Why Does the Special Court For Sierra Leone Have Judges, Prosecutors and Staff Who Are Not From Sierra Leone?


Big B asked a good question that might be worth posting separately as it refers to the structure of the Special Court, the composition of its judges and staff, and its legitimacy.

Big B asked:

“This court is what it is. It is the Special Court of Sierra Leone, not the United Nations Criminal Court. Most African courts are kangaroo courts. The accused is guilty until he/she can prove his innocent.


This is the Special Court of Sierra Leone, why is it the prosecution lawyers and judges are not from Sierra Leone. The prosecution lawyers most of them are from the United States. Whereas, the judges are from countries that have close ties with the US or the US have direct influence over?

Tracey, what are the legal ramifications allowing non citizens to represent a country as lawyers and judges to administer justice without the United Nations approval or consent? And, if the United Nations consented shouldn’t the trial be a United Nations trial rather than a Sierra Leone trial?”

In short, the Special Court for Sierra Leone was created by an agreement between the UN and the Government of Sierra Leone.  That agreement sets out the terms for the selection of judges, the lead prosecutor and other staff – you can see it here: http://www.sc-sl.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=CLk1rMQtCHg%3d&tabid=176.  Article 2(2) sets out how the judges should be chosen.  So for example, under Article 2(2)(a), the agreement says that a trial chamber will be made up of three judges “where one shall be appointed by the Government of Sierra Leone and two judges appointed by the Secretary-General, upon nominations forwarded by States, and in particular the member States of the Economic Community of West African States and the Commonwealth, at the invitation of the Secretary-General.”  Article 2(c) has a similar provision for the Appeals Chamber – two judges shall be appointed by the Government of Sierra Leone, while three are appointed by the UN Secretary-General under the same nomination process.  Article 2(3) requires the Government of Sierra Leone and the Secretary-General to consult with each other on the appointment of judges.  In the case of the trial chamber that is currently presiding over Mr. Taylor’s case, the Government of Sierra Leone appointed Justice Richard Lussick of Samoa; while the UN Secretary General appointed Justice Theresa Doherty of Northern Ireland, and Justice Julia Sebutinde of Uganda.  You can find out more about the judges here: http://www.sc-sl.org/ABOUT/CourtOrganization/Chambers/TrialChamberII/tabid/89/Default.aspx.

So, Big B, while the US is one of the funders of the court, the actual process of selecting the judges is not determined by the US, but rather through this different process where the nominations of ECOWAS and Commonwealth countries are meant to have a special place, according to the Agreement.

And how about the chief prosecutor?  Article 3 of the Agreement also deals with that. Article 3(1) says that “[t]he Secretary-General, after consultation with the Government of Sierra Leone, shall appoint a Prosecutor for a three-year term. The Prosecutor shall be eligible for reappointment.”  Meanwhile, the Government of Sierra Leone, in consultation with the UN Secretary-General must “appoint a Sierra Leonean Deputy Prosecutor to assist the Prosecutor in the conduct of the investigations and prosecutions” under Article 3(2).  The Deputy Prosecutor is a Sierra Leonean national and is now Acting Prosecutor since Mr. Rapp left to go work with the US State Department as its Ambassador-At-Large for War Crimes. You can find his profile here: http://www.sc-sl.org/ABOUT/CourtOrganization/Prosecution/tabid/90/Default.aspx. So again, even though there have been two chief prosecutors who have been from the US, the process for selecting them was not owned by the US.

As for the staff, Article 3(4) also deals with their appointment too.  This article says “[t]he Prosecutor shall be assisted by such Sierra Leonean and international staff as may be required to perform the functions assigned to him or her effectively and efficiently.” The Prosecution team works with a combination of Sierra Leonean and international staff.

The other question you ask is about the status of the Special Court – basically, is it a Sierra Leonean court or is it a United Nations court?  In reality it is a uniquely structured court that is neither fully international nor fully Sierra Leonean, but a combination of both – it is often called a “hybrid court” for this reason.  It sits independently of the Sierra Leonean justice system and it combines Sierra Leonean and international staff, judges and laws.  Another document – the Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone – sets out the legal and operational functioning of the court. The Statute says that the Special Court can operate in tandem with the Sierra Leonean courts to prosecute serious crimes (eg war crimes, crimes against humanity, other serious violations of international humanitarian law [such as the use of child soldiers, for example] – you can see Articles 2, 3 and 4, and for Sierra Leonean crimes, Article 5), but that it has “primacy” over national courts (see Article 8).  That means, essentially, if the Sierra Leonean courts had ever prosecuted someone that the Special Court considered was within its mandate (specifically, if that person fell within the category assigned to the Special Court – those bearing the “greatest responsibility” for the crimes set out in the Statute that were committed in Sierra Leone after November 30, 1996 – see Article 1), then the Special Court could ask the Sierra Leonean courts to “defer its competence” (or basically allow the Special Court to prosecute the person instead).  This never happened during the work of the Special Court.  You can read the Statute here if you are interested: http://www.sc-sl.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=uClnd1MJeEw%3d&tabid=176.

In that sense, the fact that non-citizens of Sierra Leone are working at the court is perfectly legal and done with the consent of both the Sierra Leonean government and the United Nations.

Hope this helps.

(I also realize I have a backlog of questions to answer – thanks, readers, for your patience.)


  1. Tracey,

    Here is a link to an article by a liberian daily on the status of the TRC report that was submitted to the Liberian Legislature. In a preface, there has been calls for a departure from the core of the TRC recommendations. I am sure that will suffice following deliberations; and that will be a slap in the face of the commissioners because they just did a poor job. Emotions and sentiments overshadowed logic and nationalism.


    1. Andrew — thanks so much for this link – I appreciate you posting it for us. I found this article quite fascinating – so the TRC report won’t be considered until early next year so that the legislature can review the final version of the report?

      There was one other element that I was curious about. Almost at the end of the article, the journalist notes “In keeping with the act creating the TRC, it calls for the recommendations of the commission to be implemented with the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHCR) supervising its implementation. Commissioners of the INHCR have already been appointed by President Sirleaf and have gone through confirmation proceedings at the Liberian senate.”

      Andrew, I am particularly interested in your views — and those of others, particularly those based in Liberia or who have a close insight into Liberian politics — about what you think of the INHCR and its commissioners. Do you think it will be an effective body? Do you have faith in the commissioners who have already been confirmed? In short, what is your prognosis for this body and how/whether it will implement the TRC report recommendations?

      Please don’t feel compelled to answer if you don’t want to. I am just generally interested in the dynamics around this body and people’s perception of its effectiveness – but don’t mean to put you on the spot to give your thoughts on it unless you want to and have the time/inclination!

      Best and thanks again, Andrew,

      1. tracey,

        You raised salient points for discussions and notes-sharing. You may observe here that I pen under my own name. I have no fear nor favor. So I am free to speak my mind as I so desire.

        As regards the eficacy of the Human Rights Commission, I would defer comments until their works can be reviewed and measure against precedent, moral judgement, justice and other yardsticks.

        As regards the Commission ability to implement the TRC report, I would say let us wait and see if the Report will first of all, make it to the Commission. Since the report was release it has brewed disputes. One section of the Liberian society supports the recommendations of the report, while another vehemently opposes it. Of course there will always be neuters who caredless which way the recommendation went in terms of implementation or rejection. President Sirleaf has said it will be up to the Liberian people to decide, and that she could not comment further because she is an indictee. Indicted along with the President are members of the Legislature who should review and act on the report. This situation is like being an accused and a judge at the same time. I have heard about judge and jury, but judge and accused is strange and I do not know how it will play out.

        As you will expect the accused judges have raised concerns and opposition. some prominent Liberians including the President of the Liberian senate and past president Amos Sawyer have voiced their concerns about the recommendations. In essence they have sait that it would not be in the interest of peace and reconciliation if the outcome of the report was retributive. This is the debate.

        for the TRC to have release a controversial report in my view is a disservice to the liberian people. they just did not do a deligent effort. To resolve the dispute I propose a national conference on the report and the recommendation in principal. The resolution of the national conference will be forwarded to the legislature for action. In my view this will create a common ground on the way forward with the divisive report.

        The report called for sierra leone styled tribunal. This is another controversial issue. when did liberians realised they needed a war crimes tribunal. what crimes will come before the tribunal? who will determine theste crimes? look there are so many questions that it is not worth delving into this subject only to appease a few.

        The commissioners allowed themselve to be viewed as withch-haunters. I think they should pay back any remuneration received. Why?

        Let us consider the Desmond Tutu TRC. Did they receive such division after they released their report? did they call for war crimes and crimes against humanity for years of apartheid and white supremacy as well as violence from minority protests? Desmond Tutu and south africa from whom TRC was copied, threaded a common ground. Here we are seeing a lopsided ground.

        My candid opinion is that the TRC report will not be implemented. A hybrid recommendation might be generated that will foster peace.

        1. Thanks for your comprehensive post, Andrew. I appreciate you sharing your insights.

          Very interesting idea about a national conference – how could that happen in practice? Is it something that the government would need to convene, or can other groups — like civil society — pull something like that together? It could be a powerful way of demonstrating whether the Liberian people wanted the recommendations to be implemented or not, including the set-up of a war crimes chamber — though I imagine there will always be issues of representation in such a fora (ie whose voices will have the opportunity to get heard, and how representative are those voices of broader views across Liberia) which will be hard to address.

          I wonder if other readers also share your hopes for a national conference as a means of moving forward the debate on the implementation of the TRC report?


  2. Hi Tracey,

    Thanks for the in-dept answers to my questions. You are fabulous. After I got through reading the agreement between the United Nations and the government of Sierra Leone on the establishment of special court, goose bumps ran down my spine. The offspring of a male donkey and a female horse is a mule. The offspring of the Sierra Leone Special Court and the United Nations is a kangaroo. This court is nothing but a scheme designed to enriching the judges and everyone including the janitors. Despite, the judges’ outrageous pay and benefits orchestrated by the US and GB, we can only hope that the judges will take their oaths into consideration and execute justice with fairness.

    The US and GB Knew from the get go that under no circumstances they could have possibly win this case if it was under the auspices of the United Nations. Rules that governors the United Nations courts are more stringent strictly controlled and enforced. For example, Milosevic of Yugoslavia was prosecuted in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). http://www.answers.com/topic/international-criminal-court . Ctrl + click to follow link. Unlike President Taylor, he is being prosecuted in the kangaroo Special Court of Sierra Leone.

    Article 1 of the agreement, is to prosecute persons who bear the greatest responsibility for serious violations of international humanitarian law and Sierra Leonean law committed since 30 November 1996. President Taylor testified that he in fact assisted the RUF but, it was prior 1996. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the prosecution removes the goal post in the middle of the game. If the prosecution can not prove that President Taylor abetted the RUF by or after 1996, Article 1 will be rewritten to what ever time. The World is witching!

    1. Hi Big B — thanks for your note and glad the information was useful. Let me try to look up more about the judges salaries and benefits — I do not think they were orchestrated by the US and GB but instead accord with UN rules and/or agreements between the UN and the government of Sierra Leone — but I want to give you the evidence of that statement rather than simply just stating it. I will revert when I find the documents which address this issue of pay and benefits.

      1. Hi Stacey,

        Legally you are right by wanting to show documentations and supporting evidences for ever circumstances. But morally, documentations and evidences mean nothing. Sometimes, evidences are obtained from reliable source. Tracey, you may check from here to Timbuktu, you will never find any document showing that the US and GB orchestrated the judges salaries. It’s obvious.

