Charles Taylor and Sam Bockarie Did Not Have A “Master-Servant” Relationship, He Tells Special Court For Sierra Leone Judges

Charles Taylor did not have a “master-servant” relationship with Sierra Leone’s notorious rebel commander Sam Bockarie (“Mosquito”), the former Liberian president told Special Court for Sierra Leone  judges in The Hague today.

“There was nothing like a boy or master-servant relationship between Sam Bockarie and I,” Mr. Taylor told the judges today.

Mr. Taylor was responding to testimonies of prosecution witnesses who have told the court that Revolutionary United Front (RUF) commander Sam Bockarie took orders from Mr. Taylor. Several witnesses testified that before Mr. Bockarie undertook operations in Sierra Leone, he sought advice from Mr. Taylor. Witnesses have also testified that Mr. Bockarie made regular trips to Liberia, taking diamonds for Mr. Taylor with him. When he returned to Sierra Leone, they said, he had arms and ammunition for the RUF.

In his testimony today, Mr. Taylor made efforts to describe the relationship that he had with Mr. Bockarie, arguing that he was not Mr. Bockarie’s boss.

“For me, I will look at him as a young man and as an African man, a son. There was no cozy relationship between us, but I dealt with him as leader of his own group. I respected him, I did not order him,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor refuted the testimonies of witnesses who have quoted Mr. Bockarie as saying he was taking orders from “his chief,” referring to Mr. Taylor.

“Chief has nothing to do with direct control, it is just a title,” he said. He explained that several other people referred to him as “chief” because of his position as President of Liberia.

A huge portion of the prosecution’s case throughout 2008 centered on the relationship that existed between Mr. Taylor and Mr. Bockarie. The prosecution has alleged these two men had a “superior-subordinate” relationship, with Mr. Taylor being the “superior.”  This relationship, the prosecution alleged, put Mr. Taylor in a joint criminal enterprise with the RUF, and one where he had control over RUF actions and hence could act to prevent or punish crimes committed by the RUF. Under the prosecution’s theory of the case, then, Mr. Taylor’s alleged acts or omissions in relation to the RUF would make him responsible for crimes committed by the rebels in Sierra Leone.   Mr. Taylor has argued that his relationship with Mr. Bockarie was purely geared towards bringing the conflict in Sierra Leone to a peaceful conclusion, and not one geared towards supporting RUF crimes.  He has denied all charges against him related to the RUF.

Mr. Taylor also refuted the testimonies of a protected prosecution witness who in his 2008 testimony told the court that Mr. Bockarie had told him that it was Mr. Taylor who ordered him to leave Sierra Leone and relocate to Liberia in December 1999. (When RUF leader Foday Sankoh was released from jail in 1999, after his arrest in Nigeria in 1997, it is reported that he had disagreements with his once trusted commander Mr. Bockarie, who himself had been interim leader of the RUF in Mr. Sankoh’s absence. This disagreement, evcentually led to Mr. Bockarie leaving Sierra Leone and relocating to Liberia with hundreds of RUF fighters who were loyal to him). Witnesses have testified that it was Mr. Taylor who asked Mr. Bockarie to relocate to Liberia.

Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations and has repeatedly said that he did not act unilaterally to get Mr. Bockarie out of Sierra Leone. Rather, Mr. Taylor has argued that he worked with other West African leaders – specifically former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo – to get Mr. Bockarie out of his neighboring country because Mr. Bockarie had become a hinderance to the peace process in Sierra Leone.

“It was not a case of leave Sierra Leone and come to Liberia,” Mr. Taylor said. “We did take a very hard line, we, I mean Obasanjo and I took a hard line in our meeting with Bockarie and Sankoh. We did threaten him [Bockarie] with keeping him in Liberia until the disarmament goes on in Sierra Leone.”

Mr. Taylor denied allegations that he was the one who decided the replacement RUF leader when the group’s head commander, Foday Sankoh, was arrested in 2000 after the abduction of United Nations peacekeepers by the RUF.  West African leaders, he said, advised that another high level RUF commander, Issa Sesay should serve as interim leader of the rebel group. He referred to Mr. Sesay as a being “very trustworthy.” (Issa Sesay’s conviction for 16 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for crimes committed during Sierra Leone’s war was upheld on appeal this week, with the Special Court for Sierra Leone’s appeals chamber confirming his sentence of 52 years imprisonment – see our overview here:

Also during his testimony today, Mr. Taylor’s defense team showed the court a video as well as pictures of Mr. Taylor’s White Flower residence in Monrovia, Liberia.  Mr. Taylor’s defense team also showed the court pictures of Mr. Taylor’s Executive Mansion at the former Gbangha headquarters of his fighting force, the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL); his unfinished house on his farm at Gbangha, as well as pictures of the NPFL’s training base at Gbartala, Liberia. The pictures and video were marked for identification and admitted into evidence by the judges.

While the defense submitted these exhibits without making their meaning explicit to the court today, it is anticipated that the defense may use these exhibits at a later stage to try to discredit prosecution testimony that these places were used to store arms and ammunition, some of which Mr. Taylor allegedly supplied to RUF rebels. 

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues on Monday.


  1. Tracey,
    thanks for all the good work,please help here, the trial transcript has not been updated since october 26, and if there is another link that publishes the CT trial transcripts on a day to day basic?

    1. Hi Ziggy Salis,
      The transcripts now seem to be up to date. The 29th is the last one posted. Glad you are keeping an eye on this — don’t hesitate to let us know if that happens again, and we can also raise it with the court. As far as I am aware, there is no other link that publishes the transcripts daily.

  2. I don’t know what is going on with this Taylor case, because the case is surrounding Mr. Taylor and Sam Bockarie. Taylor is denying every connection with this man. Please do we African a favou, Please judge Taylor on different thing or let the poor man go if you don’t have enough evidence to convict him.

  3. Hopefully, people will see Taylor as a man lacking in credibility after his statement that Issa Sesay was ‘very trustworthy’ – a man already convicted in the Special Court.
    I wonder how it would be viewed if Radovan Karadzic described Milan Martic as ‘very trustworthy.’

    1. Fought in Sierra Leone; Taylor is saying this man; Issa Sesay was “trustworthy” so that when Issa is brought to testify against taylor, he will be confused and thinks taylor honor his credibility even as a convicted felon! taylor is street smart! Don’t you forget gankay! Right now this guy is calculating to get minimum sentence and not life! Watch out gentlemen and ladies who still want to remain in darkness!

      1. j fallah Menjor,

        Concerning your point that Issa Sesay may testify against Mr. Taylor. Please remember that the Prosecution’s case is over. Only Defense witnesses can now be called. If Issa Sesay had anything to say about Charles Taylor’s role why didn’t he talk during his own trial in Freetown?

      2. J. fallah menjor,


        We the People will not settle for nothing less than an acquittal. So I don’t know where you are coming from with the TOTAL NONSENSE of minimum sentence.

  4. Dear Mr. Legal.
    I am very please to informed you that I respect your view concerning Mr. Bockarie not having a master service with Mr.Taylor . But what I want to know is, what was Mr. Bockarie doing in Liberia while he was serving as the rebel commander in his country

    1. John Dwen,
      it appears you are new to this trial. so I will advice that you read the transcripts of this case especialy that of Mr Taylor’s testimon. you will find the answer to your question there and I promise you it makes for intresting reading.

      To wet your appetite, Sam Bockarie was there because ECOWAS estracted him since he was obstructing the peace process by openly and stubornly confronting Foday Sankoh and refusing to disarm. the defence has presented Pictures and documents to support this explanation.

    2. Dwen,
      I don’t know the objective of your question concerning Bockarie travelling to Liberia during his leadership with in the RUF.. Onething I would like to know from you too is wether there is any quotation with in the liberian constitution that prohibits the office of the president from talking to rebels leaders??? Please ANSWERE

  5. Just free him that all I can say you whit people are very wicked is just because of some strong political force from in Liberia and out side Liberia to day got Mr Taylor where he is.



