1. Please read this:“I challenge any human being on this planet to bring one bank account that I have money there. If anyone on this planet knows of any asset or bank account anywhere, I authorize you to come forward. There are no bank accounts in the world that I have. If anyone can bring any evidence that Charles Taylor has money in a bank account, then Charles Taylor is a liar,” Mr. Taylor was quoted as having said in his direct-examination on July 20, 2009.
    Now listen to this:
    LBDI, prosecution counsel Mr. Nicholas Koumjian read from an LBDI document dated December 8, 1999 and indicating the opening of a new bank account with account number 00201-32851-01. The document indicated the person opening the account as “Charles G. Taylor”, home address “White Flower” and business address as Executive Mansion, with an initial deposit of 1,000 United States Dollars (USD). The appended signature on the document was Mr. Taylor’s.And you put that account in the name of the president?” Mr. Koumjian asked Mr. Taylor.

    “Yes, with the authorization of the legislature,” Mr. Taylor said

    Now what in the heck all the denials? You see why I call taylor a pathological liar? Now the same taylor is saying to the world, when caught redhanded;And you put that account in the name of the president?” Mr. Koumjian asked Mr. Taylor.

    “Yes, with the authorization of the legislature,” Mr. Taylor said. No further questions! Jfallamenjor

      1. Sort of legal maneuver, if you will. They are trying to establish that Taylor is not credible. All this will be eventually link to the charges.

        1. Noko7,

          These people had over seven years to prove that President Taylor is not credible and they did not do that. What makes you think, they will do that in just about three months?

    1. Fallah,

      It will be fool hardy for anyone to believe that Mr. Taylor was president of Liberia and challenged the world to show a Liberian bank account. Those statement Taylor made when he was president referred to claims by UNITED NATIONS, america and england that he had money in foreign banks. No one is expecting the prosecution to challenge taylor on LBDI ACCOUNT. let them bring forth the accounts that they froze. Remember they told the world that they had frozen taylor accounts and that the sum of taylor money was 5 billion dollars?

    2. Fallah,

      President Taylor challenged the entire world to bring or show the 5 billions stashed in any banks that the prosecution alleged that he has. It is yet to be brought or shown. Why all this massive over zealousness from you? Where is the money? There is no money. More over, the prosecution said Taiwan deposited about 1,000,000.00. Was the money deposited by RUF. why all this false hype? Where is the secret account that Presiident Taylor is keeping all the money? Mr. Koumjian has not shown or done anything. After over six years, is this all the prosecution has. There is no case here against this innocent man. leave this man alone SCSL.

      Fallah, you are just desperate. Nothing more.

    3. So Fallah menjor,

      What’s the point you are tying to make? Why copy and paste everything we’ve already gone throgh? Is this the new format of postings you and your colleagues have now adapted????? What lesson are we supposed to learn from this one??? Scholars, can we please add some substance to the conversation….PLEASE!!!!!

      1. Noko5, “accusation” seems part of your trade mark! What is wrong if I copy and past so I won’t be accused by you of paraphrasing and missing a word so you can jump all over like you sometimes do with the moderators postings on this site?
        What should this be your cup of tea, Buddy? Consentrate on the trial and prepare for the welcome ceremonies fo gankay’s return from the Hague!According to your fantasies, he will be aquitted from all charges, including rapes and forced marriages he allowed in his NPFL government, and not to mention curruptions with his personal signatures all over!

        1. Noko5 and J Fallah Menjor — I understand differences in opinion can get heated, but let’s cool our heels, friends, and get back to the issues raised by the trial. We have a lot to talk about, no?

  2. The Prosecution today continue with the introduction of with they believe to be “fresh evidences” during cross-examination of Mr. Taylor. The Prosecution had a severe set back to their case because of their continuing to not act in accordance with the judges orders given about “fresh evidences” introduced during cross-examination.

    Judges Lussick, upon returning to the bench after considering and made a decision on two Motion the Defense put forward, said the bench was at a lost at why the Prosecution team continuing to lack the understanding of the ruling handy down about the “fresh evidence” course of action. The Judge explain it once again, which was that it is the “contents” of the documents that show impeach of testimony or show guilt is to be use as “fresh evidences,” not because the Prosecution want to use the documents for the purpose that it may show impeach of testimony or show guilt. The Judge therefore orders the Prosecution to disclose all documents to be used in cross-examination of Mr. Taylor. With the “content” identify in each documents to be use to impeach the testimony (category 1) and show guilt (category 2) to the Defense team and to the Judges for judicial supervision.

    The bank records today the Prosecution said the purpose was to impeach Mr. Taylor testimony. One would assume the testimony Mr. Taylor said he had no personal bank account anywhere. The “contents” of the bank records show that Mr. Taylor started a bank account. The “content” did not show that it was an account that Mr. Taylor used for his own personal use. After Mr. Taylor explained this account, the Prosecution purpose of using these documents for impeaching Mr. Taylor testimony begins to fade. The Prosecution did not produce other bank records or “fresh evidence” that this account was not an account setup for the GOL to carry out covert operation because of the U.N. arms embargo against the GOL as Mr. Taylor stated.

    These bank records the Prosecution presented today was not “fresh evidence.” The prosecution has had these records in their possession for the last 6-7 years. The Prosecution team said before the trial began they had evidence that Mr. Taylor traded in blood diamonds with the RUF and had deposit the funds in banks around the world with funds totaling 3-5 billion U.S. dollars. However, the Prosecution came to court this morning with documents of one account from a Liberian bank with funds they claim totaling over 14 million U.S. dollars. The account and funds had no connection what so ever with the RUF or Sierra Leone and was not even submitted to the court as “fresh evidence.”

    Mr. Koumjian accused Mr. Taylor of braking Liberian laws by creating this covert account and using the people money to funds the covert operations. Mr. Taylor consistently stated he was given the authority by the Liberian legislature to use any means necessary to protect the Republic of Liberia and it people from the attack of the rebel group LURD. Having a covert account to finance covert operations such as purchasing arms for the protection of the Republic and people was a necessary because of the U.N. arms embargo against the GOL.

    1. I Fought in Sierra Leone,

      Bingo. the man is not a lier. He did not say what you thought he said.

      1. Folks, let face it: Taylor will go down in history as a liar by some and as not a liar by others. Nothing will change it. So let’s move on. From the looks of things, the brother might be found guilty.

        1. Noko7,
          HE WILL BE FOUND GUILTY. Taylor can explain away evidence but he’s lying to himself, and his supporters, not the court or anyone who can see clearly what’s going on!!

        2. Noko7,
          Seems as though you had a dream and he was found guilty, right? Fortunately it was in your dream… CHARLES TAYLOR WILL BE SET FREE…

  3. Way to go Prosecution!

    I have always believed that Taylor, when president, ran the affairs of the nation as though it was his ‘personal’ farm. Now, we see some evidence.

    As far as the case is concerned… I believe the prosecution has been able to prove that Taylor has been putting up a show, to which CT loyalists have fallen for as they always do. He is not credible but I guess the question is how does this related to the crimes he is accused of in SL? Prosecution, I hope you have more ‘smoking guns’ in your bag of tricks… cos this case just blew wide open.

    Good job prosecution!

    1. Elbee,

      Clearly you are struggling internally with yourself as evident in your post. You don’t even know which way to turn. However, you are questioning your very self of how the one sided bank account in LBDI relates to Sierra Leone. Elbee, keep on hoping that the long awaited smoking gun will be revealed by the prosecution. Nontheless, you said the prosecution has proved that President Taylor has been putting up a show. In the first place, they have not proven anything. You wish they have proven something. However, all they have proven so far is the total acquittal of this innocent man. Moreso, the issues they talked about concerning LBDI, is about Liberia. Therefore, their desired impact of having this man guilty about Sierra Leone will not be achieved, because there is not any sufficient evidence to convict.

      Besides, Elbee, at what time did you and the prosecution ever consider President Taylor credible? Why are you saying he is not credible? This is not news to me.

      1. Jose et al,
        Hey folks, nice to know the debate is still live and well. I am currently in Dakar. I see some people have made the assumption that this bank account is sufficient evidence, while the other side thinks it is not. Then, some want to know what does the LBDI account has to do with SL, some think alot, others are like, “whatever”. Still, some calls CT a “pathalogical liar” other disagree, but Noko7 said rightfully, face it, regardless, some will think he is and others won’t. Whatever, the disagreement is, I think there are somethings to gather from this round. First, the bank account (though at LBDI and local), prosecution is hoping to link it to SL. The injection and withdrawal (credit and debit) of funds to and from sources that CT either refuses to disclose or as he puts it, he does not recall or covert is questionable. What does covert entail? Does it mean only buying to fight against opposing rebels, or using funds for another reason? While saying that he is answerable to the Liberian people (which I fully agree with; he can answer in court in Liberia) it is objectionable somewhat. His life is on the line here. It’s true the bank trail is not linked to “thus far” to any illegal gun running business. The legitimacy of the account being in his name that’s another question and debate for another day. As a former bank auditor myself, the prosecution has to basically trace the money back to its source. I suspect they have but are not disclosing this yet. It also possibly that they are “calling the bluff” . LBDI received monies into this account, the sources of all should be on record. So is there actually a “smoking gun”? Maybe…for others its only “smoke and mirrors”.

        Second, the authenticity of CT statement, well this one is tricky, Noko7 summed it up well….for some he is a liar for others he is not. Just like for some he is a freedom fighter and others he is a “terrorist”. So this debate will never end. I interject though, the prosecution job is to “impeach” his credibility while the defense does otherwise. I have never seen a prosecution try to prove the defendent as good and honest–if that happens then he/she most be on the wrong side of the bench..

        Anyhow, I watch and read to see where this bank account and new documents are going? Are they other bank account, maybe, but we shall see. Now if there is one in the Swiss bank, for privacy reasons, they may never get that information. Switzerlands prides itself in bank secrecy—shooot that’s all they have to generate revenue…oh yeah, a some good “donkey” chocolate…trying to keep it PG.

    2. Elbee,

  4. Noko5 and Noko4,

    I will love to read your comments on Mr. Taylor’s “covert” account. How does this revelation impair his credibility?

    1. Musa,
      The man gave his reason why the account was opened in his name……at that time, Liberia was been watched…..I am sure it was agreed by his Nat’l Security team to go underground in term of getting arms to fight LURD and MODEL.

      Like he said, an account was needed to be under the radar and he been the President, I assumed it was then decided, you opened it and Central Bank won’t ask question….GOL did under his name……later adding another signature. For what purpose……COVERT!!!!

      I too wonder why HIS NAME and not JOHN DOE…..but again, until the prosecutors can PROVE otherwise for which I don’t think Mr. Koumjian did…..SMOKE SCREN. We need to get to the charges…..this case is NOT about Liberia.

        1. Wow, even NOKO 4 admits that this evidence was a great one!! But if this is 1 point for Hollis than it will be more like a million points though because Taylor stated publicly if any evidence of this such can be found just one, than he’s a liar!!!! I let you finish the thought…….

      1. Noko4,

        If I may go a little further, Mr. Taylor challenged any one to come out and show a single bank account in his name in any part of the world. He considers himself a liar if any one shows up. Now, here is a clear evidence. Didn’t Mr. Taylor know that one account was opened in his name by GOL? I agree with you when you assert that the bank account is about Liberia. But, remember Mr. Taylor is accused of trading guns for diamond and that he amassed wealth through this trade. Isn’t this revelation an important linkage? Whatever… This revelation renders Mr. Taylor’s testimony questionable and unreliable. Sufficient to dismiss his testimony as one who lies under oath. What do you think?

        1. Musa,
          Go read his CHALLENGE and look at the phrase “HAVE MONEY” and tell me if it’s current or past.

        2. Teage,

          There has being no concrete evidence shown of any accounts of President Taylor; I am not talking about ancient account, I’m talking about the “NOW ACCOUNT”. Neither has the prosecution shown the where about of the five billion dollars, nor current account having any money in it. So, how can you say Taylor is a liar? However, the real liars here are the prosecutors who can not show us the FIVE BILLION DOLLARS THAT THEY SAY PRESIDENT TAYLOR HAS IN A FOREIGN SECRET ACCOUNT, and the money will be given to the victims of Sierra Leone. Where is the money that this innocent has in foreign account? That’s all we ask. How hard is that?

          Teage, whether you like it or not, President Taylor is a God sent, and I can assure you, that he will be acquitted.

    2. Musa,
      From a military stand point, covert as used by Mr. Taylor on this account support his statements that he needed a way to protect the Liberian people from rebel forces fighting his government because the central bank of liberia was monitored by the UN due to the arms embargo on liberia; therefore, he couldn’t have used the central bank to get arms to fight the rebels!
      Even as that, he didn’t say no account have his name on it instead, he said, any personal account in his name. What should be establish by the prosecution is that, if this account was used to purchase arms for the RUF as stated in the charges. If so, when was this account used to buy arms for the RUF?

    3. Musa,
      Remember the president has the mandate of the people to safe the state in every way probable. Remember the covert account was with the concent of the legislative body of goverment.. Now tell me, why do we have the legislature???