    1. Hi AVK — thanks for the links. Interesting. What do you think of the Human Rights Watch recommendations – are they appropriate?

      I imagine we will all be watching eagerly to see how the legislature deals with the report in January now, and I’m sure we will continue to have an active conversation here when that happens.

      Best and thanks again, AVK,

    2. AVK,

      I provide a quote from one of the links that you availed to Tracey. The reason I posted the news article link is the same reason that the writer gave in the link that you posted(i.e. the status of implementation of the TRC Report). Below is the status:

      “The lawmakers hastily passed a joint resolution deferring further action on the TRC report until their return from agriculture break January 2010.”

      So that is why I gave that link. Action on the TRC report whether the most recent or not, has been tabled until January 2010.

      Revert with dispute.



    1. Hi JK,

      There are checks and balances, like the ones described in this post, that ensure that the judges are independent of political pressure when making decisions. Part of the judges’ job is to base their decisions on the evidence and the law in front of them. In fact, judges are required, under Article 13(1) of the Statute which lays out the legal basis and framework of the Special Court, to “be independent in the performance of their functions, and shall not accept or seek instructions from any Government or any other source.”

      So far, we have not seen or heard of any evidence of any country trying to influence the judges’ decisions – given we are monitors who value the rule of law and respect for the elements of a fair trial, we would be deeply concerned and would raise our voices if we thought political interference was at work. Indeed, we have done this with other courts where we have feared political interference by governments into judicial decision-making — our work on the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (a hybrid court set up to try the Khmer Rouge from the 1970s) is a case in point. You can see our reports where we raise our concerns about political interference here: http://www.soros.org/initiatives/justice/focus/international_justice/articles_publications/publications/eccc_20091120.

      At this stage, we have no reason to believe that the US or any other government is trying to influence the judges decisions in the case of Mr. Taylor. We also believe that Mr. Taylor is fundamentally receiving a fair trial to date.

      I hope that helps answers your questions, JK?


  4. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Another sad day for Liberia. We all need to pray for Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. What is happening in Guinea is very serious. Again, our country Liberia has been accused of supplying arms and ammunitions to Guinea and to some junta members with the intent to remove Captain Moussa Dadis Camara. This accustion was made first by Captain Camara and later the Plain Truth News Paper, a local newpaper in Liberia. The boss of that paper is currently now in jail. According to report, his arrest was made possible on orders of President Sirleaf to her son, Fumba Sirleaf, who happens to be the National Security Agency Chief.

    The Liberia Government has denied any involvement in the trouble in Guinea. The government said, Liberia is under UN arm embargo. Therefore, they do not have arms and ammunitions to even protect itself and the citizens of Liberia. The government also said, the news paper just wants to paint the government against the international community and especially Ecowas. However, the news paper boss is quoted as saying he is in a deplorable condition while in jail. He has being striped naked and no feet wear. Whether this accustion from Guinea is truth or not. Liberians have suffered so much from stories like these. Our former President, Charles Ghankay Taylor became a victim of the same accusition. Therefore, Jose Rodriguez personally wants to see proof. Let there be an investigation as to whether Liberia is covertly sending weapons or supporting any group in Guinea by any shape, form, and way. Is Liberia just being a peace maker again and being painted as sponsor to terror?

    What ever the case is, lets pray for the region. Because what is happening in Guinea today, can easily spill over.

    1. Jose,

      You know Liberia is america’s ill-gotten step-child whom she cares not about. Her only concern about Liberia is where our land and resources can be used to benefit America. We can point to Lamco, Firestone, Omega Tower, LAC, all these installations had skewed relations that favored America not Liberia.

      Now in the wake of Hillary Clinton saying that the Dadis Government would not survive, coupled with Liberia being the CIA headquarter for Africa, would it be surprising for Liberia to supplyl arms to dissident forces in Guinea?

    2. Wow! I think Jose is a great Patriot! But I really don’t see the cry of “wolf” here at this point. Such accusations should not be of surprise to anyone by now since there are elements of society that will always find avenue of decend so as to justify their demonic aims.
      First of all if the Junta believes Liberia is supplying arms to Guinea, it needs to present its case to the Security Council of the UN instead of prayers, as suggested by Jose.
      Secondly,If the Plain Truth News Paper reports such sentitive matter prematurely, it should bear the full consequences of the laws of Liberia. Therefore it will be immature for this to become such that prayers are needed by anyone especially when some have in the past, wished for chaos in the region! We are not going to buy the idea of “mass weapons of destruction concept” until we go through civilize means!This is a civilize way of doing business!

      1. Fallah, I am amazed at the way your opinion drifts here and there depending on who you are supporting. You remember when the issue of the so called journalist Hassan Bility came up in this trial he was accussed of publishing a fake and dangerous report that Liberia was supporting the RUF rebels in Sierra Leone after which he was promptly arrested and investigated only to be bailed out by the Americans because obviously he was their agent. You Fallah vehemently criticised President Taylor’s government as dictatorial and that it abuses human rights of all its citizens including journalists. Now the same thing has happened with the Ellen government and you see nothing wrong with it but the journalist should face the full wrath of the laws of Liberia. My questionj to you Fallah is this: why should there be separate scales of judgement for Mr Taylor’s government and Ellens government? also you vehemently criticized Mr Taylor for putting his son incharge of the ATU which you accused of committing crimes against Liberians now what is your comment on the fact that Ellen’s son is in chartge of the NSA in Liberia? and he is ordering the arrest og people percived to be critics of his mother’s government?

        Please I need yourcomments on these and coments from others too to help us understand how governments in Africa are run this is help us see that many of the things Mr Taylor is accused of doing while been president of Liberia is not unique but that is how it has always beign and that his how it is now and probably t hat is how it will continue to be.

      2. Fallah,

        Take your time and re-read my post. If you do, you will soon realize that Jose said, he personally wants to see proof. I also said, there should be an investigation conducted as to the veracity of truthfulness about the story. What is in there, that you just can not understand? I was very clear. So, what other civilized way that I didn’t mention?

        Fallah, you are just embarrassed that such accusition is being made against the government of Liberia by another sovereign country and re-echoed by one of Liberia’s dailies. You are mad that such accusition is being made right in the middle of this on-going trial of this innocent in the Hague. You are also embarrassed, that the president’s son is in the habit of abusing power and is being exposed every day.

        Fallah, what ever the case is, I will like to see proof. I will certainly want the accusition investigated with no political compromise.

      3. WOW FALLAH!!!!
        Is Mama Ellen trying to rule Guinea too? Has she forgotten that, she was hand picked by her boyfriend GEORGE BUSH to become president of Liberia? Why is this old lady looking for trouble? Why is she not trying to fixed the high level corruption that she got right under her nose in Monrovia? Has she gotten power drunk???? Fallah, after you guys have put your new goverment in place in Guinea, will it be the goverment of the retirees or senior citizens?? Ms. Teage, , can you please help Fallah talk to Mama Ellen, I ‘ll highly appreaciate it .. thanks..

    3. Hey Jose,

      Let me start by giving a little Liberian “Town Trap is not for Rat alone” . Once upon a time, Charles Taylor was crying and yelling to all that will listen unfortunately no one did. As much as I support our current Government headed By Mrs. Sirleaf 100%, I believed she should feel how it is to be accuse. Thank God Charles Taylor is no more around to be accuse. I bet, if Charles Taylor was around that could’ve been one of the allegation levels again him and it would have fit perfect with all those lies. The prosecution would have ask

      “Mr. Taylor did you sent arm to Guinea to destabilize the Guinea Government?

      Taylor response “Nonsense”

      Prosecutor “But the government of Guinea accused you of supplying arms to dissidents.”

      Ellen, I support you and quite frankly I know you’re not involve but I m enjoying this because you and the international community wouldn’t listen to Taylor but rather accused him. Let the show begins, its all smile for me!!!!

      1. Grebo

        My” whole Liberian brother.” I will like to know you better. You are so phenomenally awesome. You are wonderfully blessed. I will provide information where both of us can meet. Your post is very powerful. You made it very clear in your post of where you stand politically. Boy, you hit the bull’s eye from 500.00 yards. I could not have said it better than you than.

        Good posting again my “whole brother.” Grebo, my man.

  5. Jose, there’s no need to pray now its too late, its call the Charles Taylor disease and it is spreading pretty quick, next is Ivory Coast, then Bukina Faso, oh lets not forget Nigeria with all their bombs they drop on Liberia and Sierra Leone. Remember African men love power and they all want their tribe to be the top tribe in their country.

    1. Hi AVK — just a quick note to let you know that for legal reasons, I had to remove the actual text of the news story that you posted, but kept everything else unchanged and kept the link to that story in so that everyone has the opportunity to read it.

    2. AVK,
      With the issue of Arms supplies to Guinea through Liberia is something that all Liberians need to take seriously. First of all, the US Secretary of States have said that the current Military Government of Guinea cannot stay in power and requesting that the president must step down.
      So, one need to think about how America operates and that she can used any means to do what ever she wants. If America want the military Government of Guinea remove from power, she can suply weapons to other groups in Guinea through Liberia. Don’t make any mistake about it, there are some big and little hands behind what’s going on in Guinea! I hope many of you will live to see what the story will be few Months or years from now.
      Jose is right about Ellen son being in charge of NSA infact many of family members are in the Government which is nothing new for Liberia but to make seem as if it is wrong for other do it and same time she is doing it.
      There are many Liberia who have gone to school in Liberia and qualify to hold setting positions but she decided to take many people from the States to work in the government. That will cause problems in Liberia if nothing is done about it.

    3. AVK,

      Thanks for your efforts. But, what Maxime Freeman wrote on Front Page Africa in the Editorial section, was his personal opinion. Who knows, perhaps, this Maxime Freeman person could be one of us on this site. I personally have written on the editorial page of FPA also.

      Anyway, thanks again, for your efforts. Good try though.

  6. Dear sir/madam,
    When will the prosecutions bring out evidence against Taylor without you say and i say so the world can be convince that indeed Taylor was fully responsible for the acts they accused him about?can you show me some facts that will be seeing as evidence because everyday the prosecution are bring evidence without enough weights.See the mess they brought out about Taylor having account at LBDI.look that their questions they brought about Sam Boukarie and his men being granted Liberian citizenship.what does this show as evidence against Taylor?we want evidence that will convince the world.they should forget about you say and i say story.we the readers are getting tire of that.

  7. The situation regarding alledge arm sales of arms to Guinea needs to be taken seriously and investigated. However, I think some people on this forum are trivializing the situation by trying to compare it to Taylor connection to the RUF. I will not go into the details. I am please the govt of liberia is investigating and I hope all the partners including the mru,ecowas etc get involve and if any liberian is found to be supplying or working with a third part to do so, that they be dealt with hashly.

    Regarding the journalist, the govt should release him immediately and he should in no way collaborate in providing his source(s). If we want to develop as a democracy, we must understand that journalism will play a great role and one of the major building block of this profession is to protect their source(s). The job of protecting the Liberian people is the responsibility of various ministries including Justice and NSA etc. If a journalist decide it is his/her civic duty to pass such information to the govt, then that should be applauded but it is not his duty to do so.

    I know this sounds controversial particularly as this may be seem as a case of national security but unless as such time a state of emergency is passed, then Govt. should rely on it agencies not reporters. Though news as reported by the plain newspaper could form part of the govt investigation and should be the main source.This should encourage the govt to continue to seek capable Liberians to work particularly in sectors such as intellegence and improve our security.

