Taylor Accuses Britain Of Transporting Arms To Sierra Leone; Says He Had No Links With Al Qaeda

Charles Taylor today accused Britain of transporting arms to Sierra Leone in violation of a United Nations arms embargo on the country, and of using him as a scapegoat by falsely accusing him of responsibility for the flow of arms into the country. Mr. Taylor also denied widespread press and investigative reports that the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, traded diamonds with Sierra Leonean rebels under his supervision in Liberia.

In his testimony today, the accused former Liberian president told the judges that when the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) overthrew the elected government of Sierra Leone in 1997, the country’s ousted president, Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, engaged a British mercenary group, Sandline, to dislodge the illegal AFRC junta regime from the country’s capital Freetown. He explained that the arrangement was facilitated by then British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone Peter Penfold, whom he said already had links with Sandline prior to his assignment to Sierra Leone in March 1997. Sandline, Mr. Taylor said, provided training and arms for Sierra Leonean civil militia, the Kamajors, as well as Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) peacekeepers. Mr. Taylor said that the British navel ship HMS Conway was also in the high seas supplying arms and ammunition to forces loyal to President Kabbah. According to Mr. Taylor, the British — who had drafted a United Nations resolution imposing an arms embargo on Sierra Leone — were the ones violating the sanctions.

“The British government was breaking the United Nations resolution,” Mr. Taylor alleged.

According to Mr. Taylor, when it became clear that the British were the ones violating the UN sanctions on Sierra Leone, they decided to use him as a scapegoat, alleging that he was the one supplying arms to rebel forces in his neighboring country.

“The explanation as to how arms are flowing into Sierra Leone is that they are coming from Liberia. They will bring in these arms and build this lie that arms are coming from Liberia,” he said.

“They were aware but they put the blame on Taylor and I say to the world that how can I supply arms to Sierra Leone when I do not have arms in Liberia?” the former president asked.

Mr. Taylor further alleged that Sandline also had an association with another company which had diamond interest in Sierra Leone, an interest he said that Sandline was keen to protect.

“One of the companies associated with Sandline had diamond interest in Sierra Leone. Sandline is protecting that interest,” he said.

The accused former president reiterated a familiar position that these allegations are part of a conspiracy theory to destroy him.

“All of this is an orchestration for my destruction,” he maintained.

Mr. Taylor also made attempts to discredit international press reports that he was involved in a diamond trade with Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels. Referring to a June 2000 Washington Post and an August 2000 Wall Street Journal reports which both accused him of being involved in a diamond trade with the RUF, Mr. Taylor told the judges today that these were “deliberate attempts to spread disinformation to destroy me.”

Also in his testimony today, Mr. Taylor discussed in detail a report by a Washington Post reporter Douglas Farah, which linked him with the terrorist group Al Qaeda. The report, published in October 2003 and titled “The Role of Conflict Diamonds in Failed States” alleged that Al Qaeda operatives made regular visits to Liberia during which they purchased diamonds from Sierra Leone’s RUF rebels. According to the report, Ibrahim Bah, an alleged agent of Mr. Taylor, had close ties with an Islamic fundamentalist group in Afghanistan. The report further alleged that armed guards associated with Mr. Taylor escorted Al Qaeda operatives into Liberia to purchase conflict diamonds. Mr. Taylor denied the contents of the report, saying that if he had any knowledge that Ibrahim Bah was involved in such actions, he would not have entered Liberia.

“Bah would not have stayed in Liberia if we had known,” he said. The former president told the judges that “there are no armed guards escorting Al Qaeda into Liberia.”

Mr. Taylor also refuted contents of the Mr. Farah’s report which alleged that by the end of 2001, Al Qaeda dispatched two operatives to Liberia offering to buy all diamonds the RUF could produce.

“That is so not true,” Mr. Taylor told the judges.

Mr. Taylor explained that when these allegations were made, his government cooperated with the United States authorities. After a thorough investigation, it was revealed that there were no Al Qaeda operatives in Liberia, he said. He explained that by the time Mr. Farah wrote his report in October 2003, “the matter was already properly investigated and dismissed.”

