Liberian Rebels and Government Exchanged Information With The CIA, Taylor Says; Denied Influencing Witnesses

After his cross-examination got off to a stumble last week over the use of “new evidence,” Charles Taylor today admitted to prosecutors that he shared information with the spy agency of the same country he has accused of plotting his downfall: the United States. Mr. Taylor also dismissed as “nonsense” prosecution allegations that he has been misusing his phone privileges while in jail to try to influence testimony of his defense witnesses.

When court resumed this morning, the prosecution’s lead counsel Ms. Brenda Hollis indicated her team’s willingness to go ahead with Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination, having had more time to “rearrange strategies” after the court refused to allow the use of “new evidence” which had not been part of the prosecution’s case and was not raised in Mr. Taylor’s direct-examination. As the cross-examination proceeded, Mr. Taylor denied suggestions that he was an agent of the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He admitted, however, that his rebel group, the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), exchanged information with the CIA – a collaboration and exchange that continued into his presidency.

“The organization [NPFL] provided information to the CIA. The NPFL at the time did provide information to the CIA and there was information from the CIA to us too. There was exchange of information, mostly from between 1991-92,” Mr. Taylor said.

“The NPFL and the CIA exchanged information on certain operations. They were mostly internal to the Liberia operation,” he added.

Mr. Taylor explained that the collaboration with the CIA continued when he became president in 1997.

“The government of Liberia associated in so many ways in exchange of information with the CIA. Throughout my presidency, an agency of my government collaborated with the CIA,” the former president said.

Despite this previous collaboration with an agency of the United States, the accused former president has consistently accused the United States of plotting his downfall through support to rebel forces who fought to unseat him in Liberia, and his subsequent trial at the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Also in his cross-examination today, the prosecution accused Mr. Taylor of misusing his phone services in his Hague cell to influence prospective defense witnesses to tell lies in his favor. Mr. Taylor denied Ms. Hollis’ suggestion that he has been calling prospective defense witnesses in Sierra Leone and Liberia, telling them to “testify in a certain way” or promising to give them money if they travelled to The Hague and told lies in his favor. Mr. Taylor has been “misusing the privileged access lines,” Ms. Hollis suggested. Mr. Taylor denied these claims.

“I have never misused the privileged access lines. To the best of my knowledge, I have never been advised that I cannot use the privileged access lines to talk to prospective witnesses,” he said.

Mr. Taylor dismissed as “nonsense” Ms. Hollis’ suggestions that when he (Taylor) resigned as president of Liberia and sought asylum in Nigeria, West African leaders had to accompany him to Nigeria because they wanted to make sure that he got to where he was supposed to go.

“Maybe that is your assessment. Your assertion that I would have escaped to another country is totally nonsense,” he said.

Mr. Taylor agreed with Ms. Hollis that while in Nigeria, the host government imposed certain conditions on his asylum status — but such restrictions, he said, were not established specifically for him. He said that the restrictions were part of Nigerian law for anybody obtaining asylum in the country. The restrictions, as stated by Ms. Hollis, included restrictions on Mr. Taylor’s involvement in military and political activities in Liberia; not travelling out of Calabar, Nigeria, without authorization; and not talking to the press without informing the Nigerian authorities. Mr. Taylor responded that while in Nigeria, he had several press interviews and he was able to travel to visit several individuals, including then Nigeria president, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Mr. Taylor dismissed the notion that President Obasanjo imposed these restrictions on him because of evidence that while as president of Liberia, he had meddled in the politics of other countries and there were concerns that he would do the same thing with Liberian politics while in Nigeria.

“To suggest that Obasanjo will put these restrictions because I was meddling in other states is total nonsense,” he said.

The former president dismissed as “misleading” prosecution suggestions that West African leaders invited him for peace talks in Ghana in 2003 and then forced him to resign as president of Liberia. Mr. Taylor told the lead prosecutor that her team needs to do their work well.

“If they do their work and stop misleading this court, that will be good,” Mr. Taylor said. “I can tell you 100 percent that I volunteered to resign.”

Mr. Taylor is responding to charges that he was involved in a joint criminal enterprise with Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied allegations that he supplied arms and ammunition to the rebels in return for Sierra Leone’s blood diamonds and that he helped them plan certain operations during which atrocities such as rape, murder and amputation of civilian arms were committed. From July 14 to November 10, 2009, Mr. Taylor testified in direct-examination as a witness in his own defense. He is currently being cross-examined by the prosecution.

Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination continues tomorrow. 


  1. If this is the best the prosecution can do and continue, I hope they end their cross-examination of Mr. Taylor very soon. I am ready to hear who and what other Defense witnesses have to say. Mr. Taylor has told his side once, why the prosecution is having him to tell it again with nothing presented to prove him is lying. It is boring.

  2. Well well Well,

    I think there was quite a lot of confusion in my mind as to what was being sought by some of the questions posed by Ms Hollis today. “the dimensions of the Court room and the dimensions of Taylor’s living room?” Whether Mr Taylor lived in the same executive Mansion as Doe? Come on! Please! I am perplexed> Does she understand the case she is prosecuting?

      1. Fallah,
        Could you please clarify what you mean when you say Ms. Hollis is a smart person. Don’t get me wrong, I do not envy your description of her intellectual ability. Please tell us in simple english what you are precisely talking about. Cuz, you even compare her directly with sister Helen. I like to know your sourc., why don’t you think our sister is smarter then her????

      2. Fallah,

        I should hope she is indeed as smart as I am and would hop you would be courteous enough to not get personal here with me please. Anyway my smartness and or level of intelligence is not on exhibition here so please refrain from trying to be subliminally insulting. I did not question Ms Hollis’ level of intelligence but her level of understanding which is a totally different thing. I hope you are able to understand the distinct difference here.

        1. Look Helen; I am sorry if you felt offended by my statement about Miss Hoolis’ being as smart as you! I owe no further explaination of this statement to you or anyone else! We should focus on the trial instead but if you become personal I will not respond because it isn’t why I am on this site!

    1. Did Mr. Taylor say he escape from jail two day before the Quiwonkpa attempted coup? (I may have been napping at that time when that question was asked). However I did hear Ms. Hollis tell Mr. Taylor he escape two months before the Quiwonkpa attempted coup an had time to leave and join in the Quiwonkpa attempted coup and ask why he did not. Again, Ms. Hollis do not follow up on questions to make sure what was said is clear.

      1. Tracey,
        Ms. Hollis imply to Mr. Taylor that when he was leaving Liberia for Nigeria, West African leaders had to accompany him to Nigeria because they wanted to make sure that he got to where he was supposed to go. As if, he may go somewhere else.

        Will you please check news Medias reporting that Mr. Obasanjo provided his presidential plane and the South African government provided their best aircraft fighter jets to escort Mr. Taylor to Nigeria, so mainly the U.S. would not intercept Mr. Taylor plane and force it to Sierra Leone.

