Charles Taylor Accuses Prosecution Of “Misleading” The Special Court for Sierra Leone

Charles Taylor today accused the prosecution of “misleading the court” by introducing evidence that as Liberian president, Mr. Taylor acted to resolve conflicts between Sierra Leone’s rebel commanders, appoint a chief rebel leader in his warring neighboring country, and then independently offer safe haven in Liberia to a top rebel on the run. Mr. Taylor is on trial by the Special Court for Sierra Leone for his alleged role in serious international crimes committed by Sierra Leonean rebels during the country’s brutal civil war.

“The prosecution misled the court,” Mr. Taylor told judges today while testifying as a witness in his own defense.

Mr. Taylor was responding to the testimony of Vamunya Sherif, a previous prosecution witness and former Deputy Director of Operations in the Liberian Secret Service during Mr. Taylor’s presidency. The witness, in his January 2008 testimony, told Special Court judges that Mr. Taylor served as mediator between two senior rebel commanders of Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF), Issa Sesay and Sam Bockarie. According to Mr. Sherif, Mr. Taylor invited the two RUF commanders to Liberia in order to resolve a conflict between them, during which time Mr. Taylor changed the leadership of the RUF, making Mr. Sesay the RUF’s frontline commander in place of Sam Bockarie. The witness said that Mr. Bockarie eventually departed for Liberia where he sought a safe haven. Mr. Taylor today dismissed the witness’s account as “lies.”

“No such situation occurred where I sent for Sam Bockarie and Issa Sesay to discuss a conflict between them that will lead to the departure of Bockarie,” Mr. Taylor said.

“The prosecution knows that no such meeting took place because they have gone through major documents that tell how Bockarie left Sierra Leone, so for them to ask that question when they know that no such meeting took place is sinister, and the prosecution misled the court,” the accused former Liberian president added.

Mr. Taylor also explained that there is no “correlation” in the time at which Mr. Bockarie left Sierra Leone in 1999 and the time at which Mr. Sesay became interim leader of the RUF in 2000.

“We are talking about seven months beginning in December 1999 when Bockarie left Sierra Leone and August 2000 when Issa Sesay took over the leadership of the RUF, so there is no correlation between the two,” he said.

Mr. Taylor refuted the witness’s claim that when Mr. Bockarie departed Sierra Leone for Liberia with his fighters in December 1999, they moved to a Liberian border town before they were picked up by two helicopters belonging to Mr. Taylor’s Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU). Mr. Taylor said that his government had no helicopters at this time in 1999.

“If the court believes this story, then all the other stories before this court are false. There were no helicopters involved in the movement of these people,” he said.

Mr. Taylor further denied the witness’ claims that RUF commander Mr. Bockarie transported arms and ammunition from Liberia for use by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. According to the witness, prior to the January 1999 rebel invasion of Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown, Mr. Bockarie was at Liberia’s international airport, the Roberts International Airport (RIA) to receive arms and ammunition.

“I think that this witness is confused or is deliberately mistating the evidence as he is told to do,” Mr. Taylor said.

The witness also said that in 1998, Mr. Bockarie travelled to Burkina Faso and returned with arms and ammunition via Liberia for RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. The weapons, the witness said were supplied by President of Burkina Faso, Blaise Campaore. Mr. Taylor denied this account.

“When Bockarie went to Burkina Faso in 1998, he did not return to Liberia with arms and ammunition to the best of my knowlege. I cannot speak for Blaise Campaore but I do not think that Blaise, in his position as Chairman of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) at that time will send arms and ammunition to the RUF,” he told the court.

Mr. Taylor has spent several days responding to the testimonies of prosecution witnesses on his relationship with RUF commander Mr. Bockarie. Several witnesses had told the court that Mr. Bockarie took orders from Mr. Taylor, which were then implemented by the RUF in pursuit of their war in Sierra Leone. Witnesses had also testified that Mr. Taylor provided support to the RUF through the supply of arms and ammunition and that the RUF commanders, including Mr. Bockarie and Mr. Sesay, transported diamonds mined in Sierra Leone to Mr. Taylor. Witness accounts claim that Mr. Taylor’s relationship with the RUF extended to the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), a group of Sierra Leonean soldiers who overthrew the elected government of President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in May 1997. The soldiers formed a merger with the RUF and together, they ruled Sierra Leone until February 1998 when they were forcefully removed from the country’s capital Freetown by West African peacekeepers. They retreated to the country’s hinterland where they launched various attacks against the government and civilian population of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Taylor is accused of providing support for this AFRC and RUF forces during Sierra Leone’s conflict. He now stands charged of the crimes committed by the rebels in Sierra Leone, including rape, murder, recruitment of child soldiers, and terrorizing the civilian population among others. Six senior commanders in the AFRC and RUF have been convicted and sentenced to terms of imprisonment by the Special Court for Sierra Leone in Freetown. On Saturday October 31, 2009, they were all taken to Rwanda, where they will serve their prison terms in a Rwandan jail.

