Charles Taylor Denies Supporting Plans To Attack Sierra Leone While In Libya

Charles Taylor did not support plans to attack Sierra Leone while he was in Libya, the accused former Liberian president told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today while being cross-examined by the prosecution.

Mr. Taylor was today responding to questions under cross-examination by lead prosecution counsel Ms. Brenda Hollis on his associations in Libya where rebel forces where being trained to eventually invade Liberia and Sierra Leone in 1989 and 1991 respectively. Mr. Taylor has on numerous occasions insisted that he never knew about the formation of the Sierra Leonean rebel group Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and that he never met the group’s leader, Foday Sankoh, in Libya.  The former president has said that he instead met the leader of Sierra Leone Pan-Africanist Movement, Ali Kabbah, who was a former University of Sierra Leone student leader.

As Mr. Taylor was being cross-examined today, he challenged prosecution claims that Mr. Kabbah and Mr. Sankoh had a schism in Libya because they both had disagreements as to what measures were needed to bring about change in Sierra Leone. Mr. Kabbah, the prosecution claimed, met with Mr. Taylor and told him he wanted to embark on ideological education in Sierra Leone as a means of bringing about change in the country, while Mr. Sankoh preferred a military revolution. The prosecution put it to Mr. Taylor that he supported Mr. Sankoh over Mr. Kabbah because he (Taylor) was also in favour of a military revolution in Sierra Leone, just like the one he was planning for Liberia. Mr. Taylor denied the prosecution’s claim, insisting that he never knew Mr. Sankoh in Libya.

“You favoured Foday Sankoh over Ali Kabbah because Sankoh was in favour of a military option right?” Ms. Hollis asked Mr. Taylor today.

“I could have only favoured one over the other if I knew the other but I did not know Sankoh,” the former president responded.

“I do not know what happened behind the scenes but that is not what Ali Kabbah told me and other people,” Mr. Taylor added.

Mr. Taylor challenged prosecution claims that Mr. Kabbah had told him (Taylor) that he did not want a military solution to Sierra Leone’s problems but rather an “ideological training as a means of taking power” in the country.

“That is not my information,” Mr. Taylor said. “The Ali Kabbah I met did tell Charles Taylor that he had contacts within the government and the military in Sierra Leone and that he only needed a spark for a military takeover in the country,” he added.

Mr. Taylor also denied prosecution assertions that when he met with Muamarr Ghadaffi, he spoke to the Libyan leader about the schism in the RUF and his support for Mr. Sankoh and his military option.

“No. I never knew of any schism in the RUF. Everyone in Libya had to mind their own business. When I spoke to Ghadaffi, I did not talk about nonsense. I spoke about revolutionary ideas. I did not speak to him about Sierra Leone at all,” he said.

Since Mr. Taylor started testifying as a witness in his own defense on July 14, 2009, he has consistently denied ever helping to plan the invasion of Sierra Leone while in Libya. The prosecution has alleged that Mr. Taylor has been involved in a joint criminal enterprise with RUF leader Mr. Sankoh since the late 1980s when the two men allegedly met in Libya. This alleged criminal enterprise, the prosecution says, continued with the invasion of Liberia in 1989 and Sierra Leone in 1991, and up to the end of the conflict in Sierra Leone in January 2002. Mr. Taylor has denied the charges against him.

Also in his cross-examination today, Mr. Taylor denied prosecution claims that when he travelled to Ghana in 1985 after his escape from a United States prison, the Ghanaian government arrested him because he was recruiting people for The Boys Brigade, a Ghanaian group opposed to then Ghanaian president John Jerry Rawlings.

“No, that is not correct. I was busy recruiting the Special Forces. That was a trick those boys put together to arrest me. It’s a blatant, blatant lie,” Mr. Taylor said.

After Mr. Taylor’s release from prison in Ghana, the former president said he travelled to Ivory Coast, then to Burkina Faso before travelling to Libya where his men were trained to attack Liberia in 1989.

The prosecution also questioned Mr. Taylor today about the role of the Association for the Legal Defense of Charles G. Taylor, a group established by close associates of Mr. Taylor in Liberia after his arrest by the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Asked about the purpose of the group’s establishment, Mr. Taylor told the judges that “dissemination of information about the trial in Liberia is very poor and their purpose is to disseminate information about the trial to the Liberian people.”

On suggestions by Ms. Hollis that the group’s purpose is to coordinate investigations and witnesses for Mr. Taylor’s defense, Mr. Taylor said that “there is no defense office for me in Liberia other than the one in this court. That is a no no.”

When asked by Ms. Hollis whether the group had bank accounts in various countries, Mr. Taylor said “I have no idea and I doubt it very much.”

Mr. Taylor is presently being cross-examined by the prosecution, having testified in direct-examination as a witness in his own defense. He is being tried on charges that he provided support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone, a group that fought an 11-years rebel war in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied providing support for the Sierra Leonean rebel forces or ever helping them plan operations on how to plunder the country’s diamonds and capture political power.

Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination continues tomorrow.


  1. A oldman once told me, “in the world of the white man, the blackman is always wrong”. They will find a reason whatever to convict Taylor. Where are the arm dealers??Am sure liberia don not produce weapons. Is george bush and tony Blair ever going to be tried for the war in Iraq??

    1. Spikie231,
      Good parable. This is my first time hearing such a great parable. However, I will always remember you when ever, I hear about this parable,”An oldman once told me, in the world of the white man, the blackman is always wrong.”

      1. What you expect from a case base on LIES on an innocent man CGT, I’m sure the Stephen Rapp and david craine having a nightmare thinking that this African boy will just be brought before the world with his mouth scotch tape and bang bang bang guilty verdict, you’ve got is all wrong God will fight Ghankay’s battle against his enemies. From what I’ve gather Mr Taylor is not in court because of Sierra Leone, because he became president of Liberia……

    2. Bravo Charles taylor for today.. You did extremely well. I think the judges already know the result of the trial. You are free cgt

  2. As I watch this set up case this morning I could see that GHANKAY have not much to do with what happen in Sierra Leone.But he no body when it come to the international community and the court.The western world us leader for Africa to practice democracy.What is the real difference from this case to that of George Bush of america and the people of Iraq

  3. Isn’t it a fact cross eximination is to show inconsistencies in Mr. Taylor’s direct or prior testomy? Why is Ms Hollis spending countless days reading? Is this her best shot? Isn’t it a fact Taylor is charged with crimes against Sierra Leone? Why is she spending time on Liberia? Is Taylor charged with crimes against Liberia? I prayer to God not to get into trouble, but If I do get into trouble, Ms. Hollis will be the last lawyer to represent me. She will fail in her quest to convict Taylor. My prediction is the judges will denied her motion to introduce new evidence.

  4. Tracy,

    Many thanks to you and Alpha for all the hard work. Being away from the trial for some time now. I am back now and will provide my candid opinion going forward.

    1. Kpakoja — welcome back to the site. Glad you have joined us again and we will look forward to your thoughts in this forum as the trial continues.