    2. Befuddled,

      Remember the Quiwonkpa invasion happend 24 years ago this week. This was not an important part of Mr. Taylor’s life. As mentioned he was not even in the country when it took place. His dates and accuracy of what events took place since 1990 will be more important to the Judges. Your question should have been why are they talking about Liberia ? This trial is about Sierra Leone.

    3. Befuddled,
      If you don’t have any tangible information leading to yourself decribed denial of President Taylor timing when he left from the US jail, I will strongly encourage to do a better research before providing your unrelated source. However, where on the website you provided, suggested anything that President is lying. I read the two websites you provided and the is no mention of President Taylor and Quiwonkpa except, they both used the same name “NPFL.” I’m saying they both used the same name and not even the website. Stop misleading this audience.
      Nice try though.

    4. befuddled,

      This post of yours is incomprehensible. Your links are are not specific to support your claims. Please reorganize your post so that we can comprehend it and respond if we so choose.

    5. Befuddled,
      I can go into WIKIPEDIA and edit the info….does that make it FACTUAL??? If this is what the prosecutor believes than she is in a deeper hole than I thought.

    6. what the Quiwonkpaat coup have got to do with this trials, are you bringing these matter out because we are in november? because it took place november 12, 1985, Ms Hollis please ask about the man that were eaten by Mr. Taylor in the poro society as stated by your (pay me i say anything) witnesses, the billions in banks around the world as stated by stephen rapp, the preginate woman buried in Mr. Taylor’s compound, you can’t mention them because they are all lies and made up. I’m hoping you bring the William VS Tubman and David Coleman since we are now going back 24yrs.
      hahaha LONG LIVE GHANKAY

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  4. Wow! Now what you Taylorians have to say about the chief’s admission under oath today that “the government of Liberia associated in so many ways in exchange of information with the CIA THROUGHOUT my presidency, an agency of my government collaborated with the CIA?”
    So let me clarify something here; could it also follows that taylor could be part of this Propaganda Mechinery of written attacks that we see in this trial? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if NOKO5 and 4 are not taylor himself in disguise!
    Oh Maybe Jacone?
    You see, you guys were all over shouting hail to the chief when you did not suspect the Chief was “bedfellow” with the CIA he accusses of overthrown his government, the NPFL! Go gankay go gankay with your big big coloma!

    1. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Brenda Hollis is not a cross examination expert. Brenda Hollis told CT that one of his witnesses will testify that he (CT) visited Lofa County more than once. Brenda is a novice; no seasoned persecutor will dare make such a big mistake. She has already preempted one of CT witnesses before he/she takes the stand.

      Even though, it is frustrating to watch the trial, but thank God for Brenda Hollis, she is an enemy you love not to hate.


      1. Big B,
        She thought she was been SMART……I strongly believe she want to FORCE the hands of the defense to put those two on the stand….her way of letting in HEARSAY.
        But Mr. Taylor response was GREAT….plus he counter in saying a “PRESIDENT” will be coming to testify. Did you see how Ms Hollis face dropped…..”WHO” she asked. Mr. Taylor laughed and refered her to the RULES of the court…..brilliant!!!

    2. My good friend please take note that this trial stay has a long way to go.But on short Taylor by the help of God will some day be free.We african are so quick to forget that there real people who do the wrong are in Liberia drinking club beer why the man who was trying to give us true freedom is in jail.Ellen JS the head chief in Liberia is another one.But we will over come.God willing Ghankay will be back

      N- New

    3. As Mr taylor mentioned, Fallah, MOST countries have agencies set p to commnicate with the cia! It is NORMAL. PLEASE USE YOUR BRAIN AND STOP PICKING AT THINGS THAT HAVE NO WEIGHT AND MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO PICK AT.!

    4. What are you talking about Fallah? which government in the world does not collaborate with other governments in the exchange of intelligence information? let me tell you even now, the US collaborates with Russia and China on sharing intelligence about certain interests they have in common. are you now saying that Russia is now a “friend”of the US because they share those information? let me tell you Russia will never share sensitive intelligence about its internal security with the US or any other country for that matter just as those coutries will never share such infromation with Russia in the first place. so Fallah and Co Taylor haters it is better you offer your anti-Taylor strategies to the prosecution because obviously they need your help and going by your disposition on this forum I think you could serve them well with your anti Taylor retorics without any evidence or better still evidence that makes sense to you alone.

    5. Well, Menjor is not a Liberian. To think that the NSA will consult the President before talking to the CIA is talk from a nonliberian. Ask Sawyer about phone taps and one Mr. gARGAR FROM Telecom.

      1. Tamba, what will become of fallah menjor if he is not a Liberian? I am; but this is not important to me right now. What we need to concentrateon for now is the trial about taylor and not what country we are from. You need to make sense of what you say otherwise it leaves others wondering about your ulterio motive. Besides,I am Liberian National but really not interested in anyone recognizing it because Liberians are usually sectionalistic set of people that constantly worry about what tribe the next guy is and this is why taylor was able to divide and conquered most of his countrymen! I hope you understand this for the last time for all those who question my nationality!

        1. Where does this guy come from…..? Wow…I am convinced that there is life on other planets….

          Crown Hill….you said it before and I am seeing it….you said night and day (you are so polite).

    6. Now Fallah,
      You claim to be a US citizen but you don’t know how the US operates! Informations that the US was getting from Mr. Taylor was for the purpose of protecting her interest not the interest of the Taylor government!

      Some of those exchanges of informations was a set up for he Mr. Taylor and I will give you an example. The government of Liberia had told the US through the CIA about her lack of arms to protect its people! But any informations that the US may have exchanged with Mr. Taylor government was not in the interest of Liberia at the time!
      I wish it was possible for me to tell some of these informations but I can’t due to security reasons because alot of these informations are classified informations. But I can tell you that history will have mercy on Mr. Taylor when he is dead and gone!
      If you are following the trial closely, you have heard Mr. Taylor saying that there are informations about the US he can’t discuss due to the security importance, so that alone should make you stop and think! There are alot of things I can’t say because I’m a military man serving in the US military and a US citizen as well!

      Infact, Mr. Taylor told this court that he was set free by the US government few days before the Novmber 12,1985 Quiwonkpa coup and if he should say that his government had exchanged of informations with the CIA through out his presidency
      is nothing new.
      He even told the court that he was told by the US in July-August of 1990 not take take Monrovia by force since there were about million plus people lock down in the city and that he should open the way for people to leave the City for Sierra Leone and other locations!
      That alone was another set up for Mr. Taylor in the sense that, it did give the US the opportunity for ECOMOG to come in to fight Mr. Taylor there by prolonging the war in Liberia! The list goes on and on.

      Therefore, he is then telling the true that his government was overthrown by the US and Former president George W. Bush siad it and there’s is no question about it.He said that Taylor must leave!

      If the actions of the US was just to protect the victims of crimes committed in Liberia at time, why didn’t the same rules apply to the victims of the Newyork city shooting of the late Deyalo of Guinea who was shot 40 plus times by an NYPD officer? Just to let you know this poor man had no arms at the time of the shooting!

