Charles Taylor Did Not Give Arms TO RUF To Attack The Diamond Town Of Kono; Never Heard Of RUF Diamonds Taken To Charles Taylor, Witness Says

Charles Taylor did not provide arms and ammunition to Sierra Leonean rebels to attack Sierra Leone’s diamond rich town of Kono — and diamonds mined by the rebels were not taken to the former Liberian president, Mr. Taylor’s defense witness told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today in The Hague.

Martin Flomo George, a Liberian national and former member of Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group, refuted prosecution claims that the former Liberian president gave weapons to the RUF, instructed the group’s senior commander, Sam Bockarie, to attack the diamond-rich town of Kono in 1998, and then received the diamonds mined from the town.  Mr. Taylor has dismissed the allegations as false.

Mr. Taylor’s defense counsel, Morris Anyah, asked the witness today whether Mr. Bockarie had said “anything about receiving instructions from Charles Taylor to attack Kono.”

“Sam Bockarie never told us anything in relation to Charles Taylor,” Mr. George responded.

The witness added that Mr. Bockarie never told them about receiving arms and ammunition from Mr. Taylor for the recapture of Kono, as alleged by prosecutors.

“Charles Taylor had his own problems to solve. He never told us anything about Charles Taylor giving us ammunition or sending us ammunition to recapture. No,” Mr. George said.

Asked what be meant by “Charles Taylor had his own problems,” the witness explained:

“What I mean about Charles Taylor having his own problem, he was elected in Liberia in 1997, he as not fighting, there was no war going on in 1997. How could he have given us instruction? How could he have given us ammunition? That’s what I’m saying.”

The witness added that the arms and ammunition used by the RUF to attack Kono in 1998 were bought from the United Liberation Movement for Democracy in Liberia (ULIMO) rebels, a rival rebel group to Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group. Mr. George said that shortly before the attack on Kono in 1998, ULIMO commander, Abu Keita, delivered boxes of ammunition Mr. Bockarie, who was at the time based in Sierra Leone’s eastern town of Buedu in the Kailahun District. The witness’s account about ULIMO selling arms and ammunition to the RUF corroborates an account given by a previous defense witness on the same subject.

Also in his testimony today, Mr. George denied prosecution claims that diamonds mined by the RUF were taken to Mr. Taylor in Liberia. The witness said that he never heard of diamonds being taken to Liberia. As far as he knew, Mr. George said, all diamonds mined by the RUF were given to RUF commander, Issa Sesay, who in turn took them to Mr. Bockarie. Prosecutors claim that when Mr. Bockarie received the diamonds from Mr. Sesay, he handed them to either Mr. Taylor or his former Director of Special Security Services (SSS) Benjamin Yeaten in Liberia. Mr. Anyah sought to clarify this issue with the witness today.

“Were diamonds mined in Kono by the RUF sent to former Special Security Director Benjamin Yeaten in Liberia?” Mr. Anyah asked the witness.

“All I know, all diamonds were given to Issa and from Issa to Sam Bockarie. But I never heard that a particular set of diamonds packed were sent for that particular person whose name you are calling,” the witness responded.

“How about Charles Taylor? Did you ever hear someone say diamonds that were recovered by the RUF in Kono, when you were Brigade Commander there, were being sent to Charles Taylor in Liberia?” Mr. Anyah asked.

“Never,” the witness responded.

“Nobody ever told me that they were taking diamonds to Charles Taylor for arms or ammunition or food or what have you. All I knew was that I was focused on my frontline and the miners were focused on their mining. I did not have anything to do with the mining activities. I only had business with my frontline,” Mr. George said.

Since the start of his defense, Mr. Taylor has had both Sierra Leonean and Liberian nationals testify on his behalf. Mr. George is the ninth defense witness who has testified for Mr. Taylor.

Mr. George’s testimony continues on Monday.


  1. Well, I know this witness testimony will be call into question by those who don’t believe that ULIMO was in full controlled of the Liberian- Sierra Leonean border from 1992 to 2007 or 2008. I have said this so many time that ULIMO was giving weapons to RUF when they captured the border of Sierra Leone up to the Guinean border.

