Update on Liberia Outreach

Dear readers,

A little while ago, one of our readers, Harris K Johnson, asked us to check with Solomon Moriba, the Special Court’s  Hague-based press and outreach officer, about which “radio and television stations in Liberia that he sent raw footage and audio-visual summaries to for screening.”

Kindly, Mr. Moriba, has given us this information – he has been trying to get more information about when the screening schedules are, but that has proved more challenging that he had anticipated.  For now, however, we have this information about the media outlets that hopefully should help people in Liberia who are following the trial and want to know where they should tune in to try to catch more broadcasts of it.

According to Mr. Moriba, the UN radio records the morning sessions and broadcasts them in the evening. The SCSL outreach unit sends the AV summaries to Infinity radio and Power TV located on Upper Carey Street, Truth F.M. Radio and Real TV located on Ashmun Street (all these stations are in Monrovia).

He also said the Special Court is also working with NGO partners to do screenings in various communities around Liberia.

Harris, I hope this is of some assistance.


  1. Dear Tracey,

    Yes, it does. I will do a follow up with the institutions and get back to you soon. I will be out from here for few days. I’m right now in the field with limited access to internet services. I will join the discussion as soon as i get back to Monrovia. My special thanks and regards to you and your hard working staff.

    Best wishes

    Harris K Johnson

    1. Hi Harris,

      Good luck out in the field and we’ll look forawrd to you rejoining the conversation when you get back. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on the trial summaries aired by the radio and TV stations if you get a chance to watch or listen to them.


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