Stephen Rapp, Special Court Chief Prosecutor, Answers Your Questions – Part I

Dear Readers,

Your interest in hearing from Mr. Rapp was enormous. Thanks for all the questions.  Unfortunately, we did not have time to cover all the questions that people asked. But we did get through a number of them.  Many related to issues that a lot of people asked about. We also tried to get at least one question from most people answered – though again, unfortunately we did not get to everyone’s answers because there were so many questions and so little time available for Mr. Rapp as he tried to answer the questions we had while in between flights that would take him to West Africa.

Today, we’ve posted the first installment.  We will post the next set tomorrow, and then the next one on Friday.

And with a big thank you to Mr. Rapp for taking the time to answer our questions in his last week on the job, here goes Part I:

A number of readers asked about the allegations of Taylor’s secret bank accounts. We grouped them together to ask Mr. Rapp:

Noko 4 asked: “1. We have heard from you about BILLIONS you claimed Mr. Taylor has in various banks, Mr. Taylor has challenged the entire world to produce a single deposit, moreso, the various accounts. So far, you and your staff have failed to produce anything, WHY??? Are there said accounts, if so, we will see said evidence presented in this court??? If you don’t produce said evidence, what does that do to your case given you have beaten the horse to death on this issue??”

Similarly Kpakoja said: “It’s being awhile now since you made us to understand that Taylor has millions of blood diamond money stacked in foreign banks. To date you have not shown us dime of the Taylor millions. Don’t you thinkl it is time that you show the millions to further boost the prosecution case? Taylor has challenge you and everyone else on this planets to show proof that he has millions in hiding. You want to tell me that Taylor is that sophisticated that you can’t find the money you alleged he has? Now you are talking about assets he owned. The only asset Taylor has is the house in Congo Town, Monrovia which won’t even sell for half a million dollar.”

Abe Lincoln wrote: “It is stated Mr. Taylor has FIVE BILLION DOLLARS in a NY Bank. As a result of the war, I lost my ten year old daughter in 1990 in Liberia. Please tell me when I’ll be compensated for the lost of my child? I’m urgently awaiting your response. I need part of the FIVE BILLION, hurry!”

Zobon asked: “Will you show us were Mr.Taylor allege monies are?”

Meanwhile, Andrew Jlay asked: “Do we expect to see the prosecution confronting Mr. Taylor with his various bank accounts and inquire from him as to how he got $5 billion dollars?”


I would refer the questioner to the record of the bank accounts discovered during the investigations by the United Nations Panel of Experts.  You can actually see part of the bank account record yourself on the UN website, under the links to the Security Council and the Liberia Sanctions Committee.   This is the bank account of Charles Ghankay Taylor on which he was personal signatory at the LBDI in Monrovia.  During the time it was open, millions of dollars were deposited in the account. The most notorious transaction was one where the Oriental Timber Company deposited US $1,999,975 in the morning into the Liberian Treasury and the same US $1,999,975 went into this personal account at LBDI that very afternoon.   From the ledger pages on the UN website, you can see Taylor then making withdrawals and transfers of hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

This is only emblematic of how Taylor allegedly took personal possession of the public resources of Liberia and Sierra Leone.   Of course, what he did with Liberian resources is not directly relevant to the case at the Special Court except to the extent that it reflects on his honesty and credibility as a witness.   However, Taylor’s resources could become very important if he is convicted because under international law a judgment of conviction would establish his liability to compensate the victims or survivors of crimes for which he is held responsible.   These victims would have a legal claim anywhere in the world against Charles Taylor or his property.   Because we care deeply about these victims, we have been developing information about his accounts and sharing it with the United Nations Panel of Experts and national prosecuting authorities so that assets can be traced and eventually made available to the victims. It is a process that has the potential to benefit victims, but this will only begin as to those in Sierra Leone if there is a conviction of Charles Taylor for crimes alleged in our indictment.


Noko 4 asked: “Why isn’t Pres. Kabbah on trial when some of his deputies are facing jail terms; according to some of them, they got INSTRUCTIONS from him. In other words, isn’t he LINKED to their crimes they committed since Mr. Taylor is been LINKED to crimes by RUF???”

Jose Rodriguez wondered: “One of the prosecution witnesses said his legs and arms were amputated by Tejan Kabah army, why isn’t the government of kabah on trial?”

T-Bone asked: “having indicted the late Hinga Norman on war crimes and crimes against humanity , and knowing fully well, that everything that Norman did was done , in the name , and with the blessing of Tejan Kabbah , why has he ( Kabbah ) not been indicted?”


There is no question that President Kabbah, while he was in exile in Guinea in 1997-1998, ordered the establishment of the Civil Defense Forces.  This CDF participated in efforts to overthrow the AFRC/RUF junta.  During its operations, some of its units committed atrocities against civilians, and two of its leaders have been convicted at the Special Court. But the commission of atrocities by these units did not make Kabbah responsible unless it could be proven that he had knowledge of the crimes and, despite that knowledge, provided assistance that substantially aided the commission or caused the commission of those crimes, or that he intended to commit those crimes as part of his strategy or common scheme or plan, or that he ordered or instigated the specific crimes.

We are not prosecuting people because they fought a war on one side or the other.  It is not an international crime for rebels to try to take over a country, and certainly it is not one for a deposed legitimate government to try to restore itself to power.   What is a crime is to commit atrocities against civilians.  We followed the proof on the CDF as high up as we could, and that led to the person who was in effective control of the CDF in the field, the late Chief Sam Hinga Norman.   We presented witnesses who said that before the attack on Koribundo he ordered CDF soldiers to kill everyone that they found in the town and to destroy all buildings except the mosque, the court, and the school.   We had other witnesses who said that Norman was angry afterwards when he saw some civilians who had been allowed to live.   We had no evidence that Kabbah knew about such attacks from his exile in Guinea and we saw that these kinds of acts ended when he returned to Sierra Leone.  Indeed when Hinga Norman was asked in his own trial whether Kabbah had been involved in the choice of tactics, he said no.

By contrast, the evidence that we have presented in The Hague has shown that Charles Taylor consistently encouraged the use of the tactics of terror.  He is quoted by several witnesses as saying that it was necessary to make people “fearful,” and he did this both in Liberia and Sierra Leone by encouraging the commission of atrocities.  I have heard the comment that the tactic of chopping of hands and arms did not occur in Liberia as it did in Sierra Leone.  However, as the Trial Chamber noted in its decision denying the defense motion to dismiss, a witness said that the RUF asked Taylor about this tactic and he approved it because it would make people “fearful.”