    I also said that it was a lie when the prosecution said that Mr. Taylor did order reinforcement from RUF when Gbarnga fell in 1994 but the anti Justice members on this site said it was true that indeed, reinforcement when from RUF AO to help recaptured Gbarnga in 1994. But what they didn’t realize was that, ULIMO was controling the whole western region of Liberia up to the Guinean border during this time period. ULIMO controlled from ST. Paul bridge all the way to the Guinean border and part of Bong of County and Kakata.
    You should get prepared to hear more from others witnesses very soon!

    1. Tracey,


      Please disregard the two comments under the Daily Summaries. They were meant to be posted under Commentary.


  2. Just a little reflections of previous defense witness’ testimonies, that the ULIMO rebels were fighting alongside the Sierra Leonians national army, against the NPFL/RUF, the question of logic is very clear and I quote ” while will ULIMO be selling arms to their enemies? Martin flomo George has inflicted another serious darmage to Charles Taylor’s creaditbility, when he CT had previously testified that his only supports to the “RUF was to fight a common enemy ULIMO who were attacking him from ‘the borders of Sierra Leone’.Again contradictions in these witnesses testimonies has remain the stigma of this defense and all efforts to rehad has created holes,and unfilled holes usually spelled guilt & QUILTY it is…..

    1. Ziggy Silas,
      Why did ECOMOG sell arms to Charles Taylor ? Remember Mr. Taylor testified that he bought arms from them. Sometimes I feel that you are not really following the trial.

    2. Ziggy Salis,
      Do you remember that one of the allegations the prosecution levelled against Mr Taylor is that he bribed ECOMOG to allow him ship weapons to the RUF in SL? do you also remember that the same prosecutionsaid Taylor also bribed or conived with ULIMO to transport weapons to the RUF? so what is your point? where is the contradiction? Dont you know that in a conflict situation sometimes opposing forces shoot at each other in the morning and in the evening they come together to play games like they were friends? if you have ever experienced conflict situations firsthand you will know what I am talking about. Even that same witness said that RUF forces “mingle” with the ECOMOG troops they were supposed to be fighting and even play games together. So there is no contradiction here my man, you can buy weapons from your enemy even Taylo agreed that he bought weapons from ECOMOG which he was supposed to be fighting.

    3. You question as to why ULIMO will be selling weapons to their enemies- ULIMO was attacking RUF at the time so they could enter Liberia from Sierra Leone. Were you in Monrovia on April 6, 1996 at which time Mr. Taylor joined forces with ULIMO-K to fight ULIMO-J? You might ask as why Mr. Taylor Joined forces with his enemies which was ULIMO -K .
      I do believe that ULIMO knew at that time period that RUF had no dealing with NPFL especially when ULIMO was in controle of Western Liberia from 1992 to around September of 1997. Infact, Sam Bockarie told Mr. Sankor in his SALUTE report after Mr. Sankor returned from Jail in Nigeria.
      So, will you say Mr. Bockarie Lied in that SALUTE Report where he made no mention of Mr.Taylor or the NPFL and told Mr. Sankor that they were getting weapons from ULIMO?
      If so, would you have believed he Sam Bockarie if he was alive today and testified that Mr. Taylor Supplied his forces (RUF ) with weapons during the time period for which Mr. Taylor is charge? Now, you should also remember those who controlled ULIMO are people who are largely involving in diamond trading all around Liberia. Do you think they will not give RUF weapons for diamond or money?

  3. Jocone,
    Like Judge S said…we’re NOT there and want to know……since the defense got on the stage, we have learned so much about this trial……it’s a blessing.

    Again, i f he is convicted, it won’t be based on the evidences but simply a POLITICAL move. This is what I think is happening, the prosecutors want to throw in the towel, but the deal they are offering Mr Taylor is unacceptable….NO JAIL TIME but stay away from Liberia. But what were Mr. Taylor’s last words….”BY THE GRACE OF GOD, I WILL BE BACK”

