RUF Rebels Did Not Commit Crimes Of Rape, Did Not Recruit Child Soldiers, Witness Says

Sierra Leonean rebel forces did not commit crimes of rape, nor did they recruit and use children for combat purposes as alleged by prosecutors, Charles Taylor’s defense witness told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today under cross-examination in The Hague.

A Liberian national who was a member of Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group today disputed prosecution claims that RUF rebels committed heinous crimes such as rape, destruction of civilian property and recruitment of children for combat purposes during Sierra Leone’s 11-years civil conflict.

The witness, who has been testifying with protective measures, also denied claims in Sierra Leone’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report that the RUF was the most notorious group among all warring factions in Sierra Leone’s conflict. According to the TRC report, portions of which were read in court today, in Kailahun District in eastern Sierra Leone alone, the RUF committed more than 1,000 violations of forced labor, rape, sexual slavery and destruction of civilian property among many others. Mr. Taylor’s defense witness today dismissed the claims as lies, telling the court that RUF leader, Foday Sankoh, forewarned the RUF about the commission of the crimes mentioned in the TRC report.

Speaking specifically about allegations of rape by the RUF, the witness told the court that “I said, there was a law concerning raping, that any soldier who raped, the instruction from Foday Sankoh was that any soldier who raped should be executed but I did not see any soldier, nor did I get any report that a soldier raped and be disciplined in my presence. I did not see that,” the witness said.

Prosecution counsel Mohamed Bangura who conducted the witness’s cross-examination, asked the witness about his denial of the RUF taking women as “bush wives” in Sierra Leone

“You also denied that the RUF took women as bush wives, you denied that, didn’t you?” Mr. Bangura put to the witness.

In his response, the witness explained that “I said, most of the men who went to the base to be trained, they had their women but I did not see people forcing women to take them to be their women. I did not see that.”

Mr. Taylor is on trial for allegedly providing support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. RUF commanders have already been convicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone for crimes of rape, sexual slavery, recruitment of child soldiers and terrorizing the civilian population committed in Sierra Leone during the country’s civil conflict. Prosecutors claim that Mr. Taylor, while in Liberia, exercised control over the RUF rebels in Sierra Leone and that he knew or had reason to know that these crimes were committed but failed to prevent those crimes from being committed, nor punished those who committed the crimes. Prosecutors say that Mr. Taylor aided and abetted the RUF in the commission of these crimes. Prosecution witnesses, comprising RUF insiders and victims of the conflict in Sierra Leone, have testified to the commission of these crimes by the RUF.

Mr. Taylor has consistently denied the allegations, saying that he did not provide any support to the RUF and that he did not know that any such crimes were being committed in Sierra Leone. The former Liberian president’s witnesses testifying on his behalf have also dismissed prosecution allegations against him as lies. The current witness, an RUF insider, also now insists that Mr. Taylor did not support the RUF and that prosecution allegations that the RUF committed crimes in Sierra Leone are false.

Also in his cross-examination today, the witness denied prosecution allegations that the RUF recruited and used children for combat purposes in Sierra Leone. According to the witness, no fighters in the RUF were below the age of 17 years.

“They told us that it’s from 17 upwards before you’ll be recruited on the base, so I believe that everybody who was on the base, their ages were above 17, from 17 upwards,” the witness said.

Asked by Mr. Bangura to say who told him “that the fighters should be 17 upwards,” the witness replied that “it was Foday Sankoh who gave the instruction.”

The witness would be surprised, he said, if somebody told the court that there were fighters in the RUF who were below the ages of 15 and 17.

“I did not see children, so it will surprise me because where I was, all the soldiers who carried arms, they were not children,” he said.

Certain portions of the witness’s cross-examination today were heard in closed/private session for purposes of protecting the witness’s identity.

The witness’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Let’s assume this witness was 17 years old when recruited by RUF in 1995, then he would not be more than 31 today! Please check the Birth Date he put on the transcript that must exist to validate his claims! How does he know for sure that 17 was a cut off age for recruitment in the RUF camp? You can tell how dishonest he sounds..”no rapes” no bush wives to cook intestines for the rebels, and so on…! I wish someone would drill this guy into cornering himself in webs of deceit and lies!