People in Liberia do not forget “Operation Octopus” and all of the atrocities committed by Taylor’s NPFL forces.  They remember road blocks made of human intestines.   They remember the chant he used to gain election—“He killed my Pa, he killed my Ma, I’ll vote for him.”  They remember the public display of human skulls on pikes, and indeed Charles Taylor in his testimony still does not see anything wrong with such display.


Noko 4 asked: “There was an Accord signed that ended the war in July ‘99. From my understanding, that Accord FORGAVE ALL for whatever they did during the war years. As I read the charges against MOST, especially Mr. Taylor, MOST of his charges occurred before the Accord was signed. So why isn’t the Accord been honored when it was SIGNED OFF by the int’l communities??”


Yes, there was a peace accord signed at Lome, Togo, when the RUF forces were in control of most of the territory of Sierra Leone, and despite the horrendous atrocities that it had so recently committed, the RUF was able to negotiate a very sweet peace agreement in which its leader Foday Sankoh was made the effective vice president of Sierra Leone and put in charge of the mining industry that he had been trying to seize and exploit.  The accord also included an amnesty barring prosecutions by Sierra Leone under its domestic law in its national courts of any individuals for crimes committed in the civil war before the date of the accord. The United Nations participated in that negotiation, and Secretary-General Kofi Annan added to end of the agreement a statement that the amnesty did not apply to crimes under international law.   These include “crimes against humanity,” which are offenses committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack against civilians, and “war crimes,” which are offenses against the Geneva Conventions or the Additional Protocols involving the intentional targeting of civilians during an armed conflict.

Of course, the Lome peace accord fell apart in 2000, when rebel forces killed four UN peacekeepers and abducted another 500, and Sankoh’s guards killed civilians who were demonstrating in Freetown against the abductions.   The following month the President of Sierra Leone wrote to the United Nations and asked for the establishment of a court to try those responsible for atrocities committed during the civil war, and this led to the creation of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.  Once the Special Court was in operation and the Prosecutor issued indictments, the accused individuals filed motions asking that the cases be dismissed because of the Lome amnesty.  The judges of our Appeals Chamber then held, very consistently with international law, that amnesties do not bar prosecutions for international humanitarian law by an international court such as the Special Court for Sierra Leone.  All of our indictments have charged only such violations against leaders in Sierra Leone of the RUF, the AFRC, and the CDF, and against Charles Taylor.

Regarding Liberia, I have not seen any official document that the Liberian Legislature approved an amnesty for atrocities committed during its civil war.   However, I have very recently heard that there may have been such a law considered just prior to Taylor going into exile in August 2003.  But no one has found an original of such a statute or the act of the Liberian legislature, or of its approval by then President Taylor or his successor President Blah.  But in any case, the act of a national legislature cannot bar a prosecution by an international court such as the Special Court for Sierra Leone for international crimes.


Harris K Johnson asked: “What is your stand as a prosecutor on HEARSAY and DECUMENTARY EDVIENCE ?”

Noko4 asked: “How come HEARSAY is the ONLY CREDITABLE evidence the prosecutors gave us during their showing given the amount of money been spend??? Do you truly believe one should be jail away for life on HEARSAY??”


The rules of the Special Court, like all international courts, permit the judges to consider any probative evidence, including hearsay.  This is appropriate because the trials are not conducted before juries but by learned judges who can decide the weight to be given each item of evidence.   Usually direct evidence receives more weight, and we have presented direct evidence against Charles Taylor.   But hearsay evidence can receive appropriate weight, and particularly when combined with other evidence can provide a very accurate picture of events.

For instance, it can include results of a thorough investigation by a reliable independent human rights observer who has received the information on the strict condition that identities will remain confidential.  On other occasions, it may involve testimony from individuals who have spoken to someone who directly overheard a significant and memorable communication.  Other times, it may include information imparted to a witness on a contemporaneous basis – for instance when a witness was standing next to someone who was on the line with the leader and got the relayed message, “attack that village.”  There can be situations where a witness has heard reports from persons who say that they were buying arms at the direction of a leader, while others have testified that shortly thereafter groups supported by the leader were found to have arms of the kind that were being purchased.   This can show a pattern that the judges can consider together with the totality of evidence.

Particularly when you are dealing with powerful leaders who pull the strings behind the scenes, it is important to be able to use this kind of evidence, provided that at the end of the day well-trained judges weigh it appropriately and find, combined with other evidence, that the prosecution has met its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.


Andrew Jlay asked: “We have been given to understand that the original indictment for Mr. Taylor’s arrest was disclosed to the US Government, prior to it official unsealing. How true is this account and what was the rationale if the account is correct?”


I do not know if that was the case because it was prior to my arrival at the Special Court.  If it were the case, that would be allowed by the rules of the Court which permit court officials to contact national authorities for assistance in the execution of arrest warrant.  Those authorities may have intercepted communications about where an individual may be located or to where the individual may be traveling in the future.  Indeed such contacts are absolutely essential because international courts do not have the power to arrest–it is only national authorities that have that power.   When requested by court officials, these authorities make the arrest and then transfer the arrested individual to the custody of the court.  So the arrest warrant may be sealed as to the public, and the accused, but it is not sealed as to authorities of the member states of the United Nations.


Sylvanus asked: “You have been reported in the media as saying that you are convinced that Charles Taylor will be convicted even when the trial is still on. Have you suddenly been promoted from being a prosecutor to the enviable position of a judge in this case? Do you think a truly professional and competent prosecutor should be making such public statements even when the trial is still pending?”

Helen asked: “Whay are you so sure that Taylor “will” be convicted? Are you allowed to prejudice this trial in such a manner or are you stateing what your superors have decided will be a foregone conclusion? Is this trial just a mockery?”

MR. RAPP’S ANSWER: All I can say is “beware of headlines.”  I have never predicted that Taylor will be convicted.   One or two headline writers may have put that headline above stories, but if you read the stories and saw my actual quotations, I said no such thing.  What I have done is repeat what I said in my opening statement in court, summarized what witnesses have said in court, or quoted rulings by the judges.

I have explained the evidence that we have presented, and have described the submissions that we have made in court particularly on the motion to dismiss.  I have quoted the conclusion of the judges that we have presented a sufficient case for conviction on all of the counts of the indictment, while noting that this decision was made at the end of prosecution case when the judges must consider the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution, and before the defense has presented its evidence.  So one has to listen very carefully to comments made by prosecutors and defense attorneys to understand that we don’t jump to conclusions – we simply describe what we have done and what judges have said about what we have done.