      You know where that Police officer is today? He’s at home drinking cold beer and enjoying his family and friends while the family of Mr. Deyalo live in pain!

      If I was to tell you that LURD recieved $5,000,000.00 per Month from the US while fighting Mr. Taylor government, what will you say? Anyway, Fallah I hope we will get to meet someday and get to know eachother. That way we will talk about some of these things and maybe I will show you what I know, not tell you but SHOW YOU!

      If Mr. Taylor was trial for what happened in Liberia today, I was going to be one of the witnesses to take the stand for the prosecution no question about it and it was going to be…. like saying someone told and I telling the court but waht I saw including the dates! But the trial of Mr. Taylor for Sierra Leone is just a cover up on the part of the International community, plain and simple brother!

      1. Jocone,

        Nice analysis. You hit the nail on the head; the US aim is to protect its national security interest (and I don’t blame them either).

      1. Musa,
        Who does it hurt the MOST??? I think it goes to show the BACKSTABBING of the US and the way she plays with people’s lifes.

    7. Fallah,
      President Taylor statement concerning the US CIA and the defunct NPFL, and his government exchange of information is nothing strange or new to some of us. We always knew that the US, at certain point in time, worked with President Taylor. Infact, President Taylor just reaffirmed what we already know. So, what is the big deal. However, find something else to hang on bro, not this one.

      It’s not that serious.

    8. Fallah,

      Are you following this trial or you are in a world of your own. Taylor already testified during direct examination in chief, that he collaborated with the americans and cia. They provided him with a ssb high frequency radio so that he can be in touch with them. go a do your homework as Taylor told your prosecutor.

    9. Hi Harris — you posted a comment on 2009/11/17 at 6:33am. Can you remove the second sentence and I am happy to post.

    10. Fallah,
      Maybe you just don’t know who Taylor is. This guy does not hide. This is ano noesence defender. This is a man who is prepare to die for what he stands for. This guy is not a coward. He will never , never hide his identtity. GHankay is a face to face man, believe me . And I be very honest with you, those are some of the qualities of him that I really, really love.. He does not back down from anything that resembles fear…THAT IS HOW TO BE A MAN!!!

  5. Befuddled,
    FYI, anyone can get into wikipedia and write anything. If you want to come on here and make comment, make sure that your sources of information is reliable and credible – not wikipedia! Thank you!

    1. And that was the ROPE-A-DOPE Ms. Hollis fell for……like Mr. Taylor said she need to tell her team to do a better work on RESEARCH….

    2. Crown Hill,

      Amen! I support you references….they need to be reliable, Wikipedia, is the same as, “I told you so”…..

  6. It is well know that the U.S government will collaborate with any one as long as they are calling the shot and they are benefiting. The U.S government also has a nature of when they cannot rule you any more or have no use for you any more they will stable you right in the middle of your back. If you take a good look within the international community you will see too many countries where the U. S. Government has build-up, prop-up, supported, then turn around, and destroyed them. Liberia is one of those countries. It does not make any different how the U. S. tells its side of the story in the media. Many Americans, government official, organizations and ordinary American, who keep up with the country actives, believe that their government released Mr. Taylor from jail and used him (knowing or unknowing to Mr. Taylor) to rid themselves of their headache and a grown scandal, Mr. Doe. Mr. Taylor must have forgotten whom he was dealing during that time.

  7. Fallah,
    I have advised people not to play you mind on this site simply because most of your analysis and the subject matter are as far apart as the day and the night. Today, however, a bit of your piece seems within the context of the deliberation. Even at that, the assertions therein are mostly misleading and every sound minded person wouldn’t delay in noticing how comic your views are. I am looking into seeing if there is any comic award I can nominate you for……..

    I don’t know how serious have you been following the trial, because if you did, the issue of CT admission that NPFL or his gorvernment collaborated with the CIA would not get you over exicted as if the prosecution has dropped a smoking gun.

    Taylor mentioned this in his direct examination more than as many times as the alphabets in your name, including the J, which represents the “J” in ULIMO. What strange about an entity, individual or government collaboration with the CIA and later, things fall apart, and that individual or government becomes victim of the CIA? In the intelligent arena there’s a saying “CIA makes, CIA destroys”

    Go read your history! Castro, Mabutu, Saddam, Doe, Noriega, Sanvimbi, and the list goes on! CT is certainly, not an exception, which he’s not denying. Hey Fallah! One more thing, where you left your rusty N-1 riffle when Charlie disloudge you and bosses from Camp Johnson Rd?

    1. I totally agree with you that the it’s not uncommon for the CIA to establish relationships with anyone as long as information can be gathered and the US national security interest will benefit…..No one should be surprise….well, I am not at least. His escape from jail and his many magical acts from the US all the way to Libya didn’t happen because the stars were align for his good fortunes….because if was so, he would have done better for himself to play the lottery here.

  8. Taylor is going to Deny every charge, every thing brought against him…..This is pretty evident…..this cross examination is going to be very interesting.

    1. Ms. Teage,
      Thank God we were able to whip that belief, belief thing out of you. Are you sure about this new argument you are tyring to establish???? Or you are just trying the new mac. computer??? Aye!! my girl congrtularions.. job well done…

      1. Noko5,

        Quit being childish when you are ready to discuss the trail at hand, than we can talk. Stop trying to beat things out of me or change my mind….SURPRISE YOU CAN’T. I still feel the same way as i did when I came on this blog and I make to apologies. Get over your personal/emotional feelings for Taylor, talk about the issues, and quit trying to change the minds of people to share the same sentiment for Taylor as you. THis is a public board for people to express themselves not to get their beliefs whipped out of them….
        On that note, when you want to truly discuss Taylors trail without being emotional because of your support for Taylor, then we can truly have a very intelligent conversation…until then it will just be childish emotional rants between the both of us…BTW what does my new mac computer have to do with my opinions again…….how does a computer influence my thought process…you see what I’m saying t his is IRRELEVANT!!
        Come on NOKO5, what is going on.
        Any how I’m here to stay my belief are here to stay, my views are still the same…get over yourself NOKO5, than get back to the topics at hand.
        I can honestly say that from now if you or Rodriguez or anyone else have something ridiculous or childish issue to discuss I will ignore your postings altogether because it goes nowhere. But if you do want to discuss the trail and issues pertaining to the trail, or something I said (about the trail) that you want to discuss….I am there 100%

  9. Fallah, this is nor news. Maybe you was not in Liberia during the war cuz everybody knows that Taylor collaborated with the CIA. Taylor himself, on many occasion has alluded to this issue. dead news!

  10. Helen,
    Don’t be confused. Ms. Hollis is asking those seemingly unimportant, irrelevant and simple questions to show to the judges that Taylor is a liar and that his entire life has been characterized by lying and deception. Taylor has to be very careful otherwise his claim of innocent to the charges levied against him will be betrayed by his own words.

