Prosecutors Say That Charles Taylor Lied In His Testimony Before The Special Court for Sierra Leone

Charles Taylor told lies in his direct-examination because he was too desperate to discredit prosecution witnesses while testifying in his own defense, prosecutors told the former Liberian president today.  Mr. Taylor dismissed this assertion as “incorrect” – but the former president did admit to a series of inconsistencies in his own previous testimony as the day wore on.

Prosecution counsel, Nicholas Koumjian, today highlighted parts of Mr. Taylor’s testimony in direct-examination and told the former president that his accounts of the same events have been different under cross-examination.

While accusing Mr. Taylor of sending Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel commander Sam Bockarie to render assistance to the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) rebel group in Angola, Mr. Koumjian told Mr. Taylor that he had given different accounts of his relationship with the UNITA rebel leader, the late General Jonas Savimbi.

Asked today whether knew Gen. Savimbi, Mr. Taylor responded that “I know of him but I never met him personally.” Mr. Koumjian pointed out that during his direct-examination on August 24, 2009, Mr. Taylor had told the court that he had met Gen. Savimbi in Ivory Coast through former Ivorian president Houphouet Boigny. Conceding that his two accounts were different, Mr. Taylor responded that “to be honest, I’ve never met Gen. Savimbi. I concede, what I said then was incorrect.”

Mr. Koumjian also pointed to the 2008 testimony of a prosecution witness who, testifying in private session, told the judges that when Mr. Bockarie left Liberia for Angola in early 2001, Mr. Taylor’s Chief of Protocol, Musa Sesay, accompanied Mr. Bockarie to Zambia.  Mr. Bockarie was then handed over to the UNITA ambassador to Zambia, the witness said.  However, in previous testimony, Mr. Taylor disputed the idea that Mr. Sesay could have accompanied Mr. Bockarie to Zambia because Mr. Taylor would have known about it if it happened – which he did not.  As he sought to discredit Mr. Taylor’s account today, Mr. Koumjian showed Mr. Taylor a copy of a Liberian diplomatic passport which carried the photograph Mr. Sesay and had the title “Chief Of Protocol, Executive Mansion, Liberia.”

“I recognize this photograph as being that of Musa Sesay,” Mr. Taylor agreed with Mr. Koumjian.

Mr. Koumjian pointed out that on a page in the passport, there was an Abidjan International Airport stamp dated February 9, 2001 and which indicated in French “Sortie”, meaning “Exit.” Another stamp dated February 10, 2009 but which was not very legible indicated the word “Entry” with an entry permit valid up to February 13, 2001. A third stamp dated February 13, 2001 indicated that Mr. Sesay departed Lusaka International Airport on that date.

“So Mr. Taylor, this will indicate that the person using this passport departed Lusaka on the 13 February 2001,” Mr. Koumjian said. The prosecutor also indicated a fourth stamp which indicated that on February 15, 2001, Mr. Sesay re-entered Abidjan International Airport.

“That is seven days, you would know if Musa Sesay is out for a week and he wouldn’t go to Zambia without your order,” Mr. Koumjian said.

“He would go to Zambia without my order,” Mr. Taylor said, adding that “for the seven days, yes, I’ll say if he was away, I’ll know.”

Mr. Koumjian pointed out that Mr. Taylor had previously said that Mr. Sesay did not travel with Mr. Bockarie.

“We may have to determine the authenticity of this passport. We have seen many fake passports and fake stamps, so we’ll have to determine the authenticity of it,” Mr. Taylor responded.

“The reason you lied to these judges that you are 100 percent certain that Musa Sesay was not in Zambia and you did not know Mr. Savimbi is because you were desperate to discredit the witness who spoke about these issues,” Mr. Koumjian told Mr. Taylor.

“That is incorrect,” the former president responded.

Mr. Koumjian also pointed to Mr. Taylor that he lied about his knowledge of Mr. Sanjivan Ruprah, a Liberian ambassador-at-large who was also designated as the Deputy Commissioner of the Liberian Bureau of Maritime Affairs. Mr. Taylor said yesterday that he only knew of Mr. Ruprah but never knew him personally. Mr. Koumjian today read a portion of Mr. Taylor’s November 2009 testimony in direct-examination when he was asked by his defense counsel who Mr. Ruprah was. Mr. Taylor responded that he did not know Mr. Ruprah.

