Charles Taylor Did Not Plan Any Operations With Sierra Leonean Rebels, He Says

Charles Taylor did not plan any operations with Sierra Leonean rebels during the country’s 11-year civil conflict, he told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today at his trial in The Hague.

“I did not plan any operations with them [Sierra Leonean rebels],” the accused former president said today in response to allegations that he helped the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in planning specific operations against the government and people of Sierra Leone.

“I never did. It is beyond my comprehension, how did these people manage this? It did not happen,” he added.

Mr. Taylor was responding to the testimony of a former RUF insider Karmoh Kanneh who testified in May 2008 that Mr. Taylor helped the RUF rebels in planning how to attack Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown in 1999. Mr. Kanneh’s testimony reinforced prosecution allegations that Mr. Taylor was involved in a joint criminal enterprise with the RUF and the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) which overthrew the elected government of Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in May 1997. The AFRC junta, which formed an alliance with the RUF, was forcefully removed from power by West African peacekeepers in February 1998. As the AFRC/RUF forces withdrew to Sierra Leonean’s hinterland, they committed various attrocities and in May 1999, there was an attack on the country’s capital Freetown during which civilians were killed or amputated, houses set on fire and offences of sexual violence committed. The prosecution alleges that Mr. Taylor was part of the plan to commit these crimes and therefore bears responsibility for war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international humanitarian law. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations.

Dismissing Mr. Kanneh’s testimony today that he (Taylor) was part of the “plan and design” to attack Freetown in 1999, Mr. Taylor claimed that the witness was “put together” with these legal terms (plan and design).

“This sounds like legal language, designed and planned, he was put together” he said. “I was never part of the plan. Who ever put this together is definitely lying,” he added.

Mr. Taylor also reiterated a common position he has taken throughout his testimony, denying prosecution allegations that he supplied the RUF rebels with arms and ammunition, which were used to commit attrocities in Sierra Leone, in exchange for diamonds.  Prosecution witnesses have testified that RUF commanders — including Sam Bockarie, Issa Sesay and Eddie Kanneh — made regular trips to Liberia, taking with them  diamonds for Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor has consistently denied these allegations.

“Nobody is bringing me diamonds, not Eddie Kanneh, not Issa Sesay, nobody ever brought me diamonds. I never received diamonds from any human being in Sierra Leone,” the accused former Liberian president persisted.

In response to allegations that Mr. Taylor supplied arms and ammunition to the AFRC and RUF sometime in 1998 using helicopters, Mr. Taylor today told the court that as of 1998, the Liberian government did not have any helicopters.

“I did not have a helicopter at this time,” he told the judges.

He explained that it was only in the begining of 1999 that his givernment obtained an MI2 helicopter, which he said was too small to even transport arms.

Mr. Taylor also refuted the witness’ account that he ordered the RUF rebels to attack  Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebels in Lofa County in 2000. As in previous testimonies, Mr. Taylor dismissed as “lies” allegations that he gave promotions to RUF commanders Sam Bockarie and Issa Sesa.

“I never made any suggestion or recommendation for  promotion in Sierra Leone or anything closer to that,” he said.

Mr. Taylor dismissed Mr. Kanneh’s entire testimony as a written script against him.

“It looks like a well written script,” he said.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Given the MOBILE—Blackmail congress communication, RED DEER-conspiracy, CIA-Blacklist (PT rpt) on Liberia, this writer is obliged to place a cursor on David Glagovsky classic novel “The Man Without a Country”
    for a philosophical premise surrounding the Taylor’s hearing at this point.

    David Glagovsky, (1937) Wrote the classic story “The Man Without a Country”
    In this classic story, Mr. Glagovsky narrated how a US Army Lt. Philip Nolan is upset with his assignment to a remote outpost with no possibility for promotion. He intends to join Aaron Burr, who plans to form a new country in the lands west of the Mississippi River. Before he can get away, Nolan is charged with treason. At his court martial, he angrily tells the tribunal that he never wants to see or hear of the United States again. He gets his wish, and is sentenced to permanent, lifetime exile aboard US ships at sea. No crew member can mention anything about the United States within his hearing, and in the books he is allowed to read, all references to the United States are removed.

    Now that Mr. Taylor cannot be killed directly by his accusers, yet, he is seen as a threat to western neo-colonialist in Liberia/ Africa and the diasporas, Is Mr. Taylor going to be a man without a country (plain button)?

  2. What kind of court is this? At the time people are tuning in and paying more attention, they are telling us “Private or Closed section”, therefore, we can not know or see what is happening in this so-called private or closed section. What is behind close doors that the public including the people of Sierra Leone can not see or know. Let me ask. Is this a public, private, or personal owned court? Good Lord, this is incredibly unbelievable. What is wrong with these people? I hope someone can burst that fake lock that they have put on that door with a iron rock, or the hinges just fall off that wooden of iron doors so that we can see inside to know what really they are doing inside there. Anyway, that’s their rule being accomplished with brute force and “no man” can change it except them. “Private of closed door.”

    1. Sunshine,
      Yes , he is right; You guys are all liers. Stop lieing on “CHARLES HANKAYDAKPANA,MCATHUR THE FATHER OF ALL ZOES TAYLOR”. this is a great leader, a father,a freedom fighter ; one of the best brains of our soil. HURRIXCAINE GHANKAY ALL THE WAY!!!. The brother wiil walk. He did notthing wrong…..

    2. Maybe he never even entered Liberia from Cote I’voire with the intention to murder the then head of state, Maybe he was never the leader of NPFL, Maybe Chukie Taylor isn’t in jail for crimes he comitted alongside his father. Maybe Taylor never used child soldiers, maybe Liberia is not an indication of what Taylor could have possibly done in Sierra Leone. Maybe Taylor didn’t train with Foday Sankor in Libya years earlier, wait maybe he doesn’t even know Foday Sankor, I bet if i was to go to prision where his wife is allowed to visit, and he has private satelite, and computer according to some very eager fans of Taylor, he will probably tell me he’s not Liberian. Maybe it’s all a consiparcy to taint the character of this awesome man!!!
      Who knows MAYBE!!