  8. Bnker, I would like to personally appeal to you to reconsider posting as before and never to allow people, who may not act civil on this site, win! They may feel trianfant if they are capable of chasing ‘well intended individuals” on this site, away through their ignorant behaviors that is associated with not only ignorance,, but arrogance and insensitivity! You are professional and just keep lighting the way for these brothers who seem to have stray and need redirections!
    That’s how I have come to view many on this site,Buddy! I am no crowd with some, who insult me on this site, but I stay on just to make my message clear to any that will listen! Put your Country first..taylor supporters, at the bottom of that list, Bnker
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Fallah, could you respond to my post of December 16, 2009 at 8:05 am? I need your comment on presenting different scales of justuce for Charles Taylor and another for others.

      1. I will not respond to irrelevant questions about bringing proofs, signatures bearing pictures of Taylor cannibalizing, or withdrawing Liberian Taxpayers’ money from an ATM at the Hague! That is why I have ignored your disrespectful manner of presuring me to answer to your questions on gankay’s guilt and deceptions against the Citizens of Liberia all along. I do not feel obligated at this point to have to respond to every comment posed to me by you or anyone, except if I feel it relevant to the trial of gankays involvement in almost every aspect of the Blood Diamond war of Sierra Leone! Merry Christmas, Buddy!

        1. suit yourself Fallah your rantings amuses me and atleast gives me something to laugh about in this serious case in which only the prosecution relay team of Ms Hollis and Mr Koumjian and of course you Fallah and your supporters on this site see the “evidence” in the case. But look man, ake sure you enjoy yourself and laugh all the laugh you have now beacuse when the case resume by then you will have nothing to laugh about anymore when the great Perry Mason will systematically dismantle the feable case you guys have in his re examination of Mr Taylor. Go!!! Ghankay Go!!!!!

        2. Fallah,

          You have already responded. The fact that you are responding the way you are responding, demonstrates, that you have responded.

          Fallah, where did that come from? Taylor withdrawing Liberian tax payer money from an ATM machine in the Hague. How did you even think about this? what brought it on your mind in the first place? Whose idea is it? Is it one of the new evidence the prosecution will show the world? Charles Taylor uses ATM machine in the Hague and took some money. WHOA, where are you leading us Fallah? JESUS CHRIST.

      2. Hey Sam,
        Don’t even be bother with that brother. Some of them will never answere to your post especially if the question tends to degrade the integrity of their opinion. Some guys think they are here to parent others. I don’t where Fallah is coming from by saying you were being disrespectful.. Look Fallah answere the man question ok !! That’s all he’s asking…Some of you say all the insultive words to Charles Taylor and others on this site but every little thing makes you angry.. DON’t THROW STONE IF YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE…….

    2. Fallah, Jose, Jocone et all interested!

      I have not decided not to post on the site, I have elected not to play games with individual who seek to weigh the intelligence, or lack thereof with the trival and speculate. There are some in this forum who obviously lack the “self confidence” and are insecure, so they use the so-called bully approach. I am not shying away from the room, I am just not willing to get in the “play pen or sand box” with children who argue baselessly and not surprisingly foolishly. Volleying words or phrases like, Taylor is god sent (I purposefully used a lower case “g” because we are not refering to the creator of life, but the one who SKD (steal killings and destroys).

      As I suggested in my thread, unless it is substantive, I am not responding to it…if it is below my level of maturity, I will ignore it….if it is foolish, well, it does not deserve attention. As mentioned, “immateriality” is not going to be given the credence….buttom line!

      It’s unfortunate that we have so much trouble in Liberia, but we argue and fight over foolishness….OK, we all agreed that CT stood up to the “superpowers”, and so, where did that get Liberia? It personally bothers me when our country is in shambles….then we play “fantasy island”. People its time we wake up and smell the cofffee, Liberia is ruined…we were the best this, we had this…ok, fine, what do we have today?

      Anyhow, Fallah, no one is sufficiently big enough to run me away, but many are small enough that I refuse to compromise my “humanity”….

      Again, if anyone thinks I am throwing jabs at them, I can only apologize that for your limited understanding…


      1. Bnker,

        Your word games is what got you in trouble in the first play. All that you have said and are saying and will say, will be proportionally countered by the truth. You will not be allowed to conveniently continue your indirect insult and utter condescension of others, and when countered, you retreat to choosing your fight. As long as I am on this website, I will respond to your post, when deemed fit. So standby or get use to it.

        Our president was falsely accused. As the result, our people got killed and no one is even asking the International Community role in the conflict. How LURD and MODEL got arms? Where were they, when Guineans and Sierra Leoneans were invading and killing our people? Where were they, when Guinea opened its border to allow LURD to savagely murder our people in cold blood? Today, we can not reconcile; primarily because of their role and the Liberian Government behavior in handling this Taylor issue. Just imagine, it has been a little over seven years (7), since he left, and it is like he just left Liberia Today. Why you guys can’t sit and think, and say you what, lets forgive everybody or punish everybody, especially those that bear the greatest responsibility so we can actually move on?

        In the midst of all that happened to us in terms of LURD, MODEL, both foreign and domestic enemies, it was President Taylor, who stood on behalf of us, and fought LURD, MODEL, Guinea, Sierra Leonone, International Community, International Media Blitz, both foreign and domestic enemies, if you are pretending not to know. We are not going to throw him under the bus. As far as we are concerned, President Taylor is a God sent.

          1. Hi Jose — you made three posts this morning asking where your previous posts are that you submitted overnight my time. Jose, please don’t take their non-appearance personally — I was simply asleep! I posted them this morning as soon as I got up. You should see them up now.

            It is also a good time to let readers know that there may be delays in moderation in the coming week as I will be away for the holidays with less regular access to the internet — but I promise that I will try to moderate as often as I possibly can, and ask for your patience during this time.


        1. Jose….

          You and your post are “immaterial”…sorry but I will not contribute to the war of words…sorry but I am not dealing with the trival and hypotheticals…I guess you thought I was referring to you in my thread right….poor guy, as I mentioned for those who thought I was speaking to them, I can only apologize for “your limited comprehension”. I’ve said my statement was collectivist in nature, meaning, “everyone” not “specific”. Sorry that you don’t understand or still don’t….sorry buddy, I sincerely am; not for what I wrote, but your misunderstanding….I am glad to read your post, son; if I need to comment, I shall, as you are at liberty to do such…

          My question may be to you and everyone in this forum, we all comment and criticize our current and past leadership, what solution do you and others have to repair Liberia, what have you personally done to foster stability in Liberia?

        2. Jose,

          The new world order MIGHT means RIGHT. But one day that will come to passed. The great Rome Empire fell, Babylon fell, and the Berlin wall came crumbling down.

          We shall over come some days!

      2. Bnker,
        At no point have I asked you to leave this site or tell you to stop posting what you think is right in the face of true Justice! All men are equal in the face of Justice for which I am commenting on this site. Anyone and everyone have the right to say what ever he/she wants as long as it stay with in the range of the discussion center around this trial and other related issues!
        I do understand that at time people become emotional when they are engaged in this kind of heated exchange, especially when they don’t have the needed informations to support their conversation with others. But we have to learn how to deal with them in a professional manners. I am not afraid to speak my mind because I stand for what I say on this site. Moreso, I can provide evidences that will support whatever I am talking about and this is why I am not afraid for anyone to know my Identity.
        Even as limited as it is for me to say alot of things here, I do tried to speak at time. I want say one thing here; the issue of arms going to Guinea through Liberia is one that all Liberians should take seriously and I stop at that!

        1. Jocone,
          I understand that you were not asking me to quit posting….I just had several threads address the same issue so I sent on out addressing the issue…so I fully understand.

          The issue with Guinea is worth concern especially in a very volatile region. The three states (Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone) have been plagued with turmoil over the past years. Any issues in one of these nations has a spill over effect as we experienced. The war started in the Ivory Coast and then spread like cancer to neighboring states. I frankly doubt these news papers assertions though, regardless who was in power at this time, after experiencing some peace in the region, it will be foolish or political unwise and political suicide for anyone to support incursion in a neighbor nation. The spill over effects are too many. Refugee and other humanitarian disasters. If we look at Liberia, our social fabric is very fragile and financial resources very limited; the impact is unimaginable. It will throw our economy in futher distress.

  9. Fallah,

    Bnker quitting, or running away, or relunctance to contribute on this site, is his choice. Bnker was warned several times, that if he continues his game plan of falsely claiming unto a status that he is not, he will run away. The bottomline, he brought it on himself. He has Bnker to be blamed. He ran away. However, you can beg him all you want. We can care less. By the way, bnker does not have the key to victory or “win” on this site or trial. Whether he posts or not, we will never compromise to uphold what is right.

    Fallah, take your own time and think outside the box for at least few moments. Re-read your own post and pretty tell me, if it could not be interpreted as insulting? Fallah nobody is insulting Bnker here. Bnker can not withstand the truth. he thought his tricks were not going to be detected. He was wrooonnnggg. We saw through him. The only reason why you are begging him to come back and help your cause, is just for the number. You want to primarily add to your number. He is not making any difference. So your relishment for bnker is irrelevant.

    1. Dear Readers — the main point here is this: we don’t want anybody to feel they have to leave this site because they are attacked by others. Full stop. That is not what this site is about. We do, however, want people to feel they can express their opinions about the trial and related issues freely and without fear, and be treated with respect in response. That is our basic policy and one which we hope all readers will respect.

      1. Tracey,
        Thanks a lot for your good work. But I must say this because it is a continue thing for Fallah in this site. He continue to insult people on this site and getting away with it. For example, his on December 17, 2009 at 01:05 am and is at follow:
        Bnker, I would like to personally appeal to you to reconsider posting as before and never to allow people, who may not act civil on this site, win! They may feel trianfant if they are capable of chasing ‘well intended individuals” on this site, away through their ignorant behaviors that is associated with not only ignorance,, but arrogance and insensitivity.
        I think this need to stop because when one make such a statement is inclusive of all and I don’t think it’s in line with the policy of this as you have said before.


        1. Hi Jocone — thanks for your comments. It’s good to discuss these issues. In short, I have taken the approach that attacks on specific individuals are not allowed. Beyond that, it is a little more difficult to traffic without impeding free speech. Of course, there is a limit. I did not feel that overstepped the limit as he was not directing his remarks at anyone specifically.

          I think your concern highlights that the challenge for all of us is to make sure we share our comments on this site respectfully of all others, and continue to focus on the issues arising at trial. Indeed, I’d like to throw that challenge back out to all readers — we are all responsible through our commissions and omissions for making this site a respectful place to engage on issues that we all care about. I am the last port of call in policing that commentary — but each of us has a responsibility to each other if we want to continue to have an active, engaged and invigorating discussion on this site.

          Have you deployed back home, yet, Jocone, by the way? I hope you had safe travels if you have.


        2. Tracey, Andrew,
          Thanks a million for the concern! I am currently at Al Asah Air base and I will be leaving along with my Soldiers for the States today, December 19, 2009. By the way Andrew, I will be leaving for Liberia on Jan. 5, 2010 and I will be getting engage on the 16 as well. If you’re in Liberia, you can join us at the late Isaac Saye Musah compound off SKD BLVD.
          There will be people of great interest so as to speak. The current attorney general of liberia, the city mayor of Careysburg and many others. I will be discussing with many of them about this trial and I will post my finding there after.