  5. I’m getting the impression that this forum have been infiltrated by members of Association for the Legal Defense of Charles G. Taylor. They will come here and try creating the impression that only them are following this trial.
    After following the cross examination of Taylor thus far, does anyone need to be a rocket scientist in order to see that Taylor is a common criminal who took advantage of the illiteracy of our people, the disorganization of our career politicians and division and dictatorial nature of some west African leader to engage in wholesale robbery of our region and established a criminal empire.
    Here is a former President who doesn’t know that his own country doesn’t permit dual citizenship, doesn’t know the function of a special Assistant to the President, doesn’t know who the Chief of protocol of the Executive mansion report directly to and falls under and here is a man who doesn’t know the major divisions of his rebel army and their commanders. Here is a man who will arrest journalists on the basis of “intelligent report that these journalist possessed a camera that has the capability of giving him cancer” and jailed those journalists before investigating that the report was false. Couldn’t it be matured, logical and civilized to simply ask the journalists that their camera being check rather than firstly arresting them? Here is a man that will take group of Sierra Leone’s heinous rebels and “made them citizens of his country and made them part of his army. Was the man so desperate for soldiers? Is that how cheap obtaining Liberian citizenship has become? All Liberians should be ashamed that this common criminal was ever allowed near the Presidency of that beautiful and wonderful country.
    We, who have keenly followed Taylor’s criminal activities over the years, know fully well that he is very street wise though not intelligent at all. It will be foolhardy on the part of anyone to think that Taylor will openly operate with the RUF and leave evidence all over the place. This renegade CIA agent is well schooled in the art of covert operations, leaving no trace and destroying all possible evidence. So, the Prosecution team strategy of taking us through Taylor’s life is a very brilliant. This cross examination will leave no doubt that Taylor’s entire life has been characterized by lies and deceptions.

    1. Big Joe,
      why do you think that this forum has been infiltrated by members of Association for the Legal Defense of Charles G. Taylor. You need to produce evidence to support you statement. Listing defferent in opinion is not enough.

    2. Big Joe,

      You need to go and start writing fiction novels. You don’t deal with facts at all. Even Stephen Rapp in his interview in Liberia alluded to Charles Taylor being smart, eloquent and charming. So I have concluded from your statements above that you are just writing complete nonsense as CharlesTaylor would say.

    3. Big Joe,
      what is wrong with being a member of the association for the legal defence of Charles Taylor? is the organisation illegal? or you have thrown freedom of speech and association to the gutters? comeon address the issue raised by the prosecution in their case about how Mr Taylor was supplying arms and armmunition to the RUF in return for diamonds and how Mr taylor planned with Foday Sankoh in Libya to distabilise west Africa and how Mr Taylor has command and control of the RUF. Now sofar, the prosecution has failed woefully to present any convincing evidence to support their allegations when the concluded their case. and the are even doing worse in cross examiniation because instead of confronting Mr Taylor about the allegations and exposing any falsehood they may have detected, they are actually interogating Mr Taylor to get information from him which they were ignorant about until now. But quite frankly I do not see how this line of cross examination can help their case at all.

    4. Big Joe,

      you are just of one of those who shoots first and ask questions later or you jumps first and later on look. However, how is President Taylor being a criminal according to you? Which court ever convicted this innocent man? Besides, what President Taylor has to do with your self description of the “disorganization of our career politician and division and dictatorial nature of some west African leader to engage in a wholesale robbery of our region and established a criminal empire.”
      Big Joe, where are you leading us with this one? NO CONNECTION TO THE TRIAL. WHAT IS THIS? TOTALLY DISORIENTED, DISORGANIZED, DISJOINTED, UNRELATED, AND AMBIGUOUS. Seriously big Joe, you get long way to go.

    1. Ms. Teage
      Could you , Fallah menjor, John Thompson and mother Brenda Hollis kindly, kindly tell us in this intellectual forum, which part of Libria we can possibly, probably or in anyway find BELL DISTRICT on the map of liberia????????

  6. The prosecution keeps bringing up allegations even in cross examination and asking Mr Taylor about it. what do they expect to achieve with this? do they expect him to agree to those false allegations? please madam Prosecutor, provide FACTS to back up your allegations and challenge mr Taylor with it. that is what we want to see FIRE-for-FIRE. goooossssshhhhhhh…this cross examination is….boring….

  7. Can Africa set up a tribunal to trial anyone from the develop world? my answer will be NO.But it so shame to know that because of the corruption that is in Africa we always turn to the west to help solve our problem.I want to see if a 10years old American go to Liberia and kill someone,Will the American government sent him back to face justice>NO. People will be right if Taylor,The Ellen JOhnson.and all those that was the cause of the war were brought to justice.But instead the are free with the ICE why Taylor is JUST in trouble.J U S T I C E .I listing as he called name today,and one of the name he call is indeed a true. But we will keep hope alive.Everyone who was the cause of someone life will someday get there reward.Tomorrow is Nov 19,2009 and the trial continue

  8. Hello my friends, iam glad to be here to share my veiws about the taylor trial. I live in europe and follow the trial everyday. I was looking at the trial with other nationals. First of all i must say the UN is foolishly spending money on this hollis wasting time while people in other parts of the world suffering.This is some of the foolishness that the un take other country monies to play fun. pure foolishness!

    1. Borris Nickson — welcome to the site. I am curious why you think this trial is “pure foolishness” — do you think the trial itself is not credible (and if so, why)? Do you think more generally it is not worth having trials for crimes committed during war? Is it better that the UN spends money on other things instead of trials after conflicts? I’m interested to hear what you think.

      1. I do not believe in impunity. I do accept that the Un should spend money on credible trials. Did you cover the trial today? The world was carried away with david crane lies. Even if taylor committed those crimes, they i not any where near convicting him. Accept the trial is not free and fair. They should not spend money on trial of this nature. That´s what i meant.

        1. I understand, Borris. Your comments raise the question of what it takes for trials to be credible and to be perceived as being credible. There are certainly international standards for fair trials according to legal standards, which as monitors, we think the Special Court is meeting on the whole (here is a link to the standards as they relate to Mr. Taylor’s trial which we have elsewhere on our site, if you are interested: under “fair trials”). But your comment seems to be getting to something else: that is a disappointment with some of the assertions raised against Mr. Taylor — am I understanding you correctly?

      2. If I may interject. It does seem wasteful. Not that CT deserves impunity, he certainly does not. But the prosecution should have built a more solid case, or more solid presentation before they indicted taylor and started the trial. Certainly at this point they should not be floundering the way they are. If this is all they’ve got then I must agree with Boris. The money is better spent elsewhere.

  9. Hello Taylor boys,
    Can’t you take a closer look at the chain of criminal involvements in Taylor’s life?From a prison in the US he came to train boys in Ghana and then from there he went to Burkinafaso on another criminal mission.Finally,he went to Lybia to formulate plans to place Liberia and the Mano River Union basin in turmoil.

    When has Ellen Johnson or any well-meaning Liberian been involved-consistently in such games?Only Taylor has been engaged as such.It’s hard to rule out his involvement with a criminal gang such as the RUF

    1. Vaa Alie Mansaray,

      You say it is hard to rule out is involvement with a criminal gang such as the RUF. I am sorry my friend but in a court you have to prove your allegations. This is the problem the prosecution is having. You were one of those who thought they were going to show where Taylor kept all the diamonds and who he sold them to. You also believed about the billions he had. I know you are disappointed but you should hope nobody is ever convicted for these awful crimes with out proof beyond a resonable doubt.
      Lastly, have you heard anyone on this site ever praise or say the RUF and AFRC were not guilty as charged? The answer is no because it was them along with Kamajors and their backers who caused the mayhem in Sierra Leone not Charles Taylor.