      1. Ms.Teage, sorry I just read your posting , and I must say this; You are a wise thinker! I must also say this to you that “the age of ‘Metesula’ has nothing to do with Solomom’s wisdom!” Do not get discouraged about how taylor fans come on this site and the intimidations they bring with them, and back off! You only need to speak the truth and the rest follows. most of these guys are doing this for a purpose! Don’t forget this!

        1. Fallah, you have every right to encourage people who you may want to encourage to stay and continue posting on this site. But I don’t appreciate you misinterpreting the counter to posts some of us disagree with as intimidation. We are very passionate about this trial. So we will speak with passion and advance our conviction with civility. As the matter of fact, it is you, that is intimidating people by denying them their rights to post; because, they don’t agree with you. For example: on October 22, 2009 at about 6:25 PM, you said, it will be better, if Amax just sit and read, and not say a single word or write anything, because he/she has nothing to offer in the ongoing debate. However, you call us names such as rebels, beneficiary of loots, unpatriotic, Taylor supporters, uneducated, ignorant, silly, unlearned, uncivilized, cannibals, killers, and all kinds of terrible names. But, you don’t see yourself as an intimidater. Fallah, let me tell you things that I think you may already know. You anticipate that Ms. Teage post will be overwhelmingly debunked, and challenged, based upon your personal experience. Therefore, you want her to be prepared, if it happens. Truly, her posts were swamped and swallowed in the vast ocean of water by our comments. There is no intimidation from our side.

        2. J.Fallah Menjor,
          Thank you, I’ve never been someone to back down from something or to allow other peoples cynicism, immaturity, opinion or whatever intimidate me, and I will not let it start happening. I enjoy and quite ok being the one of the few people who speak out for what they believe. I could care less if 1 million people on this site do not share the same sentiments as me, I will still speak out. Many people aren’t use to that they’re use to people backing down as soon as they are overwhelmed by the majority. I can assure you that as long as this site exist and as long as God gives me days I will be here (LOL).
          So Fallah, keep speaking your heart.

      2. Ms Teage,

        ‘MAYBE’ you are out of touch with what this case is about. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LIBERIA. You need to get up to speed with what this case is all about before you join in the debate.

        This case is about Sierra Leone and for a specific period of time. So let’s stop trying to be cynical or cute here and let’s deal with the issue at hand. This is indeed a very serious matter which affects the affairs of the relationship between how Africans perceive the West and their concept of international justice.

        It is important to ponder the bigger picture here and not dwell on whether Taylor has a TV or satellite in prison or whether he has visits from his wife. These are normal things in the prisons in the West; so it is trivial to bring it up as it has no relevance to the case.

        1. Dear Readers

          Just a reminder that everyone is welcome to comment on this site, no matter whether they just started following the trial or have followed it from the beginning. It is intended to be a site for anyone interested in discussing the trial — there are no pre-requisites to joining the conversations here.


        2. Helen,

          “STOP TRYING TO BE CUTE?” I don’t see anything cute about me discussing my opinion. So if you want to agree or disagree or pose a question about something I be more than delight to answer..

  3. It is not the West ganging up on the “true son of the soil” – it is a court that SL alone could never afford. Therefore there are some whities involved. But SL is the instigator and the victim in all this.
    What is wrong with this ( SL co-operating with UN)? The whinging about neo-colonialists is hollow when you look at the mayhem one man caused among his own people and their neighbors. Aren’t the real neo-colonialists the sons of Mao?
    Get real, the proof against CGT maybe difficult to obtain, but what doubt can there really be, just look at the fruits of his labor: two countries in ruins, yet he knew nothing, did nothing and sees himself as a revolutionary that tried to better people’s lives. 250 000 souls may think they are better off, now that they reside in heaven.
    Nokofo, go home and talk to people, not just your companions. Open your eyes and your mind. So much suffering cannot be swept aside with the excuse of technicalities. Every criminal first says: prove that I did it. You have not yet unveiled, what endears CGT to you, why do you constantly give him the benefit of the doubt, why do you believe his testimony always, but never any of his adversaries.
    Your last resort is the hard proof, the proverbial “smoking gun” – not sure that anyone can come up with that. If CGT is half as clever as you think, he will have made sure that there is no such thing.

    1. Sumoh,
      RUF was long around before Mr. Taylor even createed NPFL…..I must come to the conclusion you just joined into the trial…..I have read all the testimonies just to HELP you and others….

      Are you blaming Mr. Taylor for Sierra Leone??? WHY??? As for Liberia, the current leader, Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, was one of the POINTS on the triangle of NPFL(Taylor, Ellen and Tom)….Sen. Prince Johnson did his share of the 250,000. Prof. Kromah, CIC Doe did his share, Rosevelt Johnson did his share; so to lay 250,000 deaths at the feet of ONE MAN does not hold even AIR.

      Sumoh, I truly believe you’re CONFUSED!!! This case is NOT about Liberia. Please note, if this was Liberia, which I hope it was, I will be holding the rope to HANG Mr. Taylor, but NOT only him; ALL that killed, DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY.

      Now as to me going home, should I ask WHY??? I am doing MORE on this end helping ease some of the SUFFERINGS of our fellow citizens. My relatives live in Liberia; like you, I get the 3AM phone calls….asking for everything under the sun. Like you, I see pictures of my old neighborhoods and cry….WHY?? Like you, I lost relatives and friends…..WHY??? My grandmother died from hunger, one of my cousins died while giving birth, two others were shot POINT BLANK by Prince Johnson force under the cotton tree while their mother watched.

      But we are in a court room, where I believe EMOTIONS and EGOS should be left at the door. We are where I believe FACTUAL FACTS shall be the guidelines and not HEARSAYS…..especially, when those HEARSAYS are SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH or/and FIFTH generations. How can one prove such Sumoh??? And this is the issue in this case if you’ve been following closely.

      Is Mr. Taylor GUILTY of INDIRECTLY been involved in killings in Sierra Leone?? YES and HELL YES, but the MANDATE of this court states “to try those who bear the greatest responsibility for serious violations of international humanitarian law and Sierra Leonean law committed in the territory of Sierra Leone since 30 November 1996”. It didn’t say from ’90 thru ’03 but SINCE NOVEMBER of ’96. Do you now see how this court limited herself??

