Almost All Of Moses Blah’s Testimony Is True; Journalist Hassan Bility Is A Liar, Charles Taylor Tells Special Court for Sierra Leone

In a surprising move, Charles Taylor today reinforced the truthfulness of his former vice president’s testimony against him last year, but dismissed the evidence of a Liberian journalist as full of “lies” and “exaggeration.”

“To a great extent, Moses [Blah] told the court the truth,” Mr. Taylor said when asked by his defense counsel to give his view on his former vice president’s testimony. “There were three areas where unfortunately, he was wrong but 90-95 percent of what he said is true.”

Mr. Taylor’s analysis of Mr. Blah’s testimony came as part of his ongoing effort to respond to evidence provided by several prosecution witnesses, disputing their claims that he provided support for Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone after November 1996, amid the country’s 11-years conflict. In May 2008, Mr. Taylor’s former vice president Moses Blah, had testified for the prosecution against his former boss (Taylor), a testimony which covered Mr. Taylor’s activities from the late 1980s when the two men were together in Libya and planning to invade Liberia, up to 2003 when Mr. Taylor handed the presidency of Liberia to Mr. Blah and sought asylum in Nigeria.

Mr. Taylor went through some aspects of Mr. Blah’s testimony and agreed with him that as vice president, he had no knowledge that arms and ammunition were transported from Liberia to Sierra Leone for use by RUF rebels. Mr. Blah said in his May 2008 testimony that while Liberians fought as part of the RUF in Sierra Leone, he was not aware of any support given to the RUF by the Liberian government, a point on which Mr. Taylor agreed with him today. Mr. Taylor also agreed with his former vice president’s testimony that when the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) attacked Liberia in 1989, current Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was responsible for the NPFL’s fund raising issues in the United States.

Mr. Taylor did disagree with his former vice-president on specific issues arising in his testimony.

“I can specify three areas where he lied,” Mr. Taylor told the Special Court for Sierra Leone judges. “One is how he spoke about the Sam Bockarie issue was wrong. He was sent to handle the Sam Bockarie situation, he took the body to Monrovia and delivered it at the funeral home. Unfortunately, I don’t know why he lied.”

“The second thing is he said he did not know he’d become vice president. The third area he could have been more forthcoming was about the activities of Sam Lato. He knows that Sam Lato was tried by court martial before he was executed. Other than that, for whatever reason he came here, he was as factual as he could,” he said.

Also in his testimony today, Mr. Taylor dismissed claims made by a previous prosecution witness, Liberian journalist Hassan Bility, as “lies.”

In his 2008 testimony against Mr. Taylor, Mr. Bility told the court that he was arrested and tortured by Mr. Taylor’s government in June 2002.  He said that Mr. Taylor personally interrogated him, telling him to stop writing about Mr. Taylor’s support for the RUF. Mr. Bility said Mr. Taylor accused him of transporting arms and ammunition to Liberia and keeping them at the United States embassy in Monrovia, with the aim of unseating his government. Disputing the witness’ claims, today Mr. Taylor said that he never accused Mr. Bility of transporting arms into Liberia and that he did not tell him anything about his association with the RUF.

Mr. Taylor today accused Mr. Bility of working as an agent for the United States government and an active member of the United Liberation Movement for Democracy (ULIMO) and the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebel groups.

Mr. Taylor described Mr. Bility as “an enemy combatant” because he was LURD’s main contact in Monrovia. He explained that when the Liberian government’s intelligence agents went to work, they discovered some emails that Mr. Bility had exchanged with various people who were trying to destabilize Liberia.

“He was an enemy combatant,” Mr. Taylor said. “I told him that the only thing that will set him free is for him to confess. There was a plan made to attack my residence in Kongor Town and he was supposed to find the people to launch the attack. He worked as a combatant at a different level,” he added.

Mr. Taylor denied Mr. Bility’s assertion that Mr. Taylor had said he was not “going to allow anybody to arm twist the RUF.”

Mr. Taylor further refuted Mr. Bility’s testimony that on October 20, 1997, while visiting the headquarters of Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Party (NPP) in Monrovia, he made handwritten notes of Mr. Taylor’s comments in which he threatened to unseat Sierra Leone’s president, Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.

“Taylor said that if I thought he would not unseat Kabbah’s government, then I must be from an alien planet. He said that he had the best ground force in the country and Kabbah wanted to try him,” Mr. Bility was quoted in his 2008 testimony in The Hague. Mr. Bility also said that RUF commander Sam Bockarie was present at the NPP office during his visit to the office.

Mr. Taylor dismissed Mr. Bility’s statement as a “fabrication.”

“The whole thing that you just read is just fabrication,” he said. “I don’t know how I’ll remove Kabbah in October 1997 when he is already out of power. There was no Sam Bockarie at no NPP headquarters in 1997, that’s a lie,” he added.

In May 1997, President Kabbah was overthrown by soldiers of the Sierra Leone army, during which time Mr. Kabbah sought refuge in Guinea. The soldiers formed a merger with the RUF rebels and together, they ruled Sierra Leone until February 1998 when they were forcefully removed from the country’s capital Freetown. They retreated to the country’s hinterland and continued fighting the government and people of Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor is accused of supporting the rebel forces through the supply of arms and ammunition as well as planning military operations with the rebels, during which time war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international humanitarian law were committed. Mr. Taylor is accused of bearing responsibility for the crimes committed by rebel forces in Sierra Leone. He is presently testifying as a witness in his own defense.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Alpha, I thought this report by you did not accurately reflected the testimony Mr. Taylor nor Mr. Blah provided in the court. You wrote, “Mr. Blah said in his May 2008 testimony that while Liberians fought as part of the RUF in Sierra Leone, this was not an official policy of the Liberian government, a point on which Mr. Taylor agreed with him today.”

    Mr. Bah never said to any effect that the Liberian government had an unofficial policy to support the RUF. Rather, Mr. Bah said that he was not aware of any activities to support RUF and if such a thing was going on in Liberia he would not have known about it. Taylor only agreed that no support for RUF was going on in Liberia, and indicated that if such a thing was taking place in Liberia that Blah would know about it.

    Taylor said that the fact that Blah did not know means that no such thing was going on, and Taylor further said that by Blah making such a statment that he would not have known was false, because Blah knew everything that went on in Liberia.

    Please correct the record Alpha and reflect the witnesses correct testimonies, please!

    1. Alpha, I agree with Janice that this last post does not reflect the exact words of Mr. Taylor and Blah. I think there is a big misuse of words here. Please carefully revert to both statements and repost.


      Harris K Johnson

      1. Harris and Janice,

        I am sorry to hear you disagree with Alpha’s post. I know he works extremely hard to ensure what he writes is as accurate as possible. I will check with him, we’ll double check the transcript and revert.


      2. Harris K Johnson
        Alpha only give a summarization of the testimony on a daily bases, if you want to know what was said exact word for word go read the transcripts.

        1. Ken,
          what is going on? We passed that issue with Alpha Sesay, Harris k. Johnson, and Janice almost a week ago. Besides, Alpha himself never had any problem. What is going on buddy? However, we all know Alpha only give a summary. Ken, you are telling us things we already know. What is your point?