      1. Sure Rodriguez they are struggling and hustling really bad……if that’s how you want to interepret it!!! Seriously?

        1. Teage,

          Yes. Seriously. Show us the five billion dollars stashed in foreign banks. show us that Taylor was the head of the RUF/AFRC through documentary evidence, like the Salute Report. Show us video like the one we showed you and the world of how arms and ammunitions were sent to Sierra Leone, that President Taylor sent weapons to Sierra leone. Play voice recording of Taylor voice giving orders to the rebel. Show us graphic pictures of his transaction with the rebels. Show us forensic and DNA evidence of President Taylor was leader of the rebels. Show us that Taylor was “not” a member and point man within the Committee of 5,6,and 9, in brokering peace with the two opposing sides. Show receipt that says Taylor bought arms for the rebels in Sierra Leone. Show us that Taylor was captured in Sierra Leone as an illegal enemy combatant or even seen in the area. These are just few things we are asking you to show us. Teage, I challenge you in this open forum, you and the prosecution can not show at least one of what we are asking.

    1. Let the fire burn. His mouth will ultimately be what sign the deal. Taylor thinks he’s so smart and that he can fool people every body. But he will eat and swallow all his lies. GO prosecutor !!!!!

      1. Teage,

        What’s up with this fire burning. Are we in a night club now? Teage, there is no case on this innocent man.

        1. Jose,
          Being that I’ve never really been to a night club…im not sure what the fireburning anology I use has to do with night clubs. But the fire burning I speak of is the one that Taylor is in the midst of via his MOUTH…and his need to talk.
          You say God sent Taylor is huh….I didn’t know that people who drove around with human (“his enemies”) skulls on the front of his truck was God sent or someone who escuses his rebels cannibalistic behaviors as ‘part of the uncivilizations of war’…or someone who orders and contiuosly participated in the murder of innocent people Liberians and Sierra Leoneans, is sent by God. Oh yeah or someone who has innocent young boys as young as 7 fight as child soldiers…is God sent, Oh wait let me guess Charles Taylor aka “God sent” didn’t use child soldiers huh? Give me a break Rodriguez please tell someone who doesn’t know Taylor about Taylor being “God sent”…the facade Taylor has up…masquarading and postrating in all white after he’s accused by U.N of human right violation, does not fool me. Taylor is a murderer Rodriguez God sent is no where close to his Character…and you know what Taylors legacy is murderer, hate, robbery (of two nations and the list goes on).
          Let’s see stole from the goverment imprisoned three times broke out of prison…facilitated the murder of many young Liberian boys and girl facilitated in destroying the lives of thousands of Liberians Sierra Leoneans and who know who else….God sent this will almost be commical if you weren’t been so serious….NO disrespect.
          Taylor is a madman! Like Idi Amin, like General Bizimungo of Rwanda, like Joseph Kony of Uganda, like the late Foday Sankoh of Sierra Leone, like Mugabe of Zimbabwe..i can go on

  5. This was a good day for the Prosecutors. Looks like there are more to come. The case is becoming interesting. I am waiting for the postings which I love to read.

    1. Sunshine,

      You wish this was a good day for the prosecution for the first time in the histoy of this fake case. Just imagine of all the media blitz, big publicity, and millions spent on the prosecution, is this all they can show? Today was a good day for the prosecution. Sunshine, since the indictment was unsealed in 2003 to present, only toay has been a good day for the prosecution?

      Look Sunshine, there is no case. The man defeated the first sets of evidence. Now they have been granted to bring or introduce new/fresh evidence in what I call second round; and yet, there have been no difference. All we continue to see is the prosecutors showing off of how much they know Liberia’s law. As the result, they are interpreting the Liberian constitution.

      Tagteam Ms. Hollis and Mr. Koumjian, this case is not about Liberia. Stick on the issue of Sierra Leone.

      1. Rodriguez,
        Right now understand that they are try ing to impeach Mr Taylor’s credibility and that is exactly what they have done. The weren’t trying to prove anything about Liberia or about Sierra Leone, they were attempting to catch Taylor in a lie, or some more lies which will consequently impeach his credibility which I think they did an awesome job!!
        Go pros GO!!!!

        1. Teage,

          You are missing the point here; probably on purpose, or culpable inefficiency, or just plain negligence on your part. However, the prosecution said, President Taylor HAS FIVE BILLION DOLLARS STASHED UP IN A SECRET FOREIGN ACCOUNT. In fact, Mr. Stephen Rapp said, the money will be given to the victims of Sierra Leone. Now, based upon that statement from the prosecution, Mr. Taylor chellenged not only them, but anyone who lives/walks on this planet to show or bring any account in his name that says he has this money. However, up to present, there has been no shred of evidence to even suggest that this man has money, least to mention, the five billion dollars. So, where is the impeachment of credibility coming from? The prosecution has not done that. All they have done is to show some Ancient History of old account in Liberia that has no money in it. Bear in mind now Teage, President Taylor did not say, he had never had an account since his mother brought him into this world.

          Teage, you and your likes, are just acting out of desperation. This innocent man is clean when it comes to the charges against him. You are so desperate that you are willing to hold firmly on the most venomous snake for survival. Teage, stop selling us snake oil here.

          1. Jose — just a reminder to keep the debate respectful. Ms Teage is entitled to express her opinion and you are entitled to disagree with her — but please may I ask you to remember to keep it respectful by focusing on the issues and not on her as an individual?

    2. Teage,

      Again, we are back to square one with this same old evidence business. Of all the things you have said, SHOW US THE PROOF. The prosecution needs help so bad, right now. I am pretty sure, they will appreciate some assistance from you, based upon all these things that you said and know to be facts. I think now is the time to wear your best suit to testify against this innocent man.

  6. Please Someone tell me if you do know. is Mr. Taylor having such Financial Transactions as a head of state any problem? I hope it is not a problem but that he used his name to transact on for and in favour of the Liberian people isn’t it? would have been anything differen if he had used someones’s name but still do what he did with money? In my opinion, the prosecutor should focus on the way Mr. Taylor used the money and not the place where the money was kept and in whose name. The onus is on the prosecutor to proof that Mr. Taylor has used these accounts on his personal issues not related to the Government of Liberia or the Liberian people what so ever. The Money may look very big per say but is in fact nothing big if this is for the nation and intended use is for the nation. How much of this money was used for arms whose usage can be traced to Sierra Leone? Untill the prosecutor can proof this, I am not sure what they have achieved in this cross examination.

    Please some one point to what they have achieve if you do know.

    1. In my opinion, the only thing they proved is that Taylor lied about having a bank account. Taylor himself said that “If anyone can bring any evidence that Charles Taylor has money in a bank account, then Charles Taylor is a liar.” How can we trust his (Taylor) testimony so far?

      1. Elbee,

        President Taylor did not lie, if your quote is correct. However, if you re-read your own quote you provided about Mr. Taylor statement, you are speaking in the present perfect tense of “HAS” money and not “HAD” money. When I say you have money is different from you had money.

        Elbee, the challenge is still opened. Show us the money and don’t show us some kind old account about LBDI that has no money in it. I believe President Taylor had had an account before since he was born. Those are not the accounts of vital importance now. Instead, what is of relevance now, is the billions that the prosecution says he has stashed up in foreign banks.

      2. Elbee , what are you saying here? We all want justice for our people,but this is not the way.
        please take your time and read ur own post.

        (In my opinion, the only thing they proved is that Taylor lied about having a bank account. Taylor himself said that “If anyone can bring any evidence that Charles Taylor has money in a bank account, then Charles Taylor is a liar.” How can we trust his (Taylor) testimony so far?)

        I will make this simple for you..

        1. If anyone can bring any evidence that Charles Taylor has money in a bank account, then Charles Taylor is a liar

        (a) Did mr Nicholas Koumjian bring any evidence to show that charles taylor has MONEY IN A BANK ACOUNT? NO he brought evidence to show that CT had money coming in and going out of an account that had been closed since 2001.

        Based on this sentence i copy from ur post. If anyone can bring any evidence that Charles Taylor has money in a bank account, then Charles Taylor is a liar…

        (read carefully

        (b) Did the so called evidence show and link to RUF 5 billion ? No, but money coming from taiwan.

        So Who is the lier?

        I think if we sierra leoneans and prosecution were more contructive in this case, we would have done better over the years.

      3. Elbee,
        How did your president lied??? The guy has never lied, and will never lie… He had the sole mandate of liberians to save the state… that was just one of his madated stratigies. MONETARY PROTECTION>> HELLO!!!

    2. Sasco77,
      The Taylor challenged the prosecution to find ONE personal account in his name and the prosecution did just that. Why would they focus on how he spent the money if that will not help them prove what they are trying to prove which is Taylor is a lying at his (Taylor’s own account). Why can’t you all just admit that Taylor was caught. He challenged the prosecution the prosecution rose to the challenge delivering a huge blow to his credibility in my opinion, the Prosecutors did exactly what they wanted to do…..Catch Taylor in a lie.

      This is what Taylor challenged the prosecution to do

      …………“I challenge any human being on this planet to bring one bank account that I have money there. If anyone on this planet knows of any asset or bank account anywhere, I authorize you to come forward. There are no bank accounts in the world that I have. If anyone can bring any evidence that Charles Taylor has money in a bank account, then Charles Taylor is a liar,”……….

      1. Msteage,
        Even if you want to believe this was a personal account of Charles Taylor at L.B.D.I. which it wasn’t. The fact is this account was closed in 2001. Mr. Taylor made the so called “Challenge” after that time period. My question to you is where are the billions of dollars ?

    3. Sasco,

      Ok….Covert Operations account. According to the debate in court, this account was to be placed under the radar, right? Bank account at the CBL was being monitored by IMF and UN, right? Who is the prime person under investigation and being watched at the time? CT, I think you would agree with me on this. So if you are the target of scrutiny, would you want to put a multimillion dollar account under your name? Covert means secret. Ok, let’s work under the assumption that CT claim is correct. I am sure he had a national defense team of his closest aids and confidents. It could have been an account title something like, “Liberian government”. I was a banker, only personal accounts are placed in individual names, even a trusteeship account would have been better and read something like this, Liberian Government, in trust of CT. This means that the account is the Liberian Gov’t account, being managed by him. I think it could have been labeled differently if he knew he was being watched. The way its structured, withdrawals are unmonitored. I guess labled as covert means unmonitored and unsupervisored access.

      1. Bnker,

        According to you, you are a banker. However, under what condition can the bank gives personal account information to the public? Can you also join us in asking the prosecutors of how they got Mr. Taylor old account information from a Liberian bank. I thought an agreement of confidentiality was signed between the bank and account holder.

        1. Jose,
          Any document can be retrieved through court subpoena. The question is, would the bank question the jurisdiction of the court. In the case of LBDI bank account, the SCSL is acknowledge as “ligit”…..This was the easiest question you’ve asked!

          So are you acknowledging that the account was personal? If its not, then its even less difficult, the goverment is obligated to cooperate since the court is a UN court or UN backed court.

          Hope I answered!

        2. Jose Rodiguez,
          I can answer your question how L.B.D.I. gave out the information on the account. It was done under duress.L.B.D.I had refused to give out the information. However the Ellen Sirleaf government so anxious to kiss the international’s communities you know what. Instructed the Justice Ministry ot arrest an official of the bank and that person was held until the information was provided.

  7. To Mr. Noko4: For years you have been arguing that Charles Taylor had no money. What sayest thou now? And please, please don’t give us the excuse that the money was not for Charles Taylor. The Liberian government has operated bank accounts that were not in the name of the sitting president…even under the military government of Samuel Doe, Liberia conducted business via National Bank of Liberia, later on Central Bank. What was Charles G. Taylor doing opening a personal account with millions and millions of dollars going in and out?

    Please explain…Sir.

    1. He said the money was NOT his and he proved it was NOT his…..I’m amaze that said account will be under his name but if we look closely….someone else from GOL could sign…..maybe the prosecutor should seek testimony and introduce it….

      Did the prosecutor prove A THANG…..I don’t think so. Maybe CREDIBILITY. But was the fund relating to DIAMOND for which was the crust of initial reason of Mr. Taylor asking for anyone to bring into evidence a deposit slip. NO!!! From all indications, it was GOL funds.

      I am waiting to see a SINGLE DEPOSIT ticket on the BILLIONS….

    2. Noko6,

      this might be a temporary relief for you, based upon your own definition and standard of measurement, but it is no relief at all. In fact, it is a lethal dose of misdirection. The prosecution did not show us any money. Where is the money? Those accounts the prosecution talked about have long being depleted out of funds. Moreso, the deposit talked about was prior to the indictment and false assertion by the prosecution that President Taylor “HAS” billions stashed up in foreign banks. They have not proven anything. Instead, they are only exposing their moral defenses and at the same time daggering their conscience, as this case is not being about Mr. Taylor involvement in Liberia. However, their so-called strategy by invoking Liberia will only increase the already overwhelming popularty of this man in Liberia. One of the best things they could ever do for themselves, is to depoliticize this trial as possible as they can, and allow the evidence being supported by facts and documents render the verdict.

