Prosecution Reads Statements By The International Community Condemning The Actions Of Charles Taylor’s Rebel Group In Liberia

Prosecutors spent much of today’s cross-examination of former Liberian president, Charles Taylor, reading out statements by other West African leaders condemning Mr. Taylor Liberian rebel group for crimes committed against Liberians and members of international humanitarian agencies, including American Catholic nuns and peacekeepers during his country’s civil war.

In a 1992 statement read by lead prosecutor, Brenda Hollis, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) leaders condemned Mr. Taylor’s rebel group (the National Patriotic Front of Liberia – NPFL) for their actions against West African peacekeepers serving in Liberia under the banner ECOWAS Monitoring Group (ECOMOG). The ECOWAS leaders had “warned all warring factions against the commission of war crimes” in Liberia. The statement alluded to the killing of civilians, peacekeepers and American Catholic nuns during “Operation Octopus,” an operation launched by Mr. Taylor’s NPFL on the Liberian capital Monrovia in October 1992.

Mr. Taylor, in his response explained the circumstances surrounding the death of the nuns.

“That issue remains contested. They were killed in the area controlled by Senegalese forces. It remains contested. The United States raised that issue, we investigated it and it was determined that they were not killed deliberately by the NPFL but they were killed by crossfire,” Mr. Taylor explained.

“If you have a document showing that they were deliberately killed by NPFL, then you can bring it here,” the former Liberian president challenged the prosecution counsel.

“We will bring it later,” prosecutor counsel Ms. Hollis responded.

Ms. Hollis also read portions of the 1993 Cotonou Peace Agreement that was signed between the Interim Government of National Unity of Liberia (IGNU), the NPFL and the United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO). Among many other things agreed to in the Cotonou Agreement, the various parties declared a ceasefire, agreeing to stop all hostilities and to disarm all fighters in Liberia.  Ms. Hollis pointed out that fighters were not disarmed as agreed in Cotonou and immediately after the signing of the agreement, Mr. Taylor’s NPFL started attacking Liberian towns and peacekeepers. In his response, Mr. Taylor said that other parties were responsible for the ceasefire violation.

“There were fightings but various parties were responsible,” he said. Mr. Taylor explained that the peacekeepers were taking sides in the conflict, and therefore their neutrality was brought into question.

Mr. Taylor also denied allegations that in 1994, his NPFL rebels held Tanzanian peacekeepers hostage, taking away their arms and ammunition, but admitted that radio communication sets were taken from the Tanzanians.

“I do not recall the NPFL arresting Tanzanian peacekeepers and taking away their ammunition. NPFL soldiers took radio sets from the Tanzanians but we took care of that by punishing those who were responsible,” he said.

Ms. Hollis also read portions of the August 1995 Abuja Agreement signed by the various parties to the Liberian conflict which established executive authority in Liberia in the hands of a “six-member Council of State” headed by Wilton Sankawolo. The agreement also established a time-table for certain actions to be taken including the deployment of ECOMOG peacekeepers and the disarmament of all fighters. Mr. Taylor agreed with Ms. Hollis on the contents of the agreement. Mr. Taylor also agreed that in May 1996, ECOWAS Ministers of Foreign Affairs met and issued a communique in which they raised concerns about fighting in Monrovia and other parts of Liberia.

In response to a question about massive looting allegedly carried out by his NPFL rebels during fighting in Monrovia on April 6, 1996, Mr. Taylor told the judges today that civilians were mainly responsible for pillaging in the country’s capital.

“The lootings as far as I am concerned that happened in Monrovia were done by civilians, in fact most of the lootings were carried out by the large population that moved to Monrovia. So all of the factions including the NPFL didn’t loot but in fact most of the lootings were carried out by civilians,” he said.

Though Mr. Taylor is being tried for crimes committed by Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone, the prosecution, during the presentation of their own case submitted evidence of atrocities committed by Mr. Taylor’s forces in Liberia in order to show evidence of a consistent pattern in the actions of the RUF in Sierra Leone and Mr. Taylor’s NPFL in Liberia. Today’s cross-examination focused on the NPFL’s activities in Liberia.

The prosecution alleges that Mr. Taylor was in a joint criminal enterprise with RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied claims that he was in a position of superior authority to RUF rebels and so he knew or had reason to know that the rebels were committing atrocities in Sierra Leone but that he failed to prevent the commission of those crimes or failed to punish the rebel forces when he knew that the crimes had been committed. Mr. Taylor is testifying as a witness in his own defense. He is presently being cross-examined by the prosecution.

Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination continues tomorrow.




  2. Wow! I think the heading of this summary betrays the statements that were read today in court. I do not hold a view that it was intentional because I am thinking that Alpha’s intent was to represent the prosecution viewwpoint since it the prosecution that is presenting their case. But I am equally expecting Alpha to remian objective as he was always been.

    The statements that was read today did not only or directly condemned the NPFL if we wanted to be fair here. The statements condemned all other warring factions for many delays , obstruction, and crimes. Alpha presented a direct quote on this issue that ECOWAS “warned all warring factions against the commission of war crimes.” In one report, ULIMO-J was clearly cited for siezing ECOMOG arms and killing some of ECOMOG soidiers. Other rebel factions were equally condemned and blamed by ECOWAS for commiting crimes and obstructing the Liberian peace process. So how it came to be that only NPFL and Mr. Taylor was single out in Alpha’s summary speaks to the very reason that have brought this case to this court.

    I think there is a pyschological subconcious thought process that have already been seeded in the minds of most people in the international community against Mr. Taylor. This mindset is based on the long and direct propoganda that have been waged against Mr. Taylor such that it is difficult for most people involve with these international programs to actually remian objective. People do not want to be seen or view as siding with Mr. Taylor, thus they join the bandwagon subconciously against Mr. Taylor. I think this is what has happened to Alpha in the face of the prosecution cross.

    Concerning Ms. Brenda Hollis strategy. I think I can now appreaciate what Ms. Hollis is attempting to do but I am thinking that the methods and documents she is using does not help her case. Here is what I think Ms Hollis is attempting to do as she has already stated from the onset of her cross. Ms Hollis is attempting to impeach President Taylor credibility and to do so she is doing the following:
    Inherent plausibility: is to test whether Taylor’s testimony is believable on its face value or whether Taylor’s testimony make sense. To do this she is attempting to expose the:
    Demeanor of Taylor: to see whether Taylor appears to be telling the truth, and to do this she has to look for :
    Taylor’s Motive fo fasify: to expose a reason why Taylor is not telling the truth. She is attempting to do this through:
    Collaboration: using statements by other witnesses or in this current situation , Ms Hollis is using documents by ECOWAS to point out contracdictions in Taylor’s testimony. All this is done to point to Taylor’s:
    Past record: to show that Taylor exhibited similar behavior in the past, that he lied during those peace agreements, and he manipulated decisions to favor him during those peace agreements, that he was not truthful during those peace agreements. Therefore he is not truthful right now.

    But one thing that Ms. Brenda Hollis failed to observed in all of those ECOWAS documents. There were nothing linking Taylor to Sierra Leone, the support of RUF, and commission of the kinds of crimes that was committed in SL, like chopping off people’s body parts. Those behavior were not part of the Liberian war. So going by Ms. Hollis reasoning , if Taylor show a certian behavior in the past means that he was capable of doing the same thing. Then, since Taylor did not support RUF during the period under review, and since Taylor’s NPFL did not chop off Liberians, then Taylor could not have supported the RUF and he could not have supported the chopping off of Sierra Leoneans.

    1. Hi King Gray — thanks for your comment — I am a little surprised at your reaction to the heading. I thought Alpha’s heading was simply a description of what happened in the courtroom as it related to Charles Taylor given the testimony is supposed to be related to his alleged actions. I did not think it evidenced any bias. But I am glad you raised it as a point of discussion.

      I also appreciated you bringing in more of the complexity and nuance that occurred during the testimony through your comment, as well as your analysis of the prosecution efforts in court.