  4. HI Jocone,
    Charles Taylor was the constitutional president after people and the help of ECOMOG grossly voted form him on the fair that losing the election he will again decide to fight. I was not against his presidency for I had loved seeing peace for the Liberian people.
    My concern here for which I would like clarifications, if we say Charles Taylor was a peace loving president and that his main motives of involving in the Sierra Leone was for peace in the late 1990s t0 early 2000s, why didn’t he hand in all members of AFRC/RUF who escaped to Liberia after ECOMOG intervention in 1998?
    Here is the full story. After ECOMOG intervention in 1998 which routed the AFRC/RUF lead government, most of its members escaped to Guinea and Liberia as safe heaven. Immediately the constitutional government of Sierra L:eone was restored, the government and the ECOMOG command pleaded to neighbouring states to arest all fugitives from Sierra Leone and hand them over to the government. The Guinean Government cooperated and as a result they arrested and deported all those concern under military escort and CT failed to comply. He decided to habour people like sam Bockarie, Gibril Massaquoi, Issaa seay and others and it was there they planed the 1999 attack in the city of Free towm. On the other hand other top AFRC/RUF including their civilian supporters were never accepted in Guinea.
    Therefore I want to know how innocent is CT just as how white is the white man? I am not Saying that CT was 100% involved in our senseless was but he was an active supporter of the carnage that took place.
    As fot Faya Musa alias Soro Silicate I will give a more full details of him as he was no longer an active member from late 1996 to 2002 when the war finally ended,. During this period, he could say nothing about the RUF command structure as he was a condemned fugitive and was just awaiting excution. Therefore whatever he would have said to the court from 1997 to 2002 stand to be doubtful.

    1. It could have been difficult to do! The reason is that, many of these fighters were not identifying themselves as AFRC fighters when they were entering Liberia. Remeber that there are many liberians who speaks the Sierra Leonean language. You made a good point by saying why didn’t Taylor or the government arrest the former AFRC or RUF members who enter Liberia after fighting with ECOMOG.
      But if you should look at Guinea, the Guinean government did not have any AFRC or RUF members who enter Guinea during the same time period. The simple reason is that, the government couldn’t easily track those guys. Secondly, Mr. Taylor might have afraid of losing hi own Presidency if he was to getting into a fight with these guys. I could be wrong!

    2. Fuad,
      Mr. Musa has testified been cross-examine and is probably back home now, lets move on Mr. Musa personal life history is no issues in this case only his testimony.

    3. Fuad,
      you have given a completely different version of events that occured during and after the intervention in 1998. facts that have come out of the various trials involving the Sl conflict including this very trial are completely different from what you said above. so the question is this where did you get your own version from? how did you know that ECOMOG was able to drive out all RUF/AFRC from SL as you claimed above that they all ran away to Guinea and Liberia? facts before this court even from prosecution witnesses did not say so. And also brother, how did you get your own version of events concerning the circumstances of Sam Bockarie’s departure to Liberia? did he escape beacuse ECOMOG and the SLA were able to drive him out? where did you get information that Issah Sesay and Massaqui also escaped to Liberia to seek refuge? You see your assertions above are full of completely erronious version of events. so you need to get your facts right before posting them on this forum.

  5. Hey Tracey,
    Just got back from a medical missions in Liberia, was there for three weeks. That is why I was not commenting, it’s great to be back, but miss home very much. I am looking forward to catching up with the trail, even though i followed a little bit, through other news sources while I was away.


    1. Ms. Teage — I was wondering where you went — it is lovely to have you back with us. How was your trip? Did it feel like home had changed for you since you had last been there (if I remember correctly, you had grown up there as a girl – near Mr. Taylor’s house — but now live in the US?) Did you get the sense that people were still interested in the trial in Liberia, even through it has lasted such a long time?

      1. Tracey,
        My trip was amazing we got to serve medically over 500 people with only three doctors over a 4 day period so that was great! I did live around Taylor for some years in the early 90s during the first civil war. This was my second time visiting Liberia….i went a couple of years ago but I was definitely pleased with the direction the country is heading….There is still ALOT to be done but the country is honestly moving up….there is a massive reconstruction of the roads going on right now some rural areas like Buchana highway which is way out of the city have gotten new roads, electricity is slowly coming to Liberia some houses have running water, I saw many businesses that weren’t there before…..any way I commend our president! She still has a lot to do but so far it is evident that she is doing her job. As far as the trail many people didn’t want to really talk about it……well the people I meet so I’m not sure if they’re not interested…but many of them could tell that I was not a Taylor suppporter and maybe they were so they might not have wanted to hear what I was going to say…But many of them seem to not follow the trail they, but still had their minds made up about whether Taylor was guilty or not..There opinions seem to come from how the felt about him in Liberia….my driver told me that he wanted Taylor to come back to Liberia….I said despite all he did to Liberians…and he said something about how it was Taylor’s generals who carried out atrocities and not Taylor. It seem the younger people have more of an opinion per this trail then the older folks…..I know that was a clear answer……but I hope I answered your question. But I can say that there was one article about the judge denying the prosecution a request to prospone a witness testimony because of inconsistencies with their written test and the oral test. I was there three weeks and saw one article so I don’t know if the Liberian media are interested or is following the trail….