      So how is he linked to the charges when he was NOT around or in Sierra Leone?? This is what the WHOLE CASE is about. According to the prosecutors, he signed a PACT with RUF and that PACT was infinite but Mr. Taylor and some of the prosecutors witnesses told this court, whatever relationship between the two groups ended in early ’92.

      So this is where we are…..WORDS against WORDS. The sad part to be blount, the prosecutors DID NOT bring ONE SINGLE FACTUAL FACT except HEARSAYS; on the other hand, Mr. Taylor has shown us DOCUMENTS as to his actions from November of ’96.

      I am sure you are listening to the various ACCOUNTS of these witnesses and you must be wondering like most of us, why will there be VARIOUS ACCOUNTS to a single incident and those accounts are NOT jiving. Which one do I and others believe to be the truth??? Yes, we all get LOST due to time, but this is NOT a play play game and to bring a witness in court, I will assume a lawyer must have QUIZZED them to dot all the Is and cross all the Ts. Do I see it in this case….NO!!!!

      Sumoh, I feel your pain but we are in court, so let’s the RULES rule. Again, if he is GUILTY, it won’t because of the MERITS of the evidences but simply, POLITICAL. Do you know what the LAST WITNESSES for the prosecutors told his court that cemented my views??? He was asked who chopped off your limbs and his response was “GOV’T SOLDIERS”…..not RUF but member of the Sierra Leone Army.

      I rest my case your honors.

    2. Sumoh,
      You are not the only person who may have been in liberia during the civil crisis; It is actually funny and unfortunate the level hate some of you got for CT. Let me pose a few to you..Was it taylor that brought the 1979 rice riot? Was it taylor that stage the 1985 coup? Was it taylor that kill the 13 liberians on firing squad? Was it taylor that massarcre the thousands of nimbaians from nimba county? Look the 250,000 people that die in liberia did not die because of summary execution. Look there was a civil war and those who were suppose to die, DIED. Whats the big deal here?

      Why don’t you talk or accuse GEORGE BOLEY, The former speaker george dweh who took baby out of the stomatch pregnant? Where is ALHAGY G.V. KROMAH, is he your uncle? How about PRINCE Y. JOHNSON? Tell me about all the folks that were killed by the LURD REBLES, MODEL, the U.S.A ,GREAT BRITAIN and even those that were killed by sierraleonean and guineans. Are you also telling me that taylor massacre the people who went to the LUTHERAN CHURCH for rescue.. come on man!!!!!

    3. SUMOH,
      You wrote what I was to emotional to say, i just rant and get angry reading comments on this site, the “true son of the soil” comment was a first though. Put you’ve said it very well, people are looking for a smoking gun, which will never be found. Noko and many other Taylor supporters wishes to sweep Taylors dirt under the rug, and wants Liberians to forget what Taylor did. We’re suppose to embrace him as a “true son of the soil” when he ordered and he himself blew the brains of countless innocent people including my uncle an AFL soldier. I am a witness and a living surving testiment to the suffering caused by Taylor and should the day come I will put on my best suit, and testify against Taylor. It is said about Taylor and Doe that the only difference between them is Doe did his dirt under the cover of the dark and Taylor did his in the during the day. Well, I was too young to remember Doe, but Taylor, my family and I know what he is capable of and we’ve seen what he can do!!!


      1. MSTeage,
        did Taylor’s NPFL chop up people’s hands? did they burn whole villages? did they rape civillians on any scale near tht of the RUF? look the NPFL is atleast 6 times the size of the RUF if as you claim what Taylor did in Liberia is anywhere near the scale of what the Sierra leoneans did, we will be talking about a completely different story today. wether you like it or not the fact remains that CGT is still the most popular politician in Liberia today. I ask for the uptenth time why did Conneh of LURD not win up to 1% of the votes during the last election was he not a notorious warlord? why were people not afraid of him and vote for him because of fear? CGT won his election despite “kill my pa kill my ma” because liberians are wiser than you think. given the opportunity they are never afraid to choose their leader.

      2. Teage,
        you made mention of President Taylor supporters being inferiorated when ever the name Liberia is mentioned in this trial. I don’t know about anybody being inferiorated when Liberia’s name is mentioned. What I do know is, vast majority of people on this site are sticking to the rules and laws of the court. However, the rules, indictment, setting, and dates and times were all established by the court without the defendant input or acquiesce. Teage, what is actually happening here is reality is closing on the court and its supporters. I expected them to sink. But the exponential rate at which they are sinking is much faster than I thought. For example, prior to the illegal indictment, arrest, manacle, and subsequent transfer of this innocent man, we were told that this case is all about Sierra Leone and not Liberia. They did not stop there, they give a timeline as to when President Taylor was being held responsible for Sierra Leone mess. And the time frame was 1996. While at the same time, our current President in person of President Johnson Sirleaf, told the world in 2006, that “Liberia has no charge” on this man. Indisputably, they have been a victim of their own trap. They have been spooked and being surrounded with a fog of paranoia at the release of this man. Thereby, making them to retreat in fear. Teage, we are only following their onw creation. They said it first, and we are only reechoing what they said. They can not be allowed to continue to conveniently play games and re-invent new tricks everytime. You are misleading the reading public. Stop it. Teage, sorry to know that someone very close to you died during the war. However, we all lost love ones in that war. Nobody has at least for now, gleefully celebrated the death of innocent poeple. Speaking about death, my older brother was savagely murdered with dull cutlasses and chopped into pieces in LAC rubber plantation, Grand Bassa County by LPC, the Krahn group from which you hail. The AFL that you are talking about terrorized and massacred our people in cold blood before, during, and after the war. Another tragedy that I’m traumatized with today, is to see my aunt summarily executed by Ulimo in Bomi County for refusing to allow Ulimo fighters to occupy one of her houses. Again, vast majority of Ulimo fighters were Kranhs and mandingos, and mostly prior military from the AFL. Teage, I hope you take a cue from this lesson and focus on this trial as it is about Sierra Leone and not Liberia.