  10. Dear all,
    I wish to contribute to the online discussion about the fate of the trial of Mr. Taylor. This trial is one of the most interesting trails I have ever taken interest in. After the testimonies of 91 prosecution witnesses and the doubts that were thereto created by the defense, I would deem it fit that the prosecution comes out with clarification of the explicit theory of their case; that is, what is it that they want to pin Taylor over? Is it diamond? Political control? Overthrowing the Sierra Leone government? Terrorizing Sierra Leone citizens? Or What? Apparently, my view is that most of the evidences of the prosecution have been more on the horrors of the war with limited explicit linkage of the accused to these atrocities. There is no need to concentrate largely on the atrocities – it is agreed facts by both the prosecution and defense that indeed there occurred atrocities like murder, rape, sexual slavery, etc, in Sierra Leone. The prime issue is that the accused denies having a hand in the atrocities. Thus, much prosecution effort needs to be put on linking the accused to these atrocities without which the fate of the trial might be a void. I am tempted to say that there could be more prosecution evidence-fertility on aiding and abetting than the actual planning, instigating and ordering, et cetera for which Mr. Taylor is tried. What do you think?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Geoffrey Omon — welcome to the site. Glad you joined the conversation — you raise some interesting issues about the trial which I am sure other readers will have opinions about and will share them in response to your post.

    2. Omon,

      You posed interesting points for ponder. But before we respond, I would like to ask Teage, Fallah and Big Joe to go ahead and discusss your points, the the same or more advance level of objectivity that you posit.

      One comment I should make is that proving third party complicity is difficult. That is the challenge of the prosecution.

  11. It seems to me that the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence against President Taylor. But in the eyes of the West he is guilty. With movies such as Lord of war, Blood Diamonds, and the International. One who does not know all the facts can make a prejudice decision. President Taylor was assumed guilty the day he was sworn in as the 21st President of the Republic of Liberia.

    1. Sumonic101,
      Thanks for your objctivity; These movies that you are talking about are being paid for and promoted by the propaganda machinery of these colonial and western powers who feel threatened by the coexistance of Mr. Taylor. They think in some way some how they got out smarted by Charlie. They are doing every, everything possible to see him die and forgotten about.. But you know what? God got time for every man on earth. Their plans will never work.. thank you

  12. Hi Tracy,

    Is there is problem with the uploading of the transcript on the court website. I have not been able to see the transcripts for the 17th and 18th of November. I always appreciate reading the transcript. Could you please tell Ms. Hollis that we all read the transcripts. Is it a big deal if Mr. Taylor witness read it? Because I read the transcript everyday to form my opinion and to keep it for the purpose of history. Thanks for the good work. Emmanuel

    1. Hi Emmanuel — it does look like the Special Court is behind in uploading the transcripts. Hopefully they will upload the latest ones soon.

  13. When will the persecutors begin to ask questions concerning the main crimes for which this man is accused of. Nearly everyone who is posting on this site know about all that happened in Liberia. We want to see the links, I think for me this is important.

  14. Noke 4 and Noke 5,
    Did your papay lie when he said that degree 88A was repealed by 1997? To the best of my knowledge the current government in Liberia is being accused of failing to repel degree 88A despite being in power for over 4 years.
    Is it true that the vast majority of the looting during April 6 wars was done by civilians? How did he know that considering he is now a specialist in ‘I don’t’? How can a President nominate a person to a particular position without knowing the duties your nominee is to perform? Why should the SSS be put in charge Bockrie and not the police or immigration? Was Bockerie such a VIP to the Liberian government? Standing order to pursue rebels into a foreign country without the consent of the President, does this man really know what he is talking about?
    Your Papay you have boasted is so smarted doesn’t know which one of the parents of his brother and friend Cyril Allen is from Nigeria despite knowing and working with him for almost 20 years. He can’t speculative the age of his SSS director despite knowing Benjamin Yeaten from Libya, throughout his NPFL and assigning him on special duties but your Papay would quickly speculative the age of Ali Kaba immediately upon meeting him Libya. Is it not mockery of a system to have well trained people with over 35 years experiences in an organization and make a ‘high school graduate’ and rebel commander their head?
    Taylor continues to bring Liberia and Liberians to ridicule for every time he opens his mouth. How was such an ignoramus allowed to hold the West African sub- region hostile?

    1. Big Joe

      what has the smartness of Taylor to do with remembering all these minute details? Do you remember the parentage of all your close friends? What do you think that this man is a computer? He should be able to spew out statistic and is not allowed to make mistakes?

      Do you expect this man to have the details of all the activities of everyone in his government? First of all there have been many years that have elapsed and there are many major issues that have transpired. What exactly is the relevance of some of the details this Hollis lady is requesting? Is she trying to comply a book?

      Where is the counterevidence she should be presenting to disprove the overwhelming evidence presented by the defence? Is this how she is supposed to attempt to discredit Mr. Taylor? Well she is not doing a good job. From her long winded questions which sound more like statements, it is apparent that she has once more listened to hearsay and is trying to use these to establish some quasi fact. Unfortunately she is not succeeding.
      Keep up the good job Mr Taylor!

    2. For the same reason that the nigerian asigned sss securities to protect charles taylor in nigeria.

    3. Big Joe,
      How could you corelate your questions to the sierraleonean crisis?????? HELLO!!!! Remember , this issue is supposed to be about sierraleone…

    4. No Big Joe,
      It’s the CURRENT gov’t who’s NOT in grasp with what was done earlier….didn’t he show the court document to that effect??? So how many times must this one decree be erase of the books??

      Please, he said vast lootings around Monrovia were done by civilians as compare to the looting of April 6. Stop behaving like the prosecutors when we’re hearing the facts from him.

      Again, as President, he nominates, the Senate approves…..if the Senate had no objection, why MUST I or you care??? They represented us right??? Not knowing about Mr. Allen’s parents were mean what??? I have many friends that I have not met any of their parents to know their origins…..please, I know you like to see yourself in the mirror daily…..but dress up before you bring your murmur to me okay…ha ha ha .

      Here is a case of GREAT IMPORTANCE and all we have seen is a trial on Liberia. This team has concluded that she will try him on the crimes in Liberia just in case Liberia does not get a Special Court…..the judges and the defense know what is going on….I hope you do too..

  15. The former Liberian President discussing how Liberian citizenship is obtained. Hahahahaha—-
    This man is not only lying but making mockery of himself.

    1. Big Joe,

      Do you even know yor constitution? Go and read up on the citizenship act before making comments.

      1. Helen,
        Don’t bother with Big Joe. The more he post the more we see how out touch he is with the realites of the trial.

  16. dealing separately with naturalized Liberian differently from natural borned. So say the former President.

    1. Taylor 1; Ms. Hollis is about to kick a penalty……she kicks…..block my goalkeeper Talyor

      Score read…..Mr. Taylor 5 Ms. Hollis ZERO!!

      Big Joe, her only hope as I see it now is for the judges to save her atleast to take in oxygen…..what has she done relating to the CHARGES In your honest take, what if the judges tell her NO WAY….what becomes of this case??

  17. Big Joe,

    where are you that you do not know that it is the practice in many developed countries to treat naturalised citizens differently from natural borned citizens/? check what is happening with Homeland Security in their dealing with suspected terrorists.

    Citizenship can be repealed if a naturalised citizen is deemed a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism. This also is a practice in the UK. So go and do your homework.

  18. Ms Hollis continue to speculate and offer us lies , hearsay, and deception. She claims that the NPFL systematically targeted Krahns and Mandigoes. If this was true why there was no major massacre in Grand Gedeh county, which is the home of the Krahns. The NPFL captured Grand Gedeh and there was no Massacre against the Krahn people. This is why the Krahn people voted for Charles Taylor during the 1997 election.

    1. King,

      COME ON! Are you serious man! You want to tell me that Krahns and Mandingos were not systematically killed by NPFL…. Systematic, means “constant or strategically planned”. It may not been an officially policy, but it was pretty “darn” suspect that it was an unspoken policy since people were not told to stop or prosecuted. Your tread man is “disappointing”.

      The AFL was as guilty of crimes against Manos and Gios.