          1. Jocone — safe travels home and congratulations on completing your tour. I’m sure it was not easy. We will look forward to your continued posts when you return.

          2. Jocone,

            Thank you for your service. May God bless you and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

            STAY MOTIVATED, HOORAY!!!!

        3. Jocone,
          Congratulations and have fun in Liberia….You a making a big step my brother but it’s all worth it! I wish I was in Liberia at that time..

      2. Tracey and Alpha, I have not seen my two posts that I submitted in response to Bnker posts on this same page. I did not say anything bad or insulted bnker, to me. However, Bnker is in the habit of saying demeaning things to others, and we don’t complain. Just December 13, @ 12:13 AM, he called me comical, and said I was joking, and I should not respond, before I give him laughing spell, and etc. However, I was never distracted. I did not accuse him of the obvious. Instead, I remain focus. Why I have not seen my posts as of Dec. 18, 2009? Just allow us to go at it, once we fall within the confines of the rules. Do not help these people. That way, you will understand how Taylor dominated and still dominate Liberian politics.

    2. Jose et al,
      Not running away; just taking a stand that I think any mature, responsible or rational person would do….stay above the fray….like the name calling, the childish perks, the lack of substance, the conversation that adds no value to me…Understand? I am done with the “playing”–that’s all….if you think that running away, sorry to burst your bubble!

      1. Bnker,

        We are not treating you any different from what we are treating Fallah and the very few like you, who share similar view. The very reason why you are saying, what you are saying, is being massively undermined by you Bnker. For example: you are calling others as “lacking self confidence and are insecure”, “children who argue baselessly and not surprising, foolishly.” You continue, “unless it is substantive, you will not respond”, Jose thinks is how you see it, “if it is below your level and maturity, Jose thinks, its based upon your standard, “if it is foolish” you will not respond. Again, Jose thinks is your definition. Bro, so many ways you undermine yourself. The bottomline here, there are so many smart people to easily detect your game plan.

        In any case, thats your choice to post or not to post. But what is not your choice, is to falsely accused decent people of this great site of things that you are also guilty of. However, the only difference between you and others, who share similar view, is that your writing style is such that, you use lots of words than the others. As the result, it will require sophisticated mind like Jose Rodriguez and others to go in there, and separate your insults from other sentences.
        Bnker, don’t get mad, get glad

        1. Tracey,

          what is wrong with this post? Could you please tell me, so I can know. However, I am only restating what bnker wrote.

        2. Jose,
          I am not mad, son….never! You see you miss this thing by miles each time, you need to stop placing your name in my comments….for some reason, you think you are the target of my frustration with the “blah, blah”, not at all. No one deserves such attention…or would it be better understood if I say, not even bnker derserves such attention.

          All, I can say Jose, the attention that you hope that I “honor” you with in my thread that I consider general, is giving yourself too much “credit”. Sorry ;0(

          I don’t want to have to deal with this over and over again, because it no longer becomes a matter of my patience and others IQ, but beating a horse to death.

          Let’s talk about something else, I am not discuss this further, Jose. I would hope and you sincerely understand…but if you feel you need to leave your “poo debt” on me, it’s up to you….

          Honestly, I am not mad Jose. I just hope that one day you and others could come up with solutions for Liberia’s problems. None of us can afford to be a component of the overall problem. Not a political call either….you have some talent and resource to contribute to Liberia, help us and yourself and family as well.

        3. Jose,
          Why are you guys waisting your good time on this guy. He taught his tricks would take him places. The fact that he has thrown words arround so that people fight over them, just continualy portrays the man. One reason our country (Liberia ) has failed to develope today is the mindset of some . (HIPOCRACY)!!!, BIG MOUTH and ARRAGANCE.

    3. Bnker,


      1. Jose,
        Why should I apologize or pull my so-called “Jab”, sorry my friend. I didn’t take a jab at you; I simply said, that you are demanding more attention that you deserve. Most of my threads you somehow think I you have a “bulls eye” you your chest…I am just trying to get you to understand that, there are more important things to worry about when I am threading then Jose. If you choose not to answer a dialog of national interest that’s fine. I would surmise that personal “sensitivity” or perception of a “jab” exceeds discussion on national interest, that’s up to you….I sure someone might find the question engaging.

        So, if you feel I am targeting you, you are mistaken Jose…..don’t let my last line apply to you in some of my previous threads; I paraphrase, if you feel my statement that are meant to collectively address everyone is misunderstand as an attack on you, sorry for not getting to see beyond that.

        Thanks Jose, and it’s always good reading your threads….

        Merry Christmas on a lighter note, what are you doing for Christmas and the New Year. Many have gone to Liberia, but I chose to spend mine in Dakar.

    4. Bnkr,
      The fact of the matter is if the West especially the United States, Great Britain and in this case France wants to use Liberia as a conduit for arms to go to Guinea to remove the Junta leader. The Liberian government would never say no to these powers. Remember that Ellen was not ready to turn Charles Taylor over to the Special Court. It was only after intense pressure from the West that she did it. This act on her part has been to her detriment because most of the people who Taylor was popular with in Liberia are now supporting George Weah.

      1.  Aki,
        You made a relevant observation. It’s true that France could want the junta government out. But why do you think Liberia and not Ivory Coast? It a rhetorical question, I know you and no one outside the inner circle know. Whatever is the case, if there is evidence to such, it’s a terrible move for everyone. If I am correct, France is trying to make sure that the junta leader stays out of Guinea. Remember it’s not uncommon for African leaders to see others for their short-comings. Doe blamed Ghadiffi and even challenged the man at an OAU meeting, CT accused the west when he proved to be untrustworthy, and the junta holds Liberia responsible for its unpopular rise to power…so it’s nothing strange to point fingers.
        George Weah popularity may have something to do with CT supporters defecting to his party (mainly the younger people). But I am off the conviction that Weah’s popularity stems from his humble background to stardom and majority of Liberian’s feel he can associate with. I think one of the reasons that Urey lost in the recent bid, has to do with what one might call “elitism”. Weah is considered a son of the soil, as the so-called Progressives were (Baccus Matthew, Rudolf Roberts–Tipoteh, and the rest). I am not insinuating that Weah is of that nature but he is seen as the average Joe who made it big.

    1. SK,

      The link that you posted does not work. please repost. usually try the link before submitting. you can try it on your email. email the link to yourself and then open it. if it works, do the same here.

      We would love to read this story and evaluate its worth.

    2. Sk,
      This is nothing new. It is about the same L.B.D.I account. Green Peace and Global Witness are suing a timber company in France to recover money from so called illegal profits. My question if the government of Liberia led by Charles Taylor sold the timber how can it be considered illegal.

      1. Aki,
        Ha ha ha…..SK won’t answer your question. I mean NOTHING Mr. Taylor did was LEGAL….even when he spells his name, some considered that to be ILLEGAL.

  10. Not to mention guys, let me rephrase myself. This article is about how Charles Taylor and his crew allegedly sold Liberian natural Resources to few companies in Europe for their own personal gain. Tracey, can this be used against Charles too as new evidence if they can prove this?

    1. SK,
      What is the RELATIONSHIP to the charges??? This is the SILLINESS the prosecutors have introduced to this case….making most to believe this is about Liberia…

    2. SK,

      The site you provided, I did not see anything about President Taylor. All I saw that ever came close was how damning it is for opposition in Guinea bloodbath and fingers being pointed at the Junta. But even at that, you have to click on Liberia news. You might want to try again. Because the first one did not work.

  11. I don’t believe Taylor or any warlord fought for me. The eveidence is clear, if they did fight for me Liberia/Monrovia will be in better shape than they left it, the death toll would not have been what it is. For those who believe Taylor or any warlord fought for them is good but don’t generalised it.

    Taylor is not a victim of any conspiracy but a victim of his own arrogance,which people on this forum are trying to sell as nationalism. Where is the nationalism, when Taylor employeed and use people who were barely capable of reading when there were thousand of young liberians who could do the same job. He used the same individuals to brutalised the people, evident by there own confessions. Not satisfied with that he goes on to bring the likes of Sam Boakarie to compound the problem further. No wonder the liberian people refuse to help him stay in power.

    So people speak for yourself. Taylor and all the so-called “Rebel” should be made to account to the Liberian people. It is almost unimaginable that the conflict resulted into the death of over 250,000 people, of which I am quite confident the number of arm individual kill were less than 20,000. How can any of these so-called Rebel leader tell us they fought for us. Over 200,000 of the people you came to fight for were killed in cold blood by you.

    Taylor will have do his trial without my support. As I said, in my view Taylor did abuse the office of the presidency with regard to this Sierra Leone conflict and he should face the consequency without the liberian people support and so far, I am happy the majority of liberian got other things to think about. This should serve as a deterent for the future. I hope the liberian govt will also accelerate the asset freeze as requested by the UN.

    1. Eagle eye,

      You are just one in the millions that don’t support this man. Vast majority of the Liberian people supported and still support this man. He won an election with over 75% of the total votes cast in Liberia. He is dominating and influencing Liberia’s politic, despite he is in the custody of the powerful. Certainly, he is dominating this website again, with others accusing this website as “Taylor Propaganda Gallery”. I don’t know what statistical data you are using. One of the primary reason while President Johnson Sirleaf is increasingly unpopular in Liberia, is because of this same man. She is trying her best to reconcile with the Taylor people by bringing some of some of them on board. For example: Benoi Urey, Major, Careysburg, Nathaniel Barnes, Embassador to the US. Paul E. Mulbah, and so many of them. But that will not help. And I will not tell her what she needs to do.

      Eye, how long it has been since the UN asked the government to seize Taylor’s people asset and property? Why it has not been done? Why the Liberian government is saying that it has to be approved by the Congress or a court order? It is not quite that easy buddy. Reality is closing in, on the UN and the government. However, the only way it will be enforced, except they (UN) use force. Bear in mind now, they have up to 15,000.00 troops on the grounds . But again, it will expose them more. And their action could have far reaching and irreversible consequencies. Moreso, Edwin Snow and the rest in the Congress will never agree for their property to be seized. So, good luck with your request.

      By the way, I thought this case is about Sierra Leone. Where are you leading us bro? This case is not about Liberia. We are primarily concerned about the proof against President Charles Ghankay Taylor involvement in Sierra Leone. There is no proof, the whole case is a scheme, and a waste of time and resources. Give the man his God giving freedom to live as a freeman in his homeland.
      God bless Ghankay and Liberia.

      1. Eagle eye,

        What employment in Liberia has to do with this case in the Hague? According to you, President Taylor hired unqualified people in Liberia and left out qualified people. However, if you sincerely had problem, why didn’t you bring it up in Liberia? Did you apply for a job that you were qualified for and was denied for any reason? Is this one of your reasons why the Sierra Leoneans should CHEW your former president, because he did not employ qualified Liberians?

        Just when I think the evidence against this innocent man can not get any dumber, is when you prove me wrooonnnnggg. Sorry boss, this case in not about Liberia.

      2. Tracey, why is this post still awaiting moderation when other posts that I have posted had been cleared? If there is any problem, could you please tell me. If it will be posted later, disregard, and if already posted, please don’t post this post.

        1. Hi Jose — Sorry I am not sure what comment you are referring to. I have posted all that I have received from you in the past couple of days. Would you mind resubmitting the one you are referring to?

      3. Jose,
        Eyes needs to read the Constitution of Liberia to understand WHY the UN resolution WILL NEVER EVER be enforce in Liberia.