      3. Teage, because your uncle who was an AFL soldier killed during the war allegedly by the NPFL, you will wear your “best suit to testisfy”. Where and when will you wear your “best suit.” What kind of ‘best suit” are you talking about? Is it African suit or court suit? What different will your best suit make? Teage, you have just graciously conceded that the “smoking gun will never be found.” If this is true, than, why should we continue with this trial when there is no “smoking gun”?

      4. Ms Teage,
        Did you read the CHARGES in this trial??? If not, I advise you do that before you come in here HOPEING this is about Liberia.

        The ONLY reasons while Liberia is been part of this trial are:
        1. Mr. Taylor is a Liberian plus he was/is a principal actor
        2. RUF landed on Liberia’s soil whenever she wanted to…
        3. “INNER CYCLE” witnesses are Liberians.

        We are NOT asking that Mr. Taylor deeds be swept under the rug but looking, reading and listening to the various testimonies and we DO NOT see why he is on trial.

      5. Msteage,
        First of all you must remember we all lost relatives during the civil crisis. I don’t want you to feel that I don’t sympathize with you for the lost of your uncle who was an AFL soldier. However you must remember that the AFL fought against Mr. Taylor. So you cant blame Taylor for your uncle dying in war. The AFL was responsible for gross human right violations whcih in fact made Taylor’s revolution so popular. Concerning your statement that Charles Taylor personally killed people is just not true. There has not been one shred of evidence either at the Liberian TRC or the Special Court to support your claims. You also say use Liberia as an example of what Taylor was capable of doing in Sierra Leone. If you don’t live in Liberia ask any of your friends or relatives in Liberia if they see any double amputees. The answer will be no.

  4. Sunshine,
    I wonder if you really understand what is going on in this court or trial? First of all Mr. Taylor have never told the world that he was never involved with the RUF. Secondly, he have said over and over again that he supported the RUF and give the time he did and the time it came to an end. But the time period for which he is accused of is what he is saying to the world that it is not true.

    He had provided documentations to proved that it was impossible for him to have been fighting in Sierra Leone and the same time fighting 2 rebel groups in Liberia which does make sense.

    I will give you an example, the Great United States of America is fighting 2 wars without any arms embargo what so ever on her but she is having it difficult to fight on both front, how can one man, Charles Taylor fight 2 wars with arms embargo on him at the same time?

    How was RUF getting weapons to continue fighting in Sierra Leone when ULIMO captured and controlled the Liberian- Sierra Leonean border from 1991 to August of 1997? Before then, NPFL was fighting, AFL, LPC, ULIMO and ECOMOG; this was before operation Octopus in October 1992. It wasn’t possible for Mr. Taylor to be fighting this kind of forces in Liberia at the same time supplying weapons to RUF in Sierra Leone.

    How possible could it has been for Mr. Taylor to transport weapons to Sierra Leone while serving in the Council of State in Monrovia and with ECOMOG deployed at all entry point of Liberia?

    Did you ever listen to the testimony concerning the RUF SALUTE report given to Sankoh by Sam Bockarie after his returned from Jail?

    Did any part of that report mention the name Charles Taylor for those who were supplying the RUF with weapons and others materials while Mr. Sankoh were in custody as ULIMO controlled the Liberian-Sierra Leonean border?

    Did you read the transcripts of Vamuyan Sheriff testimony in which he drew lines on the map of Liberia indicating ULIMO control areas and when those areas were controlled by them ( ULIMO )?

    If you didn’t, I strongly encourage you to go back and read those transcripts inorder for you to be able to make a better analysis of the procceeding, instead of you just speaking from a hate man point of view!

  5. I just don’t understanding all these accusations against CGT. One disgosting thing is that all the witnesses against Taylor are not providing reliable informations. They are either programmed or what to be a part of the process. Hey! There is a bigh hand behind all these things we see and those things that occured during the wars in various countries. I do agreed, Mr Taylor was one of the factions Leader, NPFL, but the question is, was he the only person who fought, killed and rapped he been accused of doing? Thisn is not true.

    If Mr. Taylor actually did as he is been accused of doing, Who empowered him. He was in America in Prison, how did he get the power to do all those things he is accused of doing. This is just crazy.Many of you writters do not look at and speak the truth. Who are you afraid of? You are just like those false accusers appearing in Court. And those appearing in Court are been pulled by their nose, hands and feet, because of their ignorance, selfish and ridiculous notion of one man doing so many things.

    Listen, Mr. Taylor deserves the right to peace. Let us face reality, all of us one way or the other felt a pain of the civil crisis, but this was not done by one man, but many and greatly the big heads, offcourse the superpower as they call themselves.

    Let us Allow God to judge everybody who participated in the destruction of so many innocent souls.

    1. Rebel activity is not wrong, because the GENEVA CONVENTION oks it? WOW I don’t know what else to say……According to the Geneva convention, Rebel activity is not “WRONG” if the respect the Convention that you speak of, and if they conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war. Can we say that for NPFL, or of any rebel group conducted their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of law, that is a resounding NO!!!!! The same geneva convention you speak of states that children who have NOT attained the age of fifteen years shall neither be recruited in the armed forces or groups nor allowed to take part in hostilities;
      So i would hardly use the Geneva convetion to defend or justify or support any rebel activity done by any rebel faction in Liberia.
      The Geneva convention States, No sentence shall be passed and no penalty shall be executed on a person found guilty of an offence except pursuant to a conviction pronounced by a court offering the essential guarantees of independence and impartiality, while Mr. Taylor pronounced clearly that If doe did not step down he was going to murder him luckily for Taylor and his suporters we can say that P. Johnson beat Taylor tothe chase. But here is Mr. Taylor in his own words saying, quote “we will kill him”, now that fits in with the Geneva CONVENTION. Doe needed to be removed but not unlawfully like Taylor wanted to do. Refering to the geneva convention to support anything Taylor did is a joke!!!!!

