Defense Lawyers Seek Investigations into United States Government Cables Released By WikiLeaks

Defense lawyers for former Liberian president Charles Taylor have filed a motion before Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague seeking an investigation into leaked United States Government (USG) cables by the whistle blowing website WikiLeaks about Mr. Taylor’s trial. 

According to defense lawyers in their motion filed on Monday, January 10 2011, two cables emerging from the US Embassies in Liberia and The Hague respectively suggest that the USG has a specific interest in Mr. Taylor’s trial and that sensitive information from within the various sections of the Court have been compromised through agents who are answerable to the USG. 

Defense lawyers state in their motion that based on a March 10, 2009 cable from the US Embassy in Liberia, it is clear that the USG wants to keep Mr. Taylor behind bars at all costs. 

The defense motion quotes the US Ambassador to Liberia, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, as saying in the cable that “the best we can do for Liberia is to see to it that Taylor is put away for a long time and we cannot delay for the results of the present trial to consider the next steps. All legal options should be studied to ensure that Taylor cannot return to destabilize Liberia.” 

The second cable from April 15, 2009, according to defense lawyers, “reveals that sensitive information about the trial has been leaked to the United States Embassy in The Hague by unnamed contacts in the Trial Chamber, the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) and the Registry.” A footnote in the motion states that this cable relates to the pace and efficiency of the trial, funding, and personnel issues. 

“Based on these cables…and other available information, there is an inescapable and axiomatic concern that the impartiality and the independence of the Court may have been compromised,” defense lawyers state in their motion. 

The motion adds, “The disclosures in these cables, in no small way, place the integrity of the Court itself on trial, and the Court would have failed…if it is not seen to have been fair, or if it appears that the hidden hand of a third party influenced the proceedings.” 

Defense lawyers have therefore asked that the Prosecution and Registry be made to disclose any USG contacts “within their respective organs, as well as the nature and extent of the relationship and the information that has been exchanged between the contact(s) and the USG.”

If such disclosures are not made by either Prosecution or the Registry, defense lawyers requested that the judges order an independent investigation to determine who the said contacts are and the nature and extent of any relationship they might have with the USG.

Regarding alleged USG contacts inside the Chambers of the Court, defense lawyers in their motion ask the judges to use their inherent powers to commission and independent inquiry “within its own quarters to determine the identity of the contact and the nature and extent of their relationship with the USG.” 

During the entire period of Mr. Taylor’s trial, his lead defense counsel Courtenay Griffiths has constantly told the media that Mr. Taylor is on trial not because of crimes committed in Sierra Leone, but because the USG wants to keep him out of Liberia. Mr. Taylor himself, when he testified as a witness in his own defense, made emphasis on an alleged USG ploy to keep him behind bars. With the USG cables referencing the former Liberian president’s trial in The Hague, defense lawyers now say that they have been right to point fingers at the USG as the Western power seeking to keep Mr. Taylor behind bars. Defense lawyers in their motion point to the fact that the USG has been the highest funder of the Special Court for Sierra Leone and that three of the Court’s four Chief Prosecutors to date are American nationals. 

“It will be recalled that Lead Defense Counsel [Courtenay Griffiths] submitted during his opening statement that Mr. Taylor was only indicted and arrested because of the USG’s interests and pressure,” the defense motion states. 

It adds, “Mr. Taylor subsequently testified that the USG had a vendetta against him and sought to remove him from power through various means.” 

Defense lawyers therefore now argue that “[t]he published cables provide further insight into this relationship between the OTP and the USG.” 

“They also disclose and give fresh insights into what appear to be equally close relationships between the USG and source(s) within Chambers and the Registry, with the clear implication being that the USG has successfully infiltrated all organs of the Court,” the motion adds. 

In addition to proof that the USG has contacts or sources inside the OTP, Chambers, and Registry of the Court, defense lawyers say that the released cables also point at the USG’s desire to ensure that Mr. Taylor does not return to Liberia. 

This, they say raises serious doubts about the independence and impartiality of the Court’s prosecution of Mr. Taylor. 

“Viewed objectively and reasonably, evidence suggests that the indictment and trial of Mr. Taylor…is no more than an extension of US foreign policy interests in West Africa, with there being no connection to any alleged crimes in Sierra Leone,” defense lawyers claim. 