    1. Big Joe,

      In what way is she showing Taylor to be a liar? All she is doing is reaffirming what Mr Taylor said in his direct testimony and asking about things that he has no way of knowing for example “whether ECOMOG had no food and money? and what the dimensions of the court room is?”

      I’m sorry she is not making him appear a liar in any respect. She is more verifying what he has always said. Watch the trial! It is very difficult to cross examine Taylor after the thorough job done by the Defence and the scores of documentary evidence presented in support of Taylor’s testimony. Anyone can see this. Can’t you?

  11. Why have you stopped providing link to the transcript of Mr. Taylor’s testimony? I would like to access it and copy them in my archives just as I did with Mr. Blah’s evidence.

    1. Hi J Awai Vankan — I don’t remember you posting before — welcome. It is good to have you join us. Here is the link to the official transcripts of the Special Court: We have changed our style to make it more accessible for people to quickly get updated about what happened in court each day, in part because the actual transcripts come out a day after the actual testimony. I hope both will be helpful for your files.

  12. Papay fallah, you will very surprise to see our former PRESIDENT DARKPANNAH DOCTOR CHARLES GHANKAY TAYLOR FREE!!! Becuze ms hollis has nothing say. she is very confused. confuse them with words GHANKAY.

  13. J. Fallah Menjor,

    Answer me this question. Which country does not have to cooperate with the C.I.A. Don’t bother to answer I will answer for you. All countries have to cooperate with the C.I.A. or else they are considered rouge states. In Taylor’s case he cooperated but still that did not help him. Remember if you don’t know history. The great Nelson Mandela was turned over by the C.I.A. to South African authorities. So if they can do it to Mandela why do you think they could not turn on Taylor.

  14. J Fallah Menjor,

    That is very normal practice in Liberia for the CIA to be involved in activities of the leadership of the country. Do you not know this? When has the governments in Liberia not had to coordinate and interact somehow with the CIA. First of all the CIA makes it their business to get involved whether one likes it or not in what goes on in Liberia as they consider it strategic. Liberia is not the only place in Africa this happens.

    Now how do you propose Mr Taylor was to refuse to interact with them when this is what is going to happen anyway. Whether he dealt with them or not they would have been involved wtih the country. It is better to deal therefore from a position of cooperation than to deal from an adversarial position. If anyone is smart they will know that it is better to keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

    By Taylor saying that he collaborated with the CIA is no new revelation anyway, as he stated this in his examination in chief. He clearly explained how the NPFL was given a communication radio by the CIA and they were given support in the early part of the war. He even alluded to the CCIA assisting in his escape from jail in America, so what is your point?

    For your information all countries have security agencies that collaborate with major security agencies of other countries. This is nothing new or subterfuged. It is just the way things work. So if you are a bit confused ask and read about what happens with other governments and agencies. Even when there was the cold war the KGB collaborated with the CIA, Mossad and MI5 on certain issures. This does not mean that they compromised their own personal sevurity or that of their respective countries.

    So as you see Fallah you have to look for something else to poke fun at those you call “Taylorians”- whatever that is supposed to be. If you mean those who are being objective rather than blindly hating then I boldly accept. I am of sound mind and intellkigent enough to be able to examine the evidence and clearly and logically deduce from that thus comint to a conclusion. If I am judged for that then so be it. I however do believ in justice and that one rule should apply to all. We can not set up seperate rules for those we like and support and seperate rules and yardsticks for those we dislike.

    I hope this is crystal clear to you.

  15. J. Fallah,
    why all that noise? Ms Hollis is beating around the bush, J. Fallah we are expecting burning issues like the pregnate woman buried at the back of Mr. Taylor’s compound the person that were eaten in the poro society and the operation NO LIVING THING in Sierra Leone, after all your witnesses made them up, but i bet Ms Hollis would’nt mention those issues because she’s fully aware that they are all fictions fairly tales and rediculious lies.

  16. Guys,
    the prosecution is so weak to a point that they are accusing President Taylor for things they are guilty of themselves. For example: Taylor trying to influence or pay witnesses to come to the Hague and give statement to help him. Also, President was accused of threatening his prospective/potential witnesses to testify in his behalf. However,President Taylor was also asked to give the names of some of his prospective witnesses. Good Lord Almighty, which way should we turn. These people are guilty of the very thing they are accusing this man of. Forinstance: they were the ones paying people to lie on their behalf, now they are pointing fingers at someone who doesn’t have the means. They are the ones having protected witnesses and not giving up their identity, but they want Mr. Taylor to provide his witnesses name. Lastly, they were the ones threatening people including Moses Blah. However, these people have no shame. prosecution, you are dealing with different breed this time.

  17. Noke4 and Noke5,
    What is happening to your Papay Ghangay that he can’t remember the actual number of army divisions of his NPFL, their heads and major events surrounding his activities in Liberia (example, the events of April 6, 1996 which even everyone, including children, who witnessed those sad events can still vividly recalled them) but he has very good memory of many trivial matters?

    1. Big Joe,

      Please be specific as to which activities did taylor claim not to recollect, though normal. List the issues you are referring to from the testimony.

    2. Big Joe,

      Can you remember three major events in your own live last Month? Well, if you ever find yourself on the stand and remember everything, then you’re a better man then everyone else. Pls don’t hate on Taylor; because, all the Prosecutor witnesses said” MY BRAIN IS NOT COMPUTER” If you were following this trial from the beginning, you would’ve remember but I guess NOT!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dear Fallah,
    Please stop jumping the ball here. Great, he has admitted to: “exchange of information with the CIA THROUGHOUT my presidency, an agency of my government collaborated with the CIA”. Now, stop right here and ask: WHAT INFORMATION AND WHY? Here you will get to know the game that the Big Hands play; and the simple name for that game is INTEREST. And after the interest is: BETRAYER.
    This will tell you that after achieving their interest you are now threwn through the window and treated as foe. What I am trying to put clear here is that you should first think of how this whole thing came about and who financed it and why was it in the first place? You will know that the CIA is used here remotely by the Big Hands to demand coorporation and interest protections, even at the cost of your disadvantages. And now when you get to realize that the game is no good for you and you want to step out of it, you are seriously hunted down by them. This is what I think was the CIA – Taylor information system is meant here.

  19. It is remarkable how some African leaders will not tolerate the mind games from the west. However, money and greed do have some valuable consequence when the west persuade an African to harm his fellow men. War is necessary in one category, but judgement should fall on all involved to execute the warefare. Now Taylor is on the judgement train all alone, while prosecution is thinking that it is all good. Wow

  20. J. Fallah menjor and Befuddled,

    What are your messages here, friends?
    Do you know the CIA? do you know what they are capable of as a body of intellegence for a big empire as the USA?

    How well do you read about the CIA as men with intuition?
    This is a body with the full responsibility to protect the USA in anyway possible once it is in the interest of the United States of America. Be it tormenting whatever government once its aims and objectives are fufilled.