In his testimony today, Mr. Taylor denied giving support to the AFRC/RUF merger, insisting that his government, like other West African governments, did not recognize the illegal regime in Sierra Leone.

“No one West African country recognized the AFRC junta. There is no recognition by Liberia or any other country,” he told the judges today.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Mr. Taylor is right. There were no helicopters involved with the relocation of Sam Bockaire and his men from Sierra Leone to Liberia in December 1999. We were sent to Foyah, Lofa County to covertly monitor the relocation process. Part of our job was to ensure that no one member of Bockaire troop was left anywhere between Sierra Leone and Liberia. All of the troop and Bockaire family members were brought to Monrovia by road not helicopter as alleged by Sherif. I challenge Sherif and the prosecution to prove this lie by naming the air port at which Bockaire and his troop landed. How did they depart the air port, and where did they go in such a large number without Tom Kamara’s Democrat News Paper blowing the biggest whistle? Yes, Sherif, like the many other prosecution witnesses mislead this court from the very start.


    Harris K Johnson

    1. Thank you Mr. Johnson for good and reliable comment. The prosecution fails to realise the essense of war and the collaboration of enemies. The witnesses are collaborating with the enemies of Charles Taylor, by means of lies in ultimate form-deceit. Many who agreed to fight a war for their country can not come forward to blame one man for any special rule performed without his knowledge. The newpapers during the war period would mentioned all we need knowing instead of lies from witnesses.

    2. I think the prosecution witnesses are causing more harm than good in the trial; Varmoyah Sheriff is a confused liar. If V. Sheriff did occupy the position of Deputy Director of Operations in the Liberian Secret Service (a position just heard of) during the leadership of Mr. Charles Taylor than he should have said something credible, but the ATU and the two helicopters are all silly lies. Come to think about it, if the ATU will have two helicopters, how many the national police will have least to say the Arm forces of Liberia (AFL), and he also forgot to mention about the presidential aircraft. Look we want the truth and the real truth, let the prosecution get Issa Sesay to testify and stop bringing just pay me I’ll say anything against Mr. Taylor. After all he was in control of the RUF after sankor and Sam Borkari. Varmouyah Sheriff and Zigzag Mazan are on the same level.
      If Mr. Charles Taylor is guilty let it be clear, not fabrications and liars.

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Ms. Teage and Fallah have engaged in an act of nocturnal activities in sneaking to dates and times, we have already passed. I understand they might want to makeup the lost time, especially Ms. Teage, or increase the number of the drowning side of the prosecution, or even have her input. But what ever the case is, I will encourge you guys to go back after every one or two days to make sure every comment is up to date.

  3. Ms. Teage,

    Thank you for responding to my questions and doing so in a fair manner. The level of your engagements far exceeds that of Fallah Menjor whom I consider to be on the same side of this divide if you may. We are all hoping that the judges will be fair in rendering their verdict and not just hand us “lawyer decision.” Lawyer decisions are opinions lawyers give based on subjective background, but infused with sufficient legal jargon to obscure their subjectivity. We hope also it will not be a “political decision.” Political decision are opinions rendered with favor in order to pacify the political interest and will of big powers, in this instance, the big powers are Britain and America.

    My reading of your posting, correct me, is that you have prejudicial opinion of Taylor but you are in support of a fair verdict in this case and not opting for a lawyer or political decision. And I salute you for this.

    As I said you are unlike Fallah in many ways. There is another point that Fallah has evaded that I hope you can shed you views on. It is the issue of cannibalism. In this trial, the prosecution presented evidence that our tribal society in Liberia, what we call zoe bush, the sande and poro societies, engage in the practice of eating human beings. The prosecution witness said that he the witness, along with Mr. Taylor and the members of the zoe bush, participated in eating human being at one of their ceremonies.

    Now Ms. Teage, I do not know whether you believe in our chiefs and elders and their traditional values, custom and practices. As for me, I respect and believe them. I have not heard of our Zoe bushes eating human beings. I think that testimony is a lie based on my belief and what I know about our zoe bushes, which is they train young men and women to be good citizens and respectable family members. what do you think, ms teage?

    1. Yes I have prejudical opinions about the trail, but like i stated I am entitled to my opinion and I state them firmly, with out hesitation.
      As far as Fallah, he has strong opinions and he states them and I respect him very much for sharing his opinions. Whether they need to be more objective or less envading (if that is word) is up for you two to discuss.

      Growing up I heard many grandiose stories about the different societies, the “ZOE” we were told was a character to fear. But I have never heard of cannibalism going on in those societies. I do not know much about them and I will not even try to act as if I do.