    1. Sam
      Fallah and Co may not be here, but i assure you I am no “co” just a Liberian citizen affected by “LONG LIVE GHANKAY” ruthless war. As far as Mr. Taylor being guilty in Sierra Leone, I always say if Liberia is any indication of the real Taylor, than the events unfolding from the day Mr. Taylor launched his plight for power and control from the borders of Ivory coast, suggest that he is capable of committing such atrocities. I believe in the Due process of the judicial system, so they can take their course and hopefully there will be enough evidence to convict Taylor. Yes I’ve convicted Taylor in my mind already because I have seen with my “EYES” not in the news, not they say, not “Taylor haters say”, but my eyes, what Taylor is capbable of, so when i hear of the gross human violations in Sierra Leone, and hear that it is attributed to Taylor, I can nodd of and say that if he could do it in Liberia, then he could do it else where, with that said. You all quote your “court facts”, urge people to “read the transcript, it makes for an interesting reading” and you speak of how you’ve followed the trail since the beginning, and you argue with people who oppose Taylor, As if people are fools for not supporting Taylor; don’t you think there are Liberians out there and Sierra Leoneas who were wrong by Taylor? In the case of Taylor and Sierra Leone the court will decide, but there are people who have been affected by Taylors action in Liberia. And while this is about Sierra Leone, the idea that no one will bring up Liberia in this trail is absurd!!! The thought of Mr. Taylor being brought to justice even if it is not for crimes committed in Liberia makes MANY Liberians including myself follow this trail and hope in anticiapation that he justice will be served!!!! If Taylor is not brought to justice for crimes committed in Sierra Leone he will be brought to Justice for the crimes he committed in Liberia, whether you like it or not, whether I don’t like him or not. I can tell you now, and we will both see in the future, TAYLOR WILL NOT WALK A FREE MAN ANOTHER DAY IN HIS LIFE. Should he be aquitted, it will be Liberia’s time to bring charges against him.
      Ask Chuckie Taylor, he thought he could murder in cold blood and get away, who’s Laughting Out Loud no?????
      Mr. Taylor will have the same fate has his son!! Like son like father

      1. MsTeage,

        If all you say about Charles Taylor is true. My question is how come he was elected with over 80% of your brothers and sisters vote? Concerning Chuckie Taylor I say shame on you that you feel that verdict is justified. Remember Barack Obaman has released CIA documents stating that Americans did the same toture to foreigners in Iraq and Afghanistan that Chuckie has been accused of. So how can the Bush administration punish Chuckie but let their operatives do the same thing. You show you bias in blaming Charles Taylor for all the wrongs of the Liberian war. Were you a Doe supporter or were you to young to remember how he showed us violence first with the execution of Tolbert’s ministers then on to the wholesale killings of the Gio and Mano ethnic groups.

        1. Aki,

          Your reasoning is unreasonably flawed.
          Here is the beauty of statistics it gives out numbers and no explanation, so what if 80% of the votes went to Taylor, there could be several reasons why. For example, it could be that many people who voted that day were Taylor supporters, and many of the non-Taylor supporters may have been too intimidated to come out that day, or the voting was rigged, which we all know is a possibilty. Liberia, 1997 clean and clear elections after the April 6 war could be possible, fraud is also a possibility, or it could just be that Liberians were afraid that If Taylor wasn’t elected there would be more trouble. Do i believe that Taylor got a huge amount of votes from that election, absolutely do i believe it was because all the Liberians loved him and just wanted him to be president, absolutely NOT!!
          America is a whole other issue. American FBI, and CIA or whoever did participate in torture of people, should they be prosecuted abolutely, so when you figure out who can do that you get back to me. Secondly, the Prosecutors who prosecuted Chuckie Taylor have no power to prosecute CIA or FBI memebers, because it gets into probably prosecuting government officials part of the Bush administration which gets even more complicated, so I don’t even know why you are comparing the two scenarios. Plus Chuckie Taylor did not only torture people he murdered people in cold blood, on my last visit to Liberia last year, one of my conversation stumbled unto how this friend of my witness some of Chuckie Taylor “murder tactics” this was not a conversation I did not starte, this was someone sharing some of the atrocities they witnessed during the civil wars in Liberia, so Chukie Taylor deserves everything that he has. It’s not fair that a murderer was held accountable for taking the lives he did not create? The CIA who tortured and/or murdered Innocent people need to be prosecuted will it happen; who knows America does a lot and gets away with it!! When you can find a way to bring these people to justice we can have a conversation about it.
          Lastly, where did you get that I was a Doe supporter, I was too young to remember, as a matter of fact I wasn’t born, but I’ve read about, researched about seen videos about it, etc…..I don’t usally talk if I don’t have facts to back what I’m saying. Please show me which part of my above statement points to support for Doe. Several mass graves with Mano and Gio people popped up around Liberia, after Qwionkpa failed coup, Doe and LPC (George Boley) participated in the killing of many innocent civilians during the 1990 war; including the massacre in the Lutherean church. I saw the bodies too, yes I was very young but that’s not something you forget. I meet a survior during the 1996 war with both legs amputated, and though I was young I still remember the story he told me and my siblings of Doe being present in the church that day!!!! So please tell me when and how and where you got the idea of me being a supporter of a murder. You absolutely misundersood what I was saying so please do not take my words and twist it.
          I do not support a murderer like Doe, neither do I support any other murderer who took the lives of my fellow Liberians.

      2. Ms. Teage,

        I’m impressed with your above comments. I admonish female contributors to this blog to be more regular and I hope you continue to participate in the dialogue.

        While I admire you courage, I was just wondering whether you quest for justice for victims of the Liberian conflict is targeted at Taylor and his camp or whether your quest targets anyone who allegedly victimized another person wrongfully during the crises?

        I pose this question because I conclude from you writing that you are learned. Being learned implies that you would be open to acknowledge that Taylor might not be the only individual who might face accusation of alleged atrocity.

        As you might be aware, the united nations panel of investigators found the armed forces of liberia responsible for the infamous carter camp massacre in Harbel. To date, the perpetrators are roaming around free. No charges were brought against them despite the findings.

        Maybe if we could exercise objectivity in the midst of our individual sentimentalism might help foster a common ground and lasting peace for Liberia rather that seeking retribution at all cost.

        1. Andrew,

          My quest for justice is most defintely targeted to Mr. Taylor because he was an active participant of the civil war! It is also targeted towards Mr. Prince Johnson who murdered President Doe, Sekou Connech, George Boley et, al.., I will be a fool to say that Charles Taylor is the only participant of the civil war. Taylor committed atrocities against civilians so did many rebel leades. And the sickening part is they are sitting in senate seats!!! I say EVERY leader MUST be brought to justice in due time. I do believe that leaders who are in Liberia must be handled appropriately, to avoid any conflict. I DO NOT support a single rebel “Revolution” leader I want to see EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM brought to justice.

          Taylor happens to be in custody right now, out of Liberia, and I think that if he is not convicted of alleged crimes committed in Sierra Leone, then he should be indicted right than and there and trailed for crimes in Liberia, because he is out of Liberia, and this will cause no destablization within Liberia.

          Like I said and to answer your question. Taylor IS NOT hte only one, and Every one of the perpatrators must be brought to justice just not Taylor.

      3. Ms. Teage,
        I think you are being a little hyperly active and not considering the real stuff.. Did taylor oder any amputation in the liberian war??? I think feeling that you know about the liberian crisis is different from actually knowing it . Look my sister , war is not foot ball game ,base ball game or succer match. The war fought in Liberia, was of neccessity. The level of secret killings, distruction of peacefull citizens properties, and the misuse of public domains was undescrisptive. The liberian people uprightly rose and fought to instill public decency.. Calm down sister, if those who are in power now and the future, don’t understand that goverment has responsibility to serving those ( THE PEOPLE) who give them the power, WAR WILL RETURN.. Stop blaming TAYLOR for notthing..Revert to the 1979 rice riot . That was the beginning of truouble in our country (LIBERIA).