      1. Teage,
        you appear to be too clever by half. The very side you are on with respect to the prosecution and the court, were the first to say it is not an international crime for rebels to try to take over a country. As the matter of facts, it was the exact word from the former chief prosecutor, Mr. Stephen Rapp in answering our questions on September 2, 2009, part 1. However, I Jose Rodriguez personally posted a question to Mr. Stephen Rapp. My question was, “one of the prosecution witnesses said his legs and arms were amputated by Tejan kabbah’s army, why isn’t the government of kabbah on trial?” In response to defend President kabbah, Mr. Rapp got in his element and again engaged in his usual nefarious activities by attempting to defend the indefensible. It was when he said “we are not prosecuting people because they fought a war on one side or the other. It is not an international crime for rebels to try to take over a country, and certainly it is not one for a deposed legitimate government to try to restore itself to power.” Teage, you guys are caught up in a self made inescapable network of bureaucratic conspiracy and total embarrassment. By the way, why are you sounding so surprized to hear that rebel activities is not an international crime? Is it because you are hearing it from Noko5? Teage, someone said, it will be in your best interest if you do some research on this trial before confronting the facts. Perhaps you made not be aware that Mr. Rapp was the first to say what Noko5 repeated, or you did not had any problem when Mr. Rapp said it first, but now you have a problem with noko5. Still consistent Teage. No more double standard.

      2. Ms. Teage,
        People or any group of citizens of any country have the rights to REVOLT, REBEL or stage demonstrations if need be. Every citizen has the right to charlenge the her goverment if she is not meeting up with her responsibility. You know something, lets not forget . When Samuel Doe was slutering the people of liberia, it was only a reble group (the NPFL) that came and stopped him.. HELLO!!!!

      3. Ms. Teage,
        There is nowhere, no book, or any body that has any information that Taylor ever prounce killing Doe. Please do not say that.. Taylor , besides being a revolutionarist, is not a murderer. He is not devious. This guy is a perfect gentle man. This issue deserved some practicalities. Why are people trying to make a decent man like Taylor look like a monster? Ms. Teage do not talk like that about my beloved president.. Thank you.

        1. Noko 5
          Here is a clip, of Taylor saying out of his mouth that he will Kill Doe if Doe does not step down. It was recorded by nightline, if you watch the video, and you tell me that the man you see is not Taylor and that he did not say he will kill doe if he doesn’t step down than I will no longer say a single word to you about this matter. You beloved president is a murderer, a rapist, and down right a sick man. I will say it now and forever scream it from teh mountail top, please DO NOT, tell me what i can say and what I can’t say. The truth hurts, I know, but I’ve seen your beloved “PRESIDENT” do some stuff. So Noko5, I do not support Taylor, I make it my mission every day in my work place to tell people about Liberia and the murderers that drove me out of my country, and I especially enjoy telling them about the murderer Taylor who happens to be sitting behind a very comfortable bars.
          see the clip for yourself NOKO5:

          whatever may have been said. I am not double sided about any issue my stance about Taylor is still the same. All I said was in this whole trail of Taylor I will not even mention the geneva convention, because Murderer Taylor and his crazed NPFL rebel boys, have broken like a million of them so it’s just down right non-sensical to mention it. I can assure you that I have one stance about the trail Taylor and Sierra Leone, if you would like to discuss that further, read my postings from the 2 and 1 of November, even back to the 31st of October than we can talk from there.

          Let justice be done to ALL men even a murderer/”former” head of state Taylor!!!!!

    1. Cousin Noko5,
      Even the judges have come to the conclusion this case is NO case. The prosecutors have come to the realization that they WISH they had behave like real prosecutors. And they would have like to be on the other side of the table. Do you noticed Ms. Hollis when the camera pans her how AMAZE she is???

      One thang I noticed when those witnesses say “LIBERIA”, it’s assumed Monrovia…WHY?? And I truly believe this is where MOST of the mixt up is….ULIMO controlled Lofa, Lofa is part of Liberia, so when arms are coming in from Lofa and those fighters don’t know, they believe they are from Monrovia where Mr. Taylor is…..

      And it was brilliant on the defense part to let the world see the layout of Mr. Taylor’s house in Monrovia….this house that is suppose to be some ARM factory. Even to get from the main house to the security deport, one had to come outside which throughout most of Mr. Sherriff’s testimony.

      If the prosecutors DO NOT do a better work on CROSS, I say the defense brings in the MOST IMPORTANT WITNESSES in her bag for map up and rest.

      1. Noko4,

        I totally agree with you buddy. If I made, just last week, the first chief prosecutorand architect on this case in person of Mr. David Crane told the whole world for the first time, that “this is not a perfect court.” Noko4, knowing what these people now know, if they have the chance to do it differently or all over, they will change a whole lot of things, starting with their 1996 timeline, witnesses screening, testimony, dates, times, mentally disorder people, post traumatic stress disorder people, venue, and even the illegal indictment, arrest and transfer will be changed.

      2. O4,
        Right now, they are afraid, the speculations of success they are imagining about the cross examination will really, really turn to KANYAN pepper in their mouth..Trust me noko, C T will slam them on that cross examination.. I trust the guy .. That boy is a very smart man..

  6. Jeremiah 29:29 says “All seceet things belong to God.” some of us are completely disappointed when we read these unrealistic and deglutition comments from Liberian about CT’s criminal activities in Liberia & Sierra Leone. Who in Liberia age 20 years & above that can deny seeing Forday Sankor in Gbarnga or Taylor’s NPFL Control Territory in the early 1990s? Fellow Liberians, let’s be bold in exposing criminals to the International Communities or Liberia may become safe Haven for criminalslike Charles Taylor. let us speak our consciences and not hypocrically hide the behavior of notorious characters. Personally, I and others saw all RUF’s Execitives with Charles Taylor on million occasions. We saw thousands of Liberian comming from the Sierra Leonean War Front and reported to Charles Taylor. Why are we denying and backing criminal?

    The best thing Charlie could do is to just confess and repent. I’m convence, he will be pardoned. The more you deny what you vividly did and cloud of witnesses saw you, the tighter things become for you. If Taylor unconciously continues to deny what he did, the end it would be for him.

    Charles Taylor did many things men!!!!

    1. Emangulf good talk. but have you read the testimony of Mr Taylor? he never denied having a relationship with the RUF in the early 90s as you have asserted. but he said the relationship ended in May ’92. now the mandate of this court did not start from ’92 it started specifically from nov. ’96 so you see that is the point we are trying to make that CREDIBLE evidence has not been presented to link mr Taylor to activities of the RUF after ’92.