      I usually search the net for historical videos and articles about Liberia, and I stumbled upon a youtube Channel called “journeymans picture” this is an independent broadcasting Bristish network and they do documentaries about almost every country in the world. I stumbled upon an actual “photage” of a bunch of NPFL soldiers cutting the heart out of a LURD fallen rebel, and they said they were going to eat it. The soldier did say that they (NPFL) “DO NOT” eat the heart of civilians it’s just their “enemies” heart that they eat because they believe they will recieve the fallen person’s strength if they eat the heart. When Taylor was asked about this this is what he said,

      “We have heard of outright cannibalism but this is an issue of war. There is no civilised war. Death is death.’ For now the peace is holding”.

      Now I do know for a fact (and I will not go into discussing it) that LURD soldiers participated in the exact same act, so this is not me trying to paint a bad picture about NPFL. I have never seen Charles Taylor eat a human being, and I do not know if he did or didn’t. Liberian rebel leaders whether it was Taylor or Boley or P.J, R.J, Konneh whoever, participated in all types of nastiness. But since I did not see Taylor eat a human being, I can tell you I never saw it, could be true, could not be true. But what I can say is that Taylor knew, that NPFL rebels were participating in cannabalistic acts, how would he know i already stated that above. I honestly thought it was only LURD that did this but after seeing this video I was truly shocked. This video just let me know that you and I will never know all that happened during the wars in Liberia.

      Let me say this though. I do believe that sometimes in many “SOCIETIES” (and not societies as in Poro, and Sande) cannabalism takes place, but the Western sworld would have their citizens think that majority of African cullture and socieites participate in these acts with is straight FOOLISHNESS”. Many paint a picture of us as being barbaric, and when incidences like the one i describe above is caught on tape all of a sudden it seems as if we all participate in it. And if this is the question you are asking, i will say, are their people who practice cannabalism absoultely all over the world, Jeffrey Dahmer and American, many other names that I can’t think of. This is not something specific to “African voodoo rituals” as say and as was said on this video, or neithe it specific to African nations.

      Here is the youtube video on Journeyman picturers I spoke about:

  4. If President Taylor sent for both Sam Bockarie and Issa Sesay in other to mediate peace between the two as alleged by Vamuya Sherif, than we will like to know at what time such meeting took place. The reason for timeline is simple. Evidence in the possession of the court shows that Sam Bockarie was removed by Ecowas from Sierra Leone. However, Mr. Stephen Rapp intentionally or unintentionally ask a leading question to Mr. Sherif that demanded Sherif response to suit the answers Mr. Rapp wanted.
    President Taylor, you described such move by the prosecution as “sinister.” You are right. Eventhough, they have all of the documents showing presidents of sovereign countries signatures corroborating your exact statement, but yet, they still asking their paid witness vamuya Sherif leading questions, that will suggest otherwise from the documents before them. Shame on the prosecution of this innocent man.

    1. Amax,
      don’t be bother for notthing Fallah anounced yesterday that he had given up . He failed to proof his case against Charlie.

  5. Yea Fallah and Ms Taege and co say something!!!!! by the way Helen where are you? we need you to take on Ms Taege and Fallah for their biase in this case against Mr Taylor.

    1. Very Immature,
      “Take on Ms. “TEAGE””, not “Taege. Take me on to what, change my opinion to prove me wrong, to discuss my biases, I clearly stated it. I’m entitled to my opinion, I have “taken on” in your words to discuss my opinions with everybody, not just Ms. Helen. Like I said, if you cannot swallow, my opinion or agree to disagree than do me a favor and let it be. I openly disagree with many of the opinons, but like I said, I have resolved to agree to disagree. I hope that even if I meet, anyone from this board we can have a good conversation and show respect, but as far as “another female” “taking me on”, it sounds as if we are “fighting” or something. If Ms. Helen wants to have a educated debate, sure thing. But same why can’t you “take me on”, or Rodriguez or any one else for that matter why does it have to be another woman. I came blog about this trail with EVERYONE……..if you don’t agree with me that’s fine, but as far as you calling me out to be “Taken on”, that just childish, chill out. Agree to disagree, and present your point let’s debate it out. It’s that simple.

      1. Teage,
        we all make mistakes such as spelling, grammatical error, sentence structure, typing mistake, punctuation, and etc. Don’t fault Sam for misspelling your name. I think it was just a typing error. However, he had, not just you, spelled correctly our names.

        Teage, is not that serious. Calm down.

        1. Tracey,
          what is wrong? What did I say that was wrong in responding to Teage making issue of Sam mistakenly spelling her name?

          1. Hi Jose — I just sent an email to you with two of your posts awaiting moderation with a request to reformulate them to fit with our policy and an explanation of why they don’t fit with our policy. However I get a bounceback from the email address that appears on this site. Would you mind sending me a post with an email address when I can reach you – I will not approve it to ensure your privacy (unless you explicitly want it to be approved).