    2. My follow comrade,

      This morning testimony 11/4/09 was a classic. I am going to wait for Alpha to do his thing before really commenting. But for those of you who were not watching Taylor’s live testimony “Perry Mason” methodically discredited Moses Blah testimony. Moses has no more credibility. If Moses is pay by the persecution to lie, my question is, what about those other poor witnesses that are lacking their basis needs? This is disgusting to see how the West is concocting all these lies just to destroy this man. WHY?

      Enough is enough; this case should be thrown out the windows.

      1. Mr. Griffith today made VP Blah look like a fool. My God, did you see and hear him stumble over simple words? Charles was right when he said Blah is not aducated. What in the world was Blah thinking when he testified last year? I don’t know how much he received for medical and what ever, but he lost all creditibility. Mr. Griffith will expose many more as he did today. Bravo Griffith.

    3. Janice and Harris,
      Thanks very much for your comments. Your concerns are very genuine and certainly deserve some clarifications. First, I agree with you Janice on the things you mentioned that Mr. Blah said in his May 2008 testimony. I, however, do not see how they disprove the context of what I wrote about Mr. Blah’s testimony that he was unaware of the Liberian government’s alleged support for the RUF. Note that in writing what I referenced from Mr. Blah’s testimony, I was not attributing those words as direct quotes of what exactly he said in court. I wrote those comments as part of the summaries that I do from a range of issues that a witness might have covered. My choice of words in that sentence might have taken the intent of my comments out of context. For example, I probably should have avoided the use of the words “official” and “policy.” Looking at those words again, one might be tempted to read them as though the Liberian government under Mr. Taylor had a policy of supporting the RUF, but such policy was not official. Though that was not the intent of the sentence, I agree that somebody might be tempted to view it that way. However, that does not bring into question Mr. Blah’s statement that he was not aware of any support given by Mr. Taylor’s government to the RUF. You’ll agree with me that due to the limited space that I use for my summaries, I can take a whole range of statements by a witness and put them into one or two sentences. In doing that, I make all efforts to ensure that my choice of words does not suggest any bias. I agree that this trial is a very sensitive issue for many people and watching the live stream or reading the transcripts, if we are to put those testimonies into summaries as individuals, our choices of words might be completely different. As an independent trial monitor, I try not to fall victim of any misplaced words that might give the impression that I am pro or anti Taylor. I am sure you appreciate the fact that doing this is a difficult job especially considering the sensitive and complex nature of the trial. Let me allay your concerns that I will never intentionally “mislead” you our wonderful readers. I might mistakenly use some misplaced words sometimes and I appreciate the fact that there are guys here who will call me to order for that. Without changing the entire sentence, I’ll definitely remove those two misplaced words so that people do not read the wrong things into my intentions. Kindly accept the fact that I can only do summaries of what the witnesses say and there might be issues that you’ll want to see in the post, having heard a witness discuss them, which I might not add to the summaries. Feel free to call me to order or correct me anytime you think I have written the wrong thing.


      1. Alpha,

        I salute you. My grand father once told me that a real and educated man takes responsibility of his action, no matter what. By your professional respond, you have shown that most Africans are part of the civilized word. We are proud of your level of education in managing our many concerns. Thanks brother, keep up the good work. Have a nice working.

        Best wishes

        Harris K Johnson

      2. Alpha, I also salute you in that you are honourable in accepting errors and keeping us focused! You are not the focus here, rather, the facts are!we might never get this opportunity we have now to not only interact, but to communuicate genuently with moderators assisting so we won’t cut off each others throats! Africa My Africa! what is next?

        1. Fallah,
          I thought you were the same person who was blaming other people such as Harris K. Johnson for pointing out errors in Mr. Alpha Sesay summary. You said these people trying to blame everybody for their chief through technicality. Now, will it be fair to say you also agreed with Harris Johnson and others that Alpha sometimes makes mistake in his summary? By the way, why will you even salute Alpha also for admitting his errors when in fact you were blaming others for pointing out Alpha mistakes? Fallah, you are very interesting.

    4. Janice Dennis,
      I disagree with you that “Mr. Bah never said to any effect that the Liberian government had an unofficial policy to support the RUF.” Mr. Blah said in effect that it was possible that Mr. Taylor government was supporting the RUF, but he would not know because he was not involved in military actions of the government.

      1. Ken,
        I think you and Janice Dennis are saying the same thing. I stand corrected. Please correct me, if you think otherwise.

        1. Jose Rodriguez,
          Janice Dennis and I are not saying the same thing. Janice stated, “Mr. Bah never said to any effect that the Liberian government had an unofficial policy to support the RUF.” I am stating Mr., Blah did in effect said the Liberian government possible have a policy or something to support the RUF whether it was unofficial or official.

          Mr. Blah was ask by the prosecutor about Mr. Taylor Government support of the RUF and he say in the end it was possible, because of rumors, his none involvement in the military and was not consulted on any military actions. Support of the RUF would be a military action according to Mr. Blah.

          Mr. Blah never point blank stated that Mr. Taylor government supported or did not support the RUF official, unofficial, military or non military or what every to his first hand knowledge. Mr., Blah rode the middle of the fence when testifying.

          I can remember that one of the judges ask Mr. Blah if he was not involved with the military why was he wearing a military uniform in a photos that was present as evidence.

          This is one of the statements by Mr. Blah that Mr. Taylor say is a lie. You could summarize from Mr. Taylor statement that Mr. Blah was in deed part of the military and the government and if he do not have any knowledge of RUF support then there was not any government policy, official, unofficial support or whether every, of the RUF.

  2. OK Guys,

    Another fun added to the deaf jam comedy. Taylor is quoted as saying that he was going to remove Kabbah from power in october 1997 whereas Kabbah has already been overthrown in May 1997. So Fallah Menjor, tell me which Kabbah was Taylor going to overthrow? Kabbah was already sitting in guinea.

    Now these guys mixed their dates up so much that it helped Taylor. and the fun box continues.

  3. Come on you guys, you are again trying to put blame on others, such as Alpha, for this chief? Again, let me make it clear to you, this technicallity is no liberian ‘LAWYERING’, most of you are familiar with, that is going to make a difference in this case! Taylor did not only murdered civilians in his quest for power in Sierra Leone, but enslaved most of his own people in Lberia, such as all of you who unconsciously don’t even know how this monster reduced you into nothingness and yet still you keep singing all these praises to him and praying for him to come back to rule you again just as a Masiah! I cannot believe how most of you were so brain washed by this Fool! You are all a pity and sorriful souls!

    1. Fallah,

      We will not just agree with everything written here because it comes from the pen of Alpha. We refuse to be mislead by any one on this site, be it Alpha or anyone else. After all we have corrected Alpha on this site many times. Alpha is not super human to escape mistakes. Be informed that we spent precious time and cash following this case with the aim of helping judges deliver the desire and truth justice for all, free from all external influence outside of this court. Go ahead Fallah, and swallow every word on this site like a crazy head and stop accusing independent minds like andrew jilay, noko4, Helen, Janice and others.