      1. bnker,
        It’s true that Mandingos and krahns were killed by the NPFL and it’s no secret. But the question is, why were those 2 groups killed by the NPFL? The Mandingos got involved in the killing of the Gios and Manos in the early 1980s and on ward!

        This happened because the Mandingos got married to the Gios and Manos women, had Children by them and allowing the Mandingos to settle on thier ( Gios and Manos) land but inreturn, the Mandingos wouldn’t allowed the Gios and Manos to Married Mandingos women! Therefore, the Gios and Manos decided to kick against the idea of their daughters getting marry to Mandingos and asking the Mandingos to leave their land.

        So when the late Doe declar the Mandingos as citizens of Liberia, they decided to pay Doe back for what he did for them. So what they did was to show the hide out of both the Gios and Manos to the people Krahn’s Soldiers of the AFL so they could be killed by them!

        Any Liberian who was in Liberia after the November 12, 1985 coup and who will say the true, knows that! Why couldn’t the NPFL killed the Loma, Kissi, Vai, Gbandi and Belle so as to speak but Mandingos and Krahns? If you want to tell the story, you should tell it all in true!

        1. Jocone,

          Sorry to say but your justification make me want to puck! I pray you are not –God let me be wrong by thinking you are—I hope I am wrong; please say I am. I am neither Mandingo, Krahn, Gio or Mano. This requires a long response so hold on to your seat, my friend.

          You start off with the question, “why were those 2 groups killed by the NPFL?” Then you list that the Mandingos were involved in atrocities against the people of Nimba. Then you alluded to intermarriage and that Mandingos didn’t allow their girls to marry outside. Further you stated that Doe made Mandingos citizens.

          Ok, the first and second reasons—there is absolutely nothing wrong intermarriage (I am in an inter-culture marriage, my wife’s father is the only Christian from a Muslim family and he is half Fulani…and we get along just fine). The people of Nimba didn’t perceive that as a problem either, so they are commended. Mandingos do not disapprove of their girl child getting married “outside”, however, most Muslim try to preserve their religious practices by frowning on their daughters marrying a non-Muslim. I sound contradictory, but No! Not every Mandingo is Muslim either. Another aspect to consider is the social leaning of the family (i.e conservative, traditional or secular) nature (Muslim or non-Muslim). Secular and non-traditional families allow their daughters to marry whosoever. I have seen it in many cases and many countries as well (Senegal is one). They are 95% Muslim but the harmony and intermarriage of Muslim and Christian is amazing (both Muslim and Christian girls). Because a family is traditional and tries to preserve their religion, there is nothing wrong with it either (we might not agree with it, but guess what, we need to respect and accept it.) I am sure you’ve heard some Liberians overseas say, I want to marry a Liberia (its their preference and their right).

          The citizenship, I am sure know who has the right to become citizens of Liberia? Anyone with black blood. You can be born in the US, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Tor Timbuktu and you which to become a citizen of Liberia, that person may….Remember, they are entitled to every right that you and I have and are not second class citizen (if there is ever such category). Liberia has always been a welcoming country to aliens, we’ve had General (General Steady) in the military, prominent businessmen (Mr. Perce Williams) and politician (Amos Sawyer)–all from Sierra Leone– who were naturalized Liberians. We provided political asylum to political activist from South Africa (Hugh Masekela, and his wife Miriam Makeba), Sudanese refugee and many other countries. We have always been a safe haven in Africa. Our political system was set up by aliens (called founding fathers). That said, Liberia generally being a conservative society was weary about the rise of Mandingos (who were at one time mainly drivers,and mechanics). All of a sudden the rise of another class was inconceivable by many. But Doe didn’t make Mandingos Liberian, they had the right to become citizens if they met the requirements.

          We cannot continue to preach retribution, violence leads to more violence and those who suffered collateral damage also wants to retaliate–not the right path..not today, not tomorrow; we’ve learned I hope after 250,000 lives later. If we want to make political statements, all we need to do is “vote”. This is the best and most peaceful revolution.

          This is my analysis of the War:
          AFL was the main reason NFPL grew–it indiscriminately murdered the innocent and left kids vulnerable–so they joined NPFL.

          NPFL murdered in anger and sought retribution—then came all the other factions who committed the same crimes.

          See the circle…it has to be broken, NOW!

        2. Bnker,
          I asked the question why did NPFL target the Mandingos and Krahns by using the word…These 2 groups! My reason behind that is that I didn’t want to used Muslim as you did because I know that the Gola, Kissi, some Loma, Gbandi, Vai and Belle are Muslims.

          If one should say the Mandingos were killed because they are muslims then the question would be, why didn’t they target other Muslim group. Intermarriages give the Mandingos the opportunity to settle in Nimba and other Counties!

          Also, I didn’t say you were Mandingo, krahn, Gio or Mano but I am speaking from what I have seeing my own tribe group go through with Mandingos Marrying their Girl children and this was the same thing that happened between the Mandingos, Gio and Manos!

          I do know that all Mandingos are not Muslim but they took side with their Mandingos Muslim brothers against the Gio and Mano people!

          For example, after the November 12,1985 coup, the Gio and Manos people who were working at VOA in Careysburg were targeted by the Krahn AFL soldiers and the Mandingos who works there were showing the AFL the hide out of the Gios and Manos.

          Two of those mandingos who were involve in showing the hide out of the Gio and Manos live in our twon of Mulleh in Careysburg and one is married to my aunt. But when the NPFL came, we protected he and his family from the NPFL but he didn’t do that for those that his Mandingo brothers were married to from Nimba!

          If you don’t believe what I am saying, you can contact Pastor Jerry Gbowee of the ST. Stephen Lutheran Church in Careysbrg,Mr. Eward Dennis, Mr. John Garnnah and Mr. WIlliam Ross, commonly known as William Joe, they all still lives in the town at the entrance of the VOA compound where the new AFL soldiers are now being trianed.
          Before the 1986 Constitution, Mandingos were not consider citizens of Liberia, instead, they were consider Guinean and that’s why President Samuel K. Doe declared them Citizens of Liberia in 1986 ( I stand corrected on the Year).

          I am not against any black man becoming Citizen of Liberia as long as they have the interest of Liberia at heart because Liberia is consider the land of the Free!
          On the Issue of Mr. Taylor, I have always said and continue to say that Mr. Taylor should face Justice but for what he did in Liberia, not for what happened in Sierra Leone and believe me his trial will not take year if he face trial for crimes committed in Liberia.

          So my brother, I am not saying that all Mandingos don’t allowed their girls children to marry non-Muslim or am I saying that all Mandingos are Muslims!

  19. Ms Hollis,

    What is your facination with the NPFL? Is it because they removed the American funded stooge Doe? It is apparent that she is trying to find out how the NPFL was able to successfully conduct its affairs without the US being able to pick up on it. This will probably be compiled in an intelligence manifesto under “Lessons Learnt”. Very funny

    1. President Taylor continues to create sufficient doubts in the prosecution false case against him. However, Ms Hollis continues to stay on her written script today, which eventually embarrassed her. For example: she asked President Taylor a question about the CARTER CAMP MASSACRE in Harbel, Margibi County, Liberia. According to your own rearraged document she was reading from, she read that the UN investigation report on the over 500.00 people massacre at the Carter Camp, where squarely put at the feet of the AFL. The UN report held the AFL responsible and accountable for the crimes. But she also informed Mr. Taylor that, the UN report was wrong in pointing at the AFL. Instead it was his NPFL that carried out the massacre. However, she did not provide proof to back her statement or discredit the UN report.

      Taylor being Taylor said, well, if you disagreed with your own UN report, what can I say? He also said to Ms. Hollis, so you believe the UN erred, in pointing to the wrong person. This is not me saying it. you are the one saying it. However, she didn’t respond.
      Notwithstanding, I think it was very interesting that he pointed out her doubts about the UN report.
      Good Job President Taylor.