In view of the above, defense lawyers have sought the judges order disclosure and/or and investigation into the following:

  1. “The identity of the source(s) within the Trial Chamber, Prosecution and Registry who provided the USG with the information in the Cables;
  2. The full nature of the respective sources’ relationship with the USG, specifically  including an explanation of the context  and circumstances in which each of the comments recorded in the Cables were made to representatives of the USG;
  3. Information tending to suggest that the Prosecution has sought  or received instructions from the USG regarding any aspect of the Taylor trial; and
  4. A full explanation of the money provided by the USG to the Prosecution, including the amounts of money given and when; the purpose of the funds; how the funds were used; and who the OTP was accountable to in the distribution and use of the funds.”

These, defense lawyers say, will be the only way to remove any doubt about the independence and impartiality of the tribunal.

The Prosecution is expected to respond to the defense motion next week.


  1. It appears Griffiths has done it again!! This is one in a series of attempts to put not only the prosecutors on trial but the entire court. True of False just the perception that justice is being compromised by the powers that be will

    1) Produce a dire set back for international Justice especially in Africa where it is needed most

    2) Make Taylor into a Pan African Hero (which he was not)

    All in all Wikileaks might have provided the rope for this prosecution to hang itself and This trial could put a death nail into neo-colonialism in Africa.

    My question to you all is

    1) How does Africa(individual countries and AU) create a justice system that we all can trust while erradicating impunity at the same time?

    Where I’m going with this question is I believe 2 of Africa’s biggest enemies are dictatorial leaders who rule with impugnity and neo-colonial outsiders who for economic and security interest try to subtly control the continent.

    How do we change our own negative and self defeating behaviors as Africans while uniting against outside interferance?

    1. Mas,

      All I can say is unbelievable.


      This is nothing short of a revolutionary. Wikileak.

      This is big versus small.

    2. @Mas,

      You’ve made a briliant point in your comments above. The AU must now take its rightful place on the continent to end impunity. We can not afford to have a group of people who believe that Africans can not manage on their own to meddle in something they have not brought about, but, would want to control its outcome. The USG in principle and by practice forbids its citizens to stand trial in the ICC or any internationally established court. USG believes it has the best legal system in the world that protects the rights of any accused including its citizens. But, we see serious abuses being committed in Irag , Afghanistan and Pakistan against innocent civilvians by US troops. These abuses are given no attention by USG. If the USG gives any attention, it does so by defending the troops’ abuses in the name of fighting against terrorists.

      I am citing Irag, Afghanistan and Pakistan to say that USA does not have the best legal system. The USG has its own flaws and pitfalls. Again, these flaws and pitfalls of the US legal system supports your point that the AU should begin to take African matters in its own hands. The African Court of Human Rights can best dispense justice on the continent where necessary.

      Let the US protect the lives of civilians in Afghanistan and Parkistan.

    3. Mas,
      It is going to be up to the individual countries to remove the negative and self-defeating behaviors that Africans has become know for whether true or not. The big self-defeating behavior is educating the people. Africa has more riches then anywhere in the world, but has the most uneducated population in the world, a deadly behavior that has been use against African for centuries. The AU will always but a powerless organization when it comes to creating a justice system and eradicating impunity in Africa as long as the vast majority of the members are dictatorial leaders who rule with impunity. Wikileaks has produce a dire set back for the SLSC, but international Justice is not needed especially in Africa. Africa must create it own justice system before it can be part of an international justice system, which must have some common characteristic to the others of the international communities. By no means does this make Mr. Taylor into a Pan African Hero. He may or may not be, however Mr. Taylor never had the chance or support to show whether he was or not. Mr. Griffiths in the defense of Mr. Taylor has the moral duty to make sure Mr. Taylor has a fair trial. An unfair trial for Mr. Taylor amount to an unfair trial for us all who may be in a situation where our life hang on a court of fairness, truth and justice. If the prosecutions and the SLSC have failed to uphold their duties in this trial, then it is up to Mr. Griffiths to expose their deeds.

    4. If Mr. Griffith had not filed a motion to investigate the Wekileaks cable I would have wondered why? Even though, the Trial Court will NOT grant the motion because the judges will not have the courage to stand against Goliath, but according to Rev. Al Sharpton “demonstration doesn’t solve the problem, it exposes the problem”.