    Did you know that the great Sadam Husain was an agent of the CIA for more than 20 years against the Islamic Republic of Iran and other Gulf States in the interest of the United States of America?
    He was used to fulfil the aim and objectives of a certain mission which after it was complete they had no other need to still be in operation with Sadam and had to destroy him at all cost?

    The invasion of Iran as well as the total invasion and occupation of Kuwait by the Iraqis were all the work of the CIA in getting at the Iranians and in dealing with and controlling the Kuwaitis’ oil revenues.
    This is not my claim but a factual report.

    Doe was the good friend of the US Government for more than 8 years as long as he supported the
    Cold War strategy and effort in spying on the Soviets and getting at Gadafi of Libya but he was dumped by the same CIA who put him in Power after he was of no vital importance as the Cold War was over and Gadafi (LIBYA) was economically incapacitated.

    Tolbert, the slained president of Liberia was the result of his socialist and comminist reform policies and his direct association with the USSR (now Russia, he accepted loan from the Soviet Union and allow the Libyans to establish a permanent mission and built a Pan African Plaza which undermind the US economic and political ideology) which allowed the US to sent the Unknown Soldier to assasinate him on the night of April 12, 1980 and put into power a group of non-educated enlisted men known as the PRC (People Redemption Council) headed by Master Sagent, Samuel K. Doe with little or less of a 9 grade education at the age of 28 into the scene as the coup executor.

    Doe was used to blindfold the Liberians for a period of 10 years so as to clean up the mess left behind and this is why there were series of attempted coups as an effort to topple the PRC led government at the end of the cleaning up process by the CIA throughout late 1980.
    All of the coups, according to resources gathered, more than 18 attempted coups, against the PRC led government were all the CIA orchestrated efforts in torpling the PRC after they have cleaned up their mess.

    Liberia was the major base in the world used as the point where the Societ Union could be destroyed without it being suspected by the then USSR because Europe was then occupied by the Soviets Spies or KGB and that Liberia was very much overlooked to be seen as a threat to the Soviets.
    The Omega Tower, the largest US Embassy with the largest amount of US Embassy Staff then anywhere in the whole of africa were all relocated after the end of the cold war as Liberia was of no strategic importance to the USA.
    The Omega Tower is now based in the republic of Sao Tome while the embassy move to Senegal and Kenya for other operations in near future.

    Taylor was used as the perfect man in bringing down the PRC Government and for some other operations by the CIA.

    Just…………..Bartus Taylor Jr., again.

    Thanks to Tracey and Fabulous Alpha, as she put it.

    1. Bartus…

      I like your thread….Tolbert was not a socialist neither was he becoming communist. He embraced a policy that was different and more progressive than Tubman’s (puppet of the West) policy. Tolbert was the most nationalistic president (in my opinion); he thought that Liberia could achieve self sufficiency with the help of any country who was willing to help, and he embraced them. Fast forward, Tolbert was killed not by Doe. If one reads on the coup there is no way possible the execution of the operation and its precision could have been carried out by Doe.

      Years, later while the Soviet Union crumbled, Doe was no longer instrumental. He noticed his support from Uncle Sam dwindled. So, he found the Romanian leader. I vividly remembered during the 1990 outbreak, the US Sec of State of African Affairs, said that the “special relationship” that the US had with Liberia no longer existed–meaning the USSR had crumbled.

      All in all, your assessment was great!

  21. Folks,

    The cross examination is becoming interesting. I am not commenting in detail yet. I am observing where the prosecution is going with this…..its obvious they are setting the table for a feast or a series of questions followed by documentation. Again, I observe, it may be to earily to start rendering an objective analysis of the cross examination.

    I thought the prosecution started off unprepared at best…and seem inexperienced. Well, then again, the defense built a good case too.

    1. Alywin/bnker

      I want to be a part of that feasting that you say the prosecutions are setting up. We all will be at that feasting table dining and merrymaking.

      the prosecution has NO CASE. That is why we will be feasting at the table that you think they are setting. They are setting it for the side that I’m on. And the side is real justice and not the fake justice of Mr. David Crane, Stephen Rapp, and Ms. Brenda Hollis.

    1. Bnker — welcome again. I’m sorry you have been having problems adding comments — we always welcome it when you do contribute to our conversation here. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on.

  22. Gang,

    Now that the cross examination has finally began and all the games and gimmicks are over, we can get to the meat of things. I am playing a wait and see approach before commenting on the cross examination. I thought it start off sloppy though.

    1. Bnker,

      I have some disagreement with this wait and see concept, but that is your decision. I am not waiting brother. Where is she headed with this reading entire scripts and passages from the documents on the liberian peace process and seeking taylor’s concurrence? Where is she headed?

      Will she use these concurrences later in challenges taylors testimonies? Why not do so now? Why delay a challenge when you already have an agreement from taylor?

      I just believe they are heading no where, and I could be wrong.

      1. Andrew,

        Well, the reason I am not commenting at this time, I don’t think there is much to gather yet. Prosecution is obviously trying a new tactic. The cross examination is in its beginning stages. I don’t think any news or any tricky questions have been brought forward (there was an attempt, which I thought Ms. Hollis was using as her life line). As I said, I shall do a wait and see approach. I hope to get a better roadmap of the prosecution’s plan.

      2. Andrew, I think she is gradually buildiing her case to establish that ECOMOG and UNMIL were not effective in their operations in Liberia which she will then use to support her claim that it was possible for Mr Taylor to have supplied arms to the RUF even with the presence of ECOMOG and UNMIL. However this raises another question for her viz: was Mr Taylor’s NPFL in control of the entire country? was the NPFL in control of the border between Liberia and Sierra leone? if the answers to these questions are NO then how do the weapons travel from gbanga or Liberia through enemy lines to Sierra leone? these are BIG questions for the prosecution to answer.

    2. Tell Ms Hollis we want MEAT instead of smoke fish……..Four days and we have yet to see an ounce of SUNTIN. Spend today talking about Liberia….prompting Mr. Taylor to remind her that he is trial for Sierra Leone and NOT Liberia.

  23. Hey Fallah

    I thought you have idea man but you response sometime make me wonder whether you really understand. Let me ask you a quetion you do this for fun or you be real? If it real pleae excue me.

    I want to know why the proecutor is crossing Mr.Taylor on heracy. I really do not see the revelence here.

    she haven read through Mr.Taylor asylum document cause if she had she woulden have been asking these question that the document have answer for.


  24. Bnker,
    Trust me , we are all watching with the eagle eyes, listening with the rabbit ears and will catch their tricks like hawks catching chickens and expose them like daylight…

  25. Fallah, it seems like you’re in trouble today my brother, all these folks are attacking you but I understand your point these folks just one to here one side of the story what they feel to realize that the prosecutor is establishing Taylor’s credibility to the judges. If he’s (CT) lying about things that are not relevant to the case what make you think he will tell the truth.

    Once you lied under oath it is very difficult to establish credibility.