  12. Ms Tracey & Alpha;
    I would like to know how taylor likes his food menu now because I am not hearing any more complaints. Has his dishes become familiar dishes he was accustomed to in West Africa? Also I want to know if this guy really got the right to have his concubines visit and sleep with him in his prison cell at the Hague?
    My reason is that I do not think his colleagues; Isa Sesay and others were given that Liberty in Sierra Leone Prison or at Camp Luwanda, where they may be presently. Since people think taylor should not be treated differently it follows that this is double standards applied to him! I would like to also ask; would it not be less expensive to have taylor serve his prison term at Camp Luwanda with his Junta fellows since his supporters believe we are wisting considerable amonut already on the trial of this innocent man? Lastly, I wish everybody Happy Xmas and Happy New Year! Same to gankay..happy hannuka!

    1. I like to wish everyone merry xmas and a happy, happy new year; Also, I want to also let mr. MENJOR know that Taylor is having a wholesome meal 3x daily.His meal could be better then some of us here who are not in jail. So lets not be worried about that. Trust me if there were problems you wouldn’t need to ask. Cuz you know him well well..he never backs down…GO GHANKAY ALL THE WAY…

    1. Hi Aki — I can’t seem to get the link to work. Would you mind checking and reposting the link?

        1. Thanks Aki – this link works. A good overview article for this stage of the trial that I think readers will enjoy reading.

        2. Aki and others true justice advocates. I will admonish you guys to go on the NY Times site and respond to this false propoganda that the prosecution is peddling in the international community. It is similar type of lies and deception that continue to permit greedy multinational corporations to keep explioting the African people.

          This NY Times article is shameless and disgraceful for its bias towards Mr. Taylor. Why was the focus only on the L BDI bank account and not the charges against Mr. Taylor about the war in SL. Is Taylor now on trial for monies in Liberia? Moreover, why did the NY Times failed to explain exactly what Taylor said about the use of the account? To buy arms to fight a sponsored war by Guinea.

          People need to call the NY Times out for being a disinformation lynchpin for a failed prosecution team that only relies on hear say to prosecute criminal matters. Did the judges not reject Mr. Koumjoin summary that the LBDI transaction amounted to some $14 millions? Yet this shameless NY Times had the audacity to peddled such lies from Mr. Koumjoin. I will immediately cancelled my subscription from the NY Times and encourage others to do so. No wonder conservatives Republicans in the US has no respect for the NY Times because they lack professional integrity.

          1. Hi King Gray – thanks for your note. You and Jose had quite strong reactions to this piece. I thought it was simply an overview piece setting out where things currently stand, which could not capture the nuances of the whole trial to date, but did present both Mr. Taylor’s argument and the prosecution’s counter accusations.

            In any case, thanks for sharing your views and reactions to the piece.


  13. Happy Holiday greetings to all! Its been a snow day here in the US and I am trap indoors. Here is my advise to all the true fighters for justice and fair play. Do not focus on the distraction by supporters of the prosecution. They have no serious case therefore they want to engage in personal diatribe.

    This trial is not personally about us even though it reflects our hurts and emotions as victims of international exploitation of poor people around the world. However, we all need to focus on the issues and compel the fruits of justice to fall.

    Again, I extend by heart felt holiday greetings to Tracey and Alpha for the very hard work they have continue to do. They have exemplIfied some great human qualities in tolerating our frustrations and emotional outbursts. HAPPY , HAPPY, HOLIDAYS YOUR!!!!

    1. King Gray – thanks for your holiday wishes from both Alpha and I — I am sure Alpha won’t mind me saying that both of us have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this conversation and following this trial with you and all the other readers here throughout 2009.

      Happy holidays to all and here’s to a bright 2010 for all of us.

      Very best,

    2. Aki,

      Thank you ever so much for providing this site. I really find it fascinating with peculiar interest in reading the massive propaganda of the prosecutors through the New York Times.. In the first place, the New York Times paper sales have been plummeted. This once great paper has been been viewed as aliberal media bias paper by a broad spectrum of the American populace. However, the New York Times is misrepresenting the facts here again. According to the New york Times, it says Taiwan deposited 3 million dollars into LBDI. Ladies and Gentlemen, the trial we are watching did not say 3 million dollars. Instead, it was 1 million dollars that was reported by the Taiwanese Government. The New York Times story is demonstrably biased towards President Taylor. Again, what the Times don’t want you to know, is that Mr. Taylor challenge to the prosecution and anyone on this planet is in respond to the false accusation of the prosecutors that Taylor “HAs” 5 billion dollars in foreign banks. Why the Times fell short to ask or at least say the prosecutors are yet to bring or show the 5 billion dollars to the world, that they have accused this man of having “now” in foreign banks?

      New York Times, too bad. Your propaganda will not work as the result of technological advances. Thank God for this Great Website. Guys, hadn’t been for this website, this case is over. I SAY, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY FOR THIS WEBSITE.

      1. Hi Jose — I thought the NYT piece that Aki posted was just a short update on the status of the trial to keep their readers informed of its progress. It presented Mr. Taylor’s broad counter argument (that he is a man of peace not a warmonger), it notes that it is now time for cross-examination and the prosecutors are going to try to impeach him. It placed the trial in the context of broader war crimes trials, and also talk about its funding challenges and the fact that some British investigators are now searching for Mr. Taylor’s alleged money.

        On the Taiwanese deposit — the NYT journalist does say that the prosecutors state that $3.5 million was deposited by the Taiwanese government. Prosecutors did in fact make this assertion: Alpha had reported on the Prosecutors submission on this issue here: http://www.charlestaylortrial.org/2009/12/07/personal-bank-account-in-charles-taylors-name-was-a-covert-account-operated-on-behalf-of-the-government-of-liberia-he-says/. It is also true, however, that the NYT does not point out that Mr. Taylor had earlier told the court that the Taiwanese government had provided $1 million.

        In any case, glad you like this website.


        1. Tracey,

          Who is paying these British investigators that that yousay are now seaching for President Taylor alleged funds? Who hired them? Are they on the UN or foreign government payroll? Are you telling us that there was no funds seized by the court, prosecutors, UN, and all relevant agencies, when Mr. Stephen Rapp said Taylor “HAS” 5 billion dollars in foreign banks, and the money will be given to the victims of Sierra Leone? Where is the money Mr Rapp was talking about? He did not say, the British will look for Taylor money. Do you see some of the lies and gimmick of these “big” countries? Look at how embarrassing it is. A tiny little West African Country called Liberia, former president is disgracing and making these “big” counties making fools of themselves. These guys are total embarrassment to their very existence.


      2. Isn’t this the same paper that was used by Bush and Chinney to start the war in Iraq??? And we are surprise???

        This is the kind of NONSENSE we’ve been seeing in this trial….the ENTIRE British and US gov’t working on behalf of the prosecutors…..planting stories to play on minds. My question is, what this has to do with the CHARGES??? Bring us the FACTUAL FACTS on the charges and not MASKING the Liberia’s theater making some to believe this trial is about Liberia.

        Pure ROPE-A-DOPE….

    3. King,

      While I am glad I am not in the States at the moment for the cold, I sure miss the Christmas environment….I am in Dakar and the air is dull of festivity because its a 95% Muslim nation. The beauty about the nation and its people, though there is a predominating religion, religious freedom is remarkable. About a week ago one church group marched the streets at night singing, and the mayor was with them (Muslim), they had police escort and ambulance services at their disposal.

      Anyhow, I still miss the festivity…the snow (well, not what the east coast got recently though), but I am here with family and that’s Christmas in its self….


  14. Merry Christmas to all. I hope everyone has a blessed and lovely time with their family. We give gifts because Christ gave the uktimate gift so this Christmas please remember to share the seasons joy with others less fortunate…..bring a smile to someones face.

    Per the question asked above…..I was aware of any stipilatons/laws/rules or regulations stating that the judge or the prosecutors had to be Sierra Leonean natives. While I do understand why this question was brought up…when it comes to the issue of justice for Sierra Leonean natives I’m not sure if nationality is quite important. I cannot say that I’ve read the posts above but I’m pretty sure that many Taylorist are suggesting another consiparcy theory about the West/ England et al desire to prosecute a perfectly innocent man. If readers have not suggested such a grandiose story I say, Thanks for proving me wrong for once.
    But objectively speaking….there could be several reasons besides the conspiracy theory…
    Possibility 1#: The goverment of Sierra Leoneans fear relaliation from RUF members living in Sierra Leone…on the familes of Sierra Leonean prosectors and judges involved in this case so they pick individuals outside of SL to trail the case.
    Possibility #2: The goverment of Sierra Leone wanted inddividuals who had extensive or some experience in trailing such a case.
    Possibilty #3. Similar to #1 no prosecutor or judges were willing to take the case in fear of retaliation from RUF Taylorist, on their family.
    Possibility #4, which is not meant to be offenssive to any Sierra Leonean but maybe the Government of Sierra Leone did not find prosecutors or judges inside of Sierra Leone who had acess to high tech information tools that will allow for prosecutors to appropriately research Taylors movements and history…..
    Either way I’m sure there is a ver legitimate less conspiratory explanation.This case is about crimes committed against S Leonean natives Im pretty sure that the judge and prosecutor recommendation were supported by the SL Gvrmt

  15. Jose, I am well aware that this case is about Sierra Leone. I simply reply to your comment. This is what you wrote:
    “In the midst of all that happened to us in terms of LURD, MODEL, both foreign and domestic enemies, it was President Taylor, who stood on behalf of us, and fought LURD, MODEL, Guinea, Sierra Leonone, International Community, International Media Blitz, both foreign and domestic enemies, if you are pretending not to know. We are not going to throw him under the bus. As far as we are concerned, President Taylor is a God sent.”.

    My reply is, Taylor did not stand up for me and I believe many Liberian feel the same. That is why Taylor lost the war. By the way, I have never reject the fact that Taylor won the election. The margin iam not sure about but that is secondary.
    As for the present govt, what the president decides is her own and if indeed you believe the present govt is been hijack by NPP as a result it shows how powerful taylor is, is a mere fantasy. The Asset seizure will come as did the eventual arrest of Taylor. Be patient, my friend, people are still been arrested and for crimes committed during WWII.

    I will repeat this and you will either believe me now or you will see it unfold before your own eye, the eveidence will come in Taylor’s case. Be patient Jose, the evidence will come.

    1. Hi Jose — can you please resubmit the comment you made at 10:32pm on 12/20/2009 by omitting or changing the last line in the second paragraph so that the comment can fit with our editorial policy here? I will then be happy to post it.

    2. Eagle eye,

      If you believe President Taylor did not stand up for you, thats your business. As far we are concerned, being an elceted president, he took an oath which he is obligated to protect and defend the constitution of the Republic of Liberia against all foreign and domestic enemies. And that is just exactly what he did. Whether you want to accept it or not, it is your problem, we can care less. He defended constitution and territorial bounds of Liberia

      Secondly, President Taylor did not lose any war. In fact, it is the Liberian people who is the real losers in this thing. However, those rebel groups such as LURD and Model that you espouse so dearly, participated in the 2005 General Election. What was the percentage point of LURD rebel leader, Deminte Conneh, in the election, if what he did was welcome and supported by vast majority of the people? He got less than ONE(1%) of the total votes cast. What was the percentage point of Ghankay? Over seventy five(75%) of the total votes cast. Do you see the big disparity? Eagle eye, do you also see why the likes of LURD, and MODEL that you espouse and relish so much, messages have not resonated with the Liberian people?