      Noko6, I have no doubts in my mind whatsoever, that there is no evidence and facts to find this innocent man guilty. The evidence presented so far by the prosecution is a total joke. They are compelled by law, if they want to win this fake case, they need to present credible and sufficient evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubts, that President Taylor is responsible for Sierra Leoneans killing each others. And not those paid witnesses they brought who continue to contradict each other and the way in which President Taylor conducted the affairs of Liberia.

    3. Noko6,
      Was the money in any way used to arm the RUF? The issue about the late President Doe using the central bank of liberia to conduct government transactions doesn’t apply here. For 1: The Doe government were never under embargo to say the least! Even the United States of American have accounts to support covert operations around the world just in case you don’t know.

      The prosecution have failed in so many ways while presenting their case. The prosecution had years to prepared for this case, why is it now that they are looking to introduced new evidences to present now? I don’t think there will any to change the course of this trial as far as this trial stand!

    4. Aki,

      Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your participation. Again, thank you ever so much for sharing with us on how the prosecution got the old bank statement from LBDI bank in Liberia.

    5. Bnker,

      Are you on record for saying that LBDI was subpoena by the SCSL to produce this Ancient History Bank Account Statement?

      1. when I speculate I say so…when I make opinions, I state, when I have proof, I suggest that I have evidence….you asked me, what will make a bank provide personal information and I told you….subpeona…. compri?

        1. So bnker, correct me, if my assumption is wrong. However, I am understanding you to not know like me, on how and under what condition, did LBDI gave this bank statement to the prosecution. If my assumption is correct, than, I’m asking you to join us in asking LBDI on how this account statement was acquired by the prosecution.

          Again Aki, thank you for sharing your info to us. Good job buddy.

        2. bnker,

          Did I ask you if LBDI acknowledge the SCSL as “ligit” or not? Bro., you are playing games with empty words.

    6. Cousin6,
      This time it was in the name of a sitting president.. what’s the big deal…is there any constitutional reason that forbids that????

      1. Noko4,

        You will have to explain to the Liberian, Sierra Leonean people, and the world, on how did the TAGTEAM of Ms. Hollis and Mr. Koumjian scored that lonely and pathetic outside goal. The defense files protest againgst the one goal and awaiting your candid decision on the matter as soon as possible.

      2. Cousin, noko4, I thought you went on vacation but glad to have you back.
        I think Koumjian is doing a much better job as a persecutor than Hollis.
        All the same, it looks Taylor might have a real tough time getting out of this.

        1. Noko7,

          All Mr. Koumjian is doing is just showing off of how much he knows about Liberia and how well he as a whiteman, can interprete a tiny little West African country called Liberia constitution. This man is being very disrespectful and rude to the judges since he started his crossing. This man has constantly argued and refused to respect the judge’s decision by not obeying the judge’s decision. Mr. Koumjian has a personal character flaw issue. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps, it could be about hubris and masculinity issue. Between Ms. I will bring my evidence later Hollis and Mr. rude Nicholar disrespectful Koumjian, I personally can not choose any one of the two. You can go ahead and choose one of them.

        2. Noko7,
          On the surface it seems like Mr. Koumjian was on the ball, but looking at him NOT understanding the subject matter plus the constant quiries from Judbe Sebutine, he got lost between the numbers. But when Mr. Griffiths threw in the monkey range backed by Judge Lussick, his sail boat sunk BIG TIME.

          Ain’t going NOWHERE Cousin….I have been following this case long before the case started and predicted the outcome. If this case is base on the MERITS of the evidences, Mr. Taylor WALKS, but I am afriad it wont be…..strictly POLITICAL.

    1. The score Charles Taylor 15 Ms Holis/Mr Koumjian 0. you anti Taylor people hope you dont count your eggs before they are laid. Mr Taylor will still be re examined on those documents by his lawyers and he will then have a chance to explain in detail what the account was and how it operated. and just a reminder here the prosecution has closed its case while Mr Taylor is just starting his he still has over 200 witnesses to call who will come and testify as to the purpose of this account and how it operated so anti-Taylor people u have not proved anything yet. PLEASE show us how the money in that LBDI account came from RUF diamonds. who were the merchants that Mr Taylor dealt with in RUF diamonds that made those deposits in the LBDI account. that is only when you can prove that Mr Taylor supported the RUF in order to PILLAGE the resources of Sierra Leone as alleged by the prosecution. this case is not about Liberia.

    2. Brave,

      If the trial was not interesting to you before, it was because the side you are on was not presenting any concrete evidence. Conversely, to many of us, it has always being interesting. However, there is nothing the prosecution has done to make it minimally interesting. They might have given you a temporary false sense of hope which of course is no hope, considering the magnitude of this case and all the “big mouth” the prosecution was making for the past seven years.

      Brave, there is no case here. The prosecution is struggling and hustling all over the place in search of help from anyone including crazy people.

      1. Jose,
        You get “ruffled” about this trial….don’t get high blood pressure my brother…ready…breath, breath…breath and drink cold water….or as they say in Liberia, “I-stay coo wata”.LOL

        I see you think the new cross examinator is rude, I think the prosecution changed their tactic…if you can recall, CT bully Ms. Hollis, this means he had the upper hand on her mentally and psychologically. They don’t want that to happen to anyone else in the prosecution. So expect to see more aggressive, “in your face” presentations from now on.

        1. Bnker,

          Seriously? “CT bully Ms. Hollis”? Where did that come from bnker? Oh!! when it comes to Mr. Nicholas Koumjian, he is only being aggressive, even to the judges.

          Bnker, your weaselly excuse for koumjian conduct will not fly.

        2. Jose….

          Sometimes, you frustate me…you are so tunnel visioned. I am not backing the prosecution. I am SIMPLY SHOWING THAT THE TECHNIQUE USED IS CHANGING! HELLO! You got your head to far in the mud bro…take it out take a breather because there is another world out there to see….its called OBJECTIVITY…try it, it might just lower your stress…..See the other side of the debate and then you can fight a well rouned battle!

    3. Tracey, I must first of all welcome you back from a well-deserved vacation with your family Down Under. I hope you are sufficiently re-energized and you and your team will continue the good work. Tracey, if you remember, in my last posting before I decided to give myself a break, I advised the Taylorites, in the midst of their deafening cacophony, to tone down and wait for how their hero, Charles Ghankay Taylor, would fare under cross-examination. In fact, I confidently predicted that a witness who thought of himself as the smartest person on this planet but suffered from incurable diarrhea of words was the dream of lawyers in general and prosecutors in particular when dealing with them under cross-examination, you remember? I also predicted that the seemingly well-constructed “tales” of CGT will easily collapse under Cross. Tracey, whilst you were away, my dear friend, Noko4, was busily keeping scores of The Prosecutor Vs. Charles Ghankay Taylor and I always wondered on what basis he adamantly gave the abysmal, low scores to the Prosecutors. Please, please, Noko4, Noko5, Jose Rodriquez, Big B and other Taylorites, you should try and always go to the Special Court of Sierra Leone website, (www.sc.sl.org) and carefully peruse the transcripts of proceedings that are posted there to enable you to fully appreciate how fast your Papay is sinking into the inevitable quagmire or quicksand. You see, if you did, it will dawn on you the confused and convoluted manner in which Papay is trying to explain away the true nature of the several clandestine meetings he held with Sam Bockarie. In his own admission, although he was the “point man” of the ECOWAS Council of 5 to mediate (at times he confuses the difference between “mediate” and “negotiate”) in the then on-going SL tragedy, CGT never ensured documentation of the minutes of his several meetings he held with Sam Bockarie for onward transmission to his colleague Heads of State. Mind you, this was during a time when there were ugly allegations flying in no less a place like the corridors of the UN of his control of RUF and fanning the flames of the Sierra Leone conflict with supply of munitions. CGT will have the Court and the rest of us believe that ECOWAS Presidents are adverse to documentation of minutes of plenary meetings of the nature he claimed he held with Bockarie and others and always resorted to telephone communication to officially inform each other of the outcome of delicate agenda that he claimed he was mandated by ECOWAS to handle during the SL conflict. As the African adage goes, “It is only a liar who claims his witnesses are all dead”. CGT knows very well that death has mercifully claimed the lives of the Abachas, Kontehs and Eyademas of this world and of those living, history is on his side that no African Head of State has EVER publicly given evidence against their former colleagues no matter how dastardly their conduct! He can therefore confidently hide behind this facade in his defense. However, the manner Obasanjo turned him in to be prosecuted is very instructive of the contempt CGT was held for his actions and inaction. Returning to the Bockarie issue, how could CGT, in the face of a UN Travel Ban, meet and provide Bockarie with Liberian travel certificate to enable him to travel to Burkina Faso and Libya to meet with such persons like Camproire and Gaddafi – persons with discredited backgrounds in African conflicts – without, FIRST, informing the UN and obtaining clearance? His claim that he did so on the basis of a UN Report simply does not fly because that purported report did NOT exist at the time he assisted Bockarie to proceed to Burkina to ostensibly procure for arms and ammunition. To add insult to injury, he included in the Bockarie delegation, a very senior member of his government, his Chief of Protocol, the very influential Musa Cisse, to ostensibly go and act as an interpreter! Assuming what CGT is saying is true, what was this Chief of Protocol doing in Burkina for the near 2 weeks Bockarie went further to Libya? Mind you, in the evidence of CGT, Musa Cisse was one of his key arms procurer, especially when dealing with Francophone countries for that unlawful enterprise!!!

      I can go on and on, but let me now deal with the 7 December DEBACLE.

      What do you have to say now, Noko4, Noko5, Jose Rodriquez and others, who have been screaming on top of your lungs for evidence that your Papay had stashed away millions, if not billions? Granted, the Prosecution has only produced evidence of just one account but doesn’t it boggle your mind that if he could brazenly do what he did under everybody’s nose in LBDI Bank in Monrovia, Liberia, what he could do with off-shore accounts? In any event, the one account suffices because CGT dared the world to produce evidence of a single account in his name and prove that he is an incorrigible liar – and that is what the Prosecution has simply done. As the African saying goes, “HUNDRED DAYS FOR THIEFMAN, ONE DAY FOR MASTER”!!!! As I sat watching him sweat, squirm, in his desperate attempts to make sense out of insensible, in spite of myself, I felt pity for him. Good Gracious, how could our slick, street-wise , smart, Charlie Ghankay, have made such a monumental blunder? This is ultimate hubris!!! How could any person in his right mind, desirous of operating a covert account to escape attentions of a watchful, suspicious world open a PERSONAL account for the purpose? Jeesus Christ, Son of Holy Mary, have Mercy!!! In his desperation, he proffers that his LBDI account was convertible into a Government account only by virtue of the fact that Kadiatu Diarra was a co-signatory for the account. Hear him: “Mr. Koumjan, this account is opened by the President on authorization and countersigned – Kadiatu Diarra is not my wife. SHE IS NOT MY LOVER (my emphasis) She works for the Government of Liberia. The only reason why she is signing and is capable of signing, that is what that form said, anyone that is capable of signing that, because she’s acting on behalf of her government under instructions”. Let me tell CGT that it is him who has brought the true nature of his relationship with Kadiatu Diarra into contention. He did so without any prodding from Mr. Koumjan. It is very possible that Mr. Koumjan is unaware of the true nature of the relationship between CGT and Kadiatu Diarra. Nobody in Liberia was fooled by the fact that her official designation in Taylor’s Executive Mansion was that of a Special Personal Assistant. Yes, she was a VERY SPECIAL ASSISTANT!! Indeed, Personal Assistant for Jewel Taylor’s services !! Charles Ghankay Taylor simply thought Liberia was his personal property to be used to satisfy his whims and caprices.
      MORE ANON!!!!!

      1. Hi Gyakabo — thanks so much for the welcome back. It is indeed great to be back — I am particularly enjoying hearing the updates from you and other readers about their impressions of the trial while I was away. It was nothing if not eventful, by the sounds of things!

        It sounds like you think that the prosecution has been doing a good job in challenging the credibility of Mr. Taylor’s evidence during cross-examination.

        Gyakabo — I just wanted to alert you — I took out the address you had included because it may create privacy/legal concerns if we post it without that person’s knowledge or consent. I hope you understand. I of course left the rest of your post exactly the way you had posted it.

        Best, and thanks again for filling me in on your thoughts,

      2. Gyakabo,
        Are you blaming me for the POOR SHOWING by the prosecutors??? Really be FAIR to yourself and tell me what has this prosecutor team proven??? For the past month, ALL we got was NONE relating matters towards the charges. Opps, I forgot, CREDIBILITY. You I believe read the transcript, could you point anywhere during this cross examination where Mr. Taylor credibility was plucked???? I am not talking about HHHHHMMM but one where his hands were caught in the cookie jar.

        After I read some of your questions, I concluded that you are WAY BEHIND THE CURVE on this case….I advise you spend more time reading Mr. Taylor’s under direct examination to be up to speed.

        I hope when the trial resumes, the prosecutor will be MORE focus the charges instead of trying Mr. Taylor on the backside for his role in Liberia. We’re told this case got ZERO to do with Liberia.