“Don’t you consider that a lie?” Mr. Koumjian asked Mr. Taylor.

“I don’t consider that a lie. If my counsel had asked me to say all I knew of Mr. Ruprah, I would have told him,” Mr. Taylor responded.

Mr. Koumjian further pointed out that during yesterday’s cross-examination, Mr. Taylor said that his National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group had received some arms and ammunition from Burkina Faso. During his September 30, 2009 testimony in direct-examination, Mr. Koumjian said that the former president had said that Burkina Faso was not involved in giving arms and ammunition to Liberia.

Also asked today whether he gave RUF commander Issa Sesay a satellite phone, Mr. Taylor said that “yes, I did give Issa Sesay a satellite phone.” Mr. Koumjian again pointed that in September 2009, during his direct examination, Mr. Taylor had said that he did not give Mr. Sesay a satellite phone.

Mr. Koumjian also read a May 2000 letter which was purportedly written to Mr. Taylor by Mr. Sesay in which the RUF commander highlighted some conditions required for the RUF’s cooperation in the Sierra Leone peace process. The letter, which was among Mr. Taylor’s presidential papers and among the documents he admits were in his possession  purports to come from Mr. Sesay but was not signed by him. Mr. Sesay’s name was also misspelled in the letter. Mr. Taylor said that he had received the original copy of the letter from Mr. Sesay.

Asked why Mr. Sesay had not signed the letter, Mr. Taylor said that “this might be the original copy and I don’t know why it was unsigned.”

Asked by Mr. Koumjian why he would have an original copy of a letter that was not signed by the author, Mr. Taylor insisted that “i cannot say why this letter has no signature.”

“Your staff wrote the letter for Issa Sesay” Mr. Koumjian put to Mr. Taylor.

“Even if my staff wrote a letter for Issa, he’ll still have to sign it. I cannot account for why this letter is not signed by Issa Sesay,” Mr. Taylor responded.

As Mr. Koumjian pointed out that Mr. Sesay’s name was misspelled in the letter which was supposed to have come from him, Mr. Taylor responded that “You have a point but I tell you, this document was one delivered to my government by the RUF.”

Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination continues on Monday.


  1. Prosecutors say Taylor “LIED”. Actually, who cares. First of all, they put series of lies together in order to get Taylor to where he is today. So, what is wrong with lieing, even if he did. I think tomorrows caption should be the prosecution liars are afraid to be lied to..If I was Taylor , I would have told the court that Brenda holis, Stephen Rapp and I were in arms and amor deals…

  2. Alpha has done another disfavor to the facts. Alpha should have also provided Taylor’s orginal statement which the prosecutor read. When Taylor was frist asked about his knowledge of Jonas Savimbl, Taylor said in the very first instant that he had never met Savimbi but that that he was in communication with him. So let the facts of the records be stated. Taylor said upotn the first instant that he never met the man but that he was in communication with him, and wanted Samvimbi to help to improve his relationship with the Americans, since it was the Americans who was supporting Savimbi. Taylor said the effort failed.

    I want to think that Taylor got mixed up later in a private session when that same topic came up. Because Taylor had admitted that he knew the Angola ambassador in the Ivory Coast very well and it was this ambassador that was making the connection with Samvimbi. So my analysis is such that Taylor got mixed up with a repetitive questioning and switching topics, that his frame of mind at that time could be focus on the Ambassador when he was again asked whether he had met Savimbi. He said yes he did but when he was asked today, Taylor said that he had never met Savimbi but was in communication with him.

    So the fact here is that Taylor never lied , like lying to hide the facts, when he had stated on his own the first time that he was in contacts with Samvimbi but never met the man. Taylor orginal statement and his present statement are the same , except the private session. The prosecutor did not show any proof on their own that Taylor met with Samvimbi. The burden of proof is on them to show that Taylor met with Samvimbi. If Taylor had not volunteered to say that he was in contact with Samvimbi, the prosecutor would only be speculating without facts. So Taylor could not have been lying the second time, he simply misspoke just like Ms. Hollis and Mr. Koumjain has on several occasions misstated facts, only to apologize after the records show otherwise.