Mr. Taylor further challenged the contents of a report by Belgian Federal Criminal Investigators, which alleged that Al Qaeda had a relationship with RUF rebels in Sierra Leone, through Liberia, under Mr. Taylor’s supervision.

“It is totally untrue. The report does not contain any factual evidence of the conclusion reached in that statement,” Mr. Taylor responded.

Mr. Taylor said he was not aware of any meetings between RUF and Al Qaeda operatives in the Hotel Boulevard in Monrovia, as alleged in the Belgian report.

Dismissing the report, Mr. Taylor told the judges that “this gives all the signs of a well orchestrated set of lies. How can professional people behave like this? This is a very amateurish report here destined to destroy people.”

Mr. Taylor is responding to allegations that he provided support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone through the supply of arms and ammunition in return for the country’s diamonds. Mr. Taylor has denied the allegations against him and he is testifying as a witness in his own defense.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues on Monday. 


  1. Oh yes, everything against taylor is being orchestrated, practiced, and presented against him! Even all these liars, such as Blah’s was ungrateful to the chief, and to lie when, in fact , taylor had sent Blah to the border to bring this ‘boy’ to him safely but Boakerie, misteriously gets killed in the process!And later taylor, himself, admits that ‘most of what Blah said was true. The lawyers and Judges of this proceedings are not little peanuts as taylor and fan may be thinking and praying! These are Judges that not only know how these so called African Dictators connive and plan mass crimes against civilians, like Adi Amin Dadda did, but how manipulative they become in finger pointing, when they are connered, and thus, will never listen to fan’s cry of innocense nor crucifiction for taylor! let’s leave this whole thing to the Honourable Judges..as I told you guys, this is not about polls or rallys here, but about truths of the matter! Taylor is being accused of all these crimes, that he personally helped in crimes that were commited against civilians in the Sierra Leone RUF War that left many disabled for life, in the name of personal gains! That is what we are talking about here!

    1. Hey Fallah, I want you to flash back if you can, and see the real picture of this entire event in action til now. What is the possibility that, Taylor a single man, who came from no where, except american prison, control and did all those things he’s been accused of by himself? Your exaggeration of crimes against civilians in sierraleon, so many disables is heartfelt, but this does not change the fact. The fact is that The big hands did all those things, Great Britain, America, etc. I knew all of these before this confession by Taylor. These, they did for their selfish gain. There are so many program of lies in the court against Mr. Taylor. As a wise person, I know this very well.Please try and understand this….


      1. Yes, Alexander, I agree with you, totally! The West has manufactured all these lies against this poor fellow, taylor, just so they can get your mineral resources! But the truth is that the problems of Africa are not the outsiders, but seems to be the Africans themselves! Until you accept full resposibility of all these hatreds, denials of facts, and look at your own house, nobody will come to your aid! Let’s assume taylor is freed from all these accusations today; comes tomorrow, jfallah menjor decides to go back to liberia with mercenary fighters, captures Monrovia through fiece fightings against the legitimate Government of Liberia and then begins to execute all former supporters of the taylor supporters, or suspects that are deemed sympathizers, would it be justifiable then that the West shouldn’t interfere since this is African matters?
        You see, Alex the West is trying to bring the rest of Africa back to democratic means of solving problems and that is why you have the OAU too.If this is wrong then count me out!

        1. J Fallah,

          I hope this will not be the only time I agree with you. Our house( African) is completely out of order. My only hope is my chaildren or children’s children get to see a different africa unlike today’s Africa

    2. Fallah,
      The facts surrounding the death of bockarie came from the horses’ mouth. “He refused to disarm before entering Liberia” and you know militarily, what that means. We don’t need Einstein for that other explaination. Also sir, I am very pleased , we’ve all agreed , he ‘s innocent until proven guilty. And thank God, we know that these honorable judges are not going to put the credibility of their carreer in jeopardy because of the emotions of some heartless folks who want to see Mr. Taylor rot in jail for no cause.

    3. Fallah, you acting very desperarate. There is nothing else to hang on now, so you just have to hang on the last shred of thread that is being consumed by facts. Where VP Blah was truthful, President Taylor acknowledged, where he was untruthful, President Taylor disagreed. What is the qualm here?