  20. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I have discover that Brenda Hollis is one of the most sloppy, careless and least educated lawyers I have ever seen in my life. This lady is reading informations that she never scrutinized for authenticity. How the heck!! will she call her self a professional, and making mistakes like she is being programmed for what she is executing???? Infact, because of lack of information and criminal intent, she is condemning the UN reports on the carter camp massacre, only because it did not find the NPFL responsible.. I think that by itself is devious and criminal in nature…

    1. Noko5,

      let us be fair to Ms. Hollis. She is disputing the conclusion of the report that AFL was responsible for the carter camp massacre in harbel. she is saying that npfl was responsible. Taylor disagreed and requested proof from her. it is her duty to provide that proof in due course, if she does not do so it goes against her. as she said she will provide proof of reversing outcome of the report and blaming npfl.

      As far as you and i are aware this is the current position of that report:

      1. no one has challenged the conclusion of that report that placed responsible at the feet of afl. Not even the ignu government that was in control of monrovia at the time.

      2. no one has ordered a reinvestigation.

      3. no one has requested a reinvestigation and show cause why a reinvestigation is needed.

      4. no findings of a reinvestigative report was ever provided to the various parties that we are aware of to dat.

      So brother, let Ms. Hollis bring her proof forward. It will be like the 5 billions dollars proof. it is still coming. and we are waiting for it.

      1. Andrew,
        I enjoy Taylor, when he smartly told her with a kind of look and said that ok, are you saying that the UN report was wrong??? And he noded his head up and down. I was like ok, she is in trouble..hahaha !!!

  21. Obasanjo and other African leaders should remember that, today is the former Liberian President Charles Taylor, and tomorrow could be theirs. The white man is not your friend until he needs you. Let justice be done to the Former President.

    1. Noko5 — that is not a silly question. The truth is, we have not worked that out yet, but I hope we can find some way of archiving it and keeping it acccessible for anyone who wants to look back on the Taylor trial and see what was happening and what people were saying at the time. We’ll be working it out over the coming months — so if anyone has some good ideas to float about what should be done with it — please please let us know!


  22. Big Joe, I totally agree with you, Charles Taylor is disgrace, a big DISGRACE, how sad that a so called former president has no ideas of his government runnings. Like you said he’s just another street thug who took advantage of the literacy of the people.

    We all know those in rural area of Liberia are not well educated therefore this makes it an easy target for Taylor to gain support and start his war.

    The war could’ve never been started from Monrovia, Taylor prey on the weak, as you can see there are a lot of confuse people in this forum, they’re comparing this case to George Bush’s Iraq war, America this America that, whoa, what’s with all the anti-U.S. rhetoric, I sense a little jealousy.

    But its not new, people around the world are always mad at the U.S. and always blame all their problems on the U.S. instead of holding their leaders/thugs accountable for their actions and wide spread corruption.

    Nevertheless, these are the same people who will love to come to the U.S in a heart beat, and for the ones who are already in the U.S. if you don’t like what the U.S do around the world you are welcome to leave the U.S. No one is holding you hostage like Taylor did during the war, he won’t allow people to move freely from Monrovia to the interiors.

  23. The most interesting disgrace of the prosecution today has to do with the Michel’s letter. In that letter it was stated that one Charles was doing diamond business with the RUF, and that Charles’ father was head of some diamond association in Belgium. The letter clearly stated that the RUF would get 10% of the diamond deals and that Charles and his business partners would get 90%.

    Under direct examination by defense counsel “Perry Manson” Griffins, Taylor argued that the Michel’s letter form the basic for the prosecution allegation against him that he was doing diamond business in SL. Taylor said that the prosecution linked him because of the Charles that was stated in the letter. Now here is the catch.

    The prosecution failed to do its background check to determined whether the Charles in the letter was actually refering to Charles Taylor. Because, if they had done their work properly, they would have known Taylor’s father was dead at the time, and that Taylor’s father had never been head of any diamond association in Belgium. Upon Taylor discrediting of the prosecution fasle statements and misrepresentation of the Michel’s letter. Today, in open court, Ms. Hollis said that the prosecution was not using that letter to refer to Charles Taylor and that they did not referred to the Charles in the letter as Charles Taylor. wow! Lets see if she was stating the truth.

    Then Ms. Hollis took a great leap in open court today, to directly accussed Taylor of benefiting from 90% of the diamond trade in Kono. She specifically and directly pointed to the 90% in the very Michel’s letter as a basic for her socalled factual evidence. Boom! Ms. Hollis today destroyed the prosecution and crashed the lying foundation of their case.
    1. She said that the letter was not the basic of pointing to Taylor guilt in diamond dealing with the RUF but at the same time she said that the 90% stated in the letter was their evidence that Taylor was benefiting from RUF diamond trade. Pure contradiction!
    2. She said that the Charles in the letter was not refering to Taylor but yet pointed to the letter that 90% of the diamond was going to Taylor. But the letter expressly stated that the 90% was going to Charles. So how is it that Charles is not Taylor and Charles is recieving 90% but yet she is claiming that the 90% is for Taylor. wow! The prosecution BIGGEST LIE was exposed today in open court.

    1. King Gray,

      Perfect analysis of the events of today regarding the Charles in Michel letter and the 90%. That appeared to me as a mockery of oneself.

      Let me throw this to bnker, brother what did you make out of this cross examination and michel’s letter with 90% diamond for charles?

      Most times, Ms. Teage, Fallah, Thompson and others do not comment when they see a fault.

      1. Andrew and King,

        As you both know, I am for justice, yet I have constantly said I thought the SL authority was far reaching and I find it frankly disturbing. I try to maintain objectivity. I am sure we all will agree that CT NPFL did some of the most grusome things imaginable. I also am a proponent of war crime court proceedings in Liberia—Ok, I’ve said a lot, but dang it, brother get to the meat, right?

        In one my earlier thread, I mentioned that the prosecution was throwing everything and hoping that something sticks. I haven’t commented much on the cross examination errors and hiccups, but this one my friends is a big mis-step. The cross examination I thought was going descend when Brenda was trying to show a pattern of behavior and if unchecked can spiral out of control. However, this one basically sent her back to the batting cage for practice. I perceived problems when the prosecution requested a motion to re-strategize. The thing here, the errors are not Ms. Hollis alone; it the team. We need to see her team collectively. This blunder shows that the prosecution is obvious off their game. Usually in legal proceedings, the defense is striving to protect its client. It seem as though the prosecution needs help to prevent itself from putting another bullet in its only good foot. Using this document is reckless, irresponsible, and somewhat darn right insulting to the defense team…the prosecution is somewhat saying, you are not sufficiently smart to wiggle your way out or discover that we are testing your intellect (that’s how I perceive it). Well, the table has turned. That “Charles” could have been anyone, it was sloppy. Though wikipedia is not a reliable source, it says that the name Charles is one of the 10 most popular names in the USA and England (FYI)–you may discredit since wiki is not a good source of reference, but just wanted to point out the popularity of the name.

        This is is great setback for that team. I know, I might confuse some with where I stand in regards to CT and the trial. I want to see CT go to jail, but only with genuine evidence (something he didn’t give to many, including Jackson Doe–Tolbert’s first VP choice), and I want trials in Liberia. So for those who are confused, I think CT needs to be PUNISHED for his deeds.