      Harris K Johnson

    2. Fallah can you put the haranguing aside and help solve the question raised in Mr Taylor’s testimony in reply to Moses Blah’s assertion? you might actually need some help from Ms Teage and Co. the questions are:

      1)Given the fact the he claimed ignorance of anything happening in Taylor Govt How come Moses Blah was Accidentally involved in every step of the activities leading up to Sam Bockarie’s death and eventual depostiton of his body in a morgue in Monrovia by Moses Blah?

      2)How can the VP of a country who was an army general and an experience fighter not identify a bullet wound when he sees one? remember he said (contrary to documentry evidence) Sam Bockarie was strangled and he did not see any bullet wounds in his body.
      3)Hassan Bility said Taylor was a dictator and a tyrant why did he attend a party in Taylors house at the time as a guest without molestation?

      you guys need to really work hard to find answers to these questions because without the answers Moses Blah’s testimony is fit only for the trash can!

    3. Fallah,

      I know you said, President Taylor “enslaved” us and “this moster reduce us to nothingness”; and yet, we still want this “monster to come and rule us.” Fallah, I also know, you said, you left Liberia since “1984.” However, Fallah, if you are truly educated as the way you claimed, you will ask, or want to know, why these Liberian people are still supporting this yourself described “monster.” Why these liberian people chanted with the political slogan, “you killed my mom, you killed my pap, I will vote for you.” Remember now, not all these people that were singing this song were uneducated. For me, I was one of those that sung that song. And in due course, i will tell the world why I was one of those that sang that song in 1997, July 19.

        1. Fallah, your posting and self desribed honesty don’t speak anything about your education. Besides, this trial is not about you.

    4. Oh my God !! pastor fallah, good theologian. By the way, You spoke about Taylor seeking power in sierraleone. Does the constitution of that country allow anyone from anywhere on planet earth to hold state power regardless???

    5. Fallah i’ll try to keep to the rules not to attack, but let me tell you that Mr Charles Taylor was never and is not an evil man, you have to know someone before you can judge him. Should i say that Former Pres, Kabah is an evil man? because the ULIMO Rebel group came from Sierra Leone and attacked killed our women and children , LURD Rebel group came from Guinea and carrried on terrible atrocities but all of that is not mention. But let me remind you that Sierra Leone have been having their own problems since independence, we can still see that the SLPP AND APC are always at each others neck. the late Siaka Stevens never regarded the Sierra Leonean as human beings but he was worship like a god.

  4. Tracey and Alpha, I think you are giving Fallah Menjor too much lead to insult those who disagree with this verdict against Taylor. What is going on with you people? Why should Fallan keep insulting others and left without rebuke?

    Fallah needs to focus on the case and express his disagreement without constantly insulting others as if to suggest that some of us are not victims of the brutality that was visited upon our nation and its people. It is truly insulting to some of us who were victimized by AFL, ULIMO, LURD, LPC, MODEL, and Black Berets to always be insulted by the likes of Fallah Menjor.

    Fallah sees Taylor as a devil but some of us does not view Taylor as such, to us, Taylor save our lives from the brutality of those other killing organizations whose leaders are freely moving around why a true patriot and revolutionary rot in jail. Stop Fallah Menjor abuse on this site, please.

    Here is one of Fallah insults, “all of you who unconsciously don’t even know how this monster reduced you into nothingness.”

    1. Dear King Gray,

      Good to hear from you again — we have not had you join us for a while. Welcome back.

      Thanks for raising this issue. It is an important one. As you know, I have asked all readers on this site to adhere to a simple rule: focus on the testimony and not on each other. I have not allowed a number of posts to be approved on that basis. Some I have approved but they were borderline. I am aware that some readers may think, like yourself, that I don’t always get the balance right — and I am glad that you tell me when that’s the case. It causes me to re-evaluate my own assessments. I am sure I will never please everyone, but I also need help from readers to keep this site as one where everybody feels free to come to join the discussion without insult.

      I will ask people here again: please focus on the issues raised by the trial. Comments will not be approved that attack other specific individuals, regardless of the value of the rest of the content of the post. I ask everyone: please, let’s lift the tenor of the debate.

      Thanks again for raising, King Gray.


      1. Yes Tracey,

        I concur with King Gray. I lost my cool and wrote a reaction to one of Fallah’s demeaning posts where I deferred to the mathematical concept of transitivity in order to counteract Fallah’s continual reference to Taylor as Flesh Eating …. You have allowed numerous post of this nature from Fallah. You know quite well that cannibalism is not at the core of this case. It does not constitute in any way shape of form, an element of the issue at hand. Yet Fallah has mentioned it in very demeaning manners and they have been posted. It has annoyed me and that is why I wrote my reaction, but that was not posted.

        1. Hi Andrew — I am sorry to have upset you. I understand how upsetting posts can be if they contain offensive language or personalized attacks. I promise to be more vigilant in future for any posts that offend others. THanks for raising it with me and letting me know your distress.

    1. Aki,

      I recognized a million blog ago that there are hypocrosies. There are several “western leaders” who should be on trail. I am jubliant, hypocrosies or not, that someone that help ruined my child-hood and the lives of my family friends ( in S.L, and L.I.B) is in jail and could possibly rott in jail!!! My passion and my desire to change things are devoted to not only Liberia, but the continent of Africa. When you find someone who is passionate about changing hypocrocies in the Western world, I would love to share ideas with them that will help with the development of the continent I call my own. I’ve read a million articles about hyprocries in standards in the Western world and Africa, thanks for the article but I will pass on that read for now; i don’t deny the hypocrocies neither do i tolerate promote or encourage them. But the man on trail I know personally, I’ve meet personally I’ve seen what he can do. I believe he’s guilty and so i focus my attention following his trail because his actions changed not only lives in S.L, but L.I.B. So you see Aki, I can’t fight to correct all wrongs. But I believe I can do so in Africa, I do that not only by voicing my opinions on this blog but in many different ways, through my non-prof, coordinate events for development of Africa, going back home and working in post-war social development projects etc…..
      But if you don’t mind i prefer to stick to the issues at hand, instead of reading articles after you assume I’m not aware of certain issues or that i support certain issues.

      I find it very funny that people are so quick to remind me that this is not about Liberia but Sierra Leone and when I get a message from you Aki, that is not relevant to Sierra Leone, but is relevant to Taylor it is so quiet i can hear a “pin drop”………quiet interesting wouldn’t you say?


      1. Msteage,
        You keep on saying you know the man Charles Taylor but I don’t think that you do. For example Charles Taylor’s daughter and your sister were in the hospital together as you mentioned. I am sure when you met Mr. Taylor in Gbarnga you found him to be amicable and friendly. Yet you want to potray him as a monster. He was also generous and your family may have benefited from it. I know that when I visited Gbarnga in 1992 this is what I observed about the man. Msteage you have lived out of Liberia for some time now but I can tell you a large part of the population feels life was better for them under Taylor than it is now.

      2. Ms. Teage,
        Please !! , could you give us some factual scenarios of Your hate for president Taylor… Your beliefs has actually gotten overwhelming.. TELL US TRUE PLEASE!!!! for heaven sake..