      1. Tracey, my qualms was with the heading but like I said, I can appreaciate and understand Aplha wanted to present the prosecution viewpoint like he did during the defense examination.

        Anyway, you guys are doing your very best under these burdensome situation given the nature and the passions that some of us have invested is this case. I hope you can appreaciate that most of us here were direct victims of what happened in Liberia. We were there and either witness most of these things or heard about it.

        I will give you one example. Today in open court Ms. Brenda Hollis attempted to paint Gen. Isaac Musa as a mass murderer and that he committed atrocities. This is sooo false! As a displaced person on Fendell Campus (one of the University of Liberia’s campus just outside Monrovia). Some NPFL fighters would harrassed civillians, and I guess the news got to Taylor or the superior officers. But suddenly one evening, Gen Isaac Musa entered Fendell and hell broke lose. He came will special men and they started arresting some of the fighters who were accussed of harassing civillians.

        You could have seen the scene , some fighters were literally running away and being chased by other fighters. Those arrested were taken away, a civillian authority was set headed by Bishop Alfred Reevees, Rev. Jerimiah Walters and other religious leaders. As a matter of fact, the NPFL initially provided relief food , a rice we use to call “some done.” This rice, according to what we heard were captured on the high sea, it was on board a ship that was transporting food and weapons to Samuel Doe’s army. The rice was called “some done” because would be always half cook and never fully cook.

        The NPFL provided security on Fendell and later allowed Medicin San Frontier to supply relief care both food and medicine. I worked along with medicin san frontier. I was on Fendell until ECOMOG began bombing the place and brought in Prince Johnson rebels who were killing civillians in pure public view. While ECOMOG bomb from the air, Prince Johnson forces attacked from the ground.

        NPFL fighters left immediately the bombing started because we were told that if they had stay to fight, there would have been a major massacre and the blame would have been put on the NPFL. So they all ran away from the area. Upon capturing Fendell, Prince Johnson forces brought out everybody from inside the buildings, we were all standing outside in a large crowd of men, women, and children. And just in front of everybody, Prince Johnson men began executing people who they suspected were Taylor’s loyalists. Some market women were executed because they were accused as spies for Taylor.

        I am writing these things to tell you that yes, there were crimes committed in NPFL terrority but NPFL territory had more law and order than in other rebel areas. One thing, NPFL had more food and so most people would rather seek refuge in NPFL areas. And this was also some of the reasons that we hated ECOMOG because of their indiscriminate bombing raids against civillians places. I was there and I am giving you frist hand account based on my own personal experience. This was around August to November of 1990.

        1. Thank you, King Gray, for your understanding about the heading.

          I can’t even imagine what it must be like for people watching and following this trial trial who also lived through the violence, whether in Sierra Leone or Liberia. I know people on this site must have experienced horrific events, just like the ones you described in your posts. It completely makes sense that this trial would evoke all kinds of responses and reactions to the process and the issues discussed in the courtroom. Thank you for sharing your insights and how they relate to the trial and the courtroom events. It certainly helps me and, I’m sure, other readers, to get a much more complex picture of events on the ground as they unfolded and as people experienced and perceived them on the ground than we are able to get a sense of just through courtroom testimony.

          You raise a particularly interesting point when you say “I am writing these things to tell you that yes, there were crimes committed in NPFL terrority but NPFL territory had more law and order than in other rebel areas. One thing, NPFL had more food and so most people would rather seek refuge in NPFL areas.” As it happens, a similar issue emerged yesterday when I was discussing the Issa Sesay trial with colleagues. It emerged in the trial that people in areas he controlled has better access to schools, hospitals etc during the conflict in Sierra Leone. One of the arguments that was put forward in response to this was this: yes, but the fact that there was better access to food, resources in areas under Issa Sesay’s control – and that he disarmed the RUF and contributed to the peace process — does not negate the fact that there were broader patterns of atrocities committed by the RUF for which Mr. Sesay retained responsibility, and for which he should be accountable. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this argument as it relates to the possibility of a war crimes court for Liberia which could potentially cover incidents like the one you describe.


  3. There are no consistencies whatsoever between the astoricies committed in Sierra Leone by the RUF and the NPLF in Liberia. The NPFL did not hacked off people limbs in Liberia. If the prosecution can prove to the court that the RUF not only fought in Liberia alongside the NPLF, but while during the fighting the RUF in fact cut off people arms in Liberia than consistency comes into play. Anything else is TOTAL NONSENSE!

  4. Ok! Does anyone see where the prosecution is going with this? She is trying to establish a pattern of behavior in Liberia that is somewhat similar to Sierra Leone. The prosecution is mentioning looting in Liberia (happened in SL). There were murders in NPFL held areas (like the murder of the American nuns–Sis Shirley was my principal at St. Patricks; PhD in Mathematics). Murders also happened in RUF territory.

    So can anyone agree with CT that the looting in Liberia was carried out by civilians or since his men/women didn’t wear uniform he cannot take responsibilty for their actions? So I guess when he told them you all paid yourself he was not referring to the looting spree? So how does he describe his rebels like Roland Duo and others who built structures on someone else’s land. Or how does he justify the killing of many for their homes? Were these civilian who killed them? I am sure you all heard that “Charles Taylor owned everything” as his fighters suggested. I know the rebuttle will be, the trial is not on Liberia, true, but there are some patterns and comparision on SL. Cutting arms and legs were not practiced in Liberia–true! But, when crimes are unchecked they esculate.

    I think the trial is at its climax.

    1. Bnker,
      All of us listen as we kinly watched the trial today. Taylor said most of the lootings were done by civilians he did say all. By the way, since the april 6 war, did you Bnker got to go to camp Johnson road??? All the loots that were sold on that street from years in and out, are you alleging that those were sold by Taylors soldier?????

    2. My dear brother bnker,

      It is within the perview of the prosecution cite incidents in Taylors past and build up a theory of pattern. I do not think anyone has issue with that. The accords and peace deals that she is quoting are not in dispute. The issues she allude to are not unique to the npfl. For instance the emergence of ulimo and green berets were in contravention of the accords and peace deals. Those activities were not condemn, or I do not recall the peace deals condeming them. So she can choose to set patterns, it is up to the defense to dispute those claims. How she will link these pattern to Taylor and the crimes is the difficulty of her task. In the realm of law proving third party linkage as in this case has always been a challenge.

      On the issue of the looting Taylor was saying that the April 6 fracas, civillians looted. I am not too sure that you are disputing that. Of course soldiers looted as well. But to place the lootings at the foot of the factions will be not be absolutely fair.

      On the issue of the nuns, we can agree to leave this open for now, because Ms Hollis claims to have evidence that she will present later, placing responsibilities at the foot of the npfl.

      As I have pointed out, it is the discretion of the prosecution to build their cross examination in this manner. It is up to the defense to rebut on redirect.

      1. Andrew and Noko5,

        Andrew, I enjoy the structure of the arguement. I agree that lootings were carried out by all factors as well as civilians…While period of reference is April 6, it is highly unlikely that areas that were already under NPFL control were further looted; there was nothing left to loot. They had consumed everything as though a swarm of locust descended.

        Noko5, thanks for your question, I am aware of the looting at Camp Johnson Rd. I will agree that all parties (meaning factions) were involved in looting; let us be mindful that only CT is on trial and therefore, concentration is “his NPFL” (as Brenda refers to it).

        Andrew, in regards to the formation of the Black Beret and ULIMO as you suggest was in contravention of the accords. I am not aware of the language of the particular accord that you are referencing. I need your help, please.

        In regards to the Catholic nun. Please find link attached

        1. Bnker,
          Lets be honest brother, Brenda Holis is being brought forth to make sure Taylor stays in jail for life.Unlike her, you and I maybe were there and know axactly what happened on the grounds .so lets be carefull not to induce these indutrinations these people are forcing upon us. This is the same devide and rule method that got us bloging this site today and getting at eachother. Nobody is saying that NPFL did not loot. Atleast they looted materials but did not go ahead amputating people. Nomatter how people want to describe this thing, they should remember , war is death and distruction. NOT BASEBALL GAME,SOCCER MATCH ,OR EATING BIG MACs.. Look , let me tell everyone today, when ever you hear war, GET OUT!!!

