Resources Ahead of Taylor Appeal Judgment

As the final appeal judgment in the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor is announced in The Hague, we would like to draw your attention to a six-page briefing paper written by Open Society Justice Initiative. The paper includes a detailed timeline, describes Taylor’s conviction and sentencing, and the prosecution and defense arguments on appeal. The appeal judgment will mark the conclusion of the historic trial in which Taylor became the first former head of state convicted after his trial was concluded by an international criminal tribunal since Nuremburg. Taylor is also the first former head of state to be convicted of various crimes of sexual violence by an international court.

The appeal judgment will be announced on Thursday, April 26. The Open Society Justice Initiative will be following the appeal judgment live from The Hague, and you can follow @sesayalpha for updates on Twitter.


  1. Alpha Sesay,
    This is how you live and make money for your life. Your hatre for Taylor is very clear. But guess what, in the finally you will be just where you are and what you are. A white mans puppet. Charles Taylor shall be gone, but what becomes of you?????think about it.

    1. NOKO5 this is nonesense rubbish I’ve heard in a long time from support group making personal attacks on jounalists for reporting fair and balanced! why do you attack this Man? I agree you are frustrated with verdict from day one, but that does not mean you should use such verbal silliness against Alpha Sesay. you should take back your filty wordings and apologize. Alpha probably lives well off than most who stole from Liberia coffers and taylor cronies do today. you need to grow up Noko5!

  2. African’s why can’t we be united to stop those white fools from controlling our minds, Resources, our land and going against each other . We are seeing Former President Charles Taylor own today, tomorrow is going to be another person, that person may be our First Female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; no one knows; but God is the answer of our prayers. Tomorrow the people of Sierra Leone is going to say that what they Projected came to pass. WHEN WILL WE LIBERIANS SHOW OURSELVES TO OUTSIDERS? but with God on our side things will work out for the betterment of President Charles Taylor, even if he is convicted God will make way out of no way to allowed his enemies suffer. White fools stop fooling our people; we are tired seeing the wrongs/Suffering that we are going through under u people. AH GOD PLEASE LET US AFRICAN BE UNITED, GUIDE EACH OTHER IN TIMES LIKE THESE.

    1. Thomas Clark; it is your own african brothers who you should vent your anger upon! Taylor types did not only rob from you, but killed you, raped your sisters and mothers, and sold the rest of you into semi-slavery! Wow, don’t you know this? Look; my brother, your getting upset with the whiteman not only sound silly, but ignorance to the last! was it the white man that asked taylor to join RUF and enslaving fellow africans to force labor in the diamonds fields? You sound very stupid to say the least. You sound like an isolationist in modern world. Do me a favour, brother; take your shoes off and shirt, plus pants that were made by the white man so you can invent your own from your hatred vents! No, it is people like you have held africa down with white/black mentality that does you no good!

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