        Monday’s prediction: Brenda will not be doing the cross examination and that team is not sleeping over the weekend–their backs are against the ropes. For those who don’t understand boxing, that means they are in serious trouble. They should not be struggle like they are, unless their evidences are weak and can’t stick. It’s like cooking spaghitti; if it is thrown on the wall and it does not stick, then it is not done, if it does then its done (true)..Yeah, I like food business. CT and the defense will have a go good weekend. Warning: To all the CT supporters out there, don’t pop the “bubbly” yet. We still have a long ways to go…this was a victory for Team Griffiths….and its actually the first full week of cross, right? So this week we give it to the defense and Taylor…..

        Again, I am being objective, not a FAN OF the evil man!

        For those who share my general view about CT but are silent when there are holes in the prosecution case, well I can’t say much about or to them. I think understanding both sides of the debate makes one’s argument all the more stronger. MY TWO CENTS!

        1. bnker
          You acted like a real man would do. Great objectivity, I hope you keep it up. And I can appreaciate and respect your sensibilities that you want for Taylor to be prosecuted and go to jail. That is your view and you are entitle to it but your bigger point of prosecutiing Mr. Taylor on good evidence is most important. Good thoughts!

  24. Thanks Tracey,
    I hope to sure this part of histoy making to my grands and if possible, my great grands, so they can tell me if I was a THUG..or not…

  25. Hi Tracey
    Please how many weeks with the cross examinations will last for? I am asking this because we have already going into two weeks almost and I have not seem concerning the like the links or how Taylor is link to what went on in Sierra Leone. Therefore please help me.

    1. Hi Leoroy — we do not know how long the cross-examination will last for, unfortunately. This is what Acting Prosecutor, Joseph Kamara, said in a public statement when the prosecution was about to start its cross-examination: “We’re going to try and be as efficient as we can, while still effectively challenging Mr. Taylor’s version of events. And we hope not to go on as long as the Defence did on their direct examination. Timing can depend on a number of factors, including how direct or evasive the Accused chooses to be on the stand.”

      Sorry we can’t be more specific, but it really depends on what happens in the courtroom.


  26. Quick information on the citizenship in the developed world,

    It happens that I am so fortunate to have been born in the United States. I have two other brothers who were born in Liberia but obtained their US citizenship 10 years ago but the bottom line is that one way or the other, we are all Americans.
    What I am saying: few months ago right at the start of the prosecution of our uncle (Charles M.G. Taylor), we were all been cautioned by the authorities about involvements in anyway with our uncle’s allege funds overseas and warned that if found implicated…..”my brothers and other family members born outside the US, citizenship right could be withheld or canceled and or deported to their countries of birth whilst I (including those born in the US) faced the full weight of the law” in the US.

    This is why somany Liberians have been deported to Liberia, even after been awarded US citizenship, over the past 4 years and their citizenship been canceled due to tented crimes commited in the US such as arm robberies, rapes, killings and even driving without proper driver license.
    Citizenship by birth is treated differently in the west, folks.

    hope you get it.

  27. Fallah, Big Joe, Ms Teage,Vaa Alie Mansaray,J Thompson and B Hollis Please remember that Charles Taylor will deny ever being president of Liberia.

  28. Folks,

    I would like to get your objective take on my observation. As sloppy as the prosecutor’s were initially, I think I’m started to see where Ms. Hollis is going. To her credit she is talking about Liberia to demonstrate that 1) There’s a difference between what Mr. Taylor says and what he does as it relates to peace accords and 2) To show that there is a consistent pattern between the RUF’s way of waging war and the NPFL in other words; they are sister organizations.

    On the surface of it, this seems like a good strategy to discredit the witness, the problem I see is that while similar attrocities occur in everywar in west africa, The RUF’s signature attrocity of mass systematic amputations were not occuring in Liberia. The other challenge for the prosecutor is to establish Taylor’s motive, once the foundation has been layed.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    1. Objectively speaking,
      I have to say, that I’ve said this in very very early postings when I made comments about Liberia. And what I was saying way back is that if the prosecution can establish that atrocities were committed in Liberia by Taylor, than his credibility is somehow diminished. Pretty much they will need to paint a picture of a different Taylor by introducing evidence from Liberia. “The Judge would see yes this is not Sierra Leone but if the defendant is capable of such acts than maybe in Sierra Leone too. But I believe the prosecution must present evidence and not rely on just Liberia; which i think they’ve presented suffient though many circumstantial evidence. But like you said their are very distinct differences in the civil war in Liberia and that of Sierra Leone which was marked by the systematic amputations…something horrific and was unheard of before Sierra Leone. At any rate I’m watchng to see how things go.

      1. Ms Teage,

        For once I concur with part of your statement that the prosecution must present evidence and not rely on Liberia and circumstantial evidence; but I differ with you on the part that they provided plenty. All of their evidence was hearsay which was contridicted by other prosecution witnesses. This undermines the validity of even the socalled hearsay that it may appear they provided.

        There is not an iota of substantial evidence presented and Ms Hollis is bungling up the crossexamination even in trying to “present a picture of a different Charles Taylor”. She does not even have her facts correct and is making wild and illogical assumptions with no reference or proof. She sounds like those kids playing in the yard who start a gossip on someone. the logic makes no sense.

      2. Ms Teage, show me one war that have been fought in which innocent people did not die and were not abused? Just one war? If you are a Christian , you will even see in the bible that “God’s chosen children,” the Isrealites committed crimes during war. So this is not a strange phenomeno in human history.

        The whole essence of WAR is death and destruction, and for your reminder, Stephen Rapp who was the former chief prosector of this court, has said on the RECORD that it is not a crime to fight a war in your country and capture places. So going by Rapp, Mr. Taylor committed no crime in Liberia. Those who murdered and abused innocent people must be held accountable for thier own crimes they committted.

        For example, during the whole period of the Liberian civil war, no one , and I repeat no body have ever stated that Charles Taylor personallly shot and kill any soul. But it is public record and stated facts that Prince Johnson personally killed many people. I am a living eye witnesseed to that, we heard of Alhaji Kromah personally killing people, we heard of Dr. George Boley personally killing people, we heard of Gen Roosevelt Johnson personally killing people including others. Those other rebel leaders committed summary executions themselves instead of setting up a tribunal like Taylor did in his area to tried combatants. But todate, we hear of no charges against them, they are living free and moving around Liberia without any question. What kind of international justice is this? “TOTAL NONSENSE!”

        That is another distinction while Taylor is still popular in Liberia.

        1. Dennis,
          Taylor NPFL and his legions systematically and intentionally targeted Krahn and Mandingo people, and he also systematically and intentionally targeted young boys to fight a war, boys younger than 18. And they were murdered in this war. Don’t speak to me about what happens in wars around this world. This man Taylor acts were intentional and deliberate. Even if innocent people die in war is it ok.

    2. Hey Mas,
      I understand your assertion vividly; but by the same token, these sistemic similarities have happened in every war in every part of the world. Take for example , during the gulf war ,American soldiers looted values and commited some of the same crimes that were commited in liberia and sierraleone. Should we blame them for what happened in Sierraleone? In my believe , this prosecution is under the obligations to proving her case. Everything she doing is kindof cosmetic…cuz, at the end of the day, the set criterials of this case must be satisfied for a guilty verdict…I rest my case..

  29. Big Joe, did you agreed with what Bartur Taylor posted concerning citizenship? Now I mus tell you that you know nothing about the Liberian Constitution from what I understand from your post. In fact nothing about the immigration policies. I live in Europe and to be direct I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. In certain cases born citizens are treated differently from naturalized citizen. So I don’t know which part of this modern world you live. Why is it that this is a big surprise to you? Go and do your home work please. As for you Brave you are just opposite to that name.
    Sorry you guys need to try again

  30. A Perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem. Leave Mr Chales Taylor plz.

  31. Tracey, I was just curious. Is there a way that these posts can be numbered. So that if one return one can simply go right to the last number and either begin reading or posting.