    Taylor is guilty, I have said this and I will say it again for all you Taylor supporters youcan now leave Fallah alone and turn your attacks on me.

    You folks must have not follow CT son’s trial in the U.S. he was fould guilty and sentence to life and now his father (Taylor) will be next.

    1. Hi John Thompson — I continue to have faith that our readers won’t attack you, J Fallah Menjor or any other reader who posts a comment on the site, but will engage with the substance of your arguments. (That said: this is just a friendly little reminder to all that I will not post comments which attack others personally!)


      1. Tracey,
        Don’t mind thompson, he’s afraid of the fire power. No one has touch or talk to him and he’s already complaining. John T. nokos don’t eat flesh. We only protect the VIP. GHANKAY!!!!

    2. Thompson,
      Taylor and everyone on this site has discover that game plan. There is noway that Holis is going to accomplish the trick she has introduce in this case. It is unfortunate that she and her crew have already lied on the gentleman. I mean, they lied under oath. This is almost the samething I was tryin to alert fallah when he claims that Holis is smart. I personally think she is stupuid . Reason why I say so is that, from the onset of this case, the platform for a guilty verdict should have been set by her and her group, but they failed and now , they are trying to do things like introducing new witnesses. BROTHER IT IS LATE FOR ALL OF THAT…….

    3. Dear Tracy — I have a comment of yours under moderation — but I am afraid it does not meet our policy of focussing on the issues and not on other readers. If you are able to reframe your comment to focus on the issues emerging from the trial, I will be very happy to post it.

    4. John Thompson,

      Let not your heart be trouble.
      However, nobody attacks, there are just differences of opinions

    5. Thompson,
      Most of those who claim Taylor is guilty are the real guilty ones….You see how Brenda Holis voice shaking on the microphone,, Pekin , that’s the Ghankay moral. And for me, I know Papay will capture Brenda after this whole case. She is just acting tuff for notthing…

    6. Well John Thompson for your information Chukky wa tried for attrocities allegedly committed in Liberia but this court is not about Libejria it is about sierra Leone

    7. John Thompson,
      A big Yeeeeee hhhhhhhaaaaaawwww to that. No guilty person is walking free, it didn’t happen for the son and it will not happen for the father. Sierra Leone will get justice…..I’m sitting and watching Hollis and see where she’s going. GO PROS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I don’t think Ms Hollis has done bad so far. to the contrary, I think she has done very well. Many on this forum expect a show man prosecution. This is not going to happened but no less is the evidence strong.

    The questions will eventual come and we will be waiting to hear Taylor’s answers. I do disagree with many on aspects of this trial but I will agree that in the end justice must be done. If Taylor is not guilty, he will walk free but if he is then the book should be thrown at him once and for all to close this dreadful chapter.

    I am are still waiting and boy it is getting very juicy.

  27. So if Taylor knew of the dangers of hanging around the CIA, why did he do it?. Well, I will tell you: TO GET HIM TO THE MANSION IN MONROVIA.

    I don’t buy this nonsense, those who choose to live by the sword must be prepared to die by it and Taylor so did, so he need to keep quiet. If the CIA set him up (I don’t beleive that is the case at all), then he deserve it.

    I think the major contributor to Taylor’s downfall, is himself and nobody.

    1. Eagle- eye,
      Mr. Taylor had no choice what so ever to disassociate with the CIA….. Remeber Liberia is like a step child to the US and she only need Liberia in time of problem! For example, in World war 2 when she needed a safe location to refuild her fighter planes for operations in North Africa she used Liberia. Through out the COLD WAR ERA, she used Liberia.
      But when the war started in 1989, Liberians took to the streets in Washington DC, in 1990 asking the United States and then president George Bush Sr. to help bring the war in Liberia to an end but Pesident George Bush Sr. told the Liberian people that there were nothing that the United States needed that Liberia had; therefore, she had no interest in Liberia and she will not get involve with ending the war in Liberia! Let’s not forget that the US supported the late Samuel Doe and allowed him falled to Taylor as well!

      Now since she started the global war on terrorism, Liberia have become a place of interest and anyone who will stand in the way of such an interest will be remove from power! So this was the case with Mr. Taylor.

      And the only reason why Mr. Taylor wasn’t charged for war crimes for the war in Liberia is because the international community is protecting setting people who were involved with the war in Liberia, plain and simple!

      Did you remember when President George W. Bush Jr said in one of his speeches that eather you are with us or you’re against us, that should tell you why Mr. Taylor could have done nothing to disassociate his government from the CIA! And this go for any Liberian President for that matter!

  28. Hi Tracey,

    how true of a comment mentioned here in this room about MOBILE Postings? I need you to kindly clearify on the information and educate me how it is used, if possible.


    1. Hi Bartus — I am sorry — can you explain a little more about what you mean by mobile postings? Do you mean whether we can send updates to people’s mobile phones? If so, alas we cannot. If you mean something else, please let me know so I can make sure I give you a proper answer.

  29. Thanks loyalists for all your comments and views expressed about my postings as usual. I am not surprised that my postings have become sensitive and annoying to deaf ears, nor am I quiting because some feel the truth should be hidden!
    Now about taylor’s abuse of ‘phone privileges given to him at his prison vip cell; Why should he be allowed to have a phone privilege in the first place? His conversations should be monitored to the highest because this guy could arrange for hit from that cell known how shrew he is! I am not surprised that he engages in witness tempering! Go Gankay with your big big coloma!

    1. Fallah,
      All we are doing here, is injecting rationales into the irrational assertions that you brought up. Remember, you made yourself prosecution spokes man of the day. We have VOWED not to leave any stone unturned…..

    2. J Menjor,

      Keep posting. The fact that you don’t share the same sentiments of Taylor angers many people, and the comments are becoming more and more irrelavant and childish to this site… Keep sharing your point of view. If you’re anything like me I don’t know you could care less about people’s personal feelings. This is a blog to share your opinions and thoughts. The fact that several people feel intimidated to post rings to bell….but Thank goodness you and I are not one. Keep the comments Coming brother cause I SURE WILL.

  30. Hi Tracey,

    forget it if it was a wrong statement posted. I saw a post of someone writing from Liberia pertaining to the issue of the New Democrat newspapers.

    The poster mentioned that the New Democrat daily was not factual and he/she stop buying the daily and destributed the remaining of the daily at his possession to donnut and pepper sellers around his community as it was making the news instead of reporting the news.
    I think it was somewhere in that said posting or related that the issue of a mobile was indicated, Tracey.

    I am so much not concern about that if you are not sure this forum has nothing to do with any mobile related intent.

    My regards, Tracey.

    1. Hi Bartus, the posting about mobile came from me. What I was saying is that I use my mobile phone to access the trial and post comments. I’m using a mobile phone with gprs attached.

  31. Guys,
    Maybe I am sleeping, but this prosecutor Miss Holli seems to be very Effie.
    The case as Mr. Taylor remained her is about Sierra Leone and not Liberia. If this is the cross examination that most people being waiting for, then we need to move on.

