1. Hi Noko5 — yes, of course. There were no proceedings yesterday due to the observance of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan in The Hague. The trial is back on today, however, and we will have a daily post up later.

  1. Noko5,

    Did you hear the evidence from this protect witness, whose TF number cannot even be revealed, that he was having a meeting with Mr. Taylor on May 8, 2000. And it turned out that Taylor was in Abuja at the same time this purported meeting was to be taking place.

    Either the great Taylor defied the law of science for it to be possible for Mr. Taylor to be both in Monrovia and Abuja at the same time, or someone is misleading the trial judges. I want to posit that the witness’ testimony is true. Then taylor testimony must be untrue and he is misleading the court. Here are possible scenarios for Mr. Taylor testimony that he was in Abuja to be untrue:

    1. Mr. Griffiths could have forged that final communique signed by all those heads of states so as to provide Taylor a bonifide defense.

    2. Mr. Taylor himself, in anticipation of his defense, could have forged that communique with the exact date that the witness would have mentioned in his testimony.

    3. Mr. Taylor himself, while still in jail, forged the final communique.

    Some opponents of Taylor acquittal, please help me here to come up with possible situation where Mr. Taylor testimony about this communique could be false.

    1. Again, I don’t blame these witnesses but the prosecutors who didn’t CARE atleast to sought out the FACTS to their stories.

      Way back in the first grade, we learned the science word “MATTER”…..that is the theory the prosecutors FORGOT….

    2. Andrew,
      What I see here about this witness is that this guy did not have any informatiom to give to Rapp besides the little hearsay/theysay, bit and pieces here and there; Rapp and his agents too on the other side didn’t care about the substantiality of the kind of information they were gathering; reason in my view is that,rapp was told by his bosses( the super powers) to come up with some thing for which CT could get arrested and be prosecuted.You see, with that mind set, they compromise their own carrier by collecting anything , anybody that was available to say what they wanted to hear without cruternising the info. or any form of back ground check. Especially where some huge amount of united nations money is envolve. Also, like we have all been saying, this whole case against taylor, is being brought in the name of the poeple of sierraleone, but it is actually those super powers who feel that CT out smarted them in what so ever deal they had with him.They are really, really piss that some of their agendas that should have been implimented were not. In actual fact, America, Europe and the west feels that africa is a dump site, and all of its leaders must always sucumb to any thing they wanted at anytime even if such action would put the existance of the entire continent at risk. But they are failing to know that those days are long gone!!!!.. We will talk, we willsay no,no,n.. Lets go to the drawing board….

      1. Yes Noko5,

        I felt so elated reading your analysis. I like to draw Fallah Menjor in here. Fallah what you say about these comments. Has the west, and we alsway include America because it is the same ideology, not been using Africa?

        what is it that firestone has not started making rubber bands or even condoms so we can sell this to the 5 billion people in this world and be able to pay Liberia’s debt? What bout America renting part of our airport for $100,000 a year? and what about America using our maritime flag of convenience to gather cia intelligence(teach peace foundation newsletter)?

        And what about helping Liberia recover from war but supply war materials to Lurd to start another war. They cannot keep fooling us like this.

        what say you Fallah?

  2. Andrew jlay
    if you have a wifey or girl friend, pls don’t lie to her. Because for every ONE lie you tell, you will need five hundred lies to cover just that one lie.
    So you see my brother, why the persecutor have so many witnesses to cover only one LIE?

    1. 4 ur eyes only,

      I got your point. This is what we have been saying from the onset, that these testimonies are mix with lies and truths. Because this is the court of law, there can be no lies. Because lies undermines the integrity of the law.

      Imagine if all courts operated on the premise of lies, the legal system would be out of congruence and mere anarchy would leash upon the world.

  3. HI Tracey
    I really want to understand something here today. Pleas is there any punishment for anyone who bearing false witness in this case? Example like the witness or even Stephen Rapp himself. I strongly belive some of these witnesses do not really know or didn’t know what they were saying.

    1. Leoroy – excellent question. The short answer is yes. Can I get back to you tomorrow with a proper, more comprehensive, answer?

  4. Transcript of sept. 16, 2009, page 28992.
    Mr.Griffith’s questions and Mr. Taylor’s answers:
    Q :did you Foday Sankoh, have a code name?
    A : to the best of my knowledge, yes, he did have a code name.
    Q : what is it?
    A : my remembrance is that this code name is toyota that I remember.
    this is a crucial admission by Mr.Taylor, which establish that this witness/radio operator’s accounts of these personal codes between these two men Taylor and Sankor, reinforces the peoples case of influences, manipulations,and micro management of the war in Sierra Leone.

    1. Ziggy Salis,
      Long time no hear. However, you are back again with your normal way of twisting the facts. If you had read that transcript well you will have known that Mr Taylor answered that question in the context of him having communication with Foday Sanko between 1991 and about May/June 1992 which Mr Taylor has admitted all along. I do not see how this establishes anything.

    2. Ziggy,
      You are back again with these wave driven analogies; brther ziggy, thank god, taylor has not denied that he talked to sankoh on radio. When ever people talk on these kind of radios ,a code must be used for several reason, and that is because of the vulnerability of the broadcast. What is important ziggi, is the content of discussion. So talking to sankoh didn’t mean talor is sankohs’ boss.. hello!!!

    3. Ziggy,
      Did he NOT tell the truth?? He did….the question is the TIME FRAME. Remember they met in the early ’90s and there where the CODES Toyota and Butterfly were used.


  5. Ziggy you are really back as Sam said to twist your own head around again. What are you saying here again brother. With the little break you took I thought you was going to come back with something worth while, this one is too cheap. Keep trying and trying like the others.
    Good day brother

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