    2. Emangulf,

      did you also see Thomas Quiwonkpa forces coming from Sierra Leone in 1985 to invade liberia? Did you also see Ulimo forces exiting and entering Sierra Leone? Did you however, see LURD coming out of Guinea or MODEL coming out of the Ivory Coast? Did you also see LPC coming out of Monrovia that was controlled by the interim government and Ecomog? I hope you were looking properly. I don’t blame you. I blame these white people. Hadn’t been for the west, the Liberian people would have continue to support the candidacy of President Taylor. And you know it. We are saying let them just stay out of this thing and give our president back to us. The liberian People will decide. And they don’t want to do it. they are helping you guys because they know the truth. And the truth is President Taylor is still the most popular politician in Liberia, i’m not saying one of the most popular politicians but, the most popular politician.

      1. Jose; Am I hearing you saying Liberians have two presidents at the moment? You want “them” to give you back your Felon President, taylor? This is total disloyalty to your present government to me, or so it sounds!
        Now listen to this senselessness you are saying that taylor is the most popular politician in Liberia today! Right, I agree with you 100% Jose! Go talor..go taylor. I am sure you will re-elect taylor as president for LIFE at the Hague! Congradulations for your fantasy dream world you seem to be living! I really don’t have much to say to you any more because you seem to have run out of juice! Lord have pity on you.

        1. Fallah, where are you leading us to? Where in my post, did I say Liberia has two presidents? How did you even derive at that question or conclusion? Fallah, speaking about “felony” where and when President Taylor has been found guilty for anything? Which court convicted this man? Stop distorting the facts on purpose. And the fact is President Johnson Sirleaf is the real convict and felon here. She was the one that was charged, tried, and convicted for treason in Liberia during the 80s. However, this case is getting harder every day on you guys.
          Again, I appreciate greatly this website for being a user friendly.

    3. Emangulf,

      Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is all I can sayy Thank you very much
      I lived in Gbarnga for some time, the first time we met Taylor was at Pheobe hospital where my sister and his daughter were in the same ward. I lived next to Taylor in Gbarnaga I even went to school with his kids. I keep saying up on this post I’ve seen what Taylor can do. The first time I heard the name Foday Sankoh was from my brothers and people older than me in Gbarnga. And when we went back to Gbarnaga after we left the displacement camp, the entire Gbarnga was controlled by NPFL rebels. They were living in our house, wearing cloth from our house, as if it was their’s. We saw Taylor around almost everyday. That is why i can boldly come on this site and say what i say without reservations. I am confident of what I’ve seen Taylor do, I am confident about who Taylor is that is why as many chance as i get I share this story with many people. Because of Taylor and other murderers like himself, many Liberians including close family memebers are dead. These supporters of Taylor wants people like us to be silent and they want to talk about his innocence and him being a “true son of the soil”. Concering Sierra Leone, I said it in previous postings I’ve already judged Taylor to be guilty because of the things I’ve seen Taylor do. So right now I following the trail to see if the courts will arrive at the same verdict I arrived at from day one when I heard about this trail. I don’t hide like a coward behind fronts, I THINK TAYLOR IS GUILTY OF all 11 charges brought against him. But Emangulf, the court will decide and we can only hope that one day the world (most of them already know) but will know that Taylor is a murderer. And I keep saying when Taylor was moving around so freely with NPFL and intimidating everyone in Gbarnga he did not know that the day will come where he will be held accountable for things he did. After this whole Sierra Leonean trail, I hope that Taylor will be prosecuted for crimes committed in Liberia, even though it will be quite challenging because if they are prosecuting Taylor than they have to prosecute all the other murderers he fought with and against, but I know God is alive and there will be justice!!

      Like our Judical building states and Like i say, “Let Justice be done to all men”, including a murderer like Taylor.

      1. Msteage,
        You still have not answered my question. If Taylor is all you say how come he was elected with over 80% of the vote? Please don’t give me the excuse we were afraid of him thats why we elected him. If this is the case how come none of the other war lords had any significant showing?

  7. Settle down Noko5! You are all over the site, attacking others for speaking out against taylor as if you are hidding behind your own shadow! Are you afraid you may be next after taylors goes down? Is taylor your relative or this is a congo vs native fight you seem to be promoting on this site? If this is the case we will respond in kind and take it to the next level, boy!
    At times you have sounded like taylor’s actions against humanity are justifiable since native Doe did same to 13 Americo Liberians in the 1980 Coup, in which the Congo hold on Liberia came to an end. We are trying to unite and do not start this equations concept or else you will wish you never went this way. The murders of 250,000 is not same as 13 that were tried before their executions by the miltary government of sergent Doe in 1980! Settle down, boy!

    1. Hi J Fallah Menjor,

      You and other regular commentators have helped keep this site alive over the recess — it is good to see the debates continue here. May I formally welcome you and everyone back to a fresh round of discussion now the trial continues.

      Might I also share at this time my request to all readers: let us please keep our fights to intellectual jousts over the issues raised at trial. Plenty of substantive material exists to keep us debating all day every day. Let’s not make our debates personal.

      Are you with me, dear readers?

      Looking forward to our continued conversations.


      1. Thank you Ms Tracy; point well taken. You are absolutely right that we need to focus on the objectives and stop being personal. Again thanks to You and Mr. Alfa for this opportunity that we can communicate our minds directly and debate the issues that plague the existance and future of the Motherland, Africa…jfallahmenjor

        1. Nice to have you as part of the conversation here, J Fallah Menjor. Looking forward to our continued discussions.
          Very best,

    2. Pappy Fallah, does it had to require Tracey to warn you about personal attacks before you stop? Thank you Tracey.

      1. Jose,

        Thanks for your note — but I do have to make clear I wasn’t aiming my comments specifically at any one person. I was asking if all people who comment on this site could abide by our one rule: that is, to focus on the issues raised by the trial rather than on each other in our comments section. I have been unable to approve a number of posts today because they attack other readers, but otherwise make good points. So for the sake of keeping up the lively conversation here where everybody who wants to contribute to the discussions feels comfortable to do so and not intimidated to post, I ask that everyone please abides by this one rule here on this site.