  2. Taylor seems to be providing logical responses . However, the cross examination by the prosecution would give us the clear picture as to whether Taylor points have the legal grounds required to exonerate him.


  3. Thank you Jose Rodriguez for your home work, now we are getting to know the really law makers and the law brakers. the British Oh the British. Come and defend yourself against this one.

    1. Varney Johnson,

      the only defense the British can come up with is they don’t speak and write English. How can Great Britian say they don’t understand or know that they were breaking their own resolution that they wrote in imposing arm emgargo on Sierra leone? Good Lord, this is unbelieveable.

  4. My wish is that God bless the people of Sierra Leone with open and fair minds to understanding some of the many hidden criminal acts done by the so-called power against them. I believe that Mr. Taylor has done well in exposing the real evil hands behind Sierra Leone diamond. Yes, indeed this trial is an eye opener for Africans if only we follow these testimonies with open minds and fairness to justice.


    Harris K Johnson

  5. This case just shows the DOUBLE TAKES by the US and Britain. If they are on your side….even if you destory the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, you will be glorify, but if they are NOT, GOD is your only savior.

    The saddness again, the prosecutors knew of some of these LIES and yet still decided to run with them. How DISGRACEFUL can the UN be…..to punish ONE SINGLE MAN, the UN turns justice UPSIDE DOWN??? Voted on resolutions repudiating citizens DUE RIGHTS; even asking a nation to violate her own constitution. WHY??? Pres. Kabah violated the embargo as shown in the document, he ordered his deputies to kill and do whatever it took to return him to power or to stay in power and ZERO is done to him. And we’re seeking the TRUTH plus JUSTICE??? Let’s us pray…….OH HEAVENLY FATHER, PLEASE TEACH OUR MASTERS TO DO UNTO OTHERS AS THEY DO UNTO THEMSELVES…….IN JEUSUS NAME….AMEN.

    If the judges see thru the smoke and set him free, where does he go for REDEMPTION???

  6. Taylor was not reckless in all his dealings with the outside world. he kept tract of all the details of not only his but also those of his enemis. put it simply, he is an intelligent politician.

  7. I said this before, I saw captured weapons from rebels on Monday May 13th, 2002 in Gbarnga. They had yellow marking, these were weapons supplied by the British Government. It was at this time that the US Government flew Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from Ivory Coast on DHL to Robertsflield. Security searched Ellen’s luggages and that cause problem with Taylor’s Government and the US Embassy. Ellen was not an official of government at the time and was subjected to searching of her luggages entering the country. She was unsuccessful in unseating Taylor. She got out of Liberia faster than lightning. Upon her arrival in Ivory Coast, she celebrated with her supporters. It would be nice to get a clip that Jonathan Palale did on Focus on Africa, May 13, 2002. The British and American were involved. Make no mistake. They were judges, juriors, witnesses, and executioner. Who controls the UN? What America and Britain says is final in the UN.

  8. Hi Tracy,

    Your role in this episode is to remain neutral. I respect that. However, objectively, as a law scholar, with all the evidences that are presented so far by both the persecution and defense could you analytically analysis the pros and cons of the trial. In other words, is the persecution meeting the burden of proof theory “beyond reasonable doubt” and is the defense has raised enough reasonable doubts to counter act the persecution?

    1. Hi Big B — thanks for your question. Unfortunately I am not in a position to answer that question. We are still waiting to hear the entirety of the defense case, and in the end, only the Special Court judges can determine whether the prosecution has met the burden of proof. What we can do is offer an analysis of the judgment after it has been handed down, which I hope we will be in a position to do. Sorry I cannot be more helpful but at this point as monitors we cannot pre-judge this case at this point.
      Very best,

      1. Tracey,
        Stop the TWO STEPS TEXAN dance….you have atleast A VIEW. Big B asked “SO FAR”…..we all await the case in FULL but that’s not stopping the rest of us from leaning one way or the other.

        So again we ask “SO FAR”, what is your take???

        1. Noko4 — as readers you are most welcome as part of the debate to discuss your views of the credibility of the evidence so far. As monitors, Alpha and I are in a different position. What we can say is that in the big picture, Mr. Taylor’s fair trial rights on the whole seem to have been respected so far, and the proceedings have generally met international standards. Sorry I can’t offer you any more on the issues that Big B raised. I am sure you can appreciate the limitations of Alpha’s and my role.