    1. Fallah,
      The prosecution took a little over three years to gather evidence against Mr. Taylor for allegedly helping the rebel RUF to commit crimes including the recruitment of child soldiers to fight in Sierra Leone, but what is amazing up to date is that the prosecution has failed to prove her case. Wouldn’t it be better were the prosecution bring just one of the thousands child soldiers in this court to say yes, indeed I was recruited and send by Mr. Taylor at the age of 8 to fight in Sierra Leone? Think about it and stop all these empty noise for they aren’t going to help you here. The guy has said that he did not see any of RUF soldiers that was under the age of 17. If you think that he has told lies, simply bring you proof. Remember the defense has nothing to prove, but to destroy the thousands Sierra Leone, American and British lies. Hahahaha….

      Harris K Johnson

    2. Fallah Menjor,

      Why not look at 1990 or 1991 at which time the witness said he trained with the RUF. So if you say we should look at the age of 17 years old boy in 1990 or 1991, than, he we are not talking about 31 years old that you are talking about in your 1995. So Fallah, if someone was 17 years old 1990, than that person will be 37 years old in 2010 as oppose to 31 years old. Look Fallah, the bottomline here is that there is no case against Ghankay. The prosecution has failed the people of Sierra Leone and Liberia. I wonder how mama Ellen feeling now after selling our president for so call deliverables and yet the country is still dark like hell. No potable running water, the hydro is yet to be fixed. We have about 4 generators around the Monrovia area. One on the Old Road. One in Paysville. One down Water side. And one around the Garnersville area. What a shame. All the noise they put behind Taylor, they are yet to develop Liberia inspite of all the international supports and so call Havard graduate degree.

      SCSL, please give our president back to us in order to complete his term that you forcefully disrupted through war.Liberia needs President Taylor now more than ever before. Free this innocent man.

      1. J. Fallah Menjor,
        Certain aspects of your comment on 2010/03/25 at 6:00am sound offensive. Kindly rephrase and your comment will be approved immediately.

  2. Great job so far. The defense witnesses are all in line with each other and with most of the things Mr. Taylor have said in this court. I’m really impressed with the kind of smart witnesses the defense team has put on the stand. Hands up for Mr. Taylor and all lovers of true justice.


    Harris K Johnson

  3. Now you can see the lies from this witness, rape, looting, child soilders are all trade marks of rebels groups in West Africa and Africa as a whole. What about the victims that appeared in court with their arms and limps amputated didn’t they know the perpetrators.

    Why all fingers keep pointing to the RUF about these heinous crimes while others rebels group operated in the same areas?

    1. Justice LIB,

      Are you aware that the prosecution own amputated witnesses said it was President Kabbah’s army and the Kamorjor that amputated their legs and arms? Lib, you may not know, but this case is very hard for the prosecution. Taylor is winning this thing openly bro.

    2. Justice LIB,
      I don’t think this witness is saying such things didn’t happen but he personally didn’t see them. We all such did take place but for the TRADEMARK to be assigned to ONE GROUP is the silliness in this case.

      Again, the LAST WITNESS the prosecutors put on the stand was asked by Perry Mason…the LAST QUESTION before the prosecutors rested…..”WHO CHOPPED OFF YOUR LIMBS” by Mr. Griffith and the witness responded, my limbs were chopped off by the Sierra Leoneon Army and NOT RUF. If you ever get the chance to view that portion of the case, see Ms Hollis’ face…and the silence in the court room.

      So here comes the question, who was the head of the SL Army?? CIC Pres. Kabbah!! But guess what, he is walking FREELY; to add more insults, his deputies are in jail eventhough they told SL’s TRC and the Special Court they got INSTRUCTIONS from CIC Pres. Kabbah….and we are told WE ARE SEEKING JUSTICE.

      We have been on this case of SIERRA LEONE supposely but we have spend atleast 97 percent of it on Liberia….WHY??? Is it because the realization has set in that this is not a case and it will be better to try him for Liberia so let’s get enough testimonies now since Mr. Taylor didn’t tesity for the Liberia’s TRC??

  4. This dude is dillusional. I don’t think he’s helping taylor by stating what he said about the RUF. My older sister was abducted, raped and impregnanted by the RUF. What is this full talking about?