        2. bnker,

          you said “let us be mindful that only CT is on trial.” However, your statement came right after you finished throwing in Taylor’s Liberia and being challenged by others on the issue of looting and other crimes. Well, I agree with you. However, I have a question for you. My question is , which country CT is on trial for? I will say Sierra Leone; and I think you might agree with me. If you do, why are you talking about charles Taylor NPFL alleged atrocities in Liberia. Why are you recommending website about President Taylor involvement in the war in Liberia? What is your motive here? What Liberia has to do with case When in fact you are telling to be mindful about President Taylor being on trial and the others. I know the trial you are talking about is the trial in the Hague.

          Stop your gimmick and come clean, because some of us can see through it easily.

  5. There is something that I do not understand about the trial of the Liberian former President. The prosecution keeps holding on the stories that have absolutely nothing to do with the case in S/Leone. I do not know the measurement in determining who killed the nums when they were in the control of the peacekeeping forces. How did NPFL killed them?

    I think the prosecution should do thier home work properly before holding on stories as evidence because, while I am a commited sescriber to the rule of law which is one major tenant of democracy, I see that the prosecution team is loosing legal grounds and relevence. I strongly think this case is more political than legal.

    Let me remind the prosecution that the world is watching with egle eyes to see what comes out ot the trial.

    America and the big countries must be mindful of this case because they are bent on brigning Africa to nothingness. We are watching and will certainly act..


    1. Noko5….

      Eureka….you said, “Lets be honest brother, Brenda Holis is being brought forth to make sure Taylor stays in jail for life”. You know what you are right…that’s her job!

      1. Noko5…

        Below is mentioned, “Atleast they looted materials but did not go ahead amputating people. Nomatter how people want to describe this thing, they should remember , war is death and distruction”. Your last phrase is of particular interest to me, why do you consider the loss of life so casually? I hope you didn’t mean to sound so carefree…..


      2. Bnker,
        That’s her job, but unfortuntely, the objective will not be accomplished… and I am all the way here seeing how fruastrted she is and going to be forever…..

        1. The war question? if you are speaking of collateral damages, well they occur, but a properly trained fighting force seeks to prevent them. When they occur, actions are taken to prevent future occurrences. Many of the loss of lives in Liberia could have been prevented. Yea, there are times that rockets might go astray and might land on homes or shrapnel and other flying debris hit civilians. Those deaths are understood as mistakes and unfortunate. But, when checkpoints are set up and people are pulled from the lines because they are Krahn, Mandingo or some other ethnic group, this is not the expectation from war (these are expectation of barbarians and social ill-fates). Dissecting a pregnant lady to determine the sex of the child (for a worthless $5.00LD) you considered this collateral damage or expectation from war? When someone is pulled aside because he/she is either very dark or nervous (then they are accused of being enemy) and he/she is beheaded, you call this war? When rebels tell you, my “zakay” tells me you are Krahn and murders, you justify this as OK? When girls are gang raped, and used as sex slaves, forcing some of them to become mothers of children that they despise the biological father–this is war. When my friend was killed because in his yard for coconut–Noko5 this you call war? When people are killed in front of their home because Charles Taylor now owns everything (as they said), frankly how do you reconcile your conscious with your statement? When rebels like Roland Duo build on other property, I guess you think loot is right? I am Americo-Liberia–Congo (of course none of us is pure, but have no Gio, Mano, Krahn, or Mandingo lineage), when I was asked to step away from my parents (because the “bastard” named “Chesco” on Duport Road thinks his zakay told him I am krahn and wanted preparing to “behead” me–and you say this is war? When someone is terrorized and asked to laugh while love ones are being murdered, or coming across checkpoints where human skull and intestine are used–Noko5 this is war? Having kids kill and cannibalize human beings, man! You think that what war is? Let me make it clear that these activities were not exclusive to the NPFL. This is more reason we need to prosecute these “animals” the atrocities are just too many to slide…250,000 people or 10% of our population at the time.

          My brother, this is war, when soldiers or rebels are killed on the frontlines (not killed after captured). When you respect civilians and understand that to successfully achieve peace one has to win the minds and hearts of the people. War is not what you consider looting and killing the innocent.

  6. A pattern??? I hope she addresses the charges also…..reading into the record of what happened is fine but what is the realationship to the charges??

  7. Ms. Hollis, will this line of questioning and statement eventually be linked to Sierra Leonne? This is the SCSL, not the Special Court of Liberia. Sitting here curiously wondering how the Prosecution will link this to the RUF.

  8. This is a BS. The atrocities committed in the Liberia, is nothing compare to what happen in Sierra Leone. Yes in war people get killed unintentionally, people died from starvations, lack of health care and other basic necessities. But the amputation of arms and legs as it was in the case of Sierra Leone, was intentional, cowardly, and a disgrace to humanity. Interestingly, there is pattern in the then NPFL or in entire Liberia civil conflict.

    If were to go to Liberia, you may see amputees; but I guarantee you; their amputations were results of medication decisions to save their lives and not a psychopathic method of inducing fear and control over helpless and unarmed civilians as it was the case of Sierra Leone. In my opinion can only be compared to the atrocity committed against the Jews by the NAZI in WWII. And like the NAZI, those Sierra Leonean responsible should be prosecuted not President CGT.

    It is just dumb for anyone to believe that Charles Taylor made the RUF to commit these crimes against their own people. These were grown ass men and not thirteen year olds. I hope justice will prevail.

    1. While some would like to argue that there is no connect with attrocities committed in Liberia and that of SL (I argued that earlier also). One has to be mindful that if the prosection is to link CT to crimes in SL it has to show that crimes against humanity were committed in Liberia by NPFL like massacres, rape, sex slaves; they all happened in Liberia. Also, the prosecution is trying to established that since most of these crimes committed in Liberia went unpunnished, its esculation was inevitable. See, it starts with looting, then raping then killing—notice esculation here. So that’s what the prosecution is going. So NPFL didn’t hack hands in Liberia, but unchecked and unprosecuted actions has no limits, as exhibited in SL.

      Some of us might not agree with the premise of the trial or the prosecution actions, but this is good lesson in judicial tolerance.

  9. The prosecution in this case are about to shoot themselves in the foot!!!! In trying to establish a consistent pattern of attrocities between the NPFL and the RUF, they have refered to documents showing continued hostilities between the various warring factions in Liberia until before the elections in 1997. the question now is: in the light of the documentry evidence refered to today by the prosection of continued hostilities in Liberia before the elections in 1997 how then is it possible for Mr Taylor to send arms through enemy (ULIMO K & J) lines to the the RUF in Siera Leone as claimed by the prosecution? Fallah, Ms Teage and Co could you provide an answer PLEASE!!!

  10. Noko4, Noko5, andrew jalay, Helen, Joe, Tracy and all lovers of true justice, I need your help right now in order to ease my mind. I’m getting confuse if not frustrated, anytime Mr. Taylor put up a challenge to Ms Hills to present prove to whatever she is accusing Mr. Taylor and the NPFL of doing, we usually hear her say the prove will come later. Is it that the prosecution is gathering new evidence to add up to those that have already been presented in this court? Someone please help me. As for the Catholic nuns, I think Ms Hills need to read the Liberian TRC reports to get a clearer picture.


    Harris K Johnson

    1. Harris,

      As law abiding citizens, we will be patient and wait for to provide the proof in due course. As a lawyer, she should be dear to her words, if she is not, we will hold her responsible.

    2. Harris,

      Please provide us a portion of the TRC report that accounts Sis Shirley’s murder as presented by TRC witnesses. I have a link that tells that they were raped and killed…how brutally savage is this. Good ladies devoted their lives to education and helping Liberian and they are raped and murdered—Gosh! This is totally inexcusable and unimaginably indefensible.

      Maybe we need to put a face to the crime to humanize the victim. Attached is an article about the case (pic included of these dear ladies).

