Taylor Sent Moses Blah To Arrest Sierra Leone’s Rebel Commander Sam Bockarie And Not To Execute Him, He Says

Charles Taylor did not order the execution of Sierra Leonean rebel commander Sam Bockarie, but rather sent his former vice president Moses Blah to arrest him on the Liberian border with Ivory Coast, the accused former Liberian president told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague today.

Mr. Taylor was revisiting an early position he maintained in his testimony yesterday: that his former vice president Mr. Blah told lies in his May 2008 testimony when, as a prosecution witness, Mr. Blah said that he was on a visit to his farm in Nimba County, Liberia, when he discovered that Mr. Bockarie had been killed. In his testimony today, Mr. Taylor reaffirmed his position, explaining that he gave specific orders to Mr. Blah to arrest Revolutional United Front (RUF) commander, Mr. Bockarie, on his way back from Ivory Coast with armed men.

“Moses lied to this court when he said that he was just going  to his farm. I dispatched him to go and effect Bockarie’s arrest,” Mr. Taylor told the judges today.

In his May 2008 testimony, Mr. Blah told the judges that he was in his village in Nimba on the  night of May 5, 2002 when Mr. Taylor’s Director of Special Security Service(SSS), Benjamin Yeaten, stopped by his house and greeted him in the company Mr. Bockarie, his wife and other Sierra Leoneans. At about 2-2:30AM, Mr. Blah said, he was woken up and told that fighting had erupted at the Liberian-Ivorian border. The following day, on his way back to Monrovia, he said he bumped into Mr. Yeaten who invited him to a Saw Mill Camp and told him they had gone on a special operation the previous night. He said that Mr. Yeaten then showed him the corpse of Mr. Bockarie, which he said was still dressed like he had seen him the previous night.

In response, Mr. Taylor disputed his former vice president’s account, insisting that Mr. Bockarie’s corpse was driven to Monrovia and delivered to the funeral home by Mr. Blah himself.

“Sam Bockarie’s body, on anything under the sun, was taken to Monrovia by Blah. Nobody under this planet took the body to Monrovia other than Moses Blah. I don’t know why he lied,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor also disputed Mr. Blah’s account that when he saw Mr. Bockarie’s corpse at the Saw Mill Camp on the way to Monrovia, Mr. Yeaten had told him that Mr. Bockarie was executed because they wanted to “destroy evidence,” not wanting “anything exposed.” Mr. Blah told the court in May 2008 that he believed that if  Mr. Bockarie had not been killed, the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) and Mr. Taylor’s secret support to the RUF would have been exposed.

Mr. Taylor today dismissed Mr. Blah’s account, insisting that there was no secret he feared to be exposed.

“There was no such thing. Expose what? What is about Sam Bockarie to be exposed? Bockarie to my understanding was not indicted. I didn’t lure Bockarie to Liberia to kill him because I didn’t want to be exposed,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor also dismissed Mr. Blah’s account that when he arrived in Monrovia following Mr. Bockarie’s death, he asked Mr. Taylor why Mr. Bockarie had been killed. According to Mr. Blah, Mr. Taylor dismissed his inquiry into the matter, saying that “that is not your business, it is a military operation.”

“He is a military man and how will I not discuss  that with him? Mr. Taylor asked.

“Blah was sent to that operation. I swear to my life, he took the body to the funeral home. He is lying. The fact of the matter is that Bockarie is killed by Liberian forces. I liked Bockarie as a son and Moses knows how hurt I was to hear of Bockarie’s death.  Blah was negligent, I sent him to save this boy but he failed,” Mr. Taylor told the judges.

Mr. Taylor also told the court today that he did not know that Mr. Bockarie’s wife and entire family had been killed in the said operation.

Mr. Taylor further disputed Mr. Blah’s account that a radio operator told him that leader of Sierra Leone’s illegal junta regime, the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), Johnny Paul Koroma, was executed in Liberia.

“I don’t know where they got this other lie from. That is not true because there are also reports that Johnny Paul Koroma is alive and well. Why will Johnny Paul Koroma be killed?” Mr. Taylor asked.

Another point addressed by Mr. Taylor in his testimony today was Mr. Blah’s account that he did not know that Mr. Taylor was going to hand over the presidency of Liberia to him in 2003.

“Moses had close to two weeks of notice,” Mr. Taylor said.

