Still working on it……….


A note to let you know we are working hard to get you a report on yesterday’s proceedings.  We are waiting on a transcript to cross-check our report and will post it as soon as we can. Again, our deep apologies for the lateness caused by technical problems yesterday.

Thanks, as always, for your understanding and patience.


  1. Thats ok Tracey
    On behalf of me and all my peace loving defence colleagues; I want to say we are in deep sympathy with you; It is sadden that our brothers and sisters on the other side will not even say a word of sympathy for these hard times you are going through just to get us the informations we need about our presidents trial.. but it’s ok , as for us ,we are humaine and believe that what ever thing that happens to our brothes and sisters also affects us. Please mr. Fallah menjor and sister Teage, I don’t think it will hurt for you to share…thank you.. May God bless us all…Tracey just so you know , the great defence advocates of peace and love are with you now and forever. Let us know how best we can help if there’s a need….

    1. Hi Noko5 – thanks for your words of support. All our readers have been incredibly patient as the trial continues with hiccups and technical problems — and we thank everyone for their continued understanding of us and the Special Court itself. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything will be back to normal tomorrow.


  2. I want to highly appreciate you guys for providing this opportunity for other people to have some information about this case.
    I live in Liberia and suffered a whole lot from our civil crisis that took away my dad and four (4) other brothers.
    Please follow this case to the letter, and be bord to published any thing you see or hear.

    1. Dear George A. Karnwie — I am so sorry to hear about your family. I know how important this trial is, especially for people who lost loved ones in Liberia and Sierra Leone during the conflicts in both countries. We will continue to try our best to follow this case to the letter.

      Thank you for your note and I am glad to have you with us here on the site. I hope we will continue to hear from you as the trial continues.


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