        1. Tracey, I understand that you were not aiming at a particular person. However though, there were lots of interesting points that I made in response to Ms Teage’s posts. But, I have not seen my post. Could you please check to see if I was within the confine of the rules?

    1. Teage, your recommended website is irrelevant. This case is about sierra Leone and not Liberia. Nice try though.

      1. LOL, it’s quite irrelevant to go back and forth about Sierra Leone and Liberia. My comments posted up made it 100% clear where i stand concerning the whole Sierra Leone and Liberia issue. With that said i rest my case.

        1. Teage,

          I think the statement about where you stand is getting too old. We already know. Therefore, find something new to say. We got that point.

    2. Ms Teage,
      Who killed CIC Doe??? You are acting like the prosecutors……really, you bring in a video when there is a FACTUAL FACT as to who killed CIC Doe….WHY???

      Let’s stay on the case please……bringing EXTRAs won’t help you understand what the trial is about… advise.

    3. MSteage,

      After September 11th Donald Rumsfield said they would go after Osama Bin Laden and try to kill him. So whats your point?

      1. My point is, Osama Bin Laden caused the death of 2,000 plus Americans, he will stop at nothing until as many Americans are dead. Rumsfield made that comment, knowing that they were going to send soldiers in an “offical” infantry, to search out a kill an enemy of America. Does not mean that i agree with what Rumsfield said, that is really irrelevant to this blog. Rumsfield was an offical memeber of the government and he was saying to the world what actions he was going to take against someone who had launched an attack on American soil.
        Now lets pair that up with a criminal like Taylor, when Taylor made this statment he was an ex-con from the prisons of America, he was was in no legal position to make such a statment, Taylor was a citizen like every Liberian, there was a due process that he could have taken, but his due process was to murder the president. Your anology is so flaw, Rumsfield was an offical part of the U.S government speaking of an action the U.S military was going to take against a terrorist, Taylor was an ex-con (yes I believe America helped him escape) an ordinary citizen in trouble with the law in Liberia and abroad, speaking of how he was going to murder the “head of state”. What are the similarities in the that anology? I understand that Doe too was a terrorist and a murderer, and should have been removed; but do I think that Taylor and INPFL leader Prince Johnson should have gotten a bunch of young Liberian boys drug them up and try to use them as “an offical army”, Heck to the NO!!!!
        So you see your anology is absolutely irrelevant to the matters at hand, and you co-herts keep telling me stick to the issues, so I tell you the same “stick to the issues”, should you decide to draw an anology between two events, make sure the two events are similar, and your anology is not a weak anology.

        1. Teage,

          we have created a condition for you to at least mention Senator Prince Y. Johnson, who savagely murdered the head of state, mutilated his body parts, and perminently displayed his body in a publically viewable fashion, on the campus of Island Clinic, Bushrod Island, Monrovia, Liberia. We have also compelled you through our posts to things such a President “Doe was a terrorist and murderer, and should have been removed.”Sooner or later, you will include President johnson Sirleaf and others on your list. And when you do that, than, you are in total agreement with us that President Taylor along, did not help to destroy Liberia; but also, all the other names you have just commenced naming including the unnamed.

        2. Due process to remove Doe? As mentioned you said you were too young. We tried due process in the 1985 elections and look what Samuel Doe did to us. Further you must remember it was not Charles Taylor who killed Doe it was Prince Johnson. Charles Taylor has never killed anyone in his life and never will. As a President he was even against the death penalty. If you had stayed in Liberia alittle longer you would know these things.

  8. Sumoh, Fallah, Ms Teage, and the rest please read what Noko 4 posted before making all of these comments. Noko 4 said it all. In the first place the persecutors limited themselves, by indicating a time. Taylor never denied being part of the RUF at any given time. Look Sam said it in his post as well even Jocone mentioned it as well. Taylor said since May of 1992 he stopped his relationship with the RUF and this has been said over and over for God in heaven sake. Even the persecutors witnesses said the same thing. Emangulf you are really Emangulf. Taylor taylor told you Sankor was never in Gbanga? Taylor even told the court that he gave Sankor in Gbanga do what are you saying? Ms Teage did you find NPFL fighters chopping off limbs of peopole in Liberia? What happened in Liberia that is used as an indicator for that of Sierra Leone if I may you? Did you read the mandate of this court or have you read the transcripts? If you didn’t please go and read it and come back with all of your points. Fallah don’t just talked about the execution of 13 is not the same as 250,000. Did Taylor ordered the execution of 250,000 people? You can not just play with words here ok. Do you know of the killing at Lutheran Church, the one at UN compound on the old road, the children from that were killed, the Nimba crisis in which the Late Julu killed prominent citizen from Nimba? Do you want to tell me the amount of people that got killed her they are 13? These are just few to mentioned and if you want me to break down the 250,000 I will help you as well. Kromah, Boley Rosovelt Johnson, Conneh, Prince Johnson Ecomong, the AFL Coalition Forces, Lofa Defense Force,NPFL are all responsible for the 250,000 Liberian that got killed. Taylor didn’t ordered the execution of these people as you think. That the reason Noko 4 told you to think before speaking on this Taylor trial. So know these little facts as well.

    1. Leoroy, Noko4, Noko5, and the rest please agree to disagree, if you’re trying to change my mind, or point out my flawed thinking, i appreciate it. But my stance has been the same from the beginning, and it will be the same until, Taylor is behind bars, whether for Liberia, or for Sierra Leone. I find a re-occuring theme in this whole thing, “me repeating myself, and people ignoring what i said and asking me the same question”.