    1. Madman — I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she was able to get the assistance she needed after the ordeal she went through.

    2. Madman,
      Did he said such didn’t happen or he personally didn’t see it?? I think he is more on the side I DIDN’T SEE IT.

      My sorrow about your sister but she could have been a GOOD WITNESS for the prosecutors….why didn’t she come up to testify?? You see, this is the TOAST, TWIST and TURN about this case…the prosecutors were so BEND to hail Mr. Taylor to the cross that they OVERLOOKED some of the simplest things and thangs.

    3. Madman,

      If you will call this witness “dillusional”, than how will you called the crazyman, Zigzag Marzah who told you and the world that he is a humanbeing eater? Madman, be fair here. The “dillusiona”l people we know in this case is Zigzag Marzah and Abu Keita. However, these two self confessed notorous criminals and rebels had serious mental problem. Do you remember this by any chance?

  5. Folks,

    Some of these claims from the defense witnesses will not help CT at all but the burden of proof in this case lies in the hands of the prosecution. Whoever heard about a militaristic situation especially a rebel situation where law and order breaks down is ever free of criminal offense such as rape, child soldiers recruitment, pillaging etc? Contextually, the situation in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Cot D’Ivoire makes a mockery of this claim. The idea of rebels being well disciplined not to rape, recruit children,and pillaging is an utopia fantasy…


    1. Noko7,

      I plan to just be totally disquieted for at least couple of days and just read comments on this site. But you have triggered something here. Folks, something has percolated here again. And this something is what Noko7 has talked about. “The idea of rebels being well disciplined not to rape, recruit children,and pillaging is an utopia fantasy…”

      Noko7, I fervently believe you are referring to Mr. Stephen Rapp, the second chief prosecutor of this inherently flawed court. However, he differs with you big time bro. Mr. Rapp said, there is certainly nothing wrong with a deposed president using war to restore himself. Notwithstanding folks, he was saying these things just to exonerate President kabbah who by the way, used a rebel group called the Kamorjor to restore him back to power. Bear in mind now, the kamorjor rebel leader, Hinga Norma, who was a subordinate to Kabbah also served as a minister within the Kabbah’s administration and was tried and convicted by this court. Folks, what has happened to the legal criminal liabilty charges of leader-subordinate relationship, and joint criminal enterprise?

      Steven Rapp and the rests of these guys are destroying the long held tradation and respect of criminal international justice system just to nail this one innocent man. However, Noko7, where were you, when Mr. Rapp made these outrageous statements only to save kabbah? Folks, this is Noko7 versus Mr. Stephen Rapp.

      Trace Gurd, this is for you. You “Human Rights” people, should and must not allow this inherently flawed court to abuse what you have all worked on so hard to get to this point; only because of this man. You must reject the instructional nature of redefining the laws by this court and allow a seizure of conscience by openly challenging this process. However, Taylor made go tomorrow, but the work you guys did will outlive your deeds. Tracey, let us not be repeaters. Notwithstanding, the substance of the prosecution case is nothing, but it symbolizes something. And that which it symbolizes is dangerous for all of us. Speak out human right advocats. Let us stick together and stop this Whistle Stop Casino from operating. Where the game is rigged. the dice are loader. The roulette wheel is being controlled: and, the cards are marked and the slot machine is programmed.

      Good Luck Tracey and Noko7

      1. Jose — I understand what Mr. Rapp was referring to was the idea that war is not in and of itself inherently illegal. But there is a whole body of law, in fact, that regulates the way in which war can be conducted — it’s called international humanitarian law. This body of law does not allow attacks on civilians, the use of disproportionate force against enemies, rapes, the use of child soldiers under age 15, and pillaging, among other things.

        So in the case of Mr. Taylor, the allegations against him at the SCSL are not that he waged a war, but it was for his alleged responsibility for the crimes committed during war – including rape, sexual slavery, the use of child soldiers and pillage.

        In terms of your post generally — I’m not quite sure what you are asking of me, Jose, but am happy to try to answer if you can help me better understand.