      Thirdly, eye, I did not say the present government is being hijacked by the NPP. Where are you coming from with this one? UNBELIEVABLE!! I said as a means of reconciling with the Taylor people, the government/Sirleaf is bringing some of them on board. Where hijacking coming from? Is that what you want me to say? BOSS, I ain’t saying it, because it is not true.

      Lastly, you keep telling us to be patient; the evidence is going to come. Eagle eye, how much more longer you want the world to be patient in waiting? We have been patient for the past seven years, and yet still there is no proof. You guys are wasting this man’s life in custody for nothing. Bear in mind now, it is the entire world against this tiny little West African Country called Liberia former president. You want to tell me, the world can not produce evidence againt this innocent man now? Do you want us to wait for another more seven years? Eye, the fact remains, there is no evidence, there has never been any, and certainly, there will be no evidence.

  16. Jose, my family has made it a point not to work for the lIberian govts. We have managed to survive without working for Liberian govt in the past, many of whom were corrupt. You see I can put and account for every asset and penny I have and it will all add up but many can’t. So I don’t/didn’t need Liberian govt. for work. I have worked in Liberia, West africa and many part of the world and will only work for a liberian govt, which shows absolute respect for democray, accountability and transparency, I am still waiting

    So, my brother, in short I have never needed Taylor or his govt to work.

    1. Hi Jose — a quick note to explain that I could not post a comment that you submitted on December 25 because it focused on another reader and his or her family. Just a gentle reminder that the policy of this site is to discuss the issues arising from the trial and not to focus on other readers. Other readers’ family are not “fair game” in this forum — and to give fair warning in advance, I will not approve posts which focus on other readers and their families.

      Very best,

      1. Tracey,

        I understand. However, I responded to B Big and Question’s posts on the 23 of Dec, but I have not seen any. Could you please check to see as to what the actual problem is? I will highly appreciate.

        Thanks as always.

  17. As far as Big B conclusion that most African couts are Kangaroo….I totally disagree with that…so far the people who have been trailed in the U.N/ specials cout of the perspective countries have been so guilty and have had so many body counts under their belt its been so hard to try to convince the public to look at them as innocent until proven guilty….another thing why would a prosecutor look at a person they believe is guilty and trying to prove guilty as innocent. If the prosecutor believes that the person they are trying to prove guilty is innocent than why would they even be trying to prove them guilty. Prosecutors believe the defendant is guilty and their job is to convince the jury and judge through evidence that these people ARE guilty!!! So with that said who believes that these people are guilty already before they’re trailed the judge who is overseeing the court or the jury? Because we already know the prosecutors believe these people are guilty. Look at the Special courts of Rwanda though this case is not in the hague because the ICC did not exist at the time of the trail….the judges and prosecutor are a mix of Africans and Europeans…but the people that are on trail it would be hard to not believe as spectators that they’re innocent with all the blood trail /videos and radio evidence of themselves they left behind It hard for people (im not talking about the courts) to believe you’re innocent when there are videos of you walking around with bloody machetes or your voice on a radio telling HUTUs to kill Tutsi cock roaches…….
    What am I saying the special courts they’ve had for crimes committed in the Congo Rwanda and Sierra Leone with Prosecutors of another nationality or race…may seem Kangorish to you maybe because the defendants are all baffones…the committed their crims so arrogantly and so heinously out in the open in the public and they thought they would get away with it. These people arrogance only help make the prosecution case easy. Ask Taylor and his mouth.

    1. Ms Teage

      Sorry I couldn’t get the link to work so, I had to cut and paste. You don’t have to agree that most African courts are kangaroo courts, but I got a little some some for you.


      Liberia: Rights Groups Grill Government
      18 December 2009

      The evolving rigmarole between the publisher of The Plain Truth newspaper and the government of Liberia took a downturn Wednesday this week when agents of the government threw the publisher behind bars on multiple charges. The government is yet to comment on why its agents also hauled in the manager of the newspaper’s printer, SEAMARCO.

      But Liberia’s top-level and international rights groups are not taking the detention cowering. They think it is anti-democratic and they are calling for the immediate release of those detained in connection with the rigmarole and bring to an immediate the “harassment of the media”.
      “But is their demand justified and timely? Will the government listen?” observers say are the crucial questions. The Analyst, reports.
      Three local and international rights and advocacy groups, while grilling the Liberian government for engaging in dictatorial practices, have called for an end to media harassment and the immediate release of Messrs. Sygma Syrenius Cephus and Michael Mankinde.
      Government security agents, late Wednesday this week, picked up and detained Messrs, Cephus and Mankinde on charges ranging from libel against the President of Liberia to malevolence. Messrs. Cephus Mr. Mankinde, in that order, are the publisher of The Plain Truth newspaper, which reported last week that the government of Liberia was supplying arms to an unknown dissident group seeking to topple the Guinean military junta, and the managing director of the SEAMARCO printing company, which printed The Plain Truth’s edition that carried the story.
      The government has not commented on whether Mr. Mankinde faces the same charges as The Plain Truth publisher. But the rights groups, which addressed the detention in separate press statements yesterday, said no clarification was necessary any longer.
      They said that was because the entire process – from prolonged interrogation to temporary detention and “torture” – is not only anti-democratic, but that it also smacks of a return to the dark days of the dictatorial regimes of presidents Samuel K. Doe and Charles Taylor. Each of the trio, in its own time and space, put the issue into perspective, grilled the government on the bases of commission and omission, and suggested ways forward:
      “While we respect government right to take legal action against journalists who report stories deemed injurious, we also strongly believe that the principles of due process must be upheld,” said FOHRD in it press statement released yesterday. FOHRD said if the government felt it had sufficient prima facie evidence to resort to legal remedy, there was no need to “subject Mr. Cephus to NSA’s harassment and psychological torture”.
      FOHRD said the series of interrogation and temporary detention, which followed the charge and imprisonment at the South Beach prison, reawakened it to the “dark days of cowboy justice”. “[Those were the ] ruthless days when citizens accused of crimes were first sufficiently paraded and drilled around in the dungeons of underground cells, subjected to harassment and intimidation before availing them to formal judicial process,” it said in the press statement.
      According to the statement, The Plain Truth publisher did not deserve the punishment to which he was being subjected because the story in question simply restated what was in ordinary conversation in public places in the Guinea capital, Conakry, in order to raise awareness in Liberia. FOHRD, which said government’s harsh reaction to the story relates more to The Plain Truth’s critical reporting and SEAMARCO’s professional, low-cost printing than to suspected damage to its (government’s) image, said it viewed the arrests as an attack on press freedom.
      “FOHRD [does not only] view the arrest as an attack on press freedom and a poisonous bullet fired in the spinal cord of free expression and freedom of the press, but also unequivocally condemns, detests, rejects such an action, considering [it] unacceptable, tyrannical and anti-democratic,” the statement noted further. More besides, it said, FOHRD considered it unutterably shameful and unwarranted that a peaceful, law-abiding Nigerian businessman, Mr. Mankinde, whose only “crime” was printing a critical story written by an independent newspaper accredited, legally registered and operating in Liberia, would be subjected to such a inhumane treatment.
      “As far as FOHRD is concerned, the story raised inquiries whether or not the Liberian government is providing arms and support to Guinean dissidents to overthrow the military junta in Guinea. Following an independent assessment of the situation, FOHRD believes that Mr. Mankinde has done nothing wrong to be subjected to harassment and intimidation and hence demand his immediate and unconditional release,” it noted further.
      It then admonished the Sirleaf Administration that the “Gestapo”, which is akin to the authoritarian days of Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor, characterized by the intimidation, harassment and terrorizing of media houses and pro-democratic forces, no longer has a place in Liberia’s nascent democratic order.
      FOHRD, which questioned the legal basis for the waves of intimidation against Mr. Cephus, condemned what it called the harassment, intimidation, and unlawfully detention “beyond statutory period” before subsequently charging him with sedition, libel and criminal malevolence by the Liberian government. “FOHRD sees the latest trend against Cephus as an attempt to silence him and force his Plain Truth newspaper to disembark from critical reportage against the government,” the group said.
      The rights and advocacy group then proceeded to grill the government, wondering whether it did its homework prior to zooming down on The Plain Truth, the publisher, and the printer, SEAMARCO. “Is the government convinced that this information is incorrect or that this belief is not held by people in the circles of the Guinean Military Junta? Has the government of Liberia verified that citizens are not discussing this in market places, bars, radio talk shows, and restaurants around Conakry, as reported by the paper?
      “What if it turns out that, indeed, that people have been discussing this even on talk shows, what then will be the legal basis for the Charges against Cephus? Has the Liberian Embassy in Guinea been contacted and provided the contrary? “Why has the Guinean Embassy in Liberia not come out yet to refute or confirm these very serious claims been attributed to the Guinean leadership?” it wondered.
      FOHRD said the government was under obligation to inform the Liberian people of what was going on rather than tussling with Cephus and his paper’s printer.
      “We need the facts and the truth. Liberia has long been accused of supporting dissidents to destabilize other countries. How many times have we heard that citizens or groups in those countries were arrested, humiliated, charged, and prosecuted to those kinds of reports?” the group said rhetorically. The group recalled the emergence of similar allegation during the reign of Charles Taylor and expressed fear that similar situation may be obtaining.
      “We need an international investigation and The Plain Truth newspaper must be helpful in assisting international investigators. These arrests and detention must not be used as cover-up tactics to shield the truth and facts, if there are any. Never must our country be used to support dissidents again,” the group said. It then challenged the government to prove otherwise by withdrawing its lawsuit against the two media entrepreneurs.
      Relevant Links
      • West Africa
      • Liberia
      • Media
      • Human Rights
      Meanwhile FOHRD said the time to pressurize and prevail upon the Sirleaf Administration to restore freedom the two prisoners of conscience was now. “The die is cast,” it said without further comment.
      Also condemning the arrest and detention of the publisher and manager of The Plain Truth and SEAMARCO, in that order, the Center for Media Studies and Peace Building (CEMESP) has called for their immediate release from further detention. CEMESP, describing the arrest and detention as “the harassment and intimidation perennially faced by journalists and media workers in Liberia across various civil and military regimes, with the intention of stifling free and uncensored speech,” said it was time former human rights defenders working in the current administration distinguished themselves by working to end human rights abuse

      1. Big B,

        This website will do it. Just a simple click will help you and others know, whether the Liberian government was truthful to us, when they said, it is currently under UN arm embargo. As the result, it does not have arms to send to Guinea.




        Folks, there is no other way to put it. However, it is one thing we can say with absolute ontological ceritude: Deception and falsehood by the Liberian government.

        The above website proves the contrary to the Liberian government claims that it is under UNSC arms embargo. Ladies and gentlemen, it is not true. However, this story lifting the arm embargo on Liberia has been leaked out long before one of the Liberian dailies pick it up. The government needs to understand this. The Liberians they are engaging now, is not the same ones they new 20-30 years ago. Technological advances have made it much easier for us to have access to information that we will not normally have.


        The fact the government has lied about the arm embargo, tt raises serious suspicion of their involvement of sending arms to Guinea with the intent to destabilize that country. We therefore, demand a full investigation, free from political maneuvering and compromise.

        1. Big B,

          This website will do it. Just a simple click will help the worrld know, whether the Liberian government was truthful to us, when they said, it is currently under a UN arm embargo. As the result, it does not have arms to send to Guinea.