        1. Msteage,
          Concerning your response to my statements. Firstly justice can not be or seen to be selectvie. Chuckie Taylor should not be prosecuted in the States for crimes that are also sanctioned by the United States government for use by it’s operatives. Secondly your earlier posting seemed to be that of a Doe supporter. My reasoning is bacause you blame Charles Taylor for all the atrocities in Liberia and laid no blame on anyone else. Remember all attackers of Taylor in Liberia were in some way connected to Samuel Doe. Your subsequent post has made your position more clearer. I will have to take your word for it. You also seem to want Charles Taylor to be found guilty of some crime whether it is for Sierra Leone or Liberia. On this you will have to wait cause the evidence in this present trial is seriously lacking. However keep in mind that this is more a political trial than anything else. For this reason your wish may come true! Lastly, welcome to the blog. Although I disagree with your statements I respect your right to make them.

    2. Elbert Dunn,

      I too agree that there has not been enough evidence to convict Mr. Taylor. However we must leave race and racist statements out of our arguments. Remember Obassanjo, Ellen Sirleaf and Tejan Kabbah are our Black brothers and sisters who sent him to the Hauge. They did not have to listen to the Western countries if they did not want to.

      1. Aki,

        First the beautiful thing about educated people is that they can agree to disagree and still respect each other, as hard as it is for me to see others support someone like Taylor it is your stance and it is your opinion, I respect you, and I’ll leave it at that; I just find it very unrationaly and unrealistic, that many people on this blog cannot act like adults and respect those who do not share the same sentiments for Taylor as they do; i say it again, this is not a witch hunt by me or people on this blog for Taylor, “dear beloved Taylor” whether you believe it, like trust it or not has wrong MANY LIBERIANS, and SIERRA LEONEANS it seems. I said if there are evidence in Sierra Leone, enough to put Taylor away the courts will decide. I respect the due process and that is why i follow the trail. Concerning my previous posting, it may have seem as if i was blaming, everything on Taylor because I was addressing the issues of what Taylor did during the war, since this is a Taylor blog, I did not mention anyone else because i was not talking about any other murderer but Taylor. But I’m glad you understand that support NOOOOO rebel leader, and I hope one day they too will ALL be behind bars like Taylor is right now and convicted of murder because someone and somebody was responsible for the 300,000 plus lives lost in Liberia. And every one of them have to pay!!!!
        Lastly, There is a law in the United States, for UNITED STATES CITIZEN, under that law if citizen of the United States commits a crime against humanity in ANY PART of the world they can be trailed and convicted of that crime here in the U.S. You can check it out for yourself, that is why Chuckie Taylor was trailed here in the U.S. Chuckie Taylor did not know of this law but the law was established in 1992, if you would like for me to pass on the article to you I will be more than delighted. I look forward to sharing my opinons, on this blog, whether or not anyone like it.

        1. Ms. Teage – welcome. It is great to have you join us. Please do continue to share your opinions on this blog.

          I also join in your hope that all readers on this blog will respectfully agree to disagree without resorting to personal attacks.


        2. Tracey, on October 31, 2009 at 2:07 PM, I reminder you and the audience about people’s intent to brand this site of being President Taylor’s website. As the matter of fact, I provided quotes. I also warned you not to be surprised of the accusaton against this website. People who may find it very difficult for their message to resonate will revert to this tactic. Exactly, just what I said, has occurred,but with different individual. This time, it is Ms Teage on November 2, 2009 at about 3:56 AM. Teage has accused this website again, like people before her as “this isTaylor blog.” Is this really President “Taylor blog”? Teage, President Taylor owns this blog?

          1. Hi Jose,

            Thanks for raising this issue. It is true that this site is devoted to reporting on and discussing the trial of Charles Taylor – in that sense, Ms. Teage is correct that Mr. Taylor and his trial is the focus of this blog. However, you are right, Jose, to help us remind readers: the site is an independent one, with no affiliation to either Mr. Taylor and his defense team, or the Special Court and the prosecution team.


  6. Dear Friends,

    Since I began reading your comments a few months ago I have become a great fan and would like to participatein the discussions whenever I can, though I am not of a legal mind!

    Mr Taylor has said on many instances that Mr. Issa Sesay was chosen to replace Mr Foday Sankor when Mr. Sankor was detained in Freetown and the choice was made by him in collaboration with West African Leaders. This is a dangerous statement in my opinion because the RUF should have been allowed to choose its leader independently. How could Mr. Taylor and the West African leaders determine who in the RUF was best qualified to lead the group? What is he driving at by repeatedly making this claim, can someone explain !


    1. Dear George,

      Welcome to the site. I am so glad you decided to participate actively in the conversation. And please rest assured — this site is intended as a place for everyone who has an interest in the Charles Taylor trial to discuss and debate the ideas that emerge from it. I hope we will continue to see more comments from you.

      On the choice of the RUF leader: one of the prosecution arguments is that Mr. Taylor had such a level of control over the RUF that he was in a position to prevent or punish their crimes — under a legal theory of personal responsibility called “command responsibility” he could then be found responsible for the crimes committed by those under his control. His ability to pick the RUF’s leader would indicate a level of control over this group and hence a real ability to prevent and punish crimes committed by the group. Therefore, the argument goes, he could be found criminally responsible for his failure to prevent or punish serious crimes committed by the RUF. Mr. Taylor has denied this allegation. He says there was no way he had that level of control over the RUF. Instead, he was simply one of a number of West African leaders who advised the RUF on who should lead the group after Foday Sankoh was arrested, as a way of looking for someone who could help promote a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor’s argument, then, woudl basically be that he should not be seen as having command responsibility for the RUF’s actions because he did not have that level of control over the RUF that the prosecution alleges, but instead was simply acting with other West African leaders in making recommendations that would contribute to peace. Does this help explain? If not, let me know and we can continue the conversation.

      Best, and welcome George,

      1. Thanks Tracey for SETTING THE RECORD right and correct…..too many times we get CONFUSED as to what is said…..

        George, if we go on your line of understanding, then those other African leaders should be on the stand, don’t you think??

    2. George Williams,
      The RUF could not have chosen a leader independently because of all the conflict that was taken place within the RUF organization. The West African leaders recommended to Fodya Sankoh to let Issa Sesay represent the RUF during peace talk and disarmament while he was in jail in Freetown. Foday Sankoh made Issa Sesay leader of the RUF.

    3. George Williams, stop misrepresenting or at least, twisting the facts. At no time did President Taylor say he unilaterally chose Issa Sesay as a replacement to Foday Sankor with the consent or collaboration with west African leaders. He said he was a part of the Afrcan leaders decision they derived at in choosing a leader for the RUF in order to move the peace process forward since there was no real leader emerging from the internal wrangling within the hierarchy of the RUF. I hope you set the record strict, or at least try, to set the record strict.

    4. Well, please go back read his exact wordings regarding this appointment of a replaced leader for Sankor. I guess he was saying that the ECOWAS Leaders appointed him the chief in charge of solving the problems in Sierra Leone. I would love to wait and hear the detail description of his job before i commemt. i mean where there limitations on what he could do or not do with the power bestowed on him? could an ordinary leader of another country have had such power of control on a group of fighters on another country without relying on a more superior power?. Until ECOWAS position is far from Taylor’s suggestions, it seems he has a case… He must have been acting as an ”AGENT”. Agent of …

      1. Sasco77,
        Remember nothing in this world is impossible. Besides his stament from day one has been that, he was chairing the mediation commette. Brother this was a group that had the sole authorized authority from the international community to brng peace to that part of west africa. Obviously you and I shouid know that even hell got a head(SATAN). Come on brother, are you telling me that our african leaders will form a committe and don’t give it a head, because they are supposed to be so, so dum??? Please lets think rationally here!!!