    2. Sam,
      Please be careful. Ms. Teage is not too comfortable with Helen ha..ha..she may accuse you of mokery, and other avjectives. You know how smart Helen is. She got that political slam dunk.. we need teage to stay and help papay fallah..evethough he has partially quitted..

      1. LOL, Noko5………..”political slam dunk”, interesting….any intelligent/ “Smart” Liberian is a good thing , whether i agree or disagree with him/her!!! The exact word of Ms. Helen was that i need to “stop being “cute”” on this blog, and “cynical”. I didn’t know that I was trying to be “cute” on the blog until Ms. Helen pointed it out……LOL.

        I don’t quit from my opinions so don’t worry Noko5, I’m around to stay!!

        Are you going to follow all my comments and add your “two cent”……this should interesting…LOL, just curious.
        Remember when I say I’m around for a while i meant it, let’s just hope i get that Mac computer asap, so that I can continue to comment!!!

        1. Teage,

          what’s up with this agree and disagree thing you keep talking about? It is getting too old. Find something new.

        2. Ms. Teage,
          I will always be in prayers for you untill that mac computer comes . Cuz I don’t wana loose you on this site. Also this site is actually under our domain. We are watching every word that pops up. They will all be surgically dealt with.Just so you Know, I have gotten the possition as Ms. TEAGE ZAR..

  6. What do you want for me to say to these loyalists,Amax? I have not much to respond to since most of their debates is either attacking those who are true patriots of the Motherland, like Ms Teage, or coming on with denials or asking for video tapes on taylor eating human flesh, and all that trash! If these is what they are about, I reserve my rights to stop conterattacks since immaturity has become rampant amongst them!
    Ms Teage needs to focus on the trial and say very little to these guys because they do not appear to have enough experience nor the academic background to argue rationally without personal attacks or rude remarks such as calling Ms Teage ‘Girl” and etc…
    I already told these guys over and over that their chief is a ‘Flesh eating cannibal”and he is being locked up for crimes against humanity, such as rapes, sexual slavery, force labour, just to name few..what else can I say to these guys?

    1. Fallah, Ms Teage(…correct spelling) and co Taylor haters why do you people resort to hostile posturing when replying to other people’s comments? Ms Teage if you are familiar with Helen’s posts you will find out that she brings out facts to back up her arguments rationally. so when I was calling for her to “take you on”, I was merely asking why we having heard from her yet. but fallah I am still waiting for credible evidence from you about all these allegations you keep referring to about Mr Taylor.

      1. I hate no man, I’m just a advocate of Justice. The prosecution brought tons of proof to support their arguments yet you and many say it’s nothing, sorry but the double standard will not stand. You wrote the comment above because you don’t agree with my sentiments about Taylor but it’s all good. Because it stays the same.

        Andrew brings up facts from the trial to support what he’s saying, so do other men on this blog…….you catch my drift right.

        1. Teage,

          President Taylor being the accused, does not have to prove anything. It is the prosecution job to prove beyond all reasonable doubts that the doer is responsible for the crimes as charged. However, President Taylor has provided enough proofs to acquit him. Nice try though.

        2. Ms. Teage,
          I think it ‘s kindof untruful, and i mean it’s a lie if you claim not to hate any man. Reason i say so is that you do not have any proof of your zillion claims against mr. taylor and yet you castigate and degrade his reputation to the lowest. Don’t you think, you are being contradictive?? Why didn’t you say you hate no man but taylor? Everything you’ve stated about the man has been your belief and yet you claim to advocate justice. Are you one of the preachers of justice for some men???

    2. Fallah,

      Which one sounds really bad or worse? Calling someone “girl” or calling someone killer, human flesh eater, rebel, uncivilized, uneducated, rebel supporter, unpatriotic, beneficiary of loots, cannibal, rude, indiciplined, warmonger, loser, thieve, lier and etc?

      1. Jose,
        This time, the question you give the PAPAY sounds like it’s above master degree, and you yourself know he announce his retirement the other day. I don’t think he’s going back to school. so can you change it please… ha.. ha.. oh my god , damn good question. Thank you

  7. Here is an easy issue for the prosecution to answer: Vee Serrif claimed that he was the first person to introduced either Sam Bokarie or Issay Sessay to Taylor. Serrif further indicated that he was the direct contact to the RUF at that time because they needed a trusted ULIMO person to get weapons from the former ULIMO territory. Then, he, Serrif brought in Abu Keita a former ULIMO chief of staff to work along with RUF.

    Now here is the issue. How can Serrif be telling the truth when other prosectution witnesses have earlier indicated that during that same period that Serrif was speaking about. That Charles Taylor already had Superman, Jungle and other Liberians working with the RUF? Those other prosecution witnesses have tesitfied that Charles Taylor was already using Liberians to carry weapons to RUF through Lofa and Guinea. So if Taylor already had those contacts and access , why would he need Serrif? But more interestingly, how is it that those other RUF prosecution witnesses, like Mongor, never indicated that they met or knew Serrif as a contact person for Mr. Taylor.