      Here I go one more time. Never did I see Taylor chop a limb, or rape or woman,etc…11 alegations, in Sierra Leone. I UNDERSTAND that this trail is not about Liberia, I am not slow, stupid or any of the above. I refered to Liberia to say as I’ve said before ” IF WHAT I SAW IN LIBERIA, IS ANY INDICATION OF WHO TAYLOR IS, THAN IT IS QUITE POSSIBLE THAT TAYLOR COULD BE GUILTY”. I said, think he’s guilty, I said, ‘could be of crimes committed in Sierra Leone’ or he could not be, but I, not you, or Anyone else think he’s guilty. So with that said, are you telling me that I am not allowed to have this opinion, that Taylor is guilty. I have an opinion you see Leoroy, and as i said earlier, i make no apologies for the opinion that I have neither do I hide behind any stance, this is me just repeating myself but I guess i have to. I HAVE presonal biases in the Sierra Leone case because my personal experiences and encounter with Taylor has caused me to look at the whole trail differently, I admitted that I hide behind no front, and I make no apologies. If you can’t swallow how I feel you don’t have to let’s just AGREE to DISAGREE. You say not guilty I say guilty (You don’t decide, and I certainly don’t decide. So all you and I can do is sit and watch the trail and blog, about our feelings). You support, I speak out agaist Taylor…….hey, it’s not going to change.

    2. Aki,

      “Charles Taylor has never in his life killed a person and he never will”. Wow, Ok…………that’s all I can say to that ridiculous statment. I don’t even find it nessassary to agruge on a point like that I know the truth and not only me, but the international community and many Liberians so we wouldn’t even open that other can of worms, not now. Secondly So pleaase tell me again when I left Liberia, and when i went back so that I can be clear how long i stayed in Liberia, or if I went bact when Taylor was there? Taylor against the death penalty, that is laughable, an oxymoron. If that is the case He should have just put him and his son and general mosquito, and all the other general living with him in Gbarnga and cuttington behind bars.
      “Charles Taylor against the death penalty”……, thanks for that one more thing to sharing that goes to show how Taylor does not have “NO DRYFACE”

  9. MsTeage,
    Isn’t it true that Doe killed Tolbert, his brother, the speaker of the house, A.B. Tolbert and others? I think Doe killed himself actually because he acted like animal, so as to speak! Infact, Taylor didn’t kill Doe if you don’t know.

    Doe needed to die that’s why he acted like a fool. He was so stupid as a Military person. He shouldn’t have gone to the freeport of Monrovia on that September 9, 1990 date, known fully well that those areas were controlled by his enemies. So, if you’re feeling bad because your tribe man was killed due his own way actions, then that’s too sad for you bro. Just leave your own with the Oldman!

    1. Lol Jacone, unlike what Rodriguez said that is not a good point. Doe is a murderer, so Is George Boley, I do not support Doe, I am not Krahn or Mandingo, or Vai, or whatever else tribe is related to Doe. I made the comment I made to make a point. I support not a single murderer in Liberia. Stick to Issues Jacone, don’t try to decipher what I’m saying because it is towards Taylor, this a Taylor blog so i comment about Taylor. Doe killed many innocent civilian. I know the history of Liberia, I’ve read about it I’ve seen the video I know what Doe did. So you see Jocone, your comment made is quiet irrelevant, for all the Taylor supporters, hear me now and hear me clear. You all keep saying that this site is not about Liberia, yet when i bring up my sentiments about Taylor from what i saw in Liberia I get accused of being a Doe supporter, so here it goes
      I AM NOT KRAHN OR MANDINGO, I DO NOT SUPPORT DOE, OR BOLEY, OR KONNEH, I DO NOT SUPPORT TAYLOR, OR P.JOHNSON OR R. JOHNSON, ANY REBEL LEADER OR PERSON THAT WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OF LIVES IN LIBERIA, I DO NOT SUPPORT!!!!!! SO NOT THAT THAT IS CLEAR. Your assumptions Jocone was 100% wrong.Thomas Quiwonkpa; Thomas Weh-Syen; Master Sergeant Samuel Doe; Harrison Dahn; Harrison Pennue; and Nelson Toe, were all responsible for brutally murdering an entire cabinet of people, you think I support that……………………………………………….

  10. Teage,

    why are you so hard to learn? Didn’t Tracey tell us this is not a Taylor blog? Stop saying “this is Taylor blog.” I’m warning you. stop it. Finally, what will it take you to believe our moderator Tracey statement, that this is not President Taylor or any other person’s blog?

    1. Actually Rodriguez this is a Taylor blog, it’s about Taylor’s trail in Sierra Leone. I clearly understood when Tracey stated that this is an “independent” blog which i clearly know is sponsored by the “Open Society Justice Initiative”. I clearly understood that. And Tracey did say in the sense that i stated it is about Taylor. Don’t get on me for answering people’s question they ask. If you don’t want to hear my opinion don’t read it it’s that simple…………..if you are going to comment about my response but not the questions or comments made to which i comment under than good luck. If this was a problem and I say to Tracey if my opinions are truly a problem and a distraction that does not be posted, I will imagine she will not post it. If that has not happen, when comments are made, and questions I asked i will comment and if you don’t agree or don’t like it that will not even slow me down from commenting a little. The only that will stop me from commenting in a specific way is if the moderators of this blog tells me to try to rephrase my comments.


      1. Teage,
        you mean to tell me every blog that reports on president Taylor’s trial is “a Taylor blog.” Because, “it’s a about Taylor’s trail in Sierra Leone”?
        Teage, there are so many blogs carrying this trial. Are they also “Taylor blog”?
        Teage, the only reason why you are describing this blog as “Taylor blog” is because, vast majority of us look at the trial differently from you and other minorities. However Teage, let us just pretend that most people on this site say things that are not favorable to Taylor, will it be fair within your opinion that it can be described as ANTI TAYLOR’S BLOG? Teage However, this website, is just reporting what I think is a fair and balanced reflection of what is actually happening. In order words, they are not making the news but rather, they are reporting the news. Now you may understand why President Taylor dominated, when at least, there was an equalled and levelled playing field. This website is a classic example.

        Teage, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, that Tracey did say, “it is about Taylor.” Sure. That doesn’t make blogs that are reporting on the trial to be “Taylor blog.” I am pretty sure CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, BBC, Radio France, VOA, Focus on Africa, Network Africa, Front Page Sierra Leone, Liberia, All about, etc who report on this trial will appreciate their blog being desribed as Taylor’s blog.

        I hope you learn a valuable lesson from this post and desist from accusing this site.

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