    Is this the prosecution smoking gun, that Taylor was the commander in chief of the SL war? Hogwash! We need solid evidence and not this kind of politics. Show us the proof Komjian!

  3. Keep charging Charles Taylor has lied in both his direct and cross examinations, and is caught right handed with his pans on the ground and no where to hide. the end game is very near and he shall be found quility. keep charging!

  4. Mr Koumjian seems a very proficent cross-examiner. By any definition, Charles Taylor has had a very bad day, but I find it hard to believe that Taylor’s team did not go through his 2009 testimonies with Taylor prior to today’s session to prevent this session making Taylor look like a liar.
    This comment is a general comment and is not aimed at taylor: Anyone – and I mean ANYONE – who contradicts their own statements at a later date in court immediately discredits him/herself.

    1. Richard B,

      If that is your standard of measurement, than there is no case against this innocent man. The prosecution and her witnesses have a track record of contradicting and undermining their own testimonies. For example: Ms Hollis said, since one charles was doing diamond business, than it was Charles Taylor. Later on, she contradicted herself. Another example, one of the prosecution witnesses said, it was President Kabbah army that amputated his limbs and arms as oppose to the rebels, and so on. Buddy, show us the proof and not contradictions, because the side you are on is the contradiction in chief.

        1. Pekin Noko5,

          He wanted to play trick. But we are smarter than him. We catch him with our “catching catching hand” in his tricks. I guarantee, he wouldn’t try us again. Trust me.

  5. A letter purporting to come from Issa Sesay, Mr. Sesay couldn’t spell his name correctly? Mr. Taylor failed to corroborate his cross with direct examination leaves me to wonder or question his credibility? Does his stand give any weight to his rebuttal? I think these glaring inconsistencies are sufficient to dismiss his testimony. Mr. Taylor has failed to clear his name, once again.

  6. Look Mr. Koumjian,

    letter being signed or unsigned does not go towards guilt. Show us your proof. As the matter of facts, what letter are we talking about? However, your prosecution witnesses contradicted themselves more than anything I can possibly imagine. Show us the “smoking gun” if you have it, and stop wasting time. If you don’t have it, let the man go back to his homeland where he belongs and not Europe.

      1. Jusu,

        How? Which one, so we can discuss it? You wish at least 2 or 3 sticks. But there is no proof to any of the 11 counts that you wish will stick. Beware, the world is watching; and George Bush and Tony Blair are no more in power to use their brute force as always to impact the case.

  7. Folks,

    Senator Prince Y. Johnson has expressed his intent to run for president in 2011. No qualms yet. Not at all. Apparently, they think he can not win. But when it comes to Ghankay, oh no, hell will break loose. Intl Com, where are you?

    1. My goodness!
      Did you say senator Prince Johnson?
      Hum! Anyway, voters’ power will rule.
      May God help and bless Liberia.

      1. Tracey,

        What is wrong with this post? I responded to Noko7, but it is still awaiting moderation. Is the any problem? I however, submitted this post before other posts and those posts were cleared.

        1. Hi Jose — yes, alas it is a problem from a legal perspective for the site. You say someone is responsible for a crimes. This may be very well documented in many places – but unless that person has been found guilty in a court of law, we cannot publish it as a statement of fact. If you can reframe it another way to help us get out of legal hot water, I will happily post it.

    2. Jose,
      See, this is what I was talking about. There are no measures to prevent these things…Nothing. Kromah ran, I express my dissatisfaction with it. But, since many don’t want to see the TRC recommendation implemented, these things will recur; there is no impediments.

    3. You know, i take out my time every evening to sit on this site and read all about this trail because it means a lot to my country(Liberia), its neighbors and Africa as a continent. Look! The people of Sierra Leone needs to know who or what was the cause of whatsoever they went through, and if this court is backed by UN, trial is conducted at the ICC they should assist in bringing each and everyone that made those people suffer to justice . They have so much hope in the prosecution like me, they should deliver properly so we can our hearts and minds can rest of troubles. There are a lot of people i expect the UN, ICC or supported courts to bring to justice after Mr. Taylor, from West Africa to the world . ” If you want to kill a cotton tree, you must start from its roots and not the branches”, is this clear?