      1. Harris…

        FYI here is a clip from TRC testimony on the nuns’ murder….the link above will send you there….

        “But Morris Padmore,a former general of the rebel faction, has told the TRC hearing yesterday that NPFL rebel forces, were responsible for the killing of the Catholic nuns in the Barnerville area. he told the TRC public hearings that the sisters were ordered to be raped on the command of Gen. Christopher “Mosquito” Vambo, who was in charge of the octopus operation in 1992. After the rape, they were later killed with many fighters, thrusting sticks and other objects into their private parts and stomachs.”

        1. bnker,
          I am going to talk to Christopher Vambo and find out his side of the story and I am 100% sure he will tell me who was in charge of the Iron factory area during the operation octopus in 1992. He will tell me and I will also talk to Padmore as well. I am not saying he didn’t but I will investigate and find out the true involve!

          I do have a family connections with these people; that’s both Padmore and Vambo. If you want to know the family connection, I can tell you. I am getting marry to one of the late John Vambo daughters soon and I am very close to the entire family and Chrisopher Vambo happened to be John Vambo brother, infact, I just talked to him from Iraq here yesterday.

          And for the Padmore, Rebecca, Victor, Isaac, Morris and David Padmore are my grand uncle children from the Bensonville area! But that’s not the Issue here, I wonder how NPFL fighters will choose to killed the nuns and decide to care for the children they the nuns were caring for? How is that ECOMOG didn’t protect the nuns from the rebels? I think there should be a real investigation into the Killing of the nuns!

        2. bnker,

          if you think Morris Padmore statement is credible, than you should consider every other statement made to the TRC as credible and believable. Do not cherry pick the various statements to advance your hidden agenda. However, you should not only believe that statement, but also believe all of the statements or at least, one of the statements which says, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was seen wearing Military Uniform in Gbanbga, an NPFL control area during the heat of the war.
          bnker, if you want to base your agument on the TRC report, than join us in advocating for the full implementation of the report; and refrain from being a political ventroliquist. Notwithstanding, let me make it very clear to you and world. Joining us for the implementation of the TRC final report should not be done after the death of the 72 years old President. It should be while she is still alive and in the position of authority.

    3. Harris,
      I would have prefer her saying more lies will come later; Think about this strategicly, don’t you think they have or are putting up their best??? Why wait later when it is about time.. I want to believe, if this lady went to college,she did time management. Time management, is a freshman begaining humanity. Doesn’t she knows that time waits for no man??Harris, you know what, that damn lady got notthing any where substantial to be brougt up later. That is just one of the TV SHOWS. FOUR ONE NINE!!! …just watch…

  11. Look People, Ms Hollis needs to stop making fool of the Sierra Leonean People by making them to feel that she’s working in their interest here. On the issue of the cotonou peace agreement, the ceasefire was not honor by ECOMOG and the IGNU because they allowed ULIMO fighters to be trained in Guinea and air lifted to Monrovia and the same time the Guinean ECOMOG was fighting NPFL at night in portriver after the signing of the peace agreement.

    If anyone here don’t believed this, they can contact pastor Peter Conto of MISSION FOR TODAY HOLY CHURCH IN NEW KRU TOWN, he will tell you more about it. As I have said over and over again that anything I say on here, I stand for it and it can be proven!

    Now ECCOMOG did dress ULIMO fighters in their ( ECOMMOG) uniforms and transported them from the Sierra Leonean border all the way to the ST. Paul bridge, as the results, ULIMO was able to capture from the Sierra Leonean border, Cape Mount, Bomi down to Monrovia in 2 days time because the other ULIMO fighters who were airlifted from Guinea did join their buddies from Sierra Leone by fighting from Monrovia!

    Winston Young, Moses Parker who is now in the US and one Moses Fully were among the group that were dressed up in ECOMOG uniform from the Sierra Leonean dorder and drop along the way to Monrovia.

    I think Ms. Hollis making a bigh Mistake here by saying that NPFL was the faction that broke the ceasefire and started attacking towns when infact NPFL was controlling about 90 plus percent of the country.

    After ULIMO capture from the Sierra Leonean border to Monrovia in 2 days with the help of ECOMOG and the other ULIMO fighters who were station in Monrovia, Mr. Taylor came on air and told the Liberian people that, since ULIMO is now base in Monrovia and attacking NPFL position from Monrovia, NPFL was going to fight them (ULIMO) where ever they are in Monrovia because was not to be used as a staging point for any faction to fight another.

    So this was not any secret at all to the Liberian people, so why is it now an issues in this misleading case?

  12. Noko4 and Noke5,
    Your Papay has become a specialist at “I don’t know” and “could probably be true.” What is happening to the Papay that we were told is so brilliant at answering questions? Is there anything like a Liberian being a dual citizen? How can the former President of a country not be aware of this fundamental information? He even doesn’t know the name of his last finance minister?
    Nokos, are there any new excuses for this?

    1. Big Joe,

      Are you confused. Did Taylor not say that Eli Sidibay, nathaniel barnes and charles bright were his finance ministers? This is law, if Mr. Taylor is not aware of the prosecution’s assertions, he is not aware. Do not forget, this is not Mr. Taylor’ testimony, it is the defense introduction of issues and requesting taylor concurrence. if he is cannot recollect, prove to me that that is criminal.

    2. Hey big joe, where are you from? so you don´t know about dual citizenship in liberia? Let me remind you.The former police director who worked in the us. look, the government of ellen has alot of them with this dual stuff. I followed the trial. there was never a time taylor didn´t know his last finance minister name. You lie there! Iam presently following it now. Prosecution is just wasting people time. What is this?


  14. It seems a like the prosecution team has no juice to present in their cross examination of Mr. Taylor. I was watching the trail yesterday and found it very odd that Ms. Hollis focus was on asking Mr. Taylor about UNIMIL and ECOMOG troop level and who pay for Taylor’s living when he moved to monrovia in 1995.

    I hope there is a strategy being formulated by this prosecutor. It seems like they are trying to make the trial about Liberia now because there is no prove to substantiate their claim in Sierra Leone (SL) . Tracy, isn’t this case suppose to be about establishing facts that Mr. Taylor had direct control over the crimes committed in SL? Just asking for your legal thoughts on this..

    1. Hi Fassa — I’m not sure if I have seen you on this site before — so welcome! Glad you have joined the conversation.

      You are right: This trial is indeed about establishing Mr. Taylor’s alleged responsibility for the RUF’s crimes in Sierra Leone, either through aiding and abetting them, through command responsibility (that is, that he was in a position of control over the RUF and was in a position to know, or should have known, that the RUF committed or were about to commit crimes, and as such, failed to prevent or punish those crimes) or through his alleged involvement in a joint criminal plan to install a friendly goverment in Sierra Leone to exploit its natural resources, and which involved the commission of international crimes.

      This phase of the trial – the cross-examination of Mr. Taylor — is also about testing the truthfulness, accuracy and credibility of Mr. Taylor’s own testimony. If I can roughly summarize the main narrative of Mr. Taylor’s testimony, it was basically that Mr. Taylor was not a warmonger but a peacemaker whose actions in Sierra Leone were aimed at achieving peace and done with the blessing of other West African leaders.

      When I asked Alpha about yesterday’s testimony, he said that while Ms. Hollis didn’t describe explicitly what she was trying to achieve when going through the documents, he was left with the impression that Ms. Hollis was trying to demonstrate that Mr. Taylor had a history in creating and perpetuating conflict in the West African region, and that he was not a man of peace. In her efforts yesterday, it appeared to Alpha that she was trying to set the stage for this argument but first establishing Mr. Taylor’s and the NPFL’s alleged role in attacks in Liberia against civilians and peacekeepers — and then that Mr. Taylor and the NPFL effectively ignored repeated condemnation of those attacks by the international community — as a way of the moving on, at a later stage in upcoming cross-examination, to demonstrate that the patterns of the NPFL in Liberia and RUF in Sierra Leone were consistent, and that Mr. Taylor was not (contrary to his testimony in his own defense) a man that was interested in peace.

