Welcome back, readers

Dear readers,

Welcome back to this first week of trial after the recess.  It is great to see the conversation picking up again about the issues emerging during Mr. Taylor’s testimony.

I’m just taking this opportunity, now that we have all come back fresh from the court’s break, to remind everyone of our policy on this site: to focus on the issues emerging from the trial, and not on each other.  I will not post comments that attack other readers, so please help us keep the debate on the trial lively and engaged by discussing the issues.

Good to see both familiar and new names popping up in the comments section.  Looking forward to our continued conversation.


  1. Tracy,

    Were you able find out about my quest on the TRAVELING BAN LIST??? If so, when will we know the HOWs??

    1. Noko4 — yes indeed I have found that information out. I will post it soon! THanks as always for your patience Noko4 – I know you have been waiting a while and I appreciate it.

  2. Hi Tracey,
    long time, but good to have you back with us and most of all putting up with us
    Can you sent me an e-mail on how i can get in touch with Alpha, that is he wouldn’t mine? I’ll be in Denmark on the 8th or is the court open to the public can Alpha help me here.


    1. Hi 4 ur eyes only,

      Nice to have you back with us. I’ll let Alpha know you want to get in touch with him. On going to see the trial in The Hague (will you be in The Netherlands as well as in Denmark?) I can help put you in touch with the Special Court itself who can assist with ensuring that you can get into the courtroom and see the trial while you are there — would that help too?


  3. Tracey and Alpha, happy to know that you are officially back. We say good on you both. We are all fired up and ready to go.

  4. Dear Legal
    I am concern with this big talk “Master plan” if Mr.Taylor was not part of this plan then where is Mr. Sam Bockarie and Mr.Johnny Paul Kromah?

  5. i am a liberian but to be honest that i always feel ashame when the name charles taylor is mentioned in any gatthering where i find myself, infact i hate the name charles to be associated with my country. he is not a good example. it will really hurt me to see this monster to go unpunished after all his wickedness

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