        2. Tracey,
          That ANSWER is accepted but to say you’re waiting for THE END was not jiving with me and others. Your role doesn’t permit you and I understand. It will be foolish to show your hands but I sense where you lean….ha ha ha

  9. Now most of us know how this whole trial or court is about or how it came into being. This is complete wickedness on the part of the International Communities to do this to the peaceful citizens of Sierra Leone. After doing this they point their fingers to Taylor because he is the black sheep. How could the British do this with the help of former President Kaba to his own people. Did the persecutors have all of these documents? Let us look at the documents Mr. Crane got from the Belgium police concerning Diamond from Sierra Leone during all of their transaction Taylor name never mentioned, all the names that mentioned are arab names but they pasted Taylor photo on said documents why? This documents say this man is not part of the transaction why put is picture there. I am sorry for Taylor in this case because the west is the one set up this court, and they appointed their judges as well. God bless you Taylor I am also happy that you prove to me that you are not what they think you

    1. Leroy,
      The workings of the MI5 and the CIA if you ask me. A DISGRACEFUL DISGRACE to say the least. I thought part of been a prosecutor is to eliminate the innocents??? Really, documents upon documents that the prosecutors had in their possesion showed that Mr. Taylor couldn’t have, yet still he is trial….WHY???

      Gambia was listed as the greatest diamond selling nation then Sierra Leone then Liberia. Where is Ibraham Bah from?? Gambia and simply logic couldn’t tell the prosecutors HOW COME???

  10. Taylor is just a skilled liar.He thinks the SCSL trying him is like his home in Artinton near the Iron Gate where he had usually bombarded Liberians with loaded words.My only belief is that every well-meaning Liberian has been breathing fresh air since Taylor left the country on August 11 2003.His continuous presence in Liberia would not have seen such.Let’s pray then that peace continues to reign in Liberia.

    1. Vaa Alie,

      If you really believe and mean what you posted, than I will ask you to advocate on the Immediate departure or withdrawal of UNMIL 15,000.00 strong Military personnels from Liberia without delay. Even, our president can’t afford UNIMIL out of Liberia for “ONE MINUTE.” Stop fooling yourself. I bet you, take UNIMIL from there. However, you couldn’t even try Taylor in Sierra Leone even with the presence of UN MILITARY in Sierra Leone and Liberia. I don’t blame you.

    2. Vai Alie Mansaray,

      So what are you saying. I believe you now know there is not enough evidence to convict Mr. Taylor.

    3. Vaa Ali Mansaray,

      make no mistakes about this. There are two fundamental reasons the fresh air that you say Liberians are brething is based on. 1: the trouble makers are now in power and they know who they are. 2: the presence of the 15,000.00 UN troops in Liberia. However, I know you know these facts, but pretend not to know. That is why I challenge you, to advocate the immediate departure or withdarwal of UN 15,000.00 military forces from Liberia without delay. Vaa, even the west that is helping you accomplish yourself fulfilling prophecy for the incarceration of this innocent man, knows the significance of UNMIL in Liberia. However, can you please tell me why the Liberian government just renew and extended the stay of UNMIL presence in Liberia when the previous time expired?

    4. Look mansaray, even if Mr. Taylor is a skilful liar he never ate human in the poro society (which I believed you are also a member of) as claimed by the prosecution witnesses, and Mr. Taylor is not better liar than the prosecution witnesses, because all their lies and fairy tales are not in place. The arguments about who send arms to sierra Leone is common sense, the man just said the British did it and the Nigerian Ecomog also was involved in arms trade for diamonds. Come to think about it Liberia does not have the resources both finance and man power to sponsor war in Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast least to say to destabilize west Africa Sub-region.
      The Nigerian government reported in 2006 that the (peace keeping) military role in Liberia cost them $3 billion dollars, and the last time I check the Liberian budget reach $500 million dollars was 1982 under the late Samuel Doe at the time he became US favourites under the late president Ronald Reagan, Let me also remind you that when the west organized their lies against you, it will take any confuse mind to believe it without digesting it. Today even the child in sierra Leone will tell you that the Hitler of west Africa is Charles Taylor, because that what they held on the local and international media
      My prayer is that one day the Sierra Leonean will know the real enemies of their progress and developments, if it is Mr. Taylor the skilful liar or so perfect western saviours.