Stay tuned for the next installment tomorrow!


  1. Folks,

    I could go on and on….I will respect this forum and refrain from using vulgarity—this guy said so much and nothing—ALL BULL CRAP! I am disappointed. His justification for exonerating Kabbah is at best falsehood.

    I am rather fuming at the moment. Maybe when I can get my thoughts together I will comment better. What bothers me, are not the misstatements, and he (RUPP) thinks that he is smarter than we. It’s the same arrogance that he was smarter than the prosecution that is has a “sifter” case (cannot hold anything). This is completely unfair and taking advantage of our intellect. This is all bogus, and OOoooooo….. I will stop! Rapp thinks we are stupid!

  2. Tracey- thanks for posting the first set of Mr. Rapp’s answer to our questions. I do understand that Noko4 is one of the most vocal and consistent commentary on the web site and no doubt credit is due him. However, the first group of questions posed to Mr. Rapp were mostly questions from Noko4. No offense Noko4. I hope the next set of questions are distributed among others.

    1. B Big — you raise a good point. It just happened that Noko4 posted his questions first and covered a number of questions that had been either raised on the site previously, or others asked after him. The discussion started with the first set of questions. The remaining questions in the coming posts move further down the list of people who asked questions. Again, it is with regret that we did not get to ask him all the questions that people had posted due to time constraints. But we can work out a way to try to get at least some of them answered at a later date, either by us or others.

  3. Excellent answers Mr. Rap your stocks has just raisen to the roof.consitently we are mislead by these pro Taylor advocates who along with master[Taylor] have pointed their fingers everywhere to justified his crimes against humanities.I think it is time for them to face the obvious. again thanks for establishing the money trails of Mr. Taylor, and the facts that, if he is convicted these poor victims will have a claim is a very welcoming news. once again many thanks Mr. Rapp.

    1. Ziggy Salis,

      If you had read the Prosecutors explanation well, you would have noticed that he did not mention any overseas bank acount. he said taylor had an account in a bank in Liberia. where do you expact Taylor to have an account? is it in China? he lives in Liberia for God’s sake! or is he not entitled to have an account? the prosecution should do more. they have not not done enough.

    2. Tracey,

      Thanks for posing my question to Mr. Rapp. If his comments are true that agreements for amnesty have been held by the court not to bar prosecution for war crimes et al then this is very worrisome indeed. This makes it even more difficult for conflicts to be resolved in the future. I think that decision is anti- conflict resolution as it discourages warring factions from entering into peace accords. If a millitant knows he can be tried for war crimes even after entering a truce why would they want to enter into a truce. I think such decisions by the courts are counter-productive as against future conflicts.

      1. Sylvanus,

        I am thinking that I disagree with you to on indemnity for grave crimes. Excesses in war and blatant violations of international laws and convetions are two different. things. Excesses among other things could include lootings, isolated incidents of rapes, isolated incidents of summary executions or murders, etc. These kinds of violations of the rules of engagements could enjoy the courtesy of blanket amnesty.

        However, when the situation involves widespread, coordinated pillages and massacres, then the violations could rise to the level of international crime. There are two components, those that are committed against humanity and those that violate the rules of engagements. So the nature and level of the violation could claim international attention.

        In the case of the special court, the statute stipulated that such amnesty does not bar responsibility for these crimes, of course provided that proof exists. And I do not think that any levelheaded person should have problem with that.

        However, in the case of Taylor the needle cannot penetrate the hailstack. They cannot prove convincingly(beyond doubt) a connection between Taylor and the crimes. There is no direct link. They rely on heresay and associations with the RUF. It is good that Rapp cleared the air that support for rebel groups does not constitute a crime, even in violation of sanctions and embargos, the support is not considered a crime. Whether crimes are committed later, the support does not constitute a crime. The criminality is hinged upon the knowledge and omissions of the accused. As in the case of Kabbah.

        And this is where I need clarifications on Rapps statement, if any legal expert can help me. Mr. Taylor on one hand is being held to the standard that he knew or should have known that his assistance to the RUF would have resulted into this level of criminality. On the other hand Kabbah is not being held to the standard that he should knew or should have knwon that his assistance to the CDF would have resulted into the level of crimes. Both Taylor and Kabbah were removed from the scene. Kabbah was in Guinea and Taylor was in Liberia. Two different standards, same case, political motivation? Maybe.

        1. Andrew,

          As always, nice post. For those who have followed the trial with eagle eyes. Did any of the witnesses say that CT instructed them or heard CT suggest using “fearful” tactics as Rapp alluded? Because this was his excuse for exaggerating Kabbah from crimes against humanity. From what I gathered though both men (CT and Kabbah) are accused of giving orders to various groups, Taylor instructed the use of fear and he (CT) was therefore knowledge and accountable for the actions of RUF based on his instruction.

          Anyone please!

        2. Andrew,

          Your thoughts are spot on! I agree there shouldn’t be an ‘escapus’ in peace accords for war criminals and ‘ejus dem generis’. I also concede that in the instant case the court was right when it held in line with the Statute establishing it and other International Instruments/conventions, that such agreements or accord cannot bar prosecution against violations.

          From my understanding of the meaning of the word ‘indemnity’ I do not see how my earlier comments could have indicated that I was saying war criminals et al should be indemnified for their atrocities.


          To be more practical. If the current ex-combatants who are being, have been and are about to be tried were to be (God forbid) in a conflict situation as it was in Siereleone again. Do you think by any stretch of the imagination; that with this Statute and the decision of this court in hindsight that these ex-combatant if they were to be in the scenerio of the Lome Peace Accord again would succumb?

          Again, I repeat that I do not say war criminals should not be punished nor do I say any serious violations of International Crimes should go unpunished. NO! However, their exemption from the effect of amnesty deals portend a salient danger to future attempts at conflict resolutions.

    3. Ziggy,
      Mr. Rapp just skirted around the issues. He nevers mentions were the billions are. Only that they found one bank account in Liberia which had 1.9 million deposited. I do not think 1.9 million is going to help all the war victims very much. Remember even the 1.9 million is not in the account anymore.