      I believe since the Wekileaks cable is out, the USG will not go along with Linda and her protégés to bring President Taylor to the US for any farther investigation. From the mere fact, there is over two hundred thousands Liberians in the US, unlike The Hague, and if President Taylor is brought to the US to face trial there are going to be demonstrations not only by Liberians but Americans and other nationalities exercising their First Amendment Rights. Something the Obama administration is not prepared to handle.

      Notwithstanding, the motion is not about President Taylor coming to America to face trial. It’s about the compromised of the court by the USG ground for a mistrial. That’s not going to happened. This “black boy” not to use the “N” word will have to be thought a lesson by any means necessary.

      However, it’s a wait and see situation.

      1. 1-18-2011
        Big B
        In re to “Something the Obama administration is not prepared to handle. ”
        The presidency of the USG is an institution designed and built to conquer and monopolize the world resources from human to oil. With that said, the USG is prepared to handle any thing that stands in their way.


    5. Mas,
      If you were defending a client and such revelation shows up what will be your reaction and task???

  2. 1-13-2011
    @ Mas
    We should start with rebuking the propoganda that international justice is needed the most on the African continent!!! Okay? International justice must be a tool used in a fair and impartial manner with out regard to color OR the desire to accumulate and control the natural resources of others.
    Africa is not dependant on the external sword of Interational Justice to move forward. In fact, it is the apparent racist application of International Justice that will continue to fuel the destabilization of undeveloped African countries. We all know what happens when a undeveloped country is destabilized( the natural resources are had for pennies)
    The internal deficits that exist in undeveloped African countries can be eradicated when the literacy rate increases and corruption decreases. Thus, Africa can move forward.

  3. Great questions Mas! Some of us have said this time and again, the best thing for the west to do, if they desires control over Africa is to set Mr. Taylor free and allow Taylor to work for justice and peace in Africa, against dictatorship. This case will seriously undermine the credibility of the west to intervene in any conflict in Africa.

    We heard what the Ivorian parties stated recently when President Gbabgo was asked to take up asylum in the US. He refused and it was stated that the Charles Taylor situation had a part to play in Gbabgo’s decision. The west blundered big time on this Charles Taylor issue. In as much as I love and cherish American democracy, I think the hardliners and neo-con will destroy the greatness of the West. The west needs to act humble.

    1. 1-15-11

      I am not surprised that President Gbabgo would refuse asylum in the US b/c of the insidious manner in which CT asylum was handled. Why would any one trust a deal brokered by the US and any African country after the CT debacle?

  4. @mas: africans lack the courage it took to liberate itself in the 50s and 60s. The only root to true freedom is if africans start doing business with the un, world bank, and a lot of other international insurance companies. Nations in africa should do what gandhi and the indians did to england – stop doing any business with european union and the us. Trade with south americans, isia, and the middle eastern nations that currently has no relation with us and its criminal allies. When this is done, their economy will break and they’ll become beggers. But until they change, and offer fairness and respect, africa should stand it ground. All said, they control au, ecowas, and all othe major institutions in africa. Even worse, they plant and control african dealers. It’ll be very difficult,not impossible for africa to free itself from the us and eu. It might take time and a dead goat mentality leader like gandhi or king. This is because they try everything to kill such protagonist character like they’ve done before.

    1. Jerome,
      Studying the politics and ideaology of the west….i don’t think any African country would have been able to develop and liberate themselves at that time,we were not skilled enough….nearly all of our educated people were indoctorinated eurocentricly.Africans are capitalist by nature…the only people we can trade with in the 50’s,60’s,70’s & 80’s were westerners who’d developed a policy towards african over the years of free bizz and total domination,steming from the slave trade and colonialism….It was impossible to be like malaysia and singapore as some people tend to elude…..the west persive those countries as the sweat shops those days…they were ineffect given the license to trade with the west ,the africans or sub-saharan africans were not afforded such previledge.I do not think malaysia,singapore etc would have dare unilateally do proper business with african without the permission of the west.