  8. IS taylor then saying that his new defense, when caught in a lie, is ” i honestly wasn’t correct when I said etc…etc..earlier”? Boy do you loyalists clearly see how deceptive and con your chief is? Do you see the clear pattern of not only lying under oath, but consistency in deceptive behavior? Listen to this:Asked today whether knew Gen. Savimbi, Mr. Taylor responded that “I know of him but I never met him personally.” Mr. Koumjian pointed out that during his direct-examination on August 24, 2009, Mr. Taylor had told the court that he had met Gen. Savimbi in Ivory Coast through former Ivorian president Houphouet Boigny. Conceding that his two accounts were different, Mr. Taylor responded that “to be honest, I’ve never met Gen. Savimbi. I concede, what I said then was incorrect.”

    1. J. Fallah Menjor,
      Okay even if he did lie or mispoke what does meeting Jonas Sivimbi have to do with the case in Sierra Leone. Remembr Sivimbi was armed by the Americans for many many years. Ofcouse no American president has been indicted for the crimes Sivimbi committed such as rape, murder, use of child soldiers etc. Yet you believe Charles Taylor should be in jail for his so called help of the RUF. Is this selective justice or what?

      1. Fallah,
        Are an African? Or you are just using the name? Taylor is just one of the people that was used to bring trouble to his own land, moreover this court is not for him but all that brought this trouble to SL (From top to bottom), You sound like an Naturalized African. Are you in the interest of the Sierra Leoneans, lets not let people play with our heads.

  9. I admire your new technique in questioning taylor. Not only you are tactful in cornering taylor when you ask leadinding question, but skillful in catching him in his own web of deception, to say the least! Go Koumjian! Please keep it going..don’t dwell only on mountains of evidence, make him hang himself with the strings of lies and deceptions! And in that very deception, let him parish!

    1. Fallah,

      Mr. Koumjian certainly can not dwell on mountains of evidence because there is none. Mr. Koumjian was caught in his own trap yesterday, if you actually watched the trial. At times, when confronted with President Taylor original statements by the judges, he concedes that he erred and takes responsibility. It is however, not reflected in this report. So if you will however, take what you have read and formed a conclusion, than I say you don’t have all the informations. You will be better equipped to understand the entire dialogue yesterday, if you take the time to read the entire transcript. But again, it is Fallah.

      1. 4 Ur eyes only

        FYI, you are correct about the US support for UNITA while the Soviet supported the government; another proxy war!

      2. 4 ur eyes only,

        Didn’t I say that these people are not even bothering anymore to put on their false masks? Yes, without remorse and regret, these people are bringing in UNITA’S REBEL LEADER, Jonas Savimbi of Angola to make their false case against this innocent man. However, only they could have known a lot more about the Rebel Leader activties. Because the U.S. was supporting him while he was annihilating his own people. This “Rebel Leader” was even rewarded for for his alleged war crimes with White House visitation right. In 1986, President Reagan welcomed Savimbi to the White House and talked of Unita winning “a victory that electrifies the world and brings great sympathy and assistance from other nations to those struggling for freedom.” In addition to meeting with Reagan, Savimbi also met with Reagan’s successor, George H.W. Bush, who also promised Savimbi” all appropiate and effective assistance.” Folks, the prosecution has presented a whistle stop casino case here; where the games are rigged, the roulette wheel is being contolled, the dice are loaded, the slot machines are programmed in their favor, and the cards are marked. But we are not suckers. And they know that we are not suckers, because we have never been suckers, and certainly we will not be suckers. However, we are not going to that casino. We are not going to gamble our cash: and we are not going to compromise of upholding what is right.

  10. King Gray,
    How about the so-called RUF letters? Can you come up with any rationality for ‘wisest man’ to submit an unsigned letter to the court?
    King Gray, the game is out. Taylor did extremely well in destroying key evidence but made two fundamental and silly mistakes which are the very things that will seal his doom.

    1. Big Joe,

      Where were you when the UN report provided contrary view of the prosecution claim that President Taylor had deployed 500.00 men to the border? The UN went there and the story was untrue and unfounded. I guess, it didn’t discredit the credibility of the prosecution, right? You are hustling so bad, boss. In regards to the letter being submitted in court, it was done in good and clear conscience. You can interpret it what ever way you want. But the president said what he had to say, and I believe him. However, in Africa, we don’t necessarily followed the legal path in dealing with each other. Besides, Mr. Taylor can not account for why the letter was not signed, because it is not part of his job as president.