Also in his testimony today, Mr. Taylor declared the prosecution’s expert witness, Dr. Stephen Ellis, as biased. Mr. Ellis had testified in 2008 about Mr. Taylor’s activities in the West African sub-region. According to Mr. Taylor, Dr. Ellis has had a long standing association with certain Liberians, including current Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who he said have made all efforts to bring Mr. Taylor down. Mr. Taylor’s defense team produced transcripts of a telephone conversation that Dr. Ellis had with Madam Johnson Sirleaf several years ago for a book he was writing about developments in the sub-region.

Since July 14 2009, Mr. Taylor has been testifying as a witness in his own defense. He is responding to charges that he provided support to RUF rebels who fought an 11-year war in Sierra Leone. The prosecution alleges that Mr. Taylor bears responsibility for various crimes including rape, murder, and recruitment of child soldiers committed by the rebel forces in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied the allegations. His defense counsel has indicated that Mr. Taylor’s direct-examination will be completed by Monday, after which he will be cross-examined by the prosecution.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Alpha, I think this trial is bearing on you because of the small small errors that you have been making in recent times. Someone pointed out yesterday concerning another issue and I just wanted to point out these:

    You wrote: “Mr. Bockarie also told the court today that he did not know that Mr. Bockarie’s wife and entire family had been killed in the said operation.” I thought you meant to write Mr. Taylor also….

    Then you wrote: “Mr. Taylor’s defense team produced transcripts of a telephone conversation that Dr. Ellis had with Madam Johnson Sirleaf several years ago for a book he was writing about developments in the sub-region.” You will recall that the judges agreed to use the term “note” instead of “transcripts.”

    1. Dear King Gray — thanks for raising this, but I take responsibility for the error of putting “Mr. Bockarie” in that sentence during my edit of the post. It was not Alpha’s mistake. Also Alpha must necessarily make summaries of what was said during trial to give readers a digestible post – if you think that the choice of words make the post inaccurate, please do tell us. We will be happy to correct it. But there will be times when he doesn’t use the same exact words but tries to convey the same meaning. I hope you agree that this is the case with the “notes”. Thanks again for raising this issue and feel free to raise any factual inaccuracies with us in future.

      1. Tracey and Alpha, I understand the serious work you guys are doing and the difficulties working under these pressure environment when you have the whole world watching. I appreaciate your understanding to make these corrections and would continue to look forward to your reporting of events in this trial.

        Again, I must say that your site is an enriching experience for some of us and the level of openness, and may I dare say fairness, that you allow on this site is very much valuable. Your error is part of human nature so keep on doing your best.

        1. King Gray — thank you for your understanding and kind words. Yes, I fully concur — we are all human and make mistakes sometimes. I know Alpha and I are grateful when they are pointed out and we can address any typos or inaccuracies if/when they appear. We want to make sure this site and our reporting is as accurate as possible, as fair as possible, and the site itself is the best resource that it can possibly be for people wanting to follow the trial. In search of that aim, we value constructive feedback by readers and we in turn hope that readers feel listened to, and that we adequately responded to them when they do raise issues.

          Thanks again King Gray – and please do continue to raise issues, questions or concerns about the site whenever you wish. We look forward to continuing our discussions with you.


        1. Aki – thanks for your kind note. We are trying our best, but also recognize that we will both make mistakes and also not please everyone all the time. We do welcome constructive criticism, especially when it relates to issues of accuracy and more generally ways to improve this blog (recognizing of course that we are independent of both side of this case and are not taking a position on one side or the other, but trying to monitor it fairly).
          Thanks again, Aki,

    2. Alpha,

      I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for the excellent job you are doing under the circumstances. Sometimes as reporter it is easy to be bias in your reporting but, as a professional you have demonstrated your ability to report empirically on the subject rather than your opinion.

      Keep up the good work!

  2. Alpha,

    “Mr. Bockarie also told the court today that he did not know that Mr. Bockarie’s wife and entire family had been killed in the said operation.” I think you meant Mr Taylor in the above quote please correct it.

  3. Alpha,
    here is another error “Since July 14 2008, Mr. Taylor has been testifying as a witness in his own defense.” i think you meant 2009 there too.

    1. I gladly will. I’m on the blog following along just as you are Leoroy, thanks for the reminder. But for future references, I can’t speak for Fallah but I’m on this website to “FOLLOW” the trail so I assure you I’m “watching” and “listening”.