          Folks, there is no other way to put it. However, it is one thing we can say with absolute ontological ceritude: Deception and falsehood by the Liberian government.

          The above website proves the contrary to the Liberian government claims that it is under UNSC arms embargo. Ladies and gentlemen, it is not true. However, this story of lifting the arm embargo on Liberia has been leaked out long before one of the Liberian dailies picked it up. The government needs to understand this. The Liberians they are engaging now, is not the same ones they knew 20-30 years ago. Technological advances have made it much easier for us to have access to information that we will not normally have.


          The fact the government has lied about the arm embargo, it raises serious suspicion of their involvement and motive of sending arms to Guinea with the intent to destabilize that country. We therefore, demand a full investigation, free from political maneuvering and compromise.

      2. Since we are talking a bit about Guinea, this is a good youtube link on the life of the Guinean leader prior to his incident. I also understand that the UN has a report about recommending charging the junta leaders, and two others including the bodyguard who led the attempt for crimes against humanity. It is a 60 page report.

        Anyhow, here is the link

  18. Many of these criminals on trail provide evidence themselves because of dumb things they say or videos of them from years before that an international journalist probaly took, or people who were once around them and saw how these criminals carried out their crimes. I’m pretty sure if Joseph Kony of the LRA (Uganda) was caught many of his people would say he’s innocent despite the insurmountable (mispelled) evidence against him thanks to all the journalist he allows around him. But Kony have operated for 20 years so he thinks he’s utouchable…TAYLOR mouth and his arrogance is what has him where he is all those witnesses testifying against him are only testifying to what this arrogant baffone did out in the open. The Kangarooing you see is a matter of perspective and personal opinion, Big B. Many people say guilty because the madmen are ignorant enough to commit crimes under the watchful eyes of many. But I’m very interested in hearing who prononces Taylor as guilty before he’s brought to justice. If you speak of the UN they did the research and brought the charges against him with the support of Sierra Leone..so of course they think he’s guilty…And as for the international community…you can blame Taylor his rep with the world is tainted u knw from his history of child soldiers to skulls drggng on the front of his Rover to him being in prison several times. You know its hard to believe a word from an ex-con right..that is why ex-con struggle so much in society so who can blame members of the international cmnty, When Taylor has the Rapp sheet he has…wait they’re suppose to say innocent as u do right…if that was the case then ex-cons words should be worth more than it is these days don’t u think….you catch my drift right. What does Liberia have to do with this many ask? The pros is just trying to read Taylors rapp sheet so that an accurate picture can be painted of the real Taylor. So that his credibility is impeached! Couple Taylors rap sheet with witness tstmny, other evidence and Taylors mouth..VOILA!!

    1. Teage,

      No, no, and no Teage. It is not his mouth and arrogance that got him where he is Today. Our blessing in natural resources has turned to curse and multi national corporate gree get him where he is. If President Taylor was willing to give them our resources without any preconditions like the current government, he will not be where he is today, especially with his overwhelming support from the Liberian people. These international people don’t care about Africans killing each other. Instead, they are concerned about cooperate gree and profit. And you saw what happen to the global crisis. Today in America, they are blaming President Obama for all America problems, even though, he has not been in office for a year.

      Sorry Teage, it is not arrogance. It is confidence. And there is nothing wrong with one reinforcing his own confidence.

  19. Jose, Please get this straight I never said I support LURD, MODEL etc. It is always been the case that if you don’t support Taylor, you are part of another arm gang. I have never sympathse with any of the factions in the liberian conflict.
    Yes, Taylor may taken the OATH but he did very little to defend the suffering people of liberia. He did try to defend himself and his cronies but not the general public but as you said this is not about Liberia, so I won’t go on.

    And YES, Tyalor did lose the war and YES the liberian people are the winner. Liberia is far better place for the majority of the people than its has ever been since PRC, NPFL etc started their so-called liberation.
    People are poor but they have their dignity atleast. You don’t have people going round raping, killing and feed on the flesh of their love ones anymore.


    1. Eagle eye (returns),

      I agree with you 100% that Liberia is way better….yes this is not about S.L. But Taylor leaving was the best thing that happened to Liberia…and Sierra Leoneans are getting justice!! There are still things about L.I.B that needs to be better but the country is going up..up….And I pray that Sierra Leone can heal and move in the same Economic social financial educational, civil change as Liberia is doing and even if their change happens faster than Liberia.. PRAISE GOD! The Sierra Leonean people deserve change after all they’ve been through.

      It brought tears to my eyes to see NPFL and LURD ex-combatants who once killed each other, become best friends…that type of reconciliation is needed for Sierra Leone and I hope its happening even now.

    2. Eagle eye and Teage,

      How long it has been since the indictment was unsealed? I think since 2003. From 2003 to 2009, how many years in the middle? I think it is little over seven(7) years depending on the month. You want to tell me there is still no evidence? Why are you telling us that you repeat “the evidence will come”? How long do you want us to wait?

      By the way, do you want to compare President Johnson Sirleaf normal days to that of President Samuel Doe normal day? You must not be serious.

  20. Jose, I want to put one thing straight and that is I have never support ed any arm faction and liberia and never will. Now that I hope you got that, I will move onto other things. You said the liberian people are the loser of the LURD/TAYLOR war, what did the liberian people lose? . Yes, people die during this senseless period but atleast the nation do have some respectability and the people are no longer afraid of thier shawdows. You don’t have so-called freedom fighter raping young women and children, killing and feeding on the flesh of their love ones. I don’t want to go into the liberian issue here, so I will stop.
    Also Noko4 just wrote asking me to read the constitution of liberia, well i don’t need to read it. Regarding asset freeze, you can rest assure that will come to pass. I give you a guarantee. Like I said it took years to get Taylor from Calabar to the hague but he is there now and so will the asset freeze issue for liberia. So Jose and Noko4, take it easy enjoy your christmas cus we have a long time ahead for this trial. Then we will start the liberian ones, that way we can all go home happy know that the history of this sub region will distorted this time round.

    1. Eagle eye,

      You just said the Liberian people died. The nation is destroyed, and everything starting from scratch. However, the Liberian nation had respectibility until President Johnson Sirleaf brought war on us through other groups and Charles Taylor. And she still intend to bring more war.

      Speaking about getting President Taylor from Caliba, it is not you or the vast majority of the Liberian people. Instead, it was President Bush, Tony Blair, and the entire world. Boss, you can not take credit for this, because it is out of your hands and control. You wish it was the Liberian people. But unfortunately for you, it is the world’s super power.

      Sorry boss, the vast majority of the Liberian people love their former president.

    2. Eye,
      The ASSEST FREEZE will NEVER EVER be done with a CHARGE and so far, Liberia has NO CHARGES to bring…..there is the problem. Even the UN cannot PRODUCE a single EVIDENCE accept to go on assumptions. Oh well, in the land of LAWS, assumption has credibility when it’s backup with FACTS. Liberia has asked and so far, just REPORT of WE THINK.

      President Johnson-Sirleaf has used the back door, side door and front door…including jumping off the roof and so far, the same result. She has informed the UN there is NOTHING, hear me out Eyes, NOTHING she can do given the Constitution….CASE CLOSE.

  21. A few days ago Aki asked:

    “My question if the government of Liberia led by Charles Taylor sold the timber how can it be considered illegal.”

    This question was extensively reviewed in this report:


    The review found that none of the logging companies that operated from the Doe to Taylor periods had the LEGAL right to log (ie, none complied with the law, in the sense that they did not have business licenses/articles of incorporation, a ratified contract, and/or performance bonds). By law, these things were needed in Liberia to conduct legal logging operations. Therefore, by definition, failure to comply with the law meant that none of the logging companies had the legal right to log.

    Further, when the reviewers looked at the performance while logging, the companies overharvested and failed to pay taxes.

    It was the forensic accountants associated with this review that found that the illegal payments from OTC (and others) that were deposited directly into Charles Taylor’s personal LBDI bank accounts (and for which the logging companies were then given tax credit).

    Admittedly Taylor was president, but, like all presidents, he was obliged to operate according to the rule of law — when he failed to do this, it allowed for all the illegal logging.

    Likewise, when Taylor put government taxes directly into his personal bank account, this is illegal.

    (His excuse is also inane. If you WERE operating a covert bank account, why on earth would you put it in your own name?!)

    1. Question,
      You want to believe that the Oriental Timber Company who employed hundreds of Liberians and was owned by one of the richest people in the world did not have an Article of Incorporation. You want to believe that the logging operations run by Oscar and Maurice Cooper who took over from their father who had been logging in Liberia since the 1950’s did not pay the fifty dollars for a Business Registration Certificate from the Ministry of Commerce. Please think before you believe propaganda.

    2. Question,

      What is in this thing you just don’t understand? President Taylor is not on trial for corruption or failure to obey any laws of some multi international company. By the way, who is this Reviewer and Forensic Accountant you talked about, and when did they conduct their report, You authorized them in the first place, and who did they submit their final report to? Quetion,your backdoor way of settling whatever political scores you may desire will not work. This case is about Sierra Leone and not Liberia. Advocate for his release so you can have the chance to prosecute him in Liberia on corruption charges or whatever. When he is released, send President Johnson Sirleaf’s son, Fuma Sirleaf, (NSA boss) to arrest him at the airport in Liberia.

      The prosecutors looking for their self made alleged 5 billion dollars of Taylor money. There is no money. As the result, they are going after companies that did business in Liberia and saying those companies were not licensed to do business in Liberia. Therefore, they did an illegal business. Oh Really? Seriously? UNBELIEVABLE!!

      Question, the business conducted in Liberia, is it Sierra Leone diamonds? Is it showing any links that President Taylor was responsible for Sierra Leoneans killing each other? Is this whole entire case resting on the 5 billion dollars now? What had happened with the asset freeze and bank account that they seized since 2003? Where is the money?

      Look folks, I will not be surprised; When these bunch of crooks, or gook squad, who are prosecuting this innocent man have a donor conference on this trial to collect a huge sum of money in a nocturnal manner. This money collected, might be presented in court. When that happens, they will say, see, we find your money.

      Knowing who President Taylor is, he will reply: Total Nonsense. You know where you got your money from.

      There is no proof. Free this innocent peacemaking man. Go ahead and run your plantation in Liberia like what you are already doing.

      I always knew the prosecution was going to sink, but the exponential rate at which they are sinking is much faster than I thought.

      Free this innocent man SCSL.

    3. Question, I think you need to go back and read the transcript of this trial so that you can understand what Mr Taylor said about the account. it was not the account that was covert. it was the PURPOSE of the account that was covert. So having Mr Taylor’s name on the account does not expose the covert nature of its purpose. infact the fact that the purpose of that account was never discovered untill Mr Taylor revealed it in court proves that the account achieved its purpose. Also the prosecutors were discrete. they failed to bring the bank statement of account instead they brought account summaries. although the prosecution has said they only intend to use the account documents to impeach Mr Taylor’s credibility, it has little value in this case because Mr Taylor will still be re examined on this documents by his counsel and since he is presenting his case now, he can call witnesses to testify as to the nature of the accounts if he chooses to do so. so at this time the situation still favours Mr Taylor.

  22. Tracey,

    I know you should be on vacation so this is not for immediate response but I do not want to forget my questions. It is about these alleged british investigators who are looking for taylor millions. are they hired by the prosectution? If so why this, late considering that their case has closed? If not whom are they working for? Do you know anything about this, I mean is there an open report on this from the court in the form of a subpoena or is it arbitrary? I mean this is interesting. if you do have any info it will be worthwhile knowing.