    How can those other witnesses and Serrif be doing the same job at the same time with Charles Taylor , Issay Sessay, and Sam Bokarie and yet Serrif is not interacting with the others? Another interesting lie from Serrif was that upon his reaching to Bokarie in SL. That Bokarie did not trust him and got on the radio to speak directly with Taylor to confrimed whether it was Taylor that sent Serrif. But if Taylor already had all the other contacts with Bokarie and was always in constant radio communication with Bokarie. Why would Taylor not informed Bakarie ahead of time that he was sending Serrif? This case is nothing but lies! lies!!! lies!!!!

  8. Ms Teage,
    Thanks for your reply to my concern; and I admire your strong stand on Taylor but I just hope you strongly stand to resist the master planner and solicitor of support for what making us all to cry out our feelings today as you do against Taylor because it will be very unfair on your part to hear you calling for bad-gone to be bad-gone tomorrow when it comes to bringing the MP/SS to book. I am talking about your very sitting Madame President that did everything possible to organize this whole thing that got us to where we are. Will you very openly say “yes we are living with and voted for the Divel just for peace sake”? I know you will have no comment when it comes to what role America played in the organization of our trouble and how they supplied LURD with Money, deadly weapons and other logistics in Guinea under the pretance of wanting to train Guinean Army; and your research my find out what happened to innocent Liberians and how many lives were lost by their actions at Graystone for days. Taylor may be found guilty in the moment at your wish and taken to life time lost but you and I will still be rubbuing shoulders with his masters and you know them. I underatand your strong feelings when it comes to how much lost you incured in this conflict, as I also did sincerely but we should now be looking beyoung this for the root cause of it and its backers. Look, Taylor was just one of a fustrated figures threwn in the front ring to fight for their interest so as to save himself by keeping his head up.
    Please prove me wrong if I am not making things clear here.
    Let’s start thinking wisely and collectively come out with supportive ideas that will rescue and revive our wonderful African continent from the spell of evils NOW my Dear.

    1. Dolo,
      If you want to have a debate do that But do not, i repeat DO NOT, make assumptions about where i stand concerning certain issues if I have not stated my opinion concering that issue. By gones can be By gones, and let all perpatrators be brought to justice. I thought this was a Charles Taylor trail discussion site, how did Johnson Sirleaf get into, but since you want to hear my opinion her it goes. After living abroad for years, I went to Liberia last year, I absolutely LOVEEEEEEE!!! What I saw, the new streets, lights running water, rennovated buildings, etc….I love what Ellen Johnson is doing for the economy. I have not seen substantial proof to say that Ellen Johnson fought and killed Innocent Liberia. But should there be proof, that she did participate in any activities that lead to the loss of Liberian lives. I am in favor of her being brought to justice. I have not seen substantial evidence to say that Ellen Johnson participated in gross human rights violation. If i do see those proof there is no way I will deny it. During the TRC trail she stated that back in I think 80-something she gave Taylor $10,000 U.S for Humanitarian relief, and that she supported Taylor in the beginning until he became lawless. Show me the proof and i will cry prosecute her!!!I keep saying “LET JUSTICE BE DONE TO ALL MEN”, so don’t try to figure me out, by making assumptions.
      Secondly, you are 100% wrong cncerning how I feel about America’s role in the Liberian civil war. I do believe that America played a “HUGE” role in the Liberian civil war, as much as they would like to down play their involvement. So you see Dolo, unless I explicity tell you that I do not believe America played a role, or I am not in favor of Ellen Johnson being brought to justice DO NOT ASSUME where I stand on these issue. You DO NOT know my stance concerning many issues so don’t assume that you do because you end up being wrong just like you were. If you want to pose a question to me do so, instead of assuming you know where i stand.

      I do not support Taylor and that will not change. RESPECT my opinion and quit trying to change my mind. If you want to say Taylor is not a murderer than we can have conversation about what I think and what you think. If you want to say He has nothing to do with Sierra Leone, than let’s see what I think and I can see what you think!!


      P.S: Next time can we stick to Sierra Leone, as I am told that this is a site about Sierra Leone not Liberia?


      1. Thanks Ms. Teage, but let me remind you that the accused is from Liberia and it is not possible to laid out your points without Liberia being mention. Secondly Charles Taylor was not running an Humanitarian organization that the Liberian people knew of that Mrs. Ellen Johnson will gave him $10.000 USD, Charles Taylor was running a Rebel group sister and rebels do not share relief items they kill and take properties and rape. I’m sure Madam. Ellen Johnson knew about the Liberian National Red Cross Sociaty but decided to give the money to Mr Taylor.