  7. John Dwen I will add to what Sam had help you with. Bockarie was in Liberia at that time because not just ECOWAS the international communities asked Taylor to do so. In order words he was given asylum in there, after discussion with all parties involved in the Sierra Leonean conflict.

  8. I don’t buy Taylor excuses and denials that Sam Bocharie was in Liberia as an extraction from the Sierra Leone conflict upon the urging of ECOWAS. if this was the case why was he not sent to other African countries far away from the conflict regions? and what is even more implicating is Sam Bocharie’s admissions in various interviews refering to Charles Taylor as his father or “MY PAPAY”, and Charles Taylor’s own admission the other day on the stand that Sam Bocharie was like a son to him and could have never order his execution. denials and the creation of reasons as to why and how, will not be enought.too much contradictions and the people shall exploit all until he is found GUILTY!

    1. Ziggy Salis, believing President Taylor testimoy or not is totally irrelevant. He said what he had to say. President Taylor is a strict talker and even stricter if he doesn’t like or love you. However, your question about why Liberia and not other African country is belated and after the fact. You should have asked that question to the very African presidents who made the decision long time ago. The fact remains Liberia was to serve as host for Sam Bockarie. Case closed buddy.

    2. Ziggy, I will not let you get away with this delibrate twisting of the facts. have you forgotten nthe documentary evidence presented at the begining of the defence case? there were UN documents, ECOWAS documents etc detailing how and why Sam Bockarie was extracted and by whom. so Ziggy correct your records!

      On the issue of Sam Bockarie calling Taylor is Father or Papay if you are truely and African or more specifically a west African then you will know that in our part of the world it is normal to call someone much older than you “father” or “Papay” or an important personality “chief”.

  9. George Williams,

    Welcome to the discussions. I was wondering whether you hail from Brewerville, just outside Monrovia.

    I wanted to add to Tracey input, but mine is not as fair as hers. The prosecution claims that Taylor had absolute command and control over the RUF. However, the trial has revealed otherwise. Taylor has been reported to have negotiated with RUF in order to get the peace process in Sierra Leone back on track. In my opinion that does not appear like someone having command and control. If Taylor had such leverage, he should have for instance;

    1. pronounced Issa Sesay as the Leader of RUF. As we are aware from this trial, Obasanjo and Konare had to fly to Freetown to secure a letter of appointment from Foday Sankoh who wa in jail, declaring Issa as the provisional leader of RUF. Does it sound like Taylor being in control?

    2. During the fallout between Sankoh and Bockarie, Taylor and other west african leaders were seen negotiating with Bockarie to see reason, and when all else failed he was asked out of the peace process with the option of relocating to a country of his choice. Does not seem like Taylor exercising command and control either.

    3. During the captivity of the UN forces, another set of negotiation ensue for their release. Again, we did not see Taylor commanding, and instructing here either.

    You and I know how Taylor led the NPFL. He ordered and commanded. Taylor being in control, these kinds of fracas would not go on, absolutely not. Taylor wants a peace process to proceed and someone calling himself Bockarie obstructing and standing in the way of peace, holding UN personnel hostage, he would be dealt with as a sign of deterrent to others.

    The plain truth is Taylor did not have the make-believe leverage that the prosecution claim. Never has any witness testified that Taylor exercise his power over the RUF by ordering imprisonment, suspension, execution or other forms of punishment. If Taylor had that power he would have appointed a replacement of Sankoh immediately. But it had to take negotiations.

    The other issue, I do not know why ECOWAS got involved in the replacement of Sankoh. They being leaders could have been privy to information that we do not have.

    Documents have sufficed that Taylor in contrast to the Prosecution theory, has engaged a peace restoration process in Freetown.

    But I urge you to continue engaging the process because the climax of this case is when the prosecution cross examines Taylor.

  10. Folks,
    Could this “CHIEF” be Mr. Sankoh instead of Mr. Taylor??? I say this because when the Status Report was given, it was given to Mr. Sankoh and not Mr. Taylor…..

  11. Tracey, don’t be surprized when they accuse this website again as being” NPFL propaganda gallery” and when we confront them with the fact, they might say, they meant “NPFL peanut gallery.” and they meant peanut and NPFL propaganda. To me, the two don’t sound the same.

    1. Jose, this is your second time admonishing Ms Tracy about whether people may accuse the site of being “taylor’s NPFL propaganda Gallery, or whatever you may be attempting to say. I just want to tell you that this is not the case at all because Tracy is managing the site to a point that no one, beside you, Jose has complaint.Who really cares if taylor’s fans are all over talking trash! Maybe this is a sign of “guilt consciousness” on Jose’s part because 80% of taylor’s loyalists seem to believe this trial is about how many support they gather through this medium, however, it’s very clear to any rational mind that this site is for communication purpose only, on what is going on with the trial at the Hague and not about popular demand from supporters of taylor. Therefore, stop this fear tactic, and focus on the many rapes, amongst others, that taylor is being tried and locked up for!

  12. Hi Tracey,
    Mr. Taylor, in defending some of his actions with the RUF, has repeatedly mentioned West African Leaders in general and President Obassanjo by name. My question is this: Is it possible for Mr. Taylor or the Prosecution to call any of these West African leaders as witnto testify and if yes, what if they refuse?


    1. George,
      The prosecutors have RESTED…again, I stand corrected but I don’t think they can call any more witnesses except CROSS EXCAMINES what Mr. Taylor hands them. I too wish he will call them to his defense but he has shown us DOCUMENTS to back up his words….so therefore, I don’t think calling any African leader will any MORE weight except waste our time.

      Can they REFUSE??? Yes, no one is FORCE to appear if they choose not to be part of. Can they be FORCE by the court….I don’t know…..maybe Tracie can help us out.

    2. George Williams,
      Yes, some of the leaders will be call to the stand by the defense not the prosecution. The prosecution has called all the witnesses they had. None of the leaders will refuse because they have nothing to hide and they can be subpoena and must appear or be charge by the IJC as the former President of Sierra Leone and Mr. Blah was told.

      When these leaders take the stand, their side of this sage is not going to be that far off of what Mr. Taylor has already said and going to say because it is documented. This is why Mr. Taylor took the stand first, which the prosecution was not prepared for. Remember the prosecution wanted a list of the defense expert witnesses, which the defense answer was they have no expert witness’s only factual witnesses.

    3. Williams, good question. But also be advised, President Blaise Camparie of Burkina Faso has being named by the prosecutors as being a co conspirator and accomplice to President Taylor in this case. Tejan Kabbah, who army annihilated, mutilated, and killed his own people, and who government was restored by the help of the British troops, by the way, GB has agreed to imprison him, if he is found guilty. Williams, Kabbah is just as the prosecutors. However, Kabbah’s government also agreed to sign on this international scheme of conspiracy. Therefore, he might have credibility issue. As for Nigeria Obassanjo, he can do anything for money, very unreliable. Ghana John Kofou, and Jerry Rawlings, are neutral and best suited to be credible. The late Guinean President Lassana Conteh, well, you know where LURD came from to murder our people in cold blood in Liberia. South Africa Thaibo Imbeki, could be a good one. Liyba Mummer kadifi, could be another good one, especially being in the center of both Sierra leoneans and Liberians training. Let us wait and see what’s going to happen.

  13. George Williams ,
    I am not answering for Tracey; But I can asure you that you will see presidents testifying in taylors behalf. When a baby is born, it does not start walking and talking the same day. People are taking ghankay for play. But folks will know who taylor is even the times of trouble. Trust me he is a powerful man.

    1. Noko5, “people are taking ghankay for play.” My son,” you too good. You are super. Ghankay is a real man. It is taking the entire world to unjustly bring this innocen man to his knees. And even if they succeed, they will still be as unhappy as the way they came. Because, they know truly well, this man is innocent. And this man demise was not done by his people, but by world powers.
      Noko5, your post is great.