      A case study in sierra leone is laughable!the Sierra Leonean gov’s in the 1960′-2000’s ,for instance,will stop doing business with the uk,but will sign a contract with the italian to build a damm….the italian took almost 40yrs to complete the damm ,…the italian damm builders were probably been financed by an english bank.The might of the west vs puny sierra leone…similar incident like the case study in sierra leone can be found all over africa at that time…

      The AU need to get its act together we should have an AU court of human rights…otherwise most of our leaders who dare disobey the west will find themsleves in europe for judgement.

      There are plenty of african eurocentric that will follow any suggestion by a westerner without any foresight.Noticed how the Ivorian Sovreinghty has been umdermined…The highest court in your country’s can be over-ruled by the un which is practically run by the western powers and ex-colonialist. …falsely announcing elections result and highlighting foul play……..i am sure there are some african who thinks thats the way forward.but I think the highest court in the country should decide an election result if there is a dispute,like anyother western country…i suppose yet another special arrangement for africans supported by our dear indoctorinated deviants….I wonder whether the most educated in africa are not guilty of been the most unintelligent.(Deeming shakespearns)

      AFRICAN SHOULD APPROACH EVERY SUGGESTION BY THE WEST WITH CAUTION…….For a continent with that many elephants how comes peopel forget so easily…i guess there are not that many elephants in west africa.

  5. Yes, this is another brilliant move by the defense team. Bravo QC, please do all you can to secure Mr. Taylor freedom from the hands of the evil ones.

    1. Alex Tweh,

      God is good all the time and all the time God is good. I don’t even know how to write or respond to this good news. Currently, I am brain freeze. Maybe I will write another time on this topic but for now, my mouth is full and hands are tied. FAKE CASE!!!!!!

  6. The Wikileaks tapes highlight and expose what the reading and thinking public has known about this case all along. It also tells us that we as Africans are prepared to betray not only our families, but our so called leaders are willing to sacrifice their independence and sovreignty to appease their benefactors. Case in point is Obasanjo’s handling of the trust that was given him by the AU to handle the Charles Taylor case. He and his accomplices betrayed the confidence that was given him leading up to this preposterous, disgraceful and financially expensive charade that we see going on in The Hague.

    1. Joseph,
      Why are you blaming Pres. Obasanjo??? The ARRANGEMENT or AGREEMENT that took Mr. Taylor into Nigeria which Mr. Taylor ACCEPTED stated that ONLY Liberia can ask for him. Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf did because she was promised 50 something millions by the US. Remember before she made her speech to the joint Congress, Rep Royce who chaired the subcommittee on Africa, told her that was the only way Liberia was going to receive a penny from the US and he was going to make sure donor nations FREEZE their donation if she didn’t ask for Mr. Taylor return. Then a TRICK was set up to make it look like Mr. Taylor was running away from Nigeria been driven by his security detial assigned to him by the Nigerian gov’t. To shortly put it, FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY, Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf sold out!!!

      We knew this case was not about Sierra Leone but simply the US and her partner UK wanting to teach Mr. Taylor a lesson and the leaks are bringing it to light. To date, we have yet to see a CREDIBLE EVIDENCE after spending MILLIONS that I truly the people would have WELCOME to ease their pains and sufferings.

      I will want to believe it’s one of the judges that told the US that the lead judge is not falling or going along with the plan and trouble is in the making, so to cut her down, the US blamed her for the prolongment of the trial when it’s the prosecutors who keep asking for another OPENINGS of a case that is set on DEAD.

      The world is seeing what Mr. Taylor is made of…NOT A WALK OVER….he MAYBE send away but he is speaking and the rest of the leaders are watching.

      Where is Prosecutor Rapp?? He is at the State Dept responsible for JUSTICE IN THE WORLD and we are wondering???

  7. Joseph,

    Thanks for the excellent piece.