        1. Noko5,

          “Wait I thought this was about Sierra Leone.
          “don’t lie this time”……..I don’t need to prove to you or anyone what I saw at as a young girl…..Call me a liar million times over it doesn’t change what my family and i saw in on Cuttington. So you know what, I already was not even going to share on this blog in details. If I was to share anything about what Taylor did in Liberia. I will have everyone telling me why I’m a liar, taking away all the attention for what the blog was created for…the trail in Sierra Leone”. I am constantly reminded that I need to focus on Sierra Leone, by you and other readers yet…you continuously stray away from the topic… Because you support Taylor you already assumed I’m a “liar”. I don’t have to prove anything to you or anyone else. But should the time come, one day in Liberia history, if ever and they will need witnesses to testify to acts committed by NPFL and Charles Taylor himself, please know I will be there. I WILL NOT share that with you or any other person on this blog. You called me a “liar”; please don’t like “this time”, before even hearing what i had to say so what am I going to say about Taylor that you’re going to believe. Just like Your mind is made up about Taylor innocence, just like my mind is made up about Taylor’s guilt your mind is made up about me lying. And Noko5, as far as I’m concern you have nothing to do with Taylor, or his actions or his “trail in Liberia”( if there was ever one ) or anything that has to do with the judicial system, so you know what I will pass on ” Telling the forum what I saw Taylor doing”. The last thing I will do is to share with a public forum anything that has to do with my personal expriences with Taylor…..Taylor NPFL and many Liberians know and have seen what Taylor can and has done……..

          And yes Noko5, as a free citizen, as an independent thinker, I have every right to discuss who Taylor is and what I know about him with out going into details. This is not the court of Law, they day my testimony is nessassary and I could give it I will, until then……………..
          I’m just going to say that Taylor is a murderer, and a wicked man that is why after hearing the case the testimony presented I can say “GUILTY”….maybe i believed he was guilty even before the prosecution so what, but you know what, that doesn’t change that he’s a murderer, he’s wicked and he uses brute force to get what he wants. And there is a strong possibility that he did just that in Sierra Leone, let’s wait and see Noko5, let’s wait and seee

          1. Readers – I just wanted to underscore Ms. Teage’s point: no reader has to share their own experiences in Liberia, Sierra Leone or elsewhere on this site unless they choose to. This is consistent with what we have asked of readers as our policy for this site: to keep our focus on the issues arising from the trial and not on each other.

            With thanks to all for helping us out with this,

          2. Teage I don’t know where you are leading us. The Liberia people have already vandicated this man by voting for him overwhelmingly. As far as we are concerned Liberia has no charge on this man according to President Johnson Sirleaf because he did nothing wrong to Liberia. I don’t know where you are coming from with the Liberia people know what President Taylor’s NPFL did. However, let the side you are supporting releases him, we will show you democracy again just like what we did in 1997. This time, LURD and MODEL will not success because there is no more President Bush and Prime minister Tony Blair. Also be advised, whenever you bring about Liberia, we will respond proportionally to counter you.

          3. Rodriguez,
            I am a Liberian citizen, and their are many Liberians who feel the same way about Taylor. The most important thing is not how Liberian citizens feel but how Sierra Leoneans feel about this trail. It’s their country the alleged atrocities were committed in. But I’m heading clearly a different way. As i said before your opinion of Taylor is your opinion, and mine is mine. It matters not, not even a little bit if the “Liberian people have vindicated” Charles Taylor. What does the court have to say? That is what I’m interested in because just like you support Taylor my friends family and many Sierra Leoneans don’t share the same sentiments of Taylor as you do. So the “Liberian” people vindicating exist and so are people who want to see him brought to justice for Sierra Leone, and Liberia. So you see it’s not that important to me if you and 3 million plus Liberians vindicated Taylor.
            WHAT DOES THE COURT SAY!!! That is the issue. And that is why I’m on this blog to follow.

          4. Teage,

            you and other Liberians who feel the way you are feeling, by the way, are in the minority, is primarily political. Because you guys could not have accomplished your aim politically, you reverted to this fake case in order to get President Taylor. But I tell you, feelings is different from the rule of law.

          5. Jose,
            One thing I see is that ms. Teage is getting close to concording with you and I on the issue about sierraleone. She has gotten to understand that most of what Taylor is being accused of is not true. Also , I want to commend all of you smart gentlemen for totally cancelling this whole belief, belief thing the young lady came on board with al though It took a lot of man hours, but was successfully done. Thank U.

          6. Noko5,

            Do assume what you want to say but let me say this clearly. I believe after reading and examining testimonies that CHARLES G. TAYLOR IS GUILTY OF ALL 11 CHARGES….
            I hope this was clear enough!!!

          7. Noko5,

            Such great comradery, “It took a lot of man hours”.
            Noko5, maybe you don’t believe me and you already called me a liar on this board but. Charles Taylor is a murderer, he is probably guilty of charges, and I believe he is….I believe he had control over RUF, I believe he was aware of the murderers and mutiliations happening, I believe he ordered some of them and I believe at the end he will be found guilty. You or no one can “cancel my belief”. I’m not swayed by the crowd my dear Liberian brother. I have every right to m y opinion of this trail and of Taylor. I don’t CARE, neither am I moved by “yalls” opinions and belief. So that was a very warm post, made me chuckle a bit but your assumptions couldn’t be more wrong. I still think Dakpana is a murder, wait no, I still know he’s a murderer, and I’m waiting for the special courts to draw a guilty verdict!!

          8. Teage,

            do you also believe you can fly? Everything you say, is “I believe.” This is about facts and not ‘believes.” Your believes are irrelavent to this trial.

          9. Tracey,
            I’m in such a good mood I hope this is not inappropriate but right now I think this blog needs some humor; If it is I’ll understand…. this is irrelevant to the postings, but i just had to….so here it goes,

            This is dedicated to Mr. Jose Rodriguez….I believe I can fly, I believe i can touch the sky, I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away I believe I can soar…..
            I truly do believe I can fly. I also believe that I can become president of the AU, I believe I can affect human rights within the continent of Africa not only within the various government but also from the grass-root/community organizing level…..Oh yeah I believe Charles Taylor is guilty of the 11 allegations brought against him concerning civil conflicts in Sierra Leone……

            ……..I see me running through an open dooooooooorrr I believe I can fly, “I CAN FLY”!!!

          10. Teage,

            it is not that serious. However, I will rather listen to the original R Kelly melodious voice than you.

          11. Ok, Ok, smile Rodriguez,
            It’s not that serious so chill out. I can’t stand you not A murderer like Taylor so chill out. But you’re right listening to the Kelly originial tones is a lot better than reading a typing….of it I’ll have to agree.


          12. Noko5

            I appreciate your kind words. We are only trying our best to expose the lies of this prosecution.

      3. Noko5 – thanks for your note. I’m just a little worried about your speculations about another reader that are not necessarily based in the issues emerging from the trial, especially in light of the concerns that have been raised by readers in the past days about the personalized nature of some of the comments appearing on the site. Can you reframe it in a way that focuses on the issues in the trial that were raised by the person to which you are responding? I am happy to send you the text of your comment if you find it helpful.
        Thanks in advance for your understanding, Noko5.

  5. What a drama again! “Almost all of Blah’s testamony is true”. Taylor just told us these few days that Blah is liar. Even his Other “rogue-colleague” Benoni Urey insulted Blah right after his testamony and even took him to court in Liberia. I don’t evenknow how that case stands now. But it is quite interesting that atleast Taylor is coming to himself now. If almost all of Blah’s testamony is true then Taylor is almost guilty.