  14. Where is my baby Helen? She got Ms. Teage jumping in here and dancing all over this floor Please Helen I missed you big time…

    1. Noko5,

      LOL, this is a great moment for you, not childish at all though, i express my opinion and you try to make a mokery of me. This has a lot to do with what I said, I am dancing all over the floor, LOL, yup yup, that is exactly what it is……

      1. Ms Teage,
        welcome but I will suggets that you put your personal hatred for Mr Taylor aside so that your contributions will be fair and after the facts. the point is that this trial is about crime committed in sierra leone during a specific period viz: nov ’96 to 2003 so it is not about Liberia and so far the prosecution has messed up this case they will find it dificult to get a conviction. But in the future if Mr Taylor is charged with crimes committed in Liberia, I can assure you almost 100% of people on this site will be shouting on top of thier voice “Crucify him! crucify him!! crucify him!!!”.

        1. I suggest, you read my comments agree to disagree. I made it clear that I understand the trail is about Sierra Leone, not Liberia, I’m not an idiot, i get it………..bringing up Liberia is only to point out the flaws in Taylor and to say that if he could committ atrocities in Liberia then he can in Sierra Leone, the courts have the final say,
          I rest my case.

      2. Ms. Teage,
        Hope you don’t feel that I was trying to be rude or actually making mokery of you. I actually admire your diversity. I was only encouraging Helen to come back on board since atleast we have started to get the view of a female from the otherside. This is a hot polical kitchen .. Trust me all the guys here are very intelligent people.. Sometimes we throw some jokes arround. Just to make it fun and keep it going .. cuz we are in dying need of the freedom of our ex-president (TAYLOR). I believe you concord with me that he is being lied on, and you and I are advocating justice in his behalf .. right?? Don’t worry girl, I’ll never talk bad to you, but rather be very pleased to hear sound views from a smart woman like you. By the way, are you one of aunty Lucy Teage daughters??

        1. First, I know no one name Aunty Lucy, I prefer to leave my family and who I am out of the entire matter, that is not relevant. Secondly , l think it is pretty clear our sentiments about Taylor. Notice How i call him Taylor and not Mr. Taylor or “dear beloved, or true son of the soil”. He’s your hero, he’s a murder to me. But as i stated to Aki previously it’s ok toagree to disagree, and still show respect, to each other on this blog.

    2. NOKO5,
      I can deal with the cynicism, the mockery the jokes the immaturity. This is my second comment to you concerning something that does not have to do with this trail and I will try to make it the last. Because I certainly did not come here to talk about my dancing skills, as fancy as theymay be(you can LOL at this part). I’m on this blog to voice my opionions about how i feel about this trail and also with what has happened in Liberia(to my friends family love ones and even myself), I do it unapolgogetically whether you or any other person feel about the “true son of the soil, long live Ghankay Taylor”. I have opinions about things, I’m not afraid to share it. It’s funny I usually get personal attackes and insults for my opinions, I’ve found some of the people on here that I’ve disagreed with to be quite respectful. I was not a coward and I opening stated that I HAVE judged Taylor concenring Sierra Leone(this is how i feel and I do not hide that), because if Liberia is any indication of who Taylor truly is, then the atrocities commited in Sierra Leone could possibly be an act of Taylor, and I miss Teage believe it is (untimately the court not me have the final say). That is why I am an independent citizen and not the court, prosecutor, judge and jury, let it be known…. I openly said that from the “get-go”, I don’t hide my opinions about issues instead I express it. LIKE IT OR NOT, AGREE or DISAGREE IT IS MY O.P.I.N.I.O.N….But I look forward to sharing my opinions, angering who ever it does and following this trail to the end.

      1. Ms. Teage, thanks for speaking subjunctively when you said, “if” Liberia is to be an indicator, than President Taylor could be possibly liable for the atrocity in Sierra Leone. Well, Liberia is no indicator of President Taylor trial in Sierra Leone. However, looking at it from a different level, liberians and the current government have vandicated this innocent man by virtue of the fact there has been no formal charge against this man for any alleged crimes you think he may have committed. In fact, what Liberians do know, is that President Tylor is a man who has shown his heroic initiative and great personal valor in the face of intense international conspiracy. We the people overwhemingly voted for him and not against him because we believe in his leadership. His democratically elected government was forcefully removed by the UN, GREAT BRITIAN, US, and the international community through their stooges like LURD and MODEL. And up to this date, LURD and MODEL are flying sky free. Teage, if you truly believe what you think, than I will strongly encourage you to join us in advocating for WAR CRIMES COURT in Liberia. I will also ask you to support the recommendation of the TRC. That way, all the happy trigger warmongers like President Johnson Sirleaf, Prince Johnson, George Boley, Alihaji Kromah, Diminte Conneh, Thomas Yaya Nimely, Boima Fabullah, Brownie Samuka, Amos Sawyer and etc, will all be accountable for their actions. Until that happens, you can’t blame one man, and say “if” Liberia is any indication, than President Taylor is responsible for Sierra Leone mess. Lastly, can you possibly identify which of these names above bullets killed which victim?

        1. There as been NO formal charges against “ANYBODY” who committed atrocities in Liberia . Except for Chukie Taylor who was not trailed in Liberia. The Liberian government needs to figure out a way to charge not only Taylor but others sitting in governmental positons who have committed trails against humanity, until they can do that they cannot make a move because Liberia will be destablized, with that said. Why would they bring charges against Taylor and not the others. I want Taylor in jail for crimes committed in Liberia but Charles Taylor is not the only one who fought in Monrovia, Justice will not be served for all Liberians affected during the 14 year war, if only Taylor was indictied and not anyone else, even I will demand that every other war-lord be put on trail. I support the Recommendations of the TRC and I want to see all the “trigger happy” people in court!!!!

          Liberia is 100% indication of Taylors brutality is what I meant. He showed in Liberia that he will stop at nothing for power. So i can see him doing the same in Sierra Leone, controlling RUF members like pieces in a chess game. Does that mean my opinion is correct……who knows. I am following the trail just like you and waiting for the “fat lady to sing”.

  15. George Williams, the west african leaders does not have to appear because written documents from the United Nations was already presented in this trial which confrims Mr. Taylor statements.

    1. Teage,
      what are you talking about? According to you, there has been no formal charges brought against anybody who committed atrocities in Liberia except Chucky Taylor, who was not tried in Liberia. But, again, if that happens, Liberia will be destabilized. Teage, I don’t know if I can agree with you about Liberia will be destabilized until you can give proofs. Teage, it is harder than you may think. I can assure you like Noko4/5, that there will be no war crimes court in Liberia as long as President Johnson Sirleaf is in power/alive. However, that is why the west decided to use the “back door” way to nail this innocent man about Sierra Leone mess and not Liberia, since infact, he is still very popular in Liberia. I understand the desired impact that you are advocating on behalf of the two countries. But, we don’t have the means to effect that, except we get help from these people. That is why when Mr. David Crane, the architect of the court said, he has a quiet pride in the people of Sierra Leone for making this to happen; I asked him, why his proud has to be quiet. If he truly believes that it was the people of Sierra Leone that made this thing to happen? Teage, this thing is bigger than you may think.

  16. George,
    Charles Taylor is the accused, and has all rights under international laws to present proves if any to exonorate himself of these charges, but I don’t think these proves exist. he and his defense are not able to bring any of these west africans leaders to court for fear of what they have told them[the defense team] as to what they would testify to, and if that is not the case than let him bring them to collarborate his claims. lies denials and contradicting statement by Mr. Taylor are not enough to set this man free. he was in bed with the RUF and must pay the price!

  17. Teage, and George Williams,

    Thanks to you two for joining the blog. I just want to give you some update on the status of this trial. As it stands now, the trial is a comedy forum. Here are the issues for laughter and funplay:

    1. According to the prosecution, Taylor is meeting Sankoh in Liberia, receiving diamond from Sankoh and delivering arms to Sankoh, on dates that Sankoh is in prison in Nigeria. Well we have to ask them if they were referring to the ghost Sankoh?