  4. Mr. Rapp failed to answer the questions. His answers were full of contradictions and elusiveness just like the persecution witnesses. All the way long, Rapp vehemently stated that Taylor had million of dollars in foreign banks and the money will be recovered and distributed to the war victims of Sierra Leone and Liberia. Now he has switch from recovering the millions to if Taylor is found guilty his property and money will be giving to the war victims. “TOTAL NONSENSE’ borrowing a phase from Taylor.

  5. Stephen Rapp, your sleazy little tricks has been exposed by these tough questions we have asked. You should be ashame of the way you conduct yourself. You could not show anywhere where President Taylor’s alleged Five Billion Dollars is. It appears to the world that it is you and your clients on trial. Acoording to you, OTC deposited almost two million dollars in the Liberian treasurre and during the afternoon, the money was transferred into an account of which President Taylor is signatory. Is two million dollars the same as five billion? Is that the only amount you know of? The log business OTC was doing in Liberia is not from Sierra Leone. It is the Liberian people money. Besides, where is the money? Are you charging Taylor for corruption now? Do you have proof of the five bilion dollars that you said Taylor has? You are hustling so hard to come out with that amout of money. Like I said, you’re a very lousy, sloppy, gloomy, and unreliable prosecutor who just talk bunch of rubbish.

    Steve, You are telling us that there is no link between President Kabah and chief Sam Hinga Norman on one , but on the other hand, Kabah formed the CDF of which Hinga Norman was the field commander. DO you know how the command structure of a military, rebel, and armed groups operate? Do you care to know? There is a chain of command and and there are diivsions of work description. For example, S1 is administration, S2 Intelligence, S3 operation S4 supplies, there is no S5, S6 training, and S7 command and control. The commander on the ground take orders from their bosses. In the case of CDF, Kabah was the head. You continue to contradict yourself. You have no case on this man. Let him go.

    I will respond on the other issues little on.

    1. Jose,
      Thanks very,very much brother; You analysis is so ,so, great. I personally want to advice the UN and the world at large, that STEVEN RAPP has lied on taylor, lied to the people of sierraleone, have cause money that is supposed to be spend on the suffering people of the world to be misused and misdirected . This guy should be indicted by the UN, and taken to court to face trial. No wonder why he is taken job in washington DC… This is a big corn artist that needs to go jail.. HE IS A CRIMINAL !!!

  6. Sorry guys, I’m right now in the field. I will get back to Mr. Rapp as soon as I get back to Monrovia. Big thanks to Tracey.

    Best wishes


  7. ‘BIG STEVE” (RAPP), clearly you are a supporter of torture as evidence for the defence you have put up for President Kabbah. This man headed one of the notorous groups in Sierra Leone (CDF) known for chopping arms and limbs and yet you say there is no link. Rapp, you remind me of the recent debate on US torture interrogation. Punish the little guys that was just following orders from the higher ups and let the higher ups go sky free. You have the audicity to tell us that there is no proof that Kabbah did anything wrong but, there is proof that Hinga Norman who was just following orders from the higher ups did something wrong. What an irony. However, I know you are one of those who believe President Bush did nothing wrong in Iraq, but only the US military did. Nice Try “BIG STEVE.”

  8. Rapp, you said you did not predict President Taylor will be convicted. However, it was two headline writers who sensitionalize the papers. You also warned us to beware of HEADLINES. Rapp, seriously, are you serious for real? You can not be serious. Why should we take your irresponsible comments on hearsay of second, third, and forth party testimony, but we can not take the newspaper any serious. Based upon your own standard of measure and court rules, second, third, forth party statement is admissible. What if I said a dead brother of mine sat in that interview and clearly heard Mr. Rapp saying that he is convinced Taylor will be convicted. Will that be fair to you? Wouldn’t you ask for more evidence such as tape recorder, video or tangible evidence? That’s the kind of case you are fighting. Just imagin, your live is not on the line and you are telling us to beware of headlines. Shame on you Mr. hypocrit.

    1. Jose,

      See! Calm down man! Go and drink a cold glass of water…gather your thoughts then come and write. You are throwing insults at this guy because he was given a job to do and he did it to what he thought was the best of his abilities. I too am disappointed at the answers thus far. As you, I was upset, but I held off on commenting much until I calm down—take a chill pill…Gosh!

  9. Dear Readers,

    I know that this trial provokes much emotion. I also know some agree and disagree with the prosecution of Mr. Taylor.

    But regardless, let’s show Mr. Rapp the same courtesy and respect that we try to show each other on this site. Let’s focus on, discuss and debate the substance of his answers, and the issues. I will be asking us to do the same thing when we post Mr. Griffiths’ interview.


    1. Thank you Tracey, some of these comments are getting out of hand. Thanks for taking charge. My suggestion, when one becomes emotionally aroused, I suggest that individual take a break and get his/her thoughts together….thank you again….Because we might disagree it does not mean the poor guy should be disrespected and antagonized.

      1. Thanks Bnker,

        Yes, I agree completely – that is an excellent suggestion. It is an emotional trial, absolutely. And we may agree or disagree with what Mr. Rapp (or Mr. Griffiths) say(s) when they answer our questions. But regardless, both men have agreed to take the time out of their hectic schedules to provide answers for us when they did not have to. They have demonstrated respect for all of us here on the site by responding seriously (or agreeing to respond) to our requests and questions – they surely deserve the same respect in return.

        Also, if we attack these individuals personally, it may provide less incentive in the future for them or their team members to answer the questions we have for them. I think that would be a shame, as I’m sure we will have many more questions for both teams as the trial progresses.

        In contrast, if we debate the issues and the substance of what they say, it’s food for thought for everyone (including Mr. Rapp and Mr. Griffiths), no?

        Thanks again for your suggestion, Bnker,

    2. Tracey,
      We’re doing our BEST not to throw him overboard but to see and read his answers to some critical points in this trial is heartbroken.

      He has made the case WHY Mr. Taylor shouldn’t be in the Hague. I hope the defense seize on this and introduce it into evidence. I know you said you won’t comment until all sides have rested but you must be shaking your head like us all……wondering WHY??

      Again, THANKS for all you are doing… have a SPECIAL place in my heart.

  10. Chief Prosecutor Rapp, thank you for conceding that Liberia has nothing to do with the case. However, why are you reminding liberians about “Operations Octopus lunched by Taylor’s NPFL? Are you trying to gain public support from the Liberian people? If you wanted public support so badly, you could have asked President Sirleaf to ask the National legislature to sign on the turning over of the former president and a citizen of Liberia. Apparently you known the obvious answer. You also made mention of Taylor’s political slogan, “you kill my pa, you kill my ma, I will vote for you.” Rapp, that was not Taylor political slogan. Instead, it was the people’s statement on behalf of President Taylor. Taylor political statement was “above all else the people.” Rapp, I expect you to sink, but the exponential rate at which you are sinking is much faster than I thought.