  4. Gentlest and honorable people of this site. I’m currently watching the trial of this innocent man and I can not take it any longer. Therefore, I have to post why on break. Why is Great Britian and America abusing the blessing of powers God all Mighty has given them? Good Lord, this is unbelieveable. You mean to tell me Great Britian, a civilized country with espouses modernity, will write her own Resolution to the UN Security Council concerning the imposition of an arm embargo, and later on, say they don’t “understand” their own Resolution? Great Britian, everyone knows you have been caught red handed. However, for those of you who never had the chance to watch the trial on November 5, 2009, credible documents/evidences in the possession of the court shows that Great Britian sponsored a Security Council Resolution imposing an arm embargo on Sierraleon in 1998. But the same Great Britian breached their own resolutions by sending arms and ammunitions to Sierra Leone through “Executive Outcome.” A mercenary European armed group that was working for Sideline Company; a diamond company, in order to protect the diamond fields of Sierra Leone. Notwithstanding, President Kabbah agreed that he will pay for the arms and ammunitions through the sales of diamonds. Nevertheless, when it was known that the British was breaking her UN Resolution, they had no where to turn but to blame this “innocent man, President Taylor.” They said the arms were come from out of Taylor’s Liberia. However, when it was even overwhelmingly apparent, they said, they didn’t understand their own hand writing and Resolution. Lord, have mercy. Good Lord, it is completely unbelievable.

    1. Hey Jose,

      You always articulate your points very well on this blog; however, I m a bite disappointed with your assertion of Great Britain. I expected you to already know those (UK) folks. Reminder 1, they are the same folks that let loose a So-Called terrorist for oil to Libya. If someone actually murder more then 300+ innocent citizen and you know he’s guilty, how the HELL can you release him. That should tell you the character of the UK. Jose, I thought you already knew how baleful those guys are. Selling arm, negotiating diamond trade, fighter in the war and at the same time accusing others otherwise. Sorry, but I just had to go hard on uncle Sam’s puppet

      1. Grebo,
        Good points. However, I did not mean to disappoint you. Please forgive me brother. I promise the very next tim I will try to do my best not to disappoint you again. Great Britian, for your sake people are disappointed in me. Please try to show you are truly Great, Great, Great Britian by acquitting this innocent man based on the evidence presented thus far.

    2. I was never a Charles Taylor loyalist until i started following the trial, and most time when you see the truth and express it than you are a Taylor loyalist. and i’ve now gotten to know that the case against Mr Taylor is all made up and a joke to make some of the western countries as the good guys,

      How can you tell the cat to investigate himself because he give the fish to the mouse to keep? this is what the UN is doing. UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – A U.N. panel of experts has demanded that Burkina Faso investigate weapons transfers to the rebel-controlled northern part of the neighboring West African state of Ivory Coast. The very UN reported that weapons shipment from Burkina Faso landed in Liberia and transfered to RUF rebel control area. i would never imagine that Burkina Faso will be use as a police officer to investigate weapons transfer to Rebel zone, that make me wonder that the UN policy toward Africa is just to distribute of food aid and create jobs for the western expatrictes.

      So the naming of Burkina Faso in the UN report was just to implicate Mr. Taylor?

  5. Hi guys, please look at this post from Alpha which I consider as a mistake on his part. We all know how hard he is working to keep us updated on issues as they relate to Mr. Taylor trial. I think it also good that we disagree with him whenever he escape or add to something that has been said here. Please, Fallah and others do not see this as accusing Alpha falsely; instead we are helping him and the many readers. Read the post below and judge me wrong.

    Mr. Bockarie also told the court today that he did not know that Mr. Bockarie’s wife and entire family had been killed in the said operation.


    Harris K Johnson

  6. Alpha,

    we know you are working very hard and doing long hours. My advice to you is to not allow this fake case overwhelm you. If for some reason you don’t have an assistnat, I will strongly encourage you to have one to help reduce your wolrk load. However, the information is just too much for you to process without help.

    1. Jose – Alpha is working very hard and I believe he has an excellent grasp of the case. Please, if you have specific factual concerns with the postings, please raise them and we will correct them. But any minor typos or errors do not reflect on Alpha’s capacity to process the case and I find that assertion unfair and unwarranted – not only does he correct typos, but he always addresses concerns readers raise about the substance of the trial to explain his post in a respectful way. So I would ask readers to apply the same rule to Alpha as we ask you to apply to other readers — let’s stick to the issues and not on each other, please.