        1. Ms Teage — thank you — that is extremely interesting on a number of levels. I have always wondered how people most affected by the crimes during war saw the levels of responsibility for those higher up the chain of command and those further down. In some countries, people tend to want to see the alleged direct perpetrator — the person who may have pulled the trigger or raped women themselves — on trial moreso than their commanders or “higher-ups” because prosecuting the higher level of planning, support or control seems less important than making sure the alleged individual killers or rapists are brought to trial. In others, there seems to be a lot of support for bringing those higher up the chain of command to trial for their alleged support, control or planning of the crimes. It sounds like in Liberia that some may place responsibility at the feet of the generals, but not necessarily with people higher up the chain, such as Mr. Taylor, for the atrocities committed in Liberia during the war. Of course, this trial is about the atrocities in Sierra Leone and not Liberia — but it is still very interesting to hear how people perceive Mr. Taylor and his role during the war in his own country. It is also a shame to hear that there is not much press coverage of the trial in Liberia.

          Your trip sounded completely amazing. I did not realize you were in the medical profession — it is wonderful you went back home and worked to address such great medical needs there. And the developments in the country that you describe sounds promising. When I was in Monrovia a couple of years ago, the road to the airport had just been repaved and there were some signs of reinvigoration but still lots of shelled buildings nearby with people trying to live amongst the rubble with no proper shelter — but it sounds like things had really progressed since then. I’m planning to go back to Monrovia also in the coming months — I’ll be interested to see what you are describing when I am there (and then will probably want to discuss it with you and other readers when I come back!)

          Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, Ms. Teage

    2. Ms Teage,
      Which medical mission were you on in Liberia, and which part of the country? We know about some American soldiers and medical doctors that offered free medical care to citizens and dogs in EWA Hospital and the Paynesville Community. As for the news paper stories, they are not strange or news. We have them on line. For the one that you failed to name is one of prosecution so-called main witness, Tom Kamara’s, NEW DEMOCRAT. There is need to hide anything here because our eyes and attention are focus on Mama Liberia and its sons and daughters.

      Harris K Johnson

      1. Hi Harris,

        Just a small reminder: people are very welcome to share as much or as little as they wish about themselves on this site, but are under no obligation to do so or to answer personal questions. So please note that you may not get an answer to your questions from Ms. Teage.


        1. Tracey,
          You are always quick to talk for others, are you a mind reader? I have the right to question every false and misleading statement about my country including those directed at President Taylor. I’m a Liberian and will forever remain in defense of my native land no matter what.


          Harris K Johnson

          1. Hi there Harris! I absolutely agree – you have the right to express your opinion as much as you would like to on this site and we welcome it with open arms. You have been one of our longest running contributors and we very much value your contributions to the debate.

            My note was not intended to read anyone’s mond, nor to suggest that you were not welcome to express whatever oipinion you wanted. I also did not intend to speak for anyone else on the site. I was simply trying to fulfil my role as a moderator here to indicate that one of the policies on this site is that we not focus on other readers, and implicitly, that readers could reveal as much or as little information about themselves on this site as they wished. My point was only that nobody should feel compelled to give out personal information on this site, and in the hope that you would not be too disappointed if another reader chose not to answer your question about themselves.

            In any case, it was in no way my intention to offend or upset you. We enjoy that you are such a regular contributor to our discussion here and hope you continue to be so.

            I am glad that you raised it with me, though, and happy to discuss further should you wish.


      2. Harris and other brothers,
        I have gone all through the daily observer online news; Nothing exist about the GREAT MISS TEAGE Myth. I think she just wanted to be welcomed and recognized. I also feel she wrote the story on april fools day and forgot to post it. WELCOME AGAIN sister Teage. What’s your take on the present witness cross….I am surprise Fallah has congratulated you on this new one…

      3. Harris,
        I wasn’t aware that you had to hear about every mission…
        The Mission was a private missions our doctors always come from the country the mission is held in….i.e Liberia our nurses came from the Health Ministry and Ghana…..