  32. J Falla Manjor,
    Do you remember the name Prince Y. Johnson? @ the time of Samuel Doe capture, If you were in Liberia, he was on his radio calling sunshine.
    My question here is who is or was SUNSHINE, that P Y Johnson was calling?
    As a well learned man don’t you think that P Y Johnson was shearing information’s with the CIA in Monrovia @ the American Embassy? let me learn from you.

  33. Fallah,
    You didn’t answer my question about where you left your N-1 rusty riffle when Charlie chase you and your ULIMO J men from Camp Johnson Rd. I understand that you used to be ULIMO J man….that’s what the J in your name represent.

    1. Dear Crown-Hill Peking — just a quick note: people who comment on the site are under no obligation to give out personal information about themselves, their histories or their allegiances — and to boot, because of the nature of the internet, we could not verify that information even if they did. That is why we have the policy of focusing on the issues raised by the trial, and not on the people who post comments.

      Looking forward to further posts about the trial from you too, Crown-Hill Peking.


      1. Tracey,
        I have to say to you that a comment like that of “dear Crown-hill” is honestly offensive, has nothing to do with the trail and seems more of a personal attack. I will appreciate it if you would screen such emails. I found it very ridiculous offensive and absolutely irrelevant. You don’t have to post this, this is a personal message to you but if you do I don’t mind at all.

        1. Ms. Teage,
          I am sorry you found the words “dear crown-hill” offensive. Unfortunately, Tracey is away on vacation and I will be moderating in her absence. I am not sure i can do as great a job she has been doing with you guys but i’ll definitely try. Can you please refer me to the exact posting and the person who sent it? It will be good if i read and understand the context in which those words were used.

  34. Hi Tracy,
    Is Charles Taylor on trail for all of the past agreements, things that went on in Liberia,
    or Sierra Leone?
    Pls help as to why Miss Holli is asking these questions?

    I’ll like to say,

    THANKS TO YOU & ALPHA for everything we learned each day.

  35. Ladies and gentlemen, for me I believe the issue of cross examination has to do with facts rather than newspapers reports, hear say and they say; the trial of our former President is a sensitive one and the persecussion should be at their level best to present facts to Mr. Taylor, rather than funny ascertions that he will eventually counter act; let’s not forget Mr. Taylor, is a very smart fellow and the issue should be about lawyers being up to the task than dwelling on issues that will render them useless to the trial because at the end of the day, you’ll have to be at your outmost best to handle Mr. Taylor and not a practicing lawyer..and frankly, I don’t see Ms Hollis capable of representing her clients. Let’s see what happens next.

    1. Nigga Q — I think this is the first time I have seena comment from you — welcome to the site. Glad you have joined our discussion here. Hope to hear more of your thougths as the trial progresses.

  36. Alpha,
    I appreciate all that you and Tracey do for this website, I cannot imagine how time consuming this is. As someone who does not share the same opinions and sentiments as many people on here, I will appreciate it if you all are more aware of comments that are personal attacks on people. I am here to share my opinions not get personal attacks, and it’s offensive to see comments that are personal attacks to other posters who don’t share the same sentiments being personally attacked.
    The comment posted my crown hill is below.

    You didn’t answer my question about where you left your N-1 rusty riffle when Charlie chase you and your ULIMO J men from Camp Johnson Rd. I understand that you used to be ULIMO J man….that’s what the J in your name rep

    1. Ms Teage,
      Thanks for bringing this up. I know that Tracey has also addressed this issue of personal attacks on several occassions. Contributors are encouraged to focus on the issues and not attack the personalities of others. While we do not intend to police people’s comments on this site, we expect everybody to use the right judgment and post comments that make meaningful contributions to the debate. Once we focus on the issues rather than the personalities, we’ll all learn from eachother. I must say that Tracey and I learn new things about this case from you all everyday. It will be good if we keep enlightening eachother with meaningful debates as has been the case for most of the time. We do hope that the isolated incidents of personality attacks will be avoided completely. Thanks to you all and lets keep the debate going.

      1. Alpha,
        Absolutely I hope the same as you. It is hard work dealing with the loads of comments being posted daily and I hope the personal policing of comments will not have to be done. As I stated before It is only decent that my opinions and the opinions of those who don’t share the same sentiments for Taylor as many other bloggers are respected. And as you said hopefully people will truly use the right judgments and not allow their personal feelings to cloud their judgments and lead to personal attacks and irrelevant comments.
        Thanks for hearing me out and I say it a million times because i mean it, thanks for the hard work.

  37. To All, well done to everybody who is participating on this program. what i really observed on comments made by everybody is basically focused on Liberia unlike Sierra Leone who haven tobe the inditee to Taylor been held in the Hague. I suggest Alpha and Tracy who are like moderators to this important series on Taylor trail should only post comment that may be related to the ISSUE in Sierra Leone and not Liberia. Once more i thank and appreciate those of us who are participating in such a unique series on Taylor trial.

    1. Hi Great,

      I’m not sure we’ve heard from you before — if not, welcome to the conversation here! If I am mistaken, well, still, a hearty welcome back!

      On your suggestion – I understand your point. The charges relate to Sierra Leone, so therefore the comments here should relate to Sierra Leone. That said, it is our policy here to publish comments that relate to issues emerging from the trial. Because of Mr. Taylor’s former position as Liberian president, and the way in which both the defense and prosecution have led their evidence (Mr. Taylor also spoke a lot about Liberia during his testimony), I think it is inevitable that the issue of Liberia will come up and that people will want to post on it, and we continue to think that it is a valid area for people to make comments on, as it is also arising in the trial.

      I’m glad you made the suggestion — but given that Liberia is coming up in the trial, I think we should still leave it open for people to comment on issues related to Liberia too.


  38. Tracey, thanks for some level of clearity; but i still feel that the actual issue on the Trail of Taylor is been invaded. For one fact been that the charges against Taylor is not properly been addressed by the court to the satifaction of the Sierra Leones.Taylor himself took the stand and everything he said was about Liberia and not stating anything about Sierra Leone that he ever participated.Moreover most witness who are taking the stand against Taylor is not really bringing out proven fact that could prove Taylor wrong.why keep us in suspense. I suggest that the money that is been used by free giver should be given to the families of the victims in Sierra Leone for them to improve their lives thanks Tracey.

    1. Interesting perspective, Great. I’m curious whether other readers agree with you.


  39. THANKS Tracey, the issue here is not about readers agreement. The issue is the suffering masses in Sierra Leone. What are they doing about them. Wether Taylor is found guilty or not is not the solution to the suffering masses in Sierra Leone. We are saying that those that were affected by the so-called war in Sierra Leone should be properly address to.The issue of Taylor trail in the hague is secondary to me and the paramount issue is the suffering masses. So i you saying that the issue of Taylor will be solve before anything for the people to be address to?