  11. I can’t help laughing when I hear all the flimsy excuses being made for Charles Taylor. Taylor said he had no money, and challenged the prosecutor to show where the funds were. The prosecutors provided Taylor’s personal bank account. Taylor and his defense team hijacked the court for a month or more, just so they can look at these documents. Next, prosecutor brought evidence of over US$500,000 being transferred to a Swiss Bank…Taylor can’t explain.

    Now, he’s caught in his own web of lies, and folks are still ”defending” and making excuses. Look at the exit and entry visa in Musa Sesay (Taylor’s “Chief of Protocol”) passport. That is solid evidence Taylor lied under direct examination when he sworn that Musa Sesay was never in Zambia. Why are people surprised the ex-president has been lying? The man is trying to save his neck…period.

    Those of you who first tried to discredit the prosecutors witnesses had better think twice….they may have just as well, been telling the truth. Taylor and his defense team has tougher times ahead of them. All the fist pounding will soon end.

    1. Noko6,

      Stop misrepresenting the facts here. President Taylor did not say he never “HAD” any money as the way you are saying it. His challenge was with respect to the prosecution false claims that this innocent man”HAS” five billion dollars in foreign banks. He however, told them to bring it forward. Where is the 5 billion dollars Noko6? have they brought it forward? NO. A point of correction. the auxiliary verb “HAS IS DIFFERENT FROM HAD.” However “Had” is the past tense for “HAS”. The prosecution said “HAS” and not “HAD.” On top of that, is 500,000.00 the same as 5,000,000,000.00? Do you see the number of zeroes? Besides, is the money Sierra Leone diamond money or Liberia maritime funds?

      Concerning the passport issue, there has always being passport problem all over Africa. Even our own country Liberia, our passport is being used by different nationality. So why are you blaming Mr. Taylor for culpable ineffifiency and corrupt immigration practices?

      1. Jose,
        I think you might want to go to the Hague, you are fighting harder than CT lawyers. Look, we all have to admit there have been serious self infliction by CT. I said long, long, time ago, Taylor is chatty and he would get himself in trouble, in my exact words, “he would show himself vulnerable”—Bang, it’s happened. We all must be fair that he had a terrible Thursday. It’s true the prosecution has made some mistakes and they have been called…but it’s important to remember the prosecution is not facing the possibility of many years in the slammer.

        Yea, but CT didn’t have a good day. I think there might be more days like this. The defense will have to show that he is credible.

  12. Everytime I read the transcripts from this trial and then the comments …wow!! it is amazing how the rule of law works sometime. At least Mr. Taylor is giving the opportunity to a trial, be it guilty or not; he’s explaining himself. How pitiful and hurtful that thousands of people, women, men, children, were never giving such an opportunity, they were killed in cold blood – for a useless, senseless war — I wonder what the relatives and friends of those who died in this war feel? some of those fathers who lost their children. As a parent myself, the best part of my day is sharing with them, and at times I say to myself and my God – how fortunate and grateful I’m to have such a family … and too often feel the pains of those whose were taken from them … Taylor knows what he did, it is only a shame that others perpertrators are not also on that stand!

    1. Dear Harper — I think this may be the first time I have seen you comment on our site, and I wish to welcome you warmly to the discussion. Your comment is incredibly powerful, and a timely reminder of the painful legacy of war for so many people who lost loved ones. I’m sure your sentiments for greater accountability for a wider range of people for both the Sierra Leone and Liberian conflicts are shared by many on this site.
      Welcome — and I hope we continue to hear from you.

    2. Harper,

      Welcome. Glad to have you with us. Anyways, this is to tell you “might makes right” in this world that we are living. Can you imagine, the British people are calling Tony Blair a “war criminal”? And so many people believe he is actually a war criminal. But do you think he will ever be tried? I wait to see that day. Just yesterday, when he was addressing the panel on the “inquiry of the Iraqi war”, he said he acted upon the current intelligence that was given to him. But that same weaselly accuse is not applicable to poor counties.the were people on the street demonstrating and calling him war criminals. However, my brother, these guys have the “big guns.” That is the bottomline. Two different individuals, one story, different standards.