    1. King Gray — that is an excellent idea. Let me check with the folks who created this website to see if there is something techincally that can allow that. It would be helpful, I agree, for readers to come back to comments from where they left off.

  32. noko5 ,
    Don’t be deceptive here. We all know that the actual that she meant Belle District. For your information, I am from the Belle District, Lofa county and I am a living testimony of the NPFL activities there.

    1. Big Joe,
      I am not here to Help Brenda Hollis with her job.. you could help if you deemed it neccessary..I consider her as a legal criminal who is after the life of my beloved president..

  33. A point of correction. Belle District then Lofa County now Gbarpolu County. She may have either spelled it Bell or mispronounced it as Bell. So, you need to find a better argument.

    1. No speculations in the court law brother; Besides, she did not even mention county, or maybe surrounding locations atleast so that people can guess that ok ,she may mean this place or that place… This is the job she got , and must be done right..

  34. Noko5,
    Can you please tell this intellectual forum which country is Libria?

    “Ms. Teage
    Could you , Fallah menjor, John Thompson and mother Brenda Hollis kindly, kindly tell us in this intellectual forum, which part of Libria we can possibly, probably or in anyway find BELL DISTRICT on the map of liberia????????

    Here you are not even able to spell the name of your own country well but you want to take serious issue with a foreigner for either mispronouncing or misspelling an unknown district in Liberia. This just go to show that none of us have perfection so we have no right to demand it of others.

    1. Big Joe,
      I actually did not expect your premature respond.. how ever, I want you to get this simple fact..I am not under any legal binding to crossing my Ts and dotting my “I”s . Fortunately, Brenda Hollis is.. You don’t need a rocket to tell you this.. if I wanted, I could blog in GIO or Chinese.. who cares…Big Joe, Think deeper ..ok!!

    2. Alpha

      The above message was actually meant for NOKO5 and not big Joe. The comment left at 8:49 please don’t post that comment. If you don’t read the message it was for NOKO5 and not Big Joe.

      1. Ms Teage,
        Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will ignore the post as you have directed.

        1. Noko5
          …….. quit making irrelevant post about irrelevant matter, stick to the trail and let’s talk about the issues.

  35. It is a complete ironic that Helen and the rest of the Taylorists are not happy by their so-called bad and weak performances of the Prosecution team. They should be very happy, for very soon their Papay will be a free man, rather then becoming more uncomfortable as the days go bye.

    Stop cherry picking among my statements. I don’t expect Taylor to be a computer. My impressions and questions are not predicated on a single or trivial example but on fundamental issues. For instance, how can a former President don’t know that his country doesn’t permit dual citizenship? Doesn’t know the functions of a special Assistant to the President of Liberia? Doesn’t know the function of the Special Security Service? Does not know the procedures and criteria of obtaining Liberian citizenship? etc—-
    We all know why Taylor is making all these nonsensical statements-simply to cover up all the many lies he had made.

    1. Why should anybody be happy with Ms. Brenda Hollis bad performance? The bad performance did not just show up in this court. It is the bad performance that have brought this case to court and this is why most fair minded people and not “Taylor supporters” would be unhappy. Justice is not about perception rather it should be based on FACTS.

    2. Big Joe,
      this trial is not about Liberia. Get it. It will behoove of you and Ms. Hollis to concertrate on Sierra Leone. However, President Taylor is even being generous to answer questions about Liberia. You need to be grateful for that.

  36. Helen,
    Liberia is not a developed country and Liberia is not the UK. The Liberian constitution and naturalization laws are very clear on the criteria and procedures for obtaining Liberian citizenship. The answered on this aspect of his cross-examination is among the most nonsensical statements I have ever heard. You take heinous criminals and terrorists, clandestinely made them citizens and employed them in your Anti-Terrorist unit. They are accused of breaking your national laws but they are neither tried nor turn over to the United Nations but they are escorted to the border of neighboring country’s border by your Special Security Services despite their leader being on a UN traveling embargo. You refused to inform your neighboring countries that this heinous criminal and terrorist has crossed over and refused to tell the UN that you were told where these criminals were heading? Who, after listening to that crap will still take Taylor seriously?
    It is a disgrace and great disservice to Liberia that some Liberians will still have the courage to hold the common criminal Taylor in high esteem.

    1. Big Joe,

      Claims of Taylor contravening the liberian constitution is genuine but it is reviewable only by the people of liberia. If they so resolve that indeed Taylor disregarded the Liberian constitution, they can vote him out of office.

      It is not hollis prerogative to evaluate the prudence of Taylor actions during his presidency. Unless she wants to be a Liberian, we will be glad to confer our citizenship uponher but demand she attends Louis Arthur Grimes in order to do a better job at cross examination.

    2. Big Joe , stop hurting your head because the same time occur in the US. Non citizens or naturalized citizens who have committed crimes are deported everyday. But the main point here is how was Mr. Taylor supposed to prosecuted these people in the midst of a full blown war that was raining rockets and other artillery everyday on Monrovia? How would the government of Liberia accomplished such a thing when everybody ran for their lives including all the court officials? Who was going to conduct the legal proceedings? Stop this joke and think correctly!

    3. Big Joe,
      if you had a problem with the decision of President Taylor makjng Bockarie citizen of the Republic of Liberia, you should have gone through your representitive or our National legislature to do something about it. DID YOU DO THAT? As far as we are concerned, PresidentTaylor followed the laws of Liberia. Ms. Hollis is not a citizen of liberia. It is none of her business how our laws work.

  37. borris nickson by your statement “For the same reason that the nigerian asigned sss securities to protect Charles Taylor in Nigeria,” are you suggesting that Taylor and Sam Bockerie are of the same status. A former President and a heinous criminal and terrorist? I see. No wonder why Taylor told the court that He was being escorted to Chad’s border by Nigerian SSS. Can you see the pattern?

    1. Big Joe,
      I noticed that you are no longer talking or showing evidence to back up your contrived and false case. However, you have reverted to “pattern.” Buddy, we are not talking about pattern here. We are talking about solid and concrete evidence.

      Big Joe, show us the evidence. How hard is that?

  38. King Gray,
    You know the most disgraceful part of that stage of the cross-examination, to me as a Liberian, was when a Government of Liberia report about Sierra Leone diamond trade (Taylor admitted was produced by experts in his government) was brought out and Taylor was asked to read and interpret it. Even Taylor wouldn’t understand what the document intended saying and he has to agreed with the judges that the report was very poorly written. Man, what a disgrace to our nation. Now, it is becoming clear that what Taylor has in Liberia was no government at all but a group of thugs running all over the place.
    Why can’t Taylor just confess and save our nation more disgrace?

    1. big Joe,

      You seem to be very interesting. What is it that you suggest Taylor should confess to? Are you referring to the following:

      1. Taylor receiving diamond as big as a human skull? To date no diamond of that size has been discovered. It only exist in Brenda Hollis court.

      2. The UN helicopters that transported arms for Taylor NPP government? To date Hollis cannot even discuss this part of her case?

      3. The 2,500 pieces of AK47 imported by EXECUTIVE OUTCOME/SANDLINE? To date no Sierra leonean is aware that Kabbah mortgage their diamond mines. That is what the Lands and mines minister said on the video. kabbah mortgage the diamonds for his presidency.

      4. Eating human being with our chief and elders in the poro society? That exists only in hollis court.

      So tell me what is it that Taylor is confessing to? Let her bring proof of the Billions of dollars taylor had in his account. Then we will start the case, as it is now they are swimming like a man drowning at sea.