    2. Taylor is meeting another ruf commander and delivering arms on the date that Taylor was attending peace conference in Lome and he signed the final communique. That document is in this court so it must be the ghost taylor.

    3. According to the prosecution, the UN helicopter that transported released UN hostages from Sierra Leone to Monrovia, also transported arms to the RUF from Taylor.

    4. According to the prosecution Taylor killed Bockarie three times. First Bockarie died in Monrovia, then he got shot in cross-fire at the border, then he died the third time when Benjamin yeaten killed him and showed his body to Moses Blah.

    5. The so-called 5 billion dollars that are in Taylor foreign banks was never introduce in evidence in the prosecution case. They have told the world that Taylor has this money and they were freezing his accounts.

    6. According to the prosecution, Taylor buried a pregnant woman alive at in Monrovia. They did not exhume the body, discover the grave or provide autopsy report at least on the follow up.

    There are more funny issues in this case. Read the transcripts and I leave the conclusion to you.

    1. Because I just started responding under does not mean first of all that I am joined the blog. I know where the trail is. I have my reservations about things,but if you read my previous statements you would know where i stand concerning Taylor, what exactly does that mean, said in simple Liberian english, “I don’t put anything pass Charles Taylor”, with that said. It is up to The prosecution to prove what they are bringing up. I wasn’t in Sierra Leone, or I did not live in Taylors house to know his every move, (although I live pretty darn close to Taylor) neither did you live with him or traveled with him to know his move. If the prosecutions are bringing up these allegations, than let them bring evidence to prove it. If they can’t you and I both know the judicial system, the accusations will not stick. I find nothing comical about the allegations brought against Taylor; there are people in Sierra Leone, who believe that Taylor is responsible for atrocities committed in Sierra Leone, why would people make up all these accusations against a “saint” like Taylor. I guess that is the question many of you all are asking.
      As for me I am not asking that question, my sentiments on Taylor was expressed from the beginning. I openly stated that I have a personal bias against Taylor that sometimes causes me to believe even the worse I hear about him, because of what I’ve “SEEN” Taylor particpate in. I openly own up to my biases, and I do not hide behind any front.
      I wish more people on here would openly admit their biases in favor of Taylor that cause them to believe that Taylor is not guilty of all charges in Sierra Leone, and he did not committ atrocitiese in Liberia. Any way with that said. I hope everyone who reads this is very clear on where i stand, so there leaves to rooms for assumptions or mis-represenation of who I am. I admit to my flaw thinking in this situation, and I have good reasons for my flawed thinking. That is why I stated in previous comments, the courts are the ones that make the ultimate judgement, whether I’ve judged Taylor to be guilty or not, whether you judge him to be innocent or not, the courts decide on that matter.

      If you saw someone slap a girl, and then you hear that that person is in jail for physically abusing their wife. You would automatically think, ummm he could have possibly done it. But if you lived in the same vicinity as that person and you saw them contiunously slap different girls, and then you heard that person was in jail for physically abusing their wife, you would most likely think hmmm… sure he did it, it could be that that guy really didn’t do it or did do it. But because of your previous experiences with the fellow you tend to lean on the guilty side of issues, is this a flawed thinking possibly but right justified by the actions of the young man……….
      You catch my drift, thats where I’m at right now. And I would like to say that nothing anyone says or does will change my mind, that is why I’m here following the trail to see how it turns out!!

      1. well Taege, you have to brace yourself for a major disappointment coming at the end of the trial when our beloved president will be AQUITTED of all the frivolous charges and he will be recieved with a heroric welcome in Monrovia soon.

    2. Andrew,
      You got me laughing….my boss is wondering if I am loosing my mind.

      But those are the FACTUAL FACTS the prosecutors presented in this case….on those we sent a man to prison for life eventhough MOST got zero to do with Sierra Leone.


    3. Andrew Jilay,
      You have chronicled the trial very well. What joke to be spending all this money when they could have given it the people of Sierra Leone.

  18. Now people,( PROSECUTION)could you please organize this puzzle ; Hassan Bility, considers himself ,worse enemy to Taylor,but at the same time, goes to Taylors’ house for birthday party celebration. (AT NIGHT) Please tell me guys, what kind of relationship it is???

    Puzzle number 2-How possible was it that Tejan Kaba in august of 1997 be in Guinea , exired, at the same time, a sitting president in sierraleone, while Jonny Paul Kromah had taken over and president of said country. Hassan Bilitys’ account!!!! Wow! my people where are we heading???

  19. Ms. Teage,

    Thanks for addressing my concerns. Once you support justice without fear nor favor, we are on the same side. But I have one question that you did not address. Have you wonder why the alleged perpetrators of the carter camp massacre were never charged and tried, at least they should have been booked. why?

    1. Oh my God , people want to force aguilty verdict on Taylor. Ladies and gentlemen nomatter who or what soever hate anyone on this site has for taylor, trust me all your hate will only be vented right on here and that is how far it will go. s not going any further. Taylor did not take any diamond from sierraleone, nor did do any of what he is being accused of . He will walk and live both in liberia and any part of this world as he sees fit.. So hatters, you can hate all you want. LONG LIVE THE GREAT GHANKAY. LONG LIVE CHARLES TAYLOR!!! … If any one thinks this blogging force is too strong, stop . because the world will hear more.. THE KITCHEN IS HOT . leave if you think you blood presure is up…cuz we will never , I say again never give UP!!!!

  20. Ms. Teage,
    Thanks for your many inputs to the discussion. As a matter of fact, you seem well educated and very respectful to others views, but for the trail, you seem like someone bitterly demanding guilty verdict by the court against taylor while you speak fair justice for all. Can you please reconsile these two points October 30 and November 2 from you for some clarity?: Sam
    Fallah and Co may not be here, but i assure you I am no “co” just a Liberian citizen affected by “LONG LIVE GHANKAY” ruthless war. As far as Mr. Taylor being guilty in Sierra Leone, I always say if Liberia is any indication of the real Taylor, than the events unfolding from the day Mr. Taylor launched his plight for power and control from the borders of Ivory coast, suggest that he is capable of committing such atrocities. I believe in the Due process of the judicial system, so they can take their course and hopefully there will be enough evidence to convict Taylor. Yes I’ve convicted Taylor in my mind already because I have seen with my “EYES” not in the news, not they say, not “Taylor haters say”, but my eyes, what Taylor is capbable of, so when i hear of the gross human violations in Sierra Leone, and hear that it is attributed to Taylor, I can nodd of and say that if he could do it in Liberia, then he could do it else where, with that said. You all quote your “court facts”, urge people to “read the transcript, it makes for an interesting reading” and you speak of how you’ve followed the trail since the beginning, and you argue with people who oppose Taylor, As if people are fools for not supporting Taylor; don’t you think there are Liberians out there and Sierra Leoneas who were wrong by Taylor? In the case of Taylor and Sierra Leone the court will decide, but there are people who have been affected by Taylors action in Liberia.

    First the beautiful thing about educated people is that they can agree to disagree and still respect each other, as hard as it is for me to see others support someone like Taylor it is your stance and it is your opinion, I respect you, and I’ll leave it at that; I just find it very unrationaly and unrealistic, that many people on this blog cannot act like adults and respect those who do not share the same sentiments for Taylor as they do; i say it again, this is not a witch hunt by me or people on this blog for Taylor, “dear beloved Taylor” whether you believe it, like trust it or not has wrong MANY LIBERIANS, and SIERRA LEONEANS it seems. I said if there are evidence in Sierra Leone, enough to put Taylor away the courts will decide. I respect the due process and that is why i follow the trail.