      1. Jose is at the verge of surrendering as he always refers to others on this site. What is this idea of “big guns” and ” might makes right” that Jose is preaching about the West again?
        I thought we had long since been done with the CONSPIRACY THEORY OF THE WEST against taylor! Well, since Jose wants discussion on the issue, I will say this: Please come out with ideas about how Liberia can find means to have a trial for other war lords, implicated in war crimes in Liberia, according to you, without financial assistance from the west taylor so much seems to despise?
        Secondly, if by your arguements on this site about taylor’ innocence is correct, what proof are you going to bring in convicting these war lords? Are you going to use “here say?” Or are you going to base your conviction on TRC report?
        Besides, Jose, are you also taking into consideration that some supporters of taylor, who perticipated directly in carrying out taylor’s orders could,and would also be held accountable in these proposed trials in Liberia? Answer my quentions so I understand the “walk” and not just the “talk” Jose.

      2. To buttress you Jose,
        Let Harper think a bit, i understand your feelings for humanity “the slavery days”, I want to see those that cause the Iraqi people this continuous suffering will be tried. Harper this is a Un backed court, and the trial is held on the ICC’s grounds. Think!!!!!

    3. Harper,
      Please give us your thoughts on what George Bush and Tony Blair did in Iraq. I would also like your thoughts on what the United States government did to the people of Japan when they dropped a nuclear bomb on the cities of Heroshima and Nagasaki?

      1. Aki
        And you should give your thoughts on how the Japanese destoryed pearl Harbor too. We’re talking about Charles Taylor accuse of crimes in Sierra Leone not the United State bombing Japan. Maybe you create a website called and discuss that.

        1. Well Lotson,

          If that is your standard of measurement why the U.S. bombed Japan, than that same standard of measurement should and must be applicable to Liberia. Because it was Sierra Leone that waged war on us first by providing support and opening its border to allow Gen. Quinwonkpa to invade Liberia in 1985. Do you remember that? I guess not.

        2. Aki,
          You cannot compare these situations. Let’s compare apples to apples, man. How can you compare conventional war against nations to that of the alleged support for an arm hacking terrorist organization. Remember the US responded to an attack on it, just as they did with Afghanistan.

        3. Lotson,
          You buttress my point well without knowing it. The attack on Pearl Harbor was an attack on a military installation. The attack on the two Japanese cities killed thousand of innocent men, women and children. If Charles Taylor had dropped a nuclear bomb on Freetown in retaliation for ECOMOG attacking his military positions from Sierra Leone. Then there would be every right to accuse him of war crimes and crimes against humanity. It would be an open and shut case.

  13. Why are these haters discounting Mr. Taylor original statement? The issue of Savimbi was asked, so far, from the questioning by Mr. Koujian, Taylor was asked three times.
    The frist time: Taylor said that he never met Savimbi but was in communication with him.
    The second time: Taylor misspoke about his meeting with Savimbi saying that he met Savimbi
    The third time: Taylor said that he never met Savimbi but was in communication with him.

    So why is the prosecution choosing the second statement over the first statement. Taylor last statement and his first statement are the same. Regarding Sessay letter, I think Taylor is trying to be very truthful, that he has consistently, in this trial given the prosecution lead way to question his credibility. Most of the troublesome issues that have come out in this trial, against Taylor, has been the result of Taylor explaining things outside of a question asked.

    It was the prosecution who collected Taylor documents and give them to the defense. So the prosecution could have done anything with those documents before giviing them to Taylor. But the fact that only an unsigned letter they could find shows no evidence. Taylor could have simply answered that he does not know how that letter was produced.

    Concerning the issue of Musa Cessie passport, the first thing is that Liberia’s diplomatic passport is not red, it is black, atleast at that time. So the prosecutor is wrong for saying that passport is a diplomatic passport. But the fact that Taylor agreed with the prosecution, also shows that he is not fully aware about the differences of Liberian passports. As he said , he was president and was not involve in the details of passport operations. Morover, where did they get Musa Cessie passport? Because , we all know that the Liberian government at the time had changed Liberian passports due to its illegal used by foriegn nationals. Remember that the foriegn ministry was destroyed during the war and mostly Nigerian ECOMOG soldiers used our passports illegally.