    1. Andrew,
      The prosecutors CREDIBILITY is also on the fence….telling us for over a decade that Mr. Taylor has BILLIONS but cannot produced a single deposit slip or transaction. Now we got MI5 and the CIA turning rocks to find something that isn’t there.

      I think the defense out smarted the prosecutors and they are looking for anything even if it’s NOT related to the cases to stick….It won’t work; Some African leaders minus Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf have wise up to the game and i believe have lay down some markers….IF YOU CANNOT GIVE US CONCRET LINK, HE MUST BE LET GO.

      1. Noko4,

        Why menus Sirleaf? By the way brother, I agree with you that some African heads of states have “wise up” except Johnson Sirleaf of the Republic of Liberia who is relying heavily on the super powers for protection ,money, education, infrastructure, popularity, signing contracts like crazy, don’t care about domestic policy as long as she is being favored by the powers of the world, and security.

        But again Noko4, I can understand why she will not wise up. It is because of the obvious.

  23. Tracey, I appreciate your kindness to lend the NYT some credibility but I can only offer you free advise that the NYT has lost its credibility. It is now a political hack and propogandist corporate agent, and lacks any morality about telling the truth. The NYT chose to intentional paint Mr. Taylor in that piece as a liar who was caught unaware by the prosecution. They presented the covert account issue as if to say it was the very first time exposed by the prosecution.

    If you will recall, under direct examination, Mr. Taylor hinted about this covert account but did not go into details. So he was aware of this, and like Jose has correctly articulated. The NYT failed to point out that Mr. Taylor challenged to the prosecution has always been about the “billions” they have accused him of hoarding in foriegn banks. LBDI is not a foriegn bank, and to date , the prosecution has not shown any proof that Taylor has monies in foriegn banks.

    Equally, the NYT was very deceptive by pointing to this LBDI issue as an instrument to impeach Mr. Taylor. They painted a false picture as if to suggest that Taylor was on trial for lying about monies in Liberia. What about Taylor’s responses to false statements by witnesses that Taylor had an underground tunnel in his house.? NYT is a disgraced newspaper for all I care, and at this point , I will join conservatives in America to expose their hypocrisy. As someone correctly stated, this is the only website that has allow the whole world to have a direct unfilter access to this trial. This is why I think George Soros will continue to enjoy huge support among poor people around the world because of this passion for making sure that people are treated equal before the law. This case , as Mr. Taylor would say is base on pure lies. “Total Nonsense!”

    Just imagine one of the prosecution star witnesses, Hassan Bility came to this court and lied. As a matter of fact, Bility reported that the Charles Taylor government was sponsoring rebels accross the Liberian borders, he was arrested for questioning. At that time , the whole international community condemned the Taylor government for arresting Bility. Some of us were dubbed into believing that Taylor was a dictator and we participated in peace rally in NEW YORK and WASHINGTON DC to protest the action of the Liberia government. Some of these very human rights people influence us to contribute monies for protest rally in Liberia against the the Taylor government to free Hassan Bility. The Hassan Bility issue was well publicize all over the international media.

    But today, in Liberia, the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government has repeated the exact behavior of the Charles Taylor government. A Liberian journalist , and a newspaper publisher has been arrested and was held in detention without charges for weeks. Todate, ordinary citizens are complaining about his incident in Liberia but the same international groups have gone silence. The NYT has reported nothing of this incident. Why? Because of their corporate interests in Liberia. These socalled human rights people only serves the interests of major corporations who are their financiers. Therefore, because Taylor was opposed to the exploitation of Liberia’s resources by multinational corporations, that was why they demonize him. Some of us now know the difference and would never be use again as a social tool to advance the interests of greedy business people.

    1. King Gray,
      This is the SMOKE been blown into our faces…..pure DOUBLE STANDARD. The prosecutors have turned Mr. Taylor’s activities in Liberia as the reason WHY he’s on trial.

      Have you noticed the RUSH to have Liberia’s TRC on oxygen quickly??? Is it because the world won’t accept a GUILTY verdict against Mr. Taylor with the evidences presented and the US and British have gone into their BACKUP game according to Mr. Crane???

      All thie RIGHTS organizations need fundings to operate and those that make the BIG DONATION controll the outputs….simple and plain!!!!.

  24. Tracey,
    Could you see if the first Prosecutor of the Special Court Mr. David Crane would be available to answer questions on this forum ?

    1. Aki,
      He won’t dare to show up…..look at what Mr. Rapp did…he helped on this site DEFEAT the case….couldn’t gave a DIRECT answer.

      1. Noko4 and Aki,

        Mr. David Crane who happened to be the first prosecutor for this inherently flawed court said, ” the court is not a perfect court.” However, he wants this imperfect court to have jurisdiction on President Taylor and to find him guilty of things he did not do at all costs.

        Noko4, like what you previously stated, this man will not showup, if he was given an invitation to come on this website to talk to us. They have learned from Mr. Steven Rapp massive blunders and weaselly responses to our tough questions we asked.
        These guys know that the entire world is watching this fake case. Knowing what they know now, they would have adopted a totally new strategy queueing away from the old. For example: they would have charged him from May of 1991-August of 2003. That way, his early support to the RUF would have been seen as a direct link. Moreso, they would not have tried to delegitimize his presidency by saying he is being charged since he became president. However, it is a fact that the man was overwhelmingly elected in a democratic process and nothing can change it. On top of this, the paying of witnesses and bringing former foes of Taylor as awitness against him. More importantly, UK and US involvement/role in the conflict and their manupulation of the legal process. Look, I can go on, and on, and on with all their mistakes, but I will stop here for now.

  25. Hi Tracey & Alpha,
    I wish to extend from the bottom of my heart, a mery x-mas and a happy new year and pray that the almighty will continue to shower you with blessings and prosperities in the years ahead, for the timeless efforts of setting up this medium, and the countless research hours put in.Again many thanks.

    1. Hi Ziggy Salis — happy new year and seasons greetings to you also. We look forward to continuing our conversations with you here in the new year.

      Very best,

  26. To President Charles Ghankay Taylor:

    We wish you Merry Chritmas and and very Happy New Year to com as a free man.

    Be strong President Taylor.

    1. To President Charles Ghankay Taylor,

      We wish you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to come as a free man.

      Be strong President Taylor and always Trust in the Almighty God to fight your battle.

      We are praying for you. May God richly bless you in all your trials and temptations.

  27. Aki: I’d advise you to read the review in the link.

    I suspect that you will learn a lot about the way the forestry sector has been mismanaged over the past 30 years – the people of Liberia have lot out on hundreds of millions of US dollars from the exploitation of their patrimony only for the personal gain of a few.

    The review acknowledges that OTC had an Article of Incorporation, but OTC did not produce a business license, a properly ratified contract, nor a performance bond, and therefore, it did not operate legally.

    As for the Cooper’s company – apparently they did not produce any of these documents to confirm their legality.

    When the concession review mapped all 72 logging claims, the review found that there was 2.5 times the area in logging concession as there was forest! There were so many overlapping concessions. With regards to the Cooper’s claim, ILC apparently overlapped with concessions claimed by:

    J&G which had its claim from May 23, 1997
    FEDETEMU ‘E’ no date
    DABA November 10, 1997
    C.T.C. October 18, 1999
    B.I.L. January 14, 2000
    A.T.I. December 17, 1998
    O.T.C. July 25, 1999
    NATURA August 2000
    M.W.P.I. September 11, 2000
    P.T.P. October 19, 1988
    T.T.C.O. March 1, 1999

    Unfortunately, this legal uncertainty is a result of a lack of rule of law during the Taylor and Doe periods.





    1. Jose,
      The TRC has ZERO power to tell anyone what she/he can or cannot do with their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS without a DUE PROCESS.

  29. Just out of curiosity. Why the UN and the Us Ambaasador accredited new Monrovia, are warning Liberians to stay out of Guinea’s conflict? Why are they telling the residence of Lofa County especially, who shares porous borders with Guinea and Sierra Leon not to get involve in the Guinean conflict? Can someone help me here please?

    There is a proverbial saying in Liberia that says, where there is smoke, there is fire. Something probably is happening that we don’t know of as of yet.

    What ever the matter is, we need a full flesh investigation of the alleged Liberian Government involvement in sending arms and ammunitions to Guinea with the intent to remove Captain Moussa Dadis Camara.

  30. Happy New year, and God bless you all!!!
    Thanks a lot for all the work you’ve done Ms. Gurd, and Mr. Sessay, Thanks to the philanthropist who made the Open Society Justice Initiative possible. Hopefully one day I will get to do something similar as moderating a similar forum, it’s been great being a part of this site. And i look forward to contributing more in the upcoming year.

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Ms Teage, and to all our other readers on this site. Thanks also for your kind note.

      Alpha and I are also very much looking forward to resuming our conversation in full in this new year. Good to be back with everyone here to discuss the trial.


  31. Tracy,
    I will like to know where the prosecutors for the Taylor case are from.I want the names of their country and Nationality.Also how many are they?Please tell me how many lawyers taylor have and where are they from?Tell me how many juddes presiding over the Taylor case and where they are from.

    1. Hi Tim — I know Alpha did some reserach into this a few months ago and posted it on the site in response to another reader. Let me see go back and see if I can find it again and post it up here for you.


  32. Well, I guess everyone is awaiting the smoking gun. I wonder what will they say next if their new evidences yield failures. That which I know will happen. Will they be giving open ended opportunity to always call time for new introductions???? Or will the judges say hey guys, time out.. can some one help please.. Hope everybodys’ season was great

  33. Jose Rodriguez,
    What is the true intent of your latest post? Is it intended to prove that our government is supplying arms to dissidents in Guinea? When did you become so concern about about independent and full investigations of allegations, free from political maneuvering and compromise, about a Liberian government alleged support to destabilization of a neighboring country?
    You have absolutely no qualm with notorious Sierra Leoneans being given Liberian citizenship cheaply by the President of Liberia and enjoying VIP status in Liberia especially when these were well known criminals and murderers causing instabilities in the sub-region and you absolutely have no issues with the failure of the Taylor government to allow the International community full and independently investigation free from political maneuvering and compromise about his supports for the RUF and you strongly believe that the current trial against Taylor is politically motivated but you are now a die-hard crusader for independent investigation of allegations levied against a much more decent and law abiding government.
    Wow! Man can really do strange things when he is cornered by facts from which there are no escape. In an attempt to defend the indefensible, there is no limit to the absurdities one can come up with. Siphoning the scarce Liberian resources under the guise of covertly protecting the country is acceptable but allegations from a brute, repressive, unpopular and irresponsible military junta as well as agents of the war criminal Taylor demand a full investigation, free from political maneuvering and compromise.
    Jose, please stop joking with serious matters.

    1. Big Joe,

      What’s up with this copy and paste thing bro, that you just can not desist from? The same identical piece that I am responding to has being copied and pasted to other dates. Are you tired or so busy to write fresh posts?

  34. Noko5,
    If this case was all about your wishes and thoughts Ghankay would have been home eating palm butter and walking free.

    1. Big Joe,

      Nobody within our times can match th US and UK, not even this powerless and innocent man called Taylor. However, they are the ones calling the shots. If they say, the case is over Today and Taylor is a free man, there is nothing you and I can do about it. So do not take pride of President Taylor being in their custody.

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