.

  20. madman,
    No one is saying here that Mr. Taylor had not done anything wrong, instead, what we are saying is that Mr. Taylor had been accused of crimes committed in Sierra Leoane but the prosecution have not provided the evidences to support their claims against him. In this light, it now appear as if Taylor is being prosecuted for different reason than what he is accused of doing. Many witnesses has come to say, John told me ( Flomo Keke ) that, Paul told James ,James told Cecelia that Taylor sent Sarah to dry the ocean around the world.

    Are those the kind of witnesses or evidences you will used as prosecutor in an high profile case like this and you want people to believe this kin of thing? Without bringing , John, James,Flomo Keke; Paul, cecelia and Sarah to hear their side of the story?

    Actually,if the evidences were there to support the prosecutions claims then what she should have done is to bring Sarah who Mr. Taylor had told to go and dry the Ocean around the world. Why haven’t the prosecution done just that my people? If you fight, fight in a way to end the fight not to continue the fight at all.

    If it’s true that Mr. Taylor did all of these things, then bring the evidences that support just that not they say, Noko4 or Noko5 say heard Taylor Talking on the Radio about marching with arms and ammunitions for RUF while partying with ULIMO on the border of Sierra Leone! IF THE PROSECUTION CAN’T PROVED THAT MR. TAYLOR COMMITTED THESE CRIMES JUST BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T DO THEIR HOME WORK, it simply means that he never committed the crimes he’s charged with, period!

    We hope they will do a better Job next time by investgating for themselves instaed of trying to pay people to lie to them and they themselves didn’t care to do a fact finding on those witness testimonies!

  21. Dear Guys

    Am new and as would like to take part and give my opion. I have some reservation to the whole process of the so call court. May I start by saying as usual we africans will sell our pride, honour and every thing for Money. Did they (the so call witnesses) against Taylor gorget when this man put is life in the front line and sacrifice a lot.

    we africans are short sighted, from Taylor this will give way to the west to come for the rest of the african leaders. I will keep reading the proceedings to follow the lies fabircated by these so call withnesses, so far I have not come across one who would claim that Mr Taylor gave me to give to RUF.

    Keep up the good job

    1. Good post Muhamed Samate. You are always welcome on this site. Clearly you understand that every human being has intrinsic and inherent worth and value. President Taylor is a human being and he must be treated with absolute worth and value and not be treated as a means to and end. However, you are not new when it comes to the truth. I hope to read and see you posting more because I think you are very insightful and can provide more knowledeg than you can possible imagin. Again, good and awesome post.

  22. John Thompson, there are no polls taken in Liberia to know how many people think taylor is guilty or not! Are you out of your mind? Even if polls were taken, do you think that would then sway the decisions by the Judges on this case?
    You see, this is why we need to focuse on the issues of rapes, sexual slavery, and many other abuses taylor subjected the citizens of Sierra Leone during the 11 years of war for which he stands accused! Stop this nonsense and ignorance. Do not pretend to know what you are saying. Know what you intend saying and say it!

    1. Here you go again Fallah, I thaught john was your body and on your side in this case. Are you telling us that john was part of people who rape and sexually harrased peaceful sierraleonean during their civil crises? Sorry proffessor, help me here.. I didn’t understand your drive. Are you trying to implicate poor john too. Ha.. HA.. funny.. please lets get serious. Liberians are decent people even when we tend to disagree.. especially in the kind of civil criises as the we went through.. There is noway a liberian will go to their sisterly country like sierraleone and rape, amputate, sexually enslave and cause the kind of mayham that those people did to them selves and now are blaming or accusing taylor for notthing. Taylor is a nice president , a father, a redeemer and an african heroe. his mentality is not low. He would have not , and will never, never ,I say ever give such kinds of orders.

      1. Noko5, do you remember the yellow book Jehovah Witness used to distribute in Liberia when we were growing up? One of the pages says “Trouble in David house.” Trouble really in J. Fallah Menjor Camp. Fallah attacking John Thompson and John Thompson firing back. Madman attacking the prosecution for bringing a weak case without evidence, while Eagle-eye telling Madman it was the “GUNS” that made Taylor get away with so many things in the past but not because he was clever. Fallah instructing Bundu not to quit; even though he was the first to quit. What is really going on in the prosecution camp?

        1. Jose,
          This is the huricaine force; anything in our way will either go with u,s or get scattered, get disintergratd ,thrown away or diminished. Right now, we’ve been successfull at keeping them locked down. There is notthing they have to say that would make any legal justification of their lieing case against mr. taylor. They are now confused; All we need to do now is to controll them an their meager day say/hear say resources. As for Fallah, he said he got two master degrees, but I know the nursing home he works and the retarded he is taking care of . One thing I know is that, the oldman is tyre with fallah big, big english all day. As for madman, he’s already gone.. so I am not worry.. For Thompson, he got no clue of this whole case.. but we are watching him..ok Jo, I which you and the rest of guys a happy weekend.

  23. Fallah has been in the US since 1984 this guy has not experienced what really happend in Liberia to know that the war charles taylor fought in Liberia was completetly different than wat was fought in S.L. No liberian got their arms cutt off unless they were injured or shot… Yes charles did bad things in Liberia but the sierra leonans did that mess to themselves… They should hold themselves accountable….

    1. MI BANORAMAS, according to you, you are not concerned about the matters in Sierra Leone. But, however, “Taylor is a global criminal he is already guilty for inciting hatred, and waging atrocities against my people in Liberia”. Well Mr. MI BANORAMAS, this case and this website are primarily established for Sierra Leone, and not about your people in Liberia. Besides, could you tell me what court entered a guilty verdict against President Taylor for “inciting hatred and waging atrocities against your people in Liberia? BANORAMAS, you are not more Liberians than those over 75% of Liberians that voted for him. You are not more Liberian than vast majority of us on this site that are saying Taylor is innocent. You are not more Liberian than the people of Liberia. If you care so much about Liberia and want to see President Taylor guilty of what you say he is guilty of, than, you should support the TRC recommendation where his name is being mentioned.


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