    So it is possible that the passport shown as Musa Cessie could be a forge passport.

    1. Bnkr,
      I want just want a yes or no answer. Was the dropping of the hydrogen bombs on Heroshima and Nagasaki a war crime or not. If your answer is no then the September 11, 2001 attack on New York City is not a crime either.

      1. Aki,
        You really expect me to respond to this? Let discuss substantive issues…you are not getting me to play this game, sorry.

        1. Bnkr,
          So you agree it was a war crime. Let’s move on! What is your take on the George Boley arrest. It’s amazing he had the audacity to stay in the States after he saw what happened to Chuckie.

  14. Simply put….the ssore reads Ms. Hollis & Mr. Koumjain 2 vs Mr. Taylor 16. The prosecutors score a penalty by giving Mr. Taylor the rope-a-dope. The ORIGINAL will be revisited by Perry Mason.

  15. Jose and other can you please tell when the prosecution said Taylor has 5 billion dollars? Its just that I have hear this a lot on this forum. Maybe you have a post or link

    1. Tracey, could you help Eagle-eye to his question? He wants to know “when” the prosecution said Taylor has 5 billion dollars.

  16. Tracey,
    This is where my problem with you lies. King Gray wrote ” it was the prosecution who collected Taylor documents and give them to the defense. So the prosecution could have done anything with those documents before giviing them to Taylor” and you didn’t hesitate posting such comment on this site when there is absolutely no proof of his allegation against the prosecution team but when I wrote that some of the very perpetrators of the havoc in Liberia and Sierra Leone may be on this site masquerading as paragon of virtue and justice you were very quick to refuse posting my comments despite the fact my statements were not definite and was never directed a particular person but was only a logic conclusion that it was impossible for Taylor alone to carry out all those heinous activities and that his foot soldiers will find any opportunities including this site to defend their man at all cost.
    I hope you take note.

    1. Hi Big Joe,

      I understand your frustration. I had read your comment as implying that a particular person who was commenting on the site was a perpetrator in the war, and that is why I did not post it — it did not seem to fit with our policy of focusing on the issues surrounding the trial and not on other readers. I have no problem with you raising the issue here as you have just done in this post.

      In terms of content — yes, I agree: it is entirely possible that people who post here may have been involved in the conflict in one way or another — but we have no way of knowing for sure. And we have also made this site one that is not exclusionary: anyone who wants to post their opinion about the trial may do so here as part of an effort to promote a free debate and discussion around the trial. So this is part of the reason why we have asked that in our discussion here we focus on the substance of what people say on this site, not on their identities.

      Again, I am sorry to hear that my decisions caused frustration for you. I hope you understand my reasoning, and I also look forward to continuing to hear from you.


  17. King Gray,
    Reread your comments again, listen to yourself and see how you are gripping for straws to save the drowning Charles Taylor:
    “Concerning the issue of Musa Cessie passport, the first thing is that Liberia’s diplomatic passport is not red, it is black, atleast at that time. So the prosecutor is wrong for saying that passport is a diplomatic passport. But the fact that Taylor agreed with the prosecution, also shows that he is not fully aware about the differences of Liberian passports. As he said , he was president and was not involve in the details of passport operations. Morover, where did they get Musa Cessie passport? Because , we all know that the Liberian government at the time had changed Liberian passports due to its illegal used by foriegn nationals. Remember that the foriegn ministry was destroyed during the war and mostly Nigerian ECOMOG soldiers used our passports illegally.
    Taylor and his defend team was giving those documents including the passport since December of last year, long after Taylor has claimed that Cisse wouldn’t have gone to the Zambia. Do you think the Defend didn’t make any attempt to verify the authenticity of that Passport considering its important to Taylor’s credibility and the strong case of his Chief of Protocol and Gun runner going with Sam Bockerie to the Zambia that it present? If your claims are right do you think this aggressive Taylor defend team we know only protest against the passport will be that the name of the Country of entry can’t be read?
    Sam stop joking. Everyone who cares know the colors of the Liberian passports. Grey, Black and Red for ordinary, official and diplomatic.