      That said, Ms. Hollis did not make explicit the exact reason why she was going through the statements and communiques yesterday. I am sure we will have more clarity as the week moves forward and we get more reports from Alpha.

      Hope this helps for now.


      1. Tracey and Alpha,

        I agreed with you both about the prosecutor strategies; however, we’re all eagerly awaiting the silver bullet. As far as others and I are concerned the prosecutor has presented their case and finished, this is the Defense time. We haven’t seen any link yet besides third party Hear-say. Honestly I expected more e.g. show me account(s) that was setup for payment of arms to RUF, show me actual communications between Taylor and RUF about Arms and support, show me how those alleged Diamond was sold by Taylor, who bought them, who exchange those alleged diamonds for guns and who transported them to the RUF apart from this so-called one (1) time pick-up truck and chopper transportation that I expect the defense to counter with a more potent witness. What happen to all those billions as alleged. There are so many un-answer questions, and I believed many western folksobservers including you Tracey thought this was a slam dunk against Taylor, Not surprising because I thought the same too and I m not western. Everyone thought the prosecutor had this heavy evidence that could’ve seal this case at the conclusion of the prosecution case; well, we didn’t see nothing and this is the defense time so don’t expect anything from the prosecutor besides the obvious, already mention so-called they-say and hear-say evidence.

        I can sense the strategies Ms Hollis is deploying, and so far there have been no contradictions from Taylor. Taylor is smart enough to know where the prosecutor is alluding to. This trial is a waste of OUR tax dollars, because we’re paying for it to stay afloat and prosecuting the wrong man. Those principal corporate that mastermind, implemented, and chop-off innocent Sierra Leonean legs and hands needs to all face Justice. Honestly, how could Sierra Leonean be so wicked to their own people this way?

        1. Grebo — thanks for your comment. Just to clarify from my perspective: as a monitor, I am not looking for whether the trial is a “slam dunk” for either the prosecution or the defense. I am interested in ensuring that the trial is covered daily and accurately, that it is a fair trial according to international standards, and that there is an opportunity for everyone following the trial through this site to express their opinion about the case and to debate the issues raised by the trial.

      2. Tracey,
        I have no qualm what Alpha said about strategies of the Prosecutions. However, I do not see how it will test or impeach the truthfulness, accuracy and credibility of Mr. Taylor’s own testimony.

        Mr. Taylor’s Defense said he was not a warmonger but a peacemaker. His actions in Sierra Leone were to achieving peace and done with the approval of ECOWAS. He was not arming, controlling or directing the RUF in some kind of joint enterprise to gain Sierra Leone recourses for himself during the timeline of the indictment. The Defense has never disputed which they said will not at beginning of the trial, the RUF and other rebel group including the Government of Sierra Leone atrocities against the civilian population of Sierra Leone or their trading in diamonds for arm.

        Those peace agreement the Prosecution are presenting are showing that Mr. Taylor only started one conflict in West Africa and that was in Liberia, which he admitted to and gave his reasons. The Prosecution has not produced any evidence that link Mr. Taylor to starting any war or conflict in any other West Africa country other then Liberia. Where is a pattern that Mr. Taylor was creating and perpetuating conflict in the West African region?

        The NPFL was not the only group fighting for control in Liberia. There was several group including the then GOL who were just as deadly, attack civilians, peacekeepers and effectively ignored repeated condemnation of their attacks by the international community. If you look at other wars around the world, those events happen. These are pattren, regular events and results of war. The Prosecution can not prove these events only happen in Liberia and Sierra Leone war and not during other counties war? Mr. Taylor and the other rebel groups in Liberia did sign those agreements and peace did happen in Liberia.

      3. Tracey,
        Could you ask Alpha what part of the documents Ms. Hollis read that left him with the impression that “Ms. Hollis was trying to demonstrate that Mr. Taylor had a history in creating and perpetuating conflict in the West African region and he was not a man of peace.”

        I am oblivious of the Prosecution producing documents that would link or suggest Mr. Taylor to starting any war or conflict in any other West Africa country other then Liberia. Where is a pattern that Mr. Taylor was creating and perpetuating conflict in the West African region?

  15. Fallah Menjor,
    I’m very surprise at how much Ms. Hollis knows about Liberia. Whenever she pause for awhile just know that Taylor has just lie about an obvious and open fact.

    1. Big joe,
      Sorry but Fallah had to take his tylenol today he’s not going to be around . You saw how we tore him apart ysterday right???????

    2. NO! she try to fine a way to ask unnecessary questions that doesn´t relate to the trial.I know that david crane would have try better then this lady who is not doing her job

  16. Excellent strategy by the prosecutor, show the court that Mr. Taylor has a pattern of distroying everything he’s touches and a taste for war, he can’t get enough. And Taylor on the other hand has an excuse for everything, I guest his thugs were holy and very civilized durign the war, NOT, just kids who he had no control over.

    He got way over his head when American lives got endangered, he should’ve took a page out of the book of former warlords (Saddam, Noriega, Doe, etc ) who had American support at one point but took the wrong route.

    There is a saying, don’t bite the hands that feed you. But hey, what do I know, just a another man who wanted power, so he lied to the people that he just wanted Doe out of office and had no intentions of being president but when he smell the coffee it was too strong and sweet to let go, so he change his mind and took the wrong route.

  17. Hey

    Ms Hollis why all of your document are not in order? Everyday you will prove your allegation later. I know from experience when you are crossing you should have all your needed evidence with you to prove your claim, and to present it at that moment as evidence. And not wait for a later date to add it on simple.

    I am suggesting that you do not have the relevant document to proof your allegation. and the reason is that you base you case around lies.

    Mr. Taylor understand your tactics you want to prove that he is not credible this is not credibility contest here it is about proving that Mr.Taylor provided arms and ammunition for the rebels in Sierra Leone.

    Remember no Link was establish between Mr.Taylor and the R.U.F we got witnesses statements that fail to prove those allegation.

    So let see my Dear play the magic.



  18. Well ,
    He does not have twenty master degrees, but he performed like a guy with three PHDs . Can any of the opponents charlenge that???? I think Brenda Holis need a tutorial,or another higher level law degree to keep up this contract. Ghanky is giving her the spanky..oh my god!!!!

  19. What a day…….really Ms. Hollis be thinking whatelse do I have to do to BREAK him down. What the noise about “THE CAMERA”??? She kept stressing like it was THAT CAMERA that was the issue of the intelligence message…..the man was told, WATCH OUT..period. Totally a WASTE of the court time…..she needs to start dealing with the charges!!!!

    I trick I see is to put him on trial for the Liberian wars….something that has ZERO to do with WHY he’s in the Hague….

    1. 04,
      you are very right. They are trying him under digguise for the liberian war. There is nothing else in the pipe anymore about Sierraleone… what a mess

  20. I have been following this trial for sometime. First, let me say that I have not formed a personal opinon as to whether or not I believe Charles Taylor is guility of the crimes of which he stands accused. I do believe the West does use leaders of developing countries to carry out their bidding and then when the heat is on and the western powers are about to be exposed they then hang those leaders out to dry. However, the evidence of attrocities committed in Liberia while Mr. Taylor was coming to power and the intimidation of the people of Liberia, pilliging and kleptocracy of that country’s resources after his election cannot be ignorned.

    I am simply watching to see if Justice will indeed be served in The Hague. I fail to see how continuously questioning Mr. Taylor about NPFL activities in Liberia will establish a causal nexus for his involvement with the RUF in Sierra Lione. His alleged activity in Sierra Lione is what this is about. I realize they mean to establish habit or a pattern of behavior but the types of things that occured during the Liberian Civil War are occuring in Darfur, Congo, Zimbabwe….So, can we link Mugabe to the RUF as well? Thats the leap the prosecution is making by trying to introduce Taylors pattern of behavior as evidence. They need more concrete evidence than what they have pur fourth. The prosecutions presentation has been sloppy at worst and mediocre at best. During the prosecution phase of the trial they put up witness after witness with missing limbs, etc. and individuals who testified to recieved orders from Taylor but its all heresay. I realize heresay evidence is allowed in this tribunal but heresay evidence is questionable. People lie for their own benefit and sometimes they simply don’t remember things accurately. I don’t think its fair and just to lock Taylor away for life based on this type of evidence.