        1. Tracey Gurd,

          My dear sister, since you claim to understand what Mr. Steven Rapp was referring to when he said war in itself is not illegal, can you explain to me and the world especially with in the context of the kamorjor war on Sierra Leone and the military, that there were no international humanitarian laws violated? Tracey, are you aware that international laws were violated by the AFRC, Armed forces of Sierra Leone, and the Kamorjor? Are you also aware that the kamorjor was a rebel group formed by Kabbah for the sole purpose of restoring him (Kabbah) back into power? Are you certainly aware that Kabbah was the Commander in- Chief of the Armed Forces of Sierra Leone? Are you aware through the video that we have shown you over and again and other sources that Kabbah brought in arms amidst/violation of the U.N arm embargo? Do you know that those arms end up killing innocent people? Do you also know that the Kamorjor rebel leader, Hinga Normal, who took orders directly from Kabbah has being tried and convicted of crimes as charged? Why not Kabbah ma’am? Why not the legal criminal liabilty responsibility charge of the head and subordinate relationship? Folks, I will not be surprised when some one tell Tracey that she can no longer enjoy the faith of Liberians any longer in this fake trial.

          Tracey Gurd, Could you also tell us about “Collateral Damage” in war, within the context of Mr. Stephen Rapp and Sierra Leone? However Tracey, to me, collateral damage is just a “euphemism” , since you can not possibly determined the true intent of the doer and don’t want to make others feel offended of the what actually happened and ect. However Ma’am, since you understand Mr. Rapp statement so much that you can interpret it for us, Do you think war crimes are violation of laws or custom of wars or international humanitarian laws or killing non-combatants/amputation and the destruction of their property? Do you know that the prosecution witness said, it was the kamorjor/kabbah that amputated her leg and arms?

          Tracey, be careful how you rush to the defense of these guys. I was only talking to you concerning “Human Rights Advocates” and not Mr. Rapp. Just imagine, Mr, Rapp himself could not answer our question with straight face. David Crane ran away. What makes you think you can stand the power of truthfulness ma’am? You too may run away if there is a equaled, and leveled playing field because the truth is just overwhelming for Mr. Taylor.

          1. Jose,
            Tracey is away this week. I am sure she’ll respond to your questions when returns next week.

          2. Big Joe,

            I seriously feel your pains.

            However, you frowned on Liberians for singing the song, “you kill my mom, you kill my pap, I will vote for you.”

            Correct me if I am wrong: you also detaste the song Liberian sang during the 2005 election in support of “Opong”, “you know book, you na know book, I will vote for you.”

            Big Joe, have you ever thought why vast majority of us continue to sing songs like that and reject the likes of other politicians? Big Joe, think. Something is the cause/reason. However, why these Havard graduates and book people can not sit down and ask, why our own people don’t like us or continue to reject us? Why are they putting Taylor and Opong over us? What can we do to change it? Nontheless, just look at what just happen in this gone Senatorial bar election. Ellen herself got on the streets of Monrovia campaigning for her candidate and making all kinds of statements and promises. However, she was smoked by the lay man again.

            Big Joe, ask yourself why these things are happening and don’t find excuses, such as, they voted for Taylor because of fear, or to prevent war, or ect. Don’t find excuses such as, they are all bunch of illiterate people, and that is why they are voting for “Opong.”
            Please deal with reality bro. So Big Joe, are you saying the vast majority of Liberians on this site are illiterate, or afraid of Taylor, or uneducated or, don’t know right from wrong, or stupid, or against their own interest, or whatever, that’s why they are speaking the truth on behalf of this innocent man acquittal when they see it?



            Alpha and Big Joe, this web provides an in depth analysis of the Auditor General of Liberia declaring Ellen’s government to be “three times more corrupt” than Gyude Bryant whose interim government is known as the “most” corrupt administration in Liberia history.

    2. Davenport.noko7,
      No one on Earth will believe ALL LAWS and RULES within an operation is carryout out as is…even the wars the US is fighting in the Middle East, some of her soldiers are just as guilty as those that were fighting in the bushes of West Africa.