  11. Humm!!!
    I am not sure what CT means by this: “They were aware but they put the blame on Taylor and I say to the world that how I can supply arms to Sierra Leone when I do not have arms in Liberia?” Is CT saying that he governed a nation that did not have arms to defend itself from external or internal aggression? Besides, at what time between 1980 and 2003 was Liberia never awash with arms? This is an incredibly weak argument that could undermine his defense. Be careful CT!

    1. Noko6,
      since you are not sure of what President Tayloy meant by they were aware that they were breaking the arm embargo but they put the blame on him, this is what he said. there was a UNsecurity Council Resolution which imposed an arm embargo on Sierra Leone. This resolution was drafted by Great Britian and pushed through by the same. The same Great Britian started to supply arms to an European mercenary armed group called “Executive outcome” fighting inSierra Leone on behalf of President Kabba and the Diomond fields. Another British mercernary armed group who also sold diomond called Sandline, was being supply by the British military vessel on the coast of Sierrra Leone. However, when they were caught red handed, the British claimed they did not understand their own resolution that they wrote. in fact they didn’t know they were breaking the UN resolution. when the evidence began overwhelmingly apparent, they pointed at Liberia’s Charles Taylor. So Noko6, when the President says they had to know is because thye wrote and looby for the passage of the resolution. i hope, I was able to help you.

      1. Noko6,

        the second part to your post concerning President Taylor governing a nation that didn’t have arms to defend Liberia from internal and external aggression, I will ask you. Have you being following the civil unrest and political development in Liberia during the days of President Taylor? Perhaps, you may not know. There was arm embargo placed on Liberia by the UN and again it was the British that drafted that resolution and made sure it was enforced. Besides, his government was strangled to not do business with the outside world including diamond business. Remember now, he has been disarmed by Ecomog completely prior to the election of 1997. All the inspection that the UN was doing in Liberia was to know if he had no arms to defend himself from the lethal dose of LURD and MODEL WAR that they were planning. When they knew he never had arms, they unleached these notorous rebel groups. Bear in mind up to this time, they have never brought LURD and MODEL TO BOOK FOR BREAKING THE EMBARGO. But it Taylor who to be blamed. Noko6, trust me, if President Taylor had arms, LURD and MODEL will still be at the border. The Liberian people are willing and ready to protect this man with their bodies. The international community knows. The thing about it, they are the ones making this man very popular.

        1. Jose,
          I see you tried to make a fine argument drawing on a few irrelevances, i.e., embargo, executive outcome, etc, but unfortunately, history and the politico-military reality of Liberia during CT’s regime does not support your argument or analysis. One thing elusde your thinking and conclusion: factual happenings. Now, let us lay bare the facts, which I believe is not elusive. Nobody…absolutely nobody ever witnessed the Liberian army countering LURD and MODEL’s senseless and diabolic aggression with sticks, karate kicks, or with bare or tied hands. The Liberian army responded to LURD and MODEL rebellion with an impressive military firepower to halt those savages and stop the butchery but, just as the tide turned against the evil personified SD, the tide also turned against the vindictive power drunk CT. So if CT says he had no arms in Liberia…hummm!!! That does not hold water and he is not establishing a compelling case. That is ‘big time’ fallacy which could be used in the cross examination. The way the war was fought and the documentation of various battle scenes attest to the fact the nation was awash with arms, even in the face of embargo.

          Now, I am being very objective about this CT’s trial because I believe all those thugs (the oppressive Americo-Liberian political hegemony, the illiterate and evil personified SD, the vindictive loud mouth and power greed CT, and the host of other evil and vindictive war barons and militias such as Kromah, LURD, ULIMO, LPC, et al) did the greatest disservice to this beautiful country of ours, and more than one of them should be persecuted for their roles in a conflict that killed many. As it appears, one of those notorious thugs, CT, who does not know when to shout his loud mouth, gets to play the sacrificial lamb role in this sad melodrama. We will watch and see how this melodrama unfolds over the months and years.