      3. Gyakabo,
        Was any transactions from that account link to the purchased of weapons for the RUF? If so, when did it happened? I don’t think Mr. Taylor ever told the world that no account had his name, instead, he told the court that he didn’t have a personal account and that the prosecution should show any personal account of his in the world. Mr. Taylor committed crimes during the war in Liberia but to say what happened in Sierra Leone is his fault, it’s far from the true!

        If you was to read the press releases of the AFRC while in power in Sierra Leone, you will get to understand and know those who are responsible for the Sierra Leonean problems!

        1. Guys
          Those CT enemies lack WISDOM, pray for wisdom and you will understand the whole trial. Mr Taylor said MONEY IN ANY BANK IN THE WORLD IN CHARLES TAYLOR’S NAME, NOT ACCOUNT IN CHARLES TAYLOR’S NAME.
          And Mr Taylor stated continuasly that the LBDI account was for corvert aperation, the prosecution are missing the mark here, because nothing on that bank statements relates to sierra leone or the TONS of diamonds neither the weapons to sierra leone. Corvert operation is common and it is a daily affair by goverments but it is not announce because it is corvert. Do not forget that Mr Taylor was fighting three wars, first Properganda, LUARD, and MODEL.

      4. Gyakabo,

        Probably you want to makeup for all the lost time you have not posted in one post. But your post is very long and boring without substance. Things you mentioned in your your post is however, belated. We have already covered and exhausted everything you talked about weeks, and months ago. We are way ahead and not turnig back because of you. We are marching on, and on on we go.

        1. Hi Jose — I have to say I found Gyakabo’s post interesting, I enjoyed reading his/her thoughts about the trial and I was grateful s/he took the time to share his/her opinion when I got back from leave. I think it is worth taking some time to look back and reflect on the trial and viewing it from different perspectives, wouldn’t you agree?

        2. Jose,
          Tracey was trying to be nice….but let me put it to you straight forwardly….it saddens me that someone who seemingly is wise and sometimes come up with good points to debate can come out with some outlandish things to say about others posting. I think many have been respectful and at best courteous to you and your posting. Unfortunately, the decency is not reciprocated. Again, while we might disagree with others and their thread, “shooting down” opposing view is somewhat “tyrannical” and traits of “dictatorship”. I think the insecure nature of our past leaderships to silence opposition led us and other African nations to this point—recent case in point Guinea massacre. Frankly, not all your posts meet the standard of argument or deserve the comments as I have mentioned to you in the past. However, if you refuse or maybe just cannot see “objectively”, or at least consider divergence of opinions, your points are severely crippled and lopsided (as in many cases). I’ve suggested that in debates learn and understand the other party’s concerns. Moreover, it is just “darn right” discourteous to disrespect someone who has taken the time and effort to put his/her thoughts together. Though I don’t know Gyakobo, I think he/she must be heard just as you….or do you want to be the drum that makes the loudest “gong”…and you know what they say about that drum, it is usually the “empty”.

          Ok, this individual has posted things that you consider old news….so in the interim between now and Jan 11th or 12th 2009, what are you going to discuss, won’t it be events of the trail—past events? See, this is precisely my point, because you fail to see beyond your veil, you missed the point….Since Gyakobo, comments are old and have past, what are you going to discuss for the next month? The past of course.

          Again, maybe the thread writer is trying to catch up, so? Or maybe we should say, “Eureka” Jose discovered something new….but then again, that’s too much credit.

          Again, we may not agree, but out of decency, give basic human respect.

      5. bnker.

        the other person is only being aggressive, whlie the other guy just bully. “its called OBJECTIVITY”.

        bnker, if thats your objectivity, than it is not objectivity.

        1. bnker,

          as evident of the graphic trial you and I are watching, Mr. Kamajor is being very rude and disrespectful; while President Taylor is being very courteous and obedient to the court and the honorable judges.

  8. Hold your horses folks, while I concur that the bank accounts seemingly impeach Taylor’s credibility, we have to be objective here.

    For Starters

    1) The prosecution has to tie this bank account to the alleged crime i.e. is this part of the “5billion dollars” and is the source from Sierra Leonian Diamonds. Their point would’ve been a lot stronger if they showed the sources and uses of the funds(transaction details)

    2) I never recall Taylor saying he never had a bank account in Liberia in the history of his life, I do recall him challenging the prosecution to bring any current account outside of Liberia in his name. Showing an LBDI account that was mostly depleted in 2002 doesn’t fit the bill

    I think though the prosecution did score some points on the constitutionality of having non tax payers funding a covert account, but again for the strenght of the case I hope they bring more details to impugn Taylor’s integrity otherwise I’m afraid this is not sufficient

  9. Noko6, Fallah, Etc

    The issue in this indictment is not about Taylor’s having accounts in LBDI bank in Liberia, which was used for government’s operations. Having few millions in a local bank in Liberia is far from the billions that they claimed Taylor has in banks around the world. I think the prosecution onus is to connect Mr. Taylor the crimes which he supposed to have committed in SL, which they seem confuse, for the most part, in proving.

    Do you think that Taylor is going to be found guilty for LBDI bank account, which was used for government operations? Elbee, if that is strange to you, than you need to think again! Doe did it, presidents before him did it, and Ellen is doing it now. This is a typical liberian fiscal style of accountability….good or bad, what ever the merit is, Mr. taylor is not the only one who has done it.

    Remenber this is a criminal case and the prosecution MUST prove beyond reasonable doubt to get Mr. Taylor convicted. That account was not used to write checks to Bokarie or Sankor, therefore it has no gravity to render Taylor guilty of the charges in the indictment. This prosecution, after parading liers, is confused about how many more lies it can tell to keep this trial prolong so they get pays in more greenbacks.

    Any government can use covert! It is being used in the US and UK in the interest of their respective governments…..what is the problem if Mr. Taylor uses the same? He did what was in the interest of the government at that time. LURD, MODEL, etc were on the back of the government – supported by the very people that wanted Taylor out, at the same time with so-called arm embargo against his government, what you think he should have done? Come on! Go fight the rebels with his hands?

    UNTIL they can prove that Taylor raped people in SL, did short sleeves and long sleeves, recuited child soldiers there, murder people there, etc, no LBDI bank account info will ever give the prosecution victory in this case…..THE WORLD IS WATCHING!

    1. The issue is not the LBDI account or the other bank accounts that are yet to be revealed, the point here in my opinion, does this have a “smoking gun”; are the transaction linked to RUF? The prosecution has yet to show that. Maybe its out there, but we have not seen that.

      Shoooot, the bank account can come Timbuktu, the prosecution needs to show proof or links to RUF. So where the account comes from it does not matter…..Yea, yea, the prosecution said that there are about $5b..they have not brought that forward. If this account is in the Swiss bank, again, it is not going to be relased. If there are other accounts, maybe! So is this whole case is on $5b or RUF funding?

      Do I think CT could be prosecuted without the $5b? Absolutely. I’ve said this, CT is guilty just by the virtue of his name CT. If there was another CT (well there are many of his kids named Charles Taylor), he would be guilty as well. Now, hold your horses, for those who will say, bnker is not neutral and want CT in jail. Of course, I do want CT in jail but for crimes in Liberia. I’ve said the that the trial is politically motivated….it is so deep rooted in politics there is nothing that would get CT out…my opinion.. So before you start shouting, let me outline steps for confronting my point of view…

      1–disagree but respect me and my views
      2–analyze my statement objectively
      3–find loopholes
      4–point them out
      5–then present your case
      6–Finally remember rule #1

      Sorry for the list people are just getting disrespectul and we need to establish civility.

      1. bnker,

        I am not going to follow your self made rules especially on this public website.



        You guys are just losing this debate here. Nobody is shutting down anyone’s view here. If there is anything, it is the other way around. This is to show the quality of resolve that we have on our side inspite of all of the names calling. We did not give up. We did not accuse you guys of shutting us down. WE REMAIN FOCUS.

        bnker, the whiteman is very smart. They will not shut this website down. They will allow us to go at it and they will study every comment made. They will understand, and are understanding, why President Taylor dominated Liberian politics and why Taylor is dominating this website also. They will not help you guys this time around. So, STAND BY TO STAND BY.

      2. Bnker, Are you now a moderator on this site? just express your opinion and leave others to either respond or ignore it. leave the moderation to Tracy I think she is doing a good job. Now in response to your comments on the current case, I think I agree with you that this case is political but it is also a criminal case and as in all criminal cases, this prosecution has to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt in order to get a conviction. now with regard to this so called new evidence, you have to refer to the judgement of the court on their use under “exceptional circumstances” the prosecution has a long and hard battle on their hands to get these documents admitted into evidence. Also even in relation to this LBDI bank account in Mr Taylor’s direct testimony, he mentioned “other covert accounts” which the goverment operated during his presidency and he was not questioned further along that line by his counsel. now the prosecution in their cross exam has decided to pursue that line and Mr Taylor has revealed the purpose and nature of that account and maybe others which has not yet comeup. but as is expected in cross exams, the prosecution’s line of questioning will be to try to confuse and rope the accussed in his testimony to serve its end which is to discredit the witness. However there is an opportunity for a re-examination by Mr Taylor’s lawyers which will then give him an opportunity to really explain these issues in detail and even introduce new documents to back his claim or even call new witnesses to support his explanation of the use of that account. So it is too early to rejoice now because this case is far from being over Mr Taylor still has 200 or more witnesses lined up to testify for him and in the light of these new accusations from the prosecution, he may even call more witnesses to try prove his case. that is the advantage that the defence has at this stage. so guys lets just keep discussing about points of law as observed in this trial and try and keep our political biases behind although I know even for me its dificult.

        1. Hi Sam — just to note, you are also welcome to discuss your “political biases” here — but our main focus is really, as you rightly point out, the issues emerging at the trial.

        2. Sam,
          You thread is interesting. Its funny that you took notice of me from others, most of who shares your view. They comments on about every line I write and inject their opinions, but you take notice of bnker–congratulations. I guess its wise to choose your battles and I presume I am viewed as the single “weak” antelope in the pack, right? Sorry Son, this one thinks swiftly on his feet. While I could provide you some attention by responding and rebutting your statements, doing so only provides some some “self ligitmacy”, noticed I used the “self”…..

          Now to the more important aspect of the debate. It unfortunate that this man called, Charles McArthur Taylor ruin Liberia and you all still have praises for him. Jose was almost flogged because he refuse to give people “his” money. We have a nation destitude, an economy in rumbles, and political successorship competent to lead Liberia for the next several years is missing, and you all arguing about convert account. I am on record that CT stole (I could have used embazzled, but I rather use the layman term, “he is a rogue”) and you are defending this man. So if Taylor is freed today, how many of you (including you Sam) will live a better life? How many can be guarantee that your family is safer? We need to stand for principles and CT is counterproductive for Liberia and only those with weak morals at best humiliate themselves and families to work for this “demon”. I remembered CT asked my father several times to work for him and my father refused. I asked my dad why not, he said something that sticks to this day, he goes, I’ve lived my life and whatever I do now, I do it for you all. I don’t want to get involved with a group that someday, you all will be punished and ridicule because I made the wrong decision.

          Sam, you mentioned that CT defense team didn’t press the question about the LBDI account, “duh”; hell, I will say that again “DUH”, is their job the prosecute him or get him an acquittal? See, you reinforced my point, you are seeking “self ligitmacy”.

  10. Ken,
    How do you know that that account and funds had no connection what so ever with the RUF or Sierra Leone? It is because it is not written on the Bank statement or book ‘ Money from Sierra Leone’. I now see your logic. No wonder why you are a dire hard supporter of Taylor.

    1. Big Joe,

      We were told by the prosecution that President taylor HAS STASHED BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN FOREIGN BANKS. IN FACT, THE MONEY WILL BE GIVEN TO THE VICTIM OF SIERRA LEONE. Big Joe, where is the billions? Why they can not show the billions? Instead, they are telling us of accounts prior to the indictement that had already been depleted with a minimal balance of zero.

      Moreso, the false premise that you are inventing about an account has been discovered will not go unchallenged. What account has been discovered? Is it the billion dollars accounts? Bear in mind now, the account the prosecutors talked about was an account prior to the indictment of President Taylor. The account the prosecution spoke about was an LBDI Bank account in Liberia and not the foreign banks as we were told. However, the general public will want to know what they knew about LBDI and when they got to know about the account.

    2. Big Joe,
      the reason I said, that that account and funds had no connection what so ever with the RUF or Sierra Leone, was because the Prosecution name names who tranfered money to that account and no RUF Member or Sierra Leone was named.

      1. Ken, just to add to your point even the prosecution in presenting the document said they are doing it not to prove that the account is connected to the RUF but to impeach Mr Taylor’s credibility when he said he had no personal bank account containg money above $100,000.

      2. Ken and Jose,

        So far I would agree that there is no trace yet…I guess we will wait and see what happens later….