    If Taylor is guilty of the atrocities in Sierra Lione I say lock him away forever but the eyes or the world are on this tribunal right now. If he is found guilty based on the evidence the prosecution has put fourth thus far, it will be for political reasons…Not, because the evidence proved him guilty. If that should happen this court risks loosing credibility around the world. The prosecution needs to shape up, and quickly!

    1. Hi Nika1913 — welcome. I don’t think I have seen a comment from you before and I’m glad you have joined our converstaion here. You have raised intersting points that I think other readers have questiosn about as well.

      The issue of hearsay is a big question in people’s minds — you are right it is allowed by the Special Court and the judges will ultimately determine the weight and credibility they attach to this, like all other, forms of evidence which comes before them in teh trial. But we will try to get a law professor to write a little more about hearsay on this site so readers have an opportunity to discuss their thougths about it in a little more depth.

      Welcome again NIka1913 — good to have you with us here in the discussion.


      1. Tracey,
        Please try and get some expert commentary. Preferable Professor Scharf I believe his name is from Case Western Reserve. Remember according to David Crane it was Professor Scharf and a bunch of his students who wrote the opinion stating that Charles Taylor has head of state did not enjoy immunity from prosecution. Based on this opinion he indicted Mr.Taylor. This shows the complete arrogance of the West towards Africa. Can you imagine that David Crane had the nerve to admit a teacher and his students were the legal basis of him being able to indict a sitting president.

      2. Hmm Tracy,

        Remember you made this promise about a commentary on hearsay ages ago? Well i will remain on a ‘temporary sabbatical’ on this site as per writing comments untill that promise is fulfilled! Back to full-time study!


        1. Sylvanus — thanks for your timely reminder. I hope you rejoin us soon, and we will take your reminder as a challenge to try to get commentary soon.

      3. I understand that the court will weigh all the evidence and make its decision on what’s credible or not. It just seems to me that Taylor has already been convicted by the media. The Judges are called to be unbiased but they are human. If they have seen any of the (numerous) news reports regarding CT and the attrocities he is supposedly responsable for in Liberia or Sierra Leone Im sure some of that is in the back of their minds. Not to mention the pressure they are under from the international community and western powers to convict…This is a criminal case but also a political one.

        My point, I think the court should reconsider allowing heresay evidence in this case and all cases tried before this court in the future. They should stick to probative evidence—that evidence which goes to the heart of the matter and tends to prove an allegation true, or not true. That type of evidence would almost never be heresay evidence because its not reliable enough. That would take care of any potential bias and ensure proper judicial proceedings.

    2. Nika1913,
      Iwant to welcome you first of all, and thank you for being very very objective. This is the wisdom some of our brothers and sisters on this site just don’t have. A lot of them want taylor punished because of their personal hate for the man and not the crime he is accused of if found guilty. And that is pure,pure craziness…… God will not allow that..Proove your case, that is all we ask….

  21. Ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor admits working with U.S. intelligence when he was a Rebel Leader, a relationship which he disclosed, continued even after he (Taylor) was elected President. Now that he on trial in the Hague for his supports of RUF, Mr. Taylor now blames the U.S. for his demise…citing racism. The question I’d like answered is, when the United States worked with Rebel Leader & President of Liberia, did the U.S. practiced racism towards the ex-president?

    Another thing regrading Taylor’s compliants of ”white racism”, the ex-president recently said that he saw no problem with his rebel groups using real human skulls as road blocks. Now, how many leaders in the civilized world today, would allow real human skulls to be used as roadblocks?

    TO NOKO4: Read what Mr. John Thompson said above: the Prosecutors are establishing, for the record, a pattern of behavior. What Taylor brought to Liberia, is what he was trying to spill over into Sierra Leone. Notice that nowhere in any of Mr. Taylor’s comments, has he admitting to any wrong doing whatsoever!! He has come up with excuses for everything, and had just about blamed everyone else for everything. The ex-president sees himself as a victim…period. The prosecutors have to establish otherwise. Mr. Taylor spent weeks, if not months under friendly direct examination, so just give the prosecutors time, Sir.

    1. Mr. Worst nightmare,
      Please, please,please let us know how would behavior patern link Mr. Taylor to what went on in sierraleone??? TOTAL< TOTAL TOTAL NONESENCE .This team of prosecution is obliged to proof her case period .. The judges are very sound and will not find mr. Taylor guilty on speculations…OK!!!!!!

    2. ha ha ha ha…..Nightmare,
      If you don’t know much of this trial, I ask that you take off time to read the TRANSCRIPTS. Yes, he did admit NOT wrongs but his relationship with RUF….again, that was early ’90.

      If you also read the transcripts, NPFL wrote the State Dept of the US telling her it’s goals. I will want to believe from that point, the US got interested given who was the point person, Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf. So NPFL was in contact with the CIA in early ’90’s. I believe it broke off when she wanted NPFL to be her puppet.

      When he became President, there is a standing relationship between both gov’ts to share intelligence and that was what was going on…..Please know the difference between Taylor having relationship with CIA and the Liberian gov’t in partnership with the US.

      As for “skulls” been placed along the roadsides, he said he saw no problem…most people didn’t either. I personally don’t see the noise given me been a member of the Masonic Craft….he saw them as SYMBOLS. Was looking at them along the roadside SCARY to others…..YES!!!!

      She MAYBE building a “PATTERN” but to where??? These charges got ZERO to do with his days with NPFL. Again, the MANDATE of this court is from Nov 30 ’96 forward; so it will be HELPFUL to/for her if she starts from that point. But she cannot do much because he provided DOCUMENTS to blow away the MANY HEARSAYS she used as evidences.

      So to pitch STRIKE OUTS on his credibility, she at times read from here and there….I say GOOD LUCK

    3. Noko4’s Worst Nightmare,

      was it President Taylor pattern of behavior that took Foday Sankor and Ali kabba to Libya for trainig with the obvious intent to destabilize their homeland, Sierra Leone? Remember now, being surrounded with the hatch reality that Sierra Leoneans were already training in Libya, way before President Taylor trip to Libya, can you hold him responsible? How can that be attributed as a pattern of behavior of President Taylor when Sierra Leoneans were involved in making trouble for their own people before the name Taylor was ever surfaced..

      Speaking about pattern of behavior, you guys are the ones that have that pattern of behavior in contriving and concocting lies to replace exuses. For example: it was the same pattern of behavior in providing excuses by the side you are on, when President Taylor was overwhelmingly voted for in 1997. So you guys are guilty of the pattern of behavior you are trying so hard to label him with. Notwithstandind, the side you are supporting said, it was because of fear, that made we the people to have voted for him. In order words, the prosecution’s statement of President Taylor leading a revolution in liberia, therefore, he must have supported the atrocities in Sierra Leone, is a reminiscent of that pattern of behavior that was demonstrated in 1997 by the side you are on. However, this is a parity again of the past. instead of providing concrete evidence to prove your case, you have reverted to your same old “pattern of behavior” again of finding excuses while this innocent man should be hammered.

      Noko4 Wost Nightmare, your refusal to provide proofs to prove your flaw and weak case, will not go unchallenged and unmatched. Try again

      1. Jose, you just hit the right note. You know , I am beginning to think that this prosecutor was set up by her superior to fail because all she is doing is reading from a script and not doing an independent critical thought process. Imagine her proposition that Ali Kaba was an ideological person and was never interested in military combat to removed the government of SL. If this prosecutor seriously believes that Ali Kaba was not interested in using violence or war to removed the government of SL. Then what was he doing in Liyba with military matters? Why Ali Kaba could not stay in SL and preached his ideology to change the government or better still why Ali Kaba could not leave Libya to preached his ideology?

        Like Taylor would say, this prosecutor is living in a blantant fantasy, she’s in a pure utopia all by herself. “TOTAL NONSENSE!”