        1. Rebel group in 1983? All I am saying if there are substantial proof to say that she was a part in anyway of the civil war and her contributions supported and lead to the death of civilians than she should go on trail. I clearly stated that I don’t know how else you want me to say it. As much as I like what I see in Liberia and how the economy and the country is look more healthy if their are proof that is substantial to bring Madame Sireleaf to jail than let it be. Someone told me and after reading a section of the Geneva convention (3) it stated that rebellion by the people is “ok” right. Now if Ellen Johnson supported the rebellion before humanitarian violations, and left after Taylor and NPFL started slaughtering Krahn and Mandingos, and that can be proved than she cannot be brought to court. But if it is proven that she knew that NPFL were killing civilians and she supported it, why should she not be brought to justice. Since visiting the TRC last year, I have looked for articles to prove all that I’ve heard for years about our President being a part of the human right violates, as i stated already. I have never once come across any article stating explicitly exactly what her role was during the 1990 war.

          Here is what she had to say,

          “I have absolutely not supported any warring faction and none of them can say I supported them, “she said.

          But the President admitted she was a sympathizer of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), saying, “like thousands of Liberians, I was a sympathizer, but that did not make me a member.”

          She was testifying at the ongoing public hearing of the TRC at its headquarters in Sinkor.

          President Johnson-Sirleaf said that in 1990 she met Mr. Charles Taylor, the leader of the defunct NPFL at his headquarters then in Gborplay, Nimba County, but said she discovered that Taylor did not seem to be somebody who had a clear vision of what he wanted to do.

          She said during the visit she saw “a lot of red eyes young people” and went into a small room where she met Taylor surrounded by several Lebanese and piles of bags of rice.

      2. Hi Teage,

        You seem to have your own strange opinions, which seem always out of place (sorry). I wonder why you anti-Taylor folks can’t base your argument on the facts at hand but rather extreme dislike. I’ll like to know when did you started following this trial? Are you arguing base on hate? As for Mr. Fallah who came in few months ago boosting about his better education from a well know University in Liberia (Well, we did ours here in the USA), has always fail to actually argue base on the facts but trivial issues.

        Teage, if you actually stand for justices as you claim then filter for gold amongst the garbage of lies from the witnesses and prosecution. Just a brief history about me, I lost two older brothers. One was killed by Taylor men in 1990, they claim he look like S. Doe and they were enjoying, the other was killed by PYJ. My father and I hated Taylor for the rightful reason at the time.

        I believed you and Fallah have your own reason(s) but I made it my duty to watch this trial since it started; although, I m not always on time when it starts in the morning east coast time but I watch every day and try to stay objective because I have issues at stake ( My brothers). Base on the evidence from the prosecution, I was convinced that the judges had more then enough reason(s) to kick this case out of court.

        My mean issue is, let us base our argument(s) on the facts and nothing but the facts. I advise you to go back and look at the testimony of V. sheriff, H. Bility and V.P Blah. Watch the actually video testimony, Please do and you’ll actually know why there aren’t many anti-Taylor on this blog anymore. They all ran away because there wasn’t anything to even argue about or against. Hate couldn’t afford them to ever agree with the defense even if the evidence was glaring.

        1. Grebo,
          very well. Smooth sailing brother. I will give you the grade of Outstanding High.
          However, you told us, you and your dad hated President Taylor on grounds that one of your brothers was killed by his forces. The reason why your brother was killed according to them, he looked like President Doe. You also said, after looking at all the evidences produced by the prosecutors so far in this case, the judges should kick out this case. There is no sufficient reason to find him guilty as charge. Grebo, you are absolutely right. There is no case here. By the way, I’m sorry to know you lost two of your brothers in the war. Buddy, we all did. Let reconcile our country and move forward, and don’t listen to those trigger happy warmongers. And they know who they are.

  9. Andrew,AMax, Sam and others,
    We all should know by now that Fallah is not tough enough to face the facts and say what is right. For example: Marzah testified that he and Mr Taylor ate human heart as part of the poro membership. I did ask Fallah if he does agree with the witness and if so, can we say that he (Fallah ) is guilty of cannibalism?

    But Fallah could not come out to say that he disagreed with what the witness have said, that is to say, members of the poro society do engaged in cannibalism, instead, he told us that he was a member of the Kissi poro society.

    On that note, I challenge Fallah to tell me what the differences were between the Kissi poro society and those of the Kpelle, Loma, Gola, Gbandi, Belle, Mano, Mandi and the vai. But you know what? Fallah couldn’t answer that challenge up today date.

    2. He ( Fallah ) was always writing comments about how Mr. Taylor order the killing of Sam Bockarie and his family but I didn’t want to say anything at first. But the way how Fallah was saying it, I later decided to tell Fallah what I knew about Bockarie death and What I said long before Mr. Taylor testimony, was what Mr. Taylor told the court when he testified about the events leading to Bockarie death.
    Because of hate, Fallah and his injustice members can’t stand seeing Mr. Taylor getting a fair trial. And you know what, I actually think Fallah is in the back board of this discussion because he cannot man up to face the truth!