        Jose, I too want to know more about the $5b, CT is not on trial for stealing $5B….sorry to say but some lawyers are like sales people (sorry Tracey and Alpha—emphasis on “some”)….they can sell a spoiled lemon and make a gold apple look rotten….just a general statement not reference to CT…because in my eyes he is certainly not a “golden apple”….I see him as, a “ROTTEN EGG”. Note….comments are to the defendent and his crimes committed in Liberia…

        1. bnker,

          Thanks for saying so far, you agree with Ken and jose on the where about of the five billion dollars that the prosecution allegedly said, President had stashed up in foreign secret bank account. However, to you, you see him, CT, like a rotten egg in Liberia. Contrary to your lonely view, many including myself, see him, as as an outstanding leader, who heroic personal valor in the face of international conspiracy stood up and show us love and protected and defended our country against LURD and MODEL rebels and others.

  11. sasco77,
    Giving Taylor’s answer, the name is very important. How can a covert account be in the name of the President especially when the clearing house is Citibank in New York?
    This just reminded me about how most of the documentaries on Criminals that are shown on Discovery Channel end. You will have a very notorious criminal who will keep escaping from INTERPOOL but it will be a very silly mistake on his part that will lead to his arrest.
    Why Taylor wouldn’t keep this his so-called covert money at the vault in his White flower as he did to most of the revenues collected during his Presidency is still a mystery.

    1. Big Joe,

      Really? Was most of the revenueS collected kept in President Taylor house? Where did that come from? Is this case about Liberia now? What is this?


      Big Joe, from Sierra Leone to Guinea, than the Ivory Coast, later,sub-region, and subsequently, Liberia. Where you and the prosecution leading us with this case?


    2. sasco77,
      I think you could kindly ask the prosecution to seek the advice of a financial expert to really advice them on this so-called Bank statement, other than that I think they are using a Blank shot, Because Mr. Koumjian can’t even interpret and bank statement, which degree did he get prior to becoming a lawyer?. The only clearing house that is used by the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment is the Central Bank of Liberia, now let us not confuse the meaning of a Clearing House and a Corresponding Bank. Just take a look at this little definition and see the reasoning:
      Clearing Houses:
      Also known as Clearing Offices, these are institutions which undertake settlement of the credit/debt positions (stemming from sales of securities and derivatives, bank payments, foreign exchange transactions, etc.) between the members of the Clearing system.
      Correspondent Bank:
      A bank which, within its own country, handles the business of a foreign bank, i.e. receives and makes money payments in addition to rendering other services on behalf of the foreign bank. A bank’s accounts held with a correspondent bank are known as Nostro account.
      Monies originating from The Republic of China would not necessarily pass through the US (http://www.lbdi.net/content.asp?sub=Correspondent%20Banks).
      Every Government has covert accounts, not to imagine the many accounts that currently exist in banks in Monrovia at the moment, you don’t know about it because it’s “covert”, and he wasn’t the only signatory to that account, another senior government official was a signatory, what make it a personal account? I can bet you, they will not disclose all of the debit tickets that were given to them by the bank, because they knew exactly that account was covert. Do you think LBDI (Francis Dennis a.k.a. FA) could give Charles Taylor a One Million Dollars Overdraft without knowing where the funding of this account came from? FA can’t even give EJS a dollar not knowing where he(LBDI) will get his money from. You need to get down to Liberia and ask how principal minded FA is. I think this prosecution should stop playing around and face the issues (INDICTMENT).

      Tracy, thank ever so much for allowing me participate in this discussion.

      1. Raw — I’m delighted you are contributing to the discussion. I hope you continue to be part of the conversation here.

      2. Raw,

        thanks for the light you have provided on LBDI and FA. The prosecution has no case on this man innocent man in Sierra Leone; that is why they are talking about Liberia and LBDI Bank. Again, good posting Raw.

        1. Jose,
          I have read every transcript from CT testimony, watched every court proceeding from my office in Monrovia, I have also interacted with almost every member of the Defense Team and the Prosecution(at least Stephen Rapp) and I do know these prosecution did a very poor job, all they concentrated on were huge salaries. Did they think they could get Taylor like that. Jose I still feel that CT has not even reached his peak( I think he’s still around 70%) intellectually, even Cyril Allen could win this case, least to say John T. Richardson, John Whitfield or even Benoni Urey.
          Taylor will have a smooth sail after the break, cuz they will have to get on the indictment, then you will agree with me.

          Tracy is it possible that after all these so-called evidences submitted to these Judges and the Judges finds no case against My President(CT) will the prosecution face any punishment for wasting the Judges time?

          1. Hi Raw — interesting question. You might remember the defense already submitted a motion after the prosecution case asking for Mr. Taylor to be acquitted on the basis that there was no case to answer from the evidence that the prosecution put forward. The judges decided that that the Prosecution had led sufficient evidence, under a JCE theory of liability, to support conviction on all counts of the indictment. (This does not mean they had decided Mr. Taylor was guilty — just that they considered that this was not a frivolous case and that they wanted to hear the evidence from the defense team as well to make up their minds). Also, in the case of the new documents, the judges decided that the Prosecution was able to use the new documents as a means of impeaching Mr. Taylor’s testimony. This means the judges consider this to be a legitimate and normal process, and one that is used in other criminal tribunals as well. As a result, it seems clear that the prosecution is presenting their case and the new documents within the guidelines of the judges themselves.

            It does not seem likely or possible, then, that the prosecution would face punishment for wasting the judges’ time, as the judges themselves have said there is both sufficient evidence led by the prosecution for the case to proceed with the defense portion, and that the prosecution may legitimately use new documents in their cross examination as part of the regular procedural process in the court. So far, at least to us, it does not seem like the prosecution are doing anything that could be considered as wasting the judges’ time.

            Hope that answers your question.


        2. Raw,

          I will be coming to Monrovia around March of next year. Is there any way that I can meet and see you bro? This is not only Raw alone, but also, others who had shared similar view points like me, who will be in Monrovia at that time. I will like to see you guys also.

      3. Raw….

        sorry to say I don’t totally agree with you….Only agree with the definition provided…..

        While all banks in Liberia have corresponding banks in the USA including LBDI, US checks that are deposited in local banks in Liberia goes through the US clearing house system. For simplicity, let me explain how it works….if you deposit a check in LBDI those funds are placed into your account through LBDI bank reserve. The information for that check or the check is sent to the US corresponding which then goes through the US clearinghouse system . Say, the check is a Bank of America check. Your account is debited (reduced) the amount of the check and LBDI affiliate bank (say, CITIBank) credits (adds) the same amount to LBDI account. So that’s how that works. The CBL does not have a clearing house system. Because checks are not generally deposited say from Ecobank to LBDI or vise versa. If the check is written on an LBDI account, that individual, the payee (person check is written to) cashes the check at LBDI. The checks are instead cleared, say at LBDI and then deposited at Ecobank.

        Now about the covert account, regardless of whether the account was a covert account which I seriously question, all transactions will be recorded. Injections into accounts are referred to as credit and withdrawals, debits. So the wires, were credits and originated from a source is disclosed on the wire transfer form. Now for legal and audit reasons all transaction has to be recorded especially if it goes through a US bank before getting to LBDI. Our banking system is not yet integrated to do wires without an intermediary. Put it this way, if withdrawals are not recorded, how does the bank LBDI’s controller John Davies, the vice-president for operations (recently filled) and F.A know about it? How do they keep accurate balances in that account or any account? On the originator side of the wire, because LBDI has corresponding banks in Italy and the USA, the wire has to go through one of those banks before posting to LBDI account that is with them. Upon receipt of confirmation, the account (in this case, CT) is credited. So, is the physical cash in LBDI, no, it most likely with the CBL of Liberia which are reserve requirements for cash in its vault and at the location. Besides the monies in the CITIBANK account are loan out on very short term basis, overnight to money market funds.

        So should there be a trace of all transactions, even a penny, yes! As a former bank auditor and someone who has done extensive research on the banks in Liberia, record keeping is a must…poor management has led to the disappearing of banks….remember LUBI, poor record keeping and irresponsible decision making caused its demise! FA is one of our best bankers that we have in Liberia, he knows much better than to let things slip through the cracks. If you personally know him as I and his controller, these are both meticulous individuals and take their jobs, reputation and career seriously….

        1. Bnker,
          All I need you to do is to convince me that all monies comming from the ROC to Liberia are channel through the US. Thank God you have held FA reputation so high, in other words you have agreed with me that FA knew that account was a GOL – Covert account. waiting……..

    3. Big Joe, you have got it all wrong. Mr Taylor did not say the account is “Covert” as in secret. he said the PURPOSE of the account in covert. and to show that that account achieved its purpose even though moneys to that account were cleared in Citibank Newyork, the purpose of that money was never known until Mr Taylor revealed it in court so to a large extent, the covert nature of that account worked because the money from that account was withdrawn in cash and used to pay for weapons in defence of Liberia. so your arguement that since the account bears Charles Taylor’s name then it is not covert. you simply got it wrong.

      1. Sam,

        As usual, excellent point. I say, EXCELLENT POINT. To me, covert means, in disguised or hidden. The fact that it was never detected, as evidence that it met it objectives, it was a darn good covert.

        Again Sam, good job.

      2. Raw,

        Thank you again for being there for fact checks and revealing the truth on behalf of justice.

  12. I believed that most people dont understand how government run, someone make a statement on Doe government do they really know about our form persident Doe government? i ask this person because i believed that he/she doesnt know anything about goervnment, let me give you one example of Doe government, the group that Doe founded for his personal procetion and his family at that time, this group was call SATU, the bugert which the form persident of liberian use to train this guys and to paid them that account was in cental bank? let me draw your attention to government operaions around the world, every government have special account use for cover operations for the country and such funds are kept in different account, please tell me who you thing will be the signatory to such account, i know some of your hate mr Taylor but, done let that carry you way, to give you more information on persidents operated on such account, our form persident Tubman who has a group call BIM and his group was a secret agent for the persident they were well paid by him, can you tell us were the money that he use for this group was kept for 27yrs? let me take you from our country, the great united state have secret account for government operative and if you dont know the of the country is the signatory to such account so the prosectuor evedince doesnt proof anything about the bank account, now please read Mr Taylor statement very carefully, he said personal account and that account the posecutor show doesnt represent personal account, it represent the Republic of Liberia, i hope we all are educated to know what is personal account, I stop this far.

    1. Randy,

      Thanks….nice post…for the record, Tubman will never be an example to follow. You are trying to explain the bad habits of dictators (Tubman and Doe, now CT) with their secret accounts. Then you mentioned the US accounts. One thing you ignore to acknowledge…in the US there are “checks and balances”. Someone is accountable for something. There was a time the the FBI and CIA worked unfettered and unchecked, but that changed. Then there are conspiracy theorists, who believe that the US has a so-called, “black budget”, which is meant for deep covert operations (unmonitored or audited) that even the president of the US don’t know (but these are all conspriacy theories). But, yea, the USA has checks and balances and no one is above the law in the country….in Liberia historically almost all leaders have been little gods…..

      1. Bnker,


  13. It is always funny when folks try to defend the indefensible. How can a nation’s funds be keep in a private account, owned by the President, co-signed by his personal aide and used for covert operations?
    Mr. Taylor may be smart, but everyone is not a fool. He cannot fool everyone all the time. It is an open secret that the nation’s funds were used as his private funds.
    Even in time of war, national expenditures have to be processed according to the proper procedures. Taylor was President and Liberia was a bonifide nation and not a criminal enterprise. So his “covert operations” will not get him out of this lie. He should have said a long time ago that he had that account and was using it for Liberia. I guess a criminal will always be a criminal. It would be interesting to hear his supporters spin this one. The prosecution as some of us have been saying is doing a great job. They will get to Sierra Leone, diamonds, RUF and etc, but they are constructing their foundation, that Taylor is a serious liar and had a track record in Liberia that extended into Sierra Leone. So all this noise about when will the evidence about Sierra Leone come is premature. The defense has their strategy, so does the prosecution.

    1. Sansee,
      The prosecution had years to prepared for this case, didn’t they? Why didn’t present the evidences that could better support thier case at the time they were presenting their case? Why did the prosecution hold back documents that could have been used to show Taylor guilt if there’s any?

      The big question here is that, was this account ever used to buy arms for the RUF or did anyone who had a link to the RUF deposit any money into this account?

    2. Sansee,
      You know I find it sad…you say funny, I say pitiful. Our country is being robbed, we have been deprived of our basic human rights and some are trying to justify CT crimes–theft in case of the bank acct. I wonder if some of these people who are trying to justify the “fishy” nature of this “covert” account will beat a rogue if he jumps through their window? If they did, then I see Hypocrisy….CT did the same thing but he is glorified and almost given godlike status. His salary could not have given him the lifestyle that he lived. Personally, I think he stole the money….

      1. Bnker,

        As far as we are concerned, President Charles Ghankay Taylor is a God sent. However, you are not more Liberian than thousands of Liberians who don’t see him the way you and Sansee see him. In fact, we had an election, where he was allowed to participate and the side or your view point, was swamped and consumed by majority of Liberians. Whatever side you supported against Taylor lost to him. He won with over 75% of the total votes cast in the first round. And I told you before, knowing what we know now, if he was to participate in this coming election, we will still vote for him. So get over it. And I am telling you in this open forum that “if” he’s allow to participate in the coming election, there will be no second round. HE WILL WIN HANDS DOWN. So if you believe in democracy, you will respect our choice. get it!!