    This is not some vague academic hypothesis. This is actually happening and the rest of the world is ignoring and watching it unfolds right before their own eyes. However, Human Rights Groups and the U.N. have fallen way too short in warning this inherently flawed court against the injustice meted against President Taylor by some high-ranking U.S. official, like Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield in Liberia, and a constant interference by foreign powers. Notwithstanding, Liberia’s Ellen being praised to the heavens for requesting Nigeria to extradite her citizen back to Liberia to be arrested, handcuffed, and transported by the U.N. to Sierra Leone. Nigeria’s Obasanjo being exalted and held up as only Obasanjo could do it. Sierra Leone’s Teajan Kabbah, the one, being praised for this wonderful healing of the Sierra Leone nation by the same people who were exhibiting and announcing and proclaiming a vicious hate against President Taylor and are now silent about the injustice against this innocent man. In fact, they’re even trying to mislead the world again about an imprisoned Taylor has made the sub-region stable, but reality belies that argument, especially with the military uprising in Niger, Nigeria, Guinea, Guinea Bissua, and ivory Coast. More importantly, their lies and propagandas had made vast majority of the Sierra Leoneans to be shouting like African peasants and with pitchforks, sticks and iron rocks in their hands ready to storm the gates of President Taylor to maul him in demand of their diamonds that he allegedly took and gave to Super Model Naomi Campbell. Their criminally false impression has brought this unbridled and vitriol hatred against President Taylor by people who believe their lies. Folks, don’t for a moment believe that these critics against this innocent man don’t know that this is a fake and political case. They know. FAKE CASE

    1. Jose,
      Can you imgaine what was going to be said if Mr. Taylor was still the President of Liberia with the mess in Ivory Coast??? Liberians are crossing into Ivory Coast to go FIGHT for money/riches, why isn’t Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf been blamed???

      1. Noko4,

        Again, this innocent man would have been indicted, handcuffed, and arrested for the instability in Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, and Guinea. Just imagine this man is in the custody of the powers of this corrupt world, and yet people on this site and higher places are holding him responsible. UNBELIEVABLE.

        Noko4, some are saying if President returns to Liberia, he will be arrested. In fact, it was Jfallah Menjor. However, Bnker followed by saying Taylor is an economic risk to America. As the result, he should be kept in the “slammer.” My question is , if Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (NPFL), Prince Johnson (NPFL, INPFL), Brownie Samuka (BLACK BERET), Thomas Yaya Nimely (MODEL), Dimintee Connah (LURD), Dr. Amos Sawyer ( NPFL, BLACK BERET, ULIMO, LPC, AFL and etc), George Dweh (ULIMO, AFL, LPC, LURD, and MODEL), Dr. H Boimi Fabullah Jr. (NPFL and LURD), Joe Wyleh,(LURD, ULIMO J, MODEL) Dr. George Boley(LPC), Butt Naked(AFL, ULIMO J.) and so many of them can live in Liberia, who to say Liberia beloved president, President Taylor, can not live in Liberia? It is a joke. Taylor arrival to Liberia can not even be explained.

        Noko4, can Fallah or even Ellen touch Taylor in Liberia? I just laugh when I see comment like that. The “white masters” understand it and that’s why they took him far away in order to ill-treat him like the way they are doing. Look at this website. Again, Taylor is dominating.

        1. Jose,
          Yesterday, had on her Perspective show, one Mr. Lassana Koroma….this gentleman told us on air that there are photos with Mr. Taylor in Sierra Leone in a chopper amongst the diamond mines. When I asked him why didn’t we see such evidence presented in court, he told me I should connect him with prosecutor. But earlier told us he works with Amnesty Int’l. I farted!!!! I now see why Mr. Taylor is held in the Hague.

          I then asked him why wasn’t Mr. Kabah charged…..Mr. Rapp did the rope-a-dope but to hear this guy tell us WHY….you will think Mr. Kabah was GOD.

        2. Jose,
          I said Taylor is an economic risk to the Region and those have the potential to tip the price of commodities and strangle west african economy…..I didn’t mention only America, get the facts straight brother….make this discussion fun and factual, not fallacies and fairy tales….and I still stick to it. I have suggested that Taylor be put in the “slammer” for crimes committed in Liberia. I said and I will repeat, there are sufficient evidence to get a conviction…..I have said and still stand that the case in SL doesn’t provide sufficient evidence to get him locked up, but Liberia, we have plenty.

          Don’t be surprise if he is found innocent and other charges are gathered here on him. If extradited to the US, he will face many charges including “extrajudicial killings”…same thing that they are collecting for George Boley and the similar charge that got Chuckie?

          Let’s face it, whether innocent of the charges in Sierra Leone, Taylor has lots of enemies and they are all after him. Whether you are a fan or not of CT, he has foes who want him real bad! This case is one example!

  8. The NPFL peanut gallary never gives up. The evidence was overwhelming and as any novice criminal defence lawyer knows…when the facts are stacked up against you, your only hope is to distract. This trial never portended to solve every injustice perpetrated by the west or whomever against west africa. It is about one man’s guilt or innocence. Maybe others should be on trial as well but that is a total non-sequitor. The evidence is clear and overwhelmingly stacked up against “the peace maker” of the Mano River. He and his son Sam Bockarie caused Sierra Leone misery. Taylor’s guilty verdict is at least some accountability for the wickedness of the AFRC and the RUF. And stop equating Taylor with Kabbah….there is simply no evidence Kabbah was involved in atrocities to this extent. He may have been a bad president but there is just no linkage to him from the CDF to the same extent. Learn your facts and maybe actually read the evidence.

    1. Bundu,

      Do you want this innocent man to be found guilty for not committing the crimes he is accused of in Sierra Leone? Do you agree with the American plans of keeping this man in jail for no genuine reason? Bundu, if Kabbah subordinate, who was his Defense Minister, and Kamajor rebel leader, Mr. Hinga Noma was charged and found guilty, why not Mr. Kabbah who bears the greatest criminal liability responsibility as the result of leader -subordinate role? Remember now, the prosecution said Taylor bears the greatest responsibility because he knew or had reason to know about the RUF atrocity, even though he was not physically present in Sierra Leone. What’s about Kabbah who was part of this joint criminal enterprise of the Kamajor rebel activities and was in Sierra Leone physically? You talked about “there is just no linkage to Kabbah from the CDF to the same extent.” What do you know about his linkage; be it small or big “extent” about Kabbah and the CDF? Please explain his role. What he knew, when he knew about it, and what he did to stop it?

    2. Bundu,
      Any novice criminal defense lawyer knows that if the evidence is clear and overwhelmingly stacked up against their client, when it can be shown, misconduct especially on the part of the prosecution, a judge or the court itself, their client walk free.

    3. Bundu, you need to check your facts. Go back to the TRC Report to see that the indictment of Hinga Norma, a subordinate was malicious and thr truth about that will someday come out. Kabbah provided financial and other logistical support to the CDF. Whilst in Guinea (1997/8), Hinga Norma reported to him and he gave directives as to how they should prosecute the war/civil unrest.

      The ICC is corrupt and their selective prosecution process is now evident to all.

      We cannot become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious. Long Live Wikileaks. They opened our eyes and we now know what we have alsways suspected – the neo-cons agenda to continue to run us on puppet’s string.

    4. Bundu,
      We have long past this stage….what’s been disucssed or talked about is the FACTUAL FACT that the court is in some kind of relationship with the US Gov’t to make sure a POLITICAL VERDICT is render or the US Gov’t will see upon herself to find CHARGES against Mr. Taylor when he lived in the US a quarter of a century ago.

      The questions are why he wasn’t charged then; even when she had him in her custody??? Given the exposure of these leaks and the court don’t want to look like a JUNGLE COURT set him free based on the LEAKING BUCKET(evidences) will the US Gov’t go and arrest him and keep him in the US?? Based on what RIGHTS??

      I seriously hope his defense team keep the spotlight on this NONSENSE!!!

    5. Today we honor and celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his endless fight for justice and equality. It has been over 40 plus year’s sine the Civil Rights leader was assassinated. His dream for Justice and equality should in to way be ignored.

      In Dr King’s famous I have a Dream Speech, he said “But there is something that I must say to my people who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice. In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred”. My brothers and sisters Dr King never did hated those who disagreed with him, he prayed for them.

      Dr, King went on to say “The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. They have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone”.


  9. Folks not to change the topic, but attached is a very insightful link that somewhat indirectly relates to the geopolitical issues affecting Africa.

    This article is about food security and it once again shows that African leaders have not learned the lessons of post independence and continue to pursue disastrous economic policies to the detriment of their people. As a Liberian while I admire President Sirleaf for many reasons, unfortunately I feel her economic policies fit this outdated mode of thinking. ie the William VS Tubman way where by the government simply brings in so called investors to hoard the national resources and export raw material out of the country with out adding any value only to turn around and sell the finished product back to the poor Country.

    Case in point, has any ever wondered why with all the Rubber Liberia has we cant even produce rubber slippers? Or with all the timber we cant produce furniture?

    Please take a lot at this article and I believe you’ll begin to see some of the reasons.

  10. “During the entire period of Mr. Taylor’s trial, his lead defense counsel Courtenay Griffiths has constantly told the media that Mr. Taylor is on trial not because of crimes committed in Sierra Leone, but because the USG wants to keep him out of Liberia.”
    The above qoute from Defense Lawyer, Courtenay Griffiths, on the Wikileak issue is not only silly but rediculous. Taylor was already out of Liberia in exile to Nigeria, and there is no reason to believe that the sole purpose behind the trial was to keep taylor out of Liberia. Taylor knows tghis better than you or me. He can never return to Liberia even if he is freed because we will apprehend him and give him summary trial before …him!

    1. Fallah Menjor!!,
      Where is your ability to read between lines? Are your serious about this thread?? If we should follow your logic, it also means, that every liberian who fled the country during the war , should not return. WOW!! CLASIC..

    2. Fallah,

      Good luck with this statement “He can never return to Liberia if he is freed because we will apprehend him and give him summary trial before …him!” Fallah, you have just reaffirmed what we have always being saying that we know who the real troublemakers are. And this time around, please let the white man leave us alone and not to help your side.

    3. jfallahmenjor,
      Who is this “We” you keep talking about that if Mr. Taylor is freed, “we will apprehend him and give him summary trial before …him!” I know you are not talking about the present government or no government that will be elect in the future.

  11. Forks, is the trail in the Hague against Charles Taylor is about sierra leone or Liberia? Now uncle sam is saying they want to do everything posible to keep CT out of liberia. According to portion of the wikileak and I quote,
    “All legal options should be studied to ensure Taylor cannot return to destablise Liberia. Building a case in the US against Taylor for financial crime such as wire fraud would probably be the best route. There may be other options, such as applying the new law criminalising the use of child soldiers or terrorism statutes,” the cable adds.
    Is the west trying to say that Charles Taylor is not guilty of the 11 charges against him? Through out they are not mentioning about these charges but bringing new charges to build a new case to be trai in thw US. To my point of view, and according to wikileak, the west is not up for nothing, but to make sure Taylor goes behind bar for live like his son. Why should they invwstigate this man and waste all those resources for nothing. They should have just order his arrest and lacked him behind bar.
    Why should people expect Ivorial president Gbagbo to leave or cease power? Men have lost their reasons. Gbagbo is wise and educated. Those same people who are telling Gbagbo to exit Ivory coast for save heaven in their country are betrayers. Bob marley says,” you can fool some people some of time, but you can not fool all the people all of the time”. Let’s just sit and watch those big guys up there. My question here is, if Charles Taylor trail does not go well as other African leaders expect, will they have confident in the ICC, or will they allow other leaders to be trialed in the ICC?

  12. Happy new year to you all.

    I’ve observed with dismay getting access to court records from has become almost impossible. Can some one please through light on this issue.

    Also, the way thinks are looking now thanks to wiki leaks, I believe the blind (jfallah & Co.) can now see clearly even in the dark

    1. From now forward the West is going to be dominant in Africa, mainly West Africa. Because of the enormous oil reserved West Africa has become the new Middle East. The West realized during business with Middle Eastern countries is no longer in her best interest. Middle Eastern countries are using oil as a stranglehold on the West economy.

      Therefore, elections in West Africa isn’t based on who the populist elects, elections are based on who the West feels comfortable working with. In other words, before one is elected president he/she must be a YES SIR, a sell out. The West believes if someone other than a hand picked is president (anti West), he may destabilize the region resulting into financial lost and the increase in the price of oil. The West is making sure most, if not all of the oil wells in West Africa are under her control.

      That’s my definition of free and fair election!

      1. Big B…..

        I think you summed it up pretty good. Politics is nasty and dirty. Put it this way, Tolbert…why was he killed, he was not an Uncle Tom…

  13. Dear James Sesay,

    We appreciate your comment, however, we are unable to post it because it does not comply with our website policy. We cannot post a statement of fact that individuals have committed crimes unless they have been convicted by a court of law. If you rephrase your statement, we will then post.

    Thank you.

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