    1. Jose,

      You are right. What surprises me is the mindset of people. Never ever do you hear astrocities committed by other warring factions during the Liberian civil war. You never hear of astrocities of LURD, ULIMO, MODEL, LPC etc. They factions must have been saints. Even in the premise of the infamous CARTER CAMP MASSACRE in Harbel where nearly 600 persons were victimized, there is silence. All fingers pointed at the NPFL. However when the UN Panel of expers accused the AFL, that incident died a natural death to this day.

  11. Thanks Tracey for the good job.

    I very happy for some of the clarifications Prosecutor Rapp made. There are some who mind is just made up not to accept the facts even if it is glaring. But we understand from where they came from. Just like Taylor who talk play with diction with nothing so convincing.

    Extend my compliments to Mr. Rapp. Perfectly done, this is just the beginning.

    Crimes against humanity must be stop. Looking forward to the next posting.

    1. Kpadekpah Flomoku,

      I do not believe that there is outright objection to trial of alleged criminal involvement. What in my view the concern is equity or fairness to all. What is good for peter must be good for paul. If Taylor could be held responsible for his link to RUF that committed astrocities then Kabbah should account for his link to CDF that also committed astrocities.

      Remember in military protocol the commander is responsible for the actions or inactions of his men. No excuse. He formed the CDF, he is responsible for their actions. Had he not formed the CDF, it would not have been around to commit astrocities. Kabbah is liable, his freedom is purely political.

      I just referred to the Carter Camp Massacre in Harbel during the Liberian crises. To date the accusers or alleged perpetrators have not been booked. Politics play a lot of role in who gets tried like the case of Taylor or who goes free in the case of Kabbah.

    2. Mr. Flomoku,
      If this was you on trial and reading these answers…..what will be your take??? I AM GUILTY??

    3. Mr. flomoku,

      I guess your defination of facts does not exist in websters digtionary, but ours do and thats why we are observing it to the fullest. However we will highly accept when you have gotten to understand what fact is. its going to take some times for you, but eventually you will get there. it’s coming.

  12. I am disappointed in Rapp. He make us to know Taylor have Five Billion Dollars in a United States Bank, he and his experts of panel from the United Nations said so. Now they are telling us that Taylor is a signatory to an OTC account? OTC deposited two million in the government account and it was transferred to to Taylor account in LDBI. As a human Taylor do not have the right to own an account in LDBI? I will say thanks to Taylor for not banking outside his country. Besides The money is not for Sierra Leone so let me make this clear to Rapp. OTC deposited that amount because they were doing logging in Liberia so the money belong to Liberia. The president of that court have the right to throw the case out of that place by now. There is no case against this man. Why is he covering for Kaba like that anyway? Obama has made an error by appointing such man to that great post. He is a disgrace to the group or people that send him. They got no proof.
    I will take part later.

  13. President Obamba being so smart has observed that if Mr Rapp stays on the case and Taylor wins, it will bring disgrace to UNCLE SAM; so he deems it necessary to recall him.

  14. Tracey or Anyone,

    I have read some of the information on the UN link that Tracey provided. There is some references of foreign bank accounts, yet there is no mention of balances in those account. I see there is mentioned of approximately $1M to Gus monthly that was channeled to CT families and friends. There was mentioned of a Tradevco account with $5000 and in Mr. Rapp interview, a $1.9M dollar deposit into LBDI bank. Other than these named, are there more that could lead us to about $5B? I would appreciate additional information. Thanks

    1. Bnker, sorry I personally don’t know of any additional information about that issue. Perhaps we might find out more when the prosecution cross-examines Mr. Taylor, but I don’t know for sure.
      Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    2. Bnker,
      So so LIE about the BILLIONS….you truly believe if Mr. Rapp had such FACT, he was going to play OH NO I WILL NOT SHOW IT????

      Was OTC trading in Liberia or Sierra Leone?? Maybe Mr. Rapp does not even know what this case is about or was he hoodwinking us into believe this was ALL ABOUT SIERRA LEONE but really about LIBERIA too??

  15. This is an ardent plea to the tons of non-LIBERIANS that may choose to visit this forum; Please do not consider the majority views expressed at this debate as representative of the LIBERIAN people. We voted for Mr. Taylor out of fear and up to this date we still harbor fear of him and his stooges that managed to partially establish themselves, thus giving them the advatage of accessing the internet and its components.
    We all saw the DEMON forces that became the ATU. And we knew they did not speak to people because they were 90+% SIERRA LEONEANS, they started talking to people only after the second set of training that comprised of a huge number of Liberians. We know all of this.
    We know what Francois Massaquoi went to do in LOFA when he was shot so as to provide a cover up.
    Look!! my brothers and sisters, you cannot expect The learned Prosecutor to put lies together when the truth is glearing.
    I’m aware of one fact and would want to admonish the viewing/visiting/contributing/debating public that may not know to know; noko4 and noko5 are one and the same person. I even want to suspect that this same person may have more of the opinion on this site with different signatures with the soul aim of making it appear real and the field crowded. Let’s stop this 419 thing. We have become even more expert than those who crafted the 419.
    Thanks Tracey for your aid in helping people know the Taylor team and their tricks.

    1. Prince,
      No sensible person will take that our views as the majority of Liberia but for us that are watching the trial and seeing the EVIDENCES produced by both sides….no one will come to the conclusion that Mr. Taylor is GUILTY!!!. Even you CANNOT reach such judgement!!!! A TRAVESTY it will be to find him guilty just based on Mr. Rapp’s responses.

      Read the answers to our questions and apply FAIRNESS please. Tell me within those answers which one was DIRECT RESPONSE.

      In case you are strange to this case, it’s about Sierra Leone and NOT Liberia!!!!.

    2. Prince Tucker, are you aware also that there was other former warlords of the Liberian conflict who took part in the 1997 presidential election? Could you tell us why the Liberian people did not vote for them instead, voted for Taylor? No excuses buddy.

      Tuck, I live in Japan and I think Noko4 and Noko5 live somewhere else. How can Noko4 and Noko5 be me. Man up brother.