        Do you think we will forget about Ellen, Kromah, Boley, Rosevelt Johnson, Prince Johnson, Sawyer, Deminte Conneh, Brownie Samukai, Tom Wowiyou, Fahnbulah and the list goes? Bro. ain’t happening, So if you see your so-called BJ, tell him the people have not forgotten about them inspite of the massive support from the international community for Ellen government. It is just the matter of time.

  14. I have gone over this CREDIBILITY issue that the prosecutors are trying to prove in this case. Let’s look at what he said for I see MOST on the other side are CONFUSED with his words….so let’s look at his wordings carefully

    “I challenge any human being on this planet to bring one bank account that I have money there. If anyone on this planet knows of any asset or bank account anywhere, I authorize you to come forward. There are no bank accounts in the world that I have. If anyone can bring any evidence that Charles Taylor has money in a bank account, then Charles Taylor is a liar,” Mr. Taylor was quoted as having said in his direct-examination on July 20, 2009″.

    As I read his challenge I see the word “…….HAVE MONEY….” From what I understand that verb to mean means CURRENT. So was he lieing?? NO!!! If he had said “…..HAD MONEY…” Then he would be a liar. Mr Taylor if I recall did tell the court he had a PERSONAL account.

    Where are my ENGLISH TEACHERS???? Noko6, Fallah, Ms. Teage etc etc

    1. I think we need to revisit that transcript to put Taylor comments in context. That will give us an adequate interpretation of what brother Taylor said. We run the risk of misinterpretation, if we cut and paste sentences and paragraphs from that testimony. What do you think, bro?

    2. Noko4,
      I guess everyone has their take on the quote of CT, let me try to put my two cents too…

      I challenge any human being on this planet–meaning anywhere on earth– to bring one bank account–place is not referenced, whether US, France, or Liberia– that I have money there. If anyone on this planet–meaning anywhere on earth–knows of any asset or bank account anywhere (meaning anywhere in the world), I authorize you to come forward. There are no bank accounts (meaning zero and nothing exists) in the world (anywhere–Liberia and LBDI is somewhere) that I have. If anyone can bring any evidence that Charles Taylor has money in a bank account (any bank account–LBDI account), then Charles Taylor is a liar

      1. Bnker,

        place is referenced and is of essence. President Taylor was responding to the false allegation of the prosecutors claim, that he has billions stashed up in foreign accounts. To me, foreign means, outside one’s own country. Your spin and embellishment will not help you buddy.

        bnker, show us the 5 billion dollars in the foreign banks. That’s all we ask. How hard is that?

        bnker, you have lost all credibility. You were the same one who said the the video showing how arms and ammunitions were sent to Sierra Leone, did not cover the period under which President Taylor is being charged. The video prove you WROOOOOOONNNNGGGGG.

  15. Alot of people are under the assumption that Mr. Taylor was caught in a lie. In the world of politics (which Mr. Taylor displays mastery) there is no black and white. Politician are quick on their toes and can manipulate a previous statement on the drop of a dime . The prosecution attempt to expose Mr. Taylor personal account and contradict his testimony was brilliant. This may have been the smoking gun but Mr. Taylor response acted like a bullet proof vest reinforced by loyal member’s of his legislation. Personally, I think numerous transactions connect to Mr. Taylor alleged “covert” account suggest corruption

    1. Al Solo Nyonteh,

      I agreed with your posting. I personally think your posting is characterized with critical analysis which made it phenomenally awesome. However, in addition to your post, President Taylor has not being caught in any lies as portrayed by the likes of Fallah and others. We were told by the prosecution that President Taylor has billions of dollars stashed in foreign banks. It was based upon that statement, Mr. Taylor challenged the prosecution and anyone on this planet to show or bring the money. Up to present, there is no money. Notwithstanding, when we asked Mr. Steven Rapp about the billions stashed in foreign banks, he told us that OTC(local Liberian Timber company) deposited almost 2,000,000.00 at the LBDI bank in Monrovia, Liberia, and the same day, Mr. Taylor withdrew the amount. He did not show us any billions in foreign banks.

      Now Solo, this is the prosecution supposedly tricks to fool the public. They held those LBDI documents for a protracted period of time. Hoping that the challenge put forward by President Taylor to produce the billions will be translated as a challege of producing a bank account in his name. That way, when they produce such document, it will appear as though President Taylor challege has been consumed with the facts presented. Bear in mind now Solo, President Taylor has never said he has never own an account before in his life time. So if they bring an account of the past and say, see, this is your account; therefore, you have been lying. Consequently Solo, that is not the point. The point is produce the five billion dollars that you say this man has in foreing banks around the world. More importantly, when and how these LBDI documents were part of the prosecution archives?

  16. These trail is a joke and waste of money that could be given to war affected sierra leonean, but again the powerful western expatrite need jobs with tax free money. I’m just wondering why the celebration about bank statement because nothing linking the TONS of diamonds from sierra leone that Mr Taylor received in return for weapons as alleged by the prosecution. Mr Taylor said he bought arms from eastern europe in breach of the arm embargo and used the weapons to protect the Liberia people he never lie, only a comfuse mind will disagree that the british were not the one that send arms to sierra leone in breach of the UN arm embargo on sierra leone. what the celebration is about? look the prosecution knows that to really nail Mr Taylor they will need very hard evidence and it is no where, and Mr Taylor have repeatedly said that every dealing with the sierra leone rebels were done with the full consent and approval of the ECOWAS head of states, i’m not seeing what is he lying about here that you all asking for score. of couse the score is Ghankay 100% prosecution 0.0000 i said it before you need to go to Siaka Stevens Street to get documents on Mr Taylor not Paynesville red light market.

  17. What a weak celebration some people are having HERE! So in what year did Mr. Taylor challenge the prosecution to produce any evidence that he had a bank account? Was Mr. Taylor speaking in the past or present tense? Taylor has never denied that he did not have any bank account in the past. He said, “I challenge any human being on this planet to bring one bank account that I have money there. If anyone on this planet knows of any asset or bank account anywhere, I authorize you to come forward. There are no bank accounts in the world that I have.”

    “bring one bank account that I have money there” is speaking in the now.

    So if some of you read carefully, Mr. Taylor was speaking in the now at the time he made that statement. But the prosecution is right now refering to the past. At the time Taylor made that statement, the prosecution was claiming that Taylor had billions of dollars in banks around the world. Thus, Taylor challenged them “I challenge any human being on this planet to bring one bank account that I have money there.” So where is the bank account they was talking about at that time? Where are those bank accounts around the world the Taylor has? Where are the evidence? The bank account they are refering to now was in Liberia, and it was in the past.

    So if one properly examines the issues, Taylor has not contradicted himself. If someone says to you right now that you have billions in a bank and you say , “I challenge any human being on this planet to bring one bank account that I have money .” Then if the person brings a bank account that you had money in five years ago, does that proves that you have money in a bank account now? This issue is so silly because the charges says that Taylor has money amounting to billions right now in banks around the world. Instead of the prosecution showing us the proof that Taylor currently has billions in banks around the world , they are bringing more than five years old bank statement , at the time that Taylor was fighting a war in Liberia. “TOTAL NONSENSE!”

    1. I’m not always in agreement with you King Gray, but I have to say this is the most rational and non-emotional point so far. Like I mentioned my problem is with the constitutionality of the President of Liberia being signatory to a covert account outside of the central bank.

      As to whether Taylor contradicted himself, I agree with you that he didn’t. if you read the transcripts clearly he’s challenging the world to produce evidence of any foreign bank accounts held in his name. An account depleted 7 years ago just doesn’t fit the bill.

      1. Mas,

        I can understand where you are coming from. However, I am extending an olive branch to you in the name of justice, for all of us to stick together and and look at the facts in this case. Notwithstanding, I suspect that you agreed with the OLD AND NEW KING GRAY FROM THE GREAT BASSA TRIBE OF WEST AFRICA ON HIS MAGNIFICENT TAKE ABOUT ALL THE FALSE HYPE.

        Mas, I don’t have a problem with the problem that you have with President Taylor; when it comes to the constitutionality of his approach in being a signatory to a covert account, at least for now. But Mas, that is a separate discussion exclusively left for the Liberian people to decide and not Sierra Leoneans.

        Thank you again for agreeing with King Gray post in its entirety. Jose Rodriguez also agreed with King Gray post 100%.


    1. So Randy,

      You believe that this money was covert purpose. So one of the jobs of goverment is to set up a plan for continuity in case the president is incapacity. Ok, let say the account was covert to appease some of you all who believe it is, why was not the vice-president, defense minister or someone from his national security team co-signer, but Kali, what does she have to do with national security or covert operation….I think he used the term “covert” as this was not be discovered…..covert means secret, this was his “secret” account.

      1. Bnker, I thought you said you objective comments which to me means unbiased but obviously you are as antitaylor as Fallah and Ms Teage and Co. look there is what is called separation of duties. do you know that Kadiatu Diarra was an Assistant Minister in the presidency? it was her task to oversee those covert operations. that is why she could sign those checks. By the way why did the prosecution not tell the court that they had interviewed Kadiatu and she told them what the account was used for and that it was a Govern ment of Liberia covert account? they chose not to disclose that fact since it will not serve their end.

        However Mr Taylor will have a better chance to explain in detail how this account works during re examination by his defence lawyers. So Bnker, declare where you stand dont pretend to be neutral and “objective” everyone knows that I am pro-Taylor I have not hidden that fact since the first post I made on this site.

        1. Sam…for the 1Mth time….

          I am not pro Taylor neither am I pro the SCSL. I feel SL overstepped its legal jurisdiction on a soverign nation—Liberia. But when it comes to a trial in Liberia on Charles Taylor and others, I favor 100%. Now, I think it should be clear, being objective does not mean that I don’t have opinions. Most of my criticism of Taylor has to do with Liberia. At the same time, I am attempting to grasp the prosecution or defense team strategy, one can readily try to predict the actions of anyone of them. I am sure you play some sport or board game….to win our oponent you have to understand how he/she thinks and the strategy he/she will employ, right? The same theory applies in the court. While I am objective about the same, I look at both sides of the debate….why the pro-Taylor people didn’t comment when I suggested that Ms. Hollis fumbled with her contract of one “Charles”. I also said in that thread that I predict that because of her error she will be removed from cross—few days later she was sick and no sooner she was replaced. Note: those who were pro-SCSL didn’t rebut me either. When the prosecution changed strategy, some claimed that they are being rude. I suggested that Brenda was being psychologically and mentally beaten by CT. For my observation, some couldn’t see beyond my analysis and called in question my reasoning. Then the money issue came up, LBDI account, some suggested that the Clearing House System is at CBL of Liberia, I explained how that worked, then I am asked to show the money (comical in my opinion). I also implied that too many people are stressing on the $5b dollars. I too sent questions to Mr. Rapp about the $5b (but since many asked that question another one of my was selected). I repeat that bank account can come from Timbuktu, what people should be highlighting on is if there is a link to the RUF in any fashion. As long as there are proof linking that account or any account to the RUF, then the prosecution has done their job, but for now that has not happened. We are all waiting to see what they have to present.

          So where I stand is not a secret, some cannot phantom how can someone be against CT and not be in favor of the court proceeding in SL. I however want to see CT and others answer for crimes committed against the Liberian people. Against anyone in your family who was killed, raped or turtored and for members of everyone’s families who suffered the same fate. More importantingly, for the victims, they deserve justice. We allowed ourselves to eliminate approximately 10% of our 1990 population. Are these things deserve to go unpunished? If so, why prosecute the next guy to comes when examples were not previously set….

          Sam, the guy who has issues with me voicing my opinions, I hope you understand where I stand now….HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS

        2. Sam,

          you have just hit the bull’s eye from 200 yards. Pekin, these guys are losing the debate. However Sam, I told you guys about bnker scheme long time ago. I could see right straight through him. But you guys wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. At least, for now, you know. The man has no credibility.

          Samco, your piece is powerful.

          Sam, I will be coming to Monrovia probably few months from now. I will like to see you personally if you will be around at that time.

  19. Taylor has not contradicted himself. If someone says to you right now that you have billions in a bank and you say , “I challenge any human being on this planet to bring one bank account that I have money .” Then if the person brings a bank account that you had money in five years ago, does that proves that you have money in a bank account now? This issue is so silly because the charges says that Taylor has money amounting to billions right now in banks around the world. Instead of the prosecution showing us the proof that Taylor currently has billions in banks around the world , they are bringing more than five years old bank statement , at the time that Taylor was fighting a war in Liberia. “TOTAL NONSENSE!”

    1. Will you feel please if your bank makes your statement public record?

      Have you heard about policies governing how banks disclosed personal information?