    4. NOKO4 worst night mare,

      Taylor is a barbaric man!! He was confronted about cannabalism displayed by his boys NPFL, the video is on youtube done by “jouneyman pictures” so no one on here can say it’s a lie, Taylor response to the knowledge that his boys were participating in cannibalistic acts he said that “war is not civilized”. And Taylor wants to act like a saint. I say it and I say it again. People keep saying about Ms. Hollis why is she talking about Liberia, she has a strategy, she wants to show people what Taylor is capable of. He had no problem with his boys cutting a human heart from their chest and eating it, and he had no problem using a human skull at check points and on his truck.
      This is the true Taylor. He thought he got away with murder in Liberia and went over to Sierra Leone, but his luck has run out!!!!!!!!

  22. The questions Miss Holli is asking, has nothing to with Sierra Leone.
    If and only, if the prosecution is trying this case base on what happen in Lib, they should have made it known to the world.
    but since the cross examination started, the prosecution ask few question on the RUF and Sam Bokarie.
    What the heck “THE’ camera have to do with this case? this lady is really causing good listeners loose interest in this case.
    So John Thompson & Big Joe PLEASE open your EYES & EARS to this prosecutor, she repeating the same questions over and over. We can understand that she’s old, but if things is that hard for her let jump the ship like Caine and Repp


    1. Eye,
      She is buying time on the ruling of her petition. Her whole case has come down to CREDIBILITY. She brought us HEARSAYS, he provided us DOCUMENTS, so her goal now is firstly, make him the POINT MAN for RUF during negotiations. The PARDON CLAUSE section two


      1. In order to bring lasting peace to Sierra Leone, the Government of Sierra Leone shall take appropriate legal steps to grant Corporal Foday Sankoh absolute and free pardon.

      2. After the signing of the present Agreement, the Government of Sierra Leone shall also grant absolute and free pardon and reprieve to all combatants and collaborators in respect of anything done by them in pursuit of their objectives, up to the time of the signing of the present Agreement.

      3. To consolidate the peace and promote the cause of national reconciliation, the Government of Sierra Leone shall ensure that no official or judicial action is taken against any member of the RUF/SL, ex-AFRC, ex-SLA or CDF in respect of anything done by them in pursuit of their objectives as members of those organisations, since March 1991, up to the time of the signing of the present Agreement. In addition, legislative and other measures necessary to guarantee immunity to former combatants, exiles and other persons, currently outside the country for reasons related to the armed conflict shall be adopted ensuring the full exercise of their civil and political rights, with a view to their reintegration within a framework of full legality.

  23. The prosecution is doing a great job.
    Be mindful, this is a fellow that prepared well for this day. He knew it was coming. Since he has denied everything, he has to keep denying. This is the thing about lying, when you tell one, you have to tell another one to support the first one and it keeps going on and on.
    It is so funny how Mr. Taylor’s memory was very sharp when he was doing his direct examination. Now, he needs help with everything.
    The prosecution is doing a surperb job laying the foundation for all of the charges against Mr. Taylor. They are showing him as a very wicked person, one who lies to accomplish his plans, one who is recalcitrant, stubborn, overly ambitious, who was deeply involved with his friends and brothers Koroma and Sankoh and his son Bokarie in their efforts in Sierra Leone. Like many liars, he remembers what he want s to remember and forgets what he wants to forget.
    When the prosecution witnesses were testifying and mixing up information, they were all lying. Now my man, himself is up and he is putting his drive way outside his fence instead of inside the fence.
    He had letters and memos and notes of meetings that he held as peacemaker and point man on the crisis in Sierra Leone, but never kept a sentence of all of his meetings with Sam Bokarie. This is not strange and no one should be surprised. Mr. Taylor did not want anyone to know what he and Bokarie discussed.
    If Mr. Taylor is found not guilty, it will be based on technicalities, but the majority of Liberians and Sierra Leoneans know better. I believe that he is guilty and this will be the verdict.

    1. Sansee,

      I do not see in what tway the prosecution is doing a good job. Do you consider her constant reference to every little detail that no normal person is able to recall after such an extended period of time to be evidence of her doing a good job? Then I beg yto differ. She is basically trying to confuse the man and in many cases confuses herself. The man would clearly state something and then she would say you just said and quote the exact opposite. That is a child’s game. Fortunately Taylor is sharp enough to pick up on her intentional attempt to mislead and confuse him. Bravo Taylor you are on top of your game!

      Now regarding Taylor keeping record of his meeting with Bokarie, does that make any sense to you? Where in the world would a President be having a meeting a delegation and at the same time taking notes of the meeting? This does not happen my dear. There are a lot of close doors meeting and negotiation held that are not recorded and even if they are recorded are not done so by the President. Don’t you know this?

      Do you people hat this man so much that you throw all reason to the wind? because it is Taylor so there should be a different standard?

      Why is she dwelling so much on issues of Liberia to the minutest details which have no real relevance. She does not know what to really ask and how to deal with the fact that their case has been dismally presented.

      Sorry Big Joe, Fallah, Sansee and John Thompson, the prosecution has not juice as stated by Fassah. She is disorganised and grasping at straws. Dismal perfromance in my books.

  24. Wait for a moment here; The Judges would over rule Ms Hollis’ presentations if they thought it ilrelevant! Because her focus for the moment does not exclude the pattern of lies and deceptions known to be a trade mark of this guy! Besides, this trial is not about rally on what people think it should be about; rather on justice for those who died mercilessly due to this psychopatic greed for power and wealth! That is what we are focus on here.
    Those who think this is wrong should study laws and return to help the Justice System of Afrcica or leave , alone, those who know law and are career lawyers! Period!

    1. Fallah,
      Some of us have fortunately studied law and not just law but international Law and can categorically say that this is a joke. She is grabbing at straw and not dealing with the substance of the case. She seems to be more intent on gathering intelligence information for perhaps some ulterior intention.

      Ms Hollis also appears to not have her things in order and is jumping all over the place from one event to another which makes it difficult to follow what she is trying to get at. She therefore comes off appearing disorganised. This could possibly be her strategy but it surely makes her look sloppy. Sorry!

      1. Go and represent Taylor Helen! You see, you may not even be Helen, because we know taylor’s Proppaganda Michinery! we are seasoned politician here helen! you can say what you want to say but do not expect to be spared by our scrutiny because you’er a sister or mother! We owe you no apologies when you come in surpport of this monster! Do you know what family members he wiped from the face of the earth of some of us on this site? Come on we will not let taylor sleep no more! jfallahmenjor

        1. Fallah,
          If she is not Helen, than who she is? Please answer this simple question. Since you know her not to be who she claims to be. Secondly, President Taylor is being well represented by his entire defense team exceptionally well. And we trust the work and judgement of the defense team. Therefore, it will be a waste of time and resources if she goes there. Besides, we don’t know if she has interest or not. Notwithstanding, we don’t need any addition or subtraction.

          However, according to you, he wiped out some of your family members. Just out of curiosity, what is the national origin of you and your family members and other family members murdered by President Taylor? If it is from Liberia, than, I will remind you, that Taylor is not on trial for Liberia. If it is from Sierra Leone, than, it means, you have been very dishonest in your national identity. Because all along you claimed to be from Liberia. Fallah, I will help you here critically analyzed the assertion of your family members being wiped out by this self described “monster.” Lets assumed that you are a Liberia or any other nationality but Sierra Leone. It is possible that your murdered family may have gone to Sierra Leone, or perhaps lived there. Unfortunately, they got killed. However, given all of the atrocities committed by all sides in the war, how do you know for fact, that Taylor killed your people: when in fact, he was never seen or captured as an illegal enemy combant in Sierra Leone? Briefly explain to the world, the account leading to the death of your family members be it Liberians or Sierra Leoneans. Also, be very precise about place, dates and time, how, and why, were they killed.

          1. Hi Jose — please remember: you are welcome to ask, but no other reader is under any obligation to reveal any personal information about themselves on this site.

            We will keep the discussion focused on the issues emerging in the trial, right?