    I really hope that Jlay and the other blinded-folded guys will find this as admittance of guilt for their former chief that that they are trying to veinly defend.

    1. Hey Brother,

      How is Cuttington, you know that I hail from SKT? I will be there in January so hold the ground as we say in Liberia. After Taylor is acquitted, we will all jubilate. In no way is Mr. Taylor responsible for the actions of ruf soldiers in Sierra Leone. In no way does Mr. Taylor stash or possess huge cash accrued from sale of diamond, otherwise it would have surfaced in evidence because it is crucial to this case.

      As per the Blah’s case, It is Taylor being Taylor, he admits so his admission is not strange to us.

      As you can recall during the civil war, the famous taylor quotation, ” I know my soldiers pass through here, they stole your sheep, they stole your goat, but I am sorry forgive me.”

      This is what won the heart of the Liberian people, and the people responded with over 75% of the vote and still counting. And brother, the next election will be 100% of the vote and still counting… because those abroad will not have been counted as the time of pronouncement of the victory…..

      See you in January, and my regards to Dr. Mulbah and Dr. Naame.

      1. Andrewjlay, this is a small world! Isn’t it? I do know all the people you mwentioned above and is good to know you hail from SKT too! you are my own brother-In-Law! have a good evening from the US..jfallahmenjor

      2. Andrew,
        I plan on going to Liberia in March next year. Do you know how long you will be there? That way I can see and know you personally , and to thank you for all your good postings.

    2. Sankolo,
      Please don’t forget the OPERATIVE WORD…….”ALMOST”; I don’t believe he meant ALL.

      Mr. Urey contention was Mr. Blah LIED on him and was taking him to court so Mr. Blah can produce the evidence.

      Let’s NOT mix up……

    3. Sankolo,
      If you had followed Moses Blah’s testimony at all. You would know that he actually helped Mr. Taylor’s Defense. There were only a few inaccurate statements such as having to do with the death of Sam Bocarie and not knowing he was going to be appointed President on the day Taylor resigned. This is a big lie because even I who was not even involved with the government knew that Moses Blah was going to be sworn in that day as president.

    4. Sankolo,

      How do you understand the word “ALMOST”? Is almost and everything the same to you? There is a big difference. However, Blah tried to serve two masters at the same time during his recording with Mr. Rapp. He said so many things that help President Taylor. While at the same time, he said little to satisfy the needs of the prosecution.

      Sankolo, please pay attention to details.

    5. Teage,
      your statement of “I hate no man.” It is not true. You are providing contradictory statements here. One minute you say, you hate Taylor. The second minute, you hate no man. For me, I don’t know which of these statement to believe.

  6. what’s all this fuss about, if anyone was brainwashed, i think u should start taking some stress management courses, cuz this issues certainly seems to be working ur pressure up. Stick to the facts surrounding this case bro, don’t let ur mind get clouded with all that venom u possess. Keep an open mind, u and ur family are not the only ones that suffered as a result of the conflict in liberia and sierra leone

  7. Prosecution witness, Vice President Moses Blah is a very special blessing to President Taylor. At least for now. He gave 80% to the accused; and 20% for the prosecution. Big disparity. However, Vice President Blah made it very clear that at a National Security Council meeting of Liberia, a decision was reached to arrest Sam Bockarie, whenever, he puts his foot on the Liberian soil? And at the same meeting, the arrested Sam Bockarie will be turned over to the Sierra Leone government. That way, the Liberian and Sierra Leonean government will have a better relationship since Liberia has been accused of Sierra leone mess. However, where in that meeting did President Taylor order the killing of Sam Bockarie that Blah could not have said, “critics”? Notwithstanding, when Blah went to Nimba on the orders of President Taylor, to effect Bockarie’s arrest with no blood share, he was on his own program; chilling in Nimba County, according to him. He said, it just happened that he was in the area, when he met Sam Bockarie. There were things started to get twisted by Blah. He said, he met Bockarie with so many cars with different license plates including Ivory Coast and other countries. Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no case against this innocent man. Their own witness exonerated President Taylor just like the ones that came before him (Blah), including the ones that said their arms and legs were amputated by Tejan Kabbah’s Army and not President Taylor.

    1. Jocone,

      I was just waiting for this one statement from vice President Blah himself before congratulating you on the exact account that you gave that President Taylor and Vice President Blah reinforced. However, I delayed to congratulate you buddy. I hope you accept my apology for not congratulating you timely.

  8. Thank you, gankay, for admitting, at least, under oath that “almost all of Moses(Blah) testimony is right” Wow, I am impressed by this final admission on your part ‘charlie’ and commend you for your newly found faith in your new Religion that is now or seems to make things more clearer to you! Now are you going to also tell the world that you participated in not only mass killings, sexual slavery, force recruitment and arming of under age boys and girls and drugging them to fight for your notorious NPFL, but also sponsored and connived with the RUF of Sierra Leone for your personal ambitions? You are on the way to salvation if only you will do yourself a favour here by admission to the facts and thus plead for a lesser time behind bars than life imprisonment you face! A hint to a wise is sufficient!

    1. Fallah,
      How do you understand the word “ALMOST’? Does it mean everything? Most of what Blah said was true, while some was false. That’s why the word almost was used, instead of everything. You are acting like a drowning man who will hold unto anything including Snake and Dead Leaves to rescue himself from drowning.

  9. Fallah menjor ,
    Please, please read the issues Taylor agreed on carefully. Those that were agreed upon got nothing to do with the indictment precisely.. The man spoke simple english.

  10. Gentle all these noise will not help.I suggest,Taylor Diehards prayed for Taylor,Taylor victims prayed for justice.What we the free thinkers wish for is Justice at last

  11. Not your part yet Fallah:
    What I do know is that it is so easy to accuesed someone than it is to prove that the person is guilty. It is also said that anybody including you fallah if accused, is innocent untill proven guilty. I am so, so sorry to hear from people calling themselves a retired being whom I should have presumed that something good will always come out from such individual. But you fallah have suprised me big time. I am really sick and tired of hear all sort of remarks and misjudgement as far as this case is concerned. I was born in Liberia and lived there all of my life. I was in Foya when the war started on that famous day of 24 December 1989. I did leave Foya, Lofa County while Ghankay was leader of the NPLF. Infact, life at that time was nothing that I can compare with since the achievement of the Bush and Blair. Sorry I cannot include you as you do not fit in that list. I was forced to leave Foya for Monrovia by ULIMO-K. Hay don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that during that time, no human lost their life, but what I want to tell you fallah is that I was never enslaved by Taylor/NPFL. ULIMO-K brought my county down to zero. I am so sorry that people like you fallah who relied on information like the one that certain paid agents in this case just to testify against Ghankay Taylor are doing, will never know what kind of man Taylor really is. For some of us who spend and felt the heat in Liberia truly know that at the end of this whole plan, Liberia’s former Presiden, Charles Ghankay Taylor will be a free man. I am still waiting for you guys to produce the prove of all the nonsense against Ghankay. Fallah, I want you to watch the broadcast live. Take a keen look at Mr Taylor, does he look like a guilty person in this trail? Did you see him on Tueaday? See how confident this man look everyday in the court. Fallah, do me a favour, are you truly a FALLAH and a Liberian? I hope you will give me an answer cuz I have told you already which part of Liberia am from.