  39. Hi Noko5,

    I completely disagree with your assertion ”I have discover that Brenda Hollis is one of the most sloppy, careless and least educated lawyers I have ever seen in my life” this is not true. From my observation, Ms Hollis is prosecuting a case she has little or no knowledge of. D. Crane who within his conscience knows very well that the evidences brought forward could no day link C.T to any of the charges was smart enough to hand over to Ms Hollis. This poor lady not knowing the interlectual prowess of the man call C.T got it all wrong thinking she was going to subdue C.T

    1. Joe3
      Thanks for for your input; but I want to believe also that this lady must and I say must have study this case before accepting the task. If and only if she could not handle the responsibility, she should have told D. Crane. But in as mush as she agreed, means to me , she was capable. So now it is her binding upon her to proof her self. My brother, we are deliberating a very very serious issue that has to do with lives of thousands of people. This issue , if not handle properly , could cause somebodys’ father, loveone, uncle, husband or whatever to spend his entire life in jail. These people always think Africa or africans are their easy targets , where they can jump in and make money when ever they want. Are you really really serious that BRENDA HOLIS did not know about Charles Taylor ??? Come on bro. don’t say that . I one million percent disagreee with you. She is failing her task simply because she is not qualify for the damn job… couple with her devious heart.. Remember Taylor is not a LAWYER. why should he counter act the intellectual ability an international lawyer.. HELLO !!!

  40. I have read some of the waist comments from some good people no this site,but the once from big Joe and john Thompson it seems to me that you guys have no idea of what you are talking about. some times most people write for others to be educated but in line with history, the minds of you like fellows are some what unbelievable.
    john Thompson are you related to the Thompson that lie to Samuel Doe and sold him to the American and INPFL which lead to his death?? known we should sale another President an African brother, for few more pieces of silver.
    Big Joe stop being a wanker. All you are saying here is bla-bla-bla. With documents @ hand, as far as I see, it is proof. But hearsay, well both you and Hollis can enjoyed it. But remember the world is watching. And some of us have made it our business to informed others about this site, the comments and debits that is going on in colleges presently. Our children will be part of this history.

    By their fruits, we should know them.

  41. 4 ur eyes only,
    Is that all you can say? If you don’t have anything to write, are you force to write?
    Can the world see anything worst then the heinous acts carried out by Taylor in our sub-region? The history of Taylor will be worst story our children will ever hear or read about. From stealing from the GSA to breaking jail. From bringing war into his own country to destabilizing the entire sub-region. Is there any positives in your Papay life? Except his killing machines (rebel supporters) and few opportunists, does this man have any friend of important?
    Taylor should be very grateful to Nigeria and the Special Court for giving him few more years to live (even if it is in jail). If not Nigeria and the Special Court, Taylor would have ended in the stomachs of LURD rebels.

    1. Big Joe,
      stop wasting time here. All along President Taylor lived in Liberia. Why you could not have ended his life there? Why blame Nigeria and the court for giving him more time to live? Big Joe, it is still not late. Get a Netherland visa, go the the Hague, and end his life. Don’t sit in the comfort of your home and make “big mouth.” Big Joe, I have an idea. When he is acquitted, he will be returning to Liberia. Please end his life there, if you can not do it in the Hague. You are really clueless. You are dreaming. Keep on dreaming. However, you wouldn’t be able to even come close to him before I say end his life. Just imagin, the man could not be tried in Sierra Leone, Ellen said she didn’t want this man to stay five minutes in Liberia, Great Britian agreed to jail him if he is found guilty. Do you know or understand why they are avoiding him being in contact with Liberia? It is becauseof his popularity.

  42. Janice,

    Thanks, I enjoy posting and reading “some” of the thread especially Andrew, Crown Hill and King. We don’t always agree, shoot me and these guys disagree more than we agree, but our dialog are respectable and all in good spirit! I wish Liberia to get to that point soon… Anyhow, thanks! In the words of that prophet from South Central LA Rodney King, “can we all just get along”–LOL—Good day!

  43. Longtime guys! Great to be back in the states where I can watch this trial live. Back home the senate race is going on and I think president Ellen Johnson party will lose because her government is too corrupt. Many Liberians are suffering and the government officials are just stealing everyday. It is so bad in Liberia.

    This trial is not live in Liberia and only the negative news we hear from radio reports about what is going on. I usually listen to star radio since I am not based in Monrovia. I hope things are going good for C.O. Ghankay!

    1. Nimba Tablet,
      The Papay has been doing well. He looks good all the time during his trial, and is very very composed. I want to highly welcome you to the U S and this great forum….

  44. andrew jlay,
    A well known fighter of the NPFL did confessed to the TRC that the carter camp massacre was carried out by the NPFL. He did give detail and inner working of how it was carried out. So, let not be too haste in coming out with conclusion.
    If the UN was a perfect institution, there would be no trial for Taylor. Until you can read the UN findings and how they came to the conclusion that it was AFL, you shouldn’t be too sure.

    1. Big Loe,
      Do you know when this guy became member of the NPFL??????? Why don’t you think he might have been an old AFL soldier who Join the NPFL after the massacre???? What do you think..

  45. Jocone,

    I am not saying that Muslims were targeted in Liberia, I said Mandingos. I am not doubting that elements in each ethnic group contributed to the war. I am against all forms of violence….

    On the trial, I agree with you, CT needs to be tried in Liberia not SL. We can convict him we have sufficient evidence of not only him but all leaders of the warring groups.

  46. 4 ur eyes only, Jose Rodriguez, Joe3, Aki and the rest of Taylor’s supporters, I am just so sorry that you guys portray yourselves to know too much than the any views expressed in this forum. From the inference of your scripts, you seem somehow subjective in making your points.

    I don’t think this forum is meant for one to show disrespect to the others, if their views don’t concur with yours. Why is it okay and acceptable to be in favor of Taylor but wrong and unacceptable for any person to be against him? Do you guys understand the legal term “probable cause?’ Although I’m have no expertise in the criminal legal discipline, but I hold firm that there is a probable cause to believe that Taylor was a major player surrounding these crimes in Sierra Leone. We as Liberians, don’t have to be rocket scientists to attest, even though there’s not much living evidence to tie him to the charges. One thing we all should remember is, it is too early to determine the strategy of the prosecution (Ms Hollis).

    From what I gather, Ms Hollis that you all have criticized, is only trying to prove how inconsistent and unreliable Taylor is. She’s trying to paint Taylor as a liar all of his life, which isn’t a bad strategy, eventhough her presentation/delivery is poor. She really doen’t have to find strong evidence to tie him directly to the crimes committed.

    As intelligent people, we must able to keep objectivity in our point of view, in order to give true analysis of what’s going on during the trial. We can still maintain our ” for and against” attitudes and be respectful and receptive of the views of others. No matter what the outcome is, I don’t think it would change anyone’s status in life. We will all move on with our lives and learn from the past in making tomorrow better.

    1. Jim,

      Excellent thread! I understand that this trial is emotionally challenging, but the bottom line is this, respectable debate. I am sure that no one means harm, yet we should be respectful. You are absolutely correct, the outcome of this trial will not change our lives…We heard, if Taylor gets arrested and sent to Sierra Leone, Monrovia will be in an uproar..well, that came and past and Monrovia was not in disturbed…I wonder if anyone in this forum went on hunger strike for the arrest? I doubt it. The only people who lives will be severely altered would be the family and friends of CT irrespective of the outcome of this trial. This trial is a test of our political tolerance.

      Again, in the word of that philosopher from South Central LA, Rodney King, “can we all just get along” (smile)

    2. Good thread Jim,
      But what could be that probable cause??? That’s all we are curious of knowing…Can anyone on the other side help us….I for one, will be very grateful were you to do some research and get back to us..

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