          Just a matter of curiosity: you seem to possess knowledge and infinitesimal details about what took place during CT’s regime that the average, innocent Liberian civilian does not possess. Thanks for your knowledge.

    2. Noko6 a cousin of Noko4 and 5? welcome on board! but I beg to disagree with you that Liberia was “awash with arms” between 1980 and 2003. what about the destruction of arms by the UN? do you honestly believe that if Taylor has had arms conneh and his bandits in LURD and the Model hooligans would have tried what they did? comeon man, liberia did not have arms in the quantity required to fight a war in Sieera leone and Liberia all at once.

      1. Sam,
        Sorry, but we don’t know where this noko6 guy comes from. His genetic makeup kindfof differ. There is research going right now. Thank god his DNA was found.. nokos don’t think like him. However we will prety soon get to make him understand that taylor was lide on by the prosecution

        1. Brother Noko5, please don’t go off crying now…don’t do that to us. We have the same genetic traits…in fact, the exact DNA like our cousin Noko4. We will not agree or share the same socio-political ideologies or the same philosophical perspective. Besides, as it has become cleared here once more, we are not agreeing on everything as I have again chosen an objective and neutral path on CT issue, while you have, as usual, gone all out pro-CT, and our cousin, well, as usual, is still struggling to find his footing on the issue. When all is said and done, we will share our campaign and do what our family does best – laugh, cry, and hug. Let’s move on, bro.

      2. Noko6,
        you asked a question and I answered. Your question had to do with President Taylor inability to protect and defend his country from internal and external aggression. You may have some disagreement with my answer, but to suggest, that my answers were irrelavent, I think is being ungrateful. However, in one of my answers, I made mention of the arm embargo imposed on Liberia and President Taylor’s government. How this is irrelavent to your question? Noko6, you made mention of no one ever witnessed the Liberian government countering LURD and MODEL with karate kicks, sticks, or bare or tied hands. Bro, reality belies your argument. President Taylor hands were tied while the other sides was free like an eagle. President Taylor government was being washed with an eagle eye, while the other sides were being supplied with arms and ammunitions through Guinea and Ivory Coast by the international community. Besides, President Taylor arms were seized by UNIMIL in violation of the arm embargo, when he had no other means to fight proportionally. So he started hustling by breaking the embargo which was the only means to fight the rebels. On top of that, the arms that the government troops were using, were captured arms from the enemies. At times, two to three government troops were seen using one rifle. Now if they had arms, why will two or three men be using one gun? LURD and MODEL on the other hand, had unlimited supplies, as evident by their countless shelling of liberia.

      3. Thanks, Sam.

        Since you are asking for my honest opinion, I will give you my very honest view.

        • In the annals of human civilization and warfare, it has proven that it is more challenging for an army to successfully counter insurrection than it is to quell coup plots. There is something about insurrections especially those that start at the border that makes it difficult to successfully counter. The NPFL incursion is a classic example. Borders are porous and difficult to man.

        • To a large extent military campaigns or insurrections feed on the unpopularity of a seating government as was the case with that illiterate boy turned president, SD. CT’s regime was not at its zenith of popularity; it was for the first time experiencing internal dissent and witnessing a slow but growing unpopularity at home.

        • When political rhetoric no longer works and the once charismatic aroma that brings a leader to power dissipates, people lost interest. The charisma and respect that CT commended in the early 1990’s had ebbed by the early 2000’s.

        • Low morale. I believe we can not dismiss the fact that there was an element of low morale in the Liberian army in the face of aggression. Perhaps, due to un-kept campaign promises, disenchantment over equitable compensation between various units of the military and security apparatus, etc. Low morale kill, even if the army has all the weapons needed to fight.

        • Some of those who felt called to lead the NPFL insurrection in 1989 had by 2001 become settled and comfortable with their newly acquired social, financial, and political statues. Some had even started families. Well, nobody can blame them…who wants to return to jungle civilization after years of living in suburbia and driving posh cars? So some (I am accenting the word some, not the word all) of these folks who had acquired new statues in life did not feel called or were weary to return to the bushes to fight. I could continue but will stop here.