  6. Interesting article thought to share it with you all since it’s kinda sort of pertains to the trail

    I discovered this in the Daily Observer while in Liberia,
    Here is the article.

    “Arms Dealer in court again for dealing with Taylor”
    Author: not quoted
    Paper Daily Observer

    A Dutch court has overturned the acquittal of a man accused of supplying arms to Liberia during the presidency of war crime suspect Charles Taylor.
    The Dutch Supreme Court referred the case of timber trader Guus Kouwenhoven for a new trail.
    Mr. Kouwenhoven, was granted a bid under dubious circumstances to run the Hotel Africa in Virginia during the height of the war, is accused of breaking a UN arms embargo by supplying anti-tank weapons and rifles to Mr. Taylor’s government.
    In 2006 Mr. Kouwenhoven was sentenced to eight years in jail. In 2008 he successfully appealed and was freed. Mr. Kouwenhoven has always acknowledged close ties with Mr. Taylor, but deied any wrongdoing.

    On Tuesday, the Dutch Supreme Court said that appeal judges had been wrong to reject a prosecution request to hear the evidence of two new witnesses.
    “Under the circumstances, the court should have left public prosecution more opportunity to have these witnesses heard”.
    The date for a fresh appeal hearing is yet to be set.
    Mr. Kouwenhoven was president of the Oriental Trading Corporation between 200 and 2003, when the arms smuggling allegedly took place.
    His close associate, Charles Taylor, is now on trail in the Hague at a UN- backed court on charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes.
    Mr. Taylor is accused of backing militias in Sierra Leone who murdered raped and tortured civilians during the country’s civil war from 1991 – 2001.

    1. Yah!.. Miss Teage,
      You are back again with these mythological stories; Sister welcome. Can we know what edition, page number and a little more information about that daily observer paper please. I would like to order it,or do you think that kind of important news may be among their online articles????

    2. Ms Teage,
      Is Mr. Kauwenhoven wanted in Sierra Leone??? If not, then WHY are you jumping up??

  7. These witnesses are real shameless liers; again one is saying they got arms and amunitons from
    ULIMO to carry out their carnage against the Sierra Leonean people. The NPFL backed RUF had been bent on systemic distructions as early as the first quater of 1991, a time during which ULIMO was non existent from all physical and media traces of the war . Is this witness telling us that as they were waging their war, ULIMO was already waitng at the borders to give them arms. Stop evading causational and rudimental issues vital to this process; if you think this is a smart move, you better think smarter because you are dealing with the smartest oposition.

    1. Vem,

      What year did ULIMO INVADE LIBERIA? Bro, it was 1991 and this is a fact. Secondly, ULIMO was in existence during your self described first quarter in 1991, therefore, you are not saying the truth. Thirdly, it is true, that the than NPFL and RUF were fighting a common enemy in the tack team of ULIMO and their Sierra Leonean Government backed Army. But after reality sunk in with NPFL that ULIMO Rebel has occupied the Western Region of Liberia for some time and the than NPFL could not root them out of Liberia in 1991, they, the NPFL decided to live with reality. However, ULIMO continue to occupied that area until they were split into both J and k, and during the disarmament period by ECOMOG. Lastly, in the RUF Sam Bokarie’s SALUTE Report, he told their imprisoned leader, Foday Sankor, that they were getting arms from ULIMO and not the NPFL, and this document was presented in this court. Vem, show us your proof so we can discuss it.

      1. Jose, thank you for your lines of relations which do not relate at all: Yes , i said the the NPFL backed RUF attacked Sierra Leone as early as the first quarter of 1991 and ,now to be more precise, between March and April. By June of that year RUF and its NPFL cronies were already deep into Sierra Leone making the country and its leadership desperate for any formular that would turn the situation around. Naturally, if any support had to be given to ULIMO or any group for that mater by Sierra Leone, it was simply a necessary course and an adhearance to the ‘Law Of Nature’. Now , if you unbiasly follow the trend, an aliance between between the SLA and ULIMO, both of which then had had a common enemy , altimately stopped the advancing RUF backed NPFL and put the SLA on the offensive. Pushing the RUF back to the borders were it originated its campaign, ULIMO took the gamble to attack Liberia well in the second quarter of 1991, again more precisely between August and September.
        The World is well informed of this trend ; The media coverage started like this : A group of armed men entered in to Sierra Leon from neighboring Liberia, then it was the Sierra Leonean Army gaining ground as the rebels retreated toward the Liberian border and then a new group called ULIMO entered in to Liberia from Sierra Leone to fight against Charles Taylor and his NPFL. May reasoning and logic prevail over prejudise and steriotype.