  10. Today we heard the FACT to the LINK!!!! Prosecutor Rapp asked Mr. Blah if there was an agreement between RUF and NPFL in Libya and Mr. Blah responded “NO”. Mr. Blah according to Mr. Taylor was 95% right in his testimony. Now the burden level on the prosecutors just went up another level.

    The CLOSET PERSON to Mr. Taylor in this trial was on the prosecutors’ end and he did MORE to help the defense. At one point, he and Mr. Griffith were joking during his testimony….what a strategy to calm him down and send a message symbolically. As much as I was wanting to CHOKE the daylight out of Mr. Blah….second thought, I am glad he testify.

    1. Noko,
      I tell you cousin, , one thing all of them don’t know is the 1005. That’s what Blah give them. ha,ha,ha. The next one they will receive atlast will be the 419. Ms. Teage her self will be around when that is happening, while fallah menjor keep score!!!.

  11. Gentlemen,
    I just don’t get why certain bloggers on this site are mascurading accusations of being attacked or insulted by us who they have label as taylor surpporters. Look al we are surgically disecting and dealing with your views accordingly. Please, lets put this education, education thing somewhere and discuss the issue at hand. Others including fallah menjor have used absurd languages on some of us. We never evr complain. It is not that we donot have blood running through us or donot have the nerves to strike back, instead, we take it with the miturity that some keep talking about. Look I keep reminding readers there is no baby sitting here. This whole thing got to do with lies that have been brought up against our beloved president. I personally don’t care !! Every opposite or oposing view will be put under the microscope,scrutinized and dealt with if need be. Stop calling us attackers. We are only advocating justice. Charles is being accused wrongly. The people of sierraleone are responsible for their plight . Besides , they have been responsible for several death and distructions in liberia..

  12. An old principal always tell her students, “WHEN YOU ARE UP, YOU ARE UP, BUT WHEN YOU ARE DOWN, YOU ARE UP-SIDE DOWN!!!!!!!!

    With nothing to proof the prosecution will start calling Mr. Rapp a BIG WHITE LIER.
    hahahahahahahahahahaha. Aah you in ur Liberia troubbbbllleee

  13. Again,

    Mr. Stephen Rapp has misled this court and the entire world when he said President Taylor was on the Seven Man Council in Liberia; and there was a Seven Man Council. Mr. Rapp, almost every one knows in Liberia and in the entire world, there was no such thing like Seven man Council in Liberia. There was a six man Council of which President Taylor was a member. Why are you lying. Did you even care to know, ask questions, or you just wanted to create your own story? How did you even come up with the number seven all these years without you even attempting to correct it? Mr. Stephen Rapp, you really blundered. No wonder why your predecessor Mr. David Crane, who crafted this inherently flaw court said, “this is not a perfect court.” It is because of things like this and the kind of dirty work you guys were engaged in. You guys screw up “Big Time.”

  14. Janice Dennis, sheriff and Abu Keita were some of the many liberians I will guess. Dolo, the issue of US involvement in Liberia is well noted in support of Doe and Taylor. I don’t agree with your position regarding LURD. Yes, US may have provided some help but Taylor’s downfall was mainly driven by European countries.
    The US to my understanding of the conflict was reluctantly drawn in to depose Taylor. In any case, the history of Liberia is littered with such foreign interference like Libya, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast for the NPFL, Sierra Leone and Guinea for Ulimo and to extent Guinea for Lurd. This is why the conclusion of the TRC needs to study carefully.

  15. Ms Teage,
    I challenge you to say that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf never committed crimes against as Mr. Taylor did. If Mr. Taylor should put on trial for what happened in Sierra Leone, then it is fair game for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to stand trial for what happened. I must correct you first of all, during her testimony to the TRC in cam, she told the TRC that, she provided $10,000.00 usd to the NPFL and it wasn’t in the 1980, instead, it was in the 1990s, ok so get it right!

    For one, she’s guilty by association, 2. She supply money to support the NPFL, moreso, she is a founding menber of the NPFL of which Mr. Taylor wasn’t until later on when he ( Taylor ) was release from Jail in the US. Now, do you agree that in July 1990, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf order Mr.
    Taylor and the NPFL forces to level Monrovia and only leave the mansion standing?

    I do agree that you love what Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is doing, which is good for you but she need to face the Liberian people to tell them how the1 plus million dollars us got transfered to Ecobank with her signature on the transfered documents! Fair enough?

    If so, can we say she’s someone who was in a commanding positions higher than that of Mr. Taylor to have given him that kind of order? If she wasn’t involved with the killing of the Liberian people by Mr. Taylor and the NPFL, why was she making such a statement?

    I have lived in the U.S.A for 14 years now and I have been home ( Liberia ) 4 times since January of 2008 and I must tell you that, there are alot of reconstructions going on in Liberia but it’s not the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government carrying on these reconstructions, instead, those are work being done by those of us who love mama Liberia. You know what I was told by the ministry of Public work of this Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Government?