  12. Ms. Teage,
    The united nations securities, the unitedstates arms and ammunition gurus and zaas; All the high tech. search equipments you can think in the west were used to locate war like materials in Mr. Taylors’ residences but notthing was found . Are you , in your right mind, honestily still believe that you president should be incasurated??? Ms. Teage,! what’s the matter?? Would it be ok for somebody to lie on you??

      1. Andrew,

        yes, President Taylor house was searched twice. And on numerous occasion attempts were made, but was never successful due to resistance from some residence in the area. Now, chech this out. President Johnson Sirleaf’s government told us, “Liberia has no charge” on this man. Why will her government allow the court, prosecutors, and some agents to search a former president and citizen of Liberia legal residence, when in fact Liberia has nothing to do with this case? Trust me Andrew, these people will be a victim of their own trap one day; just how Mr. Rapp, the prosecution, and the court have fallen prey to their own creation.

  13. Andrew ! my brother, Taylor said it in the court on tuesday. He went as far as telling the Judges that those people know his properties back home more then he does right now. He further that , the goverment of liberia granted the search warrant. This also made me to think about the pregnant woman that was buried alive, according to MAZA. If and only if taylors properties have gone through such rigorous and massive search, why didn’ t the international community find some of these nonesence the prosecution have paraded? Ms. Teage, fallah, sankolo etc.. could you help this forum please????

  14. I extends my total supports to our human loving, and God giving Tracey, and Alpha for the manny countless hours committed to this medium of informative communications, how you people get paid for these many hours only God knows.people like Janice Dennis, and her Charles Taylor cronies will continue to point their fingers everywhere, but to the issues at hand which is very serious, and might just have planted the final peg towards guilt, quoting Charles Taylor today he admitted to Moses Blah testimonies as ” There are three areas where unfortunately, he was wrong but 90 to 95 % of what he said is true.” lets be reminded that the people will exploit these partial admissions and will not rest until these evil is put away for good.

    1. Ziggy Salis — thank you for your kind words. I’m sure Alpha won’t mind if I also speak on his behalf in saying we both appreciate them. We also do appreciate our readers pointing out issues they see as problems with this blog — we want it to be as useful and informative as possible, and for people to feel free to express their opinions about the trial here. We always welcome feedback on what we are doing, both right and wrong.
      Thanks again,

  15. Jose,
    Thanks for the kind words and I must say, as a man of principals, you can’t make a decision and later investigate your decision. It’s always right to investigate all you can, analyzed your investigation before making a final decision. That’s what you were doing which is the right thing to do brother!

  16. Noko5,

    Opinionative, biase at times, strong willed, overambitious, maybe, “but out of mind”.
    I think if you want to discuss why i feel the way I feel about things I will be more than welcome to do so but to question my “state of mind” is just childish. Your emotions have gotten a hold of you and you need to calm it down if you want me to contiune to reply to your post.
    If there were no “trace” of weapons found in Taylor home than that could have simply means maybe the weapons weren’t stored in his home or that they were removed a long time ago, depending on when the “search of traces of weapons” were done. Either way that does not point to innocence. Btw I will love to read the article about the “high tech” weapon trace, Kindly post it.
    At any rate Noko5 I believe Taylor is a murderer a rapist, a criminal a madman, one of the “madman of Africa” in the 20th century and he will be judged a trailed. I am letting the court decide the matter, and sharing my opinions. My opinion of Taylor will not and has not changed despite the questioning of my sanity. You see hopefully if Taylor is found guilty in Sierra Leone, i will even be in favor of him being trailed for crimes in Liberia, but I don’t know how possible it is. As long as Taylor is paying for the atrocities committed against humanity, I will be satisfied to see him rotting in jail.
    Question my sanity if you like, call me crazy, quote all the facts you like that in your eyes ‘exonerates’ Taylor. My judgement of Taylor after following the trails, hearing testimonies, and being familiar with Taylor for many years of living close by, I say “GUILTY”. You or no one else can change that Noko5, call every Charles Taylor supporter to oppose me on this blog it still changes nothing, it’s still changes nothing. I said and I say it again, Noko5, you have examined the evidence and you say not guilty I have examined the ‘evidence/testimonies’ I say guilty; It’s my opinion I most “gladly” stick to it, and make no apologies whatsoever.

    But to answer your question “I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE IN MY RIGHT MIND THAN NOW”!!!!!
    I enjoy this blog, I enjoy expressing my opinions to not only those who read and comment but to those who read and not comment, the w.w.w; and i don’t even care if it angers anyone!!!!

    1. Teage, you don’t necessarily have to respond to Noko5 post, if you don’t want to. I think Noko5 will appreciate what ever decision you take.

    2. Ms. Teage,
      You can be as negatively agressive as you want. That’s not going to prevent any one from questioning those vague and illusive beliefs you got against president Taylor . Besides , I don’t know how abreast are you in respect to techology. But Just so you know , if and only if those searches have to be done, equipments that got highly amplified signal processing and laser detection systems are used. This is not some of beliefs that we are trying to deal with on this site. I have worked with companies that built these kinds of systems. So to help you with the technology part of the information, I absolutely don’t think I can help. Cuz these things are built from established, proven scientific theories and laws that guide the way they perform. NO BELIEFS!! ha, ha, funny ..right?? Now, lets get back to the main thing. Ms. Teage , don’t you think, just coming from the clear blue, believing and spreading rumors about mr. taylor’s charracter is kind of unfair and unjust? Why are you not stating some facts instead? I think Mr. taylor, as an exppresident or your country deserve some decency.. so try and do that. All we are asking here is proove whatsoever you got against this bro.. You doin’t have to reply to this post if it makes it through..

  17. Today, Taylor exposed another sinister ploy by the prosecution to bring a socalled diamond expert in this court by the name of Stephen Ellis. It was so homourous to see Mrs. Hollis, the lead prosecutor for now, to object to what she characterized as third party evidence. I could see the lead judge like what??? And Mrs. Hollis was overruled.

  18. Today, Taylor exposed another sinister ploy by the prosecution to bring a socalled diamond expert in this court by the name of Stephen Ellis. It was so homourous to see Mrs. Hollis, the lead prosecutor for now, to object to what she characterized as third party evidence. I could see the lead judge like what??? And Mrs. Hollis was overruled.

    Taylor displayed a document by Sawyer’s ACDL (Association for Constitutional Democracy in Liberia) showing that Stephen Elis and Ellen, Harry Greaves, Dr. Momo Rogers and others were in contact as far back as early 1990. Stephen Elis did not informed the court that he had relationship with Liberians but presented himself as an objective and independent diamond expert.

    1. Dee master brilliant Bassa boy( KING GRAY). Good catch Thank you. Ms. Teage, what do you say about that nice great catch by Gray.. you believe again..ha,ha,ha,..kindof very funny..right?? Just change from believe to facts you be fine…ok ..later.

  19. You all need to read this article about benoni urey. You guys need to praise this man for all the good he is going for Liberia instead of involving him in moses blahs non sense.