  6. Davenport, Fallah, Madman Please this guy said in his area there was nothing like that. He also mentioned that it was a straight order that if anyone rape the punishment is death. It was the order. It might had happened in other places of the RUF controlled areas at that time and I believe that it did happened. Now my question to you guys is if the RUf did what that have to do with Taylor? The persecutors have not show anything to really proof to us that Taylor’s men did that in Sierra Leone. On the topic of recruits, this guy said recruit were from 17 years up he was there and not just there but part and parcel. Now if this is false again the persecutors need to proof that again. I know there are some error from some of these witnesses okay, but the few witnesses from Taylor side had try the best to be on track. Their testimonies are in line with what this case is all about then that of the prosecutor witnesses.

    1. leoroy Dennis,
      Just to add on to what you have said. Mr. Taylor in his testimony said that he supported the RUF. He stated when and why he supported the RUF, alright! Now why didn’t they charge Mr. Taylor from the period for which the World knew that he supported the RUF, that is, from 1991- 2002? I said 1991- 2002 because they charged him for crimes committed in Sierra Leone from 1996-2002. Instead of them charging him for crimes committed in Sierra Leone from 1996- 2002. So what happened to those who died from 1991 to 2002 0r 2003? Is it that their lives was not important or is it that they were not Sierra Leonean?

      The period for which Mr. Taylor was charged can show the kind falsehood this case have. Another issue in this case the prosecution claims that Mr. Taylor told the Sierra Leonean that they will tast the bitterness of war……. Now that does mean that he was or going to carry war in Sierra Leone, instead, he knew that Sierra Leoneans were training in other Countris to fight in Sierra Leone. What is the issue with that?

      1. Jacone,
        And that’s the PART missing on most minds….the MANDATE of this court didn’t say ALL YEARS but limited the scope…the prosecutor aka Mr. Crane thought he was SMARTER than GOD….he is the one to be blame if Mr. Taylor walks.

        I guess he too knew he had NO CASE!!!

      2. Jocone/Noko4,
        Somebody said because they wanted to deligitimize his presidency, I think it was Jose Rodrigue . That is why they did not mention the time that he said he had dealing with the RUF. I think, the Berkerly Report made mention of that too. These guys especially, David Crane, was just too smart for his own good.

        1. Jerry Smith, with reference to your post of 2010/03/21 at 1:49am, please note that Tracey is away this week and i sm sure she will respond to your concerns when she returns next week.

    2. Leroy Dennis,

      Okay, since you deliberately drew my attention to an issue that I did not raise, I am compelled to succinctly speak to it with a critical but dialectic lens. To construct my argument, I must construct a premise and to construct such hypothesis, I must ask a few rhetoric questions. Culturally (I am here referring to the Liberian culture and no other culture), it is not complicated to distinguish a Liberian child from a Liberian adult. Isn’t it? You will agree with me that this is the case. Wouldn’t you?

      When you grow up in a culture, it does not take the skills of a development psychologist, or a doctor, or a biologist, or nuclear physicist to distinguish who are the adolescents in the community from the children. Does it? Probability are that with no any formal academic, medical or psychological education, when ask, you are 99.99% percent likely to correctly indentify a Liberian child from a Liberian adolescent. Isn’t it? This is an invaluable knowledge that we possess; knowledge based on various factors including culture. I will submit that a few of these factors are our distinctive social location, formative years experience, interfacing with our neighbors, observation, and a wide/broad range of experiences exclusive to the particular culture. This shapes and informs relationally and in many ways become our best tools for relationality within our local communities and country. Isn’t it? This is also important tools for helping us indentified who is a boy or a girl in our culture and who is a child and an adolescent. Wouldn’t it?

      Now, the issue of distinguishing a 17 year old AS THE WITNESS CLAIMS from a 16, 15, or 19 year old is complicated simply because developmentally folks in this category share similar phonotypical and physiological as well as voice, motor, cognitive, and behavioral similarities exclusive to this group. Usually, until they tell you or unless a scientific method of identification is used, you can not guess with 99.99% accuracy that someone in this age group is 17, 16, or 18. Would you? Well, what specific scientific method was used by this RUF rebel or his comrades to distinguish a 17 year old from a 16 year old? Did folks who came to join the RUF rebellion or who were forcibly conscripted required to present birth certificates or national ID cards to with their date of birth on it? The age thing IS THE BIGGEST FALLACY NARRATIVE EVER.


  7. Tracey,

    I have to let this Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf discussion go because in terms of order of your daily transcripts, it is dated.