      Have you heard about American and Swiss banks that will not disclose information about their clients? Folks, banks are governed by laws and protecting confidentiality is their priority. They are under no obligation whatsoever to disclosed Taylor’s assets or bank account, even if he had one. If they did, they could get sued and even loose clients. In fact, it is in the banks’ interest not to disclose a client’s banking information especially if that client is to be locked up for life. They can only wish some of their clients (I am talking about corrupt third world presidents of the likes of Taylor) with secret accounts would get assassinated or overthrown in a bloody coup…and you know the rest of the story…the money goes to the bank. If a military, political, and financial powerhouse like Nigeria that has assembled the best legal and financial team as well as utilize its diplomatic ties can not get full cooperation of many banks to disclosed information, I wonder if the persecution can. It is one thing to know that somebody has stashed a vast sum of money in a bank and it is another thing to get that bank’s cooperation. Historically, this has been a nightmare for persecutors and everybody knows that.

  20. There is no contradiction in Taylor statement. The prosecution has got nothing on Mr. Taylor with this their socalled fresh evidence. Suppose you were accussed of holding billions of dollars in various banks around the world. And you say, “I challenge any human being on this planet to bring one bank account that I have money .” Then you went further to challenge the allegation, “If anyone can bring any evidence that Charles Taylor has money in a bank account, then Charles Taylor is a liar.”

    Now , instead of your accusers bring evidence to show that you currently have billions in various banks around the world. They go and bring some bank statements for more than five years ago to show that you had a bank account in the past. Was that the accusation made against you? Were they saying that you had billions in banks around the world in the past or they are saying that you have billions right now?

    This twisting of evidence by the prosecution is disconcerting towards the whole justice project. The fact is , the bank account they are showing as evidence does not fall within the consideration of billions nor money around the world? The prosectution is showing an old bank account for Taylor inside Liberia. I thought their case was money around the world and not Liberia? Does one bank account in Liberia with less than (according to Koumjian total calculation is $16 m) represents billions around the world? As Taylor corrected stated, it is the Liberian people that will determine whether Taylor opening of an account in LBDI violated his office as president. Taylor is not on trial for crimes in Liberia, and he is not being prosecuted by Liberian laws. This case is TOTAL NONSENSE!!

    1. You have made a fine argument but if you are familiar with the way cross-examination works, then you might not be too surprised at this approach. Ever question to Taylor is to destroy his credibility, established him a liar, and then show why his “not guilty” plea should be thrown out. Also, although the questions might seem to focus on Liberia and not Sierra Leone, the ultimate goal is to lay a foundation on which to tie the brother to the charges which he is under trial for. You might want to spend time watching other trials on TV or even visit a court to observe a trial and then come back and compare what you saw with what the persecution is doing. Legal tactics, bro.

      1. Noko7,

        Whether surprise or not of how the prosecution spoke, is not much of a vital importance. We are more concerned about this trial in Sierra Leone and not what happen in Liberia or WW Two. Noko7, you are simply bending over backward, upside down, inside, outside, sideways, and grabbing your ankles because there is no evidence to convict this man. Therefore, you have sponken about court TV and visitation of a court. Bro. I ain’t doing nothing you have said. I am interesting in seeing the proof and not watching TV or WW two story.

        1. There we go! Slow down bro, do not use too many word now. Keep it friendly…this is your brother who just happen to have a different view on things. This is not about me but about brother Taylor. And no, bro. I am very straight. When you remove emotionality and many words, chances are we might see a bit more clearly to comment on the specific of the trial or the specifics of comments posted. My prescription to watch court cases on TV or even visit a court is base on keen observation and intended for analytical, educational, comparative, and informative purposes at least for those who have never had the chance to watch a court proceeding. This case means much to me and for self education and comparison, I have used a few of my leisure time to watch court cases or visit the court. And I now understand some, not all, of the tactics used by both defense and persecution.

          Anyway, moving on now, the persecution might ask questions that will appear unrelated to Sierra Leone. They might even ask questions that might change the facial countenance of the judges from calm to frown. They might ask simple or complicated questions, silly, boring, intelligent, and direct questions. The bottom line is to simply establish culpability and non-credibility. And from what I see, bro, having used too many words during his testimony, some of those many words are coming home to roast. Remember, now this is a non-jury trial before a panel of judges who are familiar with judicial process. Taylor could walk or not walk; it is not yours or mine to say but the judges; but given the status quo, the chances of the brother walking is very slim.

          Let’s keep on dialoguing.

        2. Thanks, Jose, For agreeing with jfallahmenjor finally that this trial is about Sierra Leone which you had over and over again refused to recognize until now that your man is in hot water over bank account in Liberia! What a character!

      2. Fallah,

        when did I say that this trial is not about Sierra Leone? I have always said that this trial is about Sierra Leone and not Liberia. Where are you coming from with this idea, that I finally agreed with you that this trial is about Sierra leone? In fact, it is the other way around. You are the one who most often, invoke or talk about Librria, and being reminded by Jose Rodriguez and others, that this trial is not about Libria.

        Nice try though.

  21. Hi Ms Teage – I have been enjoying reading your comments which are under moderation. I am not sure which one you have asked me not to post, however, as they appear all to be related to the same post, and in the moderation queue they appear in a different order than they appear on the blog itself. Can you please let me know which exact one I should not post? I will keep them all in the queue until I hear from you as I don’t want to mistakenly post something you would not like to appear.
    Very best,

  22. Tracey et al,

    Happy Holidays to you and yours….I was wondering since we have such a long break here, could we revisit some of the successes and flops of the testimony and cross examination? At some point, the topics ie the bank statement, the so-called visible nerves exhibited by CT (about the bank statement) and prosecution new strategy (that some considered rude and aggressive) will get tired.

    Tracey, could you look into this? I am not pushing my suggestion on you or anyone as I know this forum is a public service to us; and it is not to be controlled or dictated my me or others as to its content, photo or language.

    1. Hi Bnker,

      Yes, I agree that is a good idea and we can aim to look at other issues during the break. I have just posted a new commentary now. Also, Alpha is currently in Sierra Leone and he will be posting new blogs for us while he is over there to let us know what people are thinking about the trial in Freetown and other issues related to the trial as well.


  23. Ms Teage — thanks for letting me know. Will let through your other postings now that I know which one you wanted me to withhold..

  24. By the way, Ms. Teage, I actually thought you were very articulate in the post you asked me not to approve, for what it is worth.

    1. Noko7,

      It is also not true that the chances of the “brother walking is slim”. It is your understanding and hope. However, in fact, it is more glaring that his chances his more than tranlucent and transparent of being a free man, after all is done.

      1. My good old friend, Jose, I guess we can take respite in our old Liberian adage “time will tell” whether Taylor will get acquitted or get the guilty sentence. When that time comes, all imaginations and speculations will be put to rest.

    2. Tracey/Alpha,

      can the prosecution bring brand new witness/witnesses to testify on their behalf?

      1. Hi Jose — I just posted a response to your question on the main page. Hope that helps.

  25. AKI,

    RE: The Bank acct information….

    how you can spo things so…we talking serious thing here and you comin wif play play talk….I so hope you are just joking here….It sad that we (Liberian) speak many times without knowledge and arrogantly try to seem as experts on the matter……so you suspect or know that EJ forced FA to spill….have you heard of something called Subpoena. You know that’s what the court did to Moses Blah when he refused to appear before the court voluntarily, the subpeona compelled him. If he refuses, he was going to be in contempt of court and face arrest. So when the court uses such power, the banks have to provide document.

    1. Hi Jose — Unfortunately, this is the third post today that I cannot post of yours because of a couple of sentences which attack other readers. This one was submitted yesterday at 10:14am. The last sentence and the question you ask in the second paragraph should come out and then I can post your comment once I get a revised version.

      Jose — You are one of the most active and engaged readers who comment on this site — I would like to be able to post all your comments. Can you please help me out a little and focus on the issues and try to resist focusing on others? I know this trial provokes emotion, but I think it important as such an active participant that you have the opportunity to get your messages out too, which I can only assist with if your comments meet the policy of this site.

      Thanks in advance for your understanding,


      1. Tracey,
        Thanks…..I think this forum is getting out of control.

        Jose that you again pal! When I read a thred that gets on my nerves, I don’t comment and cool off then respond….because in the moment, emotions are involved and that aspect takes control of the intellect. I am sure Jose don’t really mean harm…My friend seem as though he gets his feathers ruffled easily, but I bet he doesn’t really mean harm…..

      2. Hi Jose — you sent a comment asking me to post it, so you could show another reader the exact comments that I had asked you to remove from a previous point — I am sorry, but I cannot post that comment as it defeats the purpose of not allowing the original post to go through in the first place. Hope you see my reasoning for not posting that one?

    2. Bnker,

      Stop tricking yourself here. We can see straight through you. Be who you are bnker. Are you saying the court Subpoena LBDI to produce this old bank account statement? If not, come up straight bro. You do not want to come up straight, but you continue to use the word subpoena. And whether we know what subpoena is. Of course, we know. Bnker, I am chilling laughing, while writing this post. You need to understand that Liberians are not stupid in this day and age. Bnker, you either tell us in a definitive statement, that LBDI was subpoenae by the court or refrain from using subpoenae because you don’t know if LBDI was subpoenae. Moreso, one’s consideration of “ligit” does not make it a court order or make it right. More importantly, you have no evidence to prove whether LBDI was subpoena or consider the court “ligit”. On top of that, we are in court. We need facts not speculation.
      If you do not know, you can say, I don’t know. But the play of words will not help us knowing how the prosecutors got the document.

      Let me say this to you. correct me, if you may. You said the Swiss bank that you suspect President Taylor money is being saved, will never give up information to the prosecution as of the result of lawsuit, or confidentialty, or words to that effect. Now you also rightfully said, Liberia is a part of the UN. Therefore, Liberia has to comply with the UN or, the bank sees the court as ligit, therefore, they have to comply. But, When it comes to the swiss bank, your approach is the bank can not give Taylor alleged bank statement as the result of lawsuit, confidentiality, or words to that effect. But when it comes to Liberia, your own country, you can not give the same consideration why the bank statement can not be given. bnker, Liberia can not be considered a dumping grounds for the prosecution of this innocent man. your self made LBDI “ligit” court, will not go unchallenged. Besides, this court is not a UN court. I wish it was. Instead, it is a UN backed court. Stop telling us or giving reason such as the court is a UN court and Liberia is part of the UN, therefore, Liberia will have to comply with the court.

      1. Jose,
        This topic is related to the case, thanks.

        You asked me under what condition that a bank would give out personal bank account information. I said subeopna, correct? If LBDI provided that information, it must have had request from the court. I am sure they didn’t not say, “hey we have CT account here”. It must have been through the court. The question, was it a direct request or was it a request from the court through the Liberian government? As I earlier mentioned, Francis Dennis is one of our best bankers in Liberia, and would not wrecklessly handle any account. There are several others from the NPP led government who have accounts in this bank also. So whether LBDI directly acknowledges the ligitacy of the court or complied because the government decided to honor the request, it was adhered to.

        Now to the Swiss banking system; if you are knowledgeable about the various banks and their operations and policies, it might help. I could go through a long explanation, but from my experience, it only takes lots of my time and does not impart knowledge because people refuse to learn, but rather make rash decisons. For example, I explained the clearing house bank system in Liberia to Raw, in response, he ask that I show him proof that the monies were sent to RUF (As you can attest, I said the prosecution has not showed that yet and we have yet to see it too). Anyhow, the Swiss main form of revenue is bank fees and interest. The Swiss banking system has long pride itself in bank secrecy and confidentiality. I didn’t acknowledge that Liberia honor or Swiss bank refusal of honor any request has anything remotely to do with its UN membership, that is your assertion ( mentioned ligitmacy of the court, and not UN membership). Many former leaders have established banking relationship with the Swiss banks. In fact, the Swiss banks accounts don’t have name, they have special codes (10 digits) known only to the account holder and the bank, which is complex and complicated. Swiss law requires that accont information is only released with the consent of the “account holder” except under extreme circumstance. And in the case of court proceedings as CT, the SCSL has (or will have) to provide evidence (like linking him to horrific crimes) which will then be reviewed bank the legal system in Switzerland; if it does not pass the Swiss legal litmus test, the request is denied and no information will be released. Moreover, this legal review might take many years, as the Jews discovered after fighting since the fall of the Nazi government to obtain their possessions that were seized by Hitler’s cohorts. There was a case of a lady whose family started battling the Swiss bank for their family painted that was confiscated by the Nazi’s before WWII and just few years ago they finally won. Imagine, it took more than 50 years. So do I expect the information to be released? NO and if they decide to do such, it might take many years before the courts in that country to review the appeal.

        Jose, I’ve never said that the court was UN court. I know better and unfortunately, you are either not reading correctly or maybe you just can’t. I hope I can distinguish what UN back and true UN court is…I would hope I am sufficiently lettered to know the difference.