      1. Jose,
        The name Noko4 was given to me by my dad….named after one of his childhood friends while he studied in Ghana; His dad send him there for schooling. The name is Nokofoe when growing up…but you know us Liberians…..we joke with names…friends started adding numbers to the name….Noko1, Noko2 and so on.

        So I just started writting Noko4 and it stucked. Most don’t know my documented name except Noko4… to help ALL, I go by Noko4. If you google Noko4…you will find more about and on me….

        As for my cousin Noko5…..he’s is just be funny….leave him alone.

    3. Prince,

      Thanks for you post. I don’t agree with you 100% though. It’s true there are some ardent Taylor supporters in this forum, as there are strong opposition. Let me clarify, when the word “opposition” is used, it does not mean “enemy”, it means people of different views. Most of us try to be objective. Objectivity is relative you might say. I cannot vouch for everyone, but me. Though I don’t not agree with some of the statements by individuals in this chat, I still respect their views and opinions regardless of how much we differ. I also understand that CT and his cohort let indelible scares on the nation. Those who have opposing views should be allowed to speak freely–even if, their views are too left for you.

      As mentioned, we all have different views. Some would attest to where I stand ( I am not pro Taylor). I objection is not CT being on trail. He deserves to be on trail, however, are the charges against him genuine–I personally be they are. Still, the prosecutors have not presented a case of the evidence to close their case.–they have not. I think the prosecution has made this case comical. The SC-SL has let down the victims of that brutal war.

      While I am also in support justice of those in SL, I was strongly oppose that SC-SL had jurisdiction over Liberia. After reading, Steve Rapp statements, that there was no amnesty under international criminal law, that means that CT is answerable; notwithstanding, the evidence is not supportive of the charges, neither are the witnesses. Even with these deficiencies, the trail still continues. Then it makes more to believe that there is a conspiracy;”the case is political”. If you object, I am sure you will provide why.

      In your thread, you also made reference to LDF leader, you stated, “We know what Francois Massaquoi went to do in LOFA when he was shot so as to provide a cover up.” I personally don’t know why he went to Lofa, could you please elaborate, and when you reference, “we” you are you referring to?

    4. prince,
      Why are you being alittle picky and deviating from the real issue. Just alittle bit about me, I live boston,mass. I am a biomedical engineer/electronics engineer. I also work on high speed electromotive systems for AMTRAK in boston. I name my self noko5 because I like noko4. I think personally he is a very smart individual. Take it or leave it.. thats on U. There is no need for this missdirected creation of STEPHEN RAPP…

  16. Prince Tucker,

    I object in the highest sense imaginable to the last line in your above post. Tracey moderates but does not own this site. And the owners are not party(i.e. have no sides). So the conclusion that they provided this site in order to make people aware of whatever Taylor team and tricks is almost abominable. It is misleading and I suggest that you retract those lines.

    Whether you support a conviction or acquittal is personal and as a human it is your right. As Americans put it, part of your bill of rights. To suggest a comingling of the OPEN SOCIETY, that is unacceptable. Okay.

  17. Sylvanus,

    Brother I believe you, Bnker and I are synchronized here. We just objectively believe that there are questions that Kabbah should answer, but for some reasons he got off and I tell no matter how loud we raise the sirens, it means nothing.

    There is some benefits in this tribunal existing because its presence would serve as a deterrent to arm groups and others who would harbor ideas of mass crimes and violations of international laws. Our only genuine concern is of fairness, and holding everyone to the same standards.

  18. Totall LOST for words…..and some in here still believe Mr. Taylor should be HANG??? Not a fitting RESPONSE to any of the questions…..

    Asked about the million he claimed Mr. Taylor has….he directs us to the UN website; if so true and FACTUAL, why hasn’t he introduced it in this court as evidence??? Plus, was OTC working in Sierra Leone or Liberia.

    Asked why Mr. Kabbah was not prosecuted….Mr. Kabbah didn’t KNOW what was going on….really??? But Mr. Taylor who was NOT in Sierra Leone knew. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!

    Let get home to go over his NONSENSE.

  19. Prince we know that these views are not the view of all Liberian and we are not speaking for Liberia here. We are talking about fairness and true justice. You have lied Prince, by saying the Liberian People voted Taylor in because of fear. I personally worked as election official in Liberia at that time. It was free and fair. That song Rapp mentioned in one of his answers you kill my ma and killed my pa I will vote for you was never Taylor Slogan as he said. If there where you are drawing your points. If you agreed with him then you was not in Liberia at that time as well. What the late Massaquio has to do with this case brother and now you are say he was shot as cover up? What do you mean about 419? If you are to be send to jail for 150 years on they say or classified information without a proof showing to the outside world will that be fair Prince Tucker. I will like to ask you few questions. Was OTC operation in Liberia? Is a right to you for Taylor to have an account in Liberia? If no why? The money deposited by OTC in the Government Treasury is that part of the five billion he told us about? You also believe that Taylor so smart that he got five billion in a bank in the US and the US and the UN can’t get to know the account number or signatory to said account. Many more Prince but just answer these few. Lastly the Slogan for that election that the NPP used was ABOVE ALL ELSE THE PEOPLE. Go and do a bit of research Prince Tucker.
    I am waiting for your answers to these few questions. Have a nice day.

  20. Thanks so much Tracy for giving us the opportunity to question Mr Rapp directly. I’ve read his responses and have also read the ongoing debate. From my understanding, most of the readers are not convince about Mr Rapp responses mainly as it relates to reasons given to exonerate President Kabbah. Secondly, the issue of Taylor stacking billions in accounts around the globe. He has given a devour and is now talking about bank in Liberia. It sounds amazing. Thanks again, I look forward to reading the next set of questions.

  21. i don’t post often since i’m just an American following the trial over the internet. But some of these responses from some posters surprise me. I may be wrong but i don’t think Obama appointed this guy to investigate this situation. Obama has only been president for a number of months. In fact… the trial has been going on longer then his administration has been around. Am i missing something here?

    Also… it seems that a lot of people don’t really care if he did what he’s accused of in SL but they want him to be punished anyway so as to make up for what his NPFL did in Liberia. Let’s try and focus up on what this trial is about… what happened in SL.

    I have to admit that i often wondered why Kabbah wasn’t tried but his people were and i have to say that i am less than satisfied with Mr. Rapp’s answers. I say this because it seems that he didn’t investigate Kabbah with the same fervor and fire that he did with Taylor. I mean if you throw enough money around or give pardons for criminal actions, you can get people to say just about what you want. It appears that that’s exactly what has been done in the Taylor case with just about every witness pointing a finger at Taylor

    To pretend that Kabbah didn’t know what was going on with the group he started is almost insulting and he should have thought better of that answer.