        1. VEM,
          What you stated are the same things Mr. Taylor stated as the reason the NPFL supported the RUF after the RUF attacked SL. What is your logic to say it is all right for the SL “government” to support a rebel group who is and would eventually attack another rebel the NPFL in another country, Liberia?

        2. Vem,

          Remnants of the run away “Doe Soldier” that sought refuge led by one Mr. Albert Karpet were being sponsored by the Sierra Leonean government who aided and abetted them as they launched attacks on the defunct NPFL position in Liberia . Some of the Liberian soldiers were incorporated and were members of the Sierra Leone Army and were getting pay. The “RUN AWAY” Liberian Army constantly attacked Liberia from Sierra Leone, backed by the Sierra Leonean military and government. However, there was evidence shown in this fake court to that effect. Notwithstanding, the name ULIMO was not in existence yet. However, Alihaji Kromah was in Guinea with his group, the “Redemption of Liberia Muslim.” When he realized that the Sierra Leonean group was making more progress militarily, he came and joined them in Sierra Leone and they formed the name ULIMO.

          So boss, stop selling us your SNAKE OIL HERE!!!

      2. Jose: In furtherance of my aguement, yes, the two incursions took place in the same year but in different periods of that year, and, indeed one incusion did give rise to the other.

        1. VEM,
          you have been challenged several times to back up your assertions with facts and logical reasoning this you have failed to do like you prosecution people always do – dodge the arguement and make another unfounded assertion untill countered again.

          Your post of April 24, 2010 at 8:41 pm, you tried to confuse unsuspecting and uninformed readers that the witness was trying to deceive the court with false evidence. This was as ussual adequately countered by Jose Rodriguez with a challenge for you to prove your assertions in the said post. Now in your reply April 27, 2010 at 10:58 pm, you actually accepted that your reasoning in your first post was wrong so you like the prosecution came up with another story in order to explain why Jose Rodriguez’s true account of events was so.

          Where then do you stand my man? you cannot be saying the samething with both sides of your mouth. ULIMO joined with Momoh’s solders to attack the RUF who where engaged in a revolution in their country SL. Or is launching an armed struggle a crime under international law? even overthrowing a government by the use of arms in a war is not a crime anywhere in international law. so why did ULIMO a Liberian armed group trained and armed in SL by Momoh attack the RUF? is it not because they wanted to protect their sponsor the momoh government? in effect serving as merceneries? infact why did Momoh Train and arm ULIMO? is it to go and build hospitals and roads and schools in Liberia? The fact is that Momoh trained and armed ULIMO in order to wage war in Liberia simple! so in that case what do you expect Taylor to do? sit and watch? come on man lets be realistic here.

  8. Tracey,

    Thank you very much for posting all those links about the Super Model Naomi Campbell interview with ABC News concerning “BLOOD DIAMONDS”. However, I find it very fascinating and with peculiar interest of how the American public got motivated as evidence of the responses that I have seen so far around the world when it comes to “BLOOD DIAMOND”. Notwithstanding, could you please post the Link or the Website and explain in detail of how companies such as Diamond works, Sand line, Van-Couver, Canada Businesses, Executive Outcome, British Government officials both former and current officials at the time, prior British military personnels, Australian connection, and President Teajan Kabbah of Sierra Leone were at the fulcrum of BLOOD DIAMONDS in exchange of arms and ammunition for power and the diamond fields and not this innocent man called Taylor. However, if for some apparent reason you don’t remember the website that has been widely seen in a publicly viewable fashion on this website, I am more than willing and prepared to send it to you. The reason why I am asking you to post it and explain like the way you did the Naomi Campbell story is that, you “may be” viewed as credible and unbiased as oppose to some of us from others and different perspective.