        Now, based on the combination (not just one) of these reasons, I honestly believe the tide turned against CT. Time had run out on him no matter how you look at it. However, unlike the shortsighted, myopic despot, SD, this loud mouth power greed kid, CT, did the made the wisest decision in the nick of time. He got out. I guess it shows intellectual maturity resulting from academic training at Bentley College on the part of CT and the idiocy of searching the globe just to fetch a honoris causa degree as was the case of SD.

        I suspect you might not agree with any of my views, as they are mine, not yours, but thanks for asking me to share my honest views with you, Sam. I appreciate the opportunity.

  12. Vaa Alie Mansaray,
    Please don’t mislead the people by saying they’re breathing fresh air since Taylor left Liberia. Did you hear about the police officer who killed a civilian for a plank that he the victim own? This poor man plank went missing and it so happened that the victim had his name written on all the planks he was selling.

    After the victim saw some of the plank with the police officer who was trying to sell it,the victim approached the officer who were in civilian clothes to ask him how he got the planks
    because they were his.You know what happened?
    The police officer killed the man at redlight market, ok! In liberia now a day, arm robbery is at the top of crimes but that wasn’t the case during Taylor days,especially when Joe Tate was police director! Liberian have to sleep behind iron gates called iron doors now a day because of fear for their lives. So what kind of fresh air are liberians breathing now a day that you’re talking?

    If you don’t have anything to say that involve this trial because you’re misinformed,then I highly encourage you to go back and read the transcripts so you can better understand and analyze the case. Remember this case is not about Liberia instead it’s about Sierra Leone. We do understand that you do have a personal biase towards Mr. Taylor but in the face of Justice, personal biases are injustices, are you tracking that brother? GHANGAY STRONG, AIRBORNE….AIR ASSAULT!!!!!

    1. Jocone or whatever your name may be,

      Thos police officers who disserve Liberia are those who for a very long time were being tought by Taylor and fellow war lords to perceive the use of the barrel as the way out.Today,such officers are like this Hitler in the skin of a lamb.Period.

      As Liberians,you have to learn to endure those things.But one thing factual to present to you is that such games will gradually subside in time to come.Such games are being played now because during the disarmament process in post-war Liberia,most of those ex-fighters with two or more weapons to turn over,surrendered only one or two.And,those of their victims( civilians) who saw them(ex-combatants) hide these weapons elsewhere,did not report such to the UN.Today,these remaining arms are being used against us.Most striking of all is that the man who began introducing the use of such means of survival to Liberian youths (Darkpanah Charles Gankay Taylor is now in costudy and cannot arm these youths again to plauge Liberia once more in turmoil
      I hope I gave you enough pills

      1. Vaa Alie, my only advise to you is to re-read your own over and over and again, and come back countering your own post.

  13. Vaa Alie the war Taylor brought came to an end since 1996, as you may know. Lurd that you support with the help of the British and the Americans is the one killed lot of our people. They were the one shelling the city during your world war one, two, and three. Not for getting Model on the other. Taylor as president have all the rights to defend the Nation against you people and that is what he did. Which of the county you hail from if I may ask? I asked because your name sound like a Sierra Leonean name to me.Vaa Let us all wait and see what the cross will be or look like. Our former president is ready and he is up to it. I trust this guy, he will prove himself again. Bet me on this and after the trial this will make him more popular again. He is a leader and you can see that in him, even while going through all of these hard time with these lies.

  14. Bimba,
    Let’s not forget that there are 200 plus witnesses line up to take the witness stand after Mr. Taylor testimony. Even if the cross examination by the prosecutor should give the clear picture that Mr. Taylor have the legal ground to be set free, it will not still be enough to let him go just like that because of the position of the international communities against Mr. Taylor. As the result, they will say he was testifying for himself therefore, he needed to do all he can to prove himself not guilty.

    Then the next thing will be for them to allow some of the witnesses who are willing to testify for him to take the stand. But again some of these witnesses have travel ban on them as I believed but I stand corrected on that. I don’t think the UN will lift the travel bans on those who could prove that Mr. Taylor is not guilty. And as such, they will not allow those who will prove him innocent to have the opportunity to travel and have their saying on the witness stand!
    If it should happened the other way around, I can tell you, Taylor will be a free man unless there’s not true Justice!