  7. From what you wrote Jose that is why I asked Fallah and his crew to watch and see how arms enter into Sierra Leone. How could that be possible for the British to write a resolution and make sure it is enforced by the UN and say they the British didn’t know it was bleached by them by supplying arms to Sierra Leone. On the other hand they were the one pointing fingers at Liberia or Taylor supplying arms to Sierra Leone. What will Rapp has to say again; that he had no knowledge that Tejan Kaba not a leader for any of the fighting groups that were in Sierra Leone. Why are they painting this one Taylor so black? WHY? I want you guys to stop posing questions to Ms Teage please because she made her points already, all she want is for Taylor to get rot in jail and no one going to change her opinion. She will not really but keep on saying the same thing that Taylor should be in prison.

  8. I hope those of you dearly hate this poor man watching this trial with interest and understanding and not to just say he guilty and he needs to be in prison or get rot in prison.

  9. Leoroy,
    Personal bias shouldn’t stand in the way of true Justice for all and no man is guilty of a crimes until proven guilty; therefore, Ms. Teage and others can have their personal biases, think and say all they want but the fact is that, personal bias is not Justice, plain and simple! Like I have said openly on this site, I stand for what I say on here; therefore, I have no fear of anyone getting to know my identity.
    The very reason why we are out here making comments on this case is due to personal biases and hatefulness on the part of the international communities and some who claimed to be victims of crimes committed by Mr. Taylor.

    Just because you have been told that someone committed a crime doesn’t make it true, instead, you should investigate and analyze all the finding before running with the results. As in the case of many Sierra Leoneans, they’re not following the trial but they have been made to believed that Mr. Taylor was on the frontline in Sierra Leone cutting the hands and legs of the victims, so as to speak!

    1. Jocone,

      Boy, I am enjoying you as ever. you are on fire boy continue. let them know. I have just been joyful everytime i go over your post.

      Yes boy, just to buttress your point, I am being told that there is no keen interest in this case amongst Liberians in Monrovia and other parts. Even the fellow whom I talked to did not know about this blog and the live feed. He did not know about the broadcast of this trial.

      I hope Harris and sam can throw some light on this. what I have done is printed tracey post on the various media outlets that Mr. Moriba claimed are carrying the trial. I will tune in to those stations and give you guys feedback on a daily basis.

      yes, brother just continue.

      1. Andrew – I am looking forward to hearing your feedback on what you think about the stations that are broadcasting the trial.

  10. Fallah Menjor,

    We need to go and take over liberia from Ellen, because the job that she so maliciously wanted is being a challenge to her. Liberia is jet black as I am told. Road infrastructure are poor, at least in Monrovia. pipe borne water is luxury. salary is current but meagre, meaning it cannot cover your expenses. corruption is rampant as people demand gratuity before performing official task. as I am told it is pathetic. well I will be on the ground in a few weeks and shall evaluate.

    As I read in an issue of the all africa.com media, students in public schools in monrovia were sitting on the bare floor. according to the minister of education, it would cost 20 million dollars to optimize seats for this year and the government did not have such resource available.

    I say this is unacceptable. but let me stop here, because we could just go on. God willing Tailor is on his way to mend all fences and and garments.

    1. Hi J Fallah Menjor — I have a post of yours that I can’t approve just yet. There are two sentences which I would ask you to reframe, if I may. I am happy to send you the text to repost if that would be helpful, and then I can approve them.
      With thanks,

      1. Okay Ms Tacey, no problems, as I have more other ways of rephrasing my posts that they may not be insulting,but, rather factual and hard truths for all to disscuss at dinner tables. You see, Ms Tracey, these taylor fans must mention fallah menjor in every post,whether fallah says nothing to the issue! This is why I come back swinging as a trueLiberian National! However, I never feel offended for going over the line and my post reconsidered for posting. Again many thanks to you and Mr. Alpha for the opportunity made available to us to communicate with our Dear Brothers and Sisters from the Motherland of Africa….jfallamenjor

        1. J Fallah Menjor – thanks so much for your understanding. We do appreciate it. I know this trial raises a lot of emotions among people reading this blog and following the trial.