    1. Big Joe
      Your question that “Do you think the Defend didn’t make any attempt to verify the authenticity of that Passport considering its important to Taylor’s credibility and the strong case of his Chief of Protocol and Gun runner going with Sam Bockerie to the Zambia that it present?” It appears that you are either not watching this trial or you are intentionally attempting to ignore what was said in court. Taylor stated very clearly that he was not aware of this passport and it would be appropiate to test the validity and authencity of the passport.

      So if the defence team had already done what your question is asking, do you still believe that Taylor would be asking for such. This kind of mindset that believes Taylor is so perfect and that he is not liable to human error is what allowed evil people to sponsored war against Liberia while at the same time imposed armed sanction against our government from defending us.

      Taylor is not a god, and Taylor is also liable to human failures like any other human on this earth. Taylor could make a honest mistake by misspeaking about certain events that he was talking about. The fact of the matter, Taylor has not lied. Is it not possible for Musa Cissie to have engaged in his own deals without Taylor knowledge, although Taylor trusted Cissie and felt that Cissie could not betray him? Many who were very close to Taylor betrayed him and came back to work for him.

      This is why all this foolish propoganda that Taylor was so wicked a person that anyone who opposed him would be eliminated is pure juvenile. So why Taylor did not kill Tom Woyweiyu, the very Lavala Supuwood who is now serving as his lawyer, and many other persons who betrayed the NPFL and later came back and got top jobs? So why did Taylor not kill Togah McInctosh, and you can just name them. Hatred against Charles Taylor is nothing but pure jealousy due to the fact that ordinary people in Liberia was more willing to trust him then all the other socalled politicians. Taylor communicated clearly to the Liberian people and the people understood him.

      Taylor was the first to openly apologized to the Liberian people and admitted that his NPFL did some bad things and he regreted them. Did any of those other warlords admit to the evil done against Liberians? This case is nothing but TOTAL! TOTAL! NONSENSE!

  18. Wow! what an interesting day. Mr. Taylor can’t remember what he said in the past? He’s at the point of making two different statements? Sorry man, sorry. His time of going down is drawing near each and everyday.

    1. Lotson,

      You wish his time of going down is drawing near each day. No way “boss.” It is not true. In fact, each day, it is becoming more and more clearer to the world that there is no concrete proof available to put the final nail in the coffin. Lotson, the prosecution started since 2003. Only to know there is no proof sufficient enough to convict. No wonder why you are so desparate by hanging on so-call contradiction. Bear in mind now, the contradiction in chief is the prosecution here.


  19. Aki,
    First, stop it mehn. what do you mean I agree with you that the US committed war crimes in Japan. Why is such fallacy and others so similar to the “blood thirsty” monster that you all so worship. Stop it…I simply told you are were not going to get me to play games with you on this matter—compri?

    Now to the Boley arrest, it a good thing if its true. He is no stranger to arrest in the US, he has been arrested and detained for immigration violation for a while. I don’t think any peace loving country, a country that preach and have died for human rights host anyone (oops, I mean anything) of that nature. I think his arrest is long overdue. They all will fall and all of them must see justice. Boley and the rest of them are sick, cowardly mentally deranged individuals. He is a two tongued lizard. Further, men who purposefully destroy the lives of children by making them killing machines does not love the country for which they claim to liberate. Because true liberation comes at through education.

    Let’s take a look at these warlords family:
    Boley–his children are in the USA while he armed other kids. Tomorrow when our nation is seeking leaders, where do they come from? Well, the off spring of these selfish cowards. Therefore, perpetuating the oppression.

    Charles Taylor–Children, nieces, nephews are mostly in the USA. I know one of his niece who came to college paid for my him, he has couple of nephews in the US military. Tomorrow, they will lead and Saye who fought for him is forever living below poverty.

    Kromah–he is married to my nieces cousin. Where do they live, in the USA. His kids were not subjected to the pain, suffering and nightmares that others youngsters in Liberia were. So, pray tell me, how can a UPS driver (he drove for them) be given so much power? Now he is called Professor–it makes me want to spit.

    PYJ—don’t know much about this bone head.

    D. Conneh—don’t know much either

    Btw, here is the link to Boley arrest…Let him spend a long time in jail and become Bolo’s girlfriend. Since he desired so much attention by killing our people, he will get some from Bolo and his gang.

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