Charles Taylor Found Guilty

Today, Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) judges in The Hague delivered the Court’s long anticipated verdict in the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, finding him unanimously guilty of all charges against him on grounds that he knowingly aided and abetted rebel forces in Sierra Leone and that he planned attacks during which atrocities had occurred.

The prosecution charged Taylor with 11 counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and serious violations of international humanitarian law that were allegedly committed from November 1996 to January 2002 during the course of Sierra Leone’s civil war. The prosecution claimed that Taylor backed the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group in Sierra Leone and had ties to a second warring faction, the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC). Taylor denied all allegations against him and insisted that he was a peacemaker. The defense argued that the only contact with rebel groups Taylor had was in his capacity as president of Liberia helping to negotiate a settlement to the conflict in Sierra Leone.

The SCSL judges ruled that Taylor is guilty of aiding and abetting the RUF in all 11 charges, including murder, rape, and pillage. They also convicted the former Liberian president of planning, with former RUF leader Sam Bockarie, the attacks on Kono, Makeni, and Freetown, which took place in late 1998 and early 1999. The judges rejected the defense argument that Taylor was a peacemaker. They noted that while Taylor may have publicly supported the peace process in the region, he privately undermined the negotiations by continuing to support the RUF through financial, operational, and moral support. Notably, the judges did not accept the prosecution claim that Taylor had effective command and control over the rebels groups, finding him only responsible for aiding and abetting as well as planning attacks.

Taylor will remain in custody while awaiting the sentencing hearing. The prosecution has been given until May 3 to submit their observations on sentencing. The defense has until May 10 to make their submissions. The hearing will take place on May 30, and also at this time, Taylor will be able to address the Court.


  1. I am very happy about this decision and feel that this is a major vindication for justice for the little people of poor African nations which are or were currently run by bloodthirsty, power hungry and money grabbing monsters.

    As a South African Jewish lawyer, I am all too familiar with what impunity means in all manners and forms, and what it really means in not being held responsible for your actions. Too many Nazis got away with the murder of millions of innocent people after the Second World War and even captured Nazis such as Adolf Eichmann professed to the very end that he was only following orders.

    If Charles Taylor is a peacemaker, then I am Jesus Christ incarnate. I will say though that it is most unfortunate that the English taxpayers will now have to bear the unfortunate cost of housing this monster of a man, should he get the life sentence he deserves. I believe that the death sentence should be used in unique circumstances for dealing properly with a lower form of life that is Charles Taylor. At any rate, may he rot in English prison hell for the rest of his sad days.

    Well done to The SCSL Judges in securing this massive victory against Charles Taylor.

    1. Barry,

      When will you bring Bush and his London friend to justice, is justice only for poor counties leaders like Mr. Taylor?

        1. swizz,
          Why are you running you month like “”pupu water” all over the place? Be warned that Sierra Leone and all of those responsible for this devilish sin against Mr. Taylor and the Liberian people will pay for someday soon. We will ensure that the next truly elected government of Liberia, prosecutes all actors of the Liberian civil including Bush, Kabah, Ellen and others. This is my promise before God and man. You go and celebrate, but soon people of Sierra Leone will realize that their sin again their neighbor will hunt them forever.

      1. johnson
        now you get out of your mood, i guess.
        poor taylor serves a prison sentence. he wasn’t killed or chopped off parts of his bodies. don’t panic. he’s in jail, you already want to start a war?

    2. I think you need those white guys to beat your ass again cus you are totally out of your BLACK mind Mr. lawyer.

      1. Johnson
        no, he doesn’t need white guys. but you need some taylorists at your house to do to you what taylor and his horrorboy did to Sierra Leone and Liberia.

    3. Barry Varkel,
      If you are really a lawyer then you would realize that the aiding and abbetting conviction was the lesser of the charges against Mr. Taylor. He was cleared of the Joint Criminal Enterprise and as the leader of the RUF with over all command and control.

      Lastly, being Jewish you should be offering your services pro bono on his appeal since Mr. Taylor has converted to Judiasm.