        2. Fallah! Fallah! Fallah! come on , hold it, hold it…. sorry to interupt you alittle I taught you are talking Tracey or Tracey Gurd. Is she called Ms Tracey too?? All the ladies here are not mses.. calm down sir!! ok…..thank you

          1. Yes NOKO5. I address all Ladies with Miss since I have no idea of their status with regards to partnership,..and etc.. I believe this is not only respectful, but proper! I am probably from the OLD SCHOOL..jfallmenjor

          2. Sam,

            Ms Teage, has a new full time job making some good money…she doesn’t sit and wait at the computer for comments. If she sees something worth commenting she will comment.
            Don’t fret, Sam I’m not going nowhere.

          3. Ms. Teage,
            Congratulations on the new job. Glad you will still make time to keep joining us here to discuss the trial.

          4. Thanks Much Tracey,
            I am thankful for a site as this one. I was constantly looking for something as this before the trail started and when I stumbled upon this site i was truly grateful for it. I’m sure you wouldn’t recognize my postings because I’m now posting under another name but i posted a couple of weeks after the site was created. I try every now and than to keep up because as you can see this trail is really important to me my friends and some family members. It is great that you all created this blog, and I’m sure that many people (even though they do not comment) appreciate this site because even if they are not interested in commenting the information about the trail is still here and they can come and read it daily. I like that i get to share my opinions. I DO NOT care if people don’t like it. But it is truly a awesome to be able to speak my mind and follow the trail as if I was there. You are doing a great job, so is everyone and anyone responsible for this website. My regards is to everyone who contribute daily behind the scenes and upfront.

            Best Wishes.

          5. Teage, that’s so nice of you. However, be reminded that you accused this website of being President Taylor’s website. Remember? Please apologize for the false accusation about this website of which you accused.

          6. Teage,

            your supposedly “new full time job” that will qualify you to make “good money”, is totally irrelavent to this trial. We can care less about your job, be it new or old. If I may, keep your side comments to yourself. We are not interesting in it. However, you are just a reminiscent of J. Fallah Menjor.

          7. Thanks For your irrelevant comment Jose. But your comment to me is irrelevant to this trail. I was simply answering a question asked by Sam. What about me angers you so much and that you care less about? I don’t know you, I have never meet you probably will never meet you. I do not care what about me you care “more a less” about. At the end of the day you are a total stranger and so am I so you see Jose It’s totally OK that you care-less about my job. That is fine with me.
            J Fallah Menjor is a great guy I respect his opinions a lot he and I both share similar sentiments about Taylor….
            I’m a reminiscent of Ms. Teage, someone who you, NOKO5, NOKO4, NOKO6, and others can’t stand… Look Jose I’m here to share my opinions after I leave here life goes on. Get over yourself stop pouting because you don’t like my opinions about Taylor.
            This whole “I could care-less” comments are getting really old and childish…..If you could care less stop following my comments, stop letting it irritate you, stop commenting on them…Respect my opinions, even though they are not the same as yours and let’s agree to disagree.

          8. Teage,
            there we go again with this “let’s agree to disagree.” Teage, fine something new to replace let’s agree to disagree. We heard that already. What’s up with this “stop following my comments, stop letting it irritate you, stop commenting on them……”

            Teage, when ever you post, it becomes a public record. Anybody can read it and anybody can comment on it. It has nothing to do with all your “stops.” We are not limited by laws or rules to respond to another poster, unless we are in violation of the website regulations. So Teage, I will always respond, when deemed fit.

          9. Yeh, yeh, yeh, I think ms. Teage believes she got a new job. yeh, whatever … Thank God for you Ms. Teage . Just don’t forget my christmas package…Waiting

        3. OK CUZ Fallah, thanks for the acknowledgement. and hey I appreciated your felicitations of warmest esteemed extended last time. I was out of town so I could not respond immediately.

    2. Andrew,my own man, I was only joking with you! You are not really a brother-in-law to me, a kissi man, that is probably a Sierra Leonean, or from Foya kamara lofa, married to a caucasian lady, lived in the U.S.A. and has a son serving in the U.S. Army just like Jacone is in Iraq, but won’t be recognized by you because his last name happens to be fallah, and not ansrews nor harris! Let’s focus on the trial and forget all these minor things that have continued to divide Africans today! Do you copy me, Andrew?