    1. Dear Great — I completely understand what you are saying. Yes, the enormous suffering in Sierra Leone after the war is a huge issue. More definitely needs to be done to help address people’s living conditions and needs, I fundamentally agree.

      My question would be whether we should see trials like those undertaken by the Special Court for Sierra Leone as inconsistent with efforts to try to address suffering, even if the outcomes are not so immediate or obvious. In saying so, I do think that in Sierra Leone and in other places where conflict has occured and people are suffering, more money and aid should be invested to address people’s immediate and longer-term conditions of living and survival needs. At the same time, the idea behind these trials is, at least in part, to try to create a more stable environment in the longer-term by ensuring that the rule of law is followed and that there is a sense of accountability for those suspected of being responsibile for the crimes that created the suffering in the first place, ensuring that nobody is above the law, and hence contributing to a framework that might help promote longer-term peace.

      I’m curious what you think about that idea, Great. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts.


  40. Thank you very much Tracey, you have understood my point to some extent. The trail of Taylor is actually aim to allow people who commit or commited crimes not go with impunity. But while these trails are going on, there should be some level of mechanisian put in place to lessing the pains on thoes that are victims by the actions of these people. If the rule of law is promoted and those who are the victims dont be cater to, the families of these people may see it as the rule of law is not still in place, because their families are not being taking care of. So while the international community is promoting the rule of law, they should at the same time be promoting the victims so that one will not feel that they are being bais in the process. Tracey i suggest that let all things be held constant. By and wait to hear from you.

    1. Dear Great — you raise very compelling questions about what the definition of justice is. I understand you to be saying: What does “big picture” justice mean when “individual justice” is still not felt by individual victims struggling to survive after the war?

      I think the International Criminal Court, for example, has been trying to do a more extensive job in addressing victims’ needs than the other tribunals have been mandated to do – although even the ICC cannot address every victim’s needs by itself and still needs help from others. The ICC has set up a trust fund for victims, that can pay out orders for reparations for victims that the ICC judges make against a person found guilty of a crime (there has been no convictions yet, so no reparations orders). It can also undertake general activities to benefit victims of crimes falling within the court’s mandate — such as provide medical care and operations for people whose limbs or faces have been disfigured by fighting forces, or psychological and medical support for rape survivors. So the international community is definitely thinking more about how these courts can help address individual victims’ needs as well as bigger picture justice – but you are very right to point out that more thinking (and action) is needed.

      I’m interested to hear what you and other readers think can or should be done to try to address the sufferings and sense of justice of the victims?


  41. Thank you Tracey, I am gradually becoming happy about the formation of a trust fund for the victims which the ICC has or is putting in place. I take this time to command them for such a good job done or would be done. Well, the question asked as to what I think can be done or should be done to address the issue of the victims of war? 1. help them out of their state of trauma by counselling. 2. open some vocational training centers where they are train in marketing.3. give them loans and monitor their businesses until they become self reliance. This I feel will personally help in minimizing their frustrations in life. Once a person is cripple or not cripple, rape or not rape and is able to cater to his/her responsibilities there bound to be some sense of dignity within them. Tracey, lets understand that not what goes in a person that makes them but rather what comes out of them. I wait to hear from you.

    1. Great – I agree with you totally. I hope the ideas you describe is how the thinking evolves in dealing with post-war justice issues in relation to victims.

  42. Good day Tracey, Ireally hope that the international community will see reasons to address the plight of the victims of wars and not only in Sierra Leone. Let turn a bit on reason why Taylor is been trailed in the hague. I personally feel that The charges level against Taylor was not properly posted thereby causing the trail to take this long. I feel that the inditee should had said that” Taylor is the foundamental factor that cause war to enter Sierra Leone” and not to say that “Taylor carry war in Sierra Leone”. TO CARRY SOMETHING and BEING THE FOUNDAMENTAL FACTOR OF SOMETHING are completely two different things. We are not saying this in defense of Taylor, but we are saying this because we see people who are victims of war who cannot be cater to because there is no conviction. Looking at the geographical locations of Liberia and Sierra Leone will tell you that any negative happening in one will have an impact on the other. Tracey thank you and bye for now.

    1. Thank you Great — that is an interesting comment. So, if I understand you correctly, you feel that the charges didn’t accurately capture the real problem of Mr. Taylor’s alleged role in Sierra Leone as you see it — that is, that the war in Liberia impacted/caused the war in Sierra Leonean war, and so Mr. Taylor should have been held accountable for bringing the war to Sierra Leone in the first place (have I understood you correctly?) You know, one interesting thing about the Special Court’s laws is that it doesn’t have the power to determine whether going to war, or creating a war, in the first place is illegal. It only has the power to address the crimes that were committed during a conflict, or crimes which were widespread and systematically undertaken, and to hold those accountable who were suspected of propelling or facilitating the conflict (in Mr. Taylor’s case, that he either jointly planned with the Sierra Leonean rebels to commit crimes to destabilize the country and benefit from its diamond wealth, or that he was in a position of control with the Sierra Leonean rebels and failed to prevent or punish their crimes, or that he actively assisted them through providing them with weapons in exchange for diamonds, according to the prosecutors). Mr. Taylor has rejected all those allegations and is entitled to fight it out in court — but fighting it out takes a long time as the crimes are quite complex and they need a lot of evidence to back up the arguments on each side.

      With respect to the victims, I absolutely agree with you. For sure.

      Very best, Great,

  43. Tracey good day, you have not understood me quite too well. I am not saying that Mr. Taylor is the one that carried war to Sierra Leone. Iam saying that Sierra Leoneans should have said that he is the foundamental factor for the war in Sierra Leone. Reasons being that all persons taking the witness stand have never one day said that they saw Mr. Taylor in Sierra Leone. How then can you say that he carried war in that neighboring country. We know that lives and properties were destroyed and no one including me is happy about that. If sierra Leoneans have said that Mr. Taylor was the foundamental factor for the war in that country, I think by now JUSTICE should been found and VICTIMS been carter to. You must understand Tarcey that JUSTICE DELAY IS JUSTICE DENIED. We dont want that to happen to our people who are the VICTIMS of war in that country. Bye for now.

  44. with respect to the victims I ABSOLUTEY AGEREE with yuo FOR very best great
    Tracey good day, you have not understood me quite too well. I am not saying that Mr. Taylor is the one that carried war to Sierra Leone. Iam saying that Sierra Leoneans should have said that he is the foundamental factor for the war in Sierra Leone. Reasons being that all persons taking the witness stand have never one day said that they saw Mr. Taylor in Sierra Leone. How then can you say that he carried war in that neighboring country. We know that lives and properties were destroyed and no one including me is happy about that. If sierra Leoneans have said that Mr. Taylor was the foundamental factor for the war in that country, I think by now JUSTICE should been found and VICTIMS been carter to. You must understand Tarcey that JUSTICE DELAY IS JUSTICE DENIED. We dont want that to happen to our people who are the VICTIMS of war in that country. Bye for now.


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