    My concern is that you’ve already found taylor guilty in your heart base on your claimed facts in first point and want the court to pass guilty verdict on him and while in point two you respect due process of law which , in my view also strongly support fair trail/justice. Now my question is this: If there are no enough evidence in Sierra Leone (Remember this is about Sierra Leone, not Liberia) to prove Taylor guilty as dominantly argue on this blog will you honor the court final decision? Please help me here and I hope I make sense to you here.

    Again I think you are emotionally mixing the Liberian stuation with that of SL and squarely holding Taylor responsible. I’m sensing you to say “because of this, and so that”. is this a hasty generalization here or what. I strongly agreed that led the biggest rebel group NPFL in Liberia that commited terrible and unbelievable crimes here in Liberia but can not hastily hold him responsible for what happen in SL all because of Liberia scinareo. Have you tried to consider in your good research how this whole Liberia trouble came into being, who were the major players in it? If you do, are you really calling for justice and or due process of law in there case?
    If you won’t mind I can help you woth some questionaires: Why was the war in the first place, who organize it, where was it organized, who provided financial support for it, etc.
    Hints: July 26, 2009 emotional confession in Gbarnga by your President, Distruction of the Exercutive to be rebuilt in three days, Taylor secret freedom from jail, YOur preasident as Doe then bitter enemy for power strougle, and the saying ” with out America we can not make, and Only military aides can be given… and on and on.

    1. Jerry,
      Here is my answer to your question from a previous post.

      As for me I am not asking that question, my sentiments on Taylor was expressed from the beginning. I openly stated that I have a personal bias against Taylor that sometimes causes me to believe even the worse I hear about him, because of what I’ve “SEEN” Taylor particpate in. I openly own up to my biases, and I do not hide behind any front.
      I wish more people on here would openly admit their biases in favor of Taylor that cause them to believe that Taylor is not guilty of all charges in Sierra Leone, and he did not committ atrocitiese in Liberia. Any way with that said. I hope everyone who reads this is very clear on where i stand, so there leaves to rooms for assumptions or mis-represenation of who I am. I admit to my flaw thinking in this situation, and I have good reasons for my flawed thinking. That is why I stated in previous comments, the courts are the ones that make the ultimate judgement, whether I’ve judged Taylor to be guilty or not, whether you judge him to be innocent or not, the courts decide on that matter.

      1. Ms. Teage,
        The judges and I plus many around the world that are watching, listening and/or reading the transcripts were NOT living in Liberia or Sierra Leone during the time of the WARS; so all we got to judge his fate on are the presentations of testimonies.

        So let me ask you this simple question….HAVE YOU GONE BACK TO READ SOME OF THE TRANSCRIPTS ESPECIALLY ON THE VARIOUS WITNESSES THE DEFENSE IS HIGHLIGHTING CURRENTLY??? If so, what did you come up with??? Do you truly believe it’s RIGHT to send a man to jail on HEARSAYS??? Yes HEARSAYS was 98% of the prosecutors’ FACT……NOT ONE FACTUAL FACT!!! By this I mean DOCUMENTS WITH MR. TAYLOR LINKS.

        Here’re some of the FACTS from the prosecutors
        1. HEARSAY….we’re talking 2nd, 3rd, 4th and sometimes 5th generations
        2. Pictures of Mr. Taylor attending dinner in Liberia, at the airport(RFK) receiving guests; and his Mr. Taylor’s convoy.
        3. Newspaper clips from Hansan Bility, Amesty Int’l and Global Watch.
        4. Pictures of amputated Sierra Leoneons but her own witness told us, his was done by SL Army
        5. Telephone Log Book with NOT a single recorded message from Mr. Taylor
        and lastly,
        6. Moses Blah

        Did you read the MANDATE of this court??? Do you now see WHY we on the other side are saying NOT GUILTY?? It got ZERO to do with been “BIAS”.

        1. Noko4,

          You say heresay, I say these people knew Taylor. I just don’t believe that ALL these witnesses are trying to frame Taylor so you see you and I will never agree on that. From what I have read, and I have not read every transcript neither will I read every transcript. I believe that Taylor is GUILTY!!!! Let the Justice take it’s course Noko4, and let me have my opinion. Well you don’t have to let me have my opinion I will anyway.

  21. Ms. Teage,

    I admire you blog. I posed a question to Fallah Menjor but he chose to ignore it, but I want to pose similar question to you.

    In this trial, there are protected witness whose identity, testimony and other documents cannot be revealed. Not even the defense attorney is allowed to talk publicly about them. There are other witnesses who testified under ananimity. No one is allowed to talk about them. Now Ms. Teage, if you were being tried under such a condition, what would you say?

  22. Andrew,

    I 100% understand your position concerning this issue of “protected” witnesses. If those testifying against me believed me to be a a ruthless murderer, and there was a possibility that I could order people killed, and my witnesses “GENUINELY” feared for their lives, than I can see the prosecutors and court taking that step to protect thedentity of these witnesses; now on the other hand I have formed an opinion about Taylors guilt, it could be flawed it could be not be, but the courts decide and If Taylor is going to be on trail to defend himself then it seems to me that the defense must have acess to the witnesses just as the prosecutor must have access to all the defense witnesses; with that said, It seem to me that if the “protected” witnesses precaution was not a legal thing to do, and not in the bounds of judical practices, it will not be allowed, feel free to correct me if this is wrong. All in all I admit this is a sticky situation, but I thing this is being done genuinely to protect the identity of these people who fear for their lives. If the defense has an issue with the problem, which i can imagine they will, It is up to the defense to bring this up with the judge, and work something out. Put if this is permitted I think the defence will have to come up with their evidence and their witnesses to dispprove what the hidden or protected witnesses are saying. As much as I do not like Taylor, as much as I want to see him behind bars for the rest of his life, I do not want the judicial system to be bias and convict someone. So like I said if this was not permisable in court I don’t think it would be allowed, if the defence would like access to these witnesses, than I think the need to work something out where these people can testify without their names being disclosed,
    but I understand that still leaves the issue of, does Taylor really know them, and can their really be a relationship established between those testifying and Taylor like I said, sticky situation indeed, but i don’t think this is a conspiracy to convict Taylor of crimes that he did not commit. I think it is an issue of protection for witnesses.

    To answer your question, and this may be very bias, as I always say, in this case I admit that all my conclusions will not be absolutely objective. If I was the one I will be annoyed to say the least, and I will feel that it was a personal attack. But if the judge allowed it for genuine security reasons, my feelings will not change the fact that the witnesses do not feel safe, the very mention of their name in my presence posses a threat to their life, and they wouldn’t want me to know that they were testifying against me.
    I hope that answered your question,

    Concerning the Carter Town Massacre, I personally remember visiting the home of an old lady and her daugher who were murdered while getting fire coal in that area. It was quite a sad event, now I’m not sure if this is a trick question or not but, according to testimonies from the TRC, the victims alleged that AFL had committed the massacre orginally, but during the trail to the TRC, D. Museleng Cooper and Taylor were blamed for this massacre. of Generals ‘Jack the Rebel’, T. Takor Gontee and Christopher Vambo a.k.a ‘Mosquito’ were of the NPFL were said to have been the ones who carried out the massacre ordered by Taylor. As a kid growing up I knew D. Museleng Cooper is she capable of such a thing, how could i say yes or no? But i think in order to bring justice for the people who lost their lives in the maddness of “Operation Ocutopus”, it needs to be cleared up “WHO”, whether “AFL, or NPFL”, committed the crimes and than the Liberian judicial system in conjunction with the ICC or a third party nation, needs to bring not only these members to justice but anyone other “rebel leader” responsible for the crimes committed against the Liberian people. It’s that simple to me.
    JUSTICE BE SERVED FOR ALL LIBERIANS, I don’t care if the perpatrator was my father or uncle or whoever (which they are not) but if a man or woman killed people in cold blood than THEY MUST PAY.

    1. Msteage,
      Just out of curiosity sake! Did you just come across this blog? The reason I ask is that you have such strong opinions and wonder why you only just started to express them here. Quite frankly you have stimulated this blog because it had almost gotten to the point where everyone was agreeing that Charles Taylor was innocent except for one or two persons.