    It is pointless going up and down about these testimonies because anyone in their right mind will know that these allegations are false and these people have framed Taylor. This is a man that fought for our FREEDOM, WHEN AMERICANS WERE TRYING TO EXPLOIT US AND DESTROY IS. This man is a man who put LIBERIANS before himself! How can we do this to a guy who was willing to step down and be exiled just so there is no war in our poor country?. What if he decided to be like doe and fight until the last man died? Would we have commended him then? When the International community threw war on us through LURD, and then slammed our government with an arms embargo, do you think they wanted or cared if any of you lived or died? do u think the international community will give up their war for you? all this noise about cgt did this and he did that is quite frankly the most bothering thing i have come accross. You people wanted him gone and he is gone now. Now, all of your brothers and sisters are hungry because they cant by pusawa rice to eat. the rates are SKY HIGH. there are no jobs. IT IS FILTHY DIRTY! Then we sit here and talk about benoni urey. Do u know how many people benoni urey has employed is Liberia. Do u know that during the war in Liberia benoni urey gave out all of his products on his farm to refugees. he even let them stay at his farm. do you know how many students are on scholarship in liberia because of this man! WHEN THERE WAS WAR IN LIBERIA, ALL OF YOUR (ELLEN GOVT) PRESENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS RAN AWAY TO SIT IN AMERICA AND WAIT FOR THE WAR TO BE OVER. PEOPLE LIKE BENONI UREY STAYED THERE THE WHOLE WAR AND MADE SURE THINGS WERE OKAY ON GROUND.. SUPPLYING FOOD, WATER, HEALTHCARE ETC. YOU GUYS STOP IT MAN!! THESE PEOPLE ARE THE ONES THAT CARED US! AT LEAST WHEN THE SO CALLED BAD PEOPLE WERE THERE WE WERE SAFE AND OUR STOMACHES WERE FULL BUT NOW THE WHITE PEOPLE ARE RUNNING OUR COUNTRY AND WE DONT HAVE ANYTHING AT ALL!!

    1. Sandra King,

      Thanks for this post. It is my first time reading this about Mr. Urey. In my opinion he is being factual. I do want to encourage my dear brother and friend Fallah to read this. Mr. Urey said during the war it cost $800 to clear a container at the port of monrovia. Now, it costs $3000.00. Well I believe that is part of the rosy Liberia.

    2. Oh!!!! My girl Sandra . Welcome, welcome.. I love your fire power.. Lets take on them from all fronts .. Ms. Teage, what’s your belief about Sandras’ post?? Come on prosecution sorogates. Tell us what you know about Dakpana Taylor

      1. Noko5

        I know that Dakpana is a murderer, a wicked man and a mad man…….and he will pay for everything he did in Liberia and if he is truly responsible as the 11 counts brought against him stand he will not walk free he will pay for it.

        About Sandra post, I enjoy the hypcrosy on this blog, i was told in atleast 5 postings to “stick to the subject”, yet I hear comments about the port of Liberia. But I’ll answer your question, There are like a million and 1 thing that is still wrong with Liberia but to suggest that Liberia is not better of than when “Taylor was president” is just ludacris, and it’s not a subject that I will even dwell on. It sucks that the price is of a container is $3000 now that “Ellen Johnson is President”. I send things home for my non-prof, and it’s hard core money that i could spend towards something else as far as development goes. But you know what I will take that any day to the no running water, to electricity, no fix roads, poor economy, nearly no investments, bullet ridden buildings, no dump trucks the delapitated foreign ministry, National police headquater, justice ministry………I’ll take that over the Liberia with nearly no functioning hotel or resort centers. I’m saying I prefer running water in some houses, I like the lights that come up on Tubman blvd all the way down to Red light, I like the trash trucks, I like the new businesses, I like the renovated government buildings, I like the fact that I don’t see that many buildings with bullet wounds, I like “Kendeja resort” and all the other businesses, I hope Arcelor Mittel can surpass Lamco and put more money into the economy I enjoyed the paved streets, I like that some schools had scholarship from the governemnt for the Liberian students. I like the the public buses as hot and stinky as they are donated by Spain i can go on but you get my drift.

        hypocrisy, hypocrisy……..let’s get back to Sierra Leone

        1. Ms. teage,
          Please tell me . If you were a sitting president with thousands of rebels fighting you and capturing territories, will you concentrate on securing the lives and property you are suppose to protect or will ignore and just go ahead with socioeconomic developements? Also do you think it’s a fair to compare the Ellen govermnet with Taylors? I be very, very honest with you Teage, if the west and it’s allies had left Taylor alone, he was going to be one of the best perfoming presidents of Liberia. Taylor is a clean man. Just so you know the pave roads you are talking about today, were just built (lie man will say these few days).Most of them got the deepest pot holes you could ever think, in just about 6 to 8 months. Minister Woods is talking about building the same roads you and I were happy about. It is very, very unfair that the gentleman was not given the chance. Lets speak reality and forget our emotional expectations. Cux the fact is VIVID..

        2. Ms Teage,

          You sure have a lot of anger and hatred issues against Mr. Taylor. I would like to point out that all of those things you claim to like and a lot more would have been present had Taylor been given the chance to do the job he was elected to do and not have a war forced on him by bitter individuals supported by some outside countries and people with like minded bitterness like yourself. It is shocking when people can see it fit to close their eyes to the obvious truth and blindly expostulate hatred.
          Well I guess that’s why we as Africans are still be used to foster instabilities in the region by outsiders; our insistence on not seeing the facts simply because we have personal grudges! How sad for unity and peace in West Africa. We allow hatred to cloud our ability to think and analyse clearly even in the face of factual evidence.

          This case for me has opened up so many different dimensions in my mind as to how conspiracies can be perceived by those who are consumed by blind hatred to be the truth even when evidence is presented to clearly prove the contrary. I do hope that we could look at this case neutrally and see it for what it truly is; a farce and a stitched up conspiracy; contrived to make a man look like a monster. It seems to be working in the case of you Ms Teage. You have surely bought into this farce. Pity; as you do appear to be an intelligent individual although jaded by hatred.

          Please look at the facts of the case and judge based on that and not on what you perceive to have happened despite your refusal to provide any examples or concret reasons why you think Mr Taylor is guilty and the monster you claim he is. The fact that his daughter was in some hospital and you saw him is neither here nor there; and does not explain why you think he is this criminal you keep postulating that he is. Perhaps if you had any real evidence to justify your hatred I would be intersted in hearing it; but just a blanket hatred is unjustified to say the least and comes of sounding like the prosecution in this case.

          You refuse to entertain anything that would throw any good light on your negative perception of this man but yet insist that he is the devil himself. Why though? Did you have a personal interaction with him that we do not know about that has made you develope all this scorn?

  20. fallah, did you read what I wrote? Its time for you to think again since infact you never experience the revolution that Helen, ragan and Taylor brought to Liberia.

  21. King Gray, I think the white people are just nosy. They just want to hear it from President Taylor him on how did conducted his revolution and how he do all these things as a common man in Liberia. However, they are curious. Trust me, they don’t care about justice. And if they do, they know the real culprit which is not President Taylor.