    But just a few words in passing: Ellen’s initial support, comments (i.e., “level Monrovia…” cf 1990), and unappeasable craving for political supremacy seems perfectly to make her the matriarch of Liberia’s troubles and chaos as the greed and inexorable evil actions of Charles Taylor made him the patriarch of death and destruction that visited Liberia. They run parallel! And they both were elected presidents at different times – or perhaps were generously rewarded with the presidency. Thanks to the generous, benevolent, and often questionable mind-set of the Liberian electorate. Who knows…maybe come 2011 the Liberian electorate my elect the notorious Prince Johnson. That is how good our electorate is when it comes to voting. Folks, we need more higher and accredited institutions of learning to reduce our high illiteracy rate. Well, am done.


  8. Davenport.noko7,
    Thanks for your latest comments. You really struck a critical point when you wrote “That is how good our electorate is when it comes to voting. Folks, we need more higher and accredited institutions of learning to reduce our high illiteracy rate.”
    I really get embarrassed when people who are expected to know better come to this site and take pride in their compatriots singing “you kill my ma, you kill my pa will still vote for you.” It really heartbreaking when people come on this site giving tacit or subtle support to rapes, murders, pillages and the recruitment of kids to fight battles by providing justifications and rationalizations for these obnoxious acts .
    To argue that Taylor is being try for the wrong war is understandable but to deny that the NPFL (along with all warring factions in Liberia) recruited children, carried out widespread looting, mass raping and murdering of innocent persons and carried out wanton destruction when there are overwhelming evidence to the contrary is heartbreaking and shows how unremorseful we still remain as a people.
    To claim that our uncivilized war was about democratizing Liberia and creating an environment of equal opportunities for all when it is overwhelmingly clear that war was only about personal aggrandizement and getting political power and illicit wealth at all cost shows that some of our people have no remorse of conscience.
    Some come here to say that this trial is all about racism and about creating a bad impression about the Africans yet these very people are giving tacit and subtle support to the brutalities and the worst than animal behaviors that were displayed for the rest of the world to see.
    If there is anything called Racism, it is these despicable opportunists who take advantage of the illiteracy and ignorance of our people and use these poor and helpless people for their personal aggrandizement and make themselves into tin god that are now be worshipped.
    Taylor and his likes are the true haters of Africa and are the ones that are giving terrible impressions about Africa. The soonest these guys can be put where they belong, the better for Africa and Africans.

    1. Big Joe,

      I agree with you when you or Noko7 said “Folks, we need more higher and accredited institutions of learning to reduce our high illiteracy rate.”

      Big Joe, according to you, “you really get embarrassed when people who are expected to know better come to this site and take pride in their compatriots singing “you kill my ma, you kill my pa will still vote for you.” It really heartbreaking when people come on this site giving tacit or subtle support to rapes, murders, pillages and the recruitment of kids to fight battles by providing justifications and rationalizations for these obnoxious acts .”

      Big Joe, I was one of those singing that song. And I tell you what, Knowing what I know now, I will even sing that song more with even more lines brother. You can call me names all you want, I can care less. I Know that I am not what you think I am. And I will not allow some one perception about me to be my reality. Big Joe, I want you and the world to know that we are protesting against the international community and opposition political parties in Liberia who have nothing to offer other than Taylor is a killer, he is a rebel, and you name it, without them making the same claims of Ellen, Sawyer, and the rests. Why can’t we implement the TRC Report right now? I know the reason. But I will not tell you right now. Big Joe, games will not help Liberia. Taylor opened our eyes so much and only guns and force by the international community can subdue us and not on the rules of laws that we believe in. To tell you what I am talking about, why have not we have a Status of Forces Agreement with every body being involved. Why do we still have about 15,000.00 foreign troops in Liberia? These are questions you need to ask yourself. BROTHER, WE ARE NOT STUPID.

      1. Jose, a comment from you has not been approved because it quotes an audit report, the source of which needs to be verified. As per the site’s policy, can you please reference the link to this statement? Once that is done, the comment will be immediately approved.