    1. Did I hear that some of taylor witnesses have ‘travel ban’? Or you taylor partisans are predicting another cry of ‘foul’ against the International Body in advance? If taylor’s witnesses amongst the 200 scheduled to testify on his behalf must come from this list then he should kiss his cheeks bye, and plead guilty!
      Am I also hearing from you patriotic Liberians wishing that UNMIL leaves so you can be justified in your belief that without gankay’s NPFL the Sirleaf Government would fall over night? Maybe so because there are so many, it seems, who miss “this lawlessness” that they would probably return in munites to take the little the international Community has managed to give to the people of Liberia. Thanks Patriots you love your country greatly..it is amazing how truths come through ‘jokes’!

    2. Jocone,
      forgive my ignorance, can you please explain the meaning and origin of your battle cry “SAPPER FORWARD, GHANGAY STRONG…. AIRBORNE….. AIR ASSAULT!”

  15. Vaa Alie,
    I guess you wnat to know what my name is but you don’t know how to ask but I will tell you what my name is, ok!

    I am Staff Sergeant JOSEPH ESPEN CONTO SR. of the UNITED STATES ARMY. I am not a witness in this case of Mr. Taylor but if you will conclude that the LIberian people are breathing fresh air since Taylor left is false, plain and simple.

    I don’t agree with you and others on this site will not agree with you that all those officers who are committing crimes now in Liberia were trained by Mr. Taylor. So are you saying that no members from other fighting group are pat of the current security forces of Liberia?

  16. Fallah,
    Liberia is not a trusteeship of the united nations. This is a soverieng nation that it’s leaders must and I say once again, must be able to provide goods and services to it’s citizens. If you are saying that the united nations should not leave because of fear that the NPFL will take over, then you are clearly telling me that Ellen is unfit to lead that country and she should find her way out. Am I right?????

    1. Noko5,
      …and then what?? You want Ellen to go – and what comes after?
      A re-run of the 90s? Let’s accept that you think Ellen can’t do the job – I fail to see on what grounds, she may be not perfect, but on what grounds??? Like her or not, why go back to chaos, CGT is not an option any sane person should consider! The best case scenario would be economic isolation, the worst world war 4.
      I can’t help the feeling that some of you guys (Taylorites) are just playing this as a game of some kind and some have been sucked in by the charming ways of the lost leader. Imagine you were back home or planning your return: would you still be so reckless with the suggestions that you make for your own and your fellow human beings’ future?

  17. Sumoh,
    Please, please, please tell me my brother. Is Ellen Liberia?? Are you telling me that Ellen is president for life?? Are you sure, there are noother qualify liberians to run our country anymore?? Look, there are well qualify and decent liberians all over liberia and in diaspora that can safely and professionally run our country. Liberians today are different from yesterday ideally in every aspect of life.. GET IT.. ELLEN IS NOT LIBERIA . Get out of this welfare syndrome. Declarition of independence means a lot, lot more..

    1. Sumoh and Fallah,
      Do you guys remember ; the first grade history(HEROES AND HEROINES OF LIBERIA) by A . Doris Banks Henries??? Remember when the settelers and the natives were fighting?? Remember the British sea captain asked Elijah Jonson if he could allow him to host his flag on our soil and Elijah refused. I am very, very sure, if it was any of you or your anscesters today we would have been colonized by the British. Only because you do not have self confidence that you are capable of governing you self. That is a SHAME…

      1. Noko5,

        should I still respond or add my voice to what you have excellently said in respond to welfare, Fallah and Sumoh?

  18. Jose,
    I think you should say something to Fallah. Maybe another word that will have the same meaning as welfare. Cuz all fallah wants is that , the UN should still send blankets, musquito cords, high protein biscuits, sugar ..etc.. and we should be standing on the sidewalk and clapping for truck arrivals.. please!!! fallah..

  19. Sumoh,
    What I can tell you for now is that, I am a US Army Sapper, Airborne and Air assualt trained and as such, we fight to win; therefore, we’ll do all we can by doing the right thing in our fights. As the results, we’re the first in a fight and last out. This is just about the same with Mr. Taylor in this case, are you tracking? Rogger?

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