      1. Fallah,

        what is wrong with you? Marrying a white caucasian lady is nothing big or new. Having a mix breed child Like Barrack Obama is not news. Fallah, bringing your family into this thing is not a very wise idea. Besides, what your marrige or child has to do with this hostoric trial? let us stick to the trial, instead of talking about your wedding. We can care less if you got married to god’s angel or having a malacto son.

        Tracey, will it be a fair game, if we talk about Fallah family, since he is the one that brought it up first? For me, I’m not joking here. This is a very serious business at hand. We are talking about life and death situation here. We are talking about peace and war. We are talking about justice and injustice. We are talking about good and evil. We are talking about freedom and prison sentence. we are talking about joy and pain. We are talking about independence and colonialism. However, this is no child’s play.

        1. Jose — thanks for your question. I continue to encourage all readers to stick to the issues raised by this trial and not on other readers (so no, Fallah’s family is not “fair game” even though he raised it!) Please let’s just focus on the trial and not get distracted.

  11. Hey Andrew,
    Sorry you did not get the message.. there is nomore fallah menjor around here. He got his NTR two days ago. The next in line is Ms. Teage. As long as she cannot proof her case against talor, I will be asking her to leave pretty soon. Andrew, tell me the true .. I know you are also tired with this little girls’ belief syndrome.. I just hope the last immunization works.. or else I will have to administer another dosage..Look guys , one thing that I always enjoy about mr. Taylor during his testimonies is that, he is always well dressed, and very articulate.. I don’t know what to say right now . That boy looks good all the time .. good job papay!!! Blow their minds with your outfits…. POWERFUL GHANKAY… ALL THE WAY>>>>

    1. Readers — just a reminder — everyone and all views are welcome on this blog. We encourage diversity of opinion, as long as it is done with respect for other readers and focussed on the issues raised by the Taylor trial.
      Very best,

    2. Cousin Noko5,
      From the FIRST day I saw Mr. Taylor in ’80, I knew he was a DRESS MAN….that I give him a 10!!!!!.

      This court thought this was going to be a cakewalk but she has finally met her match…and eventhough she holds the BIG STICK, it has become a CHESS GAME…..with only the queens and kings plus the knights are left on the board…..and the prosecutor is playing defense.

  12. Alpha and Tracey, I will really appreciate your help with these question I’m trying to get answers to:
    Did any of those former RUF commanders who were found guilty in Sierra Leone, ever testified that Mr. Taylor did supply them arms during the period for which he ( Taylor ) is charge?

    And also, did the prosecution get some of those witnesses who testified against the former RUF commanders to testify in the trail of Mr. Taylor?

    If not, where there any legal concepts that prohibited them from testifying for the prosecution in Mr. Taylor trial? If not, why the prosecution didn’t have them as witnesses for their case against Mr. Taylor?

    1. Jocone — excellent questions.
      I will check with people who have watched the RUF trial in Freetown on your first question, and I will ask Alpha to address the final two questions.

    2. Jocone,
      A FAT NO!!!!. If any did, a plead bargain deal was going to be strike for that witness to come into the Hague and testify against Mr. Talyor. Isn’t amazing that folks that were involved and NOT one pointed a FINGER to Mr. Taylor as their LEADER, ARM SUPPLIER and GOD???

      What more PROOFS are wanted???

      1. Moreso Jocone, the one some pointed their fingers to is walking freely…..Pres. Kabah. JUSTICE???

        We now see WHY Pres. Kabah isn’t on trial…..he and the British were violating the very Resolution the British crafted and passed.

  13. Hey Andrew,
    Thanks for the kind words. You I was in liberia in April and August of this year, liberians were buying the news papers that were carrying the transcript of Mr. Taylor.

    The Liberian government doesn’t want to get involve with broadcasting the trial of Mr. Taylor because it will bring alot of problems in the streets of Liberia. Infact, my fiance who work with a carrier company and her workmates didn’t know that you could watch the trial of Mr. Taylor online. Today, many of them are just getting to know a little about the trial, which is so sad!

  14. Guys, I beg that we focus on the issue of the day and forget about attacking people for common errors being made in typing. To be frank, it is not easy to commit yourself in doing something like what Alpha and others are doing. It would be better to point out that there is a mistake some were and help to correct it than attacking the person who made the mistake. For God sake, Alpha is not a super human, he is just like any of us and bound to make mistakes.