    1. Mack,
      I voted and worked for Obama….what is Mr. Rapp qualification??? Was he vetted??? He claimed Sec. Clinton came to him…..I don’t buy it.

      And I am glad you see what we saw…..RUSH TO JUDGEMENT!!!

  22. This is crazy… These people think they can come in africa and just use us???? I dnt blame them. We let them. Charles G. Taylor is the ONLY man that did not let that happen and now he is on trial and liberians are for his hanging!!! Come on people open your eyes.. If he did anything we the liberians should punish him not the west… They will continue to do it unless we stand up for our own…

    To some peope charles taylor is a hero because he stopped the blood bath that was going on against the mano and gios…

    Africans cnt kept letting the west walk all over us… This is NON SENSE…

  23. Well, Well Well,

    Mr Rapp has once again put his foot in it. No straight answers. It is so clear that he is waffling. He has not been able to produce concrete evidence during the prosecution case and has still not been able to give clear and concise answers to the questions.

    For those who think we are “Taylor” loyalist because we are able to clearly dicipher fact from fabrication, well then it shows a certain lack of understanding. We are looking at the facts and discussing based on what information has been provided and “WE DO NOT SEE THE EVIDENCE TO CONVICT, PURE AND SIMPLE”.

    This case is clearly a very POLITICAL one anybody can see that. Mr Rapp is obviously caught up in this and thus is fighting to save face. Let’s feel sorry for the man and cut him some slack. It must be hard for him being thrown in at he deep end without a paddke in sight. What a joke. No wonder he is leaving this job to save face.

  24. Mr. Rapp I commend you for your clear and direct response to most of the silly questions from these ex fighters who seem to still not get it! Regardless of their cry of FOUL, the trial continues in the cause of the people of Sierra Leone! You have done a great job and remember you will be remembered and appreciated for undertaking such enamous job at this time when most of these supporters are angered by the fact that their BOSS is behind bar and most likely never to see freedom again or to assist them in easy way to riches. Besides with little education they seem to lack rational thinking they need to read “WESTERN CIVILIZATION” A History Book read by University students that were priviledged in the 70’s and 80’s like some of us did in Liberian Higher Institutions of Learning. It is sad how these guys compose and twist facts just to meet their objectives regardless of rational analysis nor logical conclution. This one example taylor did to them! Is this a lost generation of thinkers or idiots? Let’s go back to beig civil guys, this is about the victims and justice!

    1. Menjor,

      Greetings my friend. First, I think its only mature, responsible and intelligent to respect opposing views regardless of how far fetched they might seem. I respect yours as well. That said, I don’t think it’s only sad, but grossly regrettable you called some people “ex-fighters” and their comments or questions “silly”. While some are avowed supporters of CT and others are not. Our views; though divergent at times makes no one “silly”. It rather gives a different prospective of things. Think one way thought process or solution provides no options and alternatives. If everyone thinks CT is innocent or guilty adds no “flavor” to the discussion. While we all welcome your thread, we are not subjected to ridicule or scorn. You have your opinions, they are respected by many in this chat, not everyone will respect them, but majority I assume does. So let’s keep civility and even head in our debates. No one is a fighter in this chat and if there is anyone who was, so what? I am not (I would hope you see the logic to join the chorus) in any position to judge anyone’s honest intent or attempt to speak. I don’t support muzzling or censoring anyone’s views.

      While I agree that some the arguments are sometimes difficult to comprehend, I don’t think you are adding to the discussion with these inflammatory statements. I find it interesting that after your have “flung” accusations and premature judgments, and calls that we educate ourselves, you then call for civility; isn’t this somehow ironic. As I told one of my buddies in this chat,–I refuse to disclose the name–, “don’t throw jabs if you don’t have a strong jaw to take a punch”. I try so hard to remain objective in these discussions, but there is always one thread that challenging my impartiality –guess what? I am not compromising because of this and other comments like these.

      FYI, just in case you think I am an ex-combatant, sorry, I am not. If you think my question was “silly”; sorry to disappoint you. Do I think your thread, is “silly”, nah! I think you didn’t give proper thought to it.

  25. Folks,

    As an impartial observer of this case and it’s merits, I’m very disturbed that the Chief prosecutor so far has not yet answered one of the questions directly!!!! It almost appears as if these people didn’t do their due diligence. For the sake of true justice I hope the prosecutor can capitalize on some of the defense’s missteps during cross examination.

    My Question to all including Tracey, What new evidence if any is the prosecution allowed to submit during cross examination?

    1. Mas,
      Not a lawyer but MAYBE other parts of the evidences he produced in court. This case, if JUSTICE is what been sought, is for the defense to loose.

      I say the defense REST on Mr. Taylor alone except those witnesses on his llist are REAL IMPORTANT to this case.

  26. Hi Tracey & All,
    It is a shame when someone is telling you how stupid you are with a smog on his/her face, at times emotions take the best. Thank for taking charge Tracey, and bnker thanks for helping ur bro jose clam down.
    Tracey the first part of Mr Rapp answer is RUBBISH. If hearsay is good enough to kill a man or send him to jail for the rest of his life, then thank God that my mom give me a good Whipping for gossips. The billions that Mr Taylor has in bank around the world has turned out to be few millions in LBDI. Is Mr Rapp going to put the president of LBDI on the stand? President Ragen did not commit crime for the weapons sold by General North, better yet General North was not responsible for the how they used the weapons. But Mr Taylor is responsible, when a empty head cut off arms and legs of his country man, and tell the special court that his boss told him, the over all boss give the order. Is Mr Rapp saying that the people who committed these crimes, have no comer sense? the soldiers that committed crimes in Iriq and the gurtanoma base, were head responsible for their crimes, but we are not stupid, we know that they were instructed or order to. But verbal order, or hearsay, is not submissive in court. And no President or Generals where court Marshall.
    I will continue to read the papers MR Rapp. If Mr Taylor is guilty,and Mr Kabba is not, then pls Mr Rapp help make world a better place,but first start in ur country.