  9. Jose Rodriguez,
    Honestly, do you think you should be taken seriously on this forum after reading your replies to Big Joe?
    You wrote ” I was one of those singing that song. And I tell you what, Knowing what I know now, I will even sing that song more with even more lines brother. You can call me names all you want, I can care less. I Know that I am not what you think I am. And I will not allow some one perception about me to be my reality. Big Joe, I want you and the world to know that we are protesting against the international community and opposition political parties in Liberia who have nothing to offer other than Taylor is a killer, he is a rebel, and you name it, without them making the same claims of Ellen, Sawyer, and the rests.”
    So, that is how you argue your case that Taylor is not a murderer by singing you kill my ma, you kill my pa I will vote for you? No wonder why just two short years later LURD invaded Liberia. Probably, LURD got to believe that the easily way of getting votes in Liberia is killing mothers and fathers.
    The answer to your question “have you ever thought why vast majority of us continue to sing songs like” is simply ignorance and illiteracy. That is a true the reflection of the uncomfortable truth that over 85% of our people are illiterate.
    You also wrote “are you saying the vast majority of Liberians on this site are illiterate, or afraid of Taylor, or uneducated or, don’t know right from wrong, or stupid, or against their own interest, or whatever, that’s why they are speaking the truth on behalf of this innocent man acquittal when they see it?”
    Firstly, One will be truly ignorance to conclude from the many names on this forum supporting Taylor that translates into majority of Liberians on this site. There is very high possibilty those are ghost names and are calculated attempt by few persons to give false impression of Taylor’s popular support.
    Secondly, all Taylor’s supporters don’t neccessary have to be illiterates. Some can be his cohorts in crimes while others could simply be opportunists using this trial to make some cash.
    Jose Rodriguez, which investigation was done to come up with these superlatives-most corrupt governments?
    Can you prove that Taylor’s government was better than those of Madam Sirleaf?
    I bet you can’t answer these questions?

    1. Morris Kanneh,

      Find something meaningful to engage me on and not on my rights of what I choose to do or not to do. I told you and the world that I was one of those singing that song, and knowing what I know now, I will even sing that song more with new lines. I will however, “VOTE” for Taylor again, if he was to contest the coming election. I have the right to vote. I have the right to sing song in support of my choice or preference. And certainly, I have the right to free speech. So what is your problem? Besides, this is not how I argue my case for Taylor according to you, of being a murderer or not being a murderer by singing. I was responding to Big Joe who said he gets embarrassed to see people coming on this site, who by the way, he expects them to know better,and they take pride in their fellow compatriots singing the song of “you kill my mom, you kill my pap, I will vote for you”. I told him I was one of those singing that song and I will still do it. And I gave my reason.

      Secondly, I know LURD invaded Liberia. But what I don’t know, is yourself fulfilling probability of LURD believing that the easy way to get votes is to kill mothers and fathers. However, LURD’S leader, Sekou Dimente Conneh, participated in the 2005 presidential election. He however, end up having less than 1-2% of the total votes cast. In contrast, Ghankay got over 75% of the total votes cast. Do you see the difference. Big disparity. Big disproportion. And all in favor of Ghankay.

      You will Morris.

  10. Jose Rodriguez,
    Just as you have the right to sing such disatasteful song and degrace Liberians worldwide, I equally have the right to expose the illogicality and aburdity of a compatriot singingsuch disgraceful song and take the opportunity to enlighten him on the consequences of singing such song.
    You seem to have an amazing ability at cutting and running. In your attempt at distortion and sometimes outright falsehood,You will raise a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with this trial when you are cornered by either facts or poignant inquiries you will then come up with very poor and groundless excuses and use them as canopy to escape.
    Let me assume that you were too busy to see my questions and pose them again and will continue to do so until you can confess to your attempted deceptions.
    1. Can you tell us of any virtue that Taylor has over Ellen?
    2. What did the Taylor’s government do for the Liberian people that Ellen’s government has failed to achieve?
    3. When last was Taylor’s government (From his NPRAG to his NPP led government) ever audited?
    You must be day-dreaming to ever attempt comparing the disorganized criminal organiztions Taylor had in Liberia with the Internationally respected Unity Party government.

  11. What this website has stated is obviously inaccurate. They state that the RUF did not kill or rape or even use child soldiers. I would like to ask who says this rubbish. There convincing evidence that the RUF did all the things

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