    Because I am building two schools in Liberia, I was told by the ministry of public work to pay 8 percent of the total cost of my schools project to the government before I can start the constructions work, when infact I’m not getting any loan whatso ever from the government. Mr. Taylor is no longer in Liberia but the Liberian citizens worried when they go to bed at night because they are not protected by the government.

  16. NOKO5,
    Were you able to contact you man Conto? I haven’t been able to talk to him myself because we are packing up to redeployed to the States from Iraq ,so I am getting my soldiers ready for that.

  17. Ms Teage you need to stop jumping over here okay. I respect your opinion very much and besides you seem to be educated as well. This is is provided for us to contribute about the on going trial of Mr. Taylor. You talked a justice but from what I read from all you have posted I don’t think you need true justice for Taylor. The only thing you want is for Taylor to get rot in prison that all. Is that what you called justice. Make some meaningful contributions. Not because your uncle died as an AFL soldier. Do you know how many person your uncle killed as well? The AFL was noted for committing lot of crime against the Liberian people that is why Taylor became popular do you know this. How well do you know Taylor as you claimed? You need to cool down a bit.

    1. Leoroy,
      I don’t think we will have sister Teage anymore. I believe you blasted her and her belief away this time. good job!!

      1. NOKO5

        “Blasted me away”, wow…………not so fast. Don’t worry I’m here to stay. I don’t say things because it’s popular or liked or accepted……I told you and I teel you again I don’t quit from my opinions…………
        But I’m trying really hard to stick to Sierra Leone, I think you should do the same. It’s ok that Leoroy expressed his opinion, but he by no means “blasted my belief”. He was clearly and simply stating what he thought about my comments…….

        I’M HERE TO STAY NOKO5, I told yout that already!

        1. Welcome sister Teage, glad to have you. By the way , what’s your cross examination expectation??? Do you antecipate the prosecution doing a better job ????

    2. Jocone,

      Not true Justice? True justice is Taylor “rotting” for what he “DID DO”…that is Justice…it’s not only beacause my uncle was tortured and murdered but it was because of thousands of other lives and it’s not Taylor. AFL committed crimes against civilians and I know that so did many other people. I say Justice for innocent Liberians regardless of sex, tribe, age, who were murdered. And if that justice means AFL, NPFL, ULIMO-J, ULIMO-K so be it.

      But just like I’m reminded a million times one, this is about Sierra Leone, not Liberia. So let’s try to stick to Sierra Leone….because you see no one tells you that you need to stick to Sierra Leone…so I’m not accused of straying from the true issues…anyhow. I can’t say I know Taylor like I know my mother or father but I lived and went to school with his kids for 6 years, I’ve seen a lot. Unless you were with me to determine what I do and do not know about Taylor your questioning of what I know is irrelevant to what I know. Any way I’m trying to stick to Sierra Leone, I think you should do the same and not stick to my comments.

      1. NOKO5,

        It’s my hope they’ll do a good job. I’m here to watch and see what happens… I am anxiously waiting that though.

      2. Teage,
        you have every right to express your views. However, this case is all about facts. You and the prosecutors have not provided enough evidence to convict this innocent man. While on the other hand, President Taylor has provided more documentary evidence to prove his innocense. Teage, hatred will not help.

      3. Teage,
        what kind of true justice is for someone to rot in jail without proofs. Well, that is in Teage’s court. Unfortunately for you Teage, this trial is not about you. But about the people and victims of Sierra Leone.

    3. Leoroy

      We both are reading the same transcripts, my from what I’ve seen in Liberia coupled with the testimony of the prosecution witnesses, i say guilty, you say not guilty.

      We are both following the same information, you as I have already have our mind set on a verdict, but because my verdict is not the same as you all you say I’m all over the place…etc…
      I jump, I hopp, I skip, I even dance all over the place, go ahead “Blast of my belief”. But I’m following the trail, I’m going along but i still say GUILTY, and you say NOT GUILTY, and it will not change. Hearing the defence testimony even reinforces all that I believe about Taylor he lies a lot and he will never confess to the things he has done IN SIERRA LEONE!!! I just don’t believe that every witness that testified against Taylor were all lying against. I believe that Taylor is GUILTY….if that means getting “blasted of”…..well than BLAST OF….

      1. Teage,
        we can care less about what you believe. Your believe about President Taylor is guilty is not amountable to facts. Therefore, your believe is totally irrelavent.

  18. you all fighting for one mans guilty or not guilty verdict yet no one is standing up for all those that was left behind the orphans with no parents aunts uncles, ho dear we are full of it for one man again if he was put to sleep to morrow iwould not lose sleep after all he would only be one of the hundred s of thousands of innocent good humans looted and made poor, go and help those that need help in liberia now. God bless you all

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