  22. Ms. Teage,
    By the way, if and only if ther is a dying need of the knowledge of metal detection system with their seperate range of capabilities, I be glad to provide those.

    1. Noko5

      I assure you it’s absolutely no “dying knowledge” if i wanted to knwo about metal detection systems and capabilities I can “google” it, “bing” it “lycos” it “wikepedia” it etc….after the post about the high tech equipments used to search Taylors home for weapons that could have been used in Sierra Leone, I requested to read the article. And my request is still out.

  23. Ms. Teage, noko5 have challenged your credibility to inform the whole world about what bad acts you claimed to know about Taylor. I am equally challenging you in this public and free space to disclose all bad deeds that you know about Taylor so that some of us will understand your case. Help us here Ms. Teage, cuz the whole world needs to know.

    1. King Gray and Noko5,

      what bad things will Teage say that we have not heard before? She will not say anything new. But anyways, lets see, maybe she may have new revelation. Teage, you have been challenged by these two gentlemen to say the bad things you know about President Taylor.

      1. Rodriguez,

        My crediblity was questioned, I was called a liar, and now I am “challenged”….

        You’re completly correct it’s not new before, tell me something people just like to make up stories about this Taylor man huh………….I’ll pass on this “challenge”…..LOL,

        1. Teage,
          to answer your question, YES. people like to make up stuff against this innocent man called President Taylor.

    2. King Gray,

      I’m willing to accept that total strangers, who don’t really know my real name, better yet my chararcter can “challenge my credibility”. I will not, i reapeat WILL NOT…share anything about what I saw as a young child…especially on a forum where are bunch of people who love Taylor so much that they are willing to say that Taylor has i quote, “never killed anyone”. Taylor is a murderer, whether you like it or not, believe it or not, trust my “credibility” or not. As i said to Noko5, should the day come where my testimony is truly needed (who knows if it will). We have “noko 5” “king gray”, “noko4”. And I’m suppose to prove myself to you all…LOL, and what am I going to get, Charles Taylor super fans “believes me” or they are “challenging my credibility”…LOL….as sad as I am right now 🙁 …I’ll pass on …… Truth is truth whether people like it or not, believes it or not…….

      your credibility of me, ça ne fait rien.

      1. Teage,

        you have not said the bad things that you know about President Taylor that have precipitated the challenge by these fine two gentlemen, in person of King Gray and Noko5; and, regurgitated by me, of saying there is nothing new you will say, that we have not heard before. Now you are telling us, “should the day come where your testimony is truly needed,” you will wear “your best suit,” to testify. Teage, your testimony is truly needed right now. Please testify against this innocent man now and do not wait time indefinitely. By the way, the last time I asked you, what different will your “best suit” makes? And I also asked you, is your “best suit” African or European suit?
        Teage, in your post above, you said President Taylor is a murderer. is that something new about Taylor that we have not heard before? Teage, we have heard more than that. Try again. Tell us the “bad things” you know, and also, the “bad things” about this man that we have not heard before.

        1. Rodriguez,
          Maybe you missed the post where i said I’ll pass on that….,

          I’ve read and looked at the same facts you’re looking at I said guilty, you say not guilty, the trail is not over you’ve arrived at a verdict, you an many others on this site, as I have, my opinions about the verdict is just as valid as yours. I have a lot of anger towards Taylor and rightfully so…..

        2. Rodriguez,

          Or not…I’ll pass, I never said anything I experienced was new, all i say is for certainty I know Taylor is a murderer. That is all that matters, and many others know….so I’ll pass on “telling this blog”.

      2. Hi Jose — You posted a comment yesterday referring to LURD and MODEL but I am afraid I cannot approve it as it doesn’t fit with our policy.

        I encourage spirited debate on this site and I am pleased you and other reeaders regularly engage on the issues. But can I encourage you and other readers to not derogatorily categorize other readers when responding to issues? Readers may get offended, and I fear it may distract from what we are all here to discuss: the trial itself and the issues emerging from it. As always, if you don’t mind reframing the comment I am happy to post, and can send the text to you if you would like to work off it.

        Best, and thanks for your understanding,

  24. Sandra King,
    Great posting; I understand that Taylor as the leader of the NPFL is responsible for some of the crimes committed in liberia but to say that he’s responsible for what happened in Sierra Leone is a complete and total nonsense! First of all Mr. Taylor have said over and over agian that he did support the RUF from 1991 to May of 1992 and also give reasons why he did.

    I can tell you that I do agree with Mr. Taylor on that because I was in Liberia at the time when ULIMO capture lower Lofa in 1991. I do speak mandigo and I used to travel from Sanouyea Bongo County to Lofa bridge to sell country rice that I used to buy from the native people on the market days.
    I had a childhood friend called John Sharp from Bensonville who was fighting for the NPFL and a member of the NPFL strike force Division fighting in Sierra Leone.He got killed while they were retreating from Sierra Leone after Mr. Taylor order that all NPFL Soldiers should leave Sierra Leone in April of 1992. He was Killed by ULIMO forces on the Liberian Sierra Leoneans border.

  25. Dear Noko5 – thanks for your note. I don’t mind at all if you ask another reader about their relationship to Mr. Taylor if they have expressly raised the issue themselves, and if it relates to the issues that are being raised in the trial – absolutely. Please do send a post and as long as it fits within the policy, I will approve it.

  26. Dear Sandra,
    Thanks for this informative news/link. I am sure that those blind guys who are just anti Taylor and his past government officials will see some facts as far as this case is concerned. Last year I sent a small car back home, and I have to pay US$3000.00 almost the price of the car. I remembered receiving a car from a relative in 1999 and paid US$250.00 to clear it. Can anyone see the huge different comparing Taylors time and now. But that is a swear anyway. If you and your friend decide to do something and later you betrayed them just because you think you are the best, struggles you eventually be part of your day to day life, like in the case of the Elen’s Government.

  27. LOL, yes I believe I can fly, I jump off buildings all the time. and float down to the bottom…..”I say I believe, because it is my opinion……FYI, the way you interpret facts and the way I do is different, As i said before Rodriguez, I Miss Teage believe I Charles Taylor is guilty, I’m not going to stop saying that. BASED on the facts I believe he’s guilty….BASED on the facts you believe he’s innocent. You just wouldn’t say it. You act as if what you believe is fact and what I believe is just personal beliefs…..either way I’m not the least bit concern with what you “care more for” or “car less about”. My beliefs are very relevant to this trail, but in a sense you’re right it’s not relevant, and neither is yours because at the end the “COURT” decides. No matter how you feel if they say guilty, it’s guilty…No matter how I feel, if they say not guilty it’s not guilty….so you see you are right my belief is irrelevant, and so it’s yours. But don’t forget Rodriguez, that just like you have arrived at a definitive verdict before the trail is over so have I. And in your words, “I could care LESS” if you or anybody else thinks about the relevance of my comments. Clearly if my response depended on yours or anybody else’s opinion I wouldn’t be on this blog.

    It honestly brought a smile to my face. There is nothing sweeter to me than Jesus, and Justice!!!!


    The site is wonderful, I enjoy expressing myself as much as people hate it. I actually enjoy this blog. Merci beaucoup, 🙂 ; the Cross Examination is exciting stuff i look forward to following as much as my schedule would permit.

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