    Please Tracey, post this website and explain what you think: that way, the world will be able to know the true story about the ‘ BLOOD DIAMONDS BUSINESS” from the legal perspective and not the pernicious myth of Charles Taylor allegedly taking the blood diamonds.. Tracey, you have a moral and intrinsic and inherent value and responsibility to do what is required of you because of category imperative and other nominative theories.

    1. Hi Jose — I am happy to post links when they have a direct link to the Charles Taylor trial and the evidence that emerges from it. The Naomi Campbell link was posted because Ms. Campbell was asked directly about the allegations that emerged in court at teh Taylor trial; Mia Farrow spoke to the SCSL prosecutors. I don’t know the exact websites you are referring to, Jose, but if there is a direct link emerging out of the testimony in the Taylor trial to the websites, or stories that you are thinking about, or stories that will add to the discussion around this trial, then I do also encourage you or other readers to post them here on the site and we can generate a discussion around them. Sound okay?

      1. Tracey,

        I disagree with you. The website in question has a direct link to the trial and Sierra Leone. The website shows how $10,000.00 was invested by Big Western companies for “BLOOD DIAMONDS” and the return earnings of about 200,000,000,.00 profit, that claimed the lives of innocent people. The website also shows how President Kabbah mortgaged his own country and the diamond fields of Sierra Leone for powers, and how Taylor is the calculated blamed guy for their diabolic behavior. Ma’am, how can you possible come to the idealogical conclusion of this website and video not being related to the case? Notwithstanding, if you don’t want to post it, I understand: but, not your weaselly excuse. Anyways folks, the British, Sand line, Executive outcome, Diamond Works, President Kabbah, Western Companies and etc, killed and took the Sierra Leoneans diamonds and not this innocent man called Taylor. If you need this website to be posted, I am more than willing to post it and don’t rely on Tracey for postage .

        1. Brother Jose,
          Kindly post those links to I’ll really love to go through them. I did watch a youtube video on part of what you have said. It did involve some companies from Canada and the UK. They sent former Soldiers who were leading the fight for the diamond field in Sierra Leone.
          They also talked about how Kabbah signed documents for those companies to have setting percentage of Sierra Leonean land for helping to restored him to power. But I didn’t go through the whole thing at the time because it was time for us to load our returned flight from Iraq December of 2009. Former President Kabbah himself is in the video!

      2. Tracey,
        I too strongly disagree with you on this 100%. Please post those links that Jose talked about. I believe all they have direct link to Mr. Taylor trial.

        Harris K Johnson

        1. Hi Harris — I’m not sure of the links that Jose is referring to, but I am happy for you or Jose to post them, and then we can start a discussion about those links too. I have no objection to them being posted if they are related to the trial.

        2. Tracey,

          you have seen this video and website before. However, apparently you have forgotten. Therefore, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and I will not treat you like the others who treat President Taylor as though he’s a “SUN GOD or SUPER HUMAN” that knows and remembers everything. Nonetheless ma’am, this is the video that talked about Sierra Leone “BLOOD DIAMONDS”

          1. Jose — thanks so much for finding the link and posting it. I will be interested to hear the discussion that emerges.

  9. Tracey,
    Although I know you and Alpha need time off on the weekends to do other things. Please try your utmost to update the blogs between Friday and Sunday as was previously done by yourselves.


    1. Aki — I”m so delighted that you and others are keen to keep reading and commenting even over the weekends. I will try my best, though I can’t promise I will be able to do so every weekend.

  10. Tracey,
    thanks for providing the link to the ABC nightline interviews of Mea errow, and an unsuccessful attempt and, violent out burst of Ms. Naomi Campbell, as she is seeing knocking down camara crews and their equiptments. I hope this will bring mass media intrest to this trial and as Mea said that Naomi told her that she was revisited after dinner with S.A president & wife by Taylor’s men and gaven a huge diamond, and she promised to donate it to S.A. charity, which she have lived up to atleast making two payments total up to $ 100.000. my frank take of the interview of these two women are Mea appears most creaditble in her assertions, of the conversation the two had, while Naomi is angry that the conversation was leaked, but little do Naomi knows that because innocents lives were lost in obtaining her gift, their spirts had her confessed to an innocent Mea who came forward, this man has continue to be exposed at every stage of this trial, and usually these are signs of quilt and QUILTY it is….