  27. Prince Tucker, I agree with your fair assessment on few visitors of this site and their irrational manner of communication where as they pretend to make their views as that of all Liberians. Unfortunately they fail to realize that others that visit this site are analyzing their thoughts in each posting and what I have come to believe is that not only are they bent on distortion of facts, but injecting racial slurs such as againt the Prosecution Lawyer, Rapp and similar comments that are very insulting to any civilized and literate person reading them.
    This is why I have each time attempted to redirect these guys back to the main subject of the rights of the victims of Sierra Leone. They seem to be distracting readers intentionally to cover up their BOSS taylor.I Quote Socrates,”He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool” but if you know not and know that you know not you are wise! We know the level of experience from such writers’ thoughts. So Prince I definitely agree with you, these brothers need to get high school education or begin to think rationally!

    1. j fallah menjor et al,

      I like others are not defending Mr. Taylor’s meddling into the affairs of Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor disclosed that he collaborated with the RUF. Countries do meddle into into the internal affairs of other countries. These things happen every now and then, especially in the case of poorer or weaker nations. But does Mr. Taylor involvement with the RUf rise to the level of crime? Everyone has acknowledge that the crimes committed were terrible. But how can Mr. Taylor be linked? This is where we all fall apart.

      There are those who believe that the prosecution justified the indictment of Mr. Taylor and Most of us choose to differ. We contend that the evidence is not credible, sufficient enough and should not be permitted to support a conviction. Said that we therefore support theory that the indictment has political motive or undertone.

      I refer you to Bnker post of September 2 on this topic. What we mean is that powerful nations have decided that Taylor be tried for reasons best known to themselves. We group these reasons and consider them as the interest of these nations.

      Do not forget America has an Africa command now that they gave the acronym AFRICOM. The intent is to be more visible on the continent and cooperate with african nations in areas of capacity building, peace maintenance and stability. Liberia is high on the agenda as the command headquarters. The proximity of east and southern africa to asia and the middle east render them unsuitable for the command headquarter. Of course North africa is out of the question for obvious reasons. From this perspective alone, it is clear that America will not appreciate leaders that are hostile to their policies.

      There are new battles for international influence that are gradually replacing the cold war. China on one hand that holds american treasury notes(financing of america debts) is now spreading its influence internationally. Africa is an ideal candidate for this extension of China. America wants to guide against that.

      On the other hand Islamist extremism and its spread is a concern to America. Liberia that she abandoned after the cold war is not being reconsidered a prime ally .

      So brothers with these threats and philosophies, America would not appreciate the likes of Taylor, Kaddafi, Blaise etc. It is up to the reader to agree or disagree. But this is our opinions, this case has political motive, if it were evidentiary, there would be no room for debate.

  28. Shaking my head….Mr. Rapp said Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan added that the ACCORD didn’t apply to int’l crimies…..I went back and read the ACCORD and NO WHERE did I see or read ONLY FOR SIERRA LEONE.

    Tracey, I know you must be tired but can you find anywhere where such statement was made by Mr. Annan??? Thanks

    1. Hi Noko4 — I am away for the weekend. Do you mind if I get back to you on this early next week? I don’t have much access to the internet while I am away, unfortunately.


  29. In response to my question, Mr. Rapp indicated $1,999,975 was deposited with the Ministry Of Finance and later that day, Mr Taylor deposited same in his private account. If this is true, how sure can Mr. Rapp be that Mr. Taylor did not used the money to purchase arms to defend Liberia? He told the UN he was purchasing arms, the types of arms, and Country Of Origin. Did Taylor take an oath to defend Liberia? Is this all Mr. Rapp has to say concerning BILLION Of Dollars Mr. Taylor deposited? Where is the money?

    Not only was my ten year old daughter killed, but my brother and cousins. I was nearly killed on Monday May 13th 2002, However, my first cousin was killed… we were together. Does Mr. Rapp understand? All I need to know is, where is Mr. Taylor’s BILLION. I would have no problem contacting my lawyer to file a class acdtion suite. After all, Liberians lost their lives. It was not Taylor’s fighters that killed my family. It was Lurd, Ulimo K and J. When will Ulimo J, K and Lurd face trial at the ICC?

    Lastly, I have a copy of the tape from September 9, 1990. Samuel Doe was captured inside the Free Port Of Monrovia. His ears were removed. Why was Prince Johnson calling the US Ambassador… Tango, Tango come in. I need the American Ambassador. Was Prince Johnson calling the Ambassador to say Mission Accomplished? You never got a response from the American Ambassador. Who provided Prince Johnson with this radio? Was this radio given to Prince Johnson by the American Ambassador? Taylor talked about this.

    1. Abe,
      Sorry on the lost of your family members; like us ALL, we lost someone. Lost my grandmother to hunger, one female cousin died during child birth in area controlled by Prince Johnson; a first cousin and his son, shot infront of his mother/grandmother by Prince Johnson’s forces and all we hear is Taylor and NPFL.

      But to see the TRICK and TREAT been displayed surely makes the deads of Sierra Leone to wonder if this is done on their behalfs. Really, where are the BILLIONS??? Apart from LBDI Bank, what are the names of the other banks or/and account numbers?? What does that do to the CREDIBILITY of him and his team??? I don’t know about lawyering but I hope and pray that the defense uses his statement some how and/or some way in court.

      Come to the DIAMONDS issue and all we got was a WAY WAH (for those non Liberians, it means wishy washy). Where is THE JAR of diamonds we heard about seen by Mr. Sheriff?? Even he doesn’t know what happened to it but yet still that’s one of the evidences that links Mr. Taylor.

      Then Pres. Kabbah’s issue…..I asked my 8 years old son in a cartoonish way, using Tom(Mr. Taylor) and Jerry(Mr. Kabbah)….he came to the conclusion they BOTH should be punish. AMAZING!!! But we got GROWN FOLKS telling us NO!!! WHY??? Is it because Mr. Kabbah was a pet on a string and Mr. Taylor was NOT?

      Even the blinds, mutes and dumbs can tell by using COMMON SENSE something is wrong…reading Mr. Rapp’s reasons….oh well, Mr. Kabbah formed a group but he, he, he…didn’t know what they did; oh well, RUF was top on the list so we picked her as the main boggeymen. Isn’t that WONDERFUL.

      One part of this case that has been overlooked is the COLLECTION OF EVIDENCES. I hope the defense covers it when she sums up her showing. And I believe one of the UN’s Expert Panel was the head in charge of collecting and safe guarding them; a SLOPPY work that even will NOT stand in any western court, but in the MOST regarded case of the decade, it’s acceptable…WOW!!!

      Tracey, please see if you can bring Mr.Rapp back or someone from the prosecutors side. Tell them to come to the people’s court.

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