      2. you know Helen I quite agree with you she seems to be interogating Mr Taylor rather than cross examining him. she is obviously using the opportunity of this trial to gather intelligence information for her paymasters before she resigns since she has come to realise that she has no case.

  25. Dear Tracy, Since the beginning of Mr Taylor’s cross examination by the prosecutors, the summaries are coming online very late. Most often it’s done so late that we’ve to read it the next day. This website has been very helpful to us and has continue to be. I’m asking that you kindly consider my appeal and do the postings much early. Regards, Daniel.

    1. Hi Daniel — thanks for letting us know. We will continue to try our best to get summaries up as soon as we possibly can.

  26. I am so sick of people in here with their extra law degress or @ least they think they have one and with their opinion or their facts they have to present in here, not in the court.n In other words, wheteher we declare Charles Taylor a free man or accquit him in here, it really doesn’t matter. whether we make all these comments or not, the reality of this is the court doesn’t not need our help to convict or free Taylor. Who give us the power to tell if Taylor is lying or if the presecutor is telling the truth? Most people in here are either Taylor supporters and making all their smart comments and attacking others or vice versa. Everyone needs to relax and calm down and let the justice system takes it course. Whether we want Taylor a free man or not, this trial is far from been over. Another thing, this trial is not about liberia, so we liberian people need to keep our personal feeling for Taylor to ourselves, we are not in the 90’s anymore. The bottom line is that the court wouldn’t be needing our facts or opinion to convict or free this man. Is not that serious Liberian people, we have different issues going abroad or in Liberia to focus on other than Ms. Hollis being sloppy with her arguments or Taylor is tough and he’s going to walk away a free man. Time will tell, I have faith in the justice system and I will leave it up to them to render their verdict soon.

    1. SK,
      We don’t need your HELP….keep your ADVISE to yourself. We are commenting on what is happening and you got issue with it?? WHY??? How do you know that someone from that court is NOT reading this site?? Remember both the defense and prosecutor LEAD COUNSELS have been interviewed on here before…..don’t you think a SMART PERSON from court will come in to read???

      If you are new on here….take your time and also READ. There is NO one in here supporting or a supporter of Mr. Taylor, but simply watch, listening and reading the trial and giving our ONE CENT points of views.

    2. SK,
      If you are tire with our viws ,please oldmna, don’t turn on your computer.. PERIODE..If you do not know, this site is being used for the purpose intended…Also , I advice you to ask the moderators, why they created such site…ok!!! now SK, we got to move on. Don’t waste our time… What do you think about this case?????

  27. Well,if a man could be so brave to employ mayhem in his only country of birth to assume political authority there,he must be brave to teach others to employ same cruel means to attain political popularity eleswhere out of his country.That’s why the court wants to know how Taylor led the NPFL in Liberia.It’s all as yet a matter of evaluating the consistency in Taylor’s use of violence rather than tacts to fulfill his ambition in Liberia before spreading his tentacles elsewhere to cause innocent Siera Leoneans untold grief.

  28. SK,

    It is unfortunate that you feel as you do; however this site was created for interested persons to discuss the case, its merits and our view of justice. It is therefore our perogative to voice our opinions. We are not doing this because we believe we can or are in a position to influence the outcome of the case. We are fully cognisant of the fact that this is a judges decision.

    The fact that the final decision rests with the Judges does not negate the fact that we as interested parties in Liberia and the diaspora have a moral duty to monitor and voice our opinions on the fairness and or credibility and validity of this process. It is an issue that is very emotive for both victims, and novictims as well as all stakeholders in the region as this is international law in the making and precedent set here will be used for years to come.

    So please if you do not agree with how we discuss things you have a right to suggest another way forward but not condemn our right to express our opinion and for that matter our views as spelt out herein.

    Thank you.

  29. Tracey,

    I commented yesterday and it still shows that it is awaiting approval….am I on a black list? Maybe this site has laser to shoot at me to give me cancer also (LOL)—Sorry, I just thought it was comical when I heard that today—it is so “Pokemon” like.

    1. Hi Bnker — I’m sorry for the delay but I was just in meetings all day today and only getting to all the approvals tonight. I promise if your comment meets our policy, it will be posted this evening. Apologies for the wait.

    2. Bnker,
      hahaha!!! you should actually be watching the nokos list to find your possition.. just so you know, you have already left the white. You are now in the grey area.. so just keep moving the direction you are moving and there will be no need to ask…

  30. Hi Tracey,

    In support of the issue brought out by Mr Daniel B. Ochidi about the recent late postings of the daily summaries for the past 3 days, I will like to add a little weight to his comment on the timings of your postings.

    Some readers find it rather unnecessary to deposite a comment when we are in fact into a next day with a new summary in the waiting.

    I appreciate your effort in this hard work but if you could go a little faster, it will give your readers and contributors to this forum more reasons to excel your results.

    1. Bartus — thanks for your comment. We will continue to try to get the postings up as fast as we can — I completely understand your frustration, but I hope you will understand that sometimes competing obligations makes it difficult to get the posting up as soon as we would otherwise like. But we will continue to try our best.

  31. I stand to be corrected. I thought that the cross-examination is to be center around crimes comitted in S.Leone but looks like they are dualing on what taylor did in Liberia not S. Leone.

  32. Jose,

    If you have time, this is what I suggest go to LU campus and talk to someone who is a legal expert in law— PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR! They use that in profiling to determine trend. Just like any field, historical trends helps to give a picture of future behavior. Let me try to give you things in its simplest terms…Take a man for example who marries times and all four dies mysteriously, if you are a detective, would you not then look into the deaths of the others to determine foul play? Lets say a cousin of your has “sticky fingers” (he rogue) and he visits you several times and things get missing, would not say because he’s stolen in the past or has a history of it, you can establish that he is your prime suspect–based on past patterns.

    I will not discuss this further with you, I find it difficult breaking this down any more.

  33. Jose…you must have a fascination with my thread…I guess your fascination didn’t take you to the posting when I commented on the recommendation of the TRC report. For you, I will go over it again. I said and continue to say, I am an advocate of war crime court in Liberia and the full implementation of the TRC report. Unlike, you and others, I see faults I mention it. I am not a blind loyalist of anyone (including Ellen). I also presented that I like candidates’ political platform and my leaning is independent. For some, Liberia equals personalities. For me nothing equal Liberia not Doe, CT, Ellen or any individual. Collective the 3.4M people of Liberia equals Liberia. So in a nutshell, I am a proponent of the TRC recommendations.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but if Ellen is to be band, so be it. There are others who are mentioned too, all warring factions leaders must be prosecuted fully too. Look, if strong legal or otherwise actions are not taken, what will discourage Mr. John Brown from trying something “stupid” like war or coup? So, I am in favor of TRC report recommendations…I think Andrew can attest to my stands to this.

    I tell you Jose, I have biological links to CT as mentioned and I want to see him prosecuted.Liberia and those who died don’t deserve that nothing happens to perpetrators. I don’t doubt Ellen’s support for the NPFL we all knew it was an open secret. Its bothersome that you all mention the death of people though its nothing…this is scary dude.

    So why do you think the TRC report confession of the murders of the nuns is a lie?

    So what’s your take on the TRC recommendation—?

  34. Jacone,

    Thanks for your contribution and congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I wish you the best!

    How sure are you that these individuals will tell you the truth, don’t you think they might consider it a trap to get them in trouble. Anyhow, I appreciate your contribution…..


    1. bnker,
      I’m very security minded and I am trained to get the true from people with out them even known but I am not doing it to get anyone into trouble instead to know what really happened!

      Like I did with my own cousin COL Morden War ( Sundayboy Davis), he was able to tell me how Sam Bockarie got killed and I posted a comment here when Fallah was asking and saying that Mr. Taylor order the Killing of Bockarie. And you know what? Just what he ( Sundayboy Davis) told me is what Mr. Taylor said in court word by word!
      I already talked to my fiance about it and she told me that Chris is mad that people believed that he order the killing of the nuns. He’s saying why will he do that when he was Catholic and still is today?

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