  15. Noko5, I agree with you on all the points commented. If Taylor was a guilty man, he could not be appearing in especially high class African atires and so confidently. I enjoy how he answer the questions with a laugh first and then the answer. Although all those that released him from jail in America and supported him to fight the late Doe are not with him, but God is not sleeping and that is why the former President of the Republic of Liberia, Mr Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor always appear with confident and high hope that he will walk as a free man no matter how long it take. My biggest regret is why sholud they think that Africa need help so badly from them and at the same time they are wasting huge sum at the ICC?

  16. Cousin noko5, Amax, the great king Gray, harris johnson, Andrew, The excelent sodier, (JOCONE) sister Helen, our new sweet heart, Sandra king my man jose, the perfect anaser , LEAROY not forgeting sam, the striker and etc..etc.. I want to extend my profound thanks and appreciation to your steadfast contributribution..GOD BLESS.

  17. Tracey,
    Thanks a million, I really appreacite your hard work! Still strong and keep the ball rolling!

  18. My Great God!!!!What could be Taylors interpretation of the Special Court that is trying him at The Hague.Does he think this hybrid court makes the kind of fiasco he symbolises?Such thoughts must be gloomy hence deceitful.
    But he(Taylor) says 95% of what Blah unveiled to the court about his links with Bockarie and the RUF replicates the truth.But those facts which seem certain to incrimate him(Taylor) do not fall within the 95% grade score he offered Blah.Taylor seems engaged in some form of slumber.
    He should remember that he is not any longer standing in front of his Congo Town or Artinton compunds.

    1. Vaa Alie,
      what Congo Town Compound has to do with President Taylor agreeing and disagreeing with VP Blah’s statement? Besides, what fiasco President Taylor symbolises? However, we all know this is a hybrid court; meaning, there are two laws with different origin to be used in the case against President Taylor. Both Sierra Leone and International Laws are to be used. So, what is your point? I think you just trying to let us know that, you just got to know this court to be a hybrid court. In fact, some of us even argued on the legality of this “hybrid” law, long before the commencing of the trial itself.

      You haven’t said anything yet. I’m still trying to figure out what you are trying to say.

  19. Vaa Alie,
    You are right by saying that this court doesn’t makes the kind of fiasco that symbolizes the prosecutions claimes against Mr. Taylor I will say because it is the prosecution who have to and need to work the most to prove Mr. Taylor guilt. But as far as this trial have gone, we have haven’t seeing that yet from the prosecution witnesses!

    First of all I can’t tell another person, for example Fallah, that you Vaa Alie committed a crimes and then Fallah tell another person what I told him. Instead of the investigator asking me, they take Fallah to be the witness when I’m still alive and well, moreso, they know my where about. In such a case, what do you think is going on?

    The prosecutions had Issa Sasay and others top RUF commanders who have already been found guilty in Sierra Leone for War and others crimes, do you think any of those commanders ever testified that Mr. Taylor supplied them with arms at the time for which he Taylor is charged? If they did, why didn’t the prosecution have them to testify against Mr. Taylor or even talk about it?
    I think we both know that those African leaders who selected Mr. Taylor to served as the point man for the peace process in Sierra Leone are still alive. If the prosecution knew that these African Leaders didn’t ask Mr. Taylor to get involve with the peace process in Sierra Leone, why didn’t they ( the prosecution ) ask those leaders to testify in their case against Mr. Taylor?

    I never used to like Mr. Taylor due to what happened in Liberia but from what’s going on in this court, I am going back to School to get a degree in Law because this is complete nonsense!

  20. Tracey,

    I understand that you are innudated, but you owe us responses to questions posed during the break. As we do in liberia please put your feet in cold water(that is the african equivalent of drinking coffee in order to stay up late and complete task or meet deadlines). I guess Alpha should know about that.

    1. Andrew — I do indeed owe you answers. Please accept my sincere apologies for not getting them to you sooner — as you rightly guessed I have been inundated. I promise to focus on them as soon as possible and thank you, as always, for your patience.

  21. Hey Sam,
    I think the guy took his lab tab. Good God!! We will hear our ears these few days.. this belief, belief , belief.. think . I belief Taylor did this, belief Taylor did that.. thank God it’s all over….monrovia girls with their four..one.. nine!!!

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