        Another thing, you constantly say, that I think the Liberian people are stupid…While there are some that are below par in their thought process as you would find everywhere…Liberians in general are not stupid people and I don’t think, insinuate or subscribe to such either. We have made some “dumb” and “stupid” mistakes as a nation, but it does not mean that we are stupid (just in case you try to disagree with me, Bill Clinton is very smart, a Rhode Scholar too, but he did a done thing with Monica Lowinski, it doesn’t mean he is stupid but the act was). Remember, I am a Liberia, if I think we are stupid as you so like to assert, then guess what, I like you are an element of the universal set. So if I think Liberians are stupid, then I think I am as well…..and I possess a high level of self confidence to allow myself to think so lowly of myself or my fellow Liberians. As I said, some of us sincerely think Liberia has a good future, but it is now that we correct the ills of our past and “strategically charter” our destiny as a nation and collectively as a people—I don’t think an individual, class or group should benefit while others look on. As such, I am working on a research that is geared toward getting Liberia out of poverty; and a higher standard of living for all–through the private sector. If you can recall, I proposed that I was a private sector advocate. If I thought we were stupid, I won’t bother, I would rather live in the States and forget about Liberia. I have other places to live, I can easily make my residence in another country. I don’t have immediate family in Liberia except for my parents who frequent btw Liberia and the States. But, not everyone has the opportunity to do that. Now everyone will go to the US Embassy and obtain a visa. While, I can live outside Liberia comfortably with my parents and siblings, my bigger concern is the rest who live on approximately $1 a day. Again, I am not interested in public office just in case I sound like a politican–I am more of a business man.

        Now that I am done with my life story….hey what’s going on the the RIA situation back home since you are home, any update….?

        Anyhow, I hope I explained the banking systems to you properly.

        Taylor’s guilt or innocent happens to be some of those batting that I was referring to…it leads me nowhere. I have expressed my position on the case. It does me nothing to speculate or assume. As I mentioned in my thread limiting my responses, “immaterality will not be honored”.

  26. Varney,

    You said..”Those CT enemies lack WISDOM, pray for wisdom and you will understand the whole trial. Mr Taylor said MONEY IN ANY BANK IN THE WORLD IN CHARLES TAYLOR’S NAME, NOT ACCOUNT IN CHARLES TAYLOR’S NAME.”

    So those of oppose CT are now “enemies”, those of different political ideologies are considered enemies. Some of us choose elections over force and think about the collectivity of Liberia and not the individuality of a personality as our nation are enemy of CT? Why am I not surprised? Umm, it is typical of supporters of CT to take support tyranny by down crying divergence of views…While I dislike CT and want him in jailed for life for the barbaric nature of his atrocities, CT is his own enemy. I am not his enemy and he is not mine. I don’t want to see him killed. Like you, I oppose the trial in Sierra Leone, but by no means do I suppost this animal. Why is he and others of his like called animals?….think about the crimes against the Liberian people….the unborn, the pregnant mothers, the little girls who were gang rapped, the girls forced into premature motherhood, the women taken to cook (and forced to sexual services or sex slaves), the lady who saw her husband killed and told to clap and laugh. I can go on, the boy who is forced to have sex with his dead mother or sister; the kid who was conscripted, the boys to were made killing machines, the displaced who were tortured, tied (tabay), beated, and raped (both men and women). Shoot, want me to continue…hell, these are what CT, and all rebel leaders represent…so how can one in his/her rational sound reasoning side with this and protect this animal. I would hate to see nature gracefully take him without facing trial in Liberia, as Julu had a fortunate exit. So do I oppose these guys? Hell yea, shoot let me say it again, HELL YES! Do I think he or other rebel leaders deserve offices and so-called honorable titles? Well, you know my answer, just in case you don’t they need to be called prisoners and placed on criminal diet. Unfortunately only one person CT is going through that now. We need to stop glorify tyranny and animalistic behavior. People scream Taylor…heck, what has he and the other warlords done for Liberia? Do you all understand the magnitude of our long term growth. Who are the leaders of Liberia tomorrow? The young, most of which are uneducated, ill-mannered and undisciplined; how will they lead when the basics are missing? When you have a poor educated labor force and indiscipline labor force, economic progress is not forthcoming (please read about the rise of the Asian Tiger nations and the causes, education and discipline). Further, the ill-mannerism affects national security. If the military keeps its current standards, we will have a small army which is unable to protect us tomorrow from people like the Kromahs, Boleys, Johnsons, the Connehs and yes, the Charles Taylors. While this threat exist, prosecuting now greatly minimize furture “cowboy” ventures of Mr. John Doe.

    1. Bnker,

      You still have not addressed Varney’s quotes on prayers, wisdom and understanding; for President Taylor perceived enemies, if you wanted to talk about prayers, wisdon, and understanding. Instead, you are only giving your personal take about Mr. Taylor, and by default, stating that you are one of President Taylor’s enemies.

      Varney did not say, because others have a different view points from him, make them enemies. In fact, he didn’t even call your name. Why do you think he is referring to you? Well bnker, if you are telling us and the Liberian people, that you are Taylor’s enemy, than, I hear it. But, I don’t see you as President Taylor’s enemy, at least for now.

      1. Jose,
        Just a respond to one of your threads said you don’t know how old I am, however judging from your narration of your development and your academic achievement 1989 at MC, we are about the same age or as we say, we are “crowd”.

        happy holiday

        1. Bnker,

          Happy Holiday as well to you and all of the contributors on this site. Contributors include: posters, readers, moderators, well wishers, monitors website creators, and etc.

    2. Bnker,

      It is true, that I asked you, under what condition can a Bank give out personal account information? You rightfully said, subpoenae. However, you did not stop there. Instead, you went on to say, the bank acknowledeges the court as ‘ligit” without providing any evidence. Than came Aki. In respond to my question, Aki answered, he knows how the prosecution got the information. He said, it was under duress. He also said, the Liberian Government through the justice Ministry, arrested some employee of the bank, and will not realease the person, until the Bank Statement is giving up. You Bnker chastised him. You went on to say, that it is sad, that we “Liberians speak many times without knowledge and arrogantly try to seem as experts on matter.” However, you certainly went on again, invoking the word subpoena and wherther we know what it means, suggesting that subpoena was used subliminally, thereby, mudding the water with VP Moses Blah being served with subpoena by the court. Moreso, you continued, and went on to say, the Liberian “government is obligated to cooperate since the court is a UN Court.” First of all Bnker, you are guilty of the very statement you made against this fine gentleman in person of Aki. You are saying things in this very post that I am responding to, that you are not sure of and you did not provide proof. For example: you said, if LBDI provided that Bank Statement, which of course they did: it must had had request from the court. You have no proof. The very line you used against Aki is equivalent to your guilt. There are more inconsistences and contracdictions as evident of your posts. However, From subpoena, to ligit, certainly UN Court, than now, request. We are getting too many stories from you on how the Bank Statement was acquired. Which one of these statements of yours, you want us to believe? Bnker, the bottomline, you don’t know how they got it. By the way, I thought you said this question was easy. I guess easy enough to expose you more.

      Bnker, denials and tricks will not help you. Everything you have previously said is right on this website. You can not deny or change it.

  27. To all:

    I think, I have reached my point of “intolerance for ignorance” disguised as debate. Henceforth, I will respond to threads I think add substance to the debate. I am done volleying words or responding to playful and childish at best “taunts”. Many times words are irrationally tossed. I’ve also noticed the limiting of participation by individuals who historically provides substantive threads. I am not sure the reasons, but I have elected to limit my participation as well. I will still post threads, but only to gather information, to transfer such, or provide my analysis about cross examination or the case.

    While I disagree with many on the principles of their argument, I remain respectful of their opinions, regardless how far fetched I may perceived them to be. Many in this forum are not as respectful or tolerant of others expression. Though this is wrong and many have been warned, the trend continues.

    Some might see this as me “walking away”, far from it. I am not leaving the chat. I have elected to rise above the fray. Continuing to entertain these exchanges only reinforces an already exisitng problem. As a means to eliminate or minimize and control the ongoing “discourteous” nature of our discussions, it’s best that many are ignored.

    Again, I have decided to mininize my participation and only respond to threads that I think are substantive and material to the discussion. Immateriality will not be honored by me any longer. As earlier suggested, I observed others who were very engaged are only responding to limited people and providing information relating to the trial or the ongoing debate in Liberia, the TRC recommendation.

    I look forward to conversing with those who are willing to dialogue maturely, responsibly, and rationally, lets talk.

    I expect a whirl-wind of responses, again, if it adds to the debate, I will response, but I am done volleying with individuals some of which thinks he/she is a “wealth of knowledge”. These people make the loudest “gong”, but tend to be very empty drums. This statement is a collectivist statement and not geared toward an individual, however if someone feels that I “speaketh” to them, well, I can only apologize for your limited comprehension.

    Happy Holidays and the Best of 2010 to all….

    1. Bnker,

      Well, thats your choice. But you are most welcome when deem fit, to come back when ever you want to.

  28. Why Taylor not those who started the war in Sierra Leone and are now enjoying as politicians in Sierra Leone? We want to see documents showing monetary and arms and aminations deals between the RUF/AFRC and the government of Liberia under Taylor’s regim. what is going on is a complete drammer America, England and France are hideing the truth.

  29. Liberia does not have banking secrecy laws.

    The logging concession review documents how they obtained a writ to search for the bank records.


    It also documents how Ecobank’s legal counsel tried to impede the course of justice:

    “We particularly note that during the course of the financial review, a writ of search and seizure
    was obtained through court order to facilitate the inspection of the financial records of the con-
    cession holders at the various commercial banks of Liberia (this writ was supplemented by a
    letter from the Central Bank of Liberia ordering all commercial banks to adhere to it.). At-
    tempts to execute the writ against certain banks were met with abusive conduct toward and ag-
    gressive obstruction of members of the financial review team. On two occasions Ecobank re-
    fused to honor the writ, but eventually agreed to allow the documents search to continue based
    on the letter from the Central Bank. In addition to the contemptuous refusal to honor the Writ,
    the counsel for Ecobank, in the presence of officials from the U. S. government, UN CivPol,
    and UN Civil Affairs, verbally assaulted both the Technical Secretariat’s counsel and the serv-
    ing sheriffs repeatedly. Especially because such behavior is an expression of continued law-
    lessness, the Committee condemns it and urges appropriate action to redress the offensive con-

    For the record, no redress was ever taken against the offensive lawyer.

  30. First time on this site and I have to say that I was extremely disappointed to have come from the same country as the majority of the Taylor supporters on here. While I do not support the trial of any ex-president for activities conducted during a presidency, I make an exception for this ignorant buffoon, clown, and puppet called Taylor who dragged his own country into a civil war that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Liberians. What happened between him and SKD should’ve ended between them or their respective families. But dragging the entire nation into a war is not only a demonstration of gross ignorance and stupidity, but is also an act punishable by death in any civilized gathering. I dare anyone on here to present an argument why Charles Taylor shouldn’t be hanged as we speak.

  31. I almost vomited when I saw how many Liberians on here were defending this monster called Charles Taylor. You bring dishonor to the souls of the innocent men, women, and children who died because this single individual allowed himself to be manipulated by both the devil and other FOREIGN countries to introduce unspeakable horror to his own country. Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT support this court’s right to try him because even though he was a completely useless president, he was a president nonetheless. But I cannot help but believe that this sort of rare judicial process started with the blood of all the people who died as result of his actions. Libya, US, Taiwan and other countries who may have supported or financed his initial ‘revolution’ didn’t lose hundreds of thousands of lives in the process. WE did. They didn’t lose ALL of their infrastructure, WE did. Their citizens didn’t scatter over the globe like headless chickens, OURS did. To allow other countries with fully functional governments and economies to brainwash you into starting a silly war that eventually claimed over 200,000 lives of your countrymen only shows how intrinsically gullible and FOOLISH you really are.

  32. Its funny how everyone on this site is getting into the intricacies of the legal proceedings against Mr. Taylor. Any novice can see the complexity of bringing charges against a former president of a sovereign nation for hostile activities committed against another nation. This would be an IMPOSSIBLE feat in the United States. For this reason, it is safe to say that the entire trial is rubbish and whether he’s found guilty of those particular offenses is irrelevant to me. What is surprising though, is how many LIBERIANS still speak favorably of Charles Taylor in the first place. If it were possible for entire land masses to disappear, we all wouldn’t even have a country called Liberia today, because this bastard did everything in his capacity to ensure that. As for being a smart and intellectual person, I can hardly describe someone who received support from other perfectly functional governments to inflict chaos on his own country by any of those 2 terms. (LOL). Do you think Ghadaffi would’ve started a coup (with foreign support at that) if he knew that 200,000 of his fellow Libyans would’ve died in the process? Not only is he not smart, he is extremely foolish and shameless. How can you proudly answer to the title of “President” when the capital city of your country has no electricity, no infrastructure, no running water, no modern hospitals, no decent schools, airports, television stations or anything is WAYYYYY beyond me. Even I can see that, and I’m not a genius by any stretch of the imagination. For those of you who still don’t realize how far behind EVERYTHING and EVERYONE our country is because of Charles Taylor simply take a look at the CIA FACTBOOK page on Liberia and compare it to the worst country you can think of:


    (click on the economy tab and get a handkerchief out for you will surely shed a tear).

    There are about 193 countries in the entire world: wanna know our economical rank per GDP? You guessed right: 193. After Somalia, Gambia, Sierra Leone etc… All because Charles Taylor and SKD had an argument over our money. I pray every night that this illegal court FRAMES Charles Taylor, and brings false witnesses and evidence against him, just so I can have an inkling of closure after he’s hanged. Whether my prayers are answered or not, we have to wait and see.

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