      1. Actually I saw this blog when there were maybe two articles. Maybe way before you or anyone else posted, if you like go back and look up blogs posted by Liberian girl!! When Taylor trail started I was searching for news about it and I stumbled onto this site. I just started posting with a different name. What does it matter that I am maybe one of the people who don’t think Taylor is guilty. It is just that most people who come here are Taylor fans and are upset about Taylor’s trail in Sierra Leone. Most people who do not agree with “yall’s” sentiment are too intimidated because people try to make it seem as if these people have no right to their opinion.

    2. Teage, growing evidence has shown that these so-called witnesses are currently living amongst us freely except for guilty conscience sake. For example, where is Vice President Moses Blah? He is in Liberia. where is Zagzig Marseh who provided worse picture, depicting President Taylor as human flesh eater. Right in Liberia. Where is Hassan Bility, Varmuyan Sheriff, and a whole host of them? They are in Liberia and we know them. However, I asked our moderator Tracey a question as to whether there have been reports, or documentary evidence to suggest some of these witnesses have been killed , tortured, harmed in any way, or threatened? She said she will get back to me. Another time, King Gray posted a post concerning protected witnesses identity. Tracey said because of legal reason she could not have his post shared with the public. Even though, we did not get the chance to read his post, but he suggested to me, that these protected witnesses with TF Numbers come in publc and boast about how they went to the Hague and testified against President Taylor; and even provide their TF Number and identity in a publically viewable fashion. There has been to report of anyone being killed. This is just another scheme by the court to unjustly nail this innocent man.

      1. Rodriguez

        When I spoke of witness, Andrew was asking me about protected witnesses. Mose Blah is not a protected witnesses, people who do not want their identity disclosed are not protected witness, huge difference!

        1. Teage,
          you are making a big mistake here again. I talked about protected witnesses when I made reference to King Gray. However, I strongly encourage you to go back and re-read my previous post and tell me how well you understood it. Notwithstanding Moses Blah and the other names mentioned are not protected witnesses and I made mention as evident.

  23. Dear Friends,
    I am taken aback by comments that centers around educated and uneducated on this site. I think we should not allow wester misconceptions to get us carried away. There is no society on the face of this earth that have uneducated people. Long before the first White man landed in Africa we had a high degree of education. Even in the remote societies of Africa, we have discovered highly educated people. Thanks for all your comment but I must correct this issue of been an educated person as if to say that are uneducated people.

  24. I will like to start this posting with a vey disturbibg news of gang like murder of a liberia civil servant Keith Juba.This kind of news puts a terrible taste in minds of most decent liberia.Lets demand the govt finds, arrest and prosecute those involve. The govt must also ensure that this does not happen again.

    Ms Teage, I will like to congratulate you on your posting so far. Iam one of those people who believe that taylor has a case to answer regarding the war in Sierra Leone and so by the margin of the case and of Taylor’s defence, I believing he is gradually losing the case. It is seldom for people indicted with a crime to walk into a court and admit their guilty,so it is expected that taylor will deny the charges and claim that they are fabricated. By enlarge all he has done is deny the charges. I hope maybe towards the end of his time on the stand he will change the tactics, if he wants to go three.
    Not a single RUF, CDF and AFRC member accepted they had commited any crimes but yet was found guilty. What many people are failing to realise is that this war was fought in the open, simply because of the amount of power Taylor in particular had, many of their actions were not hidden. So simply denying will not help taylor. Also Taylor has to realise the judges sittng on trial are all individual with lots of experince and will analyse every arguement/documents.

    I think the prosecution did put a very solid case against taylor. The intention was not to show emblezzlement of funds or to show how rich he is (this of course will help to tarnish his reputation but will not be central to the case) but to show he was a conduit for the RUF and that he had enough influence over them to control their activities and that he did use those influences. Now many on this forum has dismiss this as silly but it is not. That case is solid. The salute report is one evidence many point to but i don’t think this evidence is enough to weaken the prosecution case against Taylor simply because the time frame is too short. If there was a salute report every year or atleast over 50% of the time mentioned in the indictment then that could have been favourable to taylor’s interest but a single report in period of six years is not going to be enough.

    I will wait to see the defence witnesess. This is particularly important, especially for credibility of taylor’s testimony but as things stands right now if verdict was to be passed today, Taylor will go down for life.

    1. Eagle Eye,
      I can tell you this death of Keith Juba has got Liberia in shock. I myself knew Keith and can tell this blog that he created jobs for thousands of people and their families who worked on the Rubber Plantation where he was needlessly killed by allegedly disgruntled workers.

    2. Eagle eyes,
      Actually you did a decent script of commendations to Ms. Teage. But I am disappointed of the fact that injecting misleading informations into the minds of some body is just not right. You need to revisit the rulings of those who have been tried in sierraleone. It is not all that were rendered guilty verdict. Secondly , the case against mr. Taylor requires proven substancial evidential evidence by the prosecution regardless. Thirdly, I like to precisely make it clear that, the Taylors’ case has a different weight as compare to whosoever that has been tried for the sierraleone saga in respect to him. Remember, he was a sitting president of a sovereing nation. He was unanimously selected by the international community to bring peace to that sisterly nation among other responsibilities . I also like to emphaticly make it clear to all the advocates of sierraleone justice that you are totally, totally in your sleep if you think Charles is going to be convicted on these nonesensical accounts that have been brought to these Judges.. try again…

      Eagle Eyes, please lets not just throw words because we got the opportunity to do so.Let the substance of our taughts guide the mechanism of the process.

      1. Hi Noko5 – just a quick clarification: all the eight surviving defendants in the RUF, AFRC and CDF cases were found guilty by the trial chamber and appeals chamber. Two more died in custody before their trials finished (Sam Hinga Norman and Foday Sankoh) and one more person has been indicted but not yet arrested and his whereabouts, if still alive, are unknown (Johnny Paul Koroma). As we have been hearing in the past few days, Sam Bockarie was indicted also but was killed in Liberia in 2003. Meanwhile, Charles Taylor is the only ongoing trial at the SCSL and as is the right of every person accused of a crime, Mr. Taylor is entitled to be presumed innocent unless judges decide otherwise.

        On the weight attached to each case: regardless of the profile of the person on trial, the judges must decide guilt or innocence based only on one criteria: whether the prosecution has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime of which he is accused.


          1. Hi Tracey,
            did you find more information to George Williams question about the West African leaders or anyone refusing to testify in this trial.

          2. Ken – yes, and I promise to do a little post as soon as I can!
            Thanks for the reminder.

  25. Ms. Teage,
    My question to you is that, Do you think Mr. Taylor created the NPFL and was the leading force behind it? Did you listen to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 1997 when she said that what they sent Taylor to do he didn’t do it?

    Did you also listen to her interview on BBC in July of 1990 when she order Mr. Taylor and their NPFL forces to level Monrovia and only leave the mansion standing and they were going to rebuild it?
    Now, how is it that Mr. Taylor is the one who is responsible for all that happened? By the way, let’s not forget that this case is not about Liberia instaed, it’s about Sierra Leone.

    1. Jocone

      To answer your question about responsibility about Liberian civil war refer to my previous comments. Secondly don’t talk about Liberia and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when you want to make a point about Taylor not being the only one responsible than turn around and tell me not to mention Liberia. My stance on Liberia/Sierra Leone issue have been stated explicitly I’m not going back to that.
      You stick to Sierra Leone too. And don’t bring up Ellen Johnson.

      1. Teage,
        Jocone is only responding proportionally to you. The court and prosecution told us this is not about Liberia and we are playing by the rule. However, because you guys have realized there is no sufficient evidence to bring conviction verdict, you guys reverted into bringing in Liberia as an indicator of President Taylor’s trademark. However, whenever thats happens, we will respond proportionally.

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