    1. Ziggy Salis if Mea Farrow is so credible and the prosecutors who are so in need of credible evidence in this case why did they not call her as a witness in the trial? do you think a media interview is the same as being cross examined in the court room? I tell you even the prosecutors knew that they cannnot get anywhere with that testimony that is why they did not call her as a witness rather they sought to smuggle her testimony in throught the back door. Interestingly Naomi Campbell actually answered the question asked about if she received a diamond from Charles Taylor she replied “I did not recieve any diamond”! what else do you want to hear?

    2. Hi Jose — you submitted a comment on April 26 at 8:16pm which alas I cannot publish in its current form. If you can remove the sentence beginning “nonetheless, please” and ending “everybody else” and resubmit, I can post it.

      1. Tracey, my beloved post is not on my screen stating waiting for moderation as usual. Nonetheless, I don’t have it. it has disappeared from my screen. However ma’am, I never said anything bad in that post. I was speaking figuratively. However, if I said stop rubbing your snake slime on every body else, it is no personnel attack or curse word: instead, it is a figure of speech. I thought you guys said we are not educated and are human eaters? Clear my post ma’am.

        1. Hi Jose — I am happy to send you a copy of your comment for you to revise and resubmit. In terms of the sentence in question: we can’t allow that “figure of speech” when it is directed at another individual, so it needs to be changed before your original comment can be posted.

          Would you mind also writing to me with the email address to which you would like me to send your original comment (I will not post it publicly) — I have sent comments previously to the one that appears on the screen when you post, but alas it seems like you have not received my emails each time. Is there another email address I can try?


    3. Ziggy Salis,

      Why are you distorting the undisputed facts on purpose concerning Super Model Naomi Campbell? At no time did she ever live up to you and Mia Farrow self dichotomy promise in donating the so-called “Blood Diamond.”. According to President Nelson Mandela charity, they did not get any “BLOOD DIAMOND” from Naomi Campbell and was never promised anything of such. However, they received $50,000.00 (fifty thousand dollars) from Ms. Campbell that year. Ziggy, I have few questions for you. Who are those so-called Taylor men that allegedly brought this “huge diamond” to Ms. Campbell? Why will President Taylor just see Naomi Campbell and give her diamond and also inform her that the alleged diamond is a “BLOOD DIAMOND” and it came from Sierra Leone? Which website that says Naomi Campbell lived up to her promise concerning blood diamond? Where did you get your 100,000.00 figure from? How do you know that Mia Farrow is saying the truth about Naomi Campbell?

      1. The question is, does Liberia have diamond? Could there be big diamonds in Liberia? Have anyone said Liberia do not have large diamonds at all? There a question post to the leader of the GAMBIAN while on the witness stand about thier connections to Sierra Leonean. He was asked if they and the Sierra Leonean speaks the same language, if they were Muslim and they had some of the same historical background. His answer was yes.
        They also if it was difficult for Gambian to travel to Sierra Leone or if it was difficult for Sierra Leonean to travel to Gambia. He said no. Gambia was the center for diamond market during this time period for which Mr. Taylor is charge, has the prosecution or the international Community asked or investigated where the Gambia was getting all the diamonds they were marketing? I don’t think so! Put Mr. Taylor on trial for what went on in Liberia not Sierra Leone if your want him to face true Justice!

  11. I thought you guys could open your own site to post and vent your anger against the world about this great injustice done to taylor who, in the first place has no concept of “justice” Please guys, do this and stop all this big mouth empty threats! Start your blog and begin recruiting for the next one! Simple as that! But I must say this again; Tracey and Alpha are great Jounalists. They may receive some highly distinguish recognition for their patience and committment to freedom at the end of this trial because they deserve it regardless whether taylor goes free or not! We are sick and tied of this constant childish attitude some have adopted on this intellect site for meaningful debate and conversation for our own benefit! Let focus on the development of justice for taylor who never thought there was such thing as mercy nor justice!

  12. You’re welcome Tracey……
    I plan on going back soon also….I look forward to discussing thr development of Liberia/peoples opinion of this trail in the future….
    I am not in the medical field per say….i pretty much dealt with the logistical aspect of the trip…and I also helped in the pharmacy to prepare the patients prescription…lol…but its always an honor serving my people.

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