    4. Varkel
      you name it. but death penalty is not the right way. taylor should greed over his guilt.

    5. Dear South African Jewish lawyer

      Your twisted sense of justice is baffling to me. So as a South African the only impunity you have seen is that of the nazis? What about the Bothas and the De klerks that were supported by the Jewish state for so long and who have never been brought to justice?

      How can you sound so self righteous, when criminals like Georges bush, Netanyau and Blair are working free?

      Impunity for white crimes against non white people is so rife that you sound ridiculous dancing over Taylor conviction.

      How many rebels groups are funded all over the world by Israel, France, the UK, and the USA? The only impunity worth fighting against is the one that covers the crimes of the leaders of these countries.

      I have dried all my tears crying over the hundred of millions of Africans killed by Europeans and Jews. I am sorry not to have any left to cry over nazi crimes

      Do not take people for stupid. Everyone knows what that foolish court was created for to punish anyone that does not bow down to western interests.

      1. tchameni
        the reason of that court was to prosecute the crimes done in S.L. The ICC should take care of all international crimes, that is true. but it doesn’t mean that the SCSL was wrong.

    6. selective justice is no justice. Selective evidence to pursue justice is no justice, Evidence is justice, exclude evidence exclude justice.

    1. If this is what you call justice, then there shouldn’t be a court. All one needs is to wage war on little and powerless nation, kill their leaders and steal all of the counties’ oil, diamond, and timbers like America and their big brother have always done.

      1. Johnson
        it’s up to you to demonstrate against bad leaders. in this case it was noone but Taylor who waged a war.

      2. You pro- taylors will never admit the wrong doings of taylor. Sound minded people who took the pain of the slow but most needed justice rendered Mr. Taylor, who never showed his fellow men a bit of justice , will move on with the future.

        We waited patiently for this day hoping that the dead will get justice through the determination of the civilized world and that the victims, eventhough they can not get back what has been taken away from them, can finally see the man who crucially contributed to their carnage behind bars….

        Pro-taylors, call this western conspiracy or whatever as you are alone in your psychopatic denial of truth . we saw your papay’s gangs destroyed villages and raped women one day yet he came the next day to pathologically denied it while the voiceless villagers and victims wallow in disbelief.
        Thank God for the men and women who prosecuted this ‘ now war criminal’

        1. Vem,
          It is clear now that you all can no longer say he was the Master Mind behind the RUF. You can no longer say that he formed a Joint Criminal Enterprise with the RUF. These were the major charges against him . He has been found guilty of the lesser crime of aiding and abbetting. How many other people were buying the diamonds of Sierra Leone from the RUF who are walking around free. Why aren’t the European and Lebanese brokers brought to book now ? Does someone who was aiding and abbetting bear the greastest responsibility for crimes in Sierra Leone ?

  2. Well, we await the sentencing of CT. I think we need to move on into the future for this saga is a historic relic. Prayers for him and we await his memoirs on the destructiveness of civil wars.

  3. Mr. Taylor has commented various crimes in the south region especial in sierra Leone and Liberia. He directly and indirectly cause people to loose the legs, hands and family members therefore he show be sent to 75 years in jail with hard labor.

    1. forkpa
      most of the people of Sierra Leone and Liberia, especially victims, think the opposite.

      1. Swizz,
        Apparently you were not here in Liberia yesterday. To see the anger that we Liberians felt.

        1. Aki
          i simply can’t imagine what you’re saying. it’s worst propaganda. The people in Lib suffered the same like the ones in S.L. You laugh over victims, what is a sin.

  4. What a dark day in Africa? It is about time that the west reach out to the poor victims of Sierra Leone, and give them hope instead of stealing their diamonds all in name of fighting for justice on their behave. Lastly, let the people of Sierra Leone remember that the line is drawn, and we can never be the same again. He that has hears let him hear.

    1. Johnson
      the people of Sierra Leone has the power to stand up against this selling out of their soil. when you stop complaining and start acting?

  5. “And He shall wipe away tears from their eyes”. To the noble people of Sierra Leon, I say may God continue to bless you as you put your lives back together. As you celebrate your independence tomorrow, rejoice knowing there is a God that loves you and have given you this long awaited justice. Congratulations for being a people of resiliance and guts.

    A special thank you to the sponsers of this site. Thanks for keeping us out of the dark of such an important case.

    1. Let’s wait and see if the white man will put back those limbs that were cut, now that their manufactured verdict is here. What a stupid set of African you guys are. Why is no body asking for prosecution of those white owned companies that bought blood diamonds from Mr. Taylor, are they above the law or is it because they are white?…..

      1. Johnson
        there you hava a good idea. stop asking and start acting. these companies are the real threat. we should throw them out of the country, but first make shure, they don’t get away with everything.

      2. @ Harris K Johnson: watch a program on msnbc called the’ Explorer’ you can see evidence of such people been tried. I think you need some trip out of your lil would my friend.

  6. We are not deterred by this political verdict. We all along knew that this court was set up by Colonial masters to bring down one of Africa’ best. This verdict is unpopular in Liberia, S.Leone, Africa and the rest of the world. Long live Liberia, Long live Ghankay

    1. Love
      you should have chosen hate instead.
      the people not only in Africa but around the world, and especially the victims in S.L and Lib, are glad to see taylor in chains.

        1. Yaya,
          Thanks for the words…… The verdict has been rendered and NOTHING said will change anything but I dont see HOW they can to such….

      1. Swizz,
        I have read many of your posts; however, I do have a question for you. Can you tell me which rebels group controlled western Liberia to the Guinean border from mid- 1992 to July 1997? From mid- 1992 to July 19, 1997 that’s about 5 years period, so how was Mr. Taylor getting weapons to the RUF to continue fighting in Sierra Leone for that length of time when the NPFL did not control the western side of the ST. Paul River to Guinea? In as much as I dislike Mr. Taylor, this trial and the verdict is no where near Justice instead, it is an insult to Justice and to the people of Liberia and Sierra Leone. It also make Mr. Taylor be seeing as a hero in the eyes of majority. There are more un-answer questions left after rhe verdict. For instance, what part did those was buying the blood diamonds from Mr. Taylor in exchanged for weapons and other war like materials played in the crimes committed against the people of Liberia and Sierra Leone? I think this trial was all about misleading these poor people and protect the big hands behind these criminal acts! I am sorry to say that Justice doesn’t have a true meaning

        1. Joconw
          maybe by airplane. there are helicopters, as you probably know.
          to sell weapons is not a crime yet. although i think, it should be a crime, of course.
          one big hand at least is punished. a lot got away. but it is almost ever like this. international justice costs a lot of money. if you charge only the big fish, small fish will speak and at least the ones with the biggest responsibility get punished.
          this court is a beginning, not the end against impunity.

  7. Thanks to the almighty God,
    This is a clear example to others African leaders who are involve in the same act.

    Bravo to the international court for the decision,
    i believe that the people of Sierra Leone will have a nice sleep to night.

    1. Yes Kamara
      You name it. the time of impunity is over.
      to quote B. Hollis: “Today is for the people of Sierra Leone who suffered horribly because of Charles Taylor. This judgment brings some measure of justice to the many thousands of victims who paid a terrible price for Mr. Taylor’s crimes.” said Hollis.

    2. S. Abraham Kamara,
      Why are directing your rhetoric to only African leaders. Aren’t the European and Americans leaders running now to buy Libya’s oil after they aided and abetted the Libyan rebels ?

      1. aki
        maybe he points on them because THEY rule the country and not the west? look for good leaders and you do not have to look to the west.

  8. Indeed, this is justice for Sierra Leone! But how about justice for Liberia and Liberians?

  9. What an amazing day. I think that the charges that were dismissed were fair, I think the court got it right.

    Charles Taylor will almost certainly spend the rest of his days in prison.

    Some people use examples of others who’ve committed atrocities in defense of Charles Taylor. That to me makes little sense. Yes, everyone should be held accountable, but not everyone is caught…people get away with it.

    I mean, the guy who gunned down innocent children in Norway is on trial. But he wasn’t Adolf Hitler…does that make him a good person, simply because he isn’t worse than Adolf Hitler? Again, that line of thinking makes no sense to me.

    To the people of Liberia and Sierra Leone…I hope you are happy with this verdict, and regardless of your thoughts on it, I hope you enjoy much peace and success.

  10. Charles Taylor,
    Firstly, let me say how proud I am of the dignafied way inwhich you handled yourself in the court room today. Against all odds you fought a valiant fight. The whole world tried to convince us that you were the Master Mind behind the RUF rebels. They also said you formed a Joint Criminal Enterprise with the RUF and AFRC. These were the major charges that even those so called judges found you innocent of.

    As to be expected these two not guilty verdricts are being practically ignored in the media eventhough they were the major charges against you. Don’t give up go thru the appeal process. The people in Liberia know that you are innocent no matter what the judges say. History will treat you much kinder then the international conspiracy is doing today.

  11. It’s a shame that Mr. Taylor was found guilty. The people of Sierra Leone are living with the perpetrators of thier crimes but choose to blame Taylor. The international community (Western Powers) can fold their playing cards. I guess they got a Royal Flush!!!

    1. wright
      don’t get it wrong. it was not about the west. it was about impunity in Africa. If you think murder in africa is not as bad as somewhere else, stick to your reasoning.

  12. Liberians, this is the time to learn from Sierra Leone. We should now begin to think on how to impliment the TRC report. This is sad for us where people with blood in their hands are living better today on the expense of the people they tormented over years. If this justice for Taylor then it should also be for people who killed their own people. Time will tell.

    1. Okay, Harris, if your logic is correct; that taylor should have been held responsible for crimes in Liberia and not Sierra Leone, then should it follow that having been found liable of crimes in sierra Leone means it is likely guilt verdict for taylor, if tried for crimes in Liberia, is a matter of most? You see, my friend, you guys are very stupid in the way you say things and that is where I question your intellectualism. Say all you want, harris, taylor is guilty of 99% of charges against him by the prosecution, and that victims have won. We will lobby to scrap taylor of every account he has to pay the victims families of Africa! You haven’t seen nothing yet Master Harris! When we are done with you guys, you will wish for early exit from politics..that’s my final word to you..!

      1. J. Fallah Menjor,

        You are right on this one. Taylor being found guilty of war crimes against the people of Sierra Leone while he was a sitting president of Liberia. This entitles the people of Sierra Leone to compensation. Not only from Mr. Taylor but reparations from the government of Liberia and this they should persue.

    2. Harris,
      When ellen dies, the TRC will live. fallah and his likes will be brought to justice. We are washing them with distance eyes.

  13. Why wasn’t Judge Sow NOT allow to talk after Judge Lussick read the charges??? From all indications, he is DISSATISFY with the ruling from the bench.

    We knew the verdict…..find him of the LESSER to prevent they had a FAIR JUDGEMENT…..AMAZING.

    1. I have asked that question over and over but no one has been able to provide the answer since the live streaming was interrupted when Justice Sow started talking and the presiding judge ignored him.

      Taegin/Alpha what did Judge Sow say?

      1. Taegin/Alpha if you are really neutral on this site, please present details why Justice Sow was ignored by the presiding judge during the verdict. Was it not his right to speak, or did the judge know what he was about to say?

        1. Dear Harris,

          We cannot speak for the judges or other organs of the court, so we are unable to know if Justice Sow’s statement was known to them in advance. However, there is nothing in the Rules of the Court that allow the alternate judge to make a statement.



      2. Sam,
        Radiolib had a Liberian in court and he was the one who told the WORLD about this….. I hope he will SPEAK his mind. I am DISAPPOINTED in Judge Sebtidue(sP). I seriously THOUGHT she was up for JUSTICE…but I guess I judged wrong.

        1. Noko4,
          I had mentioned it in one of my earlier post. Judge Sebetude had been bought over by the powers that be when she was appointed a judge at the UN World Court in the Hague while still sitting on the bench of the Special Court.

  14. I just saw the news about Charl;es Taylors conviction, including the alternative view of justice Sow from Senegal. This view was censored, according to Dutch TV. I wonder if that is what happened and if so, why. Where can I find the view of justice Sow now?

    I wish all victims of Taylor wisdom and peace.

  15. Swizz, We all know that the case against Ex-President Taylor is based on politics. The great people of Liberia and Sa Leon know that Ghankay is not guilty! Swizz, is this justice, when they paid others to lied on someone just to prove there supremacy? If it is, SO HELP ME GOD!!

  16. This is another dark day 4 fellow liberians what happen to the TRC report?it will not be implemented let us know madam president the people of SL remember u have drown the line between us but a heans to a wise is quite sufficient.does who have ears let them heare today.GOV

    1. We will lobby to scrap taylor of every account he has to pay the victims families of Africa! You haven’t seen nothing yet Master Governor! When we are done with you guys, you will wish for early exit from politics..that’s my final word to you..! We shall see when the sentencing is passed..Governor jalloh, ‘who born dog’ taylor deserves nothing in History of Africa, and I promise you, I shall dirty his name in every word I write about this devil and what he did to my People!

  17. can somebody, tell me what concern african leaders and the whites. why are they killing our leaders one by one, or are they now claiming african countries for the second time?

  18. Swizz u talk too much, and u know nothing about what’s going on here. So why can’t you learn to be quiet, ehn? There’s no guilty evidence in this verdict. So no one will dare asking the judges how they came to such insane conclusion in the media. Just listen to all the news, and all they say is everything irrelivent. Soon they’ll sweep this abuse of justice under the carpets and ask us to move on. What a shame nothing has changed since the dawn of civilization. Different actors, same plots.

    1. tomas
      i thaught you stood for peace and justice? There is not much left of this too.
      if you are interested in the reasoning, read the verdict, posted on prominent place on the scsl homesite. if you can read, there it is written.

  19. It is interesting that Josephine Hazely of the BBC was interviewing Mr. Eldridge Collins on today who is the former spokes person for the RUF. Mr. Collins was saying that Charles Taylor did not support the RUF with arms and amunition the witnesses were paid to lie.

      1. Swizz,
        Please answer with a yes or no answer. Do you believe that George W. Bush and Tony Blair are both unindicted war criminals ? Yes or No

        1. aki
          yes i do believe that (for the international crime of aggression, done in Irak). but since the US didn’t sign the ICC-Statute (the UK did, i think), and since the UN-Securitycouncil has the possibiliy to this unlucky veto, he will most probably never brought to justice. it’s a shame, i agree.
          but also for these guys it became clear: a statesman can get jailed. bush doesn’t travel too much, because he is afraid of being accused in an european country. Blair could actually be brought to Den Haag, but the UK will never deliver him to the ICC, although they had to if asked by the ICC. Why the ICC doesn’t ask, is most probably political. i guess he doesn’t travel too much these days either.
          Yes it’s a shame that only africans get prosecuted by the ICC. sooner or later it will change, i’m sure.

    1. Aki,
      The question I am begging someone answers, WHY WAS THERE A DEFENSE IN THIS CASE?? This case was over before it even began from what I heard in court yesterday……ALL CHARGES?? Guilty???

      1. Noko4,
        He was convicted on the lesser charge of aiding and abbetting. Inmagine how Fallah Menjor and Swizz must have been shaking in their boots when the Judges read out the first two non guilty verdicts. Look this was a farce of a trial from day one. I just wish now they would give the victims compensation. This compensation should come from the Ellen Sirleaf government.

        1. aki
          you’re right. i was really shaking on the chair, but now at ease.
          about compensation: why not ask the US, the french, the UK for compensation for the slavery. they could close the store immediately.
          Ask compensation from taylors wife and prince johnson. they still live off the people.

        2. Aki,
          I think there is SOMETHING in the making……No one watching this trial will come to such a CONCLUSION…..are these judges telling us ALL the prosecutor’s witnesses were CREDIBLE?? And the defense’s weren’t?? Really ??? I strongly Judge Lussick didn’t care what were presented infront of him, Mr. Taylor was guilty since he arrived in Sierra Leone!!!!
          My sense a DEAL will be strike….making sure Mr. Taylor stays away from Liberia/Mano River Region…..Mr. Taylor agrees and the time served is his jail time….CASE CLOSE.

  20. Dear Everyone:

    I’ve watched the CT trial since its inception. This is sad day for justice because justice is being served in peace meal with colorful discrimination, political favoritism etc. Justice is sad because over 250,000 deaths in Liberia pertetrated by more than 100 persons have no value for justice. Sad day for justice because there are more pertetrators of the Sierra Leone and Liberian conflicts in the free world yet its only CT being prosecuted.


    1. Noko4,
      You should have put this your question to the defense team why they did not show this graphic and propaganda video for the RUF during the trial. This is not a question for us the bloggers.

      In the video you only see Kamajos killings, ECOMOG beatings and no RUF killings; that should tell the viewers a lot about the presenter. The Kamajos leaders was prosecuted and jailed for their actions. Now is Taylor time.

      Where was RUF getting their weapons from? Taylor off course and that is why he is convicted. RUF wasn’t fighting with sticks. Were they?

      1. John,
        Atleast it would have shown that ALL SIDES were involved….according to the prosecutors eventhough her LAST WITNESS to us his hands were chopped by SL Army, it was all RUF under the wings of her godfather, Mr. Taylor.

        Pres. Kabbeh was the COMMAND IN CHIEF of the SL Army at that time, from the video we now know WHY Pres. Kabbeh was NEVER indicted…yet his deputies are locked up and we are seeking JUSTICE…..

  22. To all the contributors of this website. I want to thank you all for the healthy debates we all shared on this site whether I agreed or disagreed.

    My own view of the verdict is that the while the Prosecution failed to prove 100% of their case and effectively had 80% of their case theories like JCE, Command and Control etc thrown out by the judges, nonetheless thei circumstantial and hear say part of the case which makes up the remaining 20% had to stick. In this, given the rules of the court to allow hear say, i’m not sure the judges could’ve done much except use their own subjective decision on who’s “they say” to believe. Add to this allegations of paying mulitple witnesses to tell similar stories and you can see how the prosecution built thier circumstantial part of their case so that something would stick in the judges mind.

    I believe the Prosecution knew all along the would never be able to prove that Taylor was head of a JCE or that we bore the greatest responsibility for crimes in SL or that he even ordered or instigated the crimes. Their plan was to throw enough circumstantial evidence and hope to get something to stick for aiding and abetting.

    Bottom line, with the relaxed rules of the court, Taylor didn’t have a shot in hell of getting out of this altoghter and we need to accept that this is how our world works and move on.

    1. Mas,
      If the MANDATE of this Court is asking that THOSE that bear a GREATER RESPONSIBILITY and according to the Judges he was NOT guilty of ANY, then I beg to ask, WHY are we down to AIDING and ABETTING???

      This verdict sounds like a SAVING GRACE…..

  23. I am actually disappointed by the ICC for this kind of unjust verdict that was past on Charles Taylor, the only Liberian former president. How can a court of integrity, declare publicly she did not find any clear fault on Taylor but still make him to be guilty. can we Liberians, Africans believe in this kind of justice?
    Sierra leonians have killed one another just as we did in our country.
    former American President, George W. Bush and former prime minister of Great Britain, Mr. Blaire were not arrested for crimes they committed in irag which lead to death of the Iranians president and taken away thousands lives. loss of billions of dollars.

  24. Those of you who are talking all of those negativity things against your own are nothing but a bunch of paid agents and confused people who think the white man is God. Sooner or later, you will get to know who your friends are. If you fallow the trial, your should know by now that your masters couldn’t prove anything negatively against our ex President, This case is all about politics, with no evidence,they brought down guilty verdict and they want us to accept it! We have refused to accept even 1% of it, but we are powerless! History will be kind to Ex-President Taylor, Long Live Liberia, Long Live Ghankay.

  25. All I heard from that scary looking woman from the court was “he’s guilty, and that’s all” without providing the public any reason as to why or how Taylor was proven guilty.

    Look, Swizz, I’m not interested atlking with a boy of limitted knowledge on international issues. If I don’t respond to your little notes, it’s because I choose not to be dragged lower to the height of my shoes. Have fun with your victory, as it complete our shame as monkeys (Africans) these powers thinks we are to them.

    1. tomas
      if you are not interested in ending impunity in africa, nobody can help you to fall underneath.
      monkeys do not have a court. monkey do not rely on law. Taylor was charged guilty by the rule of law. if you consider this bad, you help all those, who think africa is still an under-developed continent.
      and still better is scary looking, than spread terror on two nations.

  26. Hi Taylor fanatics, pack your bundles and arms and go now to the Hague to get your monster free. He is surely going to die as a prisoner. God has passed his verdict. Bravo to all those who stood for justice. Jfallah menjor you are great and your detractors shall ever remain to respect you. Where is Noko 5 and his cohorts? I hope they are now crying in shame of all their rag-tagged attacks on people that were opposed to their ideologies. Go on guys to the Hague and start your barbaric rebellion to save your war lord.
    For us Sierra :Leoneans and our Liberian brothers and sisters who suffered the brute of Taylor we are happy that Justice has been given it due course. We are now ready to react to any insane words directed to us because we stood for Justice and Justice has been given. .

  27. What better saying cam anyone get from J. Fallah and Swizz, they are both Sierra Leoneans who knows nothing about the war Liberia. They don’t know that the NPFL did not go about cutting the hands Liberians while telling them that since the white man said the future is in your hands, they were cutting it off so they can no longer have the future in it! That did not happen in Liberia. The fighting in the Ivory Coast, there were many Liberians and Sierra Leone who were fighting in that country eecent war. Can anyone say it was president Sirleaf and the Sierra Leonean president who sent them?

    1. jocone
      after one hour of study, i still can’t get something out of your posting. please get clearer now, so that everyone understand what you mean.

  28. All is not lost, Mr. Taylor is guilty according to the so called special court. We all know that he could not have gotten a free trial with liars like Zig Zag Masa and the rest who were paid money to lie. the good is that we are getting prepare to prosecute all those in Sierra Leone who supported rebellion in Liberia during the ULIMO, Black Beret, MOJA etc. affairs. Liberians got killed by them aiding and abetting too. I look forward to the day we will be calling on them to answer to their charges too.

    I also await the prosecution of the likes of Tony Blair and his grand father George Bush for waging war in Iraq in the name of Sadam Hussine had nuclear war head. They found nothing and many innocent people got killed. Shouldn’t they be prosecuted? or because America (united States) does not subscribe to the court it backs Bush should go free?

    This is a mockery!! and sometimes i think I see the reason why the Arab world attacks the Western ideas in search of “justice’.

    No matter what they say about Mr. Taylor, he is a Hero. Here in Liberia many believe that he did not deserve that verdict, but that was the wishes of the donors to the bogus court. It is evident that we will not sacrum to the wishes of the colonial masters in this 21st century. We will not be nodding donkeys we will stand up for our rights. One day Obassanjo (^,^) will realize that he acted in error.

    Thanks to leading counsel Corteney Griffiths and his team of excellent legal practitioners for a job well done. Even the non legal mind can say that you defeated them in your fight against the colonial masters. TRUTH HOWEVER CRUSHED TO THE GROUND SHALL RISE AGAIN.

    1. yancy
      taylor is not a hero. he is a warhead and a criminal and a warlord.
      if you call a monster a hero, even punishment of bush and co. couldn’t help you.

  29. Dear Alpha/T.S.

    On April 27, 2012 at 6:29pm I posted four part questions directly addressed to you guys about clarification on the judgment. I see my above mentioned questions are awaiting moderation. Just checking if my questions are going to be addressed? I am not in a rush, knowingly, it may take sometimes to respond, due to the nature of questions.


    Big B

    1. Hi Big B,

      Yes, we saw your questions. We are taking the time to address them because of their nature. Alpha will likely respond as he is most familiar with all the technical aspects of the case. Thank you for your patience.


  31. Quote from George Yancy

    ….. also await the prosecution of the likes of Tony Blair and his grand father George Bush for waging war in Iraq in the name of Sadam Hussine had nuclear war head…..

    Tony Blair and grandfather George Bush ….? explain that one please?

    At least George Bush kept terrorists out of of USA after 9/11 WE dont have people here running around chopping off people’s hands and feet. How can anyone think thats OK?
    I agreee with G Kannam Nagbe … and we are praying for President Karoma who